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Collection Overview

Title: Max Freedom Long Library and MuseumAdd to your cart.

ID: MS/150/4

Primary Creator: Frost, Guy (1965-)

Extent: 16.5 Linear Feet

Subjects: Huna

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Box 4: Health Research PublicationsAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: Ancient Cataclysms which changed Earth’s Surface, 1965Add to your cart.

Contents: Ancient Cataclysms which changed Earth’s Surface and Atlantean, Atlantis, Osiris, Isis; Isselstein, Karl H.

The Gracial Period – This is about Osiris warned the Atlanteans

Atlantis Submerged 9564 B.C. – It is about before the Christian era the magnetic North Pole suddenly moved a great distance.

Folder 2: Ancient Sun God, 1956Add to your cart.

Contents: Ancient Sun God and Star, Sun, Great sun, Sun God; Hotema, Hilton.

The Ancient Light – Light, Sun worship, Fire

The Great Sun – Stars, Great sun

Secret of the Stars – Zodiac, Eze Kiel’s Wheels, Precession of the Equinoxes

Astrology Changed to Astronomy – Astrology

Virgin Mother – Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Solar Center Majesty of God’s Kingdom – Spark of Life, Fire and Spirit

The sovereign sun – Proclus, Julian, AB-Ram

The Sun-God - AB-Ram

Christian sun god – Sun-God, Jesus

Lamb of God – The East

Perfection – Ancient Masters

Folder 3: Asthma, Catarrh, Hay fever & SinusitisAdd to your cart.

By: George Starr White; Arthur Voss; J.H. Tilden; Chris Gien-Cursio; Herbert M. Shelton; Jethro Kloss

Subjects: Asthma, Catarrh, Hay fever & Sinusitis and remedy, treatment, Asthma, Hey fever, sinus Affections, catarrh; White, George Starr. Voss, Arthur. Tilden, J.H. Gian–Cursio, Chris. Shelton, Herbert M. Kloss, Jethro.

Folder 4: The Breath of Life and the Flame Devine, 1957Add to your cart.

Subjects: Breath of life and the flame devine and life, fire Ancient Science; Hotema, Hilton.

The breath of life – life, breating

Union of the astral and Physical – zodiac, atom fire

Cosmic radiation – cosmic radiation, silver cord, ego

Chiropractic the greatest – life, fire, chiropractic

Folder 5: Cheiro's Language of the Hand, 1963Add to your cart.
Contents:  Of the Shapes of Hands and Fingers; The Elementary of Lowest Type; The Square Hand and Its Subdivisions; The Spatulate Hand; The Philosophic Hand; The Conic Hand; The Psychic Hand; The Mixed Hand; The Thumb; The Joints of the Fingers; The Fingers; The Palm and Large and Small Hand; The Nails; The Hair on the Hands; The Mounts, Their Position and Their Meanings; The Hands of Nations; A Few Remarks in Reference to the Reading of the Hand; The Lines of the Hand; In Relation to the Lines; The Right and Left Hands; The Line of Life; The Line of Mars; The Line of Head; The Line of Head in Relation to the Seven Types; Insanity as Shown by the Line of Head; The Line of Heart; The Line of Fate; The Line of Sun; The Line of Health, or the Hepatica; The Via Lasciva and the Line of Intuition; The Girdle of Venus, the Ring of Saturn, and the Three Bracelets, The Line of Marriage; Children; The Star; The Cross; The Square; The Island, the Circle, the Spot; The Grille, the Triangle, “La Croix Mystique,” the Ring of Solomon; Hands Covered with Lines-The Color of the Palm; The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle; Travel, Voyages, and Accidents; Time-The System of Seven; A Few Words on Suicide; The Peculiarities of Hands that Show a Suicidal Tendency; Propensities for Murder; Various Phases of Insanity; Modus Operandi; Thought Photography and Register of Cerebral Force’ Illustrations of Famous Hands
Folder 6: ConstipationAdd to your cart.
Subject Headings:Constipation - various opinions, data, diets, Etc. and synonyms, constipation, digestion, Torpor of the Bowels; costiveness, result of foods what we eat, menus for constipation, it is about everyday diet.
Folder 7: Cosmic Creation 2nd Edition, 1958Add to your cart.

Contents: Cosmic Creation and nature of man and earth; Hill, Mokelumne.

Cosmogony – Religionists, scientists, evolutionists, ancient masters, bible

Darkness – Dark Age, Christians, solar heat

Cosmography – the circle, the dot, polarity, law, tarot card no.1, Christianity, tarot card no.2, the world mother, dual effects

Universal equilibrium – primary law, eternal knowledge, perfectology, vital adjustment, consciousness, health

Science – Isaac Newton, observation, evolution, inevolution, life, christianism, evolution

Man is born – astral electricity, the atom

Cave man – church, colossal power

Great stone book – terrestrial life, study about rock

Sunken continents – human skeleton, ancient temples, floods, ice age, volcano Krakatau

Before mountains rose – tuahuanaco, atomicity, sun

Human paleontology – race, adaptation, life, mind, regeneration, androgynism, somatic death

Biological Kingdom – life, atom, worship, consciousness, intelligence

Atomic creator – man, No science, constitution, nature of life, scientific care of the sick, astral light, radiation

Constitution of the body – making man, the cell, organizers, evolutionology

Cosmic intelligence – unitology, nutrition, prefectology, time, space

Birth and death – life continues, photographing the soul, cosmic cycle

Search for god – lies beget lies, the Gospel Christ, sun gods, macrocosm, microcosm, the fall of rome, law, love, gods, exit Christianity, science

Folder 8: Cosmic Science of the Ancient MastersAdd to your cart.

By Professor Hilton Hotema

Contents: Cos Science of the Ancient Masters and Bible, masters, ancient masters; Hotema, Hilton.

The Bible – bible, ancient masters

Astral influence – masters, religion, zodiac

Age of man – ape hood

Modern fallacies – disease

Temple of man – Temple, bible, body

Man – ancient masters, physiology, modern medicine

Natural science – nasce, ancient scriptures, cosmic sprit

No Death – Death natural phenomenon

The resurrection – Christianity, religious system, Hindu philosophy

Man’s transformation – intimate relation, law of change, birth

The ancient mysteries – sacred mysteries

Spiritual intuition (A) – immortality

Spiritual intuition (B) – electron, witch hunts

Esoteric Knowledge – cosmic consciousness, materialistic

Dormant organs (A) – weird flowers, biblical allegories

Dormant organs (B) – spiritual chambers

Dormant organs (C) – all powerful pope, Endocrine Glands, destructive glands

Spiritual Chambers (A) – chambers, sinuses

Spiritual Chambers (B) – physical, metal

Damnation – Jesus, believeth, cosmic creation

Folder 9: Esoteric Aspects of Tuned ElectronicsAdd to your cart.

by Mark L. Gallert

Contents: The Auric bodies – physical body, the human Atmosphere

Organs in the auric bodies – physical organs

Energy interchange through the life centers – chakras, life center

Some characteristics of the auric bodies – religious, habit

Toxicity – disease, toxicity

Organs and system depressed in function at an auric level – auric level, etheric body

The sensitive – Esp ability

White light – radionics instrument, sunlight

Dark Force – dark force

Obsession – entity, auric weakness

Obsession and dark force – powered, obsessing entities

Entities and spastic ailments – epilepsy, interference of entities, obsession in blood

Caused by transfusion – blood stream, disharmony

Control lines and obsession – control lines, direct entity invasion

Esoteric Aspect of cancer – cancer

Electrical and magnetic currents through the life center – magnetic currents, astral body, polarities

Conscious – mind relationship with subconscious – Subconscious

Planetary influences – vibratory rate, horoscope

The alliances or combinations formed by dark forces with other adverse factors – vibration, planetary influences

Tunings of organs after removal of the physical component from the body – organs

Checking specimens after physical death – physical levek, auric levels, physical death

Folder 10: Essene – Jesus – Apollonius Series, Vol. 1, Dead Sea Scrolls and the life of the Ancient Essenes.Add to your cart.
by Dr. R.W. Bernard
Folder 11: Essene – Jesus – Apollonius Series, Vol. 3, Apollonius the Nazarene.Add to your cart.

Contents: Nazarene and Christianity, Nazareth, orthodox, Christians; Bernard, R.W.

The historical Apollonius versus the mythical Jesus – Christianity, orthodoxy, Apollonius

Events in the life of Apollonius of Tyana birth and youth of Apollonius – Apollonius, lehr-jare, bon-mots

Apollonius’s visit to the Brahman sages of the Himalayas – fountain head of Wisdom

Labors of apollonious in Greece – Ephesus, temples

Visit to the gymnosophists – gymnosophists

The trials of Apollonius by nero and Domitian – Nero, Pomitian

The mysterious passing of apollonious – Nerva’s brief reign

Folder 12: Essene – Jesus – Apollonius Series, Vol. 4, the unknown life of Christ.Add to your cart.
by Dr. R. W. Bernard.
Folder 13: Genesis of Christianity, 1967Add to your cart.

by Professor Hilton Hotema.

Contents: Old Testament; New Testament; History of Christianity; The Gospel Jesus; World of Heathens; Ancient Egypt; Land of Darkness; Land of Mystery; Egyptian Masters; Birth of Romanism; Papal Forgeries; Romanism; The Gods; Ancient Gods; The Sun God; Astrology; Zodiac; Ancient Mysteries; Purpose of Life; God of Love; The Great Glands; Chastity; The Christian Ghost

Folder 14: Great Harmonia (The Seer), 1959Add to your cart.

Concerning the Seven Mental States. by Andrew Jackson Davis.

Contents: The Mission of Mind as Considered as a Motive Power; The Mission of Mind Considered as a Moral Power; On the Philosophy of Clairvoyance and Inspiration; A Definition of the Seven Mental States; Man’s Ordinary State Considered in Connection with the External World; Man Considered in His Internal Relations to the Spiritual Universe; A General Consideration of Man’s Psychological Condition and Powers; On the Relations and Dependencies Existing Between the Body and the Soul; Concerning the Psychological Action of the Mind Upon the Body in Disease; On the Philosophy and Outer Manifestations of a Universal Sympathy; Concerning the External Manifestations of the Sympathetic State; On the Historical Evidences of the Psycho-Sympathetic State; The Mental Condition of Ancient Prophets, Seers, and Religious Chieftains; On The Moral or Religious Manifestations of the Transition State; The Transition of Mind as Developed Among Religious Chieftains; Continuation of Transitional Manifestations Among Religious Chieftains; Being an Application of Physical Laws to Every-Day Life; Concerning the Philosophy and Principles of Somnambulism; The Mental Faculties Considered in Relation to Clairvoyance; Concerning the Phenomena and History of Clairvoyance; Concerning the Spiritual State and Its External Manifestations; Concerning the Principles and Causes of True Inspiration; The Philosophy of Ordinary and Extraordinary Dreaming; The Sources of Human Happiness and Misery Philosophically Considered; A Brief Exposition of the Satan Which Tempted Jesus of Nazareth; The Authority of the Harmonial Philosophy; On the Uses and the Abuses of the Sabbath in This Country

Folder 15: Hints on Fasting Well, 1956Add to your cart.
by Marie Phelps Sweet and Hereward Carrington.
Folder 16: Hollow EarthAdd to your cart.
by Dr. Raymond Bernard
Folder 17: Intelligence of the Cell Salts that Build the Human Body and the PlantAdd to your cart.

by Dr. Geo. W. Carey

Subjects: Intelligence of the cell salts that build the human body and the plant and Mineral salts, allegorical, bible, God, lord God; Carey, Geo. W. Mineral salts, allegorical, bible, God, lord God

Folder 18: Introduction to Homeopathic MedicineAdd to your cart.

by Mark L. Gallert.

Contents: What are the Advantages of Homeopathic Medicines?; What is a Homeopathic Remedy?; From What Substances are Homeopathic Remedies Produced?; What is the Relationship Between the Effect of a Substance in its Original Form, and the Effect of the Same Substance After it has been Homeopathically Triturated?; What Therapeutic Effects can be Obtained from Homeopathic Remedies?; How is a Homeopathic Remedy Produced?; Effect of Increasing Trituration or Succussion; Scientific Principles Underlying Homeopathic Method of Preparation of Remedies; What is the Additional Dimension of Homeopathic Remedies?; How do Homeopathic Remedies Produce their Therapeutic Effects? How Were the Remedial Effects of the Different Homeopathic Remedies Ascertained?; Why is Homeopathy Not More Widely Practiced?; What is the New Factor that can Lead to Expansion of Use of Homeopathic Medicine; Where can Further Inforamtion be Obtained on Homeopathic Remedies?

Folder 19: Karezza: Ethics of MarriageAdd to your cart.

by Alice B. Stockham.

Contents: Creative Energy; Karezza; Attainment Possible; Health; Parenthood; Control of Procreative Powers; Free Motherhood; Married and Mated; Procreation of Thought; Spiritual Growth;

Folder 20: Kidney Troubles, 1958Add to your cart.

by George Starr White

Subjects:  Kidney Troubles and Diseases, Germs, remedy, treatment; White, George Starr. Tilden, J. H. Shelton, Herbert. M. Kloss, Jethro. Diseases, Germs, remedy, treatment.

Folder 21: Kingdom of HeavenAdd to your cart.

by Prof. Hilton Hotema.

Contents: What is a Kingdom; Mind; Mental Kingdom; Consciousness; Spiritual Organs; Spiritual Powers; Telepathy; Television; Fourth Dimension; Temperance (Time)

Folder 22: Letters to Hereward Carrington: From Famous Psychical Researchers, Scientists, Mediums & Magicians, 1957Add to your cart.
Letters from: Everard Feilding; Mrs. L.E. Piper; Prof. William James; Arthur Avalon; Dr. Sigmund Freud; Prof. Th. Flournoy; M. Ce'sar deVesme; Dr. Gustave Geley; Eusapia Palladino; Nikola Tesla; Alexander Graham Bell; Dr. James H. Hyslop; Andrew Jackson Davis; Dr. J.M. Peebles; Edward T. Bennett; Katherine Bates; Sir Oliver Lodge; John Hays Hammond, Jr.; Prof. Hans Driesch; Dr. Joseph Maxwell; Dr. Morton Prince; Sir William Crookes; Rev. C. Drayton Thomas; Canadian S.P.R.; Stewart Edward White; John C. Curran; Prof. G. Stanley Hall; Mrs. Henry Sidgwick; Prof. Joseph Jastrow; W.H. Salter; Mrs. Salter; W.T. Stead;W. Whately Carington; Count Petrovo-Solovovo; Prof. Robert W. Wood; J. Cecil Maby; Prof. G.T.W. Patrick; W.W. Baggally; Hewat McKenzie; Dr. Carl Wickland; Prof. William McDougall; Count von Klinckowstroem; Prescott F. Hall; Horace Leaf; California S.P.R.; Somerset Maugham; Don Marquis; Richard LeGallienne; Mary Roberts Rinehart; Sinclair Lewis; Rex Beach; Sylvan Muldoon; Harrison D. Barrett; Harry Houdini; Howard Thurston; Dr. A.M. Wilson; Ottokar Fischer; Harry Kellar…etc.
Folder 23: Live Longer by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1959Add to your cart.

Contents: Right Living

Healthful Environment


Men's Home

The Artificial World

The Art of Living

He Lived 370 Years

Laws of Change

Fountain of Youth

Physiological Rest

Renewal of Youth

Man Lived 80,000 Years

Self Denial

Folder 24: The Liver and Its Complaints, 1957 (2nd ed.)Add to your cart.
by Herbert M. Shelton; William L. Esser; R.T. Trall; M.L. Holbrook; S.W. Dodds; J.H. Kellogg; B.L. Swick; J.H. Tilden;George Starr White; Sanford Bennett
Folder 25: The Mysterious Sphinx or the Secret Word ny Prof. Hilton HotemaAdd to your cart.

Contents: The Great Fraud


Science of Man


Freedom of Mind


Initiation of Iesous

Origin of the Sphinx

Ancient Symbology

Biblical Description of Sphinx

Ancient Masters

Ancient Wisdom

Four Great Principles


The Secret Word

The Tarot

Card 1, Juggler

Card 0, Fool

Card 2, High Priestess

Card 21. The World

Card 3, Empress

Card 20, Resurrection

Card 4, Emperor

Card 19, The Sun

Card 5, Hierophant

Card 7, Chariot

Card 16, Yower

Card 8, Truth

Card 15, Evil

Card 14, Time

Card 10, Wheel of Fortune

Card 13, Death

Card 12, Hanged Man

Psychology & Metaphysics

Four Cosmis Elements


Four Fixed Signs

Angelic Plane

Great Pyramid

Four Departments of the Body

Twelve Zodiac Signs

Cosmic Chemistry

The Guard

Animal Sacrifice

Consuming Fire

The God-Man

Folder 26: Mystery of Man by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1956Add to your cart.

Contents: Evolution

What is Man

World of Illusion

Cosmic Thought

Spiritual World (A)

Spiritual World (B)

Spiritual Substance (A)

Spiritual Substance (B)

Spirit Vs. Energy (A)

Spirit Vs. Energy (B)

The Cosmic Pattern

Constitution of Man

Spiritual Contact

Folder 27: Nutritional Sex Control and Rejuvenation by Dr. Raymond Bernard, 1960Add to your cart.

Contents: Diet and Sex

Experiment of Dr. Francis G. Benedict of the Carnegie Institute on Influence of Low Protein Diet in Controlling Sexual Tendencies and Eliminating Nocturnal Emissions

Is the Sexual Impulse Due to Natural Instinct or to Food Stimulation?

The Internal Secretions of the Sex Glands the Physiological Value of Seminal Conservation

Professor Steinach's Researches on Rejuvenation

Why Sex Hormones are Present in the External Genital Secretion and Lost With It

The Physiological Resorption of Semen

Folder 28: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Life of the Ancient Essenes by Dr. R.W. Bernard, 1956Add to your cart.
Vol. 1 of the Essene-Jesus-Appolonius Series
Folder 29: Vol.4 Of Jesus Vs. Appolonius Series: The Unknown Life of Christ, 1956Add to your cart.
by Dr. R.W. Bernard
Folder 30: PapersAdd to your cart.

Dr. Nikola Tesla "The Forgotten Superman of Our Industrial Age"

Program: National Conference of Electric and Gas Utility Accountants April 20-22, 1970 Dallas, Texas

Folder 31: The Practice of Yoga, 1957Add to your cart.
Published by Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, California
Folder 32: Pre-Existence of Man by Prof. Hilton HotemaAdd to your cart.

Contents: Life


Nature of Life

Potential Beings

Electrical Fields


Cosmic Cycle

Solar Radiation

The God Man


Cross of Life

Cosmic Intelligence

Book with Seven Seals

The Bible


Mythical Jesus

Ancient Mysteries

The Future Life

Astral Projection

Folder 33: The Problem of Increasing Human Energy Nikola Tesla, June 1900Add to your cart.
The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine
Folder 34: Pythagoras the Immortal Saga Father of Vegetarianism and Natural Hygiene, 1958Add to your cart.

by Dr. R.W. Bernard

Contents: Scientific Genius of Pythagoras

Superhuman Character of Pythagoras

Birth and Education of Pythagoras

Travels and Studies Under the Sages of Egypt, Babylonia, Chaldea, Persia, and India

Settlement at Crotona: Pythagoras's Brave Attempt to Create a New Civilization Ruled by Scientists and Sages

Downfall of Pythagoreanism

College and Community of Pythagoras at Crotona and His New System of Education for the Harmonious Development of Man

Social Doctrines of Pythagoras

Eugenic Doctrines of Pythagoras

Nutritional Doctrines of Pythagoras, Father of Vegetarianism

The Golden Verses of Pythagoras

Folder 35: Secret life of Jesus the Essene by Dr. R.W. Bernard, 1956Add to your cart.

Subjects: Christianity, Religion, Jesus, Pilato, Egypt, Jews, Eternal Life

Summary: Contains passages on how to study religion and who Jesus Christ really was.

Folder 36: The Secret of Rejuvenation or Professor Brown Sequard’s Great Discovery of the Fountain Youth. By Dr. R.W. Bernard, 1956Add to your cart.

Subjects:Health, Being Youth, Rejuvenation, Sex Glands, Medical Analysis of the Blood, Experiments, Homoplastic, Endocrine Glands, Transplantation of youthful Glands, Hormones, Semen, Sperm Cells, Vitality, The Nervous System,

Summary: This packet goes into details about the study of blood and semen in the search for the generic key to youth.

Folder 37: Rare Health BooksAdd to your cart.
Summary:Various health documents that were published from doctor’s rare findings and where to find them.
Folder 38: Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons 1-20 by Paramahansa Yogananda, 1956Add to your cart.

Subjects:Guru, Fellowship, Study, Self – Realization, Panamahansa, Yogananda, Prayer, Daily Mantras

Summary:A series of packets/lessons on the study of soul searching.

Folder 39: Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons 21-30 by Paramahansa Yogananda, 1956Add to your cart.

Subjects:Guru, Fellowship, Study, Self – Realization, Panamahansa, Yogananda, Prayer, Daily Mantras

Summary:A series of packets/lessons on the study of soul searching.

Folder 40: Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons 31-50 by Paramahansa Yogananda, 1956Add to your cart.

Subjects:Guru, Fellowship, Study, Self – Realization, Panamahansa, Yogananda, Prayer, Daily Mantras

Summary:A series of packets/lessons on the study of soul searching.

Folder 41: The Seven Rays of Development by A.H. Ward, 1959Add to your cart.

Subjects:A.H. Ward, Self, astral body, unblocking knowledge, supreme being, symbolism, healing

Summary:How to unlock levels of development to reach supreme self.

Folder 42: The Soul’s Secret: Unveiling the Mysterious Soul by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1958Add to your cart.

Subjects:Hilton Hotema, Future Life, what is Life, Evolution, Evolutionists disagree, Arcane Science, Astral World, Enthusiasm for death, Allegory and symbology, the man of darkness, intuition, Astrologers, the four, element, consciousness

Summary:Understanding Concussions to soul and beyond.

Folder 43: Soul’s Secret by Prof. Hilton Hotema, 1959Add to your cart.

Contents: Future Life

What is Life


Evolutionists Disagree

Arcane Science

Astral World

Enthusiasm for Death

Allegory and Symbology

The Man of Darkness

Folder 44: Son of Perfection by Prof. Hilton HotemaAdd to your cart.

Contents:  Last Book of the Bible

Seven Incarnations

Endocrine System

Fiery Serpent & False Prophet


Sex Force

Fourth Dimension

Four Principal Glands


Light of the World

Mother of the Universe


Folder 45: Super Memory by FrankalAdd to your cart.
Folder 46: TelepathyAdd to your cart.

Subjects:Thought-waves, Mental, Mind Reading, Conscious Mind, psychic law

Summary:How to use and access pathways to use telepathy.

Folder 47: To Laodicea by S.B. White, 1936Add to your cart.

Contents: Impossibility of Moving Vertebrae


Cause of Prejudice

Unscientific Investigation

Vertebral Subluxations (Their Prevalence and Effect)

The Doctrine of Nerve Impingement (Its Origin and Purpose)

Science and Divine Testimony

Natural Law

Functional Energy (Its Source and Purpose)

Therapeutic Deductions (Case Reports)

The "One" Way

The Enemy's Scheme

A Word to Ministers

Special Testimony of Physicians

The World's Way Adjudged (Drugs and Vaccines)

Standardization (Satan's Objective Gained)

The Entering Wedge (Its Objective)

The Christian Physician

True Distinctiveness

Scientific Medicine

Hazardous Counsel

Divine Admonition

Folder 48: Vibration the Law of Life by W.H. Williams, 1959 (c1897)Add to your cart.
Subjects: Health Research, W.H. Williams, N.E. William, Health, Hypnotism, Sub-Conscious, Disease, Faith in healing, Exercises, life, Elixir
Folder 49: The Wall of Light Nikola Tesla and the Venusian Space Ship The – X - 12 by A.H. Matthews, 1971Add to your cart.

Subjects: Nikola Tesla, A. H. Matthews, Arthur H. Matthews, Nikola Tesla’s inventions, Quebec, Space, Spaceships, UFO’s

Summary:At the end of this particular periodical there are various news chippings and writings from A.H. Matthews

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