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Photographs -- VSU History  (Vertical Files)



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Photographs -- VSU History  (Vertical Files), 1913-Present | Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

By Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

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Collection Overview

Title: Photographs -- VSU History  (Vertical Files), 1913-PresentAdd to your cart.View associated digital content.


Extent: 24.0 File Cabinet Drawers

Arrangement: Six physical cabinets (A-F), with four drawers (1-4), Folders (number/name), and items (photographs by number). One "digital cabinet" (G) is arranged by folder for born digital photographs donated to the Archives.

Date Acquired: 00/00/00nd

Languages: English


The Vertical File is the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections photograph repository. Each image in this collection is housed in the archives vault. There are thousands of photographs spanning the University's history from 1913 up to the present. If you would like a high definition copy of any of these photographs please contact archives@valdosta.edu. Files are arranged by cabinet, drawer, folder, and item. Cabinet G and its contents have no physical counterparts and this directory houses born-digital photographs donated to or created by the VSU Archives.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Vertical File is the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections photograph repository. Each image in this collection is housed in the archives vault. There are thousands of photographs spanning the University's history from 1913 up to the present. The Detailed Description gives location and a description of each photograph.  Many of these photographs are digitized, and some may be found on our Flickr site.  If you would like a high definition copy of any of these photographs please contact archives@valdosta.edu. Files are arranged by cabinet, drawer, folder, and item. Cabinet G and its contents have no physical counterparts and this directory houses born-digital photographs donated to or created by the VSU Archives.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Source: found in archives

Acquisition Method: Most of the loose pictures are from the GSWC and VSC annuals.  Other pictures have been added to the photograph collection over the years.

Appraisal Information: A deed of gift signed by Scott Sikes on behalf of Betsey Powell of a 1930's ariel photograph of campus.  A note on the finding aid says w6-mc-os-8, but may be in the drawer with aerial photographs.

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Cabinet DAdd to your cart.
Drawer 1: GreeksAdd to your cart.
Extent: 53 Folders
Folder 1: Alpha ChiAdd to your cart.
1. 3.5X7 BW 13 people in graduation robes. Alpha Chi. 1st row (L to R) Patrica Herrington, Rena Bonner Hamby, Peggy Taylor, Charlotte Hortman, Frances Rigsby, Hilda Alderman, Alice Peterson. 2nd row: Noel Wisenbaker, Earl Wade, John Milner, Wesley Whitfield, Ronald Faircloth, Larry Lewis. (1963) (5 copies) 2. 3X8 BW Alpha Chi 1963. First row (L to R): Ramona McGlaen, Sharon Lancaster, Judy Youngblood, Nancy Pope Bass, Geneva Parker, Barbara DeVane, Angla Webb, Joyce Mathis. 2nd row: Jane Johnson, Sandra Lee, Carole Tucker, Patricia Creed, James McKinney, Gretchen Schroer, Patrica Lueb, Selina Wisenbaker. (2 copies) 3. 5X7 BW Alpha Chi. (L to R) Gail Parrish, Jawnice Forte, James Lewis, Joel Wiggs, Gene Dean, James Maxwell, Grechen Coleman, Lawra Nell Bowen. (1958) (4 copies) 4. 5X7 BW Unidentified male speaker and two unidentified femals. Alpha Chi. (1976) 5. 8X10 BW Alpha Chi Seniors 1965. 1st row: Susan Lenard, Knoxwnw Butterfield, Sandra Hawkes, Angline Davidson, Diane Fields, Irene McMillian, Elizabeth Fant Greneker, Florence MnMahon, Sandra Sessions, Sylvia Atkinson, Faye Milner, Delores Lashley. 2nd row: Diane Cowart, Donald Nickerson, Terrell Lot, Bill Sapp, Bob Lane, Jim Buie, Tom Milner, George Floson, Sonny Akins. 6. 8X10 BW Alpha Chi 1969. Julian Hodges, Jean Strickland, Sandra Walker, Kay Davis, Polly Moore, Benita Thommas, Minnie Monroe, Cynthia Hollingworth. 7. 8X10 BW Alpha Chi Honor Society, seniors. Miss Saralyn Sammons, advisor; Susan Adams, Anetta Copeland, Michael Geiger, Dr. Alfred Cornebise, Advisior; Scott Cohen, Marsha Yates, Wyonne Swilles, Mr Wayne Faircloth, advisor. (1967) 8. 5X7 BW Alpha Chi (L to R) Gail Parrish, Junici Forte, James Lweis, Jimmie L. Wiggins, Gene Deal, James Maxwell, Gretchen Coleman, Laura Nell Bwen. (1959) 9. 7.5X9.5 BW Alpha Chi. First row: Kay Gillis, Carol Foster, Mavis Harrell, Marsha Yates, Low Ann McLeod, Alwyn Holloway, Eline Pilcher, Rhetta Davis, Yvonne Swilley, Eulowise Hamill, Betty Jane Greed, Gail Fountain, Susan Adams, Lynn Dimasico, Dothy Fenell. 2nd row: Calvin Roberts, William Connell, Scot Cohen, Tim Atkinson, William Hrckey, Mike Geiger. (1966) 10. 8X10 BW Alpha Chi seniors 1968. Front row: Carolny Ritchie, Sammie Baker, Mar Pat Tuder, Kay DeLoach, Gloria Gattis, Nancy Homes. Back row: Janie Baldree, Roger Ramphey, Vernon Dixon, Peter Schinkel, Charles Simpson, Shirley Stump. 11. 8X10 BW Alpha Chi junior membors 1968. Front row: Polly Moore, Mary Joyce Eanes, Kay Davis, Janie Baldree, Suzanne Schierelbien, Sandra Walker, Dianne Sadler, Sandra Beatty, Camille Walker, Carrol Diah. 2nd row: Lowanne Walters, Ira Chambers, Ronny Gilliard, Ervin Wood, Clint Hilburn, James Watson, Randy Smith, Patty White. 12. 8X10 BW Nancy Gibson, tres; Darlene Carter, sec; Dr Elliott McElroy, sponsor; Elyze Bowman, v. pres; Carol Robinson, pres, looking over a ledge in Odum(?). (1973) 13. 8X10 BW Alapha Chi senoirs 1965. 1st row: Miss Ann Kirby, advisor; Annetta Copeland, suzanne Hagan, Pat Butler, Mary Helen Hadden, Pat Ritch, Linda hewet, Lynn DiMascio, Anne Timmons, Judy Pearson, Dr Duvell, advisor. 2nd row: Cheryl Metts, Dot McLendon, Dick Marsh, Dennis Cox, David Atkinson, William Hickey, William Bailey. 14. 8X10 BW Alpha Chi. 1st row: Mrs Frazier, Mrs Hiers, Martha McElroy, VP; Mamie Herring, Pamelia Nichiols, pres; Carolyn Garner, sec; Sandra Massey, tres; Barbara Proctor, Beverly Greene. 2nd row: Mrs Husbands, C.B. O'Neal, Lamar Pearson, Elton Sharpe, Caroln Eddy, Mrs Betty Gooch. (1961) 15. 8X10 BW Alapha Chi Honor Society 1967. 1st row: Joannie Cavan, Jan McDonald, Jane Allen, Janis Farmer, Pat Brannin, Joyce Morre, Janice Conine, Kathy Hansen, Diane Lee. 2nd row: Shirley Register, Annette Starling, Annette Martinez, Bunny Bridges, Shelia McCoy, Shirley Stump, Ginny Strickland. 3rd row: Braddley Courtenay, Warren Robinson, Jimmie R. Norton, Glen Register, Floyd Tyson, Charles Simpson, Vernon Dixon, Doll Reames, Sammy Revill, Larry R. Moorman. 16. 8X10 BW A1st row: Elyne Bowman & Carol Robinson. 2nd row: Robin Kwong, Nancy Gibson, Edward Hall, Karen Holiday, Dr Elliott W. McElroy. Alapha Chi 1973. 17. 8X10 BW Row 1: Marsha Travis, Martha Patt, Becky Ruskin,Karen Luke, Dottie Wamble, Sheila Shelfield, Elissa Landey, Lee Edwars, Dr Richard McMarray. Row 2: Roiwette Batala, Joyce Joyce, Wanda Oquinn, Joseph Dowell, Wanda Morell, Qwendy Moore, Vivian Brown, J.L. Taylor, Mr John Thornton. Row 3: judy Schrman, Liza Cooper, Dr Cook, Mr Faircloth. (1970) 18. 8X10 BW 1st row: Dillard Ensley, Gordan Teffteller, Gail P. Skiles, Gayle Luke, Jwanice Forte, Carolyn Thrift, Lawra Nell Bowen, Charlotte Chapman, Jimmy Lewis. 2nd row: Phillip Dillard, Melba Bessinger, Gene Deal, Martha McKey, Felton Thrift. (1960) 19. 8x10 BW Groups shot of Alpha Chi. No date or names. 20. 8X10 BW 3 unidentified students and two unidentified faculty members take part in a cermony. (no date) 21. 8X10 BW 3 unidentified students and one unidentified faculty membor. (no date) 22. 8X10 BW Alapha Chi members. Dr Gignilliat, advisior; Dennis Cox, sec; Marsha Yates, convention delegate; Lou Ann Mcloud, pres; Alwyn Holloway, vice pres; Elaine Richer, tres; Mr Lendaeur, adviser; Mr Faircloth, advisor. (1966)
Folder 2: Alpha Phi Omega, 1968Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW 1968 Alpha Phi Omega Officers, Ted Lindsey, Judy Grondahl, Benny Kent, Ray Ingram, Mike Edwards, Bill Keil, Ernie Sledge, John Shattuck, Dickie March. 2. 8X10 BW 1st row: Paul Diambra, John Cook, Ernie Sledge, Judy Grondahl, David Stoa, Ted Lindsey, Pat Hecker. 2nd row: Ken James, Ken Norton, Dickie March, Bill Keil, Benny Kent, Ronnie Logan, Charles Joyner, Doug Johnson, Ray Ingram. 3rd row: John Shattuck, John Biship, James Hatter, Bob Douglas, Mike Edwards, Clint Bell, Pete Dreambroser. (1968) 3. 8X10 BW Alpha Phi Omega sponsors. (1st row) Grondohal, Pat Roew. (2nd row) Barbara Roysden, Linda Irby. (1968)
Folder 3: Alpha Delta PiAdd to your cart.
1. 4X5 BW "ADPI Greek Week." Unidentified students in olf gym. (1965) 2. 5.5X7 BW 3 female students sitting out of a building. Left: Susan Flenten. Middle: unidentified. Right: Mary Lassiter. (1970) 3. 5.5X7.5 BW Unidentified students working on a parade float. (1968) 4. 6X7.5 BW Smiling student recives a lapel pin form another student. (L to R) Jo Ann Cason, Ruth Braselton, Donna Blanton, and unidentified. (1966) 5. 5X7 BW Female students with roses. (L to R) unidentified, unidentified, Inez Moore, Nancy Mashburn, Howand Freeman. (1970) 6. 5.5X7.5 BW 4 unidentified female students who seem to be sorting through a storage room. (1966) 7. 5X7 BW "Candid-Art." Unidentified female with what looks to be plaster on her hand. (1972) 8. 5X7 BW Unidentified females students working on a parade float. (1972) 9. 3.5X3.5 BW "Let's give a hip hip hooray!" Unidentified felame students cheering. (1967) 10. 3.5X4 BW "'Stright from our hearts'. To Frankie and T.D." two unidentified male and one female student stand framed by a large heart. (1967) 11. 6X7.5 BW Unidentified female students and children sit outside during the Easter-egg hunt. (1968) 12. 5.5X8 BW Unidentified felames at a ADP rush party. (1964) 13. 6X8 BW "McCoy's melodious masterpieces, 'Songs to spray a hawk by.'" Two students play guitar while another spraypaints. (1967) 14. 5.5X8 BW Unidentified female students sort through boxes. (1966) 15. 6X7.5 BW Sandra Colex makes a strange face at the Easter-Egg hut. (1968) 16. 3.5X5 BW Unidentified female students on stage. (1970) 17. 2X3.5 BW Unidentified female student standing in front of a large banner. (1970) 18. 2X7 BW Unidintifid female holding a plaque. She has the number 3 pinned to her. (1970) 19. 3X4.5 BW Unidintified females with flowers talking. Smaller version of D-1-3-5. (1970) 20. 2.5X3 BW unidentified female students sitting outside. Smaller version of D-1-3-2. (1970) (Photos #16-20 are affixed to a red cellphane sheet.) 21. 8X10 BW Unidentified female student dressd as a mermaid sitting on a display. "'Charlie Tuna' never had it so good." (1967) 22. 8X10 BW Two unidentified female students look over a display. (1968) 23. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi in gowns as a group. Standing: Penny Williams, Gail Luke, Marie Converse, Lucille Helms, Chandler Christian, Becca Hayel McGraw, Miriam Bone. Sitting: Genna Parramore, Elaine Studstill, Lysbeth Brooks. On floor: Pam Paulk, pres; Pasly Langford, VP; Marilyn Hughes, sec; Faye Lanier, tres. (1959) 24. 8X10 BW Unidentified female student in formal dress and waring a tiara. (1966) 25. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi in gowns as a group. Sitting on floor: Inky McBride, pres; Ivy Coelier, VP; Dot Tidmore, sec; Patricia Luke, tres. Sitting: Myra Bell and Kaye Brown. Standing: Lana Turner, Dee Robertson, Ann Hattaway, Marry Shadurn, Judy Staring, Sandrs Pattillo. (1959) 26. 8X10 BW Carl Odum presents Mabel Shirling, ADP, president, with the Song Fest Award. (1965) 27. 8X10 BW (Starts center front, goes clockwise) Pat Puckett, Beth McRee, Glenda Stone, Charlotte Durden, Gail Chitty, Ginger Anderson, Diana Palmer, Ann Powell, Gretchen Schroer, Anne John, Kitty Coppage, Deane Dorough, Carol Jolley, Patricia Loeb, Elizabeth Helms, Rosa Waring, Maryzell, Jane Garwood. Center: Barbra Whitley, president. (1963) 28. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi pledges. (center front) Carrol Thomas, Brenda Smith, Jerrie McGoogan, Ginger Gleaton, Carrol Ann Rainwater, Linda Hewitt, Sandra Smith, Donna Sprarlin, Kay Wright, Carrole Girtman, Margaret Smith, Suellen Sheffield, Sandra Spier, Sharron Smith, Elaine Pitts, Kay Pwoell, Sherry LaMantage, Cherel Metts, Carole Williamson, Gail Bazemore, Judy Pearson, Joy Roberson, Gerrie Amon. (1963) 29. 8X10 BW Members of Alpha Delta Pi admire several platters and troupies. (1968) 30. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi (1972) 31. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi homecoming float "most appropriate." (1966) 32. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi 1961. 33. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi pledges 1961. (1st row) Charlotte Durden, Alma Grubbs, Elizabeth Helms, Patricio Loeb, Martha McElroy, Alice McDougald. (2nd row) Clinton Blackledge, Barbara Whitley, Dena Dorogh, Dawn Groover, Lane Winston, Roea Waring, Beth McRee, Wilda Britt, Grechen Schroer, Jean Nolan, Snookie Rigdon. 34. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi sisters, 1961. (1st row) Patricia Luke, pres; Jeannie Posey, VP; Sandra Patillo, recording secretery; Ann Powell, tres; Janice Taylor, corresponding secretery. (2nd row) Elizabeth Pariamune, Elaine Studstill, Emily McBride, Judy Jones, Mary Dickey, Betty Merritt, Jay Collier. (3rd row) Robin New, Dee Robertson, Alice Kay Johnson, Kitty Coppage. 35. 5X7 BW 3unidintified females on a parade float. (1970) 36. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi compete in TKE Revue. (1962)
Folder 4: Alpha Epsilon Delta, 1962Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW (1st row) Martha Hicks, marshal; Sharon B Lancaster, journal correspondent; Betty Freeman, Vp; Barbara Ford, tres; Pat Herrington, pres; Janice Mercer, historian; Sybil Freeman, corresponding secretary; Gene Kiff, pledge trainer. (2nd row) Janice Postal, Kitty Royal, Sandra McKie, Pat Sponner, Linda Riggns, Nors Lee Brown, Brenda Houston, Andrea Hickman, Mary Lou Minchew, Janis Dixon, Roz Sprayberry. (1962) 2. 8X10 BW Alpha Epsilon Delta pledges 1962. (1st row) Diane Robinson, Zandra Huey, Carloyn Gerlock, Gayle Rabun, Nancy Hart, Judy Postell, Toby Anne Royal. (2nd row) Jackie Ventres, Chris Gleaton, Rachel Laslie, Vicki brisbois, Carolyn Sweat, Laura Underwood, Jane McKae, Barbara Meinders, Diane Snell.
Folder 5: Alpha Epsilon Alpha, 1970-1973Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW 2 unidentified female students study. (1973) 2. 5X7 BW Nancy Grantham, Joe Williams, Angela Hughes, and Linda Edmonson sit in chairs. (1973) 3. 8X10 BW (L to R) Dr Glen Herrin, Robert Hickey, Herb Young, Bruce Graben, Joe Williams, James Douglas, Linda Edmondson, Brenda Scruggs, Angela Hughes, Hazel Ann Sumner, Darlow Maxwell, Bobbie Haire, Regina Tyner, Alfred Rodgers, Ralph Bryant, Edie Coldwell, Mr Cabbot Hardwick. (1973) 4. 8X10 BW (1st row) Felix Brunot, William Jenkins, Margaret Knighton, Cathrine Coody, Peggy Bowen, Charlene Tinsley, Permelia Vickery, Connie Walker, Roy Bowen. (2nd row) Jimmie Jones, Burford Connell, James Healan, Horace Carter, Charles Frazier, Hubert Wood, Stephen Coleman, Freddie Gray. (1970)
Folder 6: Alpha Lambda Delta, 1973Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW (front) Mary Olive, Junior adviser; Dr Patricia Marks, Faculty adviser; Dr Louise McBee, Installation adviser (UGA); Dean Sara Fickertt, Donna Pitts, VP. (back) Phyllis Surrency, Senior advisor; Sandra Love, pres; Claudia Register, tres; Nina Herring, historian; Michele Folson, sec; Melanie Eans, editor. (1973) 2. 8X10 BW Alpha Lambda Delta 1973. (no names)
Folder 7: Alpha Psi Omega, 1960-1976Add to your cart.
1. 4.5X6 BW Unidentified female student, Alpha Psi Omega. (1976) 2. 8X10 BW Genie Rogers, President and Bob Owens, Secretary—Treasurer. (1966) 3. 8X10 BW (1st row) Cindy Sessions, Sandra Belote, Genie Rogero. (2ne row) Robert Owens, Sandy Wheaton, John Rudy, adviser; Jerry Dickson, Larry Carter. (1966) 4. 8X10 BW Alpha Psi Omega 1965. (1st row) Cindy Sessions, Cheryl Melts, Gale Thomas, Genie Rogers. (2nd row) Mr John Rudy, Hoyt Crosby, Jerry Dixon, Joe Williams, Grady Mills. 5. 8X10 BW Alpha Psi Omega 1961. (1st row) Joe Web, Miss Swayer, advisor; Joahn Massey, Allan Pendleton. (2nd row) Gabriel Saliba, Marile Nesmith, George Hubert. 6. 8X10 BW Alpha Psi Omega arranged on stage. Eliwor Davis, Lynn Hodge, Sharan Castello, Riley Wade, Sharon Long, Steve Seyfried, Carol Clay, Mr Spell, Marcia Owens. (1970) 7. 8X10 BW Alpha Psi Omega standing on stage. (L to R) Carol Clay, Riley Wade, Marcia Owens, Elinor Davis, MR Robert Spell. (1969) 8. 8X10 BW Alpha Psi Omega. (1st row) Miss Swayer, Jo Raburn, Marge Brooks. (2nd row) Joe Webb, Jo Seagraves, Marilw NeSmith, Jerome Clegg. (1960)
Folder 8: Alpha Xi DeltaAdd to your cart.
1. 7X5 BW 3 females and a male at the (end?) of some sort of pageant. Dr Ward Pafford, Ann Brightwell, and Charlotte Cunningham. (1970) 2. 7X5 BW 2 unidentified female students on a homecoming float. (1959) 3. 2X3 BW Alpha Xi Delta pin. (no date) 4. 5X7 BW Unidentified female student riding on an unidentified male student's shoulder, while two more unidentified females walk behind. (1972) 5. 3.5X3.5 BW Unidentified female students sitting at tables. "Initiation Banquet." (Fall 1967) 6. 3.5X3.5 BW President of the Pledge class, Conniz Champion. (1965) 7. 5X7 BW Two unidintified students converse with an unidintified older lady on a field. (1970) 8. 3.5X3.5 BW "Song Practice" (1966) 9. 3.5X3.5 BW "Alpha Xi Delta Beauties, Miss Valdosta 2 years in a row." Cindy Sessions and Ellen Taylor. (1966) 10. 3.5X3.5 BW3 unidentified females on a beach. "Trip to Daytona." (1966) 11. 4X5 BW "Tex Bentley, 'Mr Wonderful.'" (1966) 12. 5.5X7.5 BW 3 unidentified female students look at a parade float. "It's even pretty in the rain." (1967) 13. 6X6.5 BW Unidentified female students crowd a hallway hugging and clapping. (1966) 14. 4X5 BW "James Bolen 'Our Mr Wonderful.'" (1967) 15. 3.5X3.5 BW Annual Mother-Daughter Tea, 1963. 16. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Xi Sisters. (Standing) Lenora Register, treas; Ann Sticklan, sec; Della Raulerson, Mrs Floyd, sponsor. (Seated) Janet Vawghn, VP; Jean Bridges, Carolyn Holton, pres; Sue Bridges, Elizabeth Dean. (1958) 17. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Xi pledges. (Standing) Jerwann Phillips, Joan Nastasi, Dorthy Harrell, Rosalie Boone, Betty Lawethridge, Eleanor Lenard. (2nd row) Angela Smith, Frankie Smith, Harriet Brown, Rena Hanahan, Lynn Park. (3rd row) Laura Nell Bowen, Arden Nan Bishop, Joan Schrorer, Gloria Davis. (1958) 18. 2X6.5 BW An unidintified female student, standiing on stage with a microphone in hand. (1970) 19. 3X4 BW A crowd of females cheering on a volly ball court. (1970) 20. 2.5X3 BW Unidentified an unidentified female and male student on a field. (This is a cropped version of photo D-01-08-07.) (1970) 21. 3X5 BW Large group of unidentified females standing on rieses on stage. (this photo is very dark. (1970) 22. 2X3.5 BW An older man, Dr Ward Pafford, pats (either Ann Brightwell or Charlotte Cunningham) on the sholder. (A cropped version of photo D-01-08-01.) (1970) 23. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta sisters (L to R) Dot Harell, pres; Sonea Sutton, sec; Linda Gail Key, sec;Carolyn Knight, Laura Nell Bowen, VP; Jean Horks, tres; Connie Jones. (1960) 24. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta 1969. Carol Cook, Judy Harrell, Julie Collins, Melody Livengood, Kathy McFarland, Shirley Chambers, Claire Coleman, Bobbie Jo Hardwick, Darden Wells, Nancy Barrow, Nancy Kaliher, Dianne Cowey, Marcia Fain, Jimmy Bolamd, Pam Myddelton, Katy Dean Vickers, Cherryl Rogers, Sandi Hysler, Marry Ann Broome, Janice Blue, Kay Hilton, Susan Ackeridge. 25. 8X10 BW 2 unidintified femals students standing on stage. (1968) 26. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students standing in a crowd clapping. (1968) 27. 8X10 BW A crowd of unidentified females clapping and hugging. (1967) 28. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta (1st row) Angela Smith, Dorthy Harrell, Margaret Ann Wilkes. (2nd row) Janice McCranie, Laura Nell Bowen. (standing) Anne Strickland. (1959) 29. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta pledges. (standing) Susan Newham, Eleanor Lenord, Linda NeSmith, Connie Jones. (2nd row) Carolyn Knight, Rena Hanahan, Sally Parramore, Jean Hooks, Ann Scala, Phoebe Humphries. (1st row) Linda Gail Key, Betty Gibson, Charlotte Chapman, Sonia Sutton. (1959) 30. 8X10 BW "Egg Roll Alpha Xi Delta." 4 unidentified females roll eggs along the ground while a crowd of students watches. (1967) 31. 8X10 BW "A 'good ole fashioned' baseball game was pitched by Alpha Xi Delta Sorority with 'Babe' at the bat." Homecoming prade float 1960. 32. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta on stage during Songfest at greek week, 1965. 33. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta pledges, 1960. (1st row) Martha Harrell, Janice Postell, Patricia Herrington, Judy Whorton. (2nd row) Patricia Hunter, Paula Berd, Beverly Bridges, Gloria Reagan. 34. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta on stage with a piano. (no names) (1961) 35. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta sisters, 1961. (seated) Beverly Bridges, recording secretary; Geloria Reagen, tres; Martha Register, corresponding secretary; Judy Whorton, Patricia Hunter, Joyce Robinson. (standing) Patricia Herrington,VP; Janice Postell, Jean Hooks, pres; Gloria Girissett, Sonia Suttton. 36. 8X10 BW Alpha Xi Delta Pledges, 1961. (1st row) Bobbie Jean Powell, Carol Knight, Brenda Houston, Mary Lo Minchew, Sharon Boatwright. (2nd row) Nora Lee Brown, Andrea Hickman, Betty Frances Freeman, Roslyn Spraberry, Barbara Ford, Laura Underwood, Pat Spooner. (3rd row) Martha Hicks, Rachel Laslie, Glenda McClellan, Sue Maxwell, Sybil Freeman, Janice Mercer, Susan Johnson, Gene Kiff, Charlotte McCellan. 37. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students on stage. (1970) 38. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students on stage. (photo is a larger version of photo D-1-8-21) (different view of D-1-8-37) (1970) 39. 7X9 BW A crowd of female students cheering on a volly ball court. (photo is a large version of photo D-1-8-19) (1970)
Folder 9: Chi Delta Tau, 1968Add to your cart.
1. 5X7 BW Jimmy Sorrell, Jacksonville, and Bill Johnson unload groceries from the back of a vehicle. (1968)
Folder 10: Delta Chi, 1967-1970Add to your cart.
1. 4X5 BW A crowd of unidentified males standing near a podium. (1968) 2. 5X7.5 BW Cathy Westbrook puts a lay on Ed Puckett, while Ruyyn Gilliard looks on. "Entertaining rushiees" (no date) 3. 8X10 BW 2 unidentified males shake hands on stage, while an unidentified females watches. (2 copies) (1967) 4. 8X10 BW Mac Wilcox (also labeled on back as Ronald Davis, pres. TKE) shaking hands with Jeff Hiers, Pi Kappa Phi, on stage. Delta Ci, but also labeled as Tau Kappa Epsilon. Could not be confirmed either way. (1967) 5. 5X7 BW An unidentified male student throws the shot-put, while a crowd of students watches. (no date) 6. 5X7.5 BW Delta Chi sweetheart, Cathy A Westbrook, 1968. 7. 2X7 BW An unidentified male wearing a Delta Chi t-shirt, on a field. (1970) 8. 3X4 BW Unidentified Delta Chi members play tug of war in the old gym, 1970. 9. 2X3 BW Delta Chi homecoming parade float, 1970. 10. 2X4 BW An unidentified male in a Santa clause costume. (1970) 11. 4X4 BW A crowd of unidentified males gather around a trophy and cheer. (1970) 12. 5X7.5 BW Delta Chi homecoming parade float, 1970. (larger copy of D-01-10-09) 13. 8X10 BW Unidentified Delta Chi members play tug of war in the old gym. (full size copy of photo D-01-10-08) (1970) 14. 8X10 BW A different angle of photo D-01-10-13. (1970) 15. 8X10 BW Delta Chi homecoming parade float, 1970. (larger copy of D-01-10-09 and D-01-10-12) 16. 8X10 BW Unidentified male students playing flag football. "Intramural: Delta Chi captures intramural crown." (1968) 17. 8X10 BW Vernon Twitty with a tricycle on stage, acting the part of Little Red Riding-hood. "Parents weekend, Delta Chi." (no date) 18. 5X7 BW A crowd of unidentified males gather around a trophy and cheer. (a larger copy of D-01-10-11) (1970) 19. 4X6.5 BW An unidentified male wearing a Delta Chi t-shirt, on a field. (an un-cropped version of D-01-10-07) (1970)
Folder 11: Delta Sigma Phi, 1970sAdd to your cart.
1. 6X7.5 BW Leen, Frank and Sadi(?) "Team Sat" sweep the front walk of the Delta Sigma Phi house. (1970) 2. 5X8 BW Unidentified male students sitting on the ground outside talking. "Delta Sigma Phi won the VSC Spirit trophy and sponsored the Great Bicycle Race." (1973) 3. 8X10 BW An unidentified male students sit in "court room," while one attempts to bribe the "judge" with a dollar bill. (1970) 4. 8X10 BW "This is Delta Sigma Phi, but not this exact picture." (1970) 5-6. 5X9 BW Delta Sigma Phi, Jury Box. (back row) Wally Maloy, Frank Gallegos, Frank Mathews, Doug Backwell, Ken Eldridge. (middle row) Steve Ruwey, Bob Sutton, Mike Gross, Tim Chapman, Paul Montgomery, Dan Lucas. (front row) Hal Neal, Harry Harcock, Richard Baker, Bob Daneets, Bill Hensen. (1970)
Folder 12: Filli Fortune, 1956-1958Add to your cart.
1. 5.5X9.5 BW Filli Fortune sponsors, Jo Porrott and Jane Ledford. (1956) 2. out of folder 3. 5X9.5 BW Filli Fortune (seated) Randy Brunson, Bill Brigruan, Sonny Shroger, sec; Travis Higginbrotheram, pres; John Pennine, tres; Tom Young, Tim Holt. (standing) Jim Nichols, Charles Dasher, Bobby Bridges, Jack Giddins, Dicky Waldron, Merwin Carter, Joe Smith, Ashley Hill, Jimmy Giddens, Joe Tomberlin, Harley Pennington. (1956) 4. 8X10 BW (Brothers back row) Bill Kithens, Jim Hathaway, Jack Rowe, Bill Hayes, Bill Knet. (second row) Joe Smith, Ken Ferrell, Dale King, Charlie Powell, 'Babe' Yeomans. (front row sponsors) Mary Ann Morgan, Lucille Griffith, Miriam Barrens, Beverly Monroe. (1958) 5. 8X10 BW (seated) Randy Brunson, Bill Brigman, Sonny Shroger, sec; Travis Higginbotham, pres; John Demming, tres; Tom Young, John Holt. (standing) Jim Nichols, Charles Dasher, Bobby Bridges, Jack Giddens, Dicky Waldron, Merwin Carter, Joe Smith, Ashley Hill, Jimmy Gidding, Joe Tomberlin, Harley Prnnington. (1956) 6. 8X10 BW Filli Fraternity, pledges. (back row) Walter Stovall, Stanley Aowston, John Jackson, Charles Templeton, Ed Gandy. (2nd row) Buddy Whitluck, Walter Schroer, Lowie Shpies, Tony Corso, Johnny Purvis. (front row) Blanton Prince, Betty Low Eldrige, sweetheart; Bill Voight, Gloria Davis, sweetheart: Benny Mitchum. (1958) 7. 8X10 BW An unidentified male student in women’s clothing, "Miss Fifi Barnett." (1958)
Folder 13: Interfraternity Council, 1958-1973Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW (L to R) Ed Fleuran, TKE; Jimmy O'Neal, Sig Ep; and Paul Brown, TKE. (1964) 2. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council (sitting) Tim Wynn, Sigma Phi Epselon; Jud Johnson, Knights of Arlington; Bob Sutton, Delta Sigma Phi; Jerry Bishop, Pi Kappa Phi; Jinny Manning, Delta Chi; Bobby Tylor, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pat Hall, TKE; Ronnie Williams, Delta Chi. (standing) Gary Reed, Knights of Arlington; Mark Patrick, Delta Sigma Phi; Richard Rogers, TKE; Carmen Spitolu, Pi Kappa Phi; Wyatt Spann, Phi Delta Delta; Jim Slaughter, Phi Delta Delta; Lee Mahatzk, Delta Chi; Mike Gravitt, Sigma Phi Epsilon. (1970) 3. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council. (left, bottom to top) Carl Odom, Phi Kap, Pres; Dave Barrow, Pi Kap; David Lloyd, Sig Ep; Bruce Varnado, Sig Ep. (right, bottom to top) Delle Huges, TKE; Dan Burke, Sig Ep; Jimmy Burroughs, TKE; Jimbo Smith, TKE. (1965) 4. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council (seated) Randy Smith, James Lee Herndon, Thomas Efford. (standing) Ronald B. Smith, Art Baker, David Duck, David Devane, Bryan Almand, Rusty Clark. (1967) 5. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council (front row) Don Reames, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Lyn McIntosh, Sigms Phi Epsilon; Meke Norman, Delta Chi; Eddie Hanhy, Delta Chi; Jeff Hiers, Pi Kappa Phi. (second row) Fred Godwin, Pi Kappa Pi; Ronny Gilliard, Delta Chi; Dick Reynolds, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Richard Nijem, Pi Kappa Phi; Jeff Mays. (1968) 6. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council Eddy Hanly, publicity; Lyn McIntosh, sec; Jeff Hires, president; Jeff Mays, tres. (1968) 7. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council James Lee Herndon, pres; Randy Smith, tres; and Thomas Efford, sec. (1967) 8. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council (seated L to R) Jim Hathaway, Pi Kappa Phi; Larry Crawford, Sig Ep, tres; Jerome Cleyy, TKE; Bill Hay, Pi Kapp Phi; Ellis Wiley TKE, sec; Ken Ferrell, Pi Kappa Phi, pres; Joe Webb, TKE; Bobby Coleman, Sig ep. (1959) 9. 8X10 BW 10 males of the Interfraternity Council, no names. ('68-'69) 10. 8X10 BW 10 males of the Interfraternity Council, no names. ('67-'68) 11. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council (row 1) Johnny Cannington, Billy Waters, Latham Hill, Jim Travis, Buddy Skeltie. (row 2) Harry Evans, sec; Chris Kauffman, pres; Steve Cunningham, vp; Robert Pittman, tres. (row 3) Don Giles, Tom Wheelis, Benjy Burkett, Ted Scarbough, Bob Hendricks, Dennis Mills, Richard Cowart, Bubba Penew. (1973) 12. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council (standing) Jerry Bishop, Pi Kappa Phi; Cam Hickman, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mack Wilcox, Delta Chi; Gary Preston, Sigma Phi Epilson; Cal Smith, Delta Chi; Jey Davis, TKE. (seated) Ronny Gilliard, Delta Chi; Fred Godwin Pi Kappa Phi; Jeff Mays, TKE; Gus Bohler, Pi Kappa Phi; Candler Pierce, TKE. (1966) 13. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council, 1962. Billy McDaniels, Hal Worley, Ronnie Knoll, Jerry DeMott. 14. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council. (back) Jim Hathaway and Wyane Adkins. (front) Jimmy Stovall, Houston Kemper, "Babe" Yeomans, and Ellis Wiley. (1958)
Folder 14: Kappa Delta, 1959-1970Add to your cart.
1. 7X7.5 BW unidentified female students with small children and a santa clause. (mid 1960's?) 2. 5X7 BW "'Come on out to the ball game' Campus coed for this week getting her program for the big game tomorrow is attractive Brenda Taylor of Moultrie GA. Brenda is a Freshman and a member of Kappa Delta Sorority. (no date) 3. 5X7 BW Kappa Delta 1st place homecoming parade float, 1959. 4. 5X7 BW 2 unidentified females, holding suit cases and running in some sort of relay race. (1970) 5. 4X5 BW Sara Glynn Clud hitching a ride. (1966) 6. 4X5 BW 2 unidentified female students bend over a child's tractor toy. (1966) 7. 5X7 BW 7 unidentified female students compete in a sack race. (1969) 8. 5X7 BW Kappa Delta Songfest. (1965) 9. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta, standing in a circle with their arms around each other's waists. (1970) 10. 8X10 BW "The Hornets, King Sisters, Johnny Sole and Eddie Kirk entertained the Greeks at the Formal Dance." (1966) 11. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta pledges. (1st row) Sandra Ford, Jackie Mullien, Beverly Ann Greene, Kay Domingos, Susan Mitcham, Joyce Denson. (2nd row) Virginia Culpepper, Marry Slade, Virginia Webb, Terry Meeks. (3rd row) Sue Wright and Jo Ritch. (4th row) Carol Howard, Judy Elmore, Jan Wells, Virginia Lamb. (5th row) Pamla Vance, Louise Wright, Bebe Key, Jean Twilley. (6th row) Marry Carroll Smith, Sandra Massey, Leslie Brown. (late 1950's?) 12. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta Officers. Kathryn Bell, sec; Barbara Bates, Marion Horne, ed; Marilyn Dixon, vp; Charlotte Coppage, pres. (1959) 13. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta sisters. Edrie Hiers, asst tres; Elaine Fallen, sec; Betty Devane, ed; Susan Branch, tres; Suzanne Wright, mbsh chairman; Emily Shaw, vp; Narma Low Maxwell, pres. (Standing, L to R) Puncy Ellington, Betty Dow Majors, Peggy Elliott, Sue Nelle Girardin, Cindy Chandler, Betty Joyce Stephenson, Betty Jo Greene, Judy Girard, Sandra Sessions, Ann Barney, Mimi Collier, Betty Maxwell, Sally Smith, Jeffrey Waldrop, Gail Brown, Sharon Branch, Susan Fletcher, Alex Scott, Patty Clark. (1963) 14. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta pledges. (1st row) Sue Weeks, Kathy Wllitaker, Jackie Codding, Vonnie Williams, Marrion Craven, Cheryl Maddox, Nancy Russell, Georgia Swink, Nancy Burch, Peggy Alexander. (2nd row) Anne Smith, Lee Daniel, Anne Bozeman, Sandra Babcock, Kate Culpepper, Marcia Scaff, Judy Smith, Pat Miller, Marahs Bullow. (1963) 15. 4X5 BW 3 unidentified females students stand on a Valdosta fire truck. "C'mon down to KD Hades." (no date) 16. 8X10 BW Jimbo Smith receives a kiss on the cheek from an unidentified female student. "They said it couldn't be done, Jimbo Smith, 'KD dream guy' for the second year." (1965) 17. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta pledge class 1966-67. 18. 8X10 BW Carol McKinley and Beth Taylor smile for the camera, while standing on stage. (1968) 19. 8X10 BW 3 unidentified female students and 1 male student stand on stage. "Let's drink a toasty to Kappa Delta." (1967) 20. 8X10 BW An unidentified male student recives kisses on both cheeks from 2 unidentified female students while 2 more female students look on. Caption on back: "Sweetest little fellow." (1967) 21. 8X10 BW "Susan Richards, president of the pledge class, presents Dorthy Mears with the 'Outstanding Sister' Award." (1965) 22. 8X10 BW "Jo Bryan presents Jean Powell the 'Most outstanding Pledge' award." (1965) 23. 8X10 BW "Bunny Bridges and Brenda Hackinson tie for the highest pledge scholarship." (1965) 24. 8X10 BW A backside shot of 3 teams who are preparing for a three leg race. (1967) 25. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta Pledge Class 1966-67. 26. 5X7 BW A crowd of female students outside. (1968) 27. 8X10 BW A crowd of Kappa Delta celebrating in a room. (1969) 28. 8X10 BW "Kappa Delta went to the sea-note the whale behind." Homecoming parade 1960. 29. 8X10 BW Homecoming parade 1966. Most Original float. "Alice in Rebeland." "Off with their heads, Rebels!" 30. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta group shot. (1961) 31. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta sisters, 1961. (1st row) Beverly Greene, sec; Sandra Massey, pres; Norma Lou Maxwell, asst tres. (2nd row) Louise Wright, Kay Domingos, tres; Sue Wright, Martha Sue Bragg, VP. (3rd row) Dale Vickers, Jo Ritch, Bonnie Waterhouse, Leslie Brown, Elaine Fallen, Linda Little, Sandra Ford. 32. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta pledges, 1962. (1st row) Suzanne Wright, Patty Clark, Sharon Branch, Betty DeVane, Peggy Elliott, Edrie Hiers, Sandra Fletcher. (2nd row) Jeffrey Waldrop, Lowdelle Laws, Betty Sue Bragg, Judy Garrard, Jo Ann Greene, Betty Dow Majors. 33. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta sisters, 1962. (1st row) Beverly Greene, pres; Martha Sue Bragg, VP; Kay Domingos, sec; Norma Low Maxwell, tres; Susan Branch, asst tres; Suzane Brown, editor; Elaine Fallen, MBSH chair. (2nd row) Margaret Davis, Linda Hudson, Sue McGowan, Mimi Collier, Sue Nell Arrourdin, Suzie Carroll, Betty Joyce Stephenson. (3rd row) Dale Vicks, Gail Brown, Sue Wright, Emily Shaw, Punksy Ellington, Ginger Wade. 34. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta pledges, 1961. (1st row) Barbara Joyce Stephenson, Lyn Lewis, Kay Park. (2nd row) Marianne Hudson, Bootsie Wade, Judy Parker. (3rd row) Emily Shaw, Susan Branch, Mimi Collier, Lila McClenny, Suzanne Brown, Gail Brown. 35. 8X10 BW (L to R) Suzanne Brown, Susan Branch, and Emily Shaw. "The Kappa Delta Trio placed first in the TKE Talent Revue." (1962)
Folder 15: Knights of Arlington, 1970Add to your cart.
1. 5X7 BW 3.5X7 BW "Knights of Arlington getting a trophy." (1970) 2. 5.5X7.5 BW Ralph Elliot and others paint a storage room. (no date) 3. 7.5X7.5Bob Zarckeck, Jim Slaughter and others do repair work in a room. (no date) 4. 5.5X7 BW 3 unidentified male students in confederate costuming on horses in front of Ashley hall. (1970) 5. 8X10 BW Knights of Arlington group shot. (1970) 6. 3X3.5 BW 3 unidentified male students in confederate costuming on horses in front of Ashley hall. (a smaller version of D-01-15-04 (1970) 7. 2.5X3.5 BW The Knights of Arlington flag in front of West Hall. (1970) 8. 3.57 BW "Knights of Arlington getting a trophy." (a cropped copy of D-01-15-01) (1970) 9. 3.5X5.5 BW A formal group shot of the Knights of Arlington, in full confederate dress. (1970) 10. 8X10 BW formal group shot of the Knights of Arlington, in full confederate dress. (a larger copy of D-01-15-09) (1970)
Folder 16: Mu Alpha, 1950sAdd to your cart.
1. 5X7 BW Mu Alpha fraternity. Bill Jackson, pres; Jack Carter, VP; Jerome Clegg, sec tres; Houston Kemper, hist. Brothers: Bill Jackson, Jack Carter, German Joiner, pledges: Jerome Clegg, Ben Force, Kelsey Kemp, Houston Kemper. (1957) 2. 3.5X6 BW Brothers: Bill Jackson, Jack Carter, German Joiner, pledges: Jerome Clegg, Ben Force, Kelsey Kemp, Houston Kemper. (1957) 3. 5X9.5 BW Ed Deaton, Marty Slarks, Bill Jackson, Bill Brenlowe, Mr Jainagin, unidentified, Buch Pafford, Steve Gray, Jordan Jarnier. (1956) 4. 6.5X9.5 BW Austin Davis, Bobby Walick, Bill Nixon, Ben Wood, Gabe Malham, Steve Faster. (1956) 5. 7.5X8.5 BW Mu Alpha officers, Bill Brumlowe, sec; Bill Jackson, pres; Ed Deaton, tres; Milton Newbeing, VP. (1956) 6. 8X10 BW Mu Alpha officers, 1958. (Standing) Jimmy Johnson, tres; Alan Pendleton, chaplain; Ben Force, historian; Jerome Clegg, sec; Joe Patterson, pledge trainer. (sitting) Houston Kemper, pres; Richard Bragg, sergeant at arms; Lester Haymons, VP. 7. 8X10 BW A group of students and Miss Louise Sawyer. Unable to identify students, organization, or date. 8. 8X10 BW Mu Alpha Sponsors: Elaine Studstill, Lamb Passamore, Penny Williams (blonde), and Marry Low Martin. (1958) 9. 8X10 BW Mu Alpha fraternity. (sitting) David Elkins, Jack Carter, Bill Register, Jack Weaver, Harrison McDonald, Bill Jackson. (standing) Phi Parker, Casey Cook, Wayne Hardy, J T Bridges, Richard Oliver, Walter Godwin, David Mokhtar. (1955)
Folder 17: Order of Diana and Chi DelphiaAdd to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW Order of Diana. (seated L to R) Cheral Blach, Mary Ann Hutchens, Ruth Ann Roddy, Judy Kiar, Vechii Sullins. (standing L to R) Angei Jarrett, Linda Britges, Gail Bazmore, Linda Bruce, Ceculia Prescott, Anita Purris, Vann Columan, Marion Craven, Carol Toster. (not pictured) Betty Jo Greene, Lou Ann McCloud, Jay Golding. (no date) 2. 8X10 WB Order of Diana - TKE - 1968. (1st row) Johnsie Green, Janice Ragan, June Allen, Camille Walker. (2nd row) Suzanne Schiefelbein, Rosemary Stapleton, Ann Buhhard, Janice Wiley, Syble Snelling, Shirly Robinette, Sharon Davis. 3. 8X10 BW Chi Delphia 1970. (seated) Sherley Philhips, Gail Harris, iris Jarrett, Brannell Arther. (standing) Sandi odum, Judy Strickland, Mary Ann Broome, Claire Culpepper, Ann Jones, Patsy Moore, Sally Gallaher. 4. 8X10 BW Order of Diana 1970. (seated) Shirley Chambers, Darden Wells, Martha Handcock, Carol Cook. (standing) Claire Coleman, Rena Scoggins, Jan Roper, Johusie Benson, Diane Wilder, Mary Jean Vickers, Nancy Doby.
Folder 18: Panhellenic CouncilAdd to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council, 1958. (seated) Jane Purvis, president; Marcia Walters, VP; Carolyn Holton, secretary; Jo Ann Key, treasurer; Charlene Griffith, reporter. (standing) Della Raulerson, Lucille Helms, Marilyn Miller, Janet Vaughn. 2. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council, 1961. Beverly Greene, parliamentarian; Patrica Luke, Sandra Massey, treasurer; Jean Hooks, secretary; Sandra Patillo, president; Ann Powell, Vp; Judy Whorton, soc. Chairman; Gloria Grisset, Jean Phillips. 3. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council. (1st row L to R) Maurreen Gillespie, Alpha Delta Pi; Jackie Bierman, Alpha Delta Pi. (2nd row) Martha Pittman, Kappa Delta; Jayne Spell, Alpha Delta Pi; Jackie Williams, Phi Mu; Shirley Phillips, Phi Mu;. (3rd row) Sue Davis, Alpha Xi Delta; Cindy Black, Kappa Delta; Beth Taylor, Kappa Delta; Julie Johnson, Phi Mu; Diane Wilder, Alpha Xi Delta. (1968) 4. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council, officers. Sandi Odum, pres; Susie Branch, sec; Claire Culpepper, VP; Martha Pittman, tres. (1970) 5. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council. Margarent Ann Parsons, ADPI, sec; Carol Ann Rainwater, ADPI; Patty Clark, KD,pres; Jo Bryan, KD, tres; Patsy Bullock, Alpha XI; Sandra Riggins, Alpha XI. (1965) 6. 8X10 BW (L to R) Patrica Loeb, ADPI; Marzelle Smith, ADPI; Patty Clark, KD. (1964) 7. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council. (seated L to R) Mrs Wisenbaker, advisor; Pam Paulk, sec; Janice McCranee, tres; Laura Nell Bowen, VP; Charlotte Coppage, pres. (standing) Miriam Barnes, Marilyn Hughes, Kathryn Bell. (1959) 8. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council. (left row) Martha Pittman, Kappa Delta; Barbara Collier, Kappa Delta; Linda Kay Bell, Phi Mu; Claire Culpepper, Phi Mu; Nance Scruggs, Alpha Delta Pi. (right row) Ellen Flanders, Kappa Delta; Toni Belew, Alpha (?) Delta; Julie Collins, Alpha Xi Delta; Susie Branch, Alpha Xi Delta; Sandi Odum, Alpha Xi Delta; Eleanor Odum, Phi Mu; Leigh Pendelton, Alpha Delta Pi; Dean Fickett, Advisor. (1970) 9. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council (seated L to R) Beverly Greene, Sue Nelle Griandi, Elane Fallen, Pat Herrington, Elizabeth Helms. (standing) Gene Kiff, Jean Nolan, Janice Postell, Jeanie Posey. (1962) 10. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council officers. (from left) Maureen Gillespie, tres; Beth Taylor, pres; Sherly Phillips, sec; Diane Wilder, VP; Dean Roberta James. (1968) 11. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council, 1968. Maureen Gillespie, ADPI; Jackie Bierman, ADPI; Martha Pittman, KD; Jayne Spill, ADPI; Jackie Williams, Phi MU; Shirley Phillips, Phi Mu; Sue Davis, AXD; Cindy Black, KD; Beth Taylor, KD; Julie Johnson, PM; Diane Wilder, AXD. 12. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council, 1967. (seated) Susan Leck, Donna Gleaton, Elaine Noble, Carol Alford, Reba Baker. (standing) JuJu Hutchinson, Miss Ogletree, Brenda Underwood, Johnson, Martha Jon Steedey, Angie Jarrett. 13. 8X10 BW Panhellenic Council (standing) Cherly Glemm, Angie Jarrett, Gail Pinkston, Lenda Deen, Ellen Adavr, Louise Heil. (sitting) Susan Hutchinson, JuJu Hutchinson, Elaine Noble, Cindy Sessions, Jean Powell, Carol Alford. (1966) 14. 8X10 BW Ms Fredu Ogeltree and Ms Sandra Sessions discuss some buisness. (1965)
Folder 19: Phi Delta Delta, 1969-1970Add to your cart.
1. 6.5X9 BW Phi Delta Delta, standing on a bridge, 1970. 2. 2.5X6.5 BW An unidentified male students playing foot ball. (1970) 3. 2X3.5 BW Unidentified male students slapping hands. (1970) 4. 3.5X4 BW Phi Dleta Delta in a football huddle. (1970) 5. 2.5X6.5 BW Unidentified Phi Delta Delta's and an unidentified female student sitting on a bench. (1970) 6. 8X10 BW Phi Delta Delta, 1969. (seated) David Hathaway, Jim Hollyfield, Harris Adams, Deron Swindell, Jim Slanghter, James Hewitt. (standing) Brad Barnes, Wyatt Wheelfield, Bryan Phillips, Bill Hatcock, Doug Nipper, Ed Lund. 7. 8X10 BW Unidentified male students playing foot ball. (photo is a full sized version of D-01-19-02) (1970) 8. 8X10 BW Unidentified Phi Delta Delta's and an unidentified female student sitting on a bench. (photo is a larger version of D-01-19-05) (1970) 9. 8X10 BW Phi Dleta Delta in a football huddle. (photo is a full-size of D-01-19-04) (1970) 10. 8X10 BW Unidentified male students slapping hands. (photo is a full-sized version of D-01-19-03) (1970)
Folder 20: Phi Mu, 1966-1973Add to your cart.
1. 3X4 BW 6 unidentified female students play basketball. (1966) 2. 6X10 BW A crowd of unidentified female students hug in a doorway. On back: "Racing for bids, 1968" 3. 6X10 BW 2 unidentified female students running up a flight of stairs. On back: "Racing for bids, 1968." 4. 5X8 BW 2 unidentified female students standing outside an arched door. On back: "Phi Mu sorority girls." (1973) 5. 6X8 BW Unidentified female students with their arms around each other. (1966) 6. 3.5X3.5 BW 7 unidentified females, in overalls, standing around a fake well. On back: "VSC's first washboard band." (1967) 7. 5X5 BW Unidentified female students enjoy a picnic lunch outside of Langadale hall. (1973) 8. 5X8 BW An unidentified female students rides on an unidentified male student's shoulder in a crowd. (1973) 9. 3.5X6 BW 2 female students and 1 male student work on a parade float. (1968) 10. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students hug. ( Photo taken looking in through the doorway.) (1970) 11. 6X6 BW Unidentified female students collect and sort canned goods. (1970) 12. 2X3 BW Janice Thompston, cupping her face in her hands, next to a Christmas tree. (1970) 13. 3X4.5 BW Unidentified female students with some unidentified girls at a Christmas party. (1970) 14. 3.5X4 BW Phi Mu standing outside a house, in matching cresses and holding candles. (1970) 15. 2.5X3.5 BW Unidentified female students collect and sort canned goods. (a cropped copy of photo D-01-20-11. ) (1970) 16. 2X6 BW Unidentified female students hug. ( Photo taken looking in through the doorway.) (cropped copy of photo D-01-20-10) (1970) 17. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students perform as a washboard band. (Same students form photo D-01-20-06, different setting.) (1967) 18. 8X10 BW Phi Mu, 1972. (1st row) Janet Owens, Miriam McCovey, Anne G., Nancy P., LouAnn, Suellen, Patti P., Janice, Polly, Beth. (2nd row) Nancy W., Tish L., Marsha, Suzanne, Mary T., Kathy, Betty, Pat, Priss, Paula H., Cathee, Betsy, Saua, Liz, Vickie, Susan, Leigh. (3rd row) Brenda, Vallye, Joye, Jan, Marie, Becky, Dalra, Nancy B., Sandy, Paula T., Emily, Mary Beth, Beverly, Kathaleine, Cathy E., Roxanne, Katrina, Holly, Beth J. (4th row) Cathy M., Janice, Mary Z., Tricia, Kathy H., Luellen. 19. 8X10 BW Phi Mu washboard band on stage. (2 copies) (1968) 20. 8X10 BW Phi Mu standing outside a building, in matching dresses. (1968) 21. 8X10 BW Phi Mu sorority. (bottom) Shirley Geiger and Nancy Wilson. (top) unidentified and Denise Cross. (1968) 22. 8X10 BW Phi Mu homecoming parade float. "King James reigns in the rain." (1967) 23. 8X10 BW Phi Mu standing outside a house, in matching cresses and holding candles. (Full sized copy of D-01-20-14) (1970) 24. 8X10 BW On Back: "14 new Phi Mus." (1967) 25. 5.5X6 BW Jannice Sims and Dorthie Stubbs with 2 unidentified boys at the Phi Mu Christmas party. (1967) 26. 7X9 BW Phi Mu standing as a part of a crowd outside. (1970) 27. 6X9 BW Janice Thompston, cupping her face in her hands, next to a Christmas tree. (a full sized copy of photo D-01-20-12) (1970) 28. 8X10 BW an unidentified female student on stage with two unidentified children. (1968)
Folder 21: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, 1973Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW (1st row, L to R0 Lavar Robinson, Bruce Merriman, tres; George Kirkland, pres; Willie Clark, sec; Brian Morris, Harrell Mann. (2nd row) Scott McVey, Tom Whiddon, Brent Merriman, Lamar poole, Cliff Huxford. (3rd row) Ken Hawkins, Bruce Laughlin, Jim Rightmyer, VP; Rick Slavik. (1973)
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1. 8X10 BW Pi Kappa Phi sponsors. (L to R) Jean Hooks, Barbara Monk, Louise Wright, Arden Nan Bishop, Martha Sue Bragg. (1960) 2. 4X5 BW Pi Kappa Phi sponsors. (front row) Genie Rogero, Gail Thomas Andrews, Gail Allen. (2nd row) Elaine Freeman, Ricky Cox, Cindy Sessions, Alwyn Hamill. (1965) 3. 5X7 BW Pi Kappa Phi registration picnic. (1970) 4. 5X7 BW Pi Kappa Phi beauty Ricki Cox, 1966. 5. 5X7 BW An unidentified male and female standing on stage, looks to be the Master and Mistress of ceremonies for a beauty pagent. (1972) 6. 5X7 BW Pi Kappa Phi homecoming parade float, a pirate ship. (1970) 7. 3X3 BW Pi Kappa Phi pin. 8. 5X4 BW Pi Kappa Phi sets up for Miss VSU 1965-South Pacific. 9. 4X5 BW Pi Kappa Phi banquet. (1966) 10. 4X5 BW 2 unidentified male students and an unidentified female student standing on a patio. (1966) 11. 6.5X7.5 BW A paper machè "King of the Sea." Pi Kappa Phi homecoming parade float, 1967. 12. 4X5 BW 1 unidentified female and 3 unidentified males. On back: "Rose Queen" (1965) 13. 8X10 BW Pi Kappa Phi pose with Mixx VSC 1967, Angie Thompson. 14. 5X8 BW 2 unidentified male students talking. On back: "Hey, all I said that you missin' a button." (early 1970's) 15. 8X10 BW Attached: " A Surprise for a brother. Recognizing his 60 years as a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, members of VSC's Beta Tau Chapter recently went to the home of L O Smith (second from right), who had been initiated into the fraternity at the University of Georgia in 1920. A longtime friend and supporter of the VSC chapter, Mr Smith was surprised with a cake in the gold and white colors of Pi Kappa Phi. Representing Bata Tau were (from left) George Birdson, Thomaston, Social Chairman; Scott Richardson, Thomasville, Vice-Archon; and Greg Poss, Barnesville, Archon." Article from the VSC bulletin, November 1980. 16. 8X10 BW Carlo E McKinely, Pi Kappa Phi sweetheart and "Sam" the dog. (1968) 17. 8X10 BW Jeff Hires and Shirley Robinett, Greek Goddess,1968. 18. 8X10 BW Pi Kappa Phi sponsors, 1959. (L toR) Jean Hooks, Miriam Barnes, Jerry Hurst, Arden Nan Bishop. 19. 8X10 BW Pi Kappa Phi, Miss VSC Contest, 1963. 20. 8X10 BW Pi Kappa Phi members playing a game of 'crab ball.' (1970) 21. 5X7 BW Pi Kappa Phi members play a game on the front lawn. (1970) 22. 2.5X3 BW Pi Kappa Phi members play a game on the front lawn. (cropped copy of D-01-22-21) (1970) 23. 3X4.5 BW Pi Kappa Phi members playing a game of 'crab ball.' (smaller cropped copy of D-01-22-20) (1970) 24. 2X7 BW Pi Kappa Phi registration picnic. (cropped copy of D-01-22-03) (1970) 25. 4X5 BW Pi Kappa Phi homecoming parade float, a pirate ship. (cropped copy of D-01-22-06) (1970.) 26. 2X4 BW Unidentified male students playing guitars on an outdoor stage. (1970) 27. 8X10 WB Pi Kap-Faculty basketball game, 1972. 28. 8X10 BW Pi Kappa Phi sponsors. (seated, floor) Gloria Grissett and Beverly Bridges. (seated, chair) Martha Sue Brown and Louise Wright. (standing) Laelie Brown and Jean Hooks. (1961) 29. Picture and news cliping of Frank P. Bracewell getting Golden Legion Certificate. (10/29/1981)
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1. 6X9.5 BW Pi Kappa Theta, 1973. Bob Eldridge, Jerry Sanders, Bob Miller, Lantham Hill, Tom Wiley,Mike Raymon, Scott Gordan, Robert Pittman, Walter Peacock, Rick Mallory, Chris Cleveland, Trae Bradfield, Mark Latiff, Don Gerlock, John Steedly, Rusty Peevy, Bill Mottinson, Mitt Layton, Chip Sasser, Timmy Holt. 2. 8X10 BW Norman Bennett and Billy Grant play in the Pi Kap-Faculty basketball game, 1962. 3. 8X10 BW Pi Kap-Faculty basketball game, 1962. 4. 8X10 BW Pi Kap-Faculty basketball game, 1962. 5. 8X10 BW Pi Kap-Faculty basketball game, 1962. 6. 8X10 BW Pi Kap-Faculty basketball game, 1962.
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1. 4.5X7 BW Sigma Alpha Chi officers, 1961. (L to R) Beverly Ann Greene, Patrica Herrington, Carolyn Garner, Sandra Massey. 2. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi. (seated) Wyonne Swilley, Claire Owens, James Lineberger. (standing) Mr Wayne Faircloth, advisor; Mrs Martha McKey, advisor. (1966) 3. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1969. (1st row) Polly Moore, Dottie Wamble, Karen Luke, Joyce Joyce, Elissa Landey, Julia Collins, Carol Dial, Dottie Pittman, Shirley Phillips, Sharron Lincoln, Haley, Sandra Walker, Kay Davis, Merry Herring, Linda Garner, Anglea Ragan, Becky Ruskin, Glenda Hollingwsorth, Beth Dixon, Marvene Thigpen,Wanda O'Quinn. (2nd row) Ronny Gilliard, Dr Lamar Perason, Ghen Register, Randy Mc Elvey, Howard Freeman, Ervin Wood, Minnie Monroe, Analease Green, Constance Crautford, Cythia Moore, Cythina Hollingsworth, Camille Walker, Sandra Beaty, Law Ann Waters. 4. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi. (seated) Genese Conie, Low Ann Waters, Ellice Passmore, Wyonne Swilley, Suzanne Evans, Scott Cohen, Glenn Register. (standing) Jane Thomas, Benita Thomas, Bunny Bridges, Sunshine Schiefelbien, Floyd Tyson, Wayne Stephens, David Duck, Judy Fite, Jan Ray, Pat Brannin, Jan McDonald. (late 1960's) 5. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1968. (front row, L to R) Polly Moore, Nancey Holmes, Patty White, Susan Hancock, Joannie Cowan, Mary Joyce Evans, Low Ann Waters, Kay Davis, Judy Price. (middle row) Dianne Sadler, Jayne Spell, Suzanne Schiefelbien, Sandra Walker. (back row) Sandra Coley, Ginger Paulk, Donna Prescott, Vernon Dixon, Glenn Register, Dr Lamar Perason, advisor; Ronnie Gillard, Charles Simpson, Ira Chambless, Judy Schramm, Analise Green, Connie Spreadly. 6. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi officers, 1967. (seated) Judy Fite, VP; Wyonne Swilley, pres: Suzanne Evans, Sec-Tres. (standing) Martha McKey, advisor; Marvin Evans, advisor. 7. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1966. (seated) Wyonne Swilley, Carol Foster, Claire Owens, Kay Gills, Suzanna Evans, Judy Harrison, Andrea Hobbs. (standing) Ann Nealen, Jane Allen, Pat Brannen, Janis Farmer, Janet McDonald, Marry Joyce Gilbert, Ida Conway, James Lineberger, Hal Radcliff, Annette Copeland, Margaret Ann Crow, Joanie Cowan, Shelia McCoy, Gail Fountain, Cheryl Metts. 8. 8X10 BW an unidentified female student ton stage with two unidentified children. (1968)
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1. 7X9.5 BW Sigma Alpha Chi sophomores, 1956. (top row, L to R) Nancy Southwell, Sue Bridges, Caroline House, Norma Lightsey, Myrtle Morse, Joyce Scandmis. (bottom row) Zona Biggs, Nancy Meeks, Freddie McLean, Georgia Wolfe, Jean Connell. 2. 7X7.5 BW Sigma Alpha Chi officers, 1956. (top row) Freddie McLean, Margie Smith, Omar McLean. (bottom row) Dr Beatrice Nevins, Russell Acree, Ginger House. 3. 8X10 BWSigma Alpha Chi, 1970. (top row) Danny Martin, Mary Beth Wilkinson, Elissa Landey, Bill Cribbs, Bill Jenkins, Brandy McElvey, Lee Edward, Wanda Morell, Wendy Moore. (2nd orw) Judy Schramb, Brenda Chancey, Rose Marie Horne, Beth Dixon, Pam Spence, Caroline Eubanks, Sharon Benson, Nan Chapman, Wanda McWhorter. (3rd row) Karen Mobely, Caroline Veal, Wanda O'Quinn, Marsh Travis, Susan Eanes, Marvene Thigpen, Glenda Hobby, Nancy Ross, Vivian Brown, Knee Ling, Wanda Smith, Joyce Joyce, Becky Luke, Elzanne Wright, Weezie Little, Dottie Wambloe. 4. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1962. (1st row) Pat Hannington, Gretchen Schroer, Patrica Loeb, Beverly Ann Greene, Suzanne Brown. (2nd row) Linda Carter, Janis Dixon, Ramona McGraw, Snookie Rigdon, Jane Johsnon. (3rd row) Nancy Poe, Patrica Creed, Joyce Mathis, Nancy Bass, Ginger Anderson, Jon McMillan, John McCarty, Joe Tomberlin, Doug Calhoun, Doug Jones, Grace Moore, Charlotte Hortman, Wilda Britt, Selina Wisenbaker, Judy Youngblood, Carolyn Garner, Lucy Proctor. 5. 4X6.5 BW Unidintified female student leaning on a palm tree. (1973) 6. 6.5X7.5 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1956. (top row) Russell Acree, Margie Smith, Omar McLean, Emily Joe, Donald Bennett, Par Arline, Bob Maughon. (bottom row) Charlotte Knight, Virginia Smith, Nan Starling, patsy Wright, Jo Parrott, Ginger Howse. 7. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1961. (1st row) Beverly Green, pres; Sandra Massey, VP; Patrica Herrington, sec; Carolyn Garndr, historian; Mr Martin, advisor. (2nd row) Joyce Robinson, Gloria Grissett, Jean Pace, Rosa Waring, Jay Smith. (3rd row) Elton Sharpe, Mamie Herring, Carol Eddy, Lucy Procter, Barbara Langley, Martha McElray. 8. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1960. (1st row) Martha McElroy, Sandra Ford, Beverly Greene, Sandra Massey. (2nd row) Juanice Forte, Dr Beatrice Nevins, Peggy Crew, Gayle Luke. (3rd row) Carolyn Garner, Martha McKey, Laura Nell Bowen. (4th row) Felton Thrift, William Kent, Gene Deal, Phillip Dillard, Dillard Ensley. 9. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1958. (standing) Billy Warren, Bill Kent, Grady Bennett, Marlyn Miller, James Maxwell, Leon Aranson, Raymond Wilson. (seated) Virginia Sweet, Naney Carol Southwell, Glennie Cooper, Sue Bridges, Dr Beatrice Nevins, Jeanne harrell, Jane Purvis, Glenda Ellis, Bennie Ruth Baker. 10. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi officers, 1958. (standing) Joe Wiggs, George Wallace, Bill Hayes. (seated) Darlene Wallace and Jeanne Connell. 11. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi officers, 1965. Sandra Sessions, VP; Faye Milner, pres; Delores Lashey, secretary; Mrs McKEy, advisor. 12. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi, 1965. (seated) Gail Fountaim, Patrica Riteh, Ellen Adai, Claire Leuck, Susan Leonard. (standing) Bill Sapp, Bob Lane, Margaret Ann Smith, Irene McMillian, Annetta Copeland, Serena Owens, Donald Nickerson, Dick Marsh. 13. 8X10 BW Sigma Alpha Chi. (seated) Genese Conine, Low Ann Waters, Ellice Passmore, Wyonne Swilly, Suzanne Evans, Scott Cohen, Glenn Register. (standing) Jane Thomas, Benita Thomas, Bunny Bridges,Susanne Schierlbien, Floyd Tyson, Wayne Stephens, David Duck, Judy Fite, Jan Ray, Pat Brannin, Jan McDonald. (no date)
Folder 26: Sigma Alpha Omega, 1956Add to your cart.
1. 5.5X9.5 BW Sigma Alpha Omega, sisters, 1956. (standing) Janet Hughes, Jo Ann Daniel, Pat Paiken, Judy Davis, Shealy Doughearty. (seated) Miss Louise Sawyer, Shirley Alison, Norma Eveing, Marsha Davis. 2. 7.5X8 BW Sigma Alpha Omega, pledge class offficers, 1956. (seated) Helen Swang, lucille Helms, Willena Dougherty, Susie Lindstrom. (standing) Anna Lee Smith, Ann Harris, Mary Ann Jones, Norma Ewing. 3. 6.5X9.5 BW Sigma Alpha Omega pledge class, 1956. Corol Theggens, Sandra Shaw, Judy Stringer, Mary Lou Dekle, Betty Kay Spangier, Annette Howard, Gloria Dickenson, Norma Jean Ewing, Anna Lee Smith, Helea Sevain, Lucille Helms, Helena Dougherty, Sussie Leandstorm, Mary Ann James. (the top of this photo had been cut off, resulting in the loss of two names) 4. 7.5X8 BW Sigma Alpha Omega, 1956.
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1. 4X9.5 BW Sigma Epsilon, 1956. (seated, L to R) Jim Stevall, sergant-at-arms; Bary Purvis, Bobby Whatley, historian. (standing) Fred Wilkerson, VP; Omar McLean, Donald Bennett, sec; Denson Wood, pres; Ken Boyer, tres; Bob Moughon. 2. 2.5X3 BW Sigma Epsilon pledges, 1956. (seated) Marvin Hatcher, Grady Bennett, Bobby Coleman. (standing) Walter Bartee, Lewis Washington, Bobby Musselewhite, Raymond Wilson. 3. 8X10 BW Hostess Sigma Epsilon, 1959. (L to R) Katie Schmidt, Pam Paulk, Patricia Luke. 4. 8X10 BW Sigma Epsilon, 1960. (back) Michael LaHood, David Brooks, John Hickox. (front) George Bennett and William Mc Daniel. 5. 8X10 BW Wayne Harris, Russell Hornor, Larry Crwaford, Brian Killeen, Autrey Hoffman, Cutris Bailey, Ricky Herndon, Bobby Davis, William Moncrieff, Murray Steward. (seated) Tommy Sessions, Jimmy Broxson, Al Hinson, James David, Michael Lahood.
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1. 3X4 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1965. "Let's all join hands and circle to the left." 2. 5X7 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon preparing homecoming float, 1970. 3. 3X4 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon sponsors. (sitting) Nancy Tyson, Margaret Ann Smith, Jane Daniel, Norma Williams, sweetheart; Susan Leuck, Judy Wells, Chubbie Barefoot. (standing) Nancy Smith, Janet Thompson, Alice Collins, Susan White. (no date) 4. 6X7 BW Charlie Howell, in sweater, having lunch with an unidentified older woman. (no date) 5. 3X4 BW "Sig Esp attend the Alpha Xi Delta dessert." (1965) 6. 6X7 BW Bobby Tayler and two unidentified other male students do some matinence work in a kitchen. (2 copies) (no date) 7. 5X8 BW Three unidentified male students greet each other in a hallway. "Sigma Phi Epsilon worked toward revitalization of Chapter." (1973) 8. 5X8 BW A group of unidentified male students socialize. "Sigma Phi Epsilon worked toward revitalization of Chapter." (1973) 9. 8X10 BW Cam Hickman and another male student pull an unidentified female student on a 'chariot.' Greek Week, 1966. (photo is torn in half) 10. 6X7 BW Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon build a parade float. (1968) 11. 4X6 BW Dickson Lester building something out of chicken wire. (1968) 12. 6X7.5 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon dance, 1968. 13. 5X7 BW Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon act out a play. (1970) 14. 8X10 BW "Who said I wasn't King of this group?" Unidentified male students ride on a parade float. (1967) 15. 8X10 BW Greek Week 1966. Unidentified male students pull a chariot down the street. (same people as D-01-28-09) (1966) 16. 8X10 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon Hostesses, Ann Arrington, Marian Hone, Helen Jenkins, Sandra Clements, and Mary Mullins. (1958) 17. 8X10 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon dinner, 1969. 18. 8X10 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon officers of Pledge class and pledge trainer, 1967. 19. 8X10 BW Unidentified Sigma Phi Epsilon members plan a football play. "Listen fellas, 'the Bear' said to run it this way-" (1967) 20. 8X10 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon Sponsors, 1962. (1st row, L to R) Mime Collier, Charlotte Durden, Faith Polk, LaRea Courson. (2nd row, bottom to top) Barbara Whitely, Susan Hutchens, Sue Nell Girardian, Diane Osborne, Clinton Blackledge. (2 copies) 21. 8X10 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon Officers, 1958. (standing) Wayne Adkins, Pres; and Wayne Allen, sec. (seated) Jim Stovall, Vp; and Gene Cargel, tres. 22. 5X8 BW An old car that has been painted with different sayings and symbols. (1973) 23. 8X10 BW Unidentified members of Sigma Phi Epsilon on stage singing a song and waring overalls. 91968) 24. 8X10 BW Attached: "Oh, 'SAE' CAN YOU SEE NEW FRATERNITY AT VSC? VALDOSTA, GA,- Joe Mancini of San Francisco, Emient Supreme Archon of Sigma Alpha Epsilon national fraternity points to ceremonial robes in a display at the Valdosta Country Club before the recent installation of the new Georgia Sigma chapter of SAE at Valdosta State College into the 154,000-member organization. With him (from left) are Valdosta alumni chapter president Arther McLane, Georgia Sigma president William Ricketson Jr., VSC President S. Walter Martin and Dr. William Gabard, adviser to the new chapter." (no date) 25. 8X10 BW Sigma Phi Epsilon members work on their homecoming float, 1967.
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1. 8X10 BW 3 unidentified male students and Dr. Thaxton hold a 'rebel' flag and a sword. On back: " the 'Stray Greeks' new organization on campus, accepting authority for homecoming weekend." (3 copies) (1956) 2. 8X10 BW "Stray Greeks" John McLeod, Don Breese and third male student standing with Dr. Thaxton outside of West Hall. (1956) 3. 8X10 BW "Stray Greeks" John McLoed, Don Breese and third male student accepting a sword from Dr. Thaxton. (1956)
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1. 4X5 BW Male students sitting on the basketball court in the old gym. (1970) 2. 4X5 BW "Rehearsal--Eddie Pike and Kay Domingos, last year's TKE Talent Show winners rehearse for their part on this year's program to be presented Tuesday Feb. 2 at 8p.m." (1960) 3. 5.5X7.5 BW Pam Muddleton, Miss TKE Calendar Girl. (early 1960's) 4. 6X7.5 BW A crowd of students cheering. (1968) 5. 5X7 BW Sandra Hardin, Miss VSC Calendar Girl, 1959. 6. 5X7 BW Stan A Harris, President TKE; and an unidentified female student at a pagent. (1970) 7. 5X7 BW Sandra Hardin, Miss VSC Calendar girl, 1595, sitting on a bench outside. (2 copies.) 8. 5X7 BW Sandra Hardin, Miss VSC Calendar girl, 1595, sitting on a stool. 9. 2X3 BW A TKE Calendar Girl, 1975. 10. 5X7 BW TKE Calendar Girl, Nancy Lee crowning Pam Myddleton, 1968. 11. 5X7 BW TKE Calendar Girl. Pam Myddleton crowning Liz Lester, 1969. 12. 5X7 BW Miss VSC Calendar Girl (left) Diane Higginbotham, Miss VSC (right) Penny Williams. (1960) 13. 4X6.5 BW Pam Myddelton, Miss TKE Calendar Girl, 1968. 14. 5X7 BW TKE homecoming float, 1970. 15. 3.5X3.5 BW "Yes, let's have a party." TKE members gather around a cake. (1965) 16. 5X7 BW Pam Myddelton, TKE Calendar girl. (1969) 17. 3.5X3.5 BW Miss TKE Calendar Girl contest. (no date) 18. 5X7 BW Liz Lester, TKE Calendar girl, 1969. 19. 5X7 BW Janice Clenney, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 20. 5X7 BW Sue Davis, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 21. 5X7 BW Janice Blue, TKE Calendar Girl, 1970. 22. 5X7 BW Gail Bobbitt, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 23. 5X7 BW Jo Bryan, 1965. 24. 5X7 BW Gail Hilliard, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 25. 5X7 BW Mawisa Harden, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 26. 5X7 BW Judy Hunt, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 27. 5X7 BW Lorraine Hall, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 28. 5X7 BW Liz Lester, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 29. 5X7 BW Grayson Travis, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 30. 5X7 BW Cathy Buff, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 31. 6X8 BW Liz Lester, TKE Calendar girl, 1970. 32. 5X7 BW "Marjorie Brooks and Hansel O'Steen, Mr and Mrs VSC Talent 1960. 33. 4.5X6.5 BW TKE members playing football. (1970) 34. 4.5X4.5 BW Unidentified students eating at a table with a basketball in the middle. (1973) 35. 5X5.5 BW A member from TKE accepts a trophy. (1973) 36. 3.5X3.5 2 Unidentified males on a stage holding a giant pledge patle. (1966) 37. 5X7 BW Miss Sue Ellen Harbower, TKE Calendar girl, 1973. 38. 6.5X8 BW Neil Bell and a crowd of unidentified boys gather around a football. (1967) 39. 5.5X5.5 BW "Cinderella and her pumpkin carriage won the Presidents Award and the Award for TKE fraternity." Homecoming, 1966. 40. 4X5 BW "We all live in a yellow submarine." Homecoming parade, 1967. 41. 6X7 BW Gene Goodrum and David Clyatt bounce basket balls down the road. "The Rebels were preceded to Jacksonville by 32 members of TKE Fraternity who bounced a basketball the entire 125 miles to the Jacksonville university campus." (2 copies) (1963) 42. 6X7.5 BW "TKE soap drive for Viet-nam." (top, L to R) Jerry Collins, Jimbo Smith, Jimmy Borroughs. (bottom) Dave Crane, Mike Cudiff, Buddy Allen, Frank Pravy, Mike Wiltee. (1996) 43. 5X7 BW Melanie Willis, TKE Calendar beauties December, 1984, sitting on a stone wall outside. 44. 5X7 BW Melanie Willis, TKE Calendar beauties December, 1984, sitting on a stone wall outside. (different angle from D-01-30-43) 45. 8X10 BW Andy Shenton, TKE Calendar Girl,64-65. (2 copies) 46. 8X10 BW Andy Shenton, TKE Calendar Girl 1965 with Ruth Ann Roddy crowning her. 47. 8X10 BW "Ellen Taylor, TKE Calendar Girl 1963, Beauty and the brains do go together." 48. 8X10 BW Ellen Taylor, TKE Calendar Girl, 1963. 49. 8X10 BW (L to R) Becky Hicks, Jane Strikland, Pam Mydelton, TKE Calendar Girl; and Charlotte Cunningham standing on the diving board of the outside pool. 50. 8X10 BW TKE Calendar Girl Pam Mydelton on stage, with the other contestants. (1969) 51. 8X10 BW Miss TKE Calendar Girl 1966, Bonnie Gerlock,Valdosta GA. 52. 8X10 BW TKE members doing pull-ups. (1968) 53. 8X10 BW Suellen Harbour, TKE Calendar Girl 1973. 54. 8X10 BW "The ADPi's really dressed up for the TKE Talent Revue." (3 slightly different poses) (1962) 56. 8X10 BW 2 unidentified females on stage, one is from ADPi. TKE Talent Revue, 1962. 57. 8X10 BW "Patty Clarck presents TKE President Achie Smith with the award for over-all Greek Week Winner." (1965) 58. 8X10 BW "TKE's get the Presidents Award for floats for the second year", 1967. 59. 8X10 BW "Miss TKE Talent. Jo Hodges, TKE talent revue winner." (1964) 60. 8X10 BW TKE members, 1958. (standing, L to R) Leon Nlixer, Ted Swindle, Bill Hay, John McGurk, Shirley McGowan (sweetheart), Larry Massey, Sihas Pittman, Tommy Williamson. (seated) Larry Waters, Pat Tomlinson, Sonny Greene, George Bpyd, Robert Waters, Joe Webb. 61. 8X10 BW TKE Talent Review Winners, Linda Bruce and Jack Murray. (1964) 62. 8X10 BW TKE members work on a parade float, 1968. 63. 8X10 BW TKE Talent Review Winner, Mike Jarvis, 1964. 64. 2X7 BW Male students sitting on the basketball court in the old gym.( a cropped copy of photo D-01-30-01) (1970) 65. 3.1X1.5 BW TKE members playing football. (photo is a cropped copy of D-01-30-33) (1970) 66. 3X5 BW TKE homecoming float, 1970. (cropped copy of D-01-30-14) 67. 6.5X7 BW Pam Myddelton Crowning Liz Lester, 1970. 68. 8X10 BW TKE Sponsors, 1695. (seated, L to R) Roberta Bryice, Lyn Cormany, Carolyn Ragan, Rugth Ann Roddey, Judy Keau, Vicki Sullins, Jenny Karn. (standing) Cheryl Black, Lyn Crochett, Linda Bridges, Angie Janett, Gail Bazmore, Linda Bruce, Cecilia Prescott, Mary Ann Hutchins, Ellen Alain, Anita Pierrie, Van Coleman, Marion Craven, Carell Foster, Gwen Hart. (not pictured) Lou Ann McLeod, and Jay Golding. 69. 8X10 BW TKE sponsors, 1962. (L to R) Judy Butler, Sweetheart; Sharon Branch, Bud Goggins, Mary Lou Minchew, Amy Hornsby, Susan Branch, Patricia Loub, Snookie Brown, Jackie Wenters. (2 copies) 70. 8X10 BW Ruth Ann Roddy, TKE Sweetheart, 1965. 71. 8X10 BW Patty Clark presents Bobby Pierce with the TKE Song Fest Award, 1965. 72. 8X10 BW Pam Myddelton Crowning Liz Lester, 1970. (full sized copy of photo D-01-30-67) 73. 8X10 BW Miss TKE Calendar Girl Contest, 1960. (L to R) Marry Correll Smith, Barbara Walker, Diane Higginbotham, Nancy Raines, Faye Fwssell. 74. 8X10 BW Miss VSC Calendar Girl, 1960. 75. 8X10 BW TKE Calendar Girl Contest, 1963. "The months on the Calendar are represented by Sybil Freeman, Diane Osborne, Sherry Richards, Gail Bazmore, Carol Dean, Ellen Taylor, Jeannie Hoyle, Martine Andriveaw, Betty Jo Greene, Dot Thomas, Jane Madox andGerrie Amon." 76. Miss TKE Calendar Girl contest. (L to R) Rena Scoggins, Debbie Wright, Charlotte Cunningham, Joni Bellue, ?, Nancey Lee, Miss TKE Calendar Girl; Laura Brown, Ann Camphell, Shirley Geigh, Lilain Stud, Jan James, Marry Martha Mussey. 77. 8X10 BW TKE Homecoming float, 1967. "Yellow Submarine." 78. 5X7 BW TKE Homecoming Parade Float 1966, winner of the Most Beautiful President's Award. Cinderella's pumpkin Coach. 79. 8X10 BW TKE Homecoming Parade Float 1966, winner of the Most Beautiful President's Award. Cinderella's pumpkin Coach. Unidentified TKEs load the float on to a trailer. 80. 8X10 BW1963 Miss TKE Calendar Girl Contest, all contestants. 81. 8X10 BW Behind the scenes of the TKE Miss Calendar Girl Contest, 64-65. 82. 9.5X7.5 BW "Cindy Ross of Tifton, Miss September in the Valdosta State College Calendar, poses on a tot's wheel-A-gig in Brookwook Park near the VSC campus. The daughter of Mr and Mrs Wilettn Russ of Tifton, blond Cindy is a biology major who plans a career in medical technology. She is 18, a member of Alpha Delta Ps sorority and is returning to VSC a Sophomore." 83. 8X10 BW Miss TKE Calendar Girl, 1966. (1st row) Jean Rump, Joannie Cavan, Dianne McDaniel, Angie Jarrett, Susan Parramore. (2nd row) Patsy Henry, Jennifer Stewart, Prisallia Bagby, Bonnie Gerlock, Miss TKE Calendar Girl; Jane Duncan, Sandy LaMontage, Bobbi Minnie. 84. 8X10 BW 1967 TKE Calendar Girl winners (L to R) Angie Thompson, June McElmoyle, Joy White, Mary Sue Zipperer, Susan Fulford. 85. 8X10 BW "Gerrie Amon reings as Miss Tau Kappa Epsilon Calendar Girl for 1963-64." (2 copies) 86. 8X10 BW Gerrie Amon, TKE Calendar Girl 1964, sitting on a stair with a book. 87. 8X10 BW "Ruth Ann Roddy is also TKE Sweetheart." (1965) 88. 2.5X3.5 BW Nancy Lockington, TKE Calendar Girl, 1972. 89. 8X10 BW Diane Higginbotham, Miss VSC Calendar Girl of 1960. 90. 4X4.5 BW TKE Calendar Girl Suellen Hrrbour. (1973) 91. 5X8 BW Suellen Harbour, Miss TKE Calendar Girl 1973, standing in a crowd. 92. 5X7 BW Suellen Harbour, Miss TKE Calendar Girl 1973, being crowned. 93. 8X10 BW Suellen Harbour, Miss TKE Calendar Girl 1973. 94. 8X10 BW TKE Calendar Girl finalists, 1973. (L to R) Catery Marlowe, Claire Shelton, Suellen Harbour, Pam Gee, Carol Wiles. 95. 4X9 BW Suellen Harbour, Miss TKE Calendar Girl 1973. 96. 5X6.5 BW Suellen Harbour, Miss TKE Calendar Girl 1973, with her arms around an unidentified male. 97. 8X10 BW TKE Calendar Girl, 1966, top 5. (L to R) Diane McDaniel, Pricilla Bagely, Bonnie Grelock, Jane Duncan, Andige Jarrett. 98. 8X10 BW Mr and Mrs VSC Talent 1960, Majorie Brooks & Hansel O'Steen. (2 coipies) 99. 8X10 BW "The winners and first runner-ups, Marry Slade and the 'Tritones.'" TKE Talent Ravue, 1960. 100. 8X10 BW Nancy Lockington, 1972 TKE Calendar Girl. 101. 8X10 BW TKE Calendar Girls 1961-62. (front row) Mary Low Minchew, ?, ?, ?, ?. (back row) ?, Suzanne Brown, ?, Snookie Rigdon, Judy Butler, Janet Thompson, Betty Jo Grene. 102. 8X10 BW TKE Calendar Girls, 1963. (L to R) Diane Osborne, Gail Bazmore, Ellen Taylor, Martine Andriveau, Dot Thomas. 103. 4X9 BW Ellen Taylor, TKE Calendar Girl 1963.
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1. 4.5X9 BW Zeta Chi members, 1956. (seated) Nancy Meeks, Roslyn Rowse, Pat Bullard, Jean Lytle. (standing) Ann Killingsworth, Georgia Wolfe, Jo Pariott, Babara Little, Pat Arline. 2. 4.5X9 BW Zeta Chi officers, 1956. Roslyn Rowse, pres; Jean Lytle, tres; Nancy Meeks, sec; Pat Bullard, VP. 3. 6.5X9 BW Zeta Chi pledges, 1956. (seated) Gloria Gill, Catherine Johnson, Jo Dean, Jeanne Davis. (standing) Marlyn Miller, Nan Starling Sandy Neal. 4. 6.5X7.5 BW Zeta Chi pledge class officers, 1956. Jeanne Davis, sec; Marlyn Miller, tres: Sandy Neal, VP; Nan Starling, pres. 5. 8X10 BW Zeta Chi pledges, 1958. (back) Faye Bass, Kathrine Bell, pres; Sonia Sutton, VP; Myrna Walters, sec. (front) Charlotte Coppage, hist; Babara Bates, Carroll Howard, tres. 6. 8X10 BW Zeta Chi sisters, 1958. (front) Betty Jane Chambers, hist; Joyce Ledbetter, Peggy Wolfe, tres; Alice Perry, sec; Marcia Walters, pres. (back) Jo Ann Key, VP; Marilyn Miller, pledge trainer.
Folder 32: Zeta Tau Alpha, 1973-1974Add to your cart.
1. 5X7 BW Zeta Tau Alpha members play basket ball. (1974) 2. 5X6.5 BW Zeta Tau Alpha members stand outside, 1973.
Folder 33: Fraternity and Sorority Brochures, 1989Add to your cart.
1. Brochure announcing the date of Fall Rush 1989. 2. Fall 1989 Rush booklet. Includes important information on rushing and background information on the assorted Sororities.
Folder 34: Kappa DeltaAdd to your cart.
1. 3X5 BW A crowd of female students outside. (no date) 2. 6X7.5 BW Nancy Smith and an unidentified female in some sort of relay race. (1960's) 3. 5.5X5.5 BW A crowd of unidentified female students hugging. (no date) 4. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students in a relay race. (1960's) 5. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students in a relay race. (1960's) 6. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students in a relay race. (1960's) 7. 5X7 BW 4 unidentified female students standing in front of a fireplace in Ashley Hall. (no date) 8. 8X10 BW 2 unidentified Kappa Deltas holding small trophies. (1964) 9. 6X7.5 BW Beth Taylor become to someone, standing by a door labled Kappa Delta. (no date) 10. 5X7 BW Unidentified Kappa Delta's outside. (1980's) 11. 6X6 BW Unidentified male and female students standing outside. (no date) 12. 5X7 BW Unidentified Kappa Delta rides a tricycle down a bricked path. (1980's) 13. 6X7.5 BW 2 unidentified female students polish the shoes of 2 unidentified male students. (2 copies) (no date) 14. 4X6 BW Unidentified female students run a three-legged race. (no date) 15. 8X10 BW An unidentified female student crowns an unidentified male student. (no date) 16. 5X7 BW An unidentified female student pushes an egg along the gound. (no date) 17. 5X7 BW A Kappa Delta banquet speaker. (no date) 18. 5X7 BW Kappa Delta sisters at a KD banquet. (no date) 19. 4X5 BW An unidentified Kappa Delta banquet speaker. (no date) 20. 4X5 BW 2 unidentified female students holding a large certificate. (no date) 21. 5X7 BW 2 unidentified female students holding a large certificate. (a larger copy of D-01-34-20) (no date) 22. 3.5X3.5 BW Kappa Delta members clap. 2 unidentified female students holding a large certificate. (no date) 23. 5X7 BW 2 unidentified female students standing on the front lawn with a banner reading "KD salutes VSC, 75 years-A Diamond Jubilee." (1988)
Folder 35: Alpha Xi DeltaAdd to your cart.
1. 5.5X7 BW 3 unidentified female students stack envelopes in piles. (no date) 2. 5.5X7.5 BW A crowd of females standing around a punch bowl, one of which is holding a ladle. (2 copies) (no date) 3. 5X6.5 BW Unidentified members of Alpha Xi Delta on a playground. (mid 1970's?) 4. 5.5X7 BW Same people as D-01-35-02, but from a different angle. (no date) 5. 8X10 BW Unidentified members of Alpha Xi Delta look at assorted jewelry which is sitting on a pillow. (no date)
Folder 36: Alpha Delta PiAdd to your cart.
1. 5X7 BW Unidentified Alpha Delta Pi members. (1990) 2. 4.5X6 BW Unidentified Alpha Delta Pi members sit in a car eating. (no date) 3. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi members crowd around a table displaying awards. (late 1960's) 4. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi members standing near a table with refreshments on it. (late 1960's) 5. 8X10 BW Alpha Delta Pi rush party. (mid 1970's) 6. 8X10 BW Jackie Bierman and Beth Taylor on stage, 1973. 7. 4X6 BW An unidentified Alpha Delta Pi in a sack race. (early 1980's) 8. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students line up for a sack race, while Alpha Delta Pi members watch from the side line. (late 1970's) 9. 5X7 BW "Good ole' three-legged race." (no date)
Folder 37: TKE (Tau Kappa Epsilon)Add to your cart.
1. 5.5X7.5 BW Unidentified male students do sit-ups on the grass, while a TKE member looks on. (3 copies) (no date) 2. 5.5X7.5 BW Unidentified male students sit in the back of a pick-up. "TKE Smith Park Children's party." (no date) 3. 5.5X7.5 BW Vance Boone and Neil Bell speak to a crowd of boys, while holding a football. (no date) 4. 5.5X7.5 BW Unidentified TKEs sweep and mop the porch of a building. Labeled: "A clean sweep." (no date) 5. 3.5X5 BW The TKE house on Oak St. (no date)
Folder 38: SororitiesAdd to your cart.
1. 6X8 BW Unidentified female students hugging. "Sorority Rush -- Pledged!" (photo is damaged) (1968) 2. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students hugging. "Glee over Sorority Rush." (1968) 3. 6X9 BW Unidentified female students painting. Labeled as: "Panhellenic." (1960's) 4. 3X8 BW Unidentified female students play volleyball. (1960's) 5. 5X7.5 BW A room crowded with female students. (early 1970's)
Folder 39: GreeksAdd to your cart.
1. 5X7 BW 2 unidentified female students with their arms around each other. (mid 1980's) 2. 5X6 BW Unidentified female students play volleyball. (1980's) 3. 5X6.5 BW An unidentified female student standing at a counter. (late 1980's) 4. 4.5X7.5 BW Unidentified students walk through the rain. (1980's) 5. 8X10 BW A large number of students having a meeting. (early 1960's) 6. 4X5 BW A large group of people sitting on some steps, with Greek letters written on their faces. (no date) 7. 8X10 BW A groups shot of 11 unidentified female students. (late 1960's?) 8. 4X6 BW Unidentified male students running. (no date) 9. 4X6 BW An unidentified male student running. (photo had been folded in half) (no date) 10. 4X6 BW An unidentified male student throws a lance. (no date) 11. 4X6 BW More unidentified male students running. (no date) 12. 3X6 BW Unidentified students playing tug-of-war. Greek week. (no date) 13-16. 5x7 B/W Photos of "Yort" at Sigma Epsilon Chi Party, 1966 [Campus Canopy, 04/27/1966, p.6] -Troy Holloway, Fred Godwin, and Unknown
Folder 40: SororitiesAdd to your cart.
1. 4.5X7.5 BW # female and 2 male students, no names or date. 2. 8X10 BW 7 unidentified female students on stage playing as a wash-board band, and dressed as a blues group. (2 copies) (no date) 3. 6X7.5 BW Unidentified female students hug. (1970's) 4. 4X5 BW Unidentified female students having a party. (no date) 5. 3.5X6 BW 2 unidentified female students run up a stair well. (no date) 6. 6X10 BW 2 unidentified female students run up a stair well. ( photo is a not cropped version of D-01-40-05.) (no date) 7. 8X10 BW An unidentified group of female students. (17 copies) (early 1960's)
Folder 41: Phi Mu, 1967-1970Add to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW "Sorority Rush--Phi Mu. ( no date) 2. 5X7 BW Members of Phi Mu forming a human pyramid. (1980's) 3. 8X10 BW A crowd of unidentified female students standing in a 'V' shape. (2 copies) (late 1960's) 4. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students looking at a display of awards. (mid 1960's) 5. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students work on a parade float. (no date) 6. 5X7 BW An unidentified male standing in the street holding a sign that reads: "Π K Φ " GIVE TO VSC FOUNDATION FOUND" (no date)
Folder 42: Big Sisters Heart, 1937 & 1940Add to your cart.
1. Photocopy of "The Campus Canopy" dated Oct 2, 1937. 2. Photocopy of "The Campus Canopy" dated September 28, 1940.
Folder 43: College and University LifeAdd to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW "Free Cokes, courtesy of the Coke Company and campus(?) organizations." A crowd of students standing near a coke booth. (1967) 2. 8X10 BW A pair of hands holding a number of cards fanned out. (1968) 3. 8X10 BW 4 unidentified female students playing cards. (1967) 4. 8X10 BW(L to R) Doris Lou, Thomasville: Marsha Davis, Ocilla; Ann Horne, Doerun; Retha Willis, Albany; and Carloyn Blackledge, Homerville, lean on a counter in a kitchen. (4 copies) (1956) 5. 5X7 BW Unidentified students by the campus mailboxes. (1970) 6. 5.5X7.5 BW An unidentified female; Jennifer Cone, holding a guitar; and Patrica Sullivan, holding a map, talk out side. (1968) 7. 5X7 BW Unidentified female students standing in front of a parade float. (1970) 8. 5X7 BW Students at some kind of social function. (1970) 9. 5X7 BW 2 male and 1 female students standing in front of a magazine rack and reading one. (1966) 10. 3.5X5 BW A table with VSC shirts on it. "VSC 1988 Bulletin." 11. 5X7 BW A cup with a light in it and a cup-shaped block of ice. (1970) 12. 5X7 BW A student stacks cups, plates, and milk cartons. "The Games we Play" (1969) 13. 8X10 BW An old fashioned cash register, with the amount of $2.94 in the window. (1970) 14. 8X10 BW An untidy dorm room. (1970) 15. 8X10 BW An untidy dorm room. (different angle from D-01-43-14.) (1970) 16. 4.5X5.5 BW An untidy dorm room. (photo is a portion od D-01-43-15) (1970) 17. 8X10 BW An unidentified male entering a building. (2 copies) (1935) 18. 7.5X9 BW A group of students standing near a doorway. (1956) 19. 4X4.5 BW Students use a coke vending machine. (1970) 20. 8X10 BW A student write a letter home. (1970) 21. 8X10 BW An unidentified female takes a picture of another female, possibly for an id. (1967) 22. 8X10 BW An unidentified female takes a picture of another female, possibly for an id. (The subject is a different person that D-01-43-21) (1967) 23. 5.5X8 BW 2 unidentified male walk in the rain with umbrellas. (1968) 24. 4.5X6 BW On back: "Audience Responds by Singing Concessions stand. Student on right David Babcock." (1969) 25. 5X7 BW "Enthusiastic fans cheer team to victory." (1969) 26. 8X10 BW A display of different campus organizations. (1964) 27. 8X10 BW "Let us lay aside our studies: it is pleasant to act the fool, tender youth is the time to be merry.--Jerry Dickson" Students sit in a booth and talk. (1966) 28. 8X10 BW Students move in to a dorm room. (1968) 29. 8X10 BW The backs of 3 unidentified students. "A secret is whispered in the Student Center." (1965) 30. 6X7.5 BW 3 unidentified female students sort mail. (1968) 31. 8X1 BW Students use a coke vending machine. (a full sized version of D-01-43-19) (1970) 32. 8X10 WB 2 unidentified male students dressed as women. (1967) 33. 8X10 BW A student works on a typewriter. (1968) 34. 5X7 BW A student gets he mail from her box. (1970) 35. 8X10 BW A shelf corner with stacks of books and a poster showing "towns from which VSC teacher graduates of 1963, 64, and 65 came" (1968) 36. 4.5X5 BW Female students stand at a counter that is piled with clothing. (1973) 37. 8X10 BW The old gym crowded for a concert. "Johnny Cash, 64-65" 38. 8X10 BW Fans cheering in the old gym. (1967) 39. 8X10 BW An unidentified female student does her makeup. (1967) 40. 8X10 BW A bulletin board covered with signs of people running for Hopper Hall rep, 1967. 41. 7.5X9 BW A male student lifts a female student, near a bank of mailboxes. (1970) 42. 5X7 BW 2 students in an office. (1973) 43. 8X10 BW A group of people backstage(?) (1967) 44. 5X7 BW Students cooking. Girl in shorts is Freda Danlap. (1964) 45. 4X5 BW Students sitting in a booth. (1965) 46. 8X10 BW A crowd of female students enter a building. (1970) 47. 5X8 BW An unidentified female sitting on a couch with a large bottle of wine. (1973) 48. 2.5X4.5 BW Unidentified students checking their mail boxes. (1970) 49. 4.5X3 BW Unidentified female student checking her mail box. (1970) 50. 2.5X4.5 Unidentified students checking their mail boxes. (1970) 51. 5X7 BW Unidentified students checking their mail boxes. (photo is a larger copy of D-01-43-50) (1970) 52. 5X7 BW Unidentified students checking their mail boxes. (photo is a larger copy of D-01-43-48) (1970) 53. 8X10 BW Unidentified students talking in a hallway. (1967) 54. 8X10 BW A group of students have a snack while they study. (1967) 55. 8X10 BW A female student checks her mail box. (this is a larger copy of photo D-01-43-49) (1970) 56. 8X10 BW A room full of female students. (1973) 57. 8X10 BW Sophomores playing cards on a bed. (1950) 58. 8X10 WB 3 male students sitting on couches. (1970) 59. 8X10 BW A hand holding an alka-seltzer over a glass of water. "Winter quarter is the blahs." (1970) 60. 8X10 BW 6 female students singing, while one accompanies on a guitar. (1967) 61. 8X10 BW An empty hallway. On back: "This was written, Polite Flashes Erupt, From the hall outside that is empty, A typewriter's click punctuates the school’s silence as he, Reads reverently, Nothing learning, to be, trying, to be. And eventually lays aside, the hard-back book, Searching through the busy desk; more interesting, Works wait there.--Tim Teasley" (1969) 62. 8X10 BW The backs of 2 male students who are browsing a magazine rack. On back: "I had a thought time, Was a man-made illusion, Measuring Mountains, Of nothingness." (1968) 63. 8X10 BW The backs of 4 students who are sitting in folding chairs and looking at a cross on the wall. (1968) 64. 8X10 BW An unidentified female student looking at a bulletin board covered in newspaper clippings. (1970) 65.8X10 BW Students having a picnic on the lawn between Hopper Hall and Oak St. (1970) 66. 8X10 BW Students sitting and standing in a line. (1973) 67. 8X10 BW The Education center back. "VSC Bulletin, 1978-1979" 68. 8X10 BW Students standing and sitting along a sidewalk. "Foundation Fund Drive picnic, SGA" (1970) 69. 8X10 BW Final exam and final grades posted. (1968) 70. 8X10 BW A crowd of people standing under a sign that reads "Welcome to Valdosta" (1968) 71. 8X10 BW The backs of two people's heads. (1970) 72. 6.5X7 BW Campus canopy, 2/21/64. "Doc Davis, Jim Thomas, and Wayne Matteis are seen bouncing balls in Valdosta to advertise their faculty game benefit for the March of Dimes, which came off last Saturday." 73. 8X10 BW A large group of female students on stage singing. (1970) 74. 8X10 BW A large group of female students on stage singing. (1970) 75. 8X10 BW An unidentified male student sits in a dunk tank. (1970) 76. 4X9 BW A crowd of female students waiting to enter a building. (1970) 77. 5X7 BW A broken clock leaning against something with a partial sign. (1970) 78. 3.5X3.5 BW 2 unidentified students hugging. (1965) 79. 5X7 BW A group of people standing near a TV camera. (1966) 80. 6X8 BW 5 male students throwing an unidentified female student in to a lake. (1964) 81. 5X7 BW Students jumping into a pool. "Beach Trip, 1972" 82. 5X7 BW 3 male students standing outside with a 'grave' in the background. The grave marker reads "Patriotism" (1970) 83. 8X10 BW 2 couples on a balcony. (1969) 84. 8X10 BW An unidentified man and a crowd of rowdy female students. (1970) 85. 5X7 BW Some paper and a pen sitting on a desk. (1970) 86. 8X10 BW An unidentified female holding a megaphone and talking to a crowd. (1970) 87. 8X10 BW A bunch of students laying on their backs with arms and legs in the air. (no date) 88. 5X7 BW A crowd in the stands in the old gym. (1972)
Folder 44: Greek Week, 1960s & 1970sAdd to your cart.
1. 8X10 BW A crowd of cheering students. "Teach the tots! Give to the Students Drive for the VSC Foundation." (1970) 2. 4.5X7 BW Students preparing for a foot race. "The 100 yard dash" Greek Week, 1964. 3. 8X10 BW Greek Week bonfire, 1966. 4. 5X7 BW Tug-of-war, Greek Week 1975. 5. 4X5 BW Tug-of-war Greek Week, 1965. 6. 7X7.5 BW An unidentified female students and 3 male students wearing togas. Greek Week, 1968. 7. 6X9.5 BW Tommy Fillmore by the Sigma Phi Epsilon kissing booth. Greek Week, no date. 8. 5X7 BW An unidentified male student throwing the shot put. Greek Week 1972. 9. 5X7 BW Greek God and Goddess Debra Wood and Kenny Carsewll. Greek Week, 1972. 10. 5X7 BW Greek God and Goddess Debra Wood and Kenny Carsewll. Greek Week, 1972. 11. 5X7 BW 2 unidentified female students doing a suit case race. "Member of Panhellenic Council who sponsored Greek Week, 1969. 12. 5X66.5 BW Students lined up along the edge of a field. Greek Week 1973. 13. 5X6.5 BW Greek Week sign, 1973. 14. 6X8 BW 2 unidentified female students shine shoes. (1967) 15. 4.5X7 BW Students gather by a pool. (1972) 16. 5X7 BW Male students running a foot race. Greek Week, 1967. 17. 5X7 BW An unidentified female students participates in an egg roll. Greek Week, 1968. 18. 5X7 BW Female students participate in a suit case race. Greek Week, 1968. 19. 5X7 BW An unidentified male students throws the shot put. Greek Week, 1968. 20. 4X5 BW Kappa Delta members in a sack race. Greek Week, 1966. 21. 7X7.5 BW Greek God and Goddess Candidates. Greek Week, 1964. 22. 8X10 BW An unidentified person with whip cream on their face. Greek Week, 1970. 23. 8X10 BW Patrica Loeb crowning Dan Buke Greek God, 1964. 24. 8X10 BW An unidentified male being presented with a plaque by another unidentified male. Greek Week, 1960. 25. 8X10 BW Ronald Davis-TKE and Jeff Hiers-Pi Kappa Phi shake hands on stage. (1968) 26. 8X10 BW Sigma Epsilon members holding awards. Greek Week, 1960. 27. 8X10 BW An unidentified male holds a plaque while an male and a female student look on. Greek Week, 1967. 28. 8X10 BW A female student sitting in a dunk tank cage. Greek Week, 1970. 29. 8X10 BW 3 unidentified female and one male student standing on a stage. Greek Week 1967. 30. 8X10 BW 2 unidentified female and one male student on stage. Greek Week, 1967. 31. 8X10 BW Greek God and Goddess Darrell Smithwick and Carol McKiney, 1967. (2 copies) 32. 8X10 BW Greek God and Goddess Shirley Robinett-AXD and Franklen Scoggins-PKP, 1968. (4 copies) 33. 8X10 BW Greek Week 1966. Scholarship - Alpha Delta Pi. Olympics - Kappa Delta Tau, Kappa Epsilon. Greek God - Tex Bently. Greek Goddess - Diane Mc Daniel. And Martha Johnson. 34. 8X10 BW 2 male and 2 female students on stage. Greek Week, 1967. (2 copies) 35. 8X10 BW An unidentified male student crowning an unidentified female student while another female student looks on. Greek Week, 1967. 36. 8X10 BW "Sisters recuperate after the 3-legged race." Greek Week, 1965. 37. 8X10 BW 1 unidentified male and 2 female students on stage. Greek Week, 1967. 38. 8X10 BW Greek Week dance. (1967) 39. 8X10 BW Male students running a foot race. Greek Week, 1966. 40. 8X10 BW Students participating in a high jump. Greek Week, 1966. 41. 8X10 BW Interfraternity Council President presents Greek God Trophies. Greek Week, 1964. 42. 8X10 BW An unidentified male student gets ready to throw the shot put. Greek Week, 1967. 43. 8X10 BW The three legged race. Greek Week, 1967. 44. 8X10 BW The backs of a band that is performing at a dance. Greek Week, 1966. 45. 8X10 BW The three legged race. Greek Week, 1966. 46. 8X10 BW Greeks pulling chariots down the street. Greek Week, 1966. 47. 3X8 BW An unidentified female taking part in a sack race. Greek Week, 1966. (photo is a part of a 8X10) 48. 8X10 BW Greek Week bonfire, with chariots. (1966) 49. 7X8 BW A sack race. Greek Week, 1966. (photo is the rest od D-01-44-47) 50. 8X10 BW Greek Week sack race. (1966) 51. 8X10 BW 1964 Greek goddess being crowned. 52. 8X10 BW Kappa Delta on stage singing. Greek Week, 1965. 53. 8X10 BW Greek God and Goddess Betty Jo Greene and Jim Nichols. Greek Week, 1963. 54. 8X10 BW Diane McDaniel, Tex Bentley and Martha Johnson. Greek God and Goddess. Greek Week, 1966. 55. 8X10 BW "Participants bite the dust while rolling the egg." Greek Week, 1965. 56. 8X10 BW Greek God and Goddess Dan Burke and Carole Williamson. Greek Week, 1964. 57. 8X10 BW Walter Zant and Phlis Giles smile about a private joke at a dance. "Greek Week Sweet nothings." (1965) 58. 8X10 BW A group of male students singing to the accompaniment of a piano. Greek Week, 1961. 59. 8X10 BW Male students play flag football. Greek Week, 1970. 60. 8X10 BW Male students play flag football. Greek Week, 1970. 61. 8X10 BW Greek Week dance, 1969. 62. 8X10 BW 3 unidentified female and 1 male student on stage. Greek Week, 1967. 63. 5X7 BW A human pyramid of assorted Greeks. (early 1980's) 64. 8X10 BW Unidentified female students rolling eggs. Greek Week, 1966. 65. 8X10 BW Students adding wood to a pile to make the bonfire. Greek Week, 1966.
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1. 3.5X3.5 Color Members of K of A, in civil war uniforms stand outside Langdale Hall. (1980's) 2. 3.5X3.5 Color 2 male students and 2 female students dressed in 50's fashion. (1980's) 3. 3.4X4.5 Color Students sitting outside a house with a cannon. (1980's) 4. 3.5X4.5 Color K o A members playing baseball. (1980's) 5. 3.5X4.5 Color Students making a human pyramid. (1980's) 6. 3.4X3.4 Color Students by a pool at the beach. (1980's) 7. 3.5X4.5 Color Students at the beach. (1980's) 8. 3.5X4.5 Color 2 unidentified male students in front of a banner that reads "50's party, Saturday night" (1980's) 9. 4X5 Color A dance. Has a note attached that reads: "These are from old yearbooks. Dana Bekurs." (1970's) 10. 3.5X5 Color Carl Hobbs, Tom Fetzer, Jamie Middleton, and Greg Mosley standing in front of Odum. (1980's) 11. 3.5X5 BW A crowd of students on the beach. (1980's) 12. 5X7 BW "Greek Week swimming competition Monday afternoon at the VSC pool. Here the fraternities compete in the breast stroke.) (1980's)
Folder 46: Alpha Delta Pi - Oversized PhotographsAdd to your cart.
1. 9.5X12 BW Composite of Alpha Delta Pi members 1965. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Anne Timons, Joy Roberson, Patricia Pukett, Kay Powell, recording secretary; Gail Bazemore, vp; Mabel Shirling, president; Elaine Freeman, tres, Dianne McDaniel, corresponding secrtary; Carol Jolley, Patrica Wilson, Cheryl Metts. (second row) Harriette Hilliard, Carole Williams, Lyn Glasgow, Judy Pearson, Carol Ann Rainwater, Margart Smith. (third row) Brenda Smith, Jesslyn Garbutt, Susan White, Andi Shenton, K.K. McAllister, Jane Daniel, Lou McLeod, Laura Hobbs. (forth row) Margaret Parsons, Diane Thielemann, Sara Sue Barineau, Lucille Dawson, Alwyn Hamill, Babara Talley, Beverly Gleason, Mary Frank Powell, Sheila McCoy,Carol Alford, Jo Ann Cason. (fifth row) Linda Cayce, Mary Smith, Laterlle Pitts, Lyn Edwards, Beverly Nichols, Gail Hutchinson, Nancy Turner, Kay Talley, Starr Howell, Ju Ju Hutchinson. 2. 10X14 BW Composite of Alpha Delta Pi members 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Lucille Dawson, Kay Talley, Carol Alfrod, Nancy Turner, recording secretary; Jo Ann Cason, vp; Ju Ju Hutchinso, president; Jane Thomas, tres; Lou Ann McLeod, corresponding secretary; Sheila McCoy, Lyn Edwards, Diane Thielemann. (2nd row) Gail Hutchinson, Laurie Carlisle, Latrelle Owens, Joannie Cavan, Alice Scott, Gail Castleberry. (3rd row) Karen Phelps Dana Murphy, Benita Thomas, Maxine Newberry, Penny Cox, Ruth Braselton, Anna King, Alice Kennington. (4th row) Jackie Bierman, Donna Blanton, Kay Robinson, Diane Durden, Penny Butler, Nona Free, Mary Lou Slover, Lynda Marco, Carmean Blackledge, Susan Henderson, Ginger Schroer. (5th row) Nance Scruggs, Susan Hancock, Patsy Rhodes, Diane May, Susan Moncrief, Jan James, Linda Lastinger, Emily Ferguson, Anna Dekle, Beverly Clanton, Jan Clark. (photo has been folded in to thirds in the past) 3. 10X12 BW Composite of Alpha Delta Pi members 1968. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Jo Ann Cason, Carmean Blackledge, Joannie Cavan, Maxine Newberry, Betsy Bivings, Dana Murphy, Mary Lou Slover, Anna King, Nona Free, Lynda Baran, Ruth Braselton. (2nd row) Jackie Bierman, Polly Moore, Babara Lanigan, Nancy Turner, recording secretary; Alice Kennington, vp; Ju Ju Hutchinson, president; Bentia Thomas, treas; Carol Alford, corresponding secretary; Jane Thomas, Billie Nunn, Sandra Coley. (3rd row) Jayne Spell, Babra Williams, Diane May, Susan Hancock, Jean Anderson, Beverly Clanton, Patsy Rhodes, Jan James. (4th row) Emily Fersuson, Ginger Paulk, Susan Henderson, Nance Scruggs, Kathy Hendon, Jan Clark, Karen Parker, Laura Brown. (5th row)Sherron McDaniel, Nancy Mithcell, Pam Parker, Linda Reddick, Susan Shingler, Cindy Clements, Nina Dial, Jane Pearson, Cathy Ryle, Susan Shenton, Dianne Fulgham. (6th row) Angela Seckinger, Maureen Gillespie, Dena Butler, Gretchen McCoy, Virgina Albritton, Patsy Branch, Diane Stephens, kathy Kirbo, Kathleeen Gleason, Karen maturi, Jan Johnson. (tho top edge is damanged) 4. 7X9 BW Composite of Alpha Delta Pi members 1970. Individual photos are 1X1 in size. Also a second copy that is 10X12, with individual photos at 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Jayne Spell, Amanda Morrison, Penny Butler, Karen Luke, Laura Brown, Margaret Calhoun, Kay Blanton, Patsy Moore, Karen Register, Cindy Clements, Linda Reddick, Susan Shenton. (2nd row) Kathy Hickman, Patty Durden, M. Renee Preston, Suzi Shingler, recording secretary; Dena Butler, vp; Nance Scruggs, president; Gretchen McCoy treas; Rosemary Wilder, corresponding secretary; Bonnie Daniel, Judy Lee, Anne Owen. (3rd row) Gail Bobbti, Arlene Saltzman, Leigh Pandleton, Susan Branch, Diana Meadows, Martha Hancock. (4th row) Diena Echols, Jan Chester, Susan Nelson, Linda Smart, Caroline Eubanks, Pamels Stovall, Pam Spence, Nancy Mashburn. (5th row) Kathi McKibben, Patricia Yarnot, Lyne Elsberry, Mary Lassiter, Weezie Little, Jan Spancake, Elizabeth Woodard, Sharon Sumner, Mona Richards, Joy Rainey, Judy Weeks, Mary Ann <Moses. (6th row) Landra Benford, Sally Giddens, Cheryl Wilson, Craig Wilkens, Brenda McLain, Judy Hunt, Carolyn Dunn, Libby Bailey, M. Inez Moore, Kathy Hood, Gail Griffin, Gena Wolfe.
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1. 10X12 BW Composite of Alpha Xi Delta 1965. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Patsy Bulloch, Dodie Lashley, Sandra Riggs, recording secretary; Cindy Sessions, vp; Anglea Bush, president; Norma Williams, treas; Glenda Gunter, corresponding secretary; Judy Postell, Jackie Jenkins. (2nd row) Cubbie Barefoot, Judy Wade, Irene McMillan, Yvonne Brown, Anne Stinson, Brenda Underwood. (3rd row) Sandra Buchanan, D.J. Busby, Ellen Taylor, Linda Deen, Marcia Turner, Judy Kear, Sandra Kessler, Bobbi Minnick. (4th row) Vickie Dixon, Bonnie Powell, Cecilia Prescott, Ann Rushton, Ann Cok, Kathryn Hansen, Laura Gibson, Rebecca Higgison, Judy Garrison, Gail Pinkston. (5th row) Patricia Ribelin, Nancy Gambill, Marsha Barnes, Mary Mason, Dorthy Riggins, Patsy Ethridge, Ann Elkins, Patricia Scarborough, Connie Champion, Ginny Lane. 2. 9.5X12.5 BW Composite of Alpha Xi Delta 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Leone A. Bellamy, Judy Garrison, Judith A. Kear, recording sectary; Pat Scrborough, vp; R. Gail Pinkston, president; Cheryl Bennett, treas; Kathryn L. Hansen, corresponding Secretary; Brenda G. Underwood, membership chairman; Sherry Sanders, Henritta Smith. (2nd row) Pamela S. Sanders, Yvonne M. Powell, Janis W. Farmer, Nancy L. Gambill, Neva C. Rogers, Gwen J. Heart. (3rd row) Linda L. Smith, Gayle Merritt, Cathrine A. Burton, Ann Elkins, Virginia G. Cook, Jennifer S. Piper, Suzanne Schiefelbien, Linda G. Godwin. (4th row) Debrah E. Johnson, Sherry l. Morrell, Nancy A. Barrow, Diane C. Stewart, Carol E. Dial, Donna Gleaton, Marilyn D. Back, Toni E. Bellew, Ann E. Jones, Mary E. Broome, Sharon D. Davis. (5th row) Carol D. Johnson, J. Durrett Bradford, Janet M. Odum, Nancy H. Doby, Nancy H. Doby, Ginger L. Bell, Betty Durham, Sandra G. Crawley, Sally E. McLendon, Vivan Davidson, Linda T. McKinley, Barbara V. Brown. 3. 10X12 BW Composite of Alpha Xi Delta 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Fran E. Daugherty, Linda L. Smith, Gayle Merritt, recording secretary; Carol E. Dial, vp; Nancy A. Barrow, president; Suzannie Schiefelbein, treas; Donna Gleaton, corresponding secretary; Cathrine A. Burton, membership chairman; Pat L. Scarbprpugh, D. Evelyn Brock. (2nd row) Gail P. Ramsey, Ann Evans, Betty J. Rentz, Diane C. Stewart, Deborah E. Johnson, Susan M. Belch. (3rd row) Brenda E. Fisher, Linda G. Goodwin, Kay Dean Vickers, Marilyn D. Back, Bobbie Jo Hardwick, Virginia G. Cook, Mary Ann Broome, Carolyn V. Davidson. (4th row) Sharon D. Davis, J. Durrett Bradford, Susan A. McLaughlin, Sue Davis, Dorthy E. Pittman, Shirley A. Robinett, Toni E. Bellew, T. Diane Wilder, Sis Watson, Roberta, Deborah J. Wright. (5th row) Marcia L. Fain, Melody L. Livengood, Laura Arnold, Claudia A. Barnett, Julie A. Gentry, Sylvia A. Gresham, Donnia A. Gresham, Georganna L. Wilson. 4. 10X12.5 BW Composite of Alpha Xi Delta 1970. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Sharon Davis, Malinda Thompson, Kay Hilton, Kay Vickers, Toni Bellew, O. Ann Bullard, Mary Ann Bromme, Saidi Odom, Sue Davis, T. Diane Wilder, Johnell Maltby. (2nd row) Melody Livengood, Ruth Willis, Nancy Kaliher, corresponding secretary; Shirley Chambless, recording secretary; Julie Collins, president; Claire Coleman, vp; Dotty Wamble, treas; Laura Pamela Salter, pledge trainer; Laura Asrnold, Diane Stewart. (3rd row) Charlotte Cunningham, Jean Floyd, Beth Pennington, Sandra Hartzo, Dianne Couey, Eleanor Hughes, Rebecca Sears, Kathy McFarland. (4th row) Mary Gleaton, Jane Stancil, Janice Blue, Cheryl Rogers, Pauline Gougoen, K. Darden Wells, Cynthia Davis, Harriet Moore. (5th row) Mary Veal, Judy Harrell, Carol Cook, Ann Brightwell, Barbara Moyer, Bonnie McClure, Gaile Stokes, Marsha Jones, Penny Davidson, Pamela Arnold, Martha Kemp. (6th row) Donna Sims, Sue Johnson, Sherry Williams, Nancy Parker, India Everson, Elizabeth Clements, Freda Sherrer, Melonie Wilson, Laura Bell, Hazel Wells, Tish Thigpen.
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1. 9.5X12 BW Composite of Kappa Delta 1965. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Loudelle Laws, Patricia Clark, Cheryl Barton, Sandra Fletcher, Sara Cloud, Kate Culpepper, Linda Key, Sandra Babcock. (2nd row) Carol Gilson, editor; Marion Craven, treas; Jo Bryan, vp; Sandra Sessions, president; Lee Daniel, secretary; Angeline Jarrett, asst treas; Kitty Thrash, membership chairman. (3rd row) Pat Miller, Jean Vance. (4th row) Dorthy Mears, Jane Crabtree, Jo Hodges, Detra Spooner. (5th row) Ricki Cox, Ellen Adair, Nancy Smith, Mildred McLane, Ann Carroll, Carol Ann Cannon, Catherine Daugharty, Ruth Ann Roddey. (6th row) Laura Resch, Nancy Purtle, Roberta Bryce, Susanne Evans, Martha Johnson, Jackie Jackson, Bunny Bridges, Peggy Taylor. (7th row) Earle Mathis, Mary Sue Schroeder, Susan Richardson, Jean Powell, Janice Craven, Brenda Clay, Janet Jenkins, BetteFord. The right side of the photo is badly damaged. 2. 10X12 BW Composite of Kappa Delta 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Ricki Cox, Bunny Bridges, Elane Vann, Jane Crabtree. Laura Resch, Mildred McLane, Nancy Smith, Sara Cloud. (2nd row) Jo Ann Hodges, membership chairman; Angie Thompson, editor; Peggy Herring, secretary; Angeline Jarrett, president; Martha Johnson, vp; Susanne Evans, treas; Fran Wood, asst treas. (3rd row) Kathrine Thrash, Sandy Stewart. (4th row) Hunt Teasley, Roberta Bryce, Earle Mathis, Reba Baker. (5th row) Betsy Brown, Mary DeVane, Dianna Buchanan, Donna Dixon, Carol McKinley, Jane Mixer, Mary Zipperer, Marsha Braswell. (6th row) Beth Taylor, Mary McConnaughhay, Sandy Bishop, Julia Brooks, Nancy Tanner, Bonnie Davis, Greta Wilkinson, Barbara Collier. (7th row) Vivian McMahon, Marikay McCarty, Sue Cato, Charlene Denmark, Ann Flythe, Susan Studebaker, June McElmoyle, Cynthia Black. 3. 10X12 BW Composite of Kappa Delta 1965. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Dianne Carter, Grace Mathis, Brenda Hankinson, Sandy Stewart, Roberta Bryce, Sharon Smith, Phllis Thompson, Beth Taylor, Marsha Braswell, Gloria Thompson, Mary Massey. (2nd row) Donna Dixon, Nancy Tanner, Cindy Black, membership director; Reba Baker, editor; Carol McKinley, secretary; Martha Johnson, president; Betsy Brown, vp; Barabra Collier, treas; Marikay McCarty, Mary Bob McConnaughhay, Bonnie Davis. (3rd row) Julie Brooks, Eleanor Holton, Janice Chappell, Vicki Gillard, Ann Flythe, Sally Gallaher, Suan Studebaker, Dorothy Traviss. (4th row) Teresa Rodgers, Sharon Culpepper, Cecelia Chandler, Ellen Bates, Rosa Brown, Sara Tillman, June McElmoyle, MaryPoythress. (5th row) Carolyn Bennett, Nancy Lee, Jo Endler, Cindy Joiner, Skippy Hopkins, Marcia Cobb, Cathy Buff, Susannah Ashley, Betty Vanlandingham, Kitty Gamble, Helen Odom. (6th row) Martha Pittman, Bobbi Spooner, Karen Eager, Marion Martin, Cathy Tillman, Helen Smith, Meg Greenway, Rena Scoggins, Janice Davis, Martha Evans, Rosemary Lindauer. Photo has been cut in to two parts. 4. 10X12 BW Composite of Kappa Delta 1970. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Cathy westbrook, Minnie Monroe, Cynthia Black, E. Jane Bates, Analease Green, Ceclia Chandler, Kathleen Chappell, Marikay McCarty, Lou Jean Moody, Carylon Burns, Cathrine Porter, Cynthia Moore, Sahron Culpepper. (2nd row) Martha Pittman, Helen Odom, Rena Scoggins, Pat Sherwood, asst treas; Jan O'Lear, secretary, Grayson Traviss, vp; Barbara Collier, president; Jo Endler, treas; Becky Scarborough, editor; Sally Gallaher, membership chairman; Rosemary Linder, Winnie Jarrett, Marion Martin. (3rd row) Pat Stancato, Lynn Hardin, Margaret Whiddon, Frances Morgan, Carol Bennett. Nancy Lee, Cathy Buff, Ann Adams, Linda Simpson, Becky Hicks. (4th row)Julie Veatch, Cherie Cherry, Linda Davis Leigh Thompson, M. Ellen Flanders, Grace Johnson, Malody Newby, Jean Lewis, Jo Carol Moore, Gail Pike. (5th row) Brenda Hightower, Susan Crago, Patricia Huckaby, Elizabeth Lester, Deborah Lisenyby, Cindy Tschudin, Patricia Fleming, Brenda Cloud, Deborah Hall, Nanna Nunn, Brenda Lee, Sisse McCrary Harriette Cooper. (6th row) Daryl Crow, A. Ruth Thornhill, Kathy Adams, Beverly Miller, Cheryl Hawkins, Terrie Thomas, Carolyn Kendricks, Teresa Allen, De De Andrews, Kathy Anders, Susan Cummings, Carol Evans.
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1. 10X11.5 BW Composite of the Knights of Arlington 1969-1970. Individual photos are 1.5X1.5 in size. There is also a 7X9 copy, with 1X1 photos. (Top row, L to R) Larry W. Hill, Charlie B. Bridge, secretary; Bruce B. Baker, vp; Gary S. Reed, president; Danny M. Bennett, treas; Carter S. Cathell, pledge trainer; Norman McCullough. (2nd row) Robin C. McGhin, Thgomas G. Shelton, James W. Hortman, James R. Suber. (3rd row) Charley C. Pilcher, Frank E. Jones III, Steve A. Beall, Thomas D. Odum, Randy D. Royall, William B. Lovett. (4th row) Francis L. McCall, R. Dale Gillespie, Lou Jean Moody, sweetheart; Ann Adams, pledge sweetheart; James D. Clark, Authur R. Christy. (5th row) John D. Crockett, Malcom Liles, Tex A. Hamm, Richard M. Cowart, Alton D. Rewis, Joseph H. Lanter, Gary J. Carter.
Folder 50: Phi Mu - Oversized PhotosAdd to your cart.
1. 10X12.5 BW Composite of Phi Mu 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) V. Joy White, Elaine Noble, E. Anne Cox, secretary; Judith C. Fite, vp; Susan H. Leuck, president; G. Kaye Linder, treas; Dottie S. Stubbs, membership chairman; Bonnie L. Gerlock, Judy C. Lawson. (2nd row) Judie E. Lester, Suzanne C. Ball, Patsy A. Henry, Cheryl V. Glenn, Julianne Pearson, Martha J. Steedly. (3rd row) Mary C. Williams, Rebecca A. Hunt, Margaret J. Carr, Frances H. Ellis, Jarrett E. Slade, Mary J. Eans, Susan R. Stark, Sandra F. Cain. (4th row) Susan I. Fulford, Gail Culpepper, Sally W. Hopkins, Linda A. Clary, Constance V. Herring, Dianne P. Holleman, Susan D. Williamson, Nancy C. Beane, Donna J. Gray, Martha P. Maxwell, Jane E. Thrash. (5th row) Marty M. Anderson, Emily A. Askew, Glynis Powell, julie Johnson, J. Lynn Kelty, Denise R. Cross, Nancy C. Wilson, Ellen D. Campbell, Jeannie T. Sims, M. Louise Moore. 2. 9.5X12.5 BW Composite of Phi Mu 1968. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Patsy Henry, Suzanne Ball, Judy Lawson, Judie Lester, recording secretary; Kaye Linder, vp; Ann Hunt, president; Anne Cox, treas; Cheryl Glenn, membership chairman; Susan Fulford, Martha Steedley, Nancy Tanner. (2nd row) Carroll Williams, Shirley Geiger, Dottie Stubbs, Frances Ellis, Susan Stark, Mary Eanes, Sandra Cain, Louise Moore. (3rd row) Julianne Johnson, Cynthia Ling, Phoebe Maxwell, Nancy Beane, Ellen Campbell, Shirley Phillips, Jeannie Sims, Sharon Lincoln, Dianne Holleman, nancy Wilson. (4th row) Betsy Thrash, Brenda Vickers, Gail Culpepper, Ann Askew, Betsy Evans, Laurel Nesbitt, Kathryn Dinkins, teresa Barnett, Jackie Williams, Regina Scott, Lynne Twilley, Gwyn Hyman. (5th row) Sharon Fulford, Kay Bryabt, Nancy Hooks, Jennifer Williams, Susan Wiley, Rebecca Rushin, Diane Molotzak, patricia Harris, Donna McLeod, Claire Culpepper, Pamela Peterson. 3. 10X12 BW Composite of Phi Mu 1970. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Jane Thrash, Nancy Smith, Gail Culpepper, Shirley Phillips, Gina Giovingo, Lynne Twilley, Betsy Evans, Gini Engram, Virgina Waters, Gail Harris, Susan Strickland. (2nd row) Rita Janelle Brown, Sharon Fulford, Eleanor Gibson, Louise Oxford, secretary; Rebecca Rushin, vp; Jacquelyn Williams, pres; Susan Wiley, treas; Linda Bell, Kathy Dinkins, Patricia Mitchell. (3rd row) Peggy Gower, Claire Culpepper, Mary Hensley, Janice Smith, Elizabeth Wilson, Dorian Hayes, Cole Nicholson, Brenda Chaney. (4th row) Virginia Hilliard, Karen Adair, Mary McLeod, Maurisa Harden, Brenda Bennett, Barbara Bowers, Beverly Roper, Larine Hall. (5th row) Nancy Lockington, Mary Zorn, Patricia Odum, Sherry Bloomfeild, Janice Thompson, Bonnie Massee, Priscilla Owens, Valerie Parker, Paula Turner,Judith Stallings, Mary Burch. (6th row) Elizabeth Jones, Janis Smith, Jenny Beard, Frances Neal, Flavia Jo Kirkland, Mary Thomas, Norma Anne Atkins, Jane Strickland, Patricia Page, Sherry Phillips Mary Scott.
Folder 51: Pi Kappa Phi - Oversized Photos, 1967Add to your cart.
1. 9.5X12 BW Composite of Pi Kappa Phi members 1967.  Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size.  (top row, L to R) Terx Bentley, William E. Chapman, John A. Jones, G. Earl Spell Jr., P. Larry Adams, Jim E. Tyson, William H. Arnald, James F. Jackson Jr, James C. Ocom, Eugene H. Gulledge, John C. Walker, Richard P. Jarrell. (2nd row)  Jeff Hires, C. Wayne Crow, Hurbert H. Wilford, David A. Duck,pledge master; Donald S. Carswell, historian; Ronald B. Thomas, president; Samuel E. Revill, treas; Fran L. Rigdon Jr, chaplain; Jon J. DeLaura, Dallas F. Scoggins, W. Oliver Lindel.  (3rd row) Karl A. Malone, Earnest A. Ward, Anthony H. Armstrong, Fedrick M. Harper, Tyros a. Bohler, Troy J. Holloway, William L. Smith, Joahn G. Morrow III. (4th row)  Shepard S. Averitt IV, Al S. Szoke, Fred E. Godwin, Ben T. Epps, Richard J. nijem, Ernest L. Horn, Tommy Brooks, Edwin A. Carlisle Jr, L. Kirk Bunn, John W. Bishop. (5th row) Edwin D. Herrin, Fredrick A. Griffin, Ronald P. Hogan, David F. Wikoff, John C. Wilson, Vickie Dixon, Jack Ball, Mike Stegall, Forrest R. Bridges, John W. Hewett, Herschel C. Daniel. (6th row)  Tommy R.Williams, John P. Dennis, R. Mike Pelot, Nicky J. Corbitt, David M. Ratcliffe, Craig M. Fletcher, Thomas S. Hicks, James D. Kozak, Joseph A. Whaley Jr, George S. Coble, Donald G. Schofield, Jerry W. Bishop.
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1. 10X12 BW Composite of Sigma Phi Epsilon members 1965. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Philip J. Seyfried Jr, Sammy F. Webb, William S. Moorman, Jabe S. Mars, Richard Moorhed, L. Wayne Futch, James G. Butler, Rodney C. Bierman, Donnie W. Conley, James C. O'Neal, Chris S. Clark, L. Inman Grimsley. (2nd row) Bruce N. Varnado, Charles L. Guess, Robert A. Jones III, William H. Bridges, secretary; David E. Lloyd, vp; George D. Burke, president; L. Phil Reams, treas; William J. Chanclor, recorder; Thomas L. Anderson, Waren F. Isham, John F. Register. (3rd row) Robert L. Stump, James A. George, Wayne J. Deavours, Randy H. Bannister, William H. Rivenbark, William F. Spillers, Robert R. Overmier, Phil J. Crowe. (4th row) Ernie J. Yates, Vernon H. Harris, Jesse M. Fletcher, David W> Henry, Walter D. Zant, Russell H. Clark, John R. O'Neal, Charles R. Chitwood, John A. Jones, Tommy L. david. (5th row) Henry E. Bentley, Jonny C. Dismuke, Jerry R. Bentley, E. Wayne Pearson, Dr. Clyde Connell, Norma Williams, Mr. Gary Bass, James A. Robinson Jr, Alan T. Powell, William T. Wright, William D. McCraine. (6th row) Jamie A. Freeman, Eddy Fletcher, Donald F. Reames, Dicky R. Rynolds, William R. Mullis, I. Lamar Thompson, James L. Herndon, John A. Sims, Causey Mason, Bill Langdale, Val H. Walden, Bruce T. Blue. There is some damage to the top of the photo. 2. 9.5X10 BW Composite of Sigma Phi Epsilon members 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) William F. Spillers, David W. Henry, J. Michael Fletcher, Thomas L. David, David B. Robbin, Kenneth W. Walker, Thoms F. Hutcherson, James R. Grant, John R. O'Neal, Philip M. Wetz, Leon S. Gandy. (2nd row) Ronald G. Williams, Thomasw L. Plant, Russell H. Clark, secretary; James L. Herdon, vp; William E. Wright, president; Donald F. Reams, controller; Robert B. Almand, recorder; Lyn D. McIntosh, James A. Robinson Jr. (3rd row) William F. Tyson, Judson H. Rackley, David D. Coley, Dick R. Rynolds, Robert J. Zarcheck, James N. Cannister. (4th row) Larry W. Bostic, Laurel F. Coan, Edmond P. Fletcher, Joe N. Buff III, Mark R. Holloway, Blake M. Foster, Jimmy E. Heirs, Briggs Arrington. (5th row) Harlod G. Preston, Degar C. Hickman, Stanley D. Connie, Dr. Clyde c. Connell, Jo Hodges, Gary M. Bass, Thomas A. Flowers, Frank H. McElroy Jr, Buddy Walker. (6th row) James B. Trapnell, Jimmy M. Carter, Cal C. Oxford, John R. Gunnter, John C. Higson III, William L. Lee, (photo has ben cut out) Charles G. Howell, Robert T. carter, Dennis E. McAllister, Thomas W. Hobbs, Dale R, Croft. 3. 10X12 BW Composite of Sigma Phi Epsilon members 1968. Individual photos are 1X2 in size. (top row, L to R) Edmond P. Fletcher, William F. Tyson, Carlton J. Dixon, Larry W. Bstic, secretary; Ronnie G. Rowe, vp; Donald F. Ream, pres; Ronald G. Williams, controller; Dick H. Clarck, Johnny C. Dismuke, Blake M. Foster. (2nd row) david C. Coley, Lyn D. McIntosh, Ronald G. Smith, Robert B. Almand, Wiliam P. Pannell, Robert J. Zarchech. (3rd row) Judson H. Rackley, James L. Herndon, James H. Harwell III, B. Michael Dunklin, Mark R. Holloway, Thomas R. Tillman, H. gary Preston, Briggs Arrington. (4th row) James A. Robinson, Edgar C. Hickman, Frank H. McElroy, Dr. Clyde C. Connell, Reba Baker, Gery M. Bass, Buddy Y. Walker, John R. Sessions, Marvin R. Smith. (5th row) Jame W. Brown, Dale R. Croft, Charles G. Howell, William L. Lee, Robert L. Tayler, P. Dickson Lester, Cal C. Oxford, A. Penniman Wells Jr, Donald G. Connell, John R. Gunter, Fred R. Bennett. There is damage along the top and down the sides. 4. 10X12 BW Composite of Sigma Phi Epsilon members 1965. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Raymond D. Stevenson, Donald G. Connell, Arthur P. Wells Jr, secretary; James M. Gravitt, vp; John R. Sessions, president, Richard L. Tyler, recorder; john R. Gunter, William L. Lee. (2nd row) John H. McRae, Briggs Arrington, Fred R. Bennet, William A. Mathis, Charles G. Howell, Lran M. Call. (3rd row) John J. Schimmel, Cal C. Oxford, Fredrick R. Chapman, Antony W. Layton, Chris M. Johnson, Warren l. McGhin, Ira C. Paulk Jr, William E. Lee. (4th row) Jimmy DeVane, Thomas L. Bryant, James O. Taylor, Dr. Clyde C. Connell, carol L. Bennett, Gary M. Bass, Ronald R. Chitty, Ronald D. Poole, John W. Huges. (5th row) James . Winn Jr, Otis B. Wheeler, harry S. Evans, Robert C. Cresap, James A. Lloyd, Don Titcomb, Walter J. Cousart, Steve G. McCormick, Edwin D. Smith Jr, Richard A. Moore.
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1. 9.5X12 BW Composite of Tau Kappa Epsilon members 1967. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Charles H. Massey, Bradley C. Courtnay, Roger W. Roberts, Darrell P. Smithwick, Franklin Q. Prance, James Burroughs, Arthur R. Baker, Murray O. Harrell, Charles R. Adams, James E. Franklin Jr. (2nd row) Paul F. Paulson, Randolph J. Senzing, historian; Joseph P. Davis, chaplin; Randy L. Smith, treasurer, Ronald R. Davis, vp; Merrill T. Johnson, president; Richard L. Moore, secretary; David S. Crane, pledge trainer; david A. Thompson, sgt-at-arms; Walter J. McDufie, Jim I. Lane. (3rd row) William W. Seymour, David L. DeVane, George C. Podein Jr, T. Jerry Sellers, Quinton C. Grubbs, Charles C. bullock Jr. (4th row) Jim L. Music, Ralph C. Salyer, Gary O. Breckenridge, Robert D. Willis, William T. Harrell, John H. Harrington, Marvin D. Wiggins, William A. Erwin. (5th row) Gregory E. Hunt, Alex H. Stevens, Larry Long, Randy A. Jones, John W. Henry, Martha L. Johnson, William F. Frank, Howard A. Patterson, Richsrd M. Whidby Jr, Jeffery W. Mays, John Harrell. (6th row) Paul W. Cribbs, James S. Boland, Donald W. Johnson, Glen G. Brown, Barry J. Lamano, Julian M. DuRant Jr, Herbert L. Hitson, Ronald G. Logan, James . Husband, Danny L. Dalton, Candler Pierce. 2. 10X12 Bw Composite of Tau Kappa Epsilon members 1968. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Larry J. Paulk, Jack Hart, David L. DeVane, Paul F. Paulson, Anthony F. Herrin, T. Jerry Sellers, Ronald L. Jones, John W. Henry. (2nd row) Dyrall Wiggins, chaplin; R. Conley Sayler, treas; Joseph P. Davis, histor; William A. Erwin, president; William T. Harrell, pledge trainer; William W. Seymour, secretary; John Harrington, sgt-at-arms. (3rd row) Richard L. Moore, Alex H. Stevens, public relations; Larry Long, Randolph J. Senzig. (4th row) Gregory E. Hunt, Randy A. Jones, Jimmy C. Womack, walter N. Clary, Gary O. Breckenridge, Randy L. Smith. (5th row) Ronald F. Healan, Robert H. Wolford, Thomas E. Mckinney, Jonsie Green, Glen G. Brown, Paul W. Cribbs, Stan Harris. (6th row) Richard M. Whidby Jr, Richard G. Branch, James S. Boland, John Harrell, Michael J. Garver, Richard B. MacDonald, Jimmy L. Toole, Jeffrey W. Mays. (7th row) Danny L. Dalton, Richard S. Reese, Kenneth D. Kriner, Candler Pierce, John P. Bullard, Herbert L. Hitson, John L. Hobbs. 3. 9.5X12 BW Composite of Tau Kappa Epsilon members 1970. Individual photos are 1X1.5 in size. (top row, L to R) Jeffrey W. Mays, Carl J. Thornton, Michael D. Norman, Glen G. Brown, Rick S. Reese, larry D. Westmoreld\and, Theodore R. Owen, Charles E. Dial, John P. Bullard, John Harrell, Edwin L. Haire, Paul V. Leccese. (2nd row) Herbert L. Histon, Barry J. Lamanno, chaplian; Kenneth W. Maine Jr, sgt-at-arms; John L. Hobbs, secretary; W. Candler Pierce, vp; Stan A. Harris, president; James R. Freeman, treas; Richard M. Whidby, pledge trainer; Tom Southwell, historian, Gregory E. Hunt social affliate; Robert R. Hazelhurst Jr. (3rd row) Jimmy S. Boland, Jimmy E. Douglas, Joe B. Taylor, warren W. Cornell, William R. Hancock Jr, Ward L. Worsham, J. Michael Foster, Robert A. DeGraff. (4th row) Richard O. Rogers, Chester C. Smith, kenneth B. Frem, David E. Carter, Robert L. Hooks Jr, William R. Howard, Thomas S. Adams, Lawrence G. Valention, Clayton S. Morton, Jerry E. Johnson. (5th row)Grady P. Edwards, Robert E. Gilley, Edward J. McGinnis, Clarence J. Summerford, Terry G. Johnson, Dr. Fred Lamar Pearson, Rena Scoggins, Joseph S. Methvin, Stanley F. Wade, Patrick A. Hall, Robert H. Craft, Steve W. Sorgius. (6th row) Charles A. Burdell, Jeffe R. Granade, Henry Y. McCord IV, Jimmie M. Smith, Harold V. Barnes Jr, Edwin K. McLain, John D. Murrill, Donald C. Imefeld, Mike D. Eberhardt, Terence P. McNally, Joseph E. Hardwick, Kenneth E. Hayes.
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Gloria D. Thompson, Mary Martha Massey, Rosa Brown, Reba Baker, Betsy Brown, Beth Taylor, Donna Dixon, Cathy Westbrook,  Sally Gallaher, Sharon Culpepper, Loujean Moody, Cathy Porter, Cecelia Chandler, Jane Bates, Grayson Traviss, Nancy Lee, Marcia Cobb, Cindy Black, Julie Brooks, Barbara Collier, Jo Ellen Endler, Cynthia Moore, Minnie Monroe, Kathleen Chappell, Marikay McCarty, Carolyn Burns, Analease Green, Rosemary Lindauer, Marion Martin, Darlyne Sims, Helen Odom, Karen Eager, Skippy Hopkins, Carol Bennett, Iris Jarrett, Pat Stancato, Rena Scoggins, Jo Carol Moore, Martha Pittman, Cathy Tillman, Lynn Hardin, Cathy Buff, Connie Crawford, Cindy Joiner, Thorne Fulmore, Ellen Flanders, Gail Pike, Becky Hicks, Becky Scarborough, Patricia Huckaby, Susan Crago, Pat Sherwood, Jan O’Lear, Cherie Cherry, Leigh Thompson, Melody Newby, Brenda Hightower, Linda Davis, Brenda Martin.
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Elaine Maxwell, Marianne Chastain, Lynda Newby, Patricia New, Betty West, Carol Garvey, Sally Flautt, Melly Funderburk, Peggy Horne, Betty Kenny, Cindy Crook, Bridget Beisner, Nadra Collins, Carol Nicholson, Robin Geoghagan, Nedra New, Bitsy Walker, Renee Mansour, Jean Clough, Rhonda Hefner, Terry Anderson, Mona Houston, Kathy Masters, Kim Kelly, Kim Woodson, Pam Maxwell, Andrea McDuffie, Terriann Wood, Mary Schiavone, Jill Jones, Prissy Sotolongo, Sue Immel, Joan Amoss, Charlotte Grundeis, Luanne Montgomery, Carol Powell, Leanne Lea, Susie Mizell, Susan Redd, Yvonne Durrett, Erin Griffin, Lyn Ryner, Cathy Martin, Connie Warren, Debbie Williams, Julie Sang, Marie Stoddard, Kathy Johnson, Michelle Lafrance, Tammy Carter, Lana Walker, Jennell Stanley, Sally Masters, Julie Hadaway, Kate Crawford, Ginny Stewart, Cheryl Hilley, Chrystle McDonald, Cathy Carter
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Extent: 13 Folders
Folder 19: Zaccari Retirement Era 8x10 Photos, c.2008Add to your cart.

1. Color 8x10 photograph. Exterior--West Hall. Students walk by the entrance to West Hall. c.2008.

2. Color 8x10 photograph. Exterior--Odum Library. Students chat outside of the South entrance of Odum Library. c.2008.

3. Color 8x10 photograph. [6 copies]. Exterior--West Hall--Group--Bird's Eye View. VSU students and faculty stand in the shape of a "Z" on the lawn in front of West Hall for President Zaccari's retirement. c.2008.

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Identified Students -- Individual Portrait photographs.
Extent: 26 Folders
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1. Kathy Lacey - Pitts, Ga. 2. Barry Lamanno - Hollywood, Fl. 3. Letricia Lancaster - Valdosta 4. Elissa Landey -  Valdosta 5. Susan Laneir - Twin Lakes, Ga. 6. Joe Lanter - Thomasville, Ga. 7. Mary Lassiter - Moultrie, Ga. 8. Somia Lassiter - Moultrie, Ga. 9. Bill Lastinger - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Judy Lastinger - Barwick, Ga. 11. Judy Layton - Hahira, Ga. 12. Pinnie Layton - Nashville, Ga. 13. Daniel Leccese - Homerville, Ga. 14. Al Lee - Valdosta, Ga. 15. Brenda Lee - Waycross, Ga. 16. Dickson Lester - Bainbridge, Ga. 17. Nita Levin - Nashville, Ga. 18. Beth Lewis - Barwick, Ga. 19. Marilyn Liddon - Gainsville, Fl. 20. Malcolm Liles - Valdosta, Ga. 21. Elmer Lillard - Morvell, Ga. 22. Laura Lindsey - Hahira, Ga. 23. Deborah Lisenby - Macon, Ga. 24. Sydilia Livingston - Valdosta, Ga. 25. Linda Lockington - Springfield, Ma. 26. Nancy Lockington - Springfield, Ma. 27. Ronald Logan - Waycross, Ga. 28. Patricia Long - Boston, Ma. 29. Terry Lott - Waycross, Ga. 30. Joy Lowe - Reynolds, Ga. 31. Floye Luke - Valdosta, Ga. 32. Jacqwe Luke - Atlanta, Ga. 33. Karen Luke - Ocilla, Ga. 34. Reba Luke - Thomasville, Ga. 35. William Luke - Nashville, Ga. 36. Eldridge Lyons - Valdosta, Ga. 37. Linda A. Lacey 38. Erbkine Lambert (2) 39. Sandy A. Lamontange (2) 40. James R. Lane (2) 41. Joy Lane 42. Homer F. Lang 43. Harolyn L. Langley 44. John D. Lassiter 45. Walter S. Lawrence 46. Sara Diane Leary 47. Dee Ann Lewis 48. Michael B. Lewis (2)
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1. William B. Lewis 2. Annette L. Leynes 3. James W. Lineberger 4. Don L. Lorenzo 5. Lavawn Luke 6. Janice R. Yarbrough 7. Carl Malone 8. Vivian D. Marshall 9. Barbara Middlebrooks 10. Lucius W. Moore 11. Larry R. Moorman 12. Sherry Morrell 13. Gordon Morrow 14. Dorothy J. Nadack 15. Robert C. Newton (2) 16. Sue Norton 17. John C. Nichols 18. Lois R. Nichols 19. Jimmy W. Norman (2) 20. Sandra Lee Qualtrowgh 21. Brenda Hall 22. Tommy K. Hall (2) 23. Robert O. Hamilton (2) 24. Nancy Hamlin 25. Michael F. Hampton 26. Michael L. Hansinger 27. Peter F. Hansinger 28. Bill Harrell 29. Charles W. Harrell 30. Freddie W. Harrell 31. Patricia E. Harrell 32. William I. Harrell 33. Becky Harris 34. Dow Harris 35. Gail Harris 36. John W. Harris 37. Karen Harris 38. Edward J. Hart 39. Georgia Carrol Hasty 40. Janet C. Hatcher 41. John W. Haynes 42. Slyvia Carol Heath 43. John W. Henry 44. Patsy Henry 45. Hampton Hightower 46. Thomas H. Hightower 47. John Howard Hill 48. William Richard Hill 49. J. Hines 50. Jennings Troy Halloway.
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1. Beverly Harmon - Cross City, Fl. 2. John Harper - Nashville, Ga. 3. Baker Harrell - Climax, Ga. 4. Delane Harrell - Pearson, Ga. 5. Gail Harrell - Donalsonville, Ga. 6. John Harrell - Climax, Ga. 7. Marianne Harell - Baxley, Ga. 8. Mavis Hooten Harell - Ray City, Ga. 9. John Harrington - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Anita Harris - Screven, Ga. 11. Pat Harris - Macon, Ga. 12. Ralph Wayne Harris - Nashville, Ga. 13. Lee Harrison - Macon, Ga. 14. Danny Hartman - Savannah, Ga. 15. Joy Hasty - Dawson, Ga. 16. Anita Hatcher - Waynesboro, Ga. 17. Demetrius Hawthorne - Whigham, Ga. (2) 18. William R. Haycke - Atlanta, Ga. 19. Ronald Healan - Albany, Ga. 20. Sue Hedrick - Albany Ga. 21. Kimsey Carlton Helms - Waycross, Ga. 22. Claudia Henderson - Eastpoint, Ga. 23. Susan Henderson - Blackshear, Ga. 24. Brad Hendry - Blackshear, Ga. 25. David Henry - Valdosta, Ga. 26. Nancy Henry - Atlanta, Ga. 27. Russel Henry - Colquitt, Ga. 28. Larry  Herndon - Pavo, Ga. 29. Robert Edgar Herndon - Alma, Ga. 30. Ann Herrin - Waycross, Ga. 31. Eddie Herrin - Waycross, Ga. 32. Jimmy Herrin - Waycross, Ga. 33. Mary Herring - Albany, Ga. 34. Harriet Herring - Alachua, Fl. 35. Janice Herrington - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 36. Wesley Hesters - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 37. Linda Anne Hewett - Quitman, Ga. 38. Cam Hickman - Lakeland, Ga. 39. Edgar Hickman - Lakeland, Ga. 40. Greg Hickman - Ashburn, Ga. 41. Gary Hicks - Thomasville, Ga. 42. Judy Hicks - Cairo, Ga. 43. Loge Hicks - Valdosta, Ga. 44. Tom Hicks - Atlanta, Ga. 45. Flavis Hier - Valdosta, Ga. 46. Jimmy Hiers - Valdosta, Ga. 47. Elizabeth Louise Hill - Perry, Fl. 48. Clint Hillburn - Bainbridge, Ga. 49. Gale Highsmith - Jesup, Ga.
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1. Louise Hilley - Macon, Ga. 2. John Hingson - Valdosta, Ga. 3. Trudy Hinshaw - Valdosta, Ga. 4. Wynette Hinton - Fitzgerald, Ga. 5. Sandra Hipler - Valdosta, Ga. 6. Andrea Louise Hobbs - Cordele, Ga. 7. Laura Belle Hobbs - Blackshear, Ga. 8. John Lee Hobbs - Cordele, Ga. 9. Tom Hobbs - Miami, Fl. 10. Lynn Hodge - Valdosta, Ga. 11. Ronnie Hogan - Waycross, Ga. 12. Ben Hanson Holland - Albany, Ga. 13. Lynn Holland - Barnesville, Ga. 14. Dianne Holleman - Smyrna, Ga. (2) 15. Cynthia Hollingsworth - Whigham, Ga. 16. Alwyr Hamill Holloway - Warner Robins, Ga. 17. Kenneth S. Holloway - Warner Robins, Ga. 18. Shirley Holt - Colquitt, Ga. (2) 19. Eleanor Holton - Camilla, Ga. 20. Angela Homesly - Columbus, Ga. 21. Gail Hood - Tifton, Ga. 22. Thomas Arthur Hook - Orlando, Fl. 23. Sally Hopkins - Valdosta, Ga. 24. Stan Horner - Valdosta, Ga. 25. Linda Hornsby - Bainbridge, Ga. 26. Derenda Houston - Albany, Ga. 27. Barbara Howell - Waycross, Ga. 28. Charles G. Howell - Lakeland, Ga. 29. Charles N. Howell - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Ken Hubbard - Thomasville, Ga. 31. Linda Marie Hudson - Ocilla, Ga. 32. Marda Erlene Huggins - Folkston, Ga. 33. Alan Dale Hughes - Nashville,Ga. (2) 34. Gail Hughes - Lakeland, Fl. 35. Patty Hughes - Albany, Ga. 36. Cheryl Hunt - Elberton, Ga. 37. Greg Hunt - Cordele, Ga. 38. Summie Hunt - Moultrie, Ga. 39. Jerry Hunter - Ocilla, Ga. 40. Lee Hutchens - Valdosta, Ga. 41. Sandra Hutchens - Valdosta, Ga. 42. Sheryl Hutchenson - Macon, Ga. 43. Gwen Hyman - Cordele, Ga.
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1. Wanda O'Quinn - Valdosta, Ga. 2. James C. O'Neil - Donalsonville, Ga. 3. Mary Edith O'Cain - Jasper, Fl. 4. Tempu O'Quinn - Greenville, Fl. 5. Georgiana S. Oliver - Valdosta, Ga. 6. Becky Odum - Valdosta, Ga. 7. Robert Michael Owens - Valdosta, Ga. 8. Billy Overstreet - Baxley, Ga. 9. Judy O'Neil - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Janet Odum - Valdosta, Ga. 11. Paula O'Quinn - Adel, Ga. 12. Johnny Oliver -Doerun, Ga. 13. Roy Carl Odom - Cairo, Ga. 14. Claire Owens - Fitzgerald, Ga. 15. Birgitta Olsson - Hasleholm, Sweden 16. Jim Sweat - Winterhaven, Fl. 17. Bobby Sloan - Waycross, Ga. 18. Dottie Stubbs - Adel, Ga. 19. Sue Strowpe - Miami, Fl. 20. Beverly Sumner - Sylvester, Ga. 21. Jerry Strickland - Statenville, Ga. 22. Dorothy S. Stubbs - Adel, Ga. (2) 23. William Fender Spillers - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 24. Leilani Stieb - Albany, Ga. 25. Steve Spurlock - Valdosta, Ga. 26. Elford Keith Scruggs - Charlotte, NC. 27. Frank Sylvester - Southbound Brook, ND. 28. Rena Scoggins - Stone Mountain, Ga. 29. Johnny Rabon Shoemaker - Blakely, Ga. 30. Willie Smith - Valdosta, Ga. 31. Jim Slaughter - Cartersville, Ga. 32. John J. Shaver - Valdosta, Ga. 33. Ray Ingram - Thomasville, Ga. 34. Beverly Haile - Gainesville, Ga. 35. Clarence Haisten - Pinehurst, Ga. 36. Deborah Hall - Valdosta, Ga. 37. Sharon E. Hall - Fernandina Beach, Fl. 38. Alwyn Elizabeth Hamill - Valdosta, Ga. 39. Ralph Hammond - Enigma, Ga. 40. Sylvia Hampton - Quitman, Ga. (2) 41. Joseph Hancock - Nashville, Ga. 42. Susan Hancock - Pelham, Ga. 43. Eddy Hanly - Blackshear, Ga. 44. Diane Hans - Albany, Ga. 45. Cathy Hanson - Vladosta, Ga. 46. Cathy Hard - Orlando, Fl. 47. Lynn Hardin - Cordele, Ga. 48. Sue Hargett - Brunswick, Ga.
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1. Kenneth Murphy - Thomasville, Ga. 2. Pamela Meeks - Waycross, Ga. 3. Eleanor McCrary - Valdosta,Ga. 4. Henry McCord - Atlanta, Ga. 5. Joe Massey - Valdosta, Ga. 6. Randy McElvey - Valdosta, Ga. 7. Shelia Massey - Thomasville, Ga. 8. John McRae - Melbourne, Fl. 9. Robin McGhin - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Michael MacCausland - Downington, PA. 11. Frankie McFadden - Hahira, Ga. 12. Raymond Massouth - Jacksonville, Fl. 13. Susan Mahar - Lewiston, Maine 14. Diane Medley - Albany, Ga. 15. Jeffrey Mays - Bucks Co. PA. 16. Lwlellen Moore - Georgetown 17. James Music Jr. - Brunswick, Ga. 18. Kay Marshall - Camilla, Ga. 19. R.J. Meehan - Oceanport, NJ. 20. Frances McCaskill 21. David Mallory - Marianna, Fl. 22. Clay Mulford - Quincey, Fl. 23. Wanda McWhorter - Rochelle, Ga. 24. Kathy McFarland - Atlanta, Ga. 25. Kenneth Maine - Homerville, Ga. 26. Linda Meeks - Douglas, Ga. 27. Nancy Mitchell - Albany, Ga. 28. Danny Manry - Edison, Ga. 29. Darlene Martin - St. Simons, Ga. 30. Mari Kay McCarty - Miami, Fl. 31. Carol McCall - Perry, Fl. 32. Walter Mock - Albany, Ga. 33. Betty Meeks, La Belle, Fl. 34. Paul Middleton - Valdosta, Ga. 35. Julianna McCrainie - Waycross, Ga. 36. William McCranie - Ocilla, Ga. 37. John McDuffie - Abbeville, Ga. 38. Jackie McDonald - Brunswick 39. Slade Moore - Bainbridge, Ga. 40. Shirley Myers - Atlanta, Ga. 41. Jan Meeks - La Belle, Fl. 42. Julian Moore - Albany, Ga. 43. Gretchen McCoy - Atlanta, Ga. 44. Ronald McCaskill - Adel, Ga. 45. Jimmy Manning - Brunswick, Ga. 46. Meriell Mathews - Vidalia, Ga. 47. Bruce Merriman - Hahira, Ga.
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1. Clay Mulford - Quincy, Fl. 2. Catherine Moore - Georgetown, Ga. 3. Bill Milton - Jacksonville, Fl. 4. Harriet Moore - Thomasville, Ga. 5. Jimmy Mitchell - Hahira, Ga. 6. Barbara Miller - Atlanta, Ga. 7. Cordell Mitchell - Hahira, Ga. 8. Becky Morris - Atlanta, Ga. 9. Karen Motley - Ocilla, Ga. 10. Hazel Moulton - Jakin, Ga. 11. Barbara Moyer - Homerville, Ga. 12. Quimby Melton - Griffin, Ga. 13. Keith Merien - Jacksonville, Fl. 14. Dianne Massey - Macon, Ga. 15. Edward Moginnis -Chester, Pa. 16. Scott Methvin - Atlanta, Ga. 17. Dorothy Mathews - Rhine, Ga. 18. Georgia Mathes - Thomasville, Ga. 19. Winfrey Murray - Valdosta, Ga. 20. Vicki Morris - Valdosta, Ga. 21. Katherine Mallory - Waycross, Ga. 22. Inez Moore - Pineview, Ga. 23. Patsy Marsh - Jacksonville, Fl. 24. Michelle Marchman - Jacksonvill, Fl. 25. Mary Bess Martin - Washington, Ga.  26. Elaine Young - Smyrna, Ga. 27. Clifton Young - Adel, Ga. (2) 28. Regina Yarbrough - Glen St. Mary, Fl. 29. Billy Yarbrough - Lyons, Ga. 30. Willie James Yarbrough - Dawson, Ga. 31. Merris Yeomans - Jesup, Ga. 32. Buford Maloy - Tampa, Fl. 33. Linda Yeckley - Valdosta, Ga. 34. Rachel March - Wappingers Fall, NY. 35. Lynn Marsh - Fitzgerald, Ga. 36. Charles Martin - Shellman, Ga. 37. John Mock - Valdosta, Ga. 38. Linda Mauldin - Gainsville, Fl. 39. Kathryn Minor - Valdosta, Ga. 40. Robert Miller - Valdosta, Ga. 41. Keith Morgan - Valdosta, Ga. 42. Beverly Miller - Thomasville, Ga. 43. Marsha Meyer - Blackshear, Ga. 44. Wayne Morris - Valdosta,Ga. 45. James Moore - Valdosta, Ga. 46. Jeff Mays - Bucks Co., PA. 47. Martha Ladson - Pearson, Ga. 48. Nancy LaPier - Thomasville 49. Nancy Lee - Lakeland, Ga.
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1. Janice C. Strickland - Bainbridge,Ga. 2. Furman Keith Stewart - Valdosta, Ga. 3. Henry Deron Swindell - Ray City, Ga. 4. Martha J. Steedley - Homerville, Ga. (2) 5. Claude L. Speck - Atlanta, Ga. 6. Connie Bishop - Jacksonville, Fl. 7. Laura Bell - Milan, Ga. 8. Deborah Best - Moultrie, Ga. 9. Vicky Bacon - Doerun, Ga. 10. Patti Barber - Waycross, Ga. 11. John Boswell - Valdosta, Ga. 12. Cloyd Bloser - Sparks, Ga. 13. Brenda Bennett - Douglas, Ga. 14. Jan Banch - Jacksonville, Ga. 15. Landra Benford - Albany,Ga. 16. Scott Barksdale - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 17. Ted Beam - Valdosta, Ga. 18. Nina Bowman - Blakely, Ga. 19. Charlotte bass - Doerun, Ga. 20. Libby Baxley - Waycross, Ga. 21. Barbara Bowers - Valdosta, Ga. 22. Jack Berry - Valdosta, Ga. 23. Bubba Boggs - Camilla, Ga. 24. Gail Bobbitt - Vidalia, Ga. 25. Steve Bishop - Valdosta, Ga. 26. Margie Bentley - Quitman, Ga. 27. Janice Blue - Valdosta, Ga. 28. Sharon Benson - Pitts, Ga. 29. Debbie Bernard - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Danny Bennett - Valdosta, Ga. 31. Terry Barnes - Roanoke, Va. 32. Cheryl Barnasky - Valdosta, Ga. 33. Kay Black - Valdosta, Ga. 34. Liz Barcalow - Valdosta, Ga. 35. Penny Butler - Camilla,Ga. 36. Christiny Bryan - Nashville, Ga. 37. Sharon Bostick - Lakeland, Ga. 38. Felix Brunut Jr. - Greensburg, PA. 39. Kethleen Bradford - Atlanta, Ga. 40. Glen Brown - Douglas, Ga. 41. Vivian Browning - Valdosta, Ga. 42. Hugh Brown - Jacksonville, Fl. 43. Richard Baker - Quitman, Ga. 44. Roquette Batalo - Hahira, Ga. 45. Brenda Blanks - Maitland, Fl. 46. Michael Booker - Valdosta, Ga.
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1. James R. Bagley 2. Martha Baker 3. Cecil R. Barnes 4. Mack H. Barnes 5. Calrton H. Baxter 6. Mertice Beauford 7. Lester Lamar Bennett (2) 8. Priscilla Ann Bennett 9. Tex Bently 10. Nancy Sharon Benton 11. Dorothy Bernard 12. Thomas W. Berry 13. Corrmean Blackledge (2) 14. Sandra M. Bludsworth 15. Teresa A. Boney 16. William Bowman 17. Sharon L. Brame 18. William H. Branch 19. Marsha Braswell 20. Thomas W. Braswell 21. William F. Bray 22. Gary O. Brickenridge (2) 23. Howard V. Brohawn 24. Monica C. Brooks 25. Joseph W. Brunson 26. Kathryn Dianne Buchanan 27. Pamela J. Bunch 28. Edward C. Bynum 29. Buddy Allen 30. Charlene B. Anderson 31. Sara Carol Andrews 32. Neal Anderson 33. James Neil Anderson 34. Briggs Arrington 35. Daniel Avery.
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1. Glenn A. Chancy - Quitman, Ga. 2. Carol Clary - Macon, Ga. 3. Ruth Smith - Dixie, Ga. 4. James Sellers - Cairo, Ga. 5. Dianne Stewart - Albany, Ga. (2) 6. Dianne Sadler - Camilla, Ga. 7. Janice Smith - Albany, Ga. 8. James Smith - Valdosta, Ga. 9. Hubert H. Smith - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Charles William Smith - Fitzgerald, Ga. 11. Patricia Stancato - West Chester, PA. 12. Connie Spradley  - Moultrie, Ga. 13. Barbara Snider - Apopka, Fl. 14. Martha Soper - Valdosta, Ga. 15. Bonnie Low Strickland - Lake Park, Ga. 16. Terry L. Smith - Waycross, Ga. 17. John Robert Session - Valdosta, Ga. 18. Gloria Dianne Shell - Brunswick, Ga. 19. Dianna Smith - Bainbridge, Ga. 20. Darlyne Sims - Hampton, Ga. 21. Clemie Jo Smith - Wawchula, Fl. 22. Bill Smith - Atlanta, Ga. 23. Stever Shiver - Adel, Ga. 24. Susan Stevens - Macon, Ga. 25. Philip Smith  - Enigma, Ga. 26. Regina Scott - Orlando, Fl. 27. Merril Smith - Jasper, Fl. 28. Judy Strickland - Macon, Ga. 29. Jay Spell - Lyons, Ga. 30. Jeff Summerford -  Moultrie, Ga. 31. Jane Stanland - Valdosta, Ga. 32. Philip Seyfried - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 33. Eugenia Dian Sadler - Pelham, Ga. 34. Darrell Paul Smithwick - Valdosta, Ga. 35. Donna Lynn Spratlin - Valdosta, Ga. 36. Claude Speck - Atlanta, Ga. 37. Joseph Smith - Albany, Ga. (2) 38. Nancy Slade - Valdosta, Ga. 39. Tim Shannon - Tucker, Ga. 40. Ann Smith - Clyattville, Ga. (2) 41. Gayle Smith - Boston, Ma. 42. Jerry Smith - Lake Park, Ga. 43. Lynn Smith  - Lake Park, Ga. 44. Nancy Smith - Macon, Ga. 45. Jayne Spell - Lyons, Ga. (2) 46. Andy Shenton - Valdosta, Ga.
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1. Shirley A. Wiggins 2. Clayton H. Wilder 3. Diane Wilder - Cairo, Ga. 4. Bobbie Wilkie - Marrietta, Ga. 5. Barbara Williams - Albany,Ga. 6. Claude Williams - Albany, Ga. 7. Joan Williams 8. Ronnie Williams - Cordele, Ga. 9. Carolyn J. Willis 10. Jane E. Willis 11. Robert D. Willis (2) 12. Wanda Willis - Sumner, Ga. 13. Carol Willoughby - Homerville, Ga. 14. Clyde Wilson - Darlington, PA. 15. Georgianna Wilson - Fairburn, Ga. 16. Reba L. Wilson 17. Vickie Wilson - Bell Glade, Fl. 18. Linda Wise - Savannah, Ga. 19. Alexander C. Wisenbaker 20. Stewart Witham - Atlanta, Ga. 21. Roberth H. Wolford (2) 22. Jimmy Womack (2) 23. Cheryl Wood - Tampa, Fl. 24. Lynda Gail Wright 25. Marcia Wright - Damascus, Ga. 26. Eddie Wynn - Jennings, Fl. 27. Ernie Yates - Valdosta, Ga. 28. Marsha Yates - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 29. Nancy Youngblood - Dublin, Ga. 30. irvin Bembry 31. Marsha Jolley - Valdosta, Ga. 32. Jim Irvine - Alanta, Ga. 33. Warren Isham - Valdosta, Ga. 34. James William Moats Jr. - Screven, Ga. 35. Lambert Mitchell - Quitman, Ga. 36. Wildavie Maxwell - Cairo, Ga. 37. Eleanor Morrison - Moultrie, Ga. 38. Calvin Smith - Macon, Ga. 39. Tommy Southwell - Valdosta, Ga 40. Janet Swint - Milner, Ga. 41. Cathy Shaw - Colquitt, Ga. 42. Rosemarie Silvi - Albany, Ga. 43. Jeff Shoemaker - Jacksonville, Fl. 44. Diane c. Stewart - Albany, Ga. 45. Suzanne Schiefelbein - Waycross, Ga. 46. Marth Swain - Waycross, Ga.
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1. Robert Shiver - Camilla, Ga. 2. Shelia R. Sheffied - Ochlocknee, Ga. 3. Pete Schinkel - Moultrie, Ga. 4. Marsha Sellers - Dawson, Ga. 5. Jakki Stafford - Savannah, Ga. 6. Glynn Sapp - Alapaha, Ga. (2) 7. David A. Stola - Valdosta, Ga. 8. Marvin Wayne Stephens - Cordele, Ga. 9. Sandy Stewart - Valdosta, Ga. (3) 10. Carolyn G. Sirmans - Moultrie, Ga. 11. Julie Stearns - Gainesville, Fl. 12. Marvin Sprinks - Valdosta, Ga. 13. Sue Stallings - Moultrie, Ga. 14. Sharon Smith - Waycross, Ga. (2) 15. William W. Seymour - Albany, Ga. 16. Mell Stephenson - Valdosta, Ga 17. Jerry T. Sellers - Blackshear, Ga. (3) 18. Barbara Stripling - Cordele, Ga. 19. John A. Sims - Bainbridge, Ga. 20. Neal E. Sellars - Lenox, Ga. 21. Gleen Smith - Mt. Vernon, Ga. 22. Gordon Smith - Homerville, Ga. 23. Larry Shuman - Folkston,Ga. (2) 24. John A. Sims - Bainbridge, Ga. 25. Larry Settles - Cuthbert, Ga. 26. Susan Sherrod - Madison, Fl. 27. Ann Spires - Bainbridge, Ga. 28. Charles L. Simpson - Moultrie, Ga. (2) 29. Rebecca Kaye Sykes - Barnsesville, Ga. 30. Raymond Stevenson - Macon, Ga. 31. F.K. Sands - St. George, Ga. 32. William Hunter - Quincy, Fl. 33. Madeleine Irene Schwarcz - Miami Beach, Fl. 34. Archee Campbell Smith - Albany, Ga. 35. Patricia Elaine Shiver - Twin Lakes, Ga.] 36. Marsha Spurlock - Dawson, Ga. 37. Nancy Smith - Valdosta, Ga. 38. Evelyn R. Spears - Quitman, Ga. 39. Dietra Spooner - Warwick, Ga. 40. Charles W. Smith - Fitzgerald, Ga. 41. Martha Henrietta Smith - Fitzgerald, Ga. 42. Wyatt Spann - Hazelhurst, Ga. 43. Royce Stanford - Valdosta, Ga. 44. Alex C. Stevens - Lake City, Fl. 45. Thomas Joel Strickland - Quitman, Ga. 46. Patricia L. Strickland - Jesup, Ga.
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1. Jacqueline Sapp - Attapulgus, Ga. 2. Joan Seago - Valdosta, Ga. 3. Angela Seckinger - Macon, Ga. 4. Lynn Sepulveda - Valdosta, Ga. 5. Vince Settle - Waycross, Ga. 6. Bill Sineath - Valdosta, Ga. 7. June Sikes - Valdosta, Ga. 8. Judy Schramm - Moultrie, Ga. (2) 9. Nance Scruggs - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Betty Chenney Scruggs - Hahira, Ga. 11. Robert Lee Stump - Valdosta, Ga. 12. Marry H. Tillman Sutton - Norman Park, Ga. 13. Ernest Sledge - Thomasville, Ga. 14. Keith Scruggs - Valdosta,Ga. 15. Alice Scott - Augusta, Ga. 16. Marsha Sellers - Dawson, Ga. (2) 17. Randy Senzig - Valdosta, Ga. (3) 18. John Shattuls - Dunstable, Ma. 19. John Shaver - Moultrie, Ga. 20. Randy Smith - Valdosta, Ga. 21. Donna Spratlin - Valdosta, Ga. 22. Laura Estelle Sapp - Madison, Ga. 23. Ruth Smith - Fitzgerald, Ga. 24. Jo Ann Shirley - Warner Robbins, Ga. 25. Steve Shaw - Colquitt, Ga. 26. Jack Scott - Jacksonville, Fl. 27. Ginder Schorer - Valdosta, Ga. 28. Cynthia Lucile Sessions - Waynesboro, Ga. 29. Janice Strickland - Bainbridge, Ga. 30. Patricia Strickland - Jessup, Ga. 31. Robert Shiver - Camilla, Ga. 32. Jeannie Sims - Albany, Ga. 33. Susan Studebaker - Jacksonville,Fl. 34. David Stokes - Macon, Ga. 35. Donna Strickley - Howell, Ga. 36. Keith Stewart - Albany, Ga. 37. Janet Startup - College Park, Ga. 38. Andrew Szczpinski - New Britain, CN. 39. Dennis Stewart - Albany,Ga. 40. Rosemary Stapleton - Folkston, Ga. 41. Jo Ann Stabel - Miami, Fl. 42. Ralph Stanford - Valdosta, Ga. 43. Thomas Sorrells - Valdosta, Ga (2) 44. Charles Simpson - Moultrie, Ga. 45. Shirley Stump - Valdosta, Ga. 46. Robert Seymour - Albany, Ga.
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1. Nancy G. Salter 2. Ralph C. Salyer 3. Tim Sunders 4. Dorothy J. Sandlin 5. Catherine A. Sands 6. Nauiathia D. Sapp 7. C. Sanford 8. Alex L. Schierkolk 9. Larry Schwuan 10. P. Sellers 11. Caroline E. Shaw 12. Gordon L. Shaw 13. Elizabeth J. Shealy 14. Sharyn S. Shoemaker 15. Julian Carroll Sherwood 16. Walter S. Shierling 17. Billie R. Simpson 18. Joseph Slater 19. Cliff Smith 20. Gary Smith 21. Michael M. Smith (2) 22. Elaine Snipes 23. Daniel L. Spader 24. Evelyn Spears 25. Earl Spell 26. Roger A. Spencer 27. William Spillers 28. Sally E. Stacey 29. Jonathan A. Stamps 30. Judy L. Staton 31. Clarence R. Strickland 32. Roy Stephens 33. Tommy L. Stephens (2) 34. Robert M. Stephenson 35. George C. Stokes 36. Georgia Swinls
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1. Charles Nazworth - Pelham, Ga. 2. Sherry L. Nelson - Cecil, Ga. 3. Ronald Walker Newsom - Valdosta, Ga. 4. Chlo Nichols - Jesup, Ga. 5. Ingrid C. Nichols 6. Joyce Nichols - Valdosta, Ga. 7. Sandra Nichols - Screven, Ga. 8. Dee Dee Noel - Valdosta, Ga. 9. Rhonda Nolan - Ocilla, Ga. 10. Mike Norman - Warner Robbins, Ga. 11. Dwight Norris - Valdosta, Ga. 12. Linda Norris - Aurora, Ca. 13. Juanita Norsworthy - Stuckton, Ga. 14. Barbara Norton - Savannah, Ga. 15. Ray Norton - Valdosta, Ga. 16. Nancy Nuzum - Jacksonville, Fl. 17. Lester Pafford - Brunswick, Ga. 18. David Parker - Moultrie, Ga. 19. Gail Parker - Sparks, Ga. 20. Nancy Parker - Moultrie, Ga. 21. Teresa Parrish - Hahira, Ga. 22. Rollene Pussiew - Folkston, Ga. 23. Rose Pastorek - Cheswick, PA. 24. Linda Patrick - Cuthbert, Ga. 25. Mark Patrick - East Point, Ga. 26. Martha Patten - Tifton 27. Ian Pau - Valdosta, Ga. 28. Glynis Paulk - Omega, Ga. 29. Howard Patterson - Waycross, Ga. 30. Richard Peacock - Campbellton, Fl. 31. Suzanne Pearce - Dawson, Ga. 32. Cary Pendergast - Thomasville, Ga. 33. Leigh Pendleton - Valdosta, Ga. 34. Beth Pennington - Rhine, Ga. 35. Jane Perrin - Warner Robins, Ga. 36. Danny Peterman - Warner Robins, Ga. 37. Sylvia Peterson - Waycross, Ga. 38. Thomas Phagans - Moultrie, Ga. 39. Jan Phillips - Colquitt, Ga. 40. Linda Phillippe - Ft. Myers, Fl. 41. Shirley Phillips - Cordele, Ga. 42. Wilda Phillips - Ashburn, Ga. 43. Jerry Pickard - Unadilla, Ga. 44. Candler Pierce - Lakeland, Ga. 45. Constance Pinkston - Albany, Ga. 46. Louie Pittman - Valdosta, Ga.
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1. Gary Pitts - Doerun, Ga. 2. Karen Pitts - Valdosta, Ga. 3. Ronald Poitras - Ft. Pierce, Fl. 4. Cecil Pollock - Quitman, Ga. 5. Wesley Pope Jr. - Barwick, Ga. 6. Beverly Poppell - Attapulgus, Ga. 7. Ronald Poole - Live Oak, Fl. 8. Donna Powell - Waycross, Ga. 9. Peggy Powell - Thomasville, Ga. 10. Jan Powers - Jesup, Ga. 11. William Pratt - Valdosta, Ga. 12. Merry Prescott - Fitzgerald, Ga. 13. Rene Preston - Live Oak, Fl. 14. Kenna Price - West Palm Beach, Fl. 15. Don Prieuv - Sarasota, Fl. 16. Susan Pritchard - Blackshear, Ga. 17. Thomas Pruette - Valdosta, Ga. 18. Dorothy Puckett - Albany, Ga. 19. Brenda Underwood - Valdosta, Ga (4) 20. Jeff Underwood - Macon, Ga. 21. Marry Underwood - Macon, Ga. 22. Scott Wacklin - Albany, Ga. 23. Jo Ann Walden 24. Anne Walker - Blackshear, Ga. 25. James D. Walker 26. D. Wamble - Cairo, Ga. 27. Nadeen Wanatka - Atlanta, Ga. 28. Michael Warren - Valdosta, Ga. 29. Roslynn Warren - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Lou Ann Waters - Blackshear, Ga. 31. Forrest W. Watkins (2) 32. Brenda Watson - Nashville, Ga. 33. Totten H. Weatherly 34. Donna L. Weldon (2) 35. Judy Wells 36. Helen C. West 37. Kitty S. West 38. Jimmy D. Wetherington 39. Mary Anne Widdon 40. L. Whigham 41. Carol H. White 42. Elenor White 43. Phyllis White 44. Allen B. Wiggins
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1. Roger Pace 2. Joseph Pagan 3. Velinda Parker (2) 4. Marilyn K. Parks (2) 5. Elaine Parrish 6. Margaret Anne Parsons (2)] 7. Elizabeth H. Paschal 8. Mary Pate 9. Margaret Patterson 10. Cheryl Pearson 11. Julianne Pearson 12. C. Allen Penley 13. Helen Pennington (2) 14. Charles Perry 15. Ed Perry 16. Doris Perry 17. Jay Perryman 18. Ray Peters 19. Jimmy Phillips 20. Bobby Pierce (2) 21. Georgeann Pierce 22. Robert L. Pierce 23. Tilda S. Pierce 24. Elaine Freeman Pilcher 25. Jerald W. Pilcher (4) 26. Ann Carole Pilkington 27. Gail Pinkston 28. Jennifer Piper (2) 29. David W. Pitts 30. Donald L. Plymew 31. J. Plymek 32. Teran Pollner 33. Toni Faye Pollock 34. Jennifer S. Pope 35. Roma F. Pope 36. Janice Postell 37. Katherine Hooks Potts 38. Ricky Pounds 39. Bonnie Powell 40. Charles Alexander Powell 41. Geoffrey R. Powell 42. Jean Powell 43. Sylvia M. Powell (2) 44. Charles M. Powers (2) 45. Mary Poythress 46. Franklin O. Prance 47. Patricia Gaydelle Price 48. William Prosser 49. Pat Puckett 50. Anita Purvis (2) 51. Freddy Purvis (2)
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1. Michael O. Holden 2. Jo Ellen Holt 3. Alton J. Holton 4. Helen Hood (2) 5. Nancy Hooks 6. Howard Hill 7. Bobby C. Howell 8. Karen Howze 9. George William Hughey 10. Tommy Huthcerson (2) 11. Bob Hutchinson 12. Martha Ray Faircloth 13. Barbara A. Farrow (2) 14. C. Eugene Fender 15. Johnny Robert Fender 16. Donald  W. Findell 17. Katherine W. Fizpatrick (2) 18. Johnna E. Fleming 19. William H. Floyd 20. William I. Fogerty 21. James Felton Folsom 22. Myrtice J. Fountain 23. William Fraser 24. Donna T. Fulk 25. Glenda F. Funderburke 26. Betty G. Futch 27. Mary Olivia Gaskins 28. Robert W. Gill 29. Jessie E. Ghisson 30. Cheryl Glynn 31. Juanita Godwin 32. Donna E. Goldstein 33. Dale C. Gramling 34. Nancy C. Greer 35. Robert Gray Gregory 36. Mary Alice Griffis 37. Peggy S. Griffin 38. Kenneth R. Gimsley 39. Albert D. Gruber 40. Tommie L. Gunter 41. Johnny E. Guthrie 42. Wallace R. Kemp 43. Thomas R. Kennedy 44. Thomas W. Kerby 45. Ernest Michael Kerr (2) 46. Linda Key 47. Yvonne Thornley Killgo 48. Katherine Ann Koch 49. Richard Koger 50. Eva Kutzhi
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1. Barbara Cannister - Valdosta, Ga. 2. Scott Callawat - Atlanta, Ga. 3. Franklin Courson - Ft. Myers, Fl. 4. Mary Lee Chandler - Blakely, Ga. 5. Lynda Colson - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 6. Gail M. Castelberry - Adel, Ga. 7. Walter Clary - Valdosta, Ga. 8. Jeannie  Claxton - Vienna, Ga. 9. Robert Crider - Willacoochee, Ga. (2) 10. Sandra Coley - Ocilla, Ga. (2) 11. Sandra J. Crouch - Ocilla, Ga. 12. Starlette E. Colter - Macon, Ga. 13. Margaret Carr - Sandersville, Ga. 14. Kay Cannington - Donaldsonville, Ga. 15. Virginia Grey Cook - Greensboro, Ga. (2) 16. Peggy J. Conner - Vienna, Ga. 17. James F. Cook, Boston, Ga. 18. Nancy Genese Conine - Lakeland, Ga. 19. Lawrel Franklin Coan - Albany, Ga. 20. Shirley Conner - Folkston, Ga. 21. Frank Cannon - Valdosta, Ga. 22. Harry Cooper - Valdosta, Ga. 23. Charles Clayton - Albany, Ga. (2) 24. John D. Cowart - Adel, Ga. 25. Phyllis Croom - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 26. William Chapman - Valdosta, Ga. 27. Dave Crane - Miami, Fl. (3) 28. Morris Crosby - Quitman, Ga. 29. Ida Conway - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Kay Carter - Valdosta, Ga. 31. Kate Carter - Doerun, Ga. 32. Jackie Connell - Moultrie, Ga. 33. Sara Glynn Cloud - Cuthbert, Ga. (2) 34. Marilyn Chitty - Valdosta, Ga. 35. Donna Collier - Moultrie, Ga. 36. Marcus Campbell - Valdosta, Ga. 37. Leon Cardwell - Moultrie, Ga. 38. Babara Cata - Doerun,Ga. 39. Carol Cooper - Quitman, Ga. 40. Billy Crusenberry - Macon, Ga. 41. Sue Chambers - Moultrie, Ga. 42. Connie Cranford - Albany, Ga. 43. Kay Cannon - Abbeville, Ga. 44. Cathy Clary - Cordele, Ga. 45. Liza Cooper - Moultrie, Ga. 46. Garg Cserpwyak - Bethleham, PA. 47. Lundy Clarke - Miami, Fl.
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1. William S. Crosby 2. Lloyd Courson 3. Robert D. Courson 4. Elizabeth A. Christensen 5. Faye G. Chancy 6. Edwin Ansley Carlisle 7. Charles C. Carter 8. Tony Chastain 9. Lynda Christy 10. Ronald B. Clements 11. Albert Tony Chastain 12. Julia A. Chiett 13. Nancy  C. Coleman 14. Sarah J. Corbett 15. Carles Corbett 16. Michael Cosgrove 17. Laura Lynn Cotton 18. James L. Courson 19. Mary L. Crew 20. Kenneth N. Cowell 21. Kathleen C. Crane 22. Hewis Cross (2) 23. Michael O. Cundiff (2) 24. Linda Jeanette Nealey 25. Elaine Noble 26. Peggy Norman 27. Joyce Nichols 28. Leila Nealy (2) 29. Linda Maxine Newberry 30. Susan Nussbaum 31. Rhonda Nolan 32. Larry North (2) 33. Walter Newsom (2) 34. Bradley Nesmith 35. Maxine Newberry (2) 36. Sandra Nichols 37. Dwight Norris 38. Kenneth Norton 39. Nancy Nutt 40. Charles S. Nazevor 41. Tommy Norman 42. Linda Newkam 43. Ross Nesmith 44. Richard Nijem 45. Jimmie Norton (3) 46. James Nelms 47. Brad Nesmith 48. Dianne Nichols 49. William Nobles
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1. Becky Carithers - Moultrie, Ga. (2) 2. Gayle Calhoun - Quitman, Ga. 3. Anne Campbell - Columbus, Ga. 4. Janet Clark - Atlanta, Ga. 5. Ellen Campbell - Atlanta, Ga. 6. Jimmy Carter - Valdosta, Ga. 7. Ronald Caunon - Moultrie, Ga. 8. Davy Cater - Nashville, Ga. 9. Wanda Chason - Lakeland, Ga. 10. Barbara Collier - Macon, Ga. 11. Scott Chase - Alexandria, Va. 12. Danny Melvin Caley - Ocilla, Ga. 13. Penny A. Cox - Macon, Ga. (2) 14. Lorace Mitchel Cothron - Quitman, Ga. 15. Rebecca Chance - Waynesboro, Ga. 16. Diane Caulder - Sylvester, Ga. 17. W.B. Carter - Jesup, Ga. 18. Sharon Colyer - Valdsota, Ga. 19. Jency G. Carter - Montezuma, Ga. (2) 20. Danny Crosby - Valdosta, Ga. 21. Marsha Cohen - Albany, Ga. 22. Jo Nell Clark - Tallahassee, Fl. 23. Dot Clark - Decatur, Ga. 24. Wayne Clark - Waycross, Ga. 25. James E. Chapman Jr. - Smyrna, Ga. 26. Lynda Crouder - Griffin, Ga. 27. Emelynn Carlisle - Cairo, Ga. (2) 28. Jeannie Claxton - Pinehurst, Ga. 29. John J. Cooke - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Mike Conlan - Albany, Ga. 31. Cecilia Carswell - Valdosta, Ga. 32. Joseph Caliquiri - Quitman, Ga. 33. Mary C. Carter - Lakelnad, Ga. 34. Betty Sue Carter - Waresboro, Ga. (2) 35. Bill Chapman - Valdosta, Ga. 36. Kay E. Charter - Doerun, Ga. 37. William H. Carter - Valdosta, Ga. 38. L.C. Catekos - Valdosta, Ga. 39. James Cramer - Albany, Ga. 40. Patricia Ann Clark - Fernandina Beach, Fl. 41. Addie Lee Collins - Desoto, Ga. 42. Jacqueline J. Clark - Americus, Ga. 43. Donnie Conley - Pelham, Ga. 44. George Caywood Chapman - Summer, Ga. 45. William Christopher Connell - Nashville, Ga. 46. Alice Faye Collins - Waycross, Ga. 47. Marion Claire Craven - Waycross, Ga. 48. Dennis Wayne Cox - Cartersville, Ga. 49. Martha C. Cannon - Valdosta, Ga.
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1. Sandy Bishop - Valdosta, Ga. 2. Cindy Black - Greensboro, Ga. 3. William M. Bland - Valdosta, Ga. 4. Clifford Bryant - Vienna, Ga. 5. Paula Bryant - Albany, Ga. 6. Kathy Buckner - Moultrie, Ga. 7. Guy Broome - Cairo, Ga. 8. Barbara Bunting - Waycross, Ga. 9. Jerry Bentley - Valdosta, Ga. 10. Linda Bell - Tallahassee, Fl. 11. Mary Barfield - Hahira, Ga. 12. Partick Berry - Albany, Ga. 13. Gary Briston - Burlington, Vt. 14. Jimmy Browning - Atlanta, Ga. 15. Martha Brown - Orlando, Fl. 16. Ronald Bearden - East Point, Ga. 17. Larry Bennett - Adel, Ga. 18. David Babcock - Valdosta, Ga. 19. Kay Bateman - Sanford, Fl. 20. Kay Blanton - Valdosta, Ga. 21. John Bailie - Augusta, Ga. 22. Fred Bailey - Edison, Ga. 23. Norma Bajalia - Valdosta, Ga. 24. Jim Brannan - Valdosta, Ga. 25. Mary Bohannon - Clearwater, Fl. 26. James Bolden - Waycross, Ga. 27. Jean Black - Valdosta, Ga. 28. Patricia Elaine Dawkins - Valdosta, Ga. 29. William Ashley Donahue - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Katherine Daughtery - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 31. Jane Elizabeth Daniel - Millen, Ga. 32. Roy Lee Diaw - Albany, Ga. 33. Austin DeLoach - Statenville, Ga. 34. Linda Kay Davis - Newton, Ga. 35. Marian Diane DeVane - Barney, Ga. 36. Lee Daniel - Griffin, Ga. 37. Grady Lamar Dunlap - Moultrie, Ga. 38. Thomas Wilson Davis - Valdosta, Ga. (2) 39. Linda Deen - Douglas, Ga. (2) 40. Charles Patrick Daniel - Nashville, Ga. (2) 41. Cassandra Sue Davidson - Moultrie, Ga. (2) 42. Howard Ronald Dozier - Ellaville, Ga. (2) 43. Glenda Duncan - Thomasville, Ga. 44. Karen A. DeLay - Griffin, Ga. 45. Wanda Dill - Chatsworth, Ga. 46. Rodney Dobrzynski - Union, NJ. 47. Johnny Dorough - Cordele, Ga.
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1. Becky Doss - Albany, Ga. 2. Richard Downer - Dawson, Ga. 3. Billy Davis - Macon, Ga. 4. Ruth Daunt - Albany, Ga. 5. Carol Davis - Albany, Ga. 6. Nina Dial - Albany, Ga. 7. Mary DeVane - Cordele, Ga. 8. Margaret DeVane - Quitman, Ga. 9. Derreth DeLoach - Valdosta, Ga. 10. James Michael Dean - Smyrna, Ga. 11. Robert DeGraff - St. Petersburg, Fl. 12. Gayle Dover - Valdosta, Ga. 13. Benny Dover - Valdosta, Ga. 14. Raymond Duke - Thomasville, Ga. 15. Frank Dowling - Barney, Ga. 16. Donna Dixon - Albany, Ga. 17. Thomas N. Dill Jr. - Waycross, Ga. 18. Kelly Dees - Valdosta, Ga. 19. Elaine DeVane - Fitzgerald, Ga. 20. Donny Dixon - Albany, Ga. 21. Jane Dayton - Albany, Ga. 22. Emily Kay DeLoach - Pembrook, Ga. 23. Kay Davis - Cairo, Ga. 24. Jane A. Dayton - Albany, Ga. 25. Kathryn H. Davis - Cairo, Ga. 26. David L. DeVane - Valdosta, Ga. (3) 27. Linda Duke - Funston, Ga. 28. David DeVane - Valdosta, Ga. 29. Carlon Dixon - Whigham, Ga. 30. Ercel Dotson - Vero Beach, Fl. 31. Linda Duke - Funston, Ga. 32. Terrell A. Dailey - Cuthbert, Ga. 33. Diane Durden - Sylvester, Ga. 34. Linda Dixon - Camilla, Ga. 35. Selena E. Duncan - Marrietta, Ga. 36. Toni DiMascio - Valdosta, Ga. (3) 37. Janice W. Downey - Tampa, Fl. (2) 38. Joey Davis - Valdosta, Ga. (3) 39. Virginia Disney - Valdosta, Ga. 40. Brenda Dozier  - Iron City, Ga. (2) 41. Albert Vernon Dixon - Quitman, Ga. (2) 42. Sue Davis - Valdosta, Ga. 43. Vernon  Dixon - Valdosta, Ga. 44. Sylvia Jeanine Dell - Waycross, Ga. (2) 45. Peggy W. DeCesare - Valdosta, Ga (2) 46. Johnny Drake - Nashville, Ga. 47. Charles H. Dyess - Decatur, Ga.
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1. Maxine Dixon - Blackshear, Ga. 2. Beth Dixon - Blackshear, Ga. 3. Bobby Downing - Donalsonville, Ga. 4. Beth Dugger - Valdosta,Ga. 5. Lee Daniel - Griffin, Ga. 6. Samwel H. Dalton - Valdosta, Ga. 7. Charles DeVane - Quitman, Ga. (2) 8. John Robert Drake - Nashville, Ga. 9. Selena Duncan - Marietta, Ga. 10. Gail Drake - Nashville, Ga. 11. Martha Dutton - Valdosta, Ga. 12. Linda Dixon - Camilla, Ga. 13. Judy Dixon - Quincy, Fl. 14. Charlene Denmark - Orlando, Fl. 15. Betty Jo Dean - Pavo, Ga. 16. Sara Davis - Cairo, Ga. 17. Glenn Dame - Deerfield, Fl. 18. David Daniel - College Park, Ga. 19. Elizabeth Davis - Fitzgerald, Ga. 20. Vivian Anderson - Atlanta, Ga. 21. Carol Dial - Griffin, Ga (4) 22. Carroll S. Davis - Adel, Ga. 23. James Ronnie Davis - Screven, Ga. (3) 24. Jerry F. Dickson - Adel, Ga. 1966. 25. Grady Lamar Dunlap - Moultrie, Ga. 26. Frances Daughtery - Jacksonville, Fl. 27. Kay DeLoach - Pembrook, Ga. 28. Douglas Davis - Valdosta, Ga. 29. Lucille Dawson - Valdosta, Ga. 30. Sammy Dutton - Valdosta, Ga. 31. Tommy David - Valdosta, Ga. 32. Tommy Dorminey - Vienna, Ga. 33. Oris D. Drew - Hahira, Ga. 34. Robert R. Overmier - Thomasville, Ga. (2) 35. Margaret Kay Lott - Lake Park, Ga. 36. Dan Odum - Valdosta, Ga.  (3) 37. Danice Odum - Valdosta, Ga. (3) 38. Maerita Owens - Alapaha, Ga. (2) 39. Wayne Overstreet - Hahira, Ga. (2) 40. Mary Ellen O'Quinn - Waycross, Ga 41. Marcia Owen - Spanish Fort, Al. 42. Jimmy Odum - Hahira, Ga. (3) 43. Erin O'Neal - Donalsonville, Ga. 44. Mary Elizabeth O'Quinn - Adel, Ga. 45. Paula O'Brien - Riviera Beach, Fl. 46. Helen Odum - Vienna, Ga. 47. Margaret Orndorff - Dawson, Ga.
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1. Crystal J. Maddox 2. Rebecca Lynn Maloy 3. Shelia C. Marsh 4. Louis Phillip Martin 5. George L. Mathis 6. Karen H. McCracken 7. Hal McGregor 8. Charles McLeod 9. Kenneth L. McLeod 10. Nancy E. Meigs 11. Lynda M. Merritt 12. Barbara F. Middlebrooks 13. Preston W. Miller 14. Jerry L. Morris 15. Kathryn M. Morrow 16. Susan E. Murphy 17. Loren D. Mustamaa 18. Robert Owens 19. Elaine Owens 20. Larry Owens 21. James W. Raines 22. Patricia E. Reichert 23. Laura L. Rice 24. John A. Riggle 25. Cecelia Ringold 26. Phyllis M. Riofsky 27. Laura Roberson 28. Clyde B. Robinson 29. Richard L. Rose 30. Glen E. Rowe 31. Jack M. Rowland 32. Carolyn Paige Taylor 33. Cliff Taylor 34. Judy A. Thames 35. Carolyn C. Thompson 36. Ann Thomas 37. Gloria D. Thompson 38. Linda Gail Tillery 39. William G. Tilley 40. Brenda A. Tucker 41. Phyllis C. Turner 42. John Michael Tyson
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1. Jimmy Capps 2. Don Carswell 3. Bob Carter 4. Jimmy Carter 5. Roland K. Cason 6. Cornelia Caulthan 7. Cecelia Chandler 8. Ricky Cox 9. Nelson Cohger 10. Patricia Creed 11. Evelyn D. Dampier 12. Jerry A. Daniels 13. Michael Thomas Darnell 14. Cheryl S. Daughtrey 15. Faye Davis 16. Raymond Douglas DeLoach 17. Robert A. DeLoach 18. Barbara J. Depew 19. Pete Desantis 20. Betty Jane DeVane 21. Jane E. Dewberry 22. Theresa M. Dial 23. Frances P. Dillon 24. Margaret A. Dillon 25. Joan L. Dowdy 26. Winnifred C. Dubberly 27. Susan R. Duchen 28. Tom Efford 29. Robert L. English 30. Cheryl M. Epperson 31. Buddy Epps 32. Ken R. Evans 33. Lawrence Terry Evans (2) 34. Judy Kear 35. Mark Van Brackle (2) 36. James B. VanLandingham 37. Douglas Hodges 38. Patrick Lacefield 39. Peter Luschinski 40. James B. Zager 41. Lynn Futch 42. Barbara Moore Garrison 43. Mary Olive Harrell.
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