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Max Freedom Long Library and Museum | Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

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Collection Overview

Title: Max Freedom Long Library and MuseumAdd to your cart.

ID: MS/150/4

Primary Creator: Frost, Guy (1965-)

Extent: 16.5 Linear Feet

Subjects: Huna

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Box 6: Misc. PeriodicalsAdd to your cart.
Folder 1: The Aberree, April 1959; July/August 1961Add to your cart.

Vol. VI No. 1 Contents:

Kinney, D. Harold “John – Organizer of the Telepaths

Elliott, B. Alberta “Opening of the Little White Tulip”

Davis, Eugene Roy “Faster Evolution of Consciousness”

Kristy, Jacob “The Swindle of Mytholicism”

Arentz, Bob “A Book – Auditor Looks Back, A Sort of History of Dianetics”

Hand, N. Frederic “Why I Got In, and Out, of Scientology”

Trubshaw, Wayne “The Lost Christ Teaching”

Vol. VIII No.4 Contents:

O’ Connell M. Alberta “Man “Graduates” From Earth’s Spheres Only by Raising Vibrations”

Crawford T. George “Doubtes Seek More and More “Proof” Friends Can Help Open Your Eyes, but Not See For You, Other Plans Wont Solve Material Problems”

Faucett, Edith “From Nine to Two”

Kinney D. Harold “How to Make “thought Pictures” the “Show-offs” From Upstirs are Always Willing to Help”

Katzen, Morris “Science is Challenged on Which is a Void and Which is theSubstance”

Gurks J. Arthur “16 Hours with Jesus”

Lagus W. George “Martyrs of Inhumanity”

Kridler, Karl “The Book they Blammed on God”

Julaine, Lowana “How Many Souls Fill a Tiny Thimble?”

Folder 2: American Dowser, Feb. 1974; Nov. 1974; May 1976Add to your cart.

Contents: Vol. 14 No.1- Boer De Wilhelm and Dr. Z.V. Harvalic “Locating the Dowsing Sensors b the “High- Frequency Beam” Method

Hartloff, S. Gordon “Dowsing Experiences and Problems- Psychogenic Oil Prospecting ap and Field Dowsing – Observations and Techniques”

Douglas, Herbert “A Further Look at Dowsing and Arthritis

Vol. 14 No. 4- Willey C. Raymond “Ideas About Dowsin Possible Psychic Elements in Dowsing”

“Oil Dowsing in East Africa” (Concluded From August Issue)

Vol. 16 No.2- Jurion, Jean Abbe “The Danville Convention”

“How Dowsing Works”

Boer DEW and Dr. V. Harvalik “Scientific Aspects of Dowsing. Dowsing Reactions Produced by Alternating Electromagnetic Fields in the Frequency Range of 1 Hertz to 500 Hertz”

Boer and Harvalik “Programming for Selected Frequencies of Electro-Magnetic Radiations”

Gatow and Harvalik “Influences of Dowsing Zones on “Loose” Electric Conditions Dowsing Experiences and Problems”

Jastarm P. Edward “Dowsing as Psychic Functions” Seminar, ASD Convention, 1975

Folder 3: ASPR Newsletter, 1974Add to your cart.

Contents: Cox, W.E “Dowsing: A Survey and a Call for Experimenters

“TV Series on Parapsvchology”

“Setting up a Seminar in Parasychology”

Walter, J. Levy M.D. “Some Advice to Students”

“Librarians Visit ASPR”

Folder 4: Beyond Reality, January/February 1975Add to your cart.

Contents: Sutherly K. Curtis “Voyage of the Light Heart”

Huna Research Association “Huna: A Practical System of Psychology”

Dunham, Robert “Rev. Masahisa Goi”

Bond, Bryce “Interview: ENA Twigg”

Dr. Thomas T. Maughan “The Druid Order”

Ayling, Keith “Do You Have a Voice?”

Clairmonte, Glenn “The Spelling Gadget”

Feldman, Mark “Parasychology and Science”

Moore R. John “The Face on the Screen Door”

Dickson, Larry “Mystery at Sea”

Parsons, Gary “IN Love with a Phantom”

Staff “The Phantom of Edinburg”

Staff “Husband Returns from the Beyond”

Folder 5: California Parapsychology News Letter, August 1960Add to your cart.

Contents: “Report from Argentina”

“ESP Experiments with Nursery School Children in the Netherlands”

“Body’s Electromagnetic Signals May Hold Clues to Telepathy”

“ESP Kits

Folder 6: Chimes, June/November 1963Add to your cart.

Contents: June 1963- Rev. Richard Ireland “My Greatest Revelation”

Rev. Lincoln B. Justice “Why are People Hostile to Survival”

Dr. M.W. Travis “Are You Living The Dream You Like?”

Brother Mandus “Secretes of the Silence”

Hastings, Philip “Margie… The Answer Girl”

Purnell, Idella “My Father’s Passing”

Max Freedom Long “Instant Healing and Raising the Dead”

Ambrose A. and Olga N. Warrell “What is the Truth About Changing Healers?”

November 1963-Levin, Al “I Allow Things to Happen”

Major T.H. Patterson “Healing Behind Closed Doors in Spain”

Landaker, Genevieve “Decision”

Purnell, Idella “Lost and Found… in Spirit”

Crossman, A.W. “The Huna Prayer”

Stanly, Vera Alder “Anna Lee Skarin Speaks Signpost to the Future”

Korch, W. Edward “Visible Manifestation of Existence”

Ward, Clara Mills “Begin Orbiting”

Folder 7: Fate True Stories of the Strange & Unknown, April/July/September 1970Add to your cart.

Contents: April 1970- Earley, George “Scientist Urge New UFO Study”

Beekly, Timothy “Russia Searches for the Abominable Snowman”

Sane, John “Yetis of Bhutan”

Riotte, Louise “How to Plant a Moon Garden”

Peterson, Tracey “Find the Answer in an Egg”

Denham, Cyril “We Struggle with Forces of Evil, Parrll”

Smith, Susy “Discovering Schuman’s Lost Concerto”

Powell, Charles “Doctor Conwell’s Personnel Angle”

Fuller, Curtis “I see the Papers”

Steiner, Paul “Our Prophetic Fiction Writers”

Remaley, Sally “The pull of the Past”

“Rattle O.K.?”

“The Mysterious Quija”

Otto, Raymond “Guided by the Stars”

Steiner, Paul “Wheel of Fortune”

Brown, Hugh “Modern Science vs. Fossil Science”

“The Readers My Proof of Survival”

Techler, David “New Books”

Readers “Report from the Readers”

July 1970- Schaffrante, Rolf “Spirit Voices Tape Recorded”

Steiger, Brad “Can Hypnosis Improve Esp?”

Remaley, Sally “Manna, “Bread of Heaven””

McGraw, Christina “The LA Junta Hunt”

Upardhyay, Asha “Curse fo the Holy Beggar”

Mepedes, Colon “Can the Dead Harm the Living”

Curtis, Fuller “I See the Papers”

Otto, Raymond “Lord, Im in Trouble”

“He Doesn’t Bother Me”

Readers “True Mystic Experience”

Remaley, Sally “A Question of accuracy”

Blow, Lynton “Peculiar Prey”

Webber, Laurance “The Dogs Know”

Helfer, Harold “Fingers of Fate”

Remaley, Sally “You Can go Home Again”

Readers “My Proof of Survival

Techler, David “New Books”

Readers “Report from the Readers”

September 1970- J.B.L “The Evil Spirit Who Misunderstood”

M.W. Martin “Are There Icebergs in The Sky”

Crookall, Robert “Astral Projection, Proof of Spirit Survival?”

Wiater and O’Brien “How to Perfrm Hypnotic Levitation”

Morris, Ina L. “Mr. Blue’s Telpthic Call for Help”

Henry, Dick “1970 UFO Over Nebraska”

Zubryn, Emil “Nobody Loves a Poltergiest”

Folder 8: Fate True Stories of Strange and Unknown, October/November/December 1970Add to your cart.

Contents: Issue 247 Fulled, John “My Three Sittings with Douglas Johnson”

Spraggett, Allen “The Reverend Fuller and his Demistry Ministry

Kuthner, Robert “Traces of Alien Influences from UFOs”

Rausher, Rev Win “A Case of Cross Communication”

Harmon, Hartzell Bro “Are There Dangers in Psychic Development

Tennes, Winifred “Your Path Around the Zodiac”

Glmore, Marguerette “Our LittleGreen Haunted House”

Grender, Julia “In Ivinsible Choir”

Smith, Anna “The Casket That Cried”

Trombeau, Theron “Periodic Reincarnation of Francisco”

Issue 248: Lawrence, George “Confirming the Backster Effect: Electronics Roves Plants can Feel”

Fuller, John “My Second Session with Douglas Johnson Exploring Mediumship”

Rogo, Scott “When Mediums Trip on the Ectoplasm”

Kane, Jim “UFO Kills Tree in Cincinnati”

Rowley, Elaine “I Saw the Spook of “Ghost Ridge”

Pantaja, Ramon “The Crying Phantom of Tlateloleo”

Tennes, Winifred “Your Horoscope for November”

Renale, Sally “Are my Witnesses Doomed”

Harmon Harbell Bro “How to Cope with the Dangers of Psychic Development”

Issue 249: “I Found Life Beyond Death”

Edward and Nellie Cain “More Messages from the GI’s Ring”

Kane, Jim “The Tombstone That Goes Around and Round”

Schwarz, Berthhold “What Did Edison Owe to Telepathy”

United Pres “Case of the Turned-on Spiders”

Devon, Richard “The Staircase Ghost”

Hobb, Dee “My Vision Saved a Child”

Proctor, Ruby “Father’s “Spell of Knowing”

Tennis Winifred “Your Path Around the Zodiac”

Folder 9: Fate True Stories of the Strange and Unknown, January/March 1971Add to your cart.

Contents: Issue 250- Sanderson, Ivan “America’s “Third Class” Dragon”

Melton, J. “Does the Bible Support Reincarnation”

Vachon, Jingo “The Saints Preserved Him”

Conner, William “Did Ancient Mediterraneans “Discover” America”

Gregory, Anita “The Nitty-Gritty of Parapsychology”

Sibolski, Francis “The Specter of Mud Pond”

McDonald, Eleanor “I. O Somebody $10

Clark, Rosemary “Indian Medicine Woman Rescues a Marriage”

Issue 252- Clark, Jerome “Chan Chan and the Last Empire of the Chimu”

Bayless, Raymond “Can Poltergeists be Exorcised”

Aliyn, Madge “Flying Cucumber of 1903”

Burr, Eugene “Broadway Bogles and Other Phantoms”

Coleman, Loren “Mystery Animals Invade Illinois”

Tennes, Winifred “Astrology Supplement: Your Path Around the Zodiac”

Folder 10: The Gun Club News Bulletin Vol. 13 No. 7/8, July & August 1960Add to your cart.

Contents: "The Detroit Shoot”

“The Cleveland Shoot”

“The National Championship Shoot”

“The Washington Park Gun Club Moves Forward”

Offord, A.J. “Mental Poison”

Folder 11: Ha'Rite, January 1991-Winter 1995Add to your cart.

Contents: Issue 1-  “Announcing the Huna Alliance”

Issue 2-  Bainbridge, John “Huna to DA Max… Max Freedom Long, That is!”

“The Telepathic Mutual Meditation and Prayer Group”

Issue 3-  Dr. Hook, Anita “Direct and Indirect Suggestion: Subliminal Synergy”

“Preparing for the Journey”

Issue 4- Nickson, Roy “Huna is …”

Varro, Stevan “Meditation on a Prayer”

Pennington, Laura “The Day the Sidewalk Moved”

Ireland, John “Building a New Huna Foundation”

Eklund, Peter “This was only a TEST” Calgary Study Group “12 Steps to Better Living with Huna”

“Fall Conference Announcement”

Issue 5- “The New Organizational Structure Takes Shape”

Issue 6- Eklund, Peter “Whither Huna or Huna Withers”

Henley, Louise “Kaltuna Thought”

Sax, Elaine “Oh What a Feeling”

Yardley, Laura “A Kahuna for Today”

Issue 7- “Implementing a New Organizational Structure in Huna”

“The Huna Alliance”

“The Operational Trust”

“The Ha’ Rite”

Issue 8- Bell, Joy “How We Got Our Name”

Eklund, Peter “A Program for Huna Groups”

Henky, M. Louise “The Mana of the Eagle”

Nickson, Roy “Visualization of God”

Issue 9- Coomer, Bill “What is Huna?”

Eklund, Peter “A Sufi Parable”

Huna Alliance “What’s HAppening?”

Henley, M. Louise “Creative Writings”

Issue 10- “What in the World is Huna?”

“Elemets of Huna”

“What is Huna in the World?”

“The Menehunas are Coming”

“Statement of Purpose


“The Financial Picture”

Issue 11- Henley, M. Louise “Hurt Not, Harm Not”

Swigart, Douglas “Undoing the Unculture”

Eklund, Peter “The Generies”

Nickson, Roy “Healing, My Way”

Issue 13- Nickson, Roy “Exercising Huna in the Huna Alliance”

Eklund, Peter “Hell”

Henley, Louis “New Beginnings”

Issue 14-  Eklund, Peter “Thought on Reincarnation”

Max Freedom Long “The Magic off the Grass Huts”

Henley, Louise “Balancing the Three Selves”

McClure, Will “Huna and the Evolution of Consciousness”

Issue 15- Coomer, Bill “Declare Your Independence”

Yardley, Luara K. “The Ancient Goddess Uli”

McClure, Will “Ha Rite: Huna Prayer/Action”

Swigart, Doug “Huna vs. Qabalah”

Devaux, Nancy “Working Locally to Plan a Sustainable Future”

Issue 16- Hoffman, Enid “Breathing”

Rev. Helene Eney “TMPG”

Afrn “Grounds”

Eklund, Peter “Huna Experience”

Max Freedom Long “Thrice loited Serpent”

Cohen, Mike “Educate with Nature”

Henley, M.L. “Riding on Mana”

Coomer, Bill “Creative Visualization”

Nickson, Roy “Hypnosis”

Issue 17- McClure, Will “Making – Changing – Your Image”

Coomer, B. “What is Huna?”

Eklund, Peter “Use Huan to Stop Smoking”

Afrin “Grounds”

Ware, Dolly “Changing a Thought”

Henley, Louise “Mana of Creation”

Yardley, L. Kealoha “Pono: Spiritual Healing”

Nickson, Roy “Huna, Hypnosis and Healing”

Issue 18- McClure, Will “Selfless Service”

Coomer, Bill “Saw Only What You Want to Reap”

Henley, Louise “Seed”

Eklund, Peter “Angle”

Max Freedom Long “elements of Huna in Yoga and Christianity”

Eklund, Peter “Using Huna in Our Lives”

Folder 12: Inner Forum, February 1977; December 1973Add to your cart.

Contents: “There is a Third Part of Man”

“The Invisible Pattern: AKA or Shadowy Bodies”

“Mana or Vital Force”

Smith, Michael “Star Symbols from my Great Grandfather”

Commentary: the ineffable and incredible

Elisabeth Kubler – Ross. And Applied Kinesiology

Shyllis, Huffman “The Weather”

Yensen, Art “What Life Has Taught Me”

Reigh and Orgone

Diane K. Pike and Arleen Lerrance “The Naturalness of the Supernatural”

Edgar D. Mitchill “The Institute of Noetic Science”

Lister, Johnny “Astrological Etcetera”

“The Incredible Komar”

“Introduction to Huna”

Folder 13: Journal of the Polynesian Society: The Easter Island Script and the Middle-Indus Seals, December 1938Add to your cart.

Contents:Sr. J. Imbelloni “Recent Discoveries in the Middle- Indus Area and their Relation to the Easter Island Script”

Marston Road “From N. M. Billimoria, Hon. Secretary, Sind Historical Society”

N. M. Billmora “The Panis of the Rig Veda and Script of Mohenjo Daro and Easter Island”

Alan S.C. Ross “The Easter Island Tablet ATUA – MATA – RIRI”

Folder 14: Letters from a Tibetan(Thibetan) Monk, February 1957Add to your cart.

Contents: Dorjie, Yogi “Letters from a Tibetan Monk”

Dorjie, Yogi “Letters from a Tibetan Master”

Mahatma Letters 1957, Letters from a Tibetan Master

Dorjie, Yogi “Letters from a Tibetan Master”

Folder 15: Psychic, 1970-1976Add to your cart.
Book 1: Psychic a Bimonthly Magazine Volume II, No. 3, December 1970Add to your cart.


Dateline: San Fransicso Interview: Swami Nitya Chaitaya Yati

Spiritism in Brazil by David St. Clair

Freud in the Paranormal by Martin Ebon

Emotional Reactions to Psychic Experiences by Freda Morris

Physical Research in America: the Early Years by Thomas R. Tietze

Book 2: Psychic a Bimonthly Magazine Volume III, No. 1, August 1971Add to your cart.


Dateline: Santa Barbara, California Interview: Diane Kennedy Pike

The Final Frontier by Thomas R. Tietze

The Psychical Research Foundation by Alan Vaughn

Evidence for an Afterlife? By Martha Lynne Johnson

The Soul-Searching Trial in Phoenix by Gina Cerminara

Phenomena- The Apparitions of Palladia by Bert Groth

Book 3: Psychic… Exploring the Extended Nature of Man Volume IV, No. 2,, December 1972Add to your cart.


Interview: Ena Twigg by Alan Vaughan

Plants, Polygraphs, and Paraphysics by John W. White

An Adventure in Consciousness by Edgar D. Mitchell

Edinburgh’s Parapsychology Festival by Alan Vaughan

A Medium’s Personal Philosophy by Ena Twigg

California Institute of Asian Studies by Theodosia Gardner

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle A Portrait by Robin Sanders-Clark

Special Report The San Francisco Quake by Sheldon Ruderman

Phenomena Nessie by Robert Neubert

Book 4: Psychic… Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume IV, No. 4, April 1973Add to your cart.


Interview: Ingo Swann by The Editors

Stigmata by Richard Webb

Noetics, The Emerging Science of Consciousness by Edgar D. Mitchell

Exobiology, The Study of Extraterrestrial Life by John W. White

Somerset Maugham’s Prophetic Dream by Wilman Menard

The Mystery of Rudi Schneider by Thomas R. Tietze

Out- Of- The- Body Vision by Janet, Mitchell

Out- Of- The- Body Experiences by Scott D. Rogo

Phenomena Charles Dickens Great Mystery by Richard Walkomir

Book 5: Psychic… Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume V, No. 1, October 1973Add to your cart.


Interview: Andrija Puharich, M.D. by The Editors

Animals and ESP by Robert J. Morris

Missie: The Psychic Dog of Denver by Gina Cerminara

ESP on the Couch by Montague Ullman, Stanley Krippner and Alan Vaughan

Retrocognition: Psychic Visits to the Past by Gracia Fay Ellwood

Teleporting a Meteorite by Ray Stanford

Haunted Houses by D. Scott Rogo

Witchcraft in Literature by Jane McCormick

Book 6: Psychic… Exploring the Nature of Man and the Universe Volume V, No. 2, December 1973Add to your cart.


Interview: Rosalind Heywood by Alan Vaughan

Psychic Phenomenon and the Movies by Patricia Broeske

Parapsychology Books on Campus by Rhea White

The Great Physical Mediums, Part 1 by Thomas R. Tietze

Miracle Gurus of India by Fred Ackerman

Fakers and Fakirs by D. Scott Rogo

Reincarnation: Evidence for Survival by Nils O. Jacobson

Book 7: Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe… Volume III, No. 1, December 1974Add to your cart.


Interview: Al Pollard by James Grayson Bolen

Profiles in Business by The Editors

Testing for Executive ESP by Douglas Dean and John Mihalasky

Kirlian Photography Revealed? Carolyn Dobervich

Ten Thousand Hands by Colin Dangaard

Sports and ESP by Rhea White

Symbol of Life by Gary Richardson

Viewpoint: The Fraudulent Experimenter by Alan Vaughan

Book 8: Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume VI, No. 5, December 1975Add to your cart.


Interview: Matthew Manning by The Editors

Biographical Sketch: The Phenomena of Matthew Manning by Anne Dooley

The Spoon Benders by Professor John Taylor

Psychic Children by Phyllis Gilbert

A Russian Remembers by Yuri Kapralov

Exploring Mutual Dreams by James Donahue

First Congress of Integrative Health by Bill Schul

Expectation and the Other Side by Gracia Fay Ellwood

Psychic Roulette by Martin Ebon

Book 9: Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe… Volume VII, No. 1, April 1976Add to your cart.


Interview: R. C. “Doc” Anderson by James Bolen

Profile: Milan Ryzl, Ph.D. by Steve and Linda Blumenthal

ESP Training by Robert Neubert and Charles Tart

Psychic Evolution and You by David Brown and David Hammond

In Search of a Miracle: The Riddle Kathryn Kuhlman by Antoinette May

Frontiers of Psychic Development by Jeffrey Mishlove

Developing ESP Through Hypnosis by Mark Turck

Psychic Science Fiction by Alan Vaughan

Book 10: Psychic Exploring the Extended Nature of Man and the Universe Volume VII, No. 2, June 1976Add to your cart.


Interview: Arthur M. Young by Christopher Bird

Profile: Bob Anderson by James Bolen

Digging into the Past with ESP by Maxine Asher, Ph.D.

The High Cost of Haunting by Herbert Greenhouse

The Movies Go Psychic by Pat Hague Broeske

Jung’s First Medium by Martin Ebon

Maeterlinck’s Medium by Patrick Mahony

Book 11: Psychic, Volume VII, No. 4, September 1976Add to your cart.


Timothy Leary is Loose Again and Headed for the Stars by Robert Anton, Wilson

Relax Your Way to ESP by D. Scott Rogo

Jagadish. The Magic of Siddha Yoga by Steven McClure

The Prophetic Books of Bregu by Hugh Gautzer

Psychic First Lady by E. M. Oakley

What the Dying See by John White

Psychic Bull in India by E. C. May, Ph.D. and Isaac Boneniets

Interview: K. Ramakrishna Rao, Ph.D. by Alan Vaughan

Folder 16: Psychic Observer and Chimes, Volume XXXVIII, No. 3,, October-December 1978Add to your cart.

Contains 3 Copies


Huna- an Introduction by Dr. E. Othos Wingo

Huna- Fact or Fantasy by Lehman W. Hisey

The Ha Rite by Margaret R. Mourn

Huna Vital Force In Other Systems

Huna is Not Magic by Albert W. Thomas

Understanding & Using Huna by Max Freedom Long

“Unknown Powers” Reviewed by George Tofte

The Anthroposphere by Manderly Bryanton

The Dream Cure by Victor Werner

Take a Humor Break by Bill R. Quinalty

Two Women Made New by Glenn Clairmonte

Scientific Character Analysis by Ann Koerning

Is the Biblical “Missing Day” Missing? By Arlan K. Andrews

Advertiser’s Index


Book Reviews

Book Shop


Cosmic Keyhold

Directory, Psychic Centers

ESP Market

News Beat

I Witness

New Books Received

Open Channel

Psychic Sphere

Publisher’s Page

Folder 17: The Pyramid Guide Bi-Monthly Newsletter, No. 8, November/ December 1973Add to your cart.


Sharpening the Razor (Blade)

People in Pyramid Structures

“Pyramidia” by Georgiana

Pyramid Replica Alters Aura by Bill Cox

A Fifth Form of Energy by Dr. Al Lewis

Great Discovery by Verne L. Cameron

Feeling Emanations with the Aurameter

Kirlian Photography by Richard Alan Miller

“The Human Pyramid” Written to Bill Cox by Paul Eads

Folder 18: The Review of Religion Volume X, No. 4, May 1946Add to your cart.


Editor’s Note by Horace L. Friess

Religion and Health: A Group Inquiry by Frederick deW. Bolman, Horace L. Friess and Otis Rice

The Relation of Religion and Health: Historical Considerations and Theoretical Questions by Paul Tillich

Variety in Personality and Its Relation to Health by Gotthard Booth

Psychotherapy and Religion by Carney Landis

Book Review: Joh. Lindblom: La Composition du Livre de Job by Emil G. Kraeling

Book Review: Ernst Percy: Der Leib Christi Nils Erik Anrup: Augustinus’ lara om Arvsynden by Eric Hd. Wahlstrom

Folder 19: Research Bulletin of Better Life Research FoundationAdd to your cart.


Why This Month Is the Most Critical Period in All History

Atomic Blasts and The Tipping of The Earth’s Axis

The Forbidden Subject

There Are No Clear Bombs- Planned Deception

New Inventions Obsoletes Atomic History

World Fuel Supply Almost Exhausted

Too Late for Peacetime Uses of Atomic Power

What the Better Life Research Foundation Can Do For You and The World

Folder 20: Samaritan Everett, Washington, August 1967Add to your cart.


Special Notice written by Ruth McWilliams

This ‘N That

City of Light

Psychic Shopper Section Classified

Folder 21: SEARCH Magazine NO. 128, Fall 1976Add to your cart.


Stories of the Supernatural- The Psychic the Mysterious- The Unknown

Editiorial by Ray Palmer

Happenings Now by Readers

The Bicentennial and the Astral World by Ray Palmer

Oahspe Circle by Readers

The Case for an Underwater Civilization by Alex Saunders

True Mysterious Triangle and Three Strange Men by J. A. Covolo

A Ghost Settles An Estate by F. Golcher

Invisible Playmate by B. Cooper

What is Healing Energy? By David V. Leuser

Nemesis (poem) by Thomas Barclay

Dear Doctor Ann by Ann Wigmore D. D.

Beautiful World of Spirit by Vern Overlee

Our Greatest Mystery- Electricity by Leo Bartsch

Smile Department by Readers

Back Talk by Readers

Stories of Flying Saucers- Mysteries in Space- And So Forth

Some Suggestions Regarding Flying Saucers by William Cartwright

Exopsychology: The Problems of Living in Space by Phil Hruskocy

What is a Ufologist? By Peter Kor

Space Propulsion by Artificial Antigravity by Dr. Peter Kummel

Satellite Carries Message to Future Civilizations

A “Ham” Radio Operator Talks About UFO Communication

Can Science Solve the Saucer Mystery? By Peter Korr

Some Thoughts on a New Saucer Book by Tom Comella

Letters by Readers

Personals from the Readers

Folder 22: SEMO Profiles Vol. 1, No.1, Spring 1976Add to your cart.


Professor Producer: The Reel Way to Education

Earthquakes and Rocks- All in a day’s work

Much Ado about Learning

Physics head makes UFO studies respectable

Local playwrights adapt novel

The Proudest Eagle

Crime under the microscope

Why won’t Johnny eat?

Psychology duo aims at violence

Opera is her ‘Madness’

Research brings international honors

More than just a teacher

‘Everything is related’

Artist illustrates life in Southeast Missouri

Folder 23: Theosophists: Reunite! Vol II, NO. 1, January 1962Add to your cart.


How Shall We Go About It? By T. H. Redfern

Advancing the Theosophical Movement

Progress Report


More and More Unity

Letters from Readers

“Theosophists: Reunite!” by F. Pierce Spinks

Folder 24: True Sight, Home Study Corse, No. 1, Pendulum TesterAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Pendulum Tester for the Subconscious MindAdd to your cart.


Brochure written by The True Sight Church, 3050 W. 7th L.A. 5, California

Book 2: True Sight, Home Study Course Extension of Your Awareness Course No. 1 “How to ‘See’ with Your Eyes CoveredAdd to your cart.


First Twelve Steps in Extending Your Awareness

Folder 25: True Sight Journal, V. 1, No. 6- V. 3, No. 2Add to your cart.
Book 1: True Sight Journal Volume 1, No. 6Add to your cart.


Research & Development

Edgar Cayce Speaks

True Sight of Man

High Score Award

Why Not Lower Your Resistance

Saved By A Skotograph

Frank Edward Reports

Questions From Readers

We Have Discovered “A Step Beyond”

Book 2: True Sight Journal Volume 2, No. 1Add to your cart.


Research & Development

True Sight of Man

Experiments in Sensitivity

A Matter of Life or Death

As the Blind See It

Letters From The Readers

Conclusions of Jules Romains

Award of the Issue

Releasing Mental Strain

Book 3: True Sight Journal Volume II, No. 2Add to your cart.


Research and Development

As The Blind See It

True Sight of Man

The Tarot Shows the Path

How Superstitious Can You Get?

My Experience

Book 4: True Sight Journal Volume 2, No. 2Add to your cart.


True Sight of Man

As the Blind See It

From The Students

Views of Other Groups

Subjective Physics

Book 5: True Sight Vol. 2, No. 4, April-May 1967Add to your cart.


Research & Development by William A. Foos

True Sight of Man Chap 7 by William A. Foos

As the Blind See It by James Townsend

Matthew Speaks by Dr. Fred Sherman

True Sight From the Far East by H. Ishino

News From Virginia Group by Dr. Callie Ostenrgren

News From the Readers

Book 6: True Sight Journal Volume II, No. 5, January 1962Add to your cart.


Through the Looking Glass by William A. Foos

The Preacher’s Platform by Heromu Ishino

“Ye Are Gods” by Paul Richard

Treu Sight of Man by William A. Foos

Book 7: True Sight Journal Volume 3, No. 1Add to your cart.


The Truth Shall Set You Free by William A. Foos

The Preachers Platform by H. Ishino

Why I Am Here by M. Bevilacqua

To The Kinds Who Read The True Sight Journal by Brian Bevilacqua

Books…… by Mildred Bevilacqua about the book Island by Aldous Huxley

Do It Yourself Department by William A. Foos

From the News by Larry Holmes

From the Scientific World “A New Conception of the Universe” by Dr. Lewis Allen Selzer

“The Extended Truth” by Ruth Mueller

Book 8: True Sight Journal Volume 3, No. 2Add to your cart.


Rekasu by William A. Foos

First Person Account by Ruth Mueller

Tice Jack From the Scientific World Nature of the Senses by O’ Neal and John J.

Do It Yourself Department by William Foos

Reviews- Recomends: Parasychology written by Rend Sudre by Mildred Bevilacqua

From the News: The Mysterious Magic of Birdsong from “Au Grand Air” written by Donald and Louise Peattie by Larry Holmes

Young People by Brian Bevilacqua

Research Report

Folder 26: Voice of Astara Vol. 5, No. 9, September 1956Add to your cart.


Front Cover: Calendar of Events

Astara’s Pulpit Guests by Rev. Bert Welch and Rev. Mande

Letter to Earlyne Chaney by Astarian D. D. W. in Jacksonville, Florida

“An Astarian In Need Never Walks Alone”

Astara’s Wisdom Classes

Insert: a letter to Astarians and Everybody from Earlyne

Inside Astara by Hildegarde

Notes from the Editor

Folder 27: Your Guide to the Neighbor Islands, January 4-11, 1974Add to your cart.


Travel Guide for the Islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii, Kauai

Folder 28: Misc. Newspaper ClippingsAdd to your cart.
Book 1: National Enquirer pages 21-26, September 3, 1967Add to your cart.


A condensation about J. Bernard Hutton’s book Healing Hands

“I’ll Be the Bright Star Hollywood Ever Had: Boasts Barbara Streisand” by Peter Winn

Book 2: Fort Worth Star- Telegram, Monday Evening, October 30, 1972Add to your cart.


Family Section B

Norell’s Legacy by Lloyd Stewart

FW Woman Considered ESP, Nutrition Expert by Patsy Miller

There are Rotten Physicians, Also by Dr. David Reuben, MD

Miss Rogers Says Vows at Graham: the Marriage of Miss Vona Dee Rogers and Fred Daniel McDonald on September 23, 1972

Miss West, Vernon Johle Repeat Vows: Marriage of Miss Diane Lynn West and Vernon Ray Johle on Octoer 13, 1972

Miss Quinn Says Vows in Church: marriage of Miss Mary Jo Quinn and Ray Irvin Thornton

Book 3: Everman Times Thursday, September 28, 1972Add to your cart.

Contains two copies


Max Freedom Long Library and Museum

Book 4: The Cross and the Flag, June 1974Add to your cart.


People: Ralph Noder, Congressman Otto E. Passman, U.S. Senator Frank Church of Idaho, Hubert Humphrey, James Watts, “Dr.” Gerald P. Wood, Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder, Madalyn Murray O’ Hair, Senator Russell Long, Attorney General Saxbe, U.S. Senator Hatfield

The Talmud Briefed, Quotes and Briefings from “The Talmud Unmasked” by Colonel E. N. Sanctuary compiled by Gerald L. K. Smith (director) and Michael Mountjoy

Book 5: National Enquirer, August 13, 1972Add to your cart.


Prominent Psychologist Claims… Children Are Taught Everything in School Except How to Live Happy and Sane Lives

Vanessa Redgrave Tells How Stage Fright Drove Her From the Theater to Films

Book 6: Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, November 23, 2004Add to your cart.


Pfizer Faces Lipitor Challenge by Leilen Abboud

Literary Agents Also Assume Roles of Editor and Marketer by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg

The Jungle/ Focus on Recruitment, Pay and Getting Ahead by Erin White

Book 7: HA RITE News on the Activities of the Huna Alliance, No. 14, Summer 1993Add to your cart.

Contains 3 copies


Thoughts on Reincarnation by Peter Eklund

The Magic of The Grass Huts written by the Max Freedom Long Library

Balancing The Three Selves by Marion Louise Henley

Huna and the Evolution of Consciousness by Will McClure

Organizational News


Book 8: Misc. Newspaper ClippingsAdd to your cart.


Cape Girardeau Monthly Bulletin Sunday

Pictures show officers being installed at the Harold O. Grauel Masonic Lodge No. 672

Music to My Ears

Copland at the Bowl, Samuel at Cabrillo by Irving Koladin

Challenge of Fear

State of Affairs by Henry Branden

Palm Reading as a Test for Cancer from Chicago, November 26

Writings from Children to God

D.I.C. English Woolens Ad in The Christchurch Star, Monday, April 17, 1967

An Analysis of a Latin Inscription by Robert J. Rowland, JR. from University of Missouri- Columbia

Wazup Here? Letter from Kahuna Ho’anoiwahinenwiho’alani

History_of_Huna by Kahuna Ho’anoiwahinenwiho’alani

Healing Icons Letter by Kahuna Lani

Poem by Dr. Oscar Brunler, MD


Human Telepathic Mutual Healing Group

Photos of core Huna Leaders, Kahuna I Ke Unuki – Dr. William Tufts Brigham, Kahuna O Huna Nui – Max Freedom Long, The Huna Kapuna – Kahuna Oscar Brunler, MD and Kahuna Vern Cameron, D.D., Kahuna Beau Kitselman, Kahuna Betsy Kitselman, Kahuna John K. Pollard III, D.C., Kahuna Fred Kimball, D.D. and wife, Muriel

Folder 29: Misc. Newspaper ClippingsAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Cosmic Star in Hollywood, California Volume 2, No. 7, Nov/ Dec 1964Add to your cart.


“The Amazing Mind Reader Who Solves Crimes: Florence Sternfels”

Concept Therapy Convention by William Wolff

AFA Convene in Boston

Letters to the Editor, Merle S. Gould

Echos From the Himilayas submitted by Marie Harlove

Introspection “Look in upon Fry, of Understanding, Cross Country Lecture Tour

Rev. Stan and Mary Matrunick Missionaries Served in California

Faina Gertzweig passed away

Brother Bill opened New Center in Los Angeles

Gina Germinera had European Tour

We Owe a Debt

Book 2: Cosmic Star in Hollywood, California, Volume 1, No. 7, Nov/Dec 1964Add to your cart.


Unique Spiritual Powers by Mollie Elliot

The Needles Eye by Rev. Howard Osserman

Hollywood and the Unknown by Stephany Courtney

East Coast Report by Gist Talmist

The Life of Disciple in Tibet

A Look In the Crystal Advise Column by “Michael”

Secrets Your Hand Reveal by Ivan Markoff

Through a Glass Darkly: an Anonymous Letter by William Haalgarth

Are You Seeking Good Health? By Irwin F. Krimm, Ps.D.

Star Guide by Laura Breska

Church and Association Directoy

Mankind Looks Forward by Victoria E. Petrie

Book 3: Journal of Spiritual Science Truth Psychic Observer Souther Pines, NC, No. 519, June 25, 1960Add to your cart.


Editor’s Notebook

Episcopalian Ordained to SP’1st Faith

Victory for Spiritualism or Science? By F. Lorenz Lamping

Materialization Trumpet Demonstrated by Ireland by Edward Dawson

Secret Symbols in Handwriting by Rev. Leo Louis Martello

Reincarnation Never Proven – Believed Earth Life no to Equalize – Rather to Individualize by W. Gracey Montgomery

The Gathering Storm

My Mystic Journey Into Unknown Land New Land Beyond Poles… Center of Great Unknown by Dana Howard

From the Editors Desk Who Shall Judge? By Tom O’ Neil

Letters to the Editor

International Spiritualist Congress Set for London

Londoner’s Diary by James M. McLintock

Heaven is For Children by Rev. Enid S. Smith, Ph. D.

Was Mendelssohn Bach Reincarnated? By H. C. Miranda

My Search Found Bath God, Devil by O. E. Martin

Bach Floral System Treats Patient’s Personality- Not Disease by A. E. Powell

Church Directory

50,000 Years of Thinking- Peace Eludes Man by “Phenomonist”

Briefly About… by William Geiger

Notes From Uranus – Space Travel


Book 4: Misc. Newspaper ClippingsAdd to your cart.


“Centennial of the Wizard Steinmetz The Thunderer’s Legacy

U. S. Brainwashing

New Science Era Near Physician Predicts Big Neurology Stride Vast Advances In Knowledge of Nervous System Coming by Dr. H. R. Meyer Gays

The Holy Blessings According to Tibetan Jamaism

“Assignment: America” Mr. K and the Stars by Phyllis Batelle

My Day in the Spirit World a Top Washington Reporter’s Own Story of an Eerie “Reunion” with the dead by Ruth Montgomery

In One Ear by Joe McCarthy

American As She Is Spoke

From Abe’s Cabe to Zooly a Slang Sampler

College Freshman at 10

Portrait of a Psychopath

Mail for McCahill by Tom McCahill

A book Cover about John F. Kenneday

Men, Women, and a Boy Walk in Fire and Escape Unhurt the Dance a Bishop Banned by Eric Williams

Fountain of Youth A Needle? By John F. Allen

Americans Perform Ancient Rite of Walking Over Red-Hot Coals


Life Too Ticklish Weird, Shivering Sensations Rout Family From Home

Mystery Tremor Recorded

Security Risks U.S. Will Probe Sex Deviates in Key Jobs by David Sentner

Flight to Russia Strange Story of One Traitor to America by Barry Farrell

Trial of Sirhan or of a Ghost? By Norma Lee Browning

Ceremonies Held to Aid Honaunau Archeologists

Juttua Hypnoosista by Kuisma Timari

A Friendly World, Says Youth Just Back by Gordon McCaffrey

Instant Religion – Can You Get It From a Pill? By Sidney Katy

Promise to Pele Ceremony Held at Halemaumau by Walt Southward

Lighted “Spook” Exploded—“Pow” – Surprise Witness of Murder Trial Tells of Strange Nocturnal Figures in Kona by Ed Engledow

Don Duncan: Couple Sets Sail to Psychic Ports

The Facts Abput Faith Healing by Jhan and June Robbins

Babson’s Statemet “Gravity Believed Principal of Financial World Studies”

Artist Dying of “Tribal Curse”

Experts Say Easter Island Riddle Solved

How to Live by Dr. Walter Alvarez

Star Gazer by Clay R. Pollan

Gardens Daffodil: Foe of Gardens by Peter Greenleaf

These Ghosts Prove Too Tough to Lose

Looted Burial Cave “Lift Maori Curse Farmer Can Sleep”

Cause of Schizophrenia Found

Aku-Aku Aid

“Prepare” Rapped Out Started Seances

In Finding by Commission “ Church Says Demons May Cause Illnesses

Gospels Not Sanctioned by the Church

Mystery in New Guinea: “Missionary Tells of ‘Laughing Death’” by Don Page

Rape Case Goes To Jury; Plea Made Against Bias

Tohunga’s Cloak on New Shoulders Now

A letter from George Cardinal LeGros

Flying Saucer Pilgrimage by Bryant and Helen Reeve

‘Nightmare’ Death Still Mystery, Coroner Says

Some Mental Patients ‘Possessed of Demons’ Need Exorcism – Pastors

Military Interested in Brain Wave Mechanics

Over Quemory, say Seeress ‘War Shadows Hangs Over Crystal Ball’ by Ruth Montgomery

Hypnotism – Craze or Cure-All? By Norma Lee Browning

What’s a Green Thumb? ‘Thought Control or Loving Care? By F. J. Pipal

Crystal Ball Gazer Picked Derby 1, 2, 3

Folder 30: Misc. NewspapersAdd to your cart.

A Book on the Novocain Treatment

Psyche Revealed by Object 'Game' and Clues to Personality Revealed by Psychological Object Test

Testimonies of Healing from the Christian Science Journal - September 1968

An Obligation to Tomorrow by Albert Schweitzer

"Sub-Think" Sows Its Ideas in a Flash by Leslie Mallory; Peope Speak: Teacher Explains Salary Needs

Seeing Without Eyes: Miracle? Trick?

How they Caught the Mad Bomber by Bob Considine

Prize Piano get the Acid Test; Haunted House is Eerie Place

Mother Plants: A Phase of Electroculture by J. I. Rodale; Prize Piano; I Climbed out of the Depths by Frances Farmer; The Three-Eyed Lama by Charles van Deusen

Melvin Nimer Jr. Stabs Parents

Previous Greek Manuscript Discovery; Document Links Saying to Jesus

Ancient Priests Helpe Medicine by Richard R. Mathison; Disease May Yield Clue to Origin of Polynesians; Ancestors of Hawaiians had Calendar and Exact Forecasts by Earl J. Behling

U.S. Customs bar 'Cure-All' Boxes from Britain and say 'These Miracle Machines were just sawdust' - April 4 1957; Hypnosis no Cure, Can drive you mad'

Strange Malady Kills Hundreds in Philippines - February 23, 1956 (2 copies); What Jesus and Buddha Taught in Secret to their Chosen Disciples

Ancient Statues in E. Polynesia Explained to Carlsbad Audience - March 27, 1957; Lake Elsinore well makes water dowser feel successful  by Evaline Morrison - December 23, 1965

Sect's Evil Influence Followers in Mental Homes - October 6, 1965

Dr. Mortimer J. Adler Great Ideas from the Great Books: The Two Kinds of Existentialism - December 24, 1965; Under the Dalai Lama: Primitive Conditions of Old Tibet

Dear Ann Landers: The needle didn't move Can't I have a Child - November 9, 1964; 'Telepathy' Reported; Danger Cult may spread here (Scientology)

A Thing in the Sky

The 50th State - September 26, 1966

The Great Shasta Myster by Leroy Thorpe

New Light on the Bible by Howard La Fay

Bewitched Boy Focuses Attention on Aborigines Strong Black Magic - April 18, 1956; Public Fancy Turns to Hypnonsis While Psychologists Shudder - March 12, 1956

Diamond Dealer Works to Solve Ancient Language - February 16, 1956; Electronics Expert Learned in Jail; Probe Mysteries of Hypnotic State by Watson Sims - March 12, 1956; Black Magic - April 22, 1956

Macedonians Defy Live Coals in Ritual Dance  by A. C. Sedgwick- June 1, 1956

Men go Mad -Briefly- in Insanity Clue Hunt - May 31; Exploration into Thought by George Murray- June 21, 1956; Dunninger Warns Amateur Hypnotists by Steven H. Scheuer; Polynesians were Greatest of All Prehistoric Navigators by Eugene Burns

Whose God is Dead?; Got a Problem?; An Invocation or Prayer; (Dr. Coe and secret experiments)

Did Christ Get a Fair Trial? - March 17, 1956; How I discovered "Life After Death" by Marcus Bach

"Death Takes a Holiday"; Ask the Journal

Norwegian Explorer Solves Mysteries at Easter Island by Robert Musel; Pope composes prayer to Mary for orphans; Schopenhauer: Father was a problem - July 16, 1956

Experiments in Electroculture by J. I. Rodale - November 1956; Mystery Cases of Spirit Life Spur Research by Norma Lee Browning; Donald Keyhoe (UFOS)

Scientist 'Sold' on Saucer Ships - August 15, 1956; Big Bank Gangster by Gen. Smedley D. Butler; "Miracles" can still Happen; African Magic by Cris. Norlund

Autoconditioning: It's About You-Not Cars by Scott O'Dell - September 3, 1956; The Gold miner who became a water diviner - July 1956; 'Dough turns out sticker than when put on'

Kon-Tiki Explorer Solves Riddles of Easter Island - February 26, 1957; Es to Broughton 66, Succumbs in Modesto Home - November 20, 1956

Exper tells of his findings on spirit life: cannot be ruled out, Rhine says - February 8, 2956; Navaho Cereminial Art Duplicated by Philip A. Wight

Goddess of the Volcanoes - May 8, 2955

Dunninger Reads my Mind! by Norma Lee Browning

Intelligence Can Be Increased by Joseph Whitney; Original Sin Explained by J. J. Trout

Soul Traveling - October 1965

Daddy Bray's Foundation

Secrets of Firewalking, and Immersion of Flesh in Molten Metal Found-The Man Says

Settlement of Polynesia by Donald Stanley Marshall

Spiritualism Taken from the Bible by Rae Merritt and Wm. C. Earle

MOnster of Dusselfdorf by Andrew Hecht

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