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Victor and Cora Anderson Library


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Alternative Medicine

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Christian Science


Dreams/Dream Interpretation



Goddesses/Goddess Religion

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Native Americans (North; Middle; South America)


Occultism (General)


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Theosophy (includes Reincarnation)


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Victor and Cora Anderson Library, 1921-1998 | Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

By Frost, Guy

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Collection Overview

Title: Victor and Cora Anderson Library, 1921-1998Add to your cart.

ID: MS/150/7

Primary Creator: Anderson, Victor H. (1917-2001)

Other Creators: Anderson, Cora (1915-2008)

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Organized by Broad Subject

Subjects: Aboriginal Australians--Religion, Afro-Brazilian cults--Brazil, Agricultural ecology, Agriculture, Aikido, Alchemy--History, Alternative medicine, America--Discovery and exploration--Pre-Columbian, American poetry--California, Anderson, Cora, 1915-2008--Library, Anderson, Victor H., 1917-2001--Library, Andrews, Lynn V., Aphrodisiacs, Astral projection, Aura, Autogenic training, Awareness, Aztecs--Folklore, Body language, Borneo--Description and travel, Botany, Medical, Botany, Medical--Hawaii, Brazil--Religion, Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998, Celts--Religion, Charms, Christian Science, Civilization, Modern--1950-, Clairvoyance, Classical poetry, Coca, Cocaine abuse, Color--Psychic aspects, Cooking (Garlic), Cooking (Herbs), Counterculture--History--20th century, Cults--Guyana, Death, Demonology, Disappearances (Parapsychology), Disasters, Domalain, Jean-Yves, 1943-, Dream interpretation, Dreams, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, Electronic voice phenomenon, Enochian magic, Ethnobotany--West (U.S.), Experience (Religion), Extrasensory perception, Fairies, Feminism, Feri (Wiccan sect), Folklore, Folklore--Haiti, Folklore--Hawaii, Fortune-telling by names, Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939, Future life, Garlic--History, Garlic--Therapeutic use, Ghosts, Ghost stories, Ghouls and ogres, Gnomes, Goddesses, Goddesses, Sumerian, Goddesses--History, Goddess religion--North America, Greek language, Modern, Greek language, Modern--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English, Greek language--Grammar, Hallucinogenic drugs and religious experience, Haunted houses, Haunted places, Hawaii--Folklore, Hawaii--Legends, Hawaii--Religion, Hawaii--Social life and customs, Hawaiian language, Hawaiian magic, Hawaiian mythology, Hawaiians--Folklore, Hawaiians--Legends, Health, Herb gardening, Herbs, Herbs--Therapeutic use, Herbs--Therapeutic use--Hawaii, Herbs--Utilization, Homosexuality--United States, Hopi Indians, Hopi Indians--Folklore, Hopi Indians--Religion, Human behavior, Human sacrifice, Human sacrifice--Andes Region, Huna, Hypnotism, Iban (Bornean people), Immortality, Inanna (Sumerian deity), Inanna (Sumerian deity)--Poetry, Indian magic--Southwest, New, Indian mythology--Mexico, Indian mythology--North America, Indians of Mexico--Religion, Indians of North America--Ethnobotany--West (U.S.), Indians of North America--Folklore, Indians of North America--Religion, Indians of South America--Andes Region--Rites and ceremonies, Indians of South America--Peru--Rites and ceremonies, Indian women--North America, Inscriptions, Celtic, Inscriptions, Irish, Intelligence, Jesus Christ--Passion, Jones, Jim, 1931-1978, Jonestown (Guyana), Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978, Juan, Don, 1891-1973, Kayaks, Knowledge, Sociology of, Lakota Indians, Lame Deer, approximately 1903-1976, Legends--Hawaii, Macumba (Cult), Magic, Magic, Romani, Magic--Brazil, Magic--Hawaii, Maria-José, mãe, Materia medica, Vegetable, Materia medica, Vegetable--Hawaii, Medical astrology, Medicinal plants, Medicinal plants--Hawaii, Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric, Megalithic monuments, Mental healing, Midwives, Miniconjou Indians, Months, Moon, Moon--Folklore, Mother goddesses--History, Mythology, Mythology, Classical, Mythology, Sumerian, Mytinger, Caroline, 1897-1980, Nahuatl literature, Nahuatl poetry, Near death experiences, Nebraska--Social life and customs, New Age movement, New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea)--Description and travel, Numerology, Nurses, Occultism, Occultism--Asia, Occultism--Hawaii, Orgasms, Orgonomy, Parapsychology, Parapsychology--Soviet Union, Peoples Temple, Physics--Miscellanea, Physiognomy, Plants--Psychic aspects, Poetry, Power (Social sciences), Prehistoric peoples, Problem solving, Prophecies, Psychic abilities, Psychic energy (Psychoanalysis), Psychic readings--Evaluation, Psychokinesis, Psychology, Comparative, Psychology and religion, Psychometry (Parapsychology), Psychotropic plants, Qi (Chinese philosophy), Quantum theory--History, Recovered memory, Reincarnation, Reincarnation therapy, Relativity (Physics)--History, Reser, Stanley, Romanies--Europe--Social conditions, Romanies--History, Romanies--Social life and customs, Satanism--Controversial literature, Science, Ancient, Science--History, Self (Philosophy), Self-acceptance, Self-care, Self knowledge, Theory of, Sex (Psychology), Sex discrimination, Sex discrimination in employment, Sexism, Shamanism, Shamanism--North America, Shamans, Smith, Michelle, 1949-, Social history--1945-1960, Social history--1960-1970, Social psychology, Solomon Islands--Description and travel, Songs--Hawaii, Songs--Ireland, Spanish language--Readers, Spirits, Spiritual healing, Spiritualism, Success, Success--Psychological aspects, Sullivan, Thelma D., Supernatural, Symbolism, Symbolism of colors, Symbolism of numbers, Talismans, Tarot--Study and teaching, Terror, Time--Folklore, Trials (Witchcraft)--Scotland, United States--Antiquities, Vampires, Vampires--20th century, Vodou, Werewolves, Wicca, Witchcraft, Witchcraft--England--History, Witchcraft--History, Witchcraft--Scotland, Witchcraft--Southwest, New, Witchcraft--United States, Witches, Women, Women--Employment--United States, Women--History--Modern period, 1600-, Women--Mythology, Women in medicine--History, Yaqui Indians--Religion, Yaqui mythology

Forms of Material: Alamanacs, Autobiographies, Case studies, Creeds, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Folk literature, Folk tales, Grammars, Handbooks and manuals, Humor, Juvenile fiction, Legends, Myths, Personal Narratives, Phrase books, Problems and exercises, Programmed instructional materials, Questionnaires, Readers (Publications), Recipes, Self-help publications, Song texts, Spirit writings, Textbooks, Travel writings

Languages: English, Greek,Modern(1453-), Spanish;Castilian

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection is a portion of the Anderson's library having been selected based on titles that were not currently in its parent collection New Age Movements, Occultism, and Spiritualism Research Library. A bibliography of the full library as well as the disposition of the items is planned. All titles in this collection have been cataloged separately.

Collection Historical Note

Victor Henry Anderson was born in Seneca just north of Clayton, New Mexico, May 21, 1917 to Hilbert Alexander Anderson (1883-1952), a cattle rancher, and Mary Francis Smith Anderson (1886-1973), who cooked for the ranch hands. During his childhood, Victor was exposed to many cultures and religious practices living in New Mexico. These influences range from Native Americans indigenous to the area, but also migrant workers form Hawaii and Guatemala all interacting and sharing their spiritual knowledge with a young boy. At age two, his sister dropped him and may have caused him to go blind via the development of Internal Cataracts. For the first three months after the accident, Victor was totally blind. The local Curanderos, Brujas, and Brujos prayed over him and he eventually was able to have partial vision (3%). They also taught him to develop his etheric abilities as a different form of sight. Victor's dropping accident may have been coincidental to his developing Internal Cataracts. Regardless, according to Victor there were no known procedures to address it and was left untreated, which physically left him almost complete blind. A tragic accident occurred with Victor's oldest brother Robert subsequently dying from severe burns. His mother had a very difficult time with the loss of her son. As such the family left New Mexico, moving frequently as Victor's father found work. His family would eventually move to Dead Indian Mount, Oregon around 1926, which is north of Ashland, when he was about nine years old. Later they would move to Ashland, Oregon sometime between 1940 and 1943. The family eventually moved to Bend, Oregon due to flooding of their Ashland home.

Contrary to what Margo Adler says in her book Drawing Down the Moon, Victor more than likely had has initiation in Oklahoma and not Oregon. According to Victor, in 1926 aged nine, he was sexually initiated into the witchcraft tradition in a tribal rite manner by an Congolese African woman named Simgoma. This was followed by etheric visions of floating in the air with the Congolese witch and despite Victor's blindness was a very vivid picture of the stars, moon, and jungle. When the visions ended, he was instructed on the ritual uses of the herbs sitting in bowls before him. The result of this initial initiation would be the start of the "reawakening" and evolution of his faith. Reawakening in the sense that across all cultures are universal truths that have existed since the time of the proto-humans. The Feri Tradition is simply another name for what has always existed. As such, Victor's argument that he borrowed from this culture or this faith, such as Huna from Max Freedom Long, is false because these tenets that share similarities existed long before those labels were added to them. There is a single source that is expressed in many ways.

His family would move frequently after New Mexico. Leaving Oklahoma in 1926, the Anderson's would lived in numerous places in Oregon. Victor would encounter many different people of many different cultures that continued to cultivate his religious knowledge. When Victor was between the ages of twelve and twenty-six, he studied Druidism. During this time, he referred to his beliefs as Vicia, his thoughts were to "go back and use the word 'Vicha' it was known as the Feri Tradition. In Italian it is la vecchia religione", or Old Religion. Feri can be broken down into two components: Fe, to have psychic power, and ri, a variant of ry, or rie, meaning in this context to practice or to build. Feri then, is actively developing in one's psychic abilities. Feri is an ecstatic tradition that seeks to obtain a deep connection with deity. Unlike other nature-based religions, Feri is not a fertility cult. In Victor's own words "Now, our Feri Tradition is a nature way, it's the way of Nature, and it's a way of accepting and developing all your talents, all of your nature in such a way that you are worthy to be called a god in the making." According to Victor, Feri Tradition has its roots in the shamanistic African tradition of which he was initiated by the Congolese woman. Anderson considered Feri to be an "authentic" Tradition that "simply takes on a different perspective of the same [universal] truth". One of his analogies compares Giuseppe Verdi and Joe Green; same name, same person, different language. The move to Bend, Oregon in 1943 would be a significant home for Victor. It is here that me meets he future wife, Cora.

Cora Ann Cremeans Anderson was born on January 26, 1915 on a farm Nyota, Blount County, Alabama. Her grandfather was a root doctor who had immigrated from Ireland. Cora was gifted with psychic abilities, having communed with faerie-like people on numerous occasions as a child. She met Victor Anderson in 1944 and they married in three days on May 3, having met him before on the Astral Plane. Realizing they both had magical backgrounds they soon established an altar together in their home. In 1945, their son, Victor Elon, was born. Victor and Cora would live in Bend, Oregon until 1948 when they moved to Niles, California. Sometime in or before 1959, they would relocate to San Leandro, California. Cora worked as a cook in various hospitals in the East Bay area.  The Anderson's would break up a fight between their son and a neighboring, Tom DeLong (1946-1982).  DeLong became friends with the family and studied under Victor eventually being initiated into Feri.  He would later chang his name to Gwydion Pendderwyn. Pendderwyn, having studied Alexandrian introduced elements of this tradition into Feri. Other influences in the tradition include Huna, Vodou, Kabbalah, Hoodoo, Tantra, and Gnosticism.

Victor Anderson would pass away September 20, 2001 and Cora Anderson in May 1, 2008, both in San Leandro, California.

Biographical Note

Co-Founder of the Feri Tradition

Subject/Index Terms

Aboriginal Australians--Religion
Afro-Brazilian cults--Brazil
Agricultural ecology
Alternative medicine
America--Discovery and exploration--Pre-Columbian
American poetry--California
Anderson, Cora, 1915-2008--Library
Anderson, Victor H., 1917-2001--Library
Andrews, Lynn V.
Astral projection
Autogenic training
Body language
Borneo--Description and travel
Botany, Medical
Botany, Medical--Hawaii
Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998
Christian Science
Civilization, Modern--1950-
Classical poetry
Cocaine abuse
Color--Psychic aspects
Cooking (Garlic)
Cooking (Herbs)
Counterculture--History--20th century
Disappearances (Parapsychology)
Domalain, Jean-Yves, 1943-
Dream interpretation
Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
Electronic voice phenomenon
Enochian magic
Ethnobotany--West (U.S.)
Experience (Religion)
Extrasensory perception
Feri (Wiccan sect)
Fortune-telling by names
Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Future life
Garlic--Therapeutic use
Ghost stories
Ghouls and ogres
Goddesses, Sumerian
Goddess religion--North America
Greek language, Modern
Greek language, Modern--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English
Greek language--Grammar
Hallucinogenic drugs and religious experience
Haunted houses
Haunted places
Hawaii--Social life and customs
Hawaiian language
Hawaiian magic
Hawaiian mythology
Herb gardening
Herbs--Therapeutic use
Herbs--Therapeutic use--Hawaii
Homosexuality--United States
Hopi Indians
Hopi Indians--Folklore
Hopi Indians--Religion
Human behavior
Human sacrifice
Human sacrifice--Andes Region
Iban (Bornean people)
Inanna (Sumerian deity)
Inanna (Sumerian deity)--Poetry
Indian magic--Southwest, New
Indian mythology--Mexico
Indian mythology--North America
Indians of Mexico--Religion
Indians of North America--Ethnobotany--West (U.S.)
Indians of North America--Folklore
Indians of North America--Religion
Indians of South America--Andes Region--Rites and ceremonies
Indians of South America--Peru--Rites and ceremonies
Indian women--North America
Inscriptions, Celtic
Inscriptions, Irish
Jesus Christ--Passion
Jones, Jim, 1931-1978
Jonestown (Guyana)
Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978
Juan, Don, 1891-1973
Knowledge, Sociology of
Lakota Indians
Lame Deer, approximately 1903-1976
Macumba (Cult)
Magic, Romani
Maria-José, mãe
Materia medica, Vegetable
Materia medica, Vegetable--Hawaii
Medical astrology
Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants--Hawaii
Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric
Megalithic monuments
Mental healing
Miniconjou Indians
Mother goddesses--History
Mythology, Classical
Mythology, Sumerian
Mytinger, Caroline, 1897-1980
Nahuatl literature
Nahuatl poetry
Near death experiences
Nebraska--Social life and customs
New Age movement
New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea)--Description and travel
Parapsychology--Soviet Union
Peoples Temple
Plants--Psychic aspects
Power (Social sciences)
Prehistoric peoples
Problem solving
Psychic abilities
Psychic energy (Psychoanalysis)
Psychic readings--Evaluation
Psychology, Comparative
Psychology and religion
Psychometry (Parapsychology)
Psychotropic plants
Qi (Chinese philosophy)
Quantum theory--History
Recovered memory
Reincarnation therapy
Relativity (Physics)--History
Reser, Stanley
Romanies--Europe--Social conditions
Romanies--Social life and customs
Satanism--Controversial literature
Science, Ancient
Self (Philosophy)
Self knowledge, Theory of
Sex (Psychology)
Sex discrimination
Sex discrimination in employment
Shamanism--North America
Smith, Michelle, 1949-
Social history--1945-1960
Social history--1960-1970
Social psychology
Solomon Islands--Description and travel
Spanish language--Readers
Spiritual healing
Success--Psychological aspects
Sullivan, Thelma D.
Symbolism of colors
Symbolism of numbers
Tarot--Study and teaching
Trials (Witchcraft)--Scotland
United States--Antiquities
Vampires--20th century
Witchcraft--Southwest, New
Witchcraft--United States
Women--Employment--United States
Women--History--Modern period, 1600-
Women in medicine--History
Yaqui Indians--Religion
Yaqui mythology

Administrative Information

Repository: Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

Acquisition Source: Guy V. Frost

Acquisition Method: Purchased by Guy Frost from Anaar, Grandmaster of the Feri Tradition

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series 1: Alternative Medicine],
[Series 2: Archaeology/Anthropology/Travel Writings/Dowsing],
[Series 3: Christian Science],
[Series 4: Divination/Tarot],
[Series 5: Dreams/Dream Interpretation],
[Series 6: Fiction/Poetry/Humor],
[Series 7: Feminism],
[Series 8: Goddesses/Goddess Religion],
[Series 9: Language and languages],
[Series 10: Magic],
[Series 11: Miscellaneous],
[Series 12: Native Americans (North; Middle; South America)],
[Series 13: Mythology/Folklore],
[Series 14: Occultism (General)],
[Series 15: Plants/Herbalism],
[Series 16: Psychology/Sociology/Social Psychology],
[Series 17: Occultism (Numerology)],
[Series 18: Parapsychology],
[Series 19: Philosophy (Qi, etc.)],
[Series 20: Self],
[Series 21: Shamanism],
[Series 22: Symbology],
[Series 23: Theosophy (includes Reincarnation)],
[Series 24: Witchcraft/Witches/Wicca],

Series 1: Alternative MedicineAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Buchman, Dian Dincin. Ancient Healing Secrets: Practical Cures that Work Today. Baltimore: Ottenheimer Publishers, 1996Add to your cart.
Subjects: Alternative medicine; Self-care, Health; Folklore
Book 2: Schul, Bill. Psychic Frontiers of Medicine. Greenwich, CT: Fawcett Publications, 1977Add to your cart.
Contents: The world of unusual medicine -- On becoming a verb -- Psychic healing: an alternative -- The faces of psychic healing -- The fifth dimension of healing -- Disease: journey into learning -- Madness: exercise in growth -- Sex and the power of serpent fire -- The healing reality of meditation -- Training to be a healer -- The invisible bodies of man -- The ultimate technology. Subjects: Mental healing
Series 2: Archaeology/Anthropology/Travel Writings/DowsingAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Bach, Marcus. Inside Voodoo. New York: New American Library, 1952Add to your cart.
Subjects: Vodou; Folklore--Haiti; Reser, Stanley. Genre/Form: Autobiographies; Personal narratives
Book 2: Domalain, Jean-Yves. Panjamon: I Was A Headhunter. Translated by Len Ortzen. New York:  Warner Paperback Library, 1974, ©️1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Author's preface -- Into the Ulu -- Among the Kayans -- More plans -- How to get lost in the jungle -- The welcome of the Dayaks -- Hooked! -- Learning all over again -- Iban initiation -- Resin for salt -- How to catch a poisonous snake -- Hunting stories -- On the run. Subjects:  Domalain, Jean-Yves, 1943-; Borneo--Description and travel; Iban (Bornean people); Kayaks Genre/Form: Autobiographies; Personal narratives
Book 3: Fell, Barry. America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World. New York: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co., 1977, ©️1976Add to your cart.
Contents: An American enigma and its solution -- America's oldest archives -- How Irish ogam was deciphered -- The Celtic revival -- Alphabets galore -- Clues lead to Spain and Portugal -- Mystery Hill -- Ships of tarshish -- Celtic sea power -- The Celts in America -- The Celtiberians -- The Libyans of Zuni -- The Druids of New England -- The ritual phallic monuments -- Mother-of-heroes, lady Goddess Byanu -- New England's Celtic place names -- The Egyptian pressence -- The Algonquians. Subjects: America--Discovery and exploration--Pre-Columbian; Inscriptions, Irish; Inscriptions, Celtic; United States--Antiquities
Book 4: Fonseca, Isabel. Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey. 1st Vintage departures ed. New York: Vintage Books, 1996, ©️1995Add to your cart.
Contents: Out of the mouth of Papusza : A cautionary tale -- pt. 1. The Dukas of Albania ; Kinostudio ; Everybody sees only his own dish ; Women's work ; Learning to speak ; Into town ; The zoo ; To Mbrostar -- pt. 2. Hindupen -- pt. 3. Antoinette, Emilia, and Elena -- pt. 4. The least obedient people in the world ; Emilian of Bolintin Deal ; A social problem ; Slavery ; No place to go -- pt. 5. The other side -- pt. 6. Zigeuner chips -- pt. 7. The devouring -- pt. 8. The temptation to exist. Subjects: Romanies--Europe--Social conditions--20th century; Romanies--History
Book 5: Hitching, Francis. Earth Magic. New York: Pocket Books, 1978, ©1977Add to your cart.
Contents: Part 1. World of Stone -- The Riddle of Antiquity -- Living with Stone -- Unwritten Science -- Lines of Force -- Part 2. Divining the Past -- Supernatural, Spiritual -- Heavens on Earth? -- Seers and Spirals. Subjects: Megalithic monuments; Prehistoric peoples
Book 6: Mytinger, Caroline. Headhunting in the Solomon Islands Around the Coral Sea. New York: Macmillan Company, 1942Add to your cart.
Subjects: Mytinger, Caroline, 1897-1980--Travel--Solomon Island; Mytinger, Caroline, 1897-1980--Travel--Papual New Guinea--New Britain Island Genre/Form: Travel writings
Series 3: Christian ScienceAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Eddy, Mary Baker. Rudimental Divine Science; No and Yes. [Stoicheia theias epistēmēs; Ochi kai nai]. Authorized ed. Boston: Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker G. Eddy, 1954Add to your cart.

Contents of Book 1: Definition of Christian Science = Orismos tēs Kristian Saiens -- Principle of Christian Science = Ē archē tēs Kristian Saiens -- Personality of God = Ē prosōpikotēs tou Theou -- Healing sickness and sin = Ē therapeia tēs astheneias kai tēs amartias -- Individuality of God = Ē atomikotēs tou Theou -- Material and spiritual science = Ylikē kai pneumatikē epistēmē -- Non-existence of matter = Ē anyparxia tēs ylēs -- Materiality intangible = Ē ylikotēs den einai aptē -- Basis of mind-healing = Ē basis tēs nootherapeias -- Material and spiritual man = O ylikos kai o pneumatikos anthrōpos -- Demonstration in healing = Ē apodeixis dia tēs therapeias -- Means and methods = Mesa kai methodoi -- Only one school = Monon mia scholē

Contents of Book 2: Disease unreal = Ē astheneia den einai pragmatikē -- Science of mind-healing = Ē epistēmē  tēs nootherapeias -- Is Christian Science of the same lineage as spiritualism or theosophy? = Ē Kristian Saiens echei tēn idian proeleusin me ton pneumatismon ē tēn theosophian? -- Is Christian Science from beneath, and not from above? = Ē Kristian Saiens einai katōthen kai ochi anōthen? -- Is Christian Science pantheistic? = Ē Kristian Saiens einai pantheistikē? -- Is Christian Science blasphemous? = Ē Kristian Saiens einai blasphēmē -- Is there a personal deity? = Yparchei prosōpikē theotēs? -- Is there a personal devil? = Yparchei prosōpikos diabolos? -- Is man a person? = O anthrōpos einai prosōpon? -- Has man a soul? = O anthrōpos echei psychē? -- Is sin forgiven? = Ē amartia synchōreitai? -- Is there any such thing as sin? = Yparchei auto pou legetai amartia? -- Is there no sacrificial atonement? = Yparchei exilastērios thysia? -- Is there no intercessory prayer? = Den yparchei proseuchē paraklēseōs? -- Should Christians beware of Christian Science? = Prepei oi christianoi na prophylassōntai apo tēn Kristian Saiens? Subjects: Christian Science

Book 2: O Kērux tēs Christianikēs epistēmēs = The Herald of Christian Science, v.1:no.1, 1964:July-Sept-Aug.Add to your cart.
Contents: “Know thyself” / Peter J. Henniker-Heaton -- Keeping “abreast of the times” / Robert A. Curry -- What does intelligence mean? / Elizabeth S.. Murray -- True education / Geoffrey J. Barratt -- The continuity of the Bible / Thomas L. Leishman -- Editorial section: Ability and accomplishment ; Testimonies of Christian Science Healing. Subjects: Christian Science; Self-knowledge, Theory of; Self (Philosophy); Intelligence; Spiritual healing. Genre/Form: Periodicals
Series 4: Divination/TarotAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Brown, Wenzell. How to Tell Fortunes with Cards. Paperback Library ed. New York: Paperback Library, 1968, ©️1963Add to your cart.
Subjects: Fortune-telling by cards
Book 2: Gray, Eden. Mastering the Tarot: Basic Lessons in an Ancient, Mystic Art. New York: Crown Publishers, 1973, ©️1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Getting acquainted with the cards -- Lesson 1. Preliminary steps -- The Minor Arcana: Lesson 2. General observations -- Lesson 3. The aces, twos, and threes -- Lesson 4. The fours, fives, and sixes -- Lesson 5. The sevens, eights, nines, and tens -- Lesson 6. The court cards -- The Major Arcana: Lesson 7. General observations -- Lesson 8. The first third of the Major Arcana -- Lesson 9. The second third -- Lesson 10. The last third -- How to read the cards: Lesson 11. General observations -- Lesson 12. The Keltic method of divination -- Lesson 13. Two sample readings (Keltic) -- Lesson 14. Three quick ways to read -- Lesson 15. The tarot and astrology -- Lesson 16. Life readings by the horoscope method -- Lesson 17. Solar chrt method of divination -- Lesson 18. The use and misuse of the Tarot -- Additional tarot readings -- Glossary. Subjects: Tarot. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Series 5: Dreams/Dream InterpretationAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Andrew, Robert. The Lucky Dream and Number Book.  New York: Paperback Library, 1971Add to your cart.
Subjects: Dream interpretation; Physiognomy; Symbolism of numbers
Book 2: Delaney, Gayle M. V. Living Your Dreams. 1st ed. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1979Add to your cart.
Contents: Tonight: -- You were born to be a star -- Dream incubation -- If you want to know what the show was all about, ask the producer -- Screenplays: How to choose and use them: -- What's really going on in your relationships? --  Your dreams are your body -- Dreaming in the office -- Cinema Vérité -- Day dreamers and night trippers: -- Mission possible: Asking your dreams for inspiration and creative ideas -- The Twilight Zone: Psychic dreaming; ESP; past-life, other-life, and afterlife dreams -- Startrekking: Conscious dreaming, astral travel, and exploring other levels of reality -- Network special reports: exposés and commentary on progress in meditations, affirmations, and achieving goals -- Getting your show on the road: -- The producer's workshop: How to start a dream group or put on your own show -- You'll never remember the script if you don't write it down. Subjects: Dreams; Problem solving--Miscellanea; Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 3: Fodor, Nandor. New Approaches to Dream Interpretation. New Hyde Park, NY: University Books, 1951Add to your cart.
Contents: Foundations of prenatal psychology: -- Uterine determinants in personality development -- Robber of the womb -- Conception fantasies -- Some typical nightmares: -- Nightmares about bears -- Parental cannibalism -- Motives of chronic constipation -- Lycanthropy as a psychic mechanism -- Borderland of the metaphysical: -- Telepathic dreams -- Telepathy in analysis -- A personal analytic approach to the problem of the Holy Name -- The psychoanalytic treatment of number dreams: -- Introductory -- Number dreams -- The philosophy and psychology of the ten digits -- Units and parts -- Unconscious counting -- Anniversaries of birth -- The date of dreams -- Sex and mathematics -- Divination and healing by numbers -- Compulsive counting -- Lucky and unlucky numbers -- Summary -- Miscellaneous problems: -- Sexual aspects of hysterical color blindness -- Evocation of the undreamed -- The negative in dreams. Subjects: Dream interpretation; Dreams
Book 4: Omarr, Sydney. Dream-Scope. New rev. and enlarged ed. New York: Pinnacle Books, 1973Add to your cart.
Contents: What it is -- How to find your dream number -- If your deam number is one -- If your dream number is two -- If your dream number is three -- If your dream number is four -- If your dream number is five -- If your dream number is six -- If your dream number is seven -- If your dream number is eight -- If your dream number is nine -- If your dream number is eleven -- If your dream number is twnety-one -- Dream-scope -- My personal dream-scope diary. Subjects: Dreams; Dream interpretation. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 5: Sechrist, Elsie. Dreams, Your Magic Mirror: With Interpretation of Edgar Cayce. Foreword by Hugh Lynn Cayce. Book club edition, New York: Cowles Education Corporation, 1968Add to your cart.
Contents: Foreword / by Hugh Lynn Cayce -- Preface -- Reflections of the future on the mirror of your mind -- Interpreting your dreams -- Extrasensory perception (ESP) in dreams -- Insight through sings and messages -- Business guidance through dreams -- People you meet in your dreams -- The meaning of faces and features in dreams -- Dreams of health and illness -- Communication with the dead in dreams --Automobiles as symbols -- Positions and activities in dreams -- Sex dreams -- Houses and buildings -- Clothes, shoes, gloves, hands and feet -- Money, jewels, and other treasures -- The cross and other spiritual symbols -- Religious figures -- Lessons in living through dreams -- The four elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth -- Nature in dreams -- Birds -- Animals -- Insects and marine life -- Dreams of death -- Colors, numbers, times, mandalas, and meanders. Subjects: Dreams; Dream interpretation; Psychic readings--Evaluation
Series 6: Fiction/Poetry/HumorAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Card, Jane. Survival Faire. Lakeside, CA: Evelyn G. Wilson, 1979Add to your cart.
Contents: Love: Love 1968 -- Our love -- Love 1957 -- Love 1958 -- Love -- Nature: In the good old summertime -- The value of wilderness -- Roses -- Spring -- Forest -- Night in the cajon pass -- Happy azalea! -- April -- Fittonia -- Village blue -- The sea in Northern California -- People: What is that old lady doing at the poetry reading? -- Marijuana -- Hippiedom -- Two journeys north -- Vision -- The juggler -- Allergies -- C.F. -- The tallest palm tree in Pasadena -- On Easter's Eve in 1947 -- Letter to an Atheist -- Icicles -- Soft the gleam -- Light the step -- Animals: The chimp and I, compartively speaking -- Elephant -- Without malice -- Curious -- Survival faire: The cherry tree with your name on it! -- A dream is a communication -- The mandolin still sings -- Retreat dark cave -- Ode to forearm crutches -- Carrots -- Vitamin C -- To Doctor X at City of Hope Hosspital -- Doctor oh Doctor -- Wait! -- The now living -- My own death -- Family tree -- Brevity-levity: Diamond poems -- Delimma -- Haiku -- Senryu -- Survival faire -- Women libbers please note -- Car wash -- The night rider -- Autobiographical poem. Subjects: American poetry--California; Genre/Form: Poetry
Book 2: The Gnome’s Almanack. Illustrated by Ida Bohatta Morpurgo. New York: Ars Sacra ; Herbert Dubler, 1942Add to your cart.
Subjects: Months; Gnomes. Genre/Form: Juvenile fiction; Poetry
Book 3: Grey, Morgan, and Julia Penelope. Found Goddesses: Asphalta to Viscera. Illustrations by Alison Bechdel. Norwich, VT: New Victoria Publishers, 1988Add to your cart.
Subjects: Goddesses; Nebraska--Social life and customs. Genre/Form: Humor
Book 4: Kilham, Christopher S. In Search of the New Age. Illustrated by Robert Engman. Rochester, VT: Destiny Books, 1988Add to your cart.
Subjects: New Age movement. Genre/Form: Humor
Series 7: FeminismAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Bird, Caroline. Born Female: The High Cost of Keeping Women Down. With Sara Welles Briller. Rev. ed. Pocket Books, 1971, ©️1970Add to your cart.
Contents: Foreword to Revised edition -- Foreword to First edition: Decline of sex -- Ladies' Day in the house -- Up from slavery -- The invisible bar -- The sex map of the work world -- The loophole women -- The black parallel -- Gradualism: The new masculinists -- The androgynous life -- The new feminism -- The case for equality -- A new kind of woman. Subjects: Sex discrimination in employment; Women--United States; Women--Employment--United States
Book 2: Ehrenreich, Barbara and Deirdre English. Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers. Glass Mountain pamphlet 1. Old Westbury, NY: The Feminist Press, 1973Add to your cart.
Subjects: Women in medicine--History; Midwives; Nurses; Women healers--United States-History; Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric. Summary: "an essential book about the corruption of the medical establishment and its historic roots in the demonizing of women healers. With insight and originality, the authors have woven together stories about the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, the emergence of the Popular Health Movement, and an analysis of the contemporary state of medicine in relation to women's rights."--from the 2nd, 2010 edition.
Book 3: Gornick, Vivian, and Barbara K. Moran, eds. Woman in Sexist Society: Studies in Power and Powerlessness. New York: Basic Books, 1972, ©️1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction / Vivian Gornick and Barbara K. Moran -- pt. 1: Beauty, love and marriage : the myth and the reality. "Pretty" / Alta -- Two plays on love and marriage / Myrna Lamb -- Prostitution : a quartet for female voices / Kate Millett -- Woman as outsider / Vivian Gornick -- The paradox of the happy marriage / Jessie Bernard -- Depression in middle-aged women / Pauline B. Bart -- The mask of beauty / Una Stannard -- pt. 2: Woman is made, not born. Psychology constructs the female / Naomi Weisstein -- Ambivalence : the socialization of women / Judith M. Bardwick and Elizabeth Douvan -- Natural law language and women / Christine Pierce -- Being and doing : a cross-cultural examination of the socialization of males and females / Nancy Chodorow -- Organs and orgasms / Alix Shulman -- The image of woman in advertising / Lucy Komisar -- The image of woman in textbooks / Marjorie B. U'ren -- Seduced and abandoned in the new world : the image of woman in American fiction / Wendy Martin -- Our sexist language / Ethel Strainchamps -- Patient and patriarch : women in the psychotherapeutic relationship / Phyllis Chesler -- Women in other cultures / Ruby R. Leavitt -- pt. 3: Woman at work. Women and creativity : the demise of the dancing dog / Cynthia Ozick -- Women writers and the double standard / Elaine Showalter -- Why are there no great women artists? / Linda Nochlin -- Working in "a man's world" : the woman executive / Roslyn S. Willett -- Women and voluntarism / Doris B. Gold -- The compassion trap / Margaret Adams -- pt. 4: Social issues and feminism : education, homosexuality, race, and radicalism. Our failures only marry : Bryn Mawr and the failure of feminism / Liz SchneiderIs -- Is women's liberation a lesbian plot? / Sidney Abbott and Barbara Love -- "Thy neighbor's wife, thy neighbor's servants" : women's liberation and black civil rights / Catharine Stimpson -- Consumerism and women / A Redstocking Sister -- On American feminism / ǂr Shulamith Firestone. Subjects: Women--History--Modern period, 1600-; Power (Social sciences); Sex discrimination; Sexism
Book 4: Koppel, Dale. Scientific Evidence Proves … Women Are the Superior Sex. Globe Mini Mag 240. Boca Raton, FL: Globe Communication Corp., 1992Add to your cart.
Contents: In the beginning -- Why women are superior -- Health -- Physical advantages -- mental illness -- Communication -- Friendship -- Romance -- On the job -- The law -- Why can't a man be like a woman? -- The times, they are a-changin' -- A tale of two women -- 10 steps to being a superior woman -- Some parting words. Subjects: Feminism; Women
Series 8: Goddesses/Goddess ReligionAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Gray, William G. Evoking the Primal Goddess: Discovery of the Eternal Feminine Within. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1989Add to your cart.
Contents: One feminine fundamental -- From Eleusis to Epiclesis -- The blood beginnings -- Matriarchal meanings -- Our mystical Mother -- Concept creation. Summary: In Evoking the primal Goddess, renowned occultist Willam G. Gray takes you on a fascinating, insightful journey into the history and significance of the Goddess in religion. ... he shows that the search for the Holy Grail was actually a movement within the Christian Church to bring back the feminine element into the concept of Deity. He also shows how you can evoke your own personal image of the Mother ideal through practical rituals and prayer."--Page 4 of cover. Subjects: Mother goddesses--History; Goddesses--History
Book 2: Wolkstein, Diane, and Samuel Noah Kramer. Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumar. Art compiled by Elizabeth Williams-Forte. 1st ed. New York: Harper & Row, 1983Add to your cart.
Contents: Inanna's stories and hymns: The Huluppa-tree -- Inanna and the god of wisdom -- The courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi -- The descent of Inanna -- Seven hymns to Inanna. Commentaries: Sumerian history, culture, and literature / by Samuel Noah Kramer -- The discovery and decipherment of 'The descent of Inanna' / by Samuel Noah Kramer -- Interpretation of Inanna's stories and hymns / by Diane Wolkstein -- Annotations of the art / by Elizabeth Williams-Forte. Subjects: Inanna (Sumerian deity); Mythology, Sumerian; Inanna (Sumerian deity)--Poetry; Goddesses, Sumerian
Series 9: Language and languagesAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Pérez Galdós, Benito. La Nela: An Adaptation of Benito Pérez Galdós’ ‘Marianela’. Adapted by Carlos Castillo and Colley F. Sparkman. Heath-Chicago Spanish Series. Boston: D.C. Heath and Company, 1932Add to your cart.
Summary: A Spanish language reader adapted from the Spanish novel Marianela about a unattractive young girl in love with a blind boy. Subjects: Spanish language--Readers. Genre/Form: Readers (Publications)
Book 2: Helbig, Ray. Let’s Learn A Little Hawaiian. Honolulu: Hawaiian Service, 1970Add to your cart.
Subjects: Hawaiian language. Genre/Form: Dictionaries
Book 3: Judd, Henry P. The Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian-English Dictionary: A Complete Grammar. Honolulu: Hawaiian Service, [1977 or 1978]Add to your cart.
Subjects: Hawaiian language. Genre/Form: Dictionaries; Grammars
Book 4: Scott, Christopher, comp. Greek. Collins Phrase Books. London: Collins, 1966, ©️1964Add to your cart.
Subjects: Greek language, Modern. Genre/Form: Phrase books
Book 5: Sharp, Vivienne. The Teach Yourself Modern Greek Phrase Book. London: English Universities Press, 1967Add to your cart.
Subjects: Greek language, Modern. Genre/Form: Phrase books
Book 6: Sofroniou, S. A. Teach Yourself Modern Greek. With a Phonetic Introduction by J.T. Pring. Teach Yourself books. London: English Universities Press, 1964, ©️1962Add to your cart.
Subjects: Greek language, Modern--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English. Genre/Form: Textbooks; Problems and exercises; Programmed instructional materials
Series 10: MagicAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Buckland, Raymond. Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick. 1st ed. Llewellyn’s New Age Series. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publication, 1990Add to your cart.
Contents: A magickal bag of tricks -- Preparation for magick -- The thrill of the chase: -- For love -- To discover your future spouse -- The name game -- The love pendulum -- To attract a lover -- To rid yourself of an unwanted lover -- To make yourself known to another -- The revealing peel -- Good riddance! -- To bring out the love of another -- Red for love -- Key to the heart -- Wedding date -- River dreams -- To draw a lover to you -- To make yourself an object of desire -- To give a would-be lover courage -- To make someone think of you -- To encourage a shy lover -- To fan a spark into a flame -- To narrow the field -- To broaden the field -- To carry your lover to you across land and sea -- Who will it be and when? -- Peas in a pod -- Cards and love -- The Golden Rings: -- To seal the knot -- Tying a love knot -- Growing love -- Marriage foundation -- To keep a spouse faithful -- To draw and keep two people close -- To heal a rift -- To forgive a mistake -- To bring a child --To increase the number of children -- For a wife to retain her beauty -- For a husband to retain his virility -- To bring love into an arranged marriage -- To draw husband and wife closer together -- The family Circle: -- Home harmony -- Family togetherness -- To bring about a reunion -- Healing old wounds -- To bring about the return of a runaway -- To end sibling rivalry -- To welcome a new baby -- For peace at someone's death -- Family unity -- To bring understanding between parent and child -- Gypsy potions, talismans, amulets and charms: -- Love sprinkles -- To draw the full power of love from your partner -- Magickal vegetables -- Attraction herb -- Mandrake magick -- Talisman for love -- Love beads -- Love pebbles -- Carry your luck with you -- Birthing bits -- Gypsy pouches -- Gypsy potpourris -- Gypsy talismans and amulets -- Stone talisman -- Stone amulets -- Horse brasses -- Coin talismans -- Stones and herbs -- Herbal baths -- Unlucky days -- Gypsy beauty secrets -- Cloth dolls and corn dollies -- Breaking camp. Subjects: Magic, Romani; Aphrodisiacs; Charms; Romanies--Social life and customs. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 2: Cunningham, Scott. Earth Power: Techniques of Natural Magic. Llewellyn’s Practical Magick Series. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1989, ©️1983Add to your cart.
Contents: Part I. Basics: -- Touching the Earth -- Magic spelled out -- Techniques -- The elements in magic -- Part II. Elemental magic: -- Earth magic -- Air magic -- Fire magic -- Water magic -- Part III. Natural magic: -- Stone magic -- Tree magic -- Image magic -- Knot magic -- Candle magic -- Was magic -- Mirror magic -- Rain, fog and storm magic -- Sea magic -- Afterword -- Appendix I. Colors -- Appendix II. Runes -- Appendix III. Herbs. Subjects: Magic; Charms. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 3: Schueler, Gerald J. Enochian Magic: A Practical Manual. Llewellyn’s High Magick Series. 2nd ed. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1985Add to your cart.
Contents: Objective of the manual -- A brief history of the Enochian magical system -- How the magic works: the will -- How the magic works: the motive -- How the magic works: the planes -- How to speak Enochian -- How the magic works: the imagination -- How the magic works: the spirits -- How the magic works: the rod -- How the magic works: the great work -- The holy table -- The holy pantacle -- The four great watchtowers -- How the magic works: the four elements -- How the magic works: the fifth element -- Great secret holy names -- The four great kings -- The twenty-four seniors -- How the magic works: the planets -- How to invoke the kings and seniors -- How the magic works: incense -- Invocation of a senior -- Invocation vs. spirit vision -- The angels of the Calvary Cross -- The Kerubic angels and Kerubim -- The archangels -- The lesser angels -- The demons of the watchtowers -- The calls: when to use them -- The eighteen calls to be recited -- How to invoke the archangels and angels -- Relationship of the watchtowers to the Tree of Life -- Relationship of the watchtowers to the Universe -- Traveling in the spirit vision: general -- How the magic works: three magical operations with spirit vision -- The tablet colors -- How to make each tablet square into a pyramid -- The servient squares -- Making pyramids of the great cross squares -- Making pyramids of the sephirotic cross squares -- Making pyramids of the Kerubic squares -- Making pyramids of the tablet or union squares -- Traveling in the spirit vision: step by step -- How the magic works: as above, so below -- The aethyrs -- The ninety-two governors -- Relationship of the aethyrs to standard universe models. Appendix A: Aleister Crowley's version of the eighteen calls -- Appendix B: Aleister Crowley's version of the call for the aethyrs -- Appendix C: An Enochian dictionary, arranged by gematic value -- Appendix D. The Egyptian deities and sphinxes. Subjects: Enochian magic. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 4: Schueler, Gerald J. Enochian Physics: The Structure of the Magickal Universe. Llewellyn’s High Magick Series. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1988Add to your cart.
Contents: The planes and elements -- Enochian models, laws and forces -- The relativity of duality -- The geometry -- Earth -- Water -- Air -- Fire -- Union -- Some applications -- Magick in light of Enochian physics. Subjects: Enochian magic; Physics--Miscellanea
Series 11: MiscellaneousAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Gottlieb, Adam. If Your Enjoy the Pleasures of Cocaine this Book May Save Your Life. Illustrated by Larry Todd. Berkeley, CA: And/Or Press, 1976Add to your cart.
Contents: Enjoying cocaine without abuse -- Methods of use -- Selection and quality -- Purification of cocaine -- Cultivating of cocoa. Subjects: Cocaine abuse; Coca; Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 2: Guiley, Rosemary Ellen. Vampires Among Us. New York: Pocket Books, 1991Add to your cart.
Contents: They call themselves vampires -- Dancing with Satan -- Will the real vampire please stand up -- An endless fascination -- Stalking the vampire -- Strange encounters --Devon and the vampire choir -- Psychic vampires -- Dream vampires -- A night in Dracula's Castle -- Epilogue -- Appendix: Organizations and publications. Subjects: Vampires--20th century. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 3: Haskins, Mattie, Mrs., comp. Songs of Ireland. [San Francisco]: n.p., n.d.Add to your cart.
Notes: Likely published between 1963 [when zip codes began to be used, and 1966 [year of Teresa “Tessie” Haskin’s death]. All advertisements are based in San Francisco. Subjects: Songs--Ireland. Genre/Form: Song texts
Book 4: Hurwood, Bernhardt J. Vampires, Werewolves, and Ghouls. New York: Ace Books, 1973, ©️1968Add to your cart.
Contents: Preface -- Introduction -- Lore of the vampire -- Lycanthropy around the world -- Origins of vampirism and lychanthropy -- Vampirism as a superstition -- The monsters among us -- In conclusion. Subjects: Vampires; Werewolves; Demonology; Ghouls and orgres
Book 5: Kilduff, Marshall, and Ron Jawers. The Suicide Cult: The Inside Story of the Peoples Temple Sect and the Massacre in Guyana. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1978Add to your cart.
Contents: Port Kaituma, Guyana, November 18, 1878 -- Peoples Temple, San Francisco, January 1977 -- The Beginning -- Redwood Valley -- San Francisco -- Inside the Peoples Temple: Ex-members speak out on: The Father ; Sex ; Drugs ; Guns ; The Temple hierarchy ; Beatings ; Faith healing ; Motivations for joining ; Politics ; The Press ; Money -- Guyana -- Jonestown: the beginning of the end -- Deborah Layton: Escape and revelations -- Congressman Leo Ryan -- Eyewitness report: Guyana: November 15, 16 ; November 17, 18 ; Interview with Jim Jones, November 18 ; November 18, 19 -- Armageddon -- Epilogue: Why?:  Herb Caen ; San Francisco, November 25. Subjects: Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978; Peoples Temple; Jones, Jim, 1931-1978; Jonestown (Guyana); Cults--Guyana. Genre/Form: Mass market paperback
Book 6: The Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1973Add to your cart.
Subjects: Agriculture; Agricultural ecology; Home economics; Sustainable living; Organic gardening; Do-it-yourself work. Genre/Form: Mass market paperback; Almanacs; Handbooks and manuals
Book 7: Nā Mele o Hawaiʻi Nei [101 Hawaiian songs]. Edited by Samuel H. Elbert and Noelani Mahoe. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1970Add to your cart.
Subjects: Songs--Hawaii. Genre/Form: Song texts
Book 8: Norman, Eric. This Hollow Earth. New York: Lancer Books, 1972Add to your cart.
Subjects: Earth (Planet)--Internal structure--Miscellenea; Unidentified flying objects
Book 9: Roszak, Theodore. The Making of a Counter Culture: Reflections on the Technocratic Society and Its Youthful Opposition. Garden City, NY: Anchor Books / Doubleday & Company, 1969Add to your cart.
Contents: Technocracy's children -- An invasion of centaurs -- The dialectics of liberation : Herbert Marcuse and Norman Brown -- Journey to the East ... and points beyond : Allen Ginsberg and Alan Watts -- The counterfeit infinity : the use and abuse of psychedelic experience -- Exploring utopia : the visionary sociology of Paul Goodman -- The myth of objective consciousness -- Eyes of flesh, eyes of fire -- Objectivity unlimited. Subjects: Counterculture--History--20th century; Social history--1945-1960; Civilization, Modern--1950-; Social history--1960-1970
Book 10: Tomas, Andrew. We Are Not the First: Riddles of Ancient Science. Bantam ed. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1973, ©️1971Add to your cart.
Contents: The days and nights of knowledge -- Novelties in antiquity -- Discoveries create problems -- The blacksmith of Olympus -- The forgotten art of goldmaking -- The caduceus of Hermes -- From temples and forums to atomic reactors -- Sages under the heavenly vault -- The zodiac and the music of the spheres -- Apes and ages -- The celestial comedy -- Maps, manuscripts, and marvels -- Electricity in the remote past -- Did the ancients master gravitation? -- Prehistoric aircraft -- They conquered space long before we did -- First robots, computers, radio, television, and time-viewing machines -- An enigma of social science- the Incas -- Apollonius met the men who knew everything -- Diamonds and stars : the immortal Saint-Germain -- In the abode of wisdom- Roerich -- In quest of the source -- Conclusion. Subjects: Science, Ancient; Science--History
Book 11: Zukav, Gary. The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics. Bantam ed. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1980, ©️1979Add to your cart.
Subjects: Quantum theory--History; Relativity (Physics)--History
Series 12: Native Americans (North; Middle; South America)Add to your cart.
Book 1: Allen, Paula Gunn. Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman’s Sourcebook. Boston: Beacon Press, 1991Add to your cart.
Summary: In this collection of goddess stories gleaned from the vast oral tradition of Native America, the author evokes a world of personal freedom and communal harmony, of free communication among people, animals, and spirits, of magic and its discipline, of balance between the sacred and the mundane.--From publisher description. Contents: The living reality of the medicine world -- Cosmogyny: the goddesses: -- A new wrinkle -- Out of the blue -- This was not Eden -- Grandmother of the light -- Be that way then -- River, blood, and cord -- Making sacred, making true -- Strange burning -- The day the end began -- Ritual magic and aspects of the goddesses: There in the northwest -- A hot time -- Sacred stones -- What is Wakan -- May it be beautiful all around -- The adventurers Transformation time -- Myth, magic and medicine in the modern world: -- Roses, roses -- A fish of another hue -- The hunter -- Deer woman -- Someday soon -- Postscript: Cultural dimensions, ge-ological locations, and herstorical circumstances of the goddesses, the people, and the ritual tradition. Subjects: Indian women--North America; Indians of North America--Religion; Indians of North America--Folklore; Goddess religion--North America; Shamanism--North America. Genre/Form: Myths
Book 2: Bramly, Serge. Macumba: The Teachings of Maria-Jose. Translated by Meg Bogin. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1977Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- The descent of the gods -- The master of the head -- Opening the path -- Exú -- Epilogue -- Glossary. Subjects: Maria-José, mãe; Macumba (Cult); Brazil--Religion
Book 3: Castaneda, Carlos. The Fire from Within. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1984Add to your cart.
Contents: The new seers -- Petty tyrants -- The eagle's emanations -- The glow of awareness -- The first attention -- Inorganic beings -- The assemblage point -- The position of the assemblage point -- The shift below -- Great bands of emanations -- Stalking, intent, and the dreaming position -- The nagual Julian -- The Earth's boost -- The rolling force -- The death defiers -- The mold of Man -- The journey of the dreaming body -- Breaking the barrier of perception -- Epilogue. Subjects: Juan, Don, 1891-1973; Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998; Yaqui Indians--Religion; Yaqui mythology; Awareness; Knowledge, Sociology of. Genre/Form: Autobiographies
Book 4: Dane, Christopher. The American Indian and the Occult. Popular Books ed. New York: Popular Library, 1973Add to your cart.
Subjects: Indians of North America--Religion; Indian mythology--North America; Spiritualism
Book 5: Dow, Carol L. Sarava! Afro-Brazilian Magick. 1st ed. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1997Add to your cart.
Contents: Salve todas as Nações! -- Author's note -- Brazilian mystery religions: an overview -- Axé: the powers of the Orixás -- Formidable entities -- Believers and their sacred ground -- Unique practices -- Healing -- Saravá, Brazilian magick! -- Appendix A: User-friendly guide to Portuguese pronunciation -- Appendix B: Personas of the Orixás -- Appendix C: Some tropical botanicals used in Brazilian magick -- Appendix D: Foods of the Gods -- Appendix E: Music of the spheres -- Glossary of terms. Subjects: Afro-Brazilian cults--Brazil; Brazil--Religion; Magic--Brazil
Book 6: Lame Deer, John (Fire), and Richard Erdoes. Lame Deer: Seeker of Visions. New York: Washington Square Press, 1976, ©️1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Alone on the hilltop -- That gun in the New York museum belongs to me -- The green frog skin -- Getting drunk, going to jail -- Sitting on top of Teddy Roosevelt's head -- The circle and the square -- Talking to the owls and butterflies -- Two in a blanket -- Medicine, good and bad -- Inipi- grandfather's breath -- Yuwipi- little lights from nowhere -- looking at the sun, they dance -- Don't hurt the trees -- Roll up the world -- The upside-down, forward-backward, icy-hot contrary -- Blood turned into stone -- Epilogue: Inyan Wasicun, the white man with the rocks -- Glossary. Subjects: Lame Deer, approximately 1903-1976; Miniconjou Indians; Lakota Indians. Genre/Form: Autobiographies
Book 7: Simmons, Marc. Witchcraft in the Southwest: Spanish and Indian Supernaturalism on the Rio Grande. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1980, ©️1974Add to your cart.
Summary: Opening with a succinct review of the meaning and evolution of witchcraft in Europe and Spain, Simmons establishes the existence of many similar beliefs among native inhabitants of the New World. Moving chronologically to Spanish colonization, the author vividly conveys Spanish reactions to Pueblo life and religion, the fears of witches and other supernatural forces that plagued Spanish colonists. ... Emphasizing the beliefs and nature of witchcraft rather than the actual mechanics (which are secret), he follows Hispanic communities into the late 19th century. ... Readers learn how witchcraft fits into the Pueblo world view and how it compares and contrasts with European and Spanish varieties in such areas as motivation, types, powers, beliefs and means of acquisition. Contents: A dark heritage -- The Devil's domain on the Rio Grande -- Executions and the diabolical kiss --The way of witches -- Pueblo witchcraft -- The tradegy of Nambé -- The Zuñi plague of witches -- Montezuma, a sacred snake, and Pecos Pueblo -- Navajo and Apache witchcraft -- Herbalism and Black Magic -- The lingering legacy of witchcraft. Subjects: Witchcraft--Southwest, New; Indian magic--Southwest, New
Book 8: Sullivan, Thelma D., trans. A Scattering of Jades: Stories, Poems, and Prayers of the Aztecs. Edited by T.J. Knab. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994Add to your cart.
Summary: Offers an extraordinary glimpse into the Aztec civilization -- a mysterious culture that revered its poets, worshiped its kings and ritualized human sacrifice. The Aztec empire reached its height between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, culminating in the reign of Motecuzoma. Aztec cities surpassed those of Europe in size and grandeur, and their art and aesthetics were the most sophisticated of all nature American cultures. Among the ancient Aztecs, a clever turn of phrase was considered a precious stone -- a 'scattering of jades" was an Aztec metaphor for elegant speech. This literary gem collects Aztec myths, prayers, proverbs and poems, many translated from the original Nahuati for the first time, presenting an evocative picture of one of the most exotic and advanced civilizations in the Americas. Contents: The Aztec World of Ancient Mexico: -- Mesoamerican origins -- The Toltecs -- The Gods -- The Aztec quest -- Founding the center of the Aztec world: Tenochtitlan -- The Empire  -- Tenochtitlan -- The conquest -- The spiritual conquest and the preservation of classic Aztec culture -- "A polished eye": understanding the Aztec world -- Human sacrifice -- The balance of life -- Women in Aztec society -- The warrior's world -- Contradictions of the Aztec world -- World-centering -- Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli -- A scattering of jades: classic Aztec literature -- Translating the Aztec world: Thelma D. Sullivan -- Form and style in Aztec literature -- I. The Aztec world: -- The ancient suns of Mexico and Quetzalcoatl -- Codex Chimalpopoca: The Anales of Cuauhtitlan -- The origins of the peoples of Cuauhtitlan -- The ancient suns of Mexico -- The Chichimeca -- Quetzalcoatl, the priest -- The finding and founding of Mexico-Tenochtitlan: -- The Mexicayotl -- The Crónica Mexicayotl -- The conquest of Mexico: the words of the conquered: -- Fray Bernardino de Sahagún's History of all things of New Spain (The Florentine Codex): -- The final chapters of the conquest -- How the Tlaltelolcans with the Mexicans and their lords surrendered to the Spaniards -- Remarks directed by the Capitán Don Hernando Cortéz to the Lords of México, Texcoco, and Tlacopan, after his victory, demanding the gold that had been lost when the Spaniards fled México -- II. Life and death in ancient Mexico: The orations of the elders: -- A necklace of jades: -- The Huehuetlatolli: words of the ancients; words of wisdom -- Death -- Life -- The people and their ruler -- O precious necklace, O Quetzal feather! -- Pregnancy and childbirth -- Hiring the midwife -- The lying-in -- Cutting the umbilical cord -- Washing of the newborn child -- The midwife addresses the newly delivered woman -- The warrior woman -- Invocation of the warrior woman -- III. Prayers and songs of the Gods -- A prayer to Tlaloc -- O, Tlaloc -- The songs of Ancient Mexico -- Five poems: [Where will I go?] ; [Be indomitable, O my heart] ; [Our lord] ; [Can it be true that one lives on earth?] ; [The gold and black butterfly is sipping the nectar] -- The songs of the Gods: Ten prayers of the Primeros Memoriales: -- Fray Bernardino de Sahagún's Primeros Memoriales: Of the songs that were given voice in honor of he Gods both within their temples and beyond them -- The song of Huitzilopochtle -- The song of Yaotl, "The enemy" of Huitznahuac -- The song of Tlalloc -- The song of the mother of the Gods -- The song of Chimalpanecatl and Tlaltecahua, the Motherwomb -- The song of Ixcozauhqui -- The song of Mimixcoa -- The song of Xochipilli -- The song of Xochiquetzal -- The song of Animitl -- IV. Words of Jade: Proverbs, metaphors, and conundrums: -- Nahuatl proverbs, conundrums, and metaphors / collected by Sahagún -- Some proverbs that they said and still say -- Some conundrums that they tell and try to guess -- Some figures of speech, called metaphors -- The metaphors from the orations of Fray Andrés de Olmos -- The manners of speech of the elders in their ancient orations. Subjects: Aztecs--Folklore; Nahuatl literature; Nahuatl poetry; Sullivan, Thelma D. Genre/Form: Folk literature
Book 9: Tierney, Patrick. The Highest Altar: The Story of Human Sacrifice. New York: Viking, 1989Add to your cart.
Contents: The unspeakable sacrifice -- The Inca child -- The amateurs take over -- Hunting for mummies -- The peaceful mountain -- THe sorceress at Lago Budi -- The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea -- The house that gringo built -- Hounding the Holy Fathers -- One more victim -- Lake Titicaca -- The Snake Mountain -- Black magic -- Reviving the Inquisition -- Tracking the sacred executioner -- The good seed -- The souls cry out -- The hidden gold mine -- The old-time religion -- The birth of Hell -- Calvary and Cain -- Werewolves and the Eucharist. Subjects: Indians of South America--Peru--Rites and ceremonies; Indians of South America--Andes Region--Rites and ceremonies; Human sacrifice--Andes Region; Human Sacrifice
Book 10: Waters, Frank. Book of the Hopi. Drawings and source material recorded by Oswald White Bear Fredericks. Ballantine Walden edition. New York: Ballantine BooksAdd to your cart.
Contents: Foreword / Frederick H. Howell ; Introduction ; Part One: The myths: Creation of the Four Worlds -- Tokpela: The First World -- Tokpa: The Second World -- Kuskurza: The Third World -- Tuwaqachi: The Fourth World -- Commentary: The symbol of the emergence ; Part Two: The legends: Migrations of the clans -- The four migrations -- North to the back door -- The badger and the sacred spruce -- Migrations of the bird clans -- Wenima and the short rainbow -- The mysterious red city of the South -- The journey of the twins -- The snake and lizard clans -- The bow and arrowshaft clans -- The coyote-swallow race at Sikyatki -- The ancient record -- The founding of Oraibi -- Commentary: The Hopi clan -- Part Three: The mystery plays: The ceremonial cycle -- Elemental symbols -- Wuwuchim -- Soyal -- The kachina night dances -- Powamu -- The road of life -- Niman Kachina -- The flute ceremony -- The snake-antelope ceremony -- Lakon, Marawu, and Owaqlt -- The Ya Ya ceremony -- Part Four: The history: The lost white brother -- The coming of the Castillas -- The destruction of Awatovi -- Arrival of the Americans -- Westward march of empire -- The betrayal of Lololma -- A test of prophecy -- The split at Oraibi -- The imprisonment of Yukioma -- The Indian Reorganization Act -- The flag still flies -- Recommendations and prophecies -- Key to Hopi pronunciation  -- Glossary of Hopi words. Subjects: Hopi Indians; Hopi Indians--Folklore; Hopi Indians--Religion
Series 13: Mythology/FolkloreAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Briggs, Katharine. An Encyclopedia of Fairies: Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies, and Other Supernatural Creatures. New York: Pantheon Books, 1976Add to your cart.
Subjects: Fairies. Genre/Form: Encyclopedias
Book 2: Great Classical Myths. Edited and introduction by F. R. B. Godolphin. New York: The Modern Library, 1964Add to your cart.
Contents: Creation and the Early Gods / Hesiod, Theogony, 116-222 ; Richmond Lattimore -- The Ages of Man / Hesiod, Work and days, 109-201 ; Richmond Lattimore -- The Flood / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 1. 285-418 / John Dryden -- The Gods of Delphi / Aeschylus, Eumenides, 1-19 ; Lewis Campbell -- Zeus / Homer, Iliad, 16. 384-393 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Zeus / Aeschylus, Agamemnon, 160-183 ; E. D. A. Morshead -- Zeus, Hera and Hephaestus / Homer, Iliad, 1. 533-611 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Poseidon, Zeus and Hades / Homer, Iliad, 15. 187-195 ; Chase and Perry -- Poseidon / Homer, Iliad, 13. 17-38 ; Chase and Perry -- Apollo / Homeric Hymns, 1-178 ; Andrew Lang -- Artemis / Homeric Hymns 1-20 ; Andrew Lang -- Athene / Homeric Hymns, 1-17 ; Andrew Land -- Hermes / Homeric Hymns, 1-578 ; Andrew Lang -- Demeter / Homeric Hymns, 1-495 ; Andrew Lang -- Hephaestus / Homer, Iliad, 18. 368-405 ; Lang, Leaf, and Myers -- Aphrodite / Homeric Hymns, 1-292 ; Andrew Lang -- Ares / Homer, Iliad, 5. 825-898 ; Chase and Perry -- Diontsus / Homeric Hymns, 1-21 ; Andrew Lang -- Dionyus and the Sailors / Homeric Hymn, 1-59 ; Andrew Lang -- Dionysus / Euripides, Bacchae, 1-54 ; William Arrowsmith -- Prometheus / Hesiod, Works and Days, 49-82 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Primetheus / Aeschylus, Prometheus, 199-243; 436-506 ; Paul Elmer More -- The Golden Bough / Vergil, Aeneid, 6. 125-148 ; J. W. Mackail -- The Island of the Blessed / Pindar, Olympian, 2. 61-83 ; Richmond Lattimore -- The Underworld / Homer, Odyssey, 11. 568-600 ; Samuel Butler -- Ixion / Pindar, Pythian, 2. 21-48 ; Richmond Lattimore -- The Danaids / Horace, Odes, 3.11. 13-52 ; William Sinclair Marris -- Heracles / Homeric Hymns, 1-8 ; Andrew Lang -- Labors of Heracles / Euripides, Heracles, 348-429 ; E. P. Coleridge -- Labors and heracles / Apollodorus, The Library, II. 5.5-6 ; J. G. Frazer -- Heracled and Cerberus / Homer, Odyssey, 11. 601-626 ; Samuel Butler -- Incidental Labors of Heracles / Hyginus, Myths, 31 Mary Grant -- Heracles and Hylas / Theocrotus, Idylls, 13. 36-67 ; Andrew Lang -- Hercules and Cacus / Vergil, Aeneid, 8. 193-267 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Jason / Pindar, Pythian, 4.66-255 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Jason and Medea / Euripides, Medea, 1-43; 1323-1343; 1377-1388 ; E. P. Coleridge -- Theseus / Plutarch, Lives, ; John Dryden -- Theseus, Ariafne and Dionysus / Catullus, 64.246-264 ; Theodore -- Meleager / Homer, Iliad, 9. 529-599 ; Derby -- Meleager / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 8. 273-532 ; Brookes More -- Perseus / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 4. 610-803 ; Brookes More -- Oedipus / Aeschylus, Seven against Thebes, 742-784 ; David Grene -- Jocasta / Euripides, Phoenissae, 10-87 E. P. Coleridge -- Antigone / Sophocles, Antigone, 891-928 ; R. C. Jebb -- Tiresias / Sophocles, Oedipus the King, 447-462 ; R. C. Jebb -- The Seven against Thebes / Sophocles, Oedipus as Colonus, 1309-1329 ; R. C. Jebb -- The Heroines / Homer, Odyssey, 11. 235-237 ; Samuel Butler -- The design of the Iliad / Homer, Iliad, 1. 1-7 ; Lang, Leaf, and Myers -- The birth of Achilles / Pindar, Isthmian, 8.27-59 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Achilles' version of the quarrel / Homer, Iliad, 1. 366-412 ; W. C. Bryant -- Achilles' threat / Homer, Iliad, 1. 225-244 ; Derby -- The Embassy / Homer, Iliad, 9. 622-668  ; Richmond Lattimore -- Achilles sends Patroclus to inquire about a wounded Greek / Homer, Iliad, 11. 596-615 ; Chase and Perry -- Nestor addresses Patroclus / Homer, Iliad, 11. 783-805 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Zeus addresses Hera / Homer, Iliad, 15. 49-77 Derby -- Patroclus urges Achilles / Homer, Iliad, 16. 20-200 ; W. C. Bryant -- Thetis comes to Achilles / Homer, Iliad, 18. 78-126 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Reconciliation / Homer, Iliad, 19. 55-144 ; Lang, Leaf, and Myers -- Brises' return / Homer, Iliad, 19. 282- 302 ; W. C. Bryant -- Hector and Achilles / Homer, Iliad, 22. 131-138 ; Land, Leaf, and Myers -- The pursuit / Homer, Iliad, 22. 188-213 ; Derby -- Hector faces Achilles / Homer, Iliad, 22. 239-272 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Achilles and Hector fight / Homer, Iliad, 22. 317-366 ; Chase and Perry -- Achilles maltreats the body of Hector / Homer, Iliad, 22. 395-409 ; Lang, Leaf, and Myers -- The wild grief of Achilles / Homer, Iliad, 23. 17-23 ; Richmond Lattimore -- The shade of Patroclus / ǂr Homer, Iliad, 23. 60-84 ; Pope -- The gods intervene / Homer, Iliad, 24. 31-45 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Priam goes to ransom the body of Hector, Homer, Iliad, 24. 477-533 ; Derby -- Achilles accepts the ransom / Homer, Iliad, 24. 572-594 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Odysseus meets Achilles in the underwood / Homer, Odyssey, 11. 471-491 ; G. H. Palmer -- Greek Leader at Troy / Homer, Iliad, 3. 139-244 ; Derby -- Helen / Homer, Iliad, 6. 344-358 ; Chase and Perry -- Helen / Euripides, Helen, 18-59 ; E. P. Coleridge -- Helen and Menelaus / Homer, Odyssey, 4. 219-289 ; Robert Fitzergerald -- Helen and Menelaus / Homer, Odyssey, 4. 561-569 ; William Morris -- Iphigeneia / Aeschylus, Agamemnon, 183-253 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Agamemnon and Clytemnestra / Homer, Odyssey, 1. 35-43 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Agamemnon and Clytemnestra / Homer, Odyssey, 3. 247-312 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Agamemnon / Homer, Odyssey, 11. 387-434 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Agamemnon talks to Amphimedon / Homer, Odyssey, 24. 191-202 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Aegisthus / Aeschylus, Agamemnon, 1583-1611 ; E. D. A. Morshead -- Aias / Sophocles, Ajax 815-865 ; R. C. Trevelyan -- Castor and Polydeukes / Pindar, Nemean, 10. 55-90 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Philoctetes / Sophocles, Philoctetes, 261-284 ; David Grene -- Diomede / Homer, Iliad, 9. 32-49 ; Derby -- The plot of the Odyssey / Aristotle, Poetics, 17.5 ; S. H. Butcher -- Odysseus' Character / Homer, Iliad, 10. 241-253 ; Derby -- Penelope / Homer, Odyssey, 2. 87-145 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Telemachus / Homer, Odyssey, 2. 36-74 ; Samuel Butler -- Telemachus visits Nestor / Homer, Odyssey, 3. 65-101 ; G. H. Palmer -- The Cicones / Homer, Odyssey, 9. 39-61 ; Pope -- The Lotus-eaters / Homer, Odyssey, 9. 83-102 ; Pope -- Polyphemus, the Cyclops / Apollodorus, Epitome, 7. 4-9 ; J. G. Frazer -- Aeolus and the Winds / Homer, Odyssey, 10. 1-75 ; H. B. Cotterill -- Circe / Homer, Odyssey, 10. 135-495 ; W. C. Bryant -- Elpenor / Homer, Odyssey, 11. 51-78 ; G. H. Palmer -- The Sirens / Homer, Odyssey, 13. 154-200 ; Ennus Rees -- Scylla and Charybdis / Homer, Odyssey, 12. 202-259 ; G. H. Palmer -- The Cattle of Helios / Homer, Odyssey, 12. 127-141 ; Chapman -- Calypso / Homer, Odyssey, 5. 75-147 ; Samuel Butler -- Calypso / Homer, Odyssey, 5. 202 224 ; Samuel Butler -- Nausicaa / Homer, Odyssey, 6. 1-331 ; Samuel Butler -- Odysseus and Nausicaa / Homer, Odyssey, 8. 454-468 ; Sameul Butler -- Odysseus and Penelope / Homer, Odyssey, 19. 559-587 ; G. H. Palmer -- Argus, the hound / Homer, Odyssey, 17. 291-327 ; Ennis Rees -- Telemachus speaks out / Homer, Odyssey, 20. 299-337 ; G. H. Palmer -- The trial of the bow / Homer, Odyssey, 21. 404-423 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Death of the suitors / Homer, Odyssey, 22. 381-389 ; Robert Fitzgerald -- Odysseus and Penelope: the final test / Homer, Odyssey, 23. 153-204 ; Rober Fitzgerald -- The end of the Odyssey / Homer, Odyssey, 24. 539-548 ; Ennis Rees -- The plot of the Aeneid / Vergil, Aeneid, 1. 1-7 ; J. W. Mackail -- Rome's destiny / Vergil, Aeneid, 1. 257-294 ; J. W. Mackail -- Aeneas and Dido / Vergil, Aeneid, 1. 340-368 ; J. W. Mackail -- Aeneas sees Dido / Vergil, Aeneid, 1. 588-656 ; J. W. Mackail -- Dido in love / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 65-85 ; Rolfe Humphries -- The hunt / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 151-172 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Mercury warns Aeneas / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 256-276 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Dido addresses Aeneas / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 305-387 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Mercury again warns Aeneas / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 554-570 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Dido sees the ships leaving the harbor / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 584-624 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Dido's last words / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 642-665 ; Rolfe Humphries -- The death of Dido / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 693-705 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Myths of early Rome / Vergil, Aeneid, 4. 693-705 ; Rolfe Humphries -- The death of Pallas / Vergil, Aeneid, 10. 453-509 ; J. W. Mackail -- The death of Turnus / Vergil, Aeneid, 12. 924-952 ; J. W. Mackail -- Bellerophon / Pindar, Olympian, 13. 60-90 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Bellerophon / Homer, Iliad, 6. 152-202 ; Derby -- Cadmus / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 3. 1-137 ; Horace Gregory -- Daedalus / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 8. 153-235 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Io / Bacchylides, Complete Poems, 19 ; Robert Fagles -- Niobe / Homer, Iliad, 24. 602-617 ; W. C. Bryant -- Procne / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 6. 422-673 ; Horace Gregory -- Phaethon / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 2. 1-331 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Asklepios / Pindar, Pythian, 3. 1-68 ; Richmond Lattimore -- Proteus / Vergil, Georgics, 4. 387-414 ; S. Palmer Bovie -- Midas / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 11.-101-193 ; Horace Gregory -- Hippolytus / Vergil, Aeneid, 7. 761-782 ; J.W. Mackail -- Zeus and Hera / Homer, Iliad, 14. 153-353 ; Pope -- Europa / Moschus, Idyl, 2. 1-166 ; Andrew Lang -- Apollo and Daphne / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 1. 452-567 ;John Dryden -- Hyacinthus / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 10. 162-219 ; Brookes More -- Aphrodite and Ares / Homer, Odyssey, 8. 266-366 ; William Cowper -- Venus and Adonis / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 10. 519-559; 706-739 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Pan and Syrinx / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 1. 689-712 ; John Dryden -- Orpheus and Eurydice / Vergil, Georgics, 4. 454-527 ; S. Palmer Bovie -- Arethusa / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 5. 572-641 ; Horace Gregory -- Atalanta / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 10. 560-707 ; Brookes More -- Boreas and Orithyia / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 6. 677-721 ; Brookes More -- Cephalus and Procris / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 7. 694-862 ; Brookes More -- Ceyx and Alcyone / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 11. 410-748 (with omissions) ; Brookes More -- Echo and Narcissus / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 3. 339-509 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Salmacis and Hermaphaphroditus / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 4. 285-388 ; Horace Gregory -- Pygmalion / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 10. 243-297 ; Rolfe Humphries -- Scylla and Minos / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 8. 6-151 (with omissions) ; Brookes More -- Alcestis and Admetus / Plato, Symposium, 179B,C ; Benjamin Jowett -- Laodamia and Protesilaus / Catullus, 68, 73-108 (with omissions) ; George Lamb -- Protesilaus and Laodamia / Hyinus, Myths, 103-104 ; Mary Grant -- Pyramus and Thisbe / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 4. 55-166 ; Horace Gregory -- Cyclops and Galatea / Theocritus, Idylls, 11. 19-66 ; Andrew Lang -- Hero / Vergil, Georgics, 3. 258-263 ; S. Palmer Bovie -- Baucis and Philemon / Ovid, Metamorphoses, 8. 620-724 ; Rolfe Humphries -- The Cyclic Epics: Proclus, Chrestomathy, i-ii ; H. G. Evelyn-White: The Cypria ; The Aethiopis ; The Little Iliad ; The Sack of Ilium ; The Returns ; The Telegony -- Poetical history of Herodotus: Solon and Croesus / Herodotus, 1. 30-33 ; George Rawlinson -- Arion / Herodotus, 1. 24 ; George Rawlinson -- Gyges and Candaules / Herodotus, 1. 8-12 ; George Rawlinson -- Polycrates / Herodotus, 3. 40-43 ; George Rawlinson -- Philosophic use of myth in plato: The Soul / Plato, Phaedrus, 253D-254E ; Benjamin Jowett -- Man's nature / Plato, Symposium, 189C-191D ; Benjamin Jowett -- The Allegory of the Cave / Plato, Republic, 7. 514-517 ; Benjamin Jowett -- The Apocalypse of Er / Plato, Republic, 10. 614-621 ; Benjamin Jowett -- Cupid and Psyche / Apuleius, The Golden Ass, 4.28-6.24 (compressed) ; Walter Pater. Subjects: Classical poetry; Mythology, Classical. Genre/Form: Myths
Book 3: Katzeff, Paul. Moon Madness. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1981Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction: The Silver Watch -- Part One. Lore and Mythology: -- Green cheese -- Lunacy -- Lunar sympathy -- "The Moon is God" -- Fertility -- Moisture -- Lycanthropy -- Hungry dragons -- Epilepsy -- Part Two. The Moon and its Effects: -- Selenology -- Ocean tides -- Atmospheric tides -- The Eiffel Effect -- Earthquakes -- Moon weather -- The aquatic world -- Aboard Noah's Ark -- Diana's green thumb -- Reproduction -- Male periods -- Murder and mayhem -- Madness -- Suicide -- Biological rhythms -- Bleeding -- Part Three. A Search for the Mechanism: -- Moonlight -- Biological tides -- "P.I." in the sky -- Weather effects -- Magnetism and electricity. Subjects: Moon--Folklore; Moon. Genre/Form: Folk literature; Legends; Myths
Book 4: Pukui, Mary Kawena, and Caroline Curtis. Water of Kane. Illustrated by Richard Goings. Honolulu: Kamehameha Schools Press, 1951Add to your cart.
Contents: The water of Kane -- The jealous brothers -- The voyage -- Aukele's search -- Legends of Hawaii and Kauai: -- Pakaʻa -- The sail ; The backbone of a chief ; The wind gourd -- Companions in the forest -- The turtle in the sweet-potato patch -- Legends of Kauai: -- A maiden from the Mu -- The piper in the sacred valley -- The rainbow maiden of Waimea -- Legends of Kauai and Oahu: -- Kawelo of Kauai: -- His boyhood ; On Oahu ; The conquest of Kauai -- Kauilani and the sea monster -- Aku fishing with Palila -- Legends of Oahu: -- How the gods made people -- The sacred breadfruit tree -- Some tricks of Kamapuaʻa -- Why Hilu fish are striped -- The sharks of Puʻuloa -- The Pipi of Puʻuloa -- Kaʻehu and the Man-eater -- The song of the Kapa Log -- Paʻalua and Kawelu -- Legends of Molokai, Lanai, and Maui: -- The Kauila trees of Maunaloa -- Pepe and Nui -- The mischievous boy of Maui -- The Battle of the Owls -- The boy who walked backward -- The punishment of Hua -- Kuʻula the Fish God -- Glossary. Subjects: Hawaii--Folklore; Hawaii--Legends; Hawaiians--Folklore; Hawaiians--Legends; Legends--Hawaii; Folklore--Hawaii. Genre/Form: Folk tales; Legends
Book 5: Taylor, Clarice B. Hawaiian Almanac. Decorations by Mary Laune Aitken. Honolulu: Tongg Publishing Company, 1965, ©️1957Add to your cart.
Contents: Timekeepers of Old Hawaii -- Portents and signs -- Story of the stars -- Stars as guides -- Birth omens -- Birth signs by the month -- Worship of Gods -- Counting in Hawaiian -- Love inducing -- The moon month -- Tapa making -- Moon nights -- Hawaiian calendar -- Moon fishing -- Auguries of moles -- Lunar planting -- Farmer's calendar -- Marching in the night -- Hawaiian medicine -- Rules of fishing -- Bad luck in fishing -- Dream lore -- Cooking methods -- Wise sayings -- Cloud prophecy -- Fisherman's calendar -- Star chart. Subjects: Folklore--Hawaii; Legends--Hawaii; Time--Folklore; Hawaiians--Folklore; Hawaii--Social life and customs. Genre/Form: Folk literature; Almanacs
Book 6: Walker, Barbara G. The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1983Add to your cart.
Summary: Offers 1,350 entries on magic, witchcraft, fairies, elves, giants, goddesses, gods, and psychological anomalies such as demonic possession the mystical meanings of sun, moon, earth, sea, time, and space ideas of the soul, reincarnation, creation and doomsday ancient and modern attitudes toward sex, prostitution, romance, rape, warfare, death and sin, and more. Subjects: Women--Mythology; Goddesses; Mythoogy; Folklore. Genre/Form: Encyclopedias; Myths
Series 14: Occultism (General)Add to your cart.
Book 1: Dane, Christopher. The Occult in the Orient. Popular Library ed. New York: Popular Library, 1974Add to your cart.
Contents: Phantom hitchhiker of Nago -- Strange things happen in Malaysia -- Revenge by witchcraft in Indonesia -- Her body disappears but her voice remains -- Flying saucers over Anglican missions -- Death spell for rejected lovers -- The mysterious Deception Island -- UFOs over Hawaii -- Balinese Ceremony of the Dead -- He goes in search of his head -- Ghost town of the lost empire -- South Sea's spirit world -- Captain Cool saw a UFO -- Human bites from invisible teeth -- They captured a sea serpent -- He saved his wife's life- from over 9,000 miles away -- Heed those unseen voices -- Max Freedom Long- telling the world about Huna magic -- The wonderful magic of Huna prayers -- Huna on evolution -- Dealing with possessing entities through the Huna pendulum technique -- The curse of the Shark Goddess -- The ghost of Seoul -- The Remarkable Komar -- A journey into death -- Master Subramuniya's Academy of Contemplation on Kauai -- Justice of the Shark God -- Huna healing techniques -- Her telepathic warning saved his life -- Jungle werewolves -- What became of an Arakamimoa?. Subjects: Occultism--Asia; Huna
Book 2: Harlequin 0°. The Book of the Law, and, The Articles of Faith of the Gnostic Catholic Church. Canadian authorized ed. [Madison, WI]: Abraxas Press, n.d.Add to your cart.
Summary: "The particular stream of the Gnostic Catholic Church that you are presently in communication with is, for those who are knowledgeable in such matters is that of HARLEQUIN 0° = THE FOOL. The Mystical Order associated with the priesthood of the Path of Harlequin is that of the Holy Knights of Harlequin. Even so, this particular stream of the Church holds no disagreement with any other Thelemic Order." Contents: The creed : Liber LXXVII -- Forward / by Harlequin, 0° -- AL (Liber Legis) The book of the law sub figura xxxi as delivered by 93 - AIWASS - 418 to Ankh-f-n-khonsu, The Priest of the Princes who is 666 -- Articles of faith of The Gnostic Catholic Church (of Canada). Subjects: Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica; Gnosticism--Creeds. Genre/Form: Spirit writings; Creeds
Book 3: Holzer, Hans. Beyond This Life. Los Angeles: Pinnacle Books, 1977, ©️1969Add to your cart.
Contents: Beyond this life: testimony of those who have returned -- Life and death: What are they? -- True communications from the dead -- The evidence for survival after death -- The channels of communication -- When the dead reach out to the living -- Unfinished business -- When the dead help the living -- How to make contact with the dead -- The laws of the next world -- How to prepare for life after death. Subjects: Future life; Spiritualism. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 4: Sadoul, Jacques. Alchemists and Gold. 1st American ed. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Book I. The Hermetic art: -- A first contact with alchemy -- Hermes and the history of alchemy -- The principles of alchemy -- The work -- Alchemy and modern science -- Book II. Three thirteenth-century graduates of Montpellier University -- Nicholas Flamel, public scrivener -- The Monk of Erfurt and the Good Man of Treviso -- A physician and a gentleman -- The life-story of a puffer -- The cosmopolite -- Transmutations carried out by scientists -- The real philalethes -- The Apostolate of Lascaris -- The story of Sehfeld -- The Court de Saint-Germain -- Twentieth-century adepts -- Book III. The philosopher's stone -- Grudging or generous? -- Philosopher's raw material -- The great work -- Conclusion: The royal art. Subjects: Alchemy--History
Book 5: Smith, Michelle, and Lawrence Pazder. Michelle Remembers. New York: Pocket Books, 1981, ©️1980Add to your cart.
Summary: "A best-seller, Michelle Remembers was the first book written on the subject of satanic ritual abuse and is an important part of the controversies beginning in the 1980s regarding satanic ritual abuse and "recovered" memory. The book has subsequently been discredited by several investigations which found no corroboration of the book's events, and that the events described in the book were extremely unlikely and in some cases impossible. ... Soon after the book's publication, Pazder was forced to withdraw his assertion that it was the Church of Satan that had abused Smith when Anton LaVey (who founded the church years after the alleged events of Michelle Remembers) threatened to sue for libel"--Wikipedia. Includes: Statement of Pope Pail VI, November 15, 1972 and a Comment of Remi De Roo, Bishop of the Diocese of Victoria, British Columbia, September 28, 1977. Subjects: Smith, Michelle, 1949-; Recovered memory; Satanism--Controversial literature. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 6: Whitehead, Willis F. Occultism Simplified, or, the Mystic Thesaurus. Chicago: Regan Publishing Corporation, 1921Add to your cart.
Summary: "Hidden meaning of the symbol of the Zodiac .. Significance of alphabets and tarot cards .. Mystery of numbers .. How to make and use the magic mirror by means of which communication can be established with the Astral Brotherhood"--Title page. Subjects: Occultism
Book 7: Lyons, Arthur. The Second Coming: Satanism in America. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: Prologue. Prepare yourselves, children, it's later than you think -- Part one: The first coming -- The nativity -- The Sabbat and the Esbat -- The Black Mass -- The journey to America -- Part two: The second coming -- The sudden resurgence -- The twisted roots -- The Church of Satan, San Francisco -- The coming age of fire. Subjects: Satanism
Book 8: Pauwels, Louis, and Jacques Bergier. The Morning of the Magicians. Translated by Rollo Myers. New York: Stein and Day, 1960Add to your cart.
Subjects: Occultism
Series 15: Plants/HerbalismAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Heinerman, John. The Healing Benefits of Garlic. New York: Wings Books, 1995, ©️1994Add to your cart.
Summary: The Healing Benefits of Garlic including demonstrated therapies and specific preparations for: Acne, Aids, Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Blood Clots, Boils and Cysts, Breast-feeding, Burns, Cancer, Candida, Common Colds and Flu, Contagious Diseases, Corns and Calluses, Coronary Artery Disease, Cuts ... and much more. Contents: Out of Sumer: When garlic was first used -- Pharoahs, philosophers, and gladiators: only their breath set them apart -- Garlic lore from the nacient herbals -- What makes garlic work? -- Garlic therapy in disease management -- Garlic preparations for wellness and recovery -- World garlic festivals -- Garlic recipes from around the world. Subjects: Garlic--Therapeutic use; Garlic--History; Cooking (Garlic)
Book 2: Herbs of the Zodiac. Dell purse book 3558. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- Herbal preparations -- Herbs of Mars -- Herbs of Venus -- Herbs of Mercury -- Herbs of the moon -- Herbs of the sun -- Herbs of Jupiter -- Herbs of Saturn. Subjects: Herbs--Therapeutic use; Medical astrology
Book 3: Hermann, Matthias. Herbs and Medicinal Flowers. Engravings by Redouté, Daffinger and Several Artists, Translated by Grace Jackman. New York: Galahad Books, 1973Add to your cart.
Summary: "Throughout history and in every land, doctors, pharmacists, housewives have found remedies to all sorts of internal and external ailments in the juices, pulps, pollen and excretions of plants." "A short introduction sums up the plants most useful in curing specific ailments." "One of the most important features of this fascinating guide to the healing powers of plants, is the attention it pays to those plants that have just the opposite effect, plants which are and have been used as poisons, irritants, corrosives and narcotics."--Dust jacket. Subjects: Herbs--Therapeutic use; Materia medica, Vegetable; Botany, Medical. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 4: Kadans, Joseph M. Modern Encyclopedia of Herbs with the Herb-O-Matic Locator Index. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993Add to your cart.
Summary: "A detailed A to Z compilation of data on herbal remedies, tonics, treatments, flavorings and preservatives." -- Back cover. Subjects: Botany, Medical; Herbs; Materia medica, Vegetable. Genre/Form: Encyclopedias
Book 5: Kaiahua, Kalua, and Martha H. Noyes. Hawaiian Healing Herbs: A Book of Recipes. Illustrations by Martha H. Hoyes. Honolulu: Kaʻimi Pono Press, 1997Add to your cart.
Contents: The herbs: ʻAlae -- ʻAloe -- Haʻuōwī -- ʻIhi -- Kaunaʻoa -- Koali -- Koʻokoʻolau -- Kuawa -- Kukui -- Lauaʻe -- Laukahi -- Māmaki -- Niu -- Noni -- ʻŌlena -- Pōpolo -- Ti -- ʻUhaloa -- Wāpini -- Some household remedies -- About leaves for tea. Subjects: Botany, Medical--Hawaii; Medicinal plants--Hawaii; Herbs--Therpeutic use--Hawaii; Materia medica, Vegetable--Hawaii. Genre/Form: Recipies; Field guides
Book 6: Miller, Richard Allan. The Magical & Ritual Use of Herbs. New York: Destiny Books, 1983Add to your cart.
Contents: Stimulants: -- Damiana ; Passion flower ; Betel nut ; Mormon tea ; Guarana ; Kola nut -- Depressants: -- Lobelia ; Scullcap ; Valerian root -- Narcotics: -- Wild lettuce ; Wormwood -- Hallucinogens: -- Calamus ; Galangal root ; Kava kava ; Yohimbe ; Fly agaric ; Morning glory seed ; Psilocybe mushroom ; Thorn apple -- Quick reference chart -- Herbs and healers -- Sources and supply. Subjects: Psychotropic plants. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 7: Murphey, Edith Van Allen. Indian Uses of Native Plants. Glenwood IL: Meyerbooks, 1990Add to your cart.
Contents: Basketry -- Indian foods -- Famine foods -- Beverages -- Feasts -- Greens -- Meat -- Nuts -- Seeds -- The salt journey -- Medicinal plants -- Ceremonials and magic -- Bows and arrows -- Dye plants -- Tanning hides -- Odds and ends -- Hair -- Tepees -- Tobacco -- Dictionary. Subjects: Indians of North America--Ethnobotany--West (U.S.); Ethnobotany--West (U.S.)
Book 8: Reader’s Digest. How to Start an Herb Garden. Pleasantville, NY: Reader’s Digest Association, 1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- The use of herbs -- Ideas for planting -- Cultivation -- Good herbs to grow. Subjects: Herb gardening. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 9: Shaudrys, Phyllis. The Pleasure of Herbs: A Month-by-Month Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying Herbs. Pownal, VT: Storey Communications, 1986Add to your cart.
Subjects: Herbs; Cooking (Herbs); Herb gardening; Herbs--Utilization. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 10: Simmonite, W. J., and Nicholas Culpeper. The Simmonite-Culpeper Herbal Remedies. New York: Award Books, 1957Add to your cart.
Summary: "This guide embodies the most exclusive and authentic remedies from the works of the two greatest herbalists evern known- William J. Simmonite, A.M., and Nicholas Culpeper. Reference on the text to the planetary rulers of the herbs will be of interest to those readers who are acquainted with the science of Astrology." Contents: Selected herbs: Their description and medicinal properties : arranged in alphabetical order -- Ailments and diseases: their symptons and cure -- Useful prescriptions which can be made up at home. Subjects: Herbs--Therapeutic use; Medicinal plants; Materia medica, Vegetable
Book 11: Tompkins, Peter, and Christopher Bird. The Secret Life of Plants. New York: Avon, 1974Add to your cart.
Summary: A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man. Contents: Plants and ESP -- Plants can read your mind -- Plants that open doors -- Visitors from space -- Latest Soviet discoveries -- Plant life magnified 100 million times -- The metamorphosis of plants -- Plants will grow to please you -- Wizard of Tuskegee -- The harmonic life of plants -- Plants and electromagnetism -- Force fields, humans and plants -- The mystery of plant and human auras -- Soil : the staff of life -- Chemicals, plants and man -- Live plants or dead plants -- Alchemists in the garden -- Dowsing plants for health -- Radionic pesticides -- Mind over matter -- Findhorn and the Garden of Eden. Subjects: Plants--Psychic aspects
Series 16: Psychology/Sociology/Social PsychologyAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Guirdham, Arthur. Christ and Freud: A Study of Religious Experience and Observance. First Collier Books ed. Preface by Lawrence Durrell. New York: Collier Books, 1962Add to your cart.
Contents: Christ and Freud: -- The religious aspects of psychiatric illness -- Some psychiatric mechanisms in religious observance -- Criticism of the psycho-analytical interpretation of religion -- Sexual symbolism in religion -- Further criticism of the Freudian concept of religion -- The phenomena of mysticism -- The distinction between mysticism and psychiatric disease -- Art and psychiatric disorder -- Freudian theory and other world religions -- Neurosis and the conception of the personal god -- The persistence of Judaism and Christianity -- Evaluation of Freud -- religion without power -- Summary of the fallacies in the psychoanalytic explanation of religion -- Christianity and neurosis: -- The special role of Christianity in the induction of neurosis -- The doctrine of the resurrection -- Limitations of the theological approach -- Christianity and time -- Theology versus religion -- The total or partial response -- Guilt and clericalism: -- Origins of guilt in clericalism -- Christ and clericalism -- Psychiatric origins of clericalism -- Obsessional factors in clericalism -- Homosexuality in clericalism -- The obsessional element in Christianity -- The new faith -- God and power -- Freedom and captivity: -- Sex, self-assertion and self-annihilation -- Current errors in psychiatric treatment -- The action of drugs -- Priests and doctors.. Subjects: Experience (Religion); Psychology and religion; Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Book 2: Hunt, Morton. Gay: What You Should Know About Homosexuality. First ed. New York: Farrar/Straus/Giroux, 1977Add to your cart.
Summary: "The first book of its kind, this young person's guide provides a sound basis for living with the present-day realities of homosexuality in our world"--Dust jacket. Contents: The many meanings of homosexuality: -- A personal comment by the author of this book -- Nine common, but mostly erroneous, beliefs about homosexuality -- Some examples of homosexuality in other times and places -- Some examples of homosexuality in our own time and country -- What causes homosexuality?: -- One question, many answers -- Seduction -- Bad example -- Unattractiveness -- Sex segregation -- Heredity -- Congenital defect -- Hormone imbalance -- Wrong upbringing -- Running away from it all -- Emotional sickness -- Natural impulse --Taste -- The right to be gay: -- What rights should gays have? -- What rights do they have? -- The persecution of gays: an ancient tradition -- Liberalism: The new tradition -- Gay liberation -- The effects of gay liberation -- But what do they do?: -- The mystery of homosexual sex -- The techniques of homosexual lovemaking -- Roles: Who does what? -- How satisfactory is homosexual sex? -- The fork in the road: going straight or going gay: -- When do you know? What are the signs? -- Sissies and tomboys -- Early sex experiences and "crushes" -- Trying not to be gay -- Coming out -- Coming out of the closet -- Bisexuality -- Homosexual taste: -- "Do they know something we don't know?" -- Are gays more creative than straights? -- Gay originality -- Camp -- Gay sensitivity -- Gay elegance -- The end of gay taste -- "Queer" gays: -- "Fancy fruits" -- The gay view of queer gays -- Deviants -- Cruising -- The loners -- "Straight" gays: -- For lack of a better name -- The social life of straight gays -- Gay love -- Straightening out. Subjects: Homosexuality--United States
Book 3: Morris, Desmond. The Human Zoo. New York :Dell Publishing, 1971, ©️1969Add to your cart.
Contents: Tribes and super-tribes -- Status and super-status -- Sex and super-sex -- In-groups and out-groups -- Imprinting and mal-imprinting -- The stimulus struggle -- The childlike adult -- Appendix: Literature. Subjects: Psychology, Comparative; Human behavior
Book 4: Reich, Wilhelm. The Function of the Orgasm: Sex-Economic Problems of Biological Energy. Translated Vincent R. Carfagno. 2nd ed. The Discovery of the Orgone 1. New York: Farrar, Straus and GirouxAdd to your cart.
Contents: Foreword -- Preface to the second edition -- General survey -- Biology and sexology before Freud -- Peer Gynt -- Gaps in psychology and in the Theory of Sex -- The development of the Orgasm Theory -- The development of the character-analytic tehcnique -- An abortive biological revolution -- The breakthrough into the biological realm -- The orgasm reflex and the technique of character-analytic vegetotherapy -- From psychoanalysis to biogenesis. Subjects: Sex (Psychology); Orgasms; Orgonomy
Book 5: Reich, Wilhelm. The Murder of Christ. The Emotion Plague of Mankind 1. New York: Simon and Schuster, [1974], ©️1953Add to your cart.
Contents: The trap: Where is the exit? ; The great tragedy ; The great danger ; The "body" and the "flesh" ; The riddle of the original sin ; The forbidden tree ; Freedom peddlers -- The kingdom of heaven on Earth: Christ as healer ; The dream of paradise ; Christ's way of life ; The ten maidens -- The genital embrace: Life's way of loving ; Merge of two living beings ; "Making" love -- Seduction into leadership: The :Son of God" ; Christ as teacher ; Verbot against knowing God -- The mystification of Christ: The reality of God ; people's helplessness ; Stalin's technique ; The sucker ; Danger of knowing God ; Universality of genital misery -- The great gap- man's sitting: sitting on the spot ; The mobility of living life ; The immobility of armored life ; They do not understand ; The way to social disaster ; Moscow Modju ; The big hatred ; Christ doomed -- The march to Jerusalem: The martyr ideology ; "Forgive thine enemy" ; Hosanna in the highest ; The ocean of human life ;The ripple ; Knowing God -- Judas Iscariot -- Paul of Tarsus- body versus flesh: Christ's love for women ; Moralistic restrictions necessary ; "Primary" and "secondary" drives -- Protecting the murderers of Christ: Efforts wasted ; The murderer revealed -- Mocenigo- The murder of Christ in Giordana Bruno: The true killer ; Mocenigo's way ; Accusation of the victim -- Toward Golgatha: Christ- Out of place ; The tragedy of truth ; Rational nonsense ; Victim of people's craving ; Christ's conflicts -- The disciples sleep: Be on guard ; Let people save themselves -- Gethsemane: True justice ; The meaning of Christ -- The scourging: Life can hat ; Truth lonesome -- "You say it": Eloquent silence ; Let us pray -- The silent glow- the people want Barabbas: All friends are gone ; Mystification of life's glow ; The universal Life force -- Crucifixion and resurrection: Women present ; Don't ever touch it! ; The well of Life ; They invent the miracle ; The rational meaning of resurrection --On laws needed for the protection of life in newborns and of truth -- Appendix- the wealth of truth: The bio-energetic meaning of truth ; Truth and countertruth ; The little man parallel ; Who is the enemy? ; Hideous distortions of orgonomic truth ; The rational root of the "resurrection" ; The meaning of countertruth ; The new leader. Subjects: Jesus Christ--Passion; Social psychology
Series 17: Occultism (Numerology)Add to your cart.
Book 1: Buess, Lynn. Numerology for the New Age. 2nd ed. Marina del Rey, CA. DeVorss & Company, 1980, ©️1978Add to your cart.
Contents: Condensed history -- The cosmology of numerology -- Anthropogeny and numbers -- The vibrational aspects of one to nine -- A word about master numbers -- What you choose to receive from life -- The life number -- The triune cycles and pinnacles -- The personal year, month, day, week -- The wisdom in your name -- The personality number -- The soul number -- The integrated self -- The planes of expression -- Working with foreign names -- Dealing with Karma -- Karmic lessons -- Karmic accumulation numbers -- Often overlooked determinants of Karma -- Recognizing the stress numbers -- Intrapersonal stress numbers -- Interpersonal stress numbers -- Symbology of letters -- A new and revised progressed chart -- Interpreting the progressed chart -- The regressed chart (prenatal influences) -- Changes in your name -- The outer you -- The inner you -- The accomplished you -- Yin-Yang, sexuality, male-female polarity -- Setting up a chart -- Epilogue. Subjects: Numerology; Symbolism of numbers
Book 2: Hitchcock, Helyn. Helping Yourself With Numerology. Reward ed. West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Company, 1980, ©️1972Add to your cart.
Content: What this book can do for you -- How to set up a working chart on numerology -- General meaning of numbers -- How to analyze your name -- How to know your secret ambitions or goals -- How to analyze your personality as keyed to consonants in your name -- How to find your destiny or expression numbers -- Your birthpath -- Your birthday- what it tells you about your talents -- Your final opportunity or goal power number -- How to know your challenges: warning signs as to your stumbling blocks -- Your pinnacles: how to know what you will face or experience -- How you can apply the cosmic alphabet to understand your numbers better -- How to tell what type of individual you really are for your greatest success -- Universal years, months, and days: how they influence you -- The influence of your personal years, months, and days -- The Karmic Law of Cause and Effect in numerology -- The significance of the first vowel in your first name -- How to use numerology to predict the future -- How to select partners in marriage, business and for social purposes -- How to change your name to benefit you -- The Kabala and Abracadabra numerological methods of predictions -- How to set up and read a complete numeroscope. Subjects: Numerology. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 3: Jordan, Juno. Numerology: The Romance In Your Name. Marina del Rey, CA: DeVorss & Company, 1980, ©️1965Add to your cart.
Contents: History of numerology: How it became a means of human analysis -- The significance and meaning of numbers -- The destiny number: the prophecy in your name -- The birth force: your character and natural abilities -- The heart's desire: you secret thoughts and wishes -- Your personality: how others see you -- The reality number: your final attainment -- Planes of expression. Part 1. Type and temperament -- Planes of expression. Part 2 -- Specialized traits and points of intensification: how you differ from others -- Your hidden challenge: your hidden and undeveloped talents -- The pinnacles- timing the future: the road ahead -- Your personal year number -- Personal months- personal days -- The race consciousness- the human element -- The table of events: the past, present and future as revealed by the sacred symbols of numbers -- Meaning of the essence -- Vocations and talents -- House numbers- cities and towns -- Naming the baby- changing names, signatures -- Health, color, music -- Marriage and companionship -- World events -- Important questions and answers. Subjects: Numerology; Symbolism of numbers; Fortune-telling by names
Book 4: Milton, Mark. Guide to Numerology. New York: Tower Publications, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: Lesson 1. The law of numbers -- Lesson 2. Introducing numerology -- Lesson 3. The numbers involved -- Lesson 4. General aspects of each number -- Lesson 5. Constructive aspects of each number -- Lesson 6. Destructive aspects of each number -- Lesson 7. negative aspects of each number -- Lesson 8. Personality and appearance of each number -- Lesson 9. Likely occupations for each number -- Lesson 10. How numbers are calculated -- Lesson 11. Determining the destiny of an individual -- Lesson 12. Special rules governing destiny numbers 11 and 12 -- Lesson 13. personality and occupation numbers -- Lesson 14. Harmonious associations and marriage -- Lesson 15. Selecting the name for a child -- Lesson 16. The effect of each single name -- Lesson 17. Your birthdate and its interpretation -- Lesson 18. What odd and even numbers indicate -- Lesson 19. Changing your name- it's influence -- Lesson 20. The importance of your address -- Lesson 21. The importance of daily vibrations -- Lesson 22. Finding your place of power -- Lesson 23. How a name discloses the future -- Afterword. Subjects: Numerology; Symbolism of numbers. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 5: Numerology: A Guide to Finding the Numbers that Control your Life. Dell purse book 6512. New York: Dell Publishing Co., 1962Add to your cart.
Contents: Your name- the key to yourself -- Your life cycle number 1 -- Your life cycle number 2 -- Your life cycle number 3 -- Your life cycle number 4 -- Your life cycle number 5 -- Your life cycle number 6 -- Your life cycle number 7 -- Your life cycle number 8 -- Your life cycle number 9 -- Your balance number -- Your destiny number -- Your monthly cycles -- Your lucky number -- Special numbers in your life. Subjects: Numerology
Series 18: ParapsychologyAdd to your cart.
(Astral Projection; Psychic aspects of: Color, Crystals, Nature, Orientation, Stones, Success; ESP; Karma; Mental healing; Akashic records; Ghosts, Hauntings, etc.)
Book 1: Bagnall, Oscar. The Origin and Properties of the Human Aura. Foreword by Leslie Shepard. New rev. ed. New York: University Books, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: New foreword -- Introduction -- The eye and the visible spectrum -- Phantom images and visual sensations -- Complementary colors -- Apparatus and how to use it -- The appearance of the normal aura -- Physical properties -- Is the aura our electric field? -- The outer haze and sex -- The outer haze and its origin -- The possible functions of the "searchlight" rays -- The question of heredity -- Mendelian cases -- Animal communications. Subjects: Aura
Book 2: Battersby, H. F. Prevost. Man Outside Himself: The Methods of Astral Projection. New Hyde Park, N.Y.: University Books, 1969Add to your cart.
Contents: Foreword -- Introduction to the American edition -- The House of Commons -- The Somatic double -- The etheric double -- Planned projection from sleep -- Unconscious projection from sleep -- Pathological projection -- Conscious and involuntary project -- The pioneers -- Etheric perplexities. Subjects: Astral projection
Book 3: Bayless, Raymond. The Other Side of Death. Foreword by Robert Crookall, New Hyde Park: University Books, 1971Add to your cart.
Contents: First thoughts -- What survives? -- Spiritualistic concepts of the after-death state -- William T. Stead and J. Hewat McKenzie -- Great mediums and the spheres -- Geraldine Cummins and "F. W. H. Myers" -- The group soul -- Deathbed visions and astral projection -- More astral projection -- Dr. Robert Crookall -- Animal survival -- Oddities and grotesqueries -- "Evil spirits" -- Final thoughts. Subjects: Future life; Parapsychology
Book 4: Bowers, Barbara. What Color Is Your Aura?: Personality Spectrums for Understanding and Growth. New York: Pocket Books, 1989Add to your cart.
Contents: The human rainbow -- The questionaire -- Red -- Orange -- Magneta -- Yellow -- Physical tan -- Mental tan -- Green -- Nurturing tan -- Loving tan -- Blue -- Violet -- Lavendar -- Crystal -- Indigo. Notes: Contains a questionnaire to help determine one’s own color of aura. Subjects: Aura; Color--Psychic aspects; Personality tests; Self-evaluation. Genre/Form: Questionnaires
Book 5: Clark, Adrian V. Psycho-Kinesis: Moving Matter with the Mind. Reward ed. West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Company, 1975, ©️1973Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction: -- Fame by mind control -- Mysterious mind over matter -- New natural laws -- Violation of force equals mass times acceleration --An easy way to travel or move furniture -- The controls may be stringent -- Success by trial -- How to be convinced -- Chapter 1. Moving objects with the mind: -- All movement may be by mind control -- Shortening the steps from thought to movement -- Will the force still equal mass times acceleration? -- Control of the alpha rhythm brain wave by unknown methods -- Gifted brains control electrons -- A mind moves film emulsion -- Psycho-kinetic surgery -- Confidence -- Obtain yes or no answers by movement of objects -- A fast back by mind power -- Negative attitudes impede progress -- Chapter 2. Techniques to tap tornadic torrents: -- A plan in the universe -- overcome reluctance to try -- A hex results in psycho-kinetic powers -- Simple moving of objects -- A direct approach -- The pendulum method -- Developing the mystic element -- Table rocking method -- A heavier-than-water object floats -- The crowning act of mind controlling matter -- Has the sun's stopping been proven? -- Did P-K stop the Earth? -- Moving stones -- Moving men by mental means -- Chapter 3. Was levitation used in pyramid building?: -- Unknown forces raised the pyramids -- They learned less as pyramids were built -- The mystery of Egyptian civilization -- Mythology and gods -- Egypt and its gods -- Were the pyramids as public works project? -- Science looks at life in the universe -- Genesis' god as astronaut? -- Psycho-kinesis message in space -- NASA's search for life in space is successful -- Chapter 4. Source of cosmic power: -- Space vehicle power -- The source of energy on Earth -- The mysterious photon -- Is one source of photons psychic power? -- The theory of "vol" and "lovol" -- From Lovol to light via "Tachyons" -- The Kundaline Phenomenon -- Possible evidence of psychic energy -- Triggering energy is minute -- He made a million --  Chapter 5. More evidences of cosmic power: -- The moving force for molecules is the photon -- A mother aided her family from the spirit world -- The link of light between psychic and physical -- Eye-witness accounts of strange lights -- The bright light messages -- Walker's light -- Lights associated with death -- Tennessee lights -- Flying lights -- Spirit-controlled, light-opened doors -- Chapter 6. Exercises for improving mind control over matter: -- Convince yourself that you can control matter -- Meditation exercises to develop better reception -- Don't consciously judge information -- Psychic control by suggestion -- Scientific research produces convincing evidence -- Olive Hill poltergeist -- Possible subconscious P-K -- The case of the disappearing wire -- Learn and practice the rules of the game -- He conquered with P-K -- He stares at a glass of water to obtain psychic control -- Final evidence that psychic requests are answered -- How Adrian Carlton used light to return to the physical world -- Chapter 7. Strange powers of the mind: -- An extra-terrestrial mind demonstrates fantastic mental powers -- Mental powers available -- Thoughts can move a mountain -- Poltergeists -- A very wise stick -- He sat on air -- Thought travel -- Teleportation moved a picture -- Thought commands -- Automatic writing -- Unusual P-K mental powers -- P-K developed a visible form -- Psychic powers change lives -- Psychic powers helped a widow gain wealth -- Chapter 8. The theory of psychic photon emission control: -- The smallest solar system -- The laser as controlled photon emission -- Self-induced transparency- invisible? -- Flames produce sounds -- Ten miners see without light -- Psycho-kinesis by control of photon emission -- Is teleportation possible? -- How UFO's perform high "G" maneuvers -- Faith-healing by moving molecules -- no healing but a message was received -- A purpose for each person -- ICMM for life -- Use of psychic photon emission in ESP -- Control of P-K -- Chapter 9. Beginnings to ultimate uses of psychi-kinesis: -- The functioning of P-K in the physical universe -- Communication of telepathy -- The nature of universal life -- The unobstructed universe -- Unanswered natural universe laws -- Bodily ascension -- Overseers of other planets -- Purpose of biological life on new planets. Subjects: Psychokinesis; Parapsychology. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 6: Cosimano, Charles W. Psionic Power: The High Technology of Psychic Power. Llewellyn’s new Age Psi-Tech Series. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1989Add to your cart.
Contents: Welcome back -- The joy of power -- The field -- Chakras -- Thoughtforms -- Patterns and forms -- Gadgets again -- Psychic conflict -- Appendix 1. Counter-thoughtforming -- Appendix 2. Transmittal patterns from the Lesser Key of Solomon -- Appendix 3. Magick squares of the seven planets -- Appendix 4. Basic radionics. Subjects: Psychic ability; Parapsychology; Occultism
Book 7: Crookall, Robert. Case-Book of Astral Project, 545-746. Foreword by Leslie Shepard. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1980, ©️1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Case histories (nos. 545-746) -- Miscellaneous facts that indicate the objectivity of many doubles -- Miscellaneous facts that are inexplicable on the mental image hypothesis -- The significance of the facts in relation to man, the microcosm -- The significance of the facts in relation to the universe, the macrocosm -- "Survivors" (Including discarnate "communicators") -- The "Silver cord" extension: Conditions under which "cords are observed -- "Cords" are described as having significant thickness -- Significant analogies used: People who describe their own "cords" ; People who were probably temporarilty claivoyant ; Observers of transitions ; "Communicators" -- Significant observations regarding "the range of cord activity" -- The second "death" -- The elasticity of "cords" -- The numbers of "cords" described: Astral projectors ; Clairvoyants ; "Cords" of materialization figures -- "Cords" often "pulsate with vitality": Astral projectors ; Clairvoyants ; "Communicators" -- Some typical terms employed in describing the "Silver cord" -- Suggested correspondences -- Numerical list of cases described in detail in this book -- Aphabetical list of cases -- Glossary. Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 8: Crookall, Robert. Out-of-the-Body Experiences: A Fourth Analysis. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: First part. "Doubles: that were released in two stages: -- "Doubles" released in two definite stages, sometimes with a definite two-stage return -- The first stage- quitting the physical body (The first "death" or unveiling) -- The second stage- quitting the vehicle of vitality (The second "death" or unveiling) -- The first stage in return- rejoining the vehicle of vitality (The reverse of the second "death": the first reveiling) -- The second stage in return- rejoining the physical body (The reverse of the first "death": the second reveiling) -- Summary: The two-stage release (and return) of "Doubles" that are interpreted as composite -- Second part. "Doubles" that were released in one stage with a single-stage return: -- Group I A. "Super-physical" (Soul body) "Doubles" -- group I B. "Semi-physical" (Vehicle of vitality) "Doubles" -- Third part. Discussion: -- Phenomena of the release of "Doubles" -- The environments contacted -- The initial position of the released "Doubles" -- The movements of the released "Doubles" -- Effects of the physical sense on the "Doubles" -- The two-stage releases (and two-stage returns) of certain "Doubles" -- The "Silver cord"-extension: -- A. People who did not see, but felt, the presence of their "Silver cords" -- B. People who saw and described their own "Silver cords" -- C. People who saw and described the "Silver chords" of others -- D. Prehistoric descriptions of the "Silver cord" (Temporary releases of "Doubles") -- E. Primitives' descriptions of the "Cords" of the dying -- F. The "Silver cords" of materialized figures -- G. Descriptions by Australian aborigines of the "Silver cords" of their "Clever men" -- H. The reabsorption of the "Cord" as the "Double" reenters the body -- The level of consciousness -- Repercussion as the "Doubles" reentered the body -- Appendixes: -- Intermediate (more or less indefinite) cases -- Group I B of "Doubles" ("Semi-physical" vehicles of vitality) -- Comparable "Communications" -- The status of these "Communicators". Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 9: Crookall, Robert. Out-of-the-Body Experiences: A Fourth Analysis. New York: University Books, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: First part. "Doubles: that were released in two stages: -- "Doubles" released in two definite stages, sometimes with a definite two-stage return -- The first stage- quitting the physical body (The first "death" or unveiling) -- The second stage- quitting the vehicle of vitality (The second "death" or unveiling) -- The first stage in return- rejoining the vehicle of vitality (The reverse of the second "death": the first reveiling) -- The second stage in return- rejoining the physical body (The reverse of the first "death": the second reveiling) -- Summary: The two-stage release (and return) of "Doubles" that are interpreted as composite -- Second part. "Doubles" that were released in one stage with a single-stage return: -- Group I A. "Super-physical" (Soul body) "Doubles" -- group I B. "Semi-physical" (Vehicle of vitality) "Doubles" -- Third part. Discussion: -- Phenomena of the release of "Doubles" -- The environments contacted -- The initial position of the released "Doubles" -- The movements of the released "Doubles" -- Effects of the physical sense on the "Doubles" -- The two-stage releases (and two-stage returns) of certain "Doubles" -- The "Silver cord"-extension: -- A. People who did not see, but felt, the presence of their "Silver cords" -- B. People who saw and described their own "Silver cords" -- C. People who saw and described the "Silver chords" of others -- D. Prehistoric descriptions of the "Silver cord" (Temporary releases of "Doubles") -- E. Primitives' descriptions of the "Cords" of the dying -- F. The "Silver cords" of materialized figures -- G. Descriptions by Australian aborigines of the "Silver cords" of their "Clever men" -- H. The reabsorption of the "Cord" as the "Double" reenters the body -- The level of consciousness -- Repercussion as the "Doubles" reentered the body -- Appendixes: -- Intermediate (more or less indefinite) cases -- Group I B of "Doubles" ("Semi-physical" vehicles of vitality) -- Comparable "Communications" -- The status of these "Communicators". Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 10: Crookall, Robert. The Study and Practice of Astral Projection. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1979, ©️1960Add to your cart.
Contents: Analysis of case histories -- A. Natural out-of-the-body experiences: 1. People who nearly died, cases 1-21 ; II. People who were very ill, cases 22-30 ; III. People who were exhausted, etc. cases 31-39 ; IV. People who were quite well, cases, 40-119 -- B. Enforced out-of-the-body experiences: 1. First-hand accounts. Caused by anaesthetics, etc. Cases 120-145 ; Caused by suffocation, cases 146-147 ; Cased by falling, cases 148-152 -- 2. Accounts by others. Caused by anaesthetics, etc. case 153 ; Caused by hypnosis -- Conclusions -- Appendices: History of the subject -- Additional details (Natural experiences) -- Incomplete (or incompletely-remembered) natural experiences (Cases 154-160) -- Certain 'dreams' as 'incomplete natural experiences' -- Statements of the 'dead' regarding their experiences -- Statements of the 'dead' regarding our sleep-state -- Arnold Bennett's Résumé of theosophical teachings -- 'Thought-forms' -- Evidence, direct and indirect. Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 11: Currie, Ian. You Cannot Die. New York: Playboy Paperbacks, 1978Add to your cart.
Content: Introduction: The incredible delusion -- Messengers from the land of the dead: apparitions -- The dead among the living: hauntings -- The ghost within: out-of-body experiences -- Those who are about to die: deathbed visions -- What it's like to die: resuscitation experiences -- Birth is not a beginning: reincarnation -- Bridging the worlds: accounts from the realm beyond death. Subjects: Spiritualism; Death; Future life
Book 12: Denning, Melita, and Osborne Phillips.The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection. 2nd ed. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1980Add to your cart.
Contents: Art of living -- You and astral projection -- Astral projection is natural -- Seeing and knowing -- Soul sculpture -- Out of the body! -- Adventure in the astral worlds! Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 13: Denning, Melita and Osborne Phillips. The Llewellyn Practical Guide to Astral Projection: The Out-of-Body Experience. 2nd ed. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1989, ©️1979Add to your cart.
Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Hanbdooks and manuals
Book 14: Doyle, Arthur Conan. The Edge of the Unknown. Book Club ed. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1930Add to your cart.
Contents: The riddle of Houdini -- The shadows on the screen -- Notes from a strange mail-bag -- The ghost of the moat -- The law of the ghost -- Alleged posthumous writings of known authors -- Some curious personal experiences -- Dwellers on the boarder -- A strange prophet -- A London ghost -- The half-way house of matter -- A remarkable man -- The rift in the veil -- A new light on old crimes -- Singular records of a circle. Subjects: Spiritualism. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 15: Drayer, Ruth. Numerology: The Language of Life. El Paso: Skidmore-Roth Publishing, 1990Add to your cart.
Content: Introduction: The fairy tale -- History of numerology: The science of name and number ; Pythagoras ; Mrs. L. Dow Balliett -- Constructing the chart: The general ideas and information ; Free will ; Importance of the name ; Importance of the birthday -- A complete introduction to the numbers -- The odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 ; The even numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 -- The master numbers: 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8 -- Speaking the language: The inclusion table ; Planes of expression ; Name changes ; More on birthdays ; An advanced look at the pinnacles and challenges ; Personal cycles ; Personal years -- The table of events: Constructing the gameboard ; Universal cycles ; How to read a chart. Subjects: Symbolism of numbers. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 16: Fodor, Nandor. Between Two Worlds. West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Company, 1964Add to your cart.
Content: MacKenzie King's search for survival -- Lincoln and the unseen -- Who was the real Francis Grierson? -- The unknown Dickens -- The riddle of Vaslav Nijinsky -- Sandor Ferenczi's psychic adventures -- The incredible psychic life of Dr. Carl G. Jung -- The voice within -- Ghosts within and without -- The dark side of telepathy -- Through the gate of horn -- She became a Chinaman -- Adventures in spirit photography -- The great memory -- The Cocos Island mystery -- The Egyptian curse -- Dreaming true -- Peculiarities of deja vu -- Bibliography to parts I and II -- Lo, the Incubus -- Vampire abroad -- Goblin of the loaf -- The "living machine" of Rev. John Murray Spear -- The rage that burns the house down -- The Baltimore poltergeist -- Haunted by the living -- The talking mongoose -- Fairies should be seen but not heard of -- Gifts from heaven -- The most haunted house in England -- The ghosts of Raynham Hall -- The man who bit a ghost -- The haunter is a cat -- Haunted rings and pearls -- Who rings the bell? -- The phantom boatmen of Maidenhead -- Hunting the table-tilting ghosts -- The smell of death -- Sex in the great beyond -- Weeping Madonnas -- The face on the wall -- Wonders in the sky -- Phantom priests of Joan of Arc -- To cross the abyss -- The wounds of Christ -- Is there an authentic portrait of Christ?. Subjects: Parapsychology
Book 17: Gibson, Sandra. Beyond the Body. New York: Belmont Tower Publications, 1979Add to your cart.
Summary: From early youth, Dr. Sandra Gibson had been plagued by psychic experiences that both terrified and intrigued her. In 1976, at the age of 29, convinced that she was either loosing her mind or was possessed by an evil spirit, Dr. Gibson understook an unusual form of therapy with the hypno-therapist and parapsychologist in a final desparte attempt to save her sanity. The therapy continued for eighteen months. During this period, Dr. Gibson, with the guidance and assistance of her therapist and her psychologist-husband, learned to accept the reality of her psychic powers and to channel those powers for positive ends. This book is her journal of that experience, and is drawn in part from recorded tapes of her therapy sessions and trances. Reading it is a psycic experience in itself. It may very well change your life. Subjects: Parapsychology. Genre/Form: Diaries
Book 18: Green, Celia. Out-of-the-Body Experiences. New York: Ballantine Books, 1975, ©️1968Add to your cart.
Contents: Foreword -- Introduction -- Terminology -- The occurrence of ecsomatic experiences -- Stress -- The parasomatic body -- Asomatic experiences -- 'Bilocation' -- Autoscopy -- The ecsomatic position -- Posture -- Muscular relaxation -- Relaxation and meditation practices -- Paralysis -- Motor control -- Sensory modalities -- Perceptual realism -- Intellectual processes in the ecsomatic state -- Psychological reactions to the ecsomatic state -- Sense of time in the ecsomatic state -- Detachment -- Motivation in the ecsomatic state -- Relation to the physical body  -- Initiation and termination of ecsomatic state -- Extra-sensory perception -- 'Travelling clairvoyance' -- Telepathy and precognition -- Psychokinesis. Subjects: Astral projection; Parapsychology. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 19: Greenhouse, Herbert B. The Book of Psychic Knowledge: All Your Questions Answered. New York: New American Library, 1975, ©️1973Add to your cart.
Subjects: Parapsychology; Ocultism
Book 20: Gris, Henry, and William Dick. The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries. New York: Warner Books, 1978Add to your cart.
Contents: Part one. Extraordinary individuals: -- Boris Ermolaev, the Russian challenge to Uri Geller -- Tofik Dadashev, successor to Wolf Messing -- Two telekinetic women -- The great telepathy controversy -- The controversy continues -- The Kirlian effect -- Kirlian in person -- The healing hands of the Krivorotovs, father and son -- Varvara Ivanova, the "stormy Petrel" of Soviet PSI -- Ivanova's advice on how to be a psychic and healer -- Part two. The search for new life forms on Earth and beyond: -- The search for extraterrestrial civilizations -- The missing planet Phaeton -- Professor Zigel and the Soviet UFO controversy -- The club of fantasts -- The Tungusky "DIVO" - a warning shot from space? -- On the trail of the Almasty- the Caucasus' abominable snowman -- Part three. The scientific investigations: Dr. Vasili Kasatkin, collector of dreams -- Poliklinika no.26: Hypnotherapy for children -- Hypnotherapy for adults: the Leningrad Hypnotarium -- Dr. Vladimir Raikov: releasing talent in the subconscious -- Dermo-optical perception: The science- and art- of sight-by-touch -- Dr. Victor Inyushin- mobilizing the Kirlian Effect against disease -- PSI technology: the latest breakthroughs -- Conclusions: the aftermath of the Toth case. Subjects: Parapsychology--Soviet Union. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 21: Harary, Keith, and Pamela Weintraub. Have an Out-of-Body Experience in 30 Days: The Free Flight Program. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1989Add to your cart.
Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 22: Hay, Louise L. Colors & Numbers 1992. 6th ed. Carson, CA: Hay House, 1987Add to your cart.
Summary: Your personal guide to positive vibrations in daily life. Contents: Introduction -- Colors & numbers at a glance -- Colors & numbers -- Calculating your personal year, month and day -- Using your numbers -- Personal year -- Personal day -- Colors in food chart. Subjects: Symbolism of colors; Color--Psychic aspects; Symbolism of numbers; Numerology. Genre/Form: Self-help publications
Book 23: Holzer, Hans. Window to the Past: Exploring History Through ESP. Illustrated by Catherine Buxhoeveden. Book Club ed. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, 1969Add to your cart.
Contents: Tuning in the past -- Assassination of a president : Lincoln, Booth, and the traitors within -- Her name was trouble : the secret adventure of Nell Gwyn -- Who landed first in America? -- Will the real Camelot please speak up! -- "Ship of Destiny" : the U.S.F. Constellation -- The secret of Mayerling -- The strange case of the Colonial soldier -- The vindication of Aaron Burr -- A word in parting. Subjects: Psychometry (Parapsychology); Extrasensory perception
Book 24: Lorenzen, Coral E. The Shadow of the Unknown. New York: New American Library, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: The back of the mind -- The art of prediction -- "Ha'nts" -- Strange archaeological finds -- Mysterious marks in the ground -- Booms, blasts, beeps, and lights -- Mysteries of the sea -- Creatures -- Aerial ice -- Things from out of nowhere -- Airborne anomalies -- The incident at Fatima and others -- Weirdest of the weird. Subjects: Parapsychology
Book 25: Montgomery, Ruth. A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave. Greenwich, CT: Fawcett Publications, 1972, ©️1971Add to your cart.
Subjects: Future life; Spirit writings
Book 26: Muldoon, Sylvan, and Hereward Carrington. The Phenomena of Astral Projection. Rider and Company, London, 1959, [©️1951]Add to your cart.
Contents: The doctrine of astral projection -- Man's spiritual body -- A brief history of the discovery / by S.M. -- The approach of science to this problem -- The key to age-old enigmas -- The nature of the astral world -- The problem question of multiple bodies -- A foundation for faith and future research -- Projections produced by drugs and anaesthetics -- Projections at the time of accident or illness -- Projections at the time of death -- Projections due to suppressed desire and other spontaneous factors - Projections in which 'Spirits' were involved or seen -- Experimental and hypnotic projection -- Spontaneous projections- during sleep -- Spontaneous projects- in the waking state -- Cases in brief: nos. 1-36. Subjects: Astral projection. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 27: Muldoon, Sylvan J., and Hereward Carrington. The Projection of the Astral Body. New ed. London: Rider and Company, 1950Add to your cart.
Subjects: Astral projection; Parapsychology
Book 28: O’Donnell, Elliott. Strange Disappearances. Forward by Leslie Shepard. Hyde Park, NY: University Books, 1972Add to your cart.
Contents: The mystery of the masked sultana -- The skeleton in the cellar -- Benjamin Bathurst -- The mysteries of Eishausen -- Philip Christopher von Königsmarck -- What became of Martin Guerre -- The nun of Gibraltar -- Jean Petit, "Lord of the bloody hand" -- The prisoner of Weichselmunde -- A Northampton disappearance -- The cripple of Mogsden -- The case of the Rev. Benjamin Speke -- Urban Napoleon Stranger and the disappearances at West Ham. Subjects: Disappearances (Parapsychology); Ghost stories
Book 29: Pike, James A. and Diane Kennedy. The Other Side: An Account of My Experiences with Psychic Phenomena. Book Club ed. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, 1968Add to your cart.
Subjects: Spiritualism; Parapsychology
Book 30: Raudive, Konstantin. Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead. Translated by Nadia Fowler, edited by Joyce Morton, preface by Peter Bander. New York: Taplinger Publishing Company, 1971Add to your cart.
English Translation of: Unhörbares wird hörbar Contents: The phenomenon: -- Introduction -- First contacts -- First steps towards experiments -- Methods of recording. Microphone ; Radio ; Radio-microphone ; Frequency-transmitter ; Diode -- The language of the voices and how they speak -- Play-back of recordings -- Speech-content of recordings: -- Individual manifestations: Mother ; Aunt ; Sister Tekle ; Brother Alexis ; Sonja/Liepina ; Aileen Finlayson ; Margarete Petrautski ; Further close friends ; Latvians, Latvia and Latgale ; Writers and artists: Latvian writers and poets - Writers of the other nations ; Psychologists and parapsychologists ; Statesmen ; A multitiude of voices -- Stregthening contacts: Experiments in partnership ; The presence of the voice-entities- "We are here- we see - we hear" ; Their indepedence and power of judgement ; Their encouragement, help and advice ; Their warnings ; Their gratitude -- Two worlds: Religious and ethical factors ; Relationship of the entities to Earth ; Here and hereafter- the anti-world- the bridge, crossing and customs-points ; Existence after death ; Conditions in the world of the voice-entities ; Transport, travel and place-names -- Practical problems of communication: Spidola ; Technical questions: Radio ; Radar ; Transmitting stations -- Recordings with Collaborators: -- Mr. Bernard Weiss, physicist -- Mr. Karlis Lidums, building contractor -- Parapsychological society of Switzerland -- Mrs. Irma Millere, educationalist -- Miss A. Morgenthaler, teacher (a) -- Miss A. Morgenhaler, teacher 9b) -- Dr. Arnold Reincke -- Mr. F. Scherer, electro technical expoert, and Mr. G. Inhoffen, photographer -- Dr. hans Naegeli, psychiatrist, mrs. K. Nager, psychologist -- Mr. Gerd Kra,mer, assistant headmaster, Mrs. H. Kramer and Mr. G. Inhoffen -- Dr. R. Zimmerman -- Dr. Arnold Reincke (a) -- Dr. Arnold Reincke (b) -- Miss A. Morgenthaler -- Zenta Maurina, Ph.D., writer -- Mr. Friedrich Jürgenson -- Mr. Valerij Tarsis, writer -- Mr. K. Bauers, singer -- Mr. F. Scherer -- Professor Dr. Hans Bender, psychologist, and Dr. F. Karger, physicist -- The Swiss Parapsychological Society -- Mr. H. von Guilleaume, publisher --Mrs. Cornelia Brunner, psychologist, and Mrs. N. von Muralt, parapsychologist -- Valeriji Tarsis, writer and Dr. Hildegard Diertrich -- Professor Dr. Werner Brunner, Mrs. Ida Bianchi and Mr. Peter Rutishauser -- Miss Helen Schnidheiny, graphologist, and Miss Katrin Bolli -- Results of Partnership Experiments: -- The mother of the experimenter -- Tekle -- C. G. Jung -- Margarete Petrautzki -- Professor Gebhard Frei -- Edvards Virza -- Karlis Skalbe -- Vilis Lācis -- Collaborators: Miss A. Morgenthaler  -- Miss Ilse Diersche -- Dr. Wilhelmina Hennequin --- Mr. felix Scherer -- Mr. Valerij Tarsis -- Dr.. Zenta Maurina -- Mr. and Mrs Inhoffen -- Conclusion -- Appendices: The expert's report: Theologians and philosophers. The Rev. Prof. Dr. Gebhard Frei -- The Rt. Rev. Mgr. Prof. Dr. Charles Pfleger -- Dr. Zenta Maurina -- The Rev. Voldemars A. Rolle -- The Rev. Fr. Leo Schmid -- Psychologists and parapsychologists: Dr. Theo Locher -- Dr. Hans Naegeli -- Mrs. Katharina Nager -- Friedrich Jürgenson -- Mrs. Cornelia Brunner -- Mrs. N. von Muralt -- Professor Walter H. Uphoff -- Physicists and electronic engineers: Professor Alex Schnieder -- Theodor Rudolph -- Franz Seidl -- J.M. Meier -- Ralph Lovelock -- The collaborators' comment: -- Karlis Lidums -- Dr. Arnold Reincke -- Dr. R. Fatzer -- Dr. Rudolf Zimmermann -- Mrs. I.. Millere -- Miss A. Morgenthaler -- Valerij and Hanni Tarsis -- Professor Atis Teichmanis -- Kārlis Bauers -- Herwart v. Guilleaume -- Dr. Wilhelmine Hennequin -- The Listeners verify -- Extract from article by Holger Ess. Subjects: Electronic voice phenomenon; Parapsychology. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 31: Rogo, D. Scott. NAD. Postscript by Robert Crookall. New York: University Books, 1970Add to your cart.
Summary: Here for the first time is any book, is a full-bodied, critical appraisal of the extraordinary phenomenon known as NAD - a Sanscrit term signifying transcendental, celestial, astral, psychic, or paranormal music. Contents: NAD - Introduction -- NAD and out-of-the-body travel -- NAD in normal states of consciousness -- NAD - related to death -- NAD, hauntings,, and the psychic ether -- NAD, mystics, and mediums -- NAD - some further cases -- NAD and its relevancy to the survival issue -- Postscript by Dr. Robert Crookall -- Appendix A. The supreme adventure: The journey into death -- B. A survey of literature on the out-of-the-body experience. Subjects: Parapsychology; Harmony of the spheres. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 32: Schurmacher, Emile C. True Tales of Terror. Paperback Library ed.New York: Paperback Library, 1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- The hand that wouldn't behave -- Madman over Des Moines -- "Roses are red ..." -- Nightmare in the morgue -- Larry Gomez and the UFO -- The voice inside of Ronnie Ecker's head  -- Mayday on the Mississippi -- Jinx of the sea bunny -- One way ride -- Siege of the mad mouse -- Dream's end -- Axes for two -- The $500,000 cat -- Hurricane in the Bayou -- Royal Ghost of Gotham -- "The lions are eating Ed alive!" -- Whiteout -- Tragedy of a good samaritan -- Case of the deadly V-141 -- Ill-met by moonlight -- Invitation to murder -- Armada from outer space -- The unexplainable homecoming -- Burnt offerings -- Spectre of the nyphomaniac Indian princess -- The crawling terror -- Journey into fear. Subjects: Supernatural; Disasters; Terror. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 33: Seth, and Jane Roberts. Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul. Notes by Robert F. Butts. New York: Bantam Books, 1974Add to your cart.
Contents: Part one. I do not have a physical body, yet I am writing this book -- My present environment, work, and activities -- My work and those dimensions of reality into which it takes me -- Reincarnational dramas -- How thoughts form matter- coordination points -- The soul and the nature of perception -- The potentials of the soul -- Sleep, dreams, and consciousness -- Part tow. The "death" experience -- "Death" conditions of life -- After-death choices and the mechanics of transition -- Reincarnational relationships -- Reincarnation, dreams, and the hidden male and female within the Self -- Stories of the beginning and the multidimensional God -- Reincarnational civilizations, probabilities, and more on the multidimensional God - Probably systems, men, and Gods -- Probabilities, the nature of good and evil, and religious symbolism -- Various stages of consciousness, symbolism, and multiple focus -- Questions and answers -- The meaning of religion -- A good-bye and an introduction: aspects of multidimensional personality as viewed through my own experience. Subject: Spiritualism; Reincarnation. Genre/Form: Spirit writings
Book 34: Seth, and Jane Roberts. The “Unknown” Reality. Notes and introduction by Robert F. Butts. Seth Book 1. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice- Hall, 1977Add to your cart.
Collection Contains Volume One Only. Subjects: Reality; Reincarnation. Genre/Form: Spirit writings
Book 35: Steiger, Brad. Astral Projection. Rockport, MA: Para Research, 1982Add to your cart.
Contents: Mind travelling through time and space -- The spiritual body of man -- Projection at the time of accident -- leaving the body during intense pain -- Out-of-body experiences during illness -- Projection at the moment of death -- Masters, teachers and guides -- Conscious out-of-body-projections -- Doppelgangers and human doubles -- Teleportation and bilocation -- Encounters with spirits of the dead -- The old pros -- Some experiments with hypnosis -- Visiting a haughty lady from Old Scotland -- Into the time tunnel -- Hypnosis, mind control and ESP -- Medical diagnosis and therapy through mind travel -- Science looks at consciousness and out-of-body experience. Subjects: Astral projection
Book 36: Turvey, Vincent N.. The Beginnings of Seership: Astral Projection, Clairvoyance and Prophecy. New Hyde Park, NY: University Books, 1969Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction to American edition -- Author's foreword -- Voucher -- Preface by W.T. Stead -- Introduction -- Ordinary clairvoyance -- Public clairvoyance -- "Spirit" visitants -- Long-distance clairvoyance -- Phone-voyance -- Prophecies -- Functioning in the "mental body". Subjects: Clairvoyance; Prophecies; Astral projection
Book 37: Weed, Joseph J. Psychic Energy: How to Change Desires into Reality. Paperback Library ed. New York: Parker Publishing Company, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: How psychic energy manifests itself -- Techniques to increase and control your psychic energy -- The gift of prophecy and how you may power it with psychic energy -- How great writers, composers, artists and inventors employ psychic energy to gain inspiration -- How to employ psychic energy to influence others to help you -- How psychic energy is used in dowsing to find riches in the earth, lost articles, and people -- How psychic energy enables you to see yourself and others as having appeared in past lives -- The role psychic energy plays in the apports presented in spiritualistic and similar paranormal manifestations -- The various ways in which psychic sensitivity manifests -- How psychic energy can bring you premonitions and help you become clairvoyant -- How psychic energy can help you develop clairaudience and psychometry powers -- How to employ psychic energy to send and receive telepathic messages -- How you can achieve psychic projection by employing psychic energy -- How to employ psychic energy to raise your consciousness to higher levels. Subjects: Psychic energy (Psychoanalysis); Occultism; Success. Genre/Form: Self-help publications
Book 38: Wheeler, David R. Journey to the Other Side. Temple Books ed. New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1976Add to your cart.
Contents: A personal glimpse at the other side -- One man's journey to the other side -- The profound changes -- Visions in dying -- A talk with God -- Golden streets and pearly gates -- The other body -- Evidence of a soul -- The believers -- The perfect place -- Searches for the other side -- The religious experience -- Does the other side exist? -- The joy of death -- The spirit world -- The other side. Subjects: Near-death experiences; Death. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 39: Wilson, Collin. Mysteries. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1980, ©️1978Add to your cart.
Subjects: Parapsychology; Occultism
Book 40: Winer, Richard, and Nancy Osborn Ishmael. More Haunted Houses. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1981Add to your cart.
Contents: The house of curses -- The lady -- Ghosts with a sex drive -- The house that reeks of death -- No escape even in death -- Crashing chandeliers and death -- Ghosts of the sea -- Ghosts of the railroad -- Animals that return -- Cult of the undead -- Roaming spirits -- A house of things that were -- Ghosts of liberty hall -- Battlefield ghosts -- The old slave house -- Ghost theaters -- The ghosts of the Dakota -- The ghosts of the Hosts -- The haunted elevator. Subjects: Haunted places; Haunted houses; Ghosts
Series 19: Philosophy (Qi, etc.)Add to your cart.
Book 1: Tohei, Koichi. Aikido in Daily Life. Tokyo: Rikugel Publishing House, 1969, ©️1966Add to your cart.
Summary: The present work is my attempt to fill requests I have received from other countries to explain ki more thoroughly and to offer applications for the training methods and the principles of aikido to daily life. Contents: Part one: The  principles of Aikido. -- Human life -- The value of our existence -- Unification of the body and the spirit -- Breathing methods: The Misogi breathing method ; The breathing method used in Aikido ; The breathing method that transcends breathing -- The single spot in the lower abdomen- Seika-no-itten. The spirit controls the body: Two fingertips naturally joined, The unbreakable circle, The unbendable arm, The human bridge ; Free and unrestricted use of the spirit. Shifting your spirit to the end of a stick, The heavy arm ; An object's center of gravity- its lowest part. The unraisable face, The center of gravity in the lowest part of the arm ; Relaxing ; Mastering the single spot in the lower abdomen. The push on the left shoulder, The unbendable arm, The opponent pushes you back by the wrist, Standing on one foot, Both hands raised, Stooping, bending backward, A learning on B, Rowing exercise, Being pushed from behind, Swinging the arms, Direction change -- The basic principles of Ki. The basic nature of Ki ; Plus Ki and minus Ki -- The Divine secret -- The spirit of love and protection for all things -- part two: The Aikido way of life. -- Getting up -- Sleep -- The subconscious -- The simple way -- Eating -- Our faces, our eyes, and the way we speak -- The principle of non-dissension -- The unity of calm and action -- Rules for beginners. Be candid, Persevere, Differences in techniques and teaching methods, Grades, Be both pupil and instructor -- Rules for instructors. Growing together, An instructor must be modest, Pupils are the teacher's mirror, right not might, Attitude not seniority makes and instructor, Be fair and impartial, Instructors must work together -- Conclusion -- Appendix: Thirteen rules for Aikido Instructors. Subjects: Aikido; Qi (Chinese philosophy)
Series 20: SelfAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Kopp, Sheldon. Mirror, Mask, and Shadow: The Rise and Rewards of Self-Acceptance. Bantam ed. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1982Add to your cart.
Contents: Part 1. Mirror, mask, and shadow. Where did you get that self? -- My own dark brother -- Beside myself -- Saints and sinners -- Part 2. Severed selves. Double trouble -- A self of one's own -- Ashamed of myself -- Self-portrait -- Part 3. Hide and seek -- The better half -- Your craziness or mine? -- part 4. All of me. Another whom we do not know -- Return to the borderland. Subjects: Self-acceptance
Book 2: Reed, Scott. The Miracle of Psycho-Command Power: The New Way to Riches, Love, and Happiness. West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Co., 1972Add to your cart.
Subjects: Autogenic training; Success--Psychological aspects; Body language
Series 21: ShamanismAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Andrews, Lynn V. Crystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime. Illustrations by David Tamura. New York: Warner Books, 1988, ©️1987Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- Good Tucker -- Dolphins Dreaming -- The Sisterhnn of the Sheilds -- The Bugeen -- Muni-Muni -- The Guardian of Solutide -- She Who Walks With the Wind -- A Circle of Agreement -- Keeper of the Woman's Heart -- Dirrangun -- A Quickening -- The Mother Stone -- A Gathering of Power -- The Heart of the Wolf -- The Butterfly Woman -- The Borders of Illumination -- Eating of the Darkness -- A Sorcerer's Footstep -- Goowawa Dreaming -- Spirit Woman and Two Hearts -- Iguana Spirit -- An Appointment withTime -- Dingo Man Dreaming -- The presence of the Unknowable -- Booru, the Sandamara -- Glossary. Subjects: Andrews, Lynn V.; Shamanism; Shamans; Aboriginal Australians--Religion; Indians of North American--Religion. Genre/Form: Autobiographies
Book 2: Castaneda, Carlos. The Eagle’s Gift. New York: Pocket Books, 1982, ©️1981Add to your cart.
Contents: Part One. The Other Self: -- The Fixation of the Second Attention -- Seeing Together -- Quasi Memories of the Other Self -- Crossing the Boundaries of Affection -- A Horde of Angry Sorcerers -- Part Two. The Art of Dreaming: -- Losing the Human Form -- Dreaming Together -- The Right and the Left Side Awareness -- Part Three. The Eagle's Gift: -- The Rule of the Nagual -- The Nagual's Party of Warriors -- The Nagual Woman -- The Not-Doings of Silvio Manuel -- The Intricacies of Dreaming -- Florinda -- The Plumed Serpent. Subjects: Hallucinogenic drugs and religious experience; Anthropologists--Mexico; Yaqui Indians--Religion; Yaqui mythology; Indians of Mexico--Religion; Indian mythology--Mexico. Genre/Form: Autobiographies
Book 3: Cunningham, Scott. Hawaiian Religion & Magic. World religion & magic series. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publication, 1994Add to your cart.
Contents: pt. 1. The people and the deities. -- Ch. 1. The land and the people -- Ch. 2. The ways of the deities -- Ch. 3. The gods and goddesses -- Ch. 4. Pele -- Ch. 5. Deified ancestral spirits -- pt. 2. Aspects of traditional Hawaiian culture and religion. -- Ch. 6. Spriritual power -- Ch. 7. Taboos -- Ch. 8. Experts -- Ch. 9. Shrines and temples -- Ch. 10. Water -- Ch. 11. Stone -- Ch. 12. Color -- Ch. 13. Plants -- Ch. 14. Dance -- Ch. 15. The menehune -- Ch. 16. Ghosts and night marchers -- pt. 3. Magic and sorcery. -- Ch. 17. Magic -- Ch. 18. Prophecy and dreams -- Ch. 19. Divination, spiritual possession, and omens -- Ch. 20. Birth omens  -- Ch. 21. Contemporary survival of traditional Hawaiian spirituality -- Appendix : The Hawaiian lunar calendar -- Hawaiian glossary. Subjects: Hawaii--Religion; Hawaiian mythology; Hawaiian magic
Book 4: Drury, Nevill. The Elements of Shamanism. Longsmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset: Element Books, 1989Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- Animism and beyond -- Where is Shamanism found? -- Shamaic cosmologies -- Rituals and the inner world -- Sacred plants -- The Shamans speak -- two controversies -- Shamanism in the West -- Resources. Subjects: Shamanism
Book 5: Halifax, Joan. Shaman, the Wounded Healer. New York: Crossroad, 1982Add to your cart.
Content: The wounded healer: Patterns of mythic imagination -- The net of power -- Nature-kin and interspecies communication -- The sacred way of the wounded healer -- The retreat to Paradise -- To fly as birds -- The Sun Door -- The return to the people -- The essense of life -- The end of time -- Plates -- Themes: Maps -- Paths to the Underworld -- Thresholds of the two-light world -- Departure and incubation -- Spirits of the Underworld -- Death and skeletonization -- Covenants and animal transformations -- Life energy force and the ally of power -- Equilibrium and compassion -- World Tree and Axis Mundi -- Flight -- Mastery of fire -- Solarization -- Return to the Middle World. Subjects: Shamanism
Book 6: Harner, Michael. The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing. 1st ed. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1980Add to your cart.
Contents: Discovering the way -- The Shamanic Journey: Introduction -- Shamanism and states of consciousness -- Power animals -- The journey to restore power -- Power practices -- Extracting harmful intrusions -- Afterward -- Appendix A. Drums, rattles, and other aids -- Appendix B. The hand game of the Flathead Indians. Subjects: Mental healing; Shamanism
Book 7: Long, Max Freedom. Recovering the Ancient Magic. Cape Girardeau, MO: Huna Press, 1981, ©️1978Add to your cart.
Subjects: Huna; Magic--Hawaii; Hawaiian magic; Hawaii--Religion; Occultism--Hawaii
Series 22: SymbologyAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Cirlot, J. E. A. Dictionary of Symbols. Translated from the Spanish by Jack Sage. Foreword by Herbert Read. New York: Philosophical Library, 1962Add to your cart.
Subjects: Symbolism. Genre/Form: Dictionaries
Series 23: Theosophy (includes Reincarnation)Add to your cart.
Book 1: Cerminara, Gina. The World Within. New York: William Sloane Associates, 1957Add to your cart.
Summary: The philosophical aspects of reincarnation as evidenced in the life readings of Edgar Cayce, as well as more recent data from current experiments. Content: "But you seem too intelligent..." -- Hey, Bridey Murphy! -- Other Bridey's, other Bernsteins -- Cayce revisited -- A new approach to the human body -- The human body: key and clue to the human soul -- Beauty as a goal of human life -- The endocrine glands -- The book of revelation -- Some karmic aspects of sex -- Some psychological aspects of sex -- Sex: some implications -- The question of race -- Race and karma -- Balance: the golden mean; the razor's edge -- Balance: the triangle -- Balance: the pendulum -- Balance: some implications -- The way out -- Reincarnation: some implications for religion, art, psychology. Subjects: Reincarnation
Book 2: Holzer, Hans. Born Again: The Truth about Reincarnation. Pocket Book ed. New York: Pocket Books, 1973, ©️1970Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- "Come back to Scotland!" -- How people feel about reincarnation -- Reincarnation vs. Déjà Vu and ESP -- Apparently genuine cases that cannot be fully proved -- The strange case of Ruth MacGuire -- The lady from Atlanta -- A tale of two Catharines -- The many lives of a midwestern school teacher -- Techniques of regression. Subjects: Reincarnation; Immortality
Book 3: Macready R. The Reincarnations of Robert Macready. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp., 1980Add to your cart.
Subjects: Macredy, R.; Reincarnation; Reincarnation therapy. Genre/Form: Autobiographies
Book 4: Sutphen, Dick. Past Lives, Future Loves. New York: Pocket Books, 1978Add to your cart.
Contents: A note from the author -- The Atlantis regression -- The paranormal dream -- The higher-self session and the technique dream -- The identity transference -- Individual parallel sessions -- Parallel seminar sessions and additional input -- Case history: a metaphysical examination -- Other concepts of reincarnation -- Karma without the "Hocus pocus" -- The Kingdon Brown sessions -- Psychic abilities and guidance -- Case history: Bob and Mary- past life regression and physical healing -- Case history: Charlotte- seminar regression -- Case history: Carl and Bettye- chakra link -- Love, peace and problems -- Case history: Ben and Christina -- My own case history: The Ed Morrell story -- Eileen and Pat and the "light people" -- The frequency switch- another concept beyond reincarnation -- Supportive material from the doctors -- Who needs awareness? -- Future freedom- creating your own reality -- Shielding and protection techniques -- A love story. Subjects: Hypnotism; Reincarnation. Genre/Form: Case studies
Book 5: Wambach, Helen. Life Before Life. Toronto: Bantam Books, 1979Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction: Why I did this research -- How I did the research -- My Chicago group reports their experiences -- Choosing to live again -- Choosing the twentieth century and choosing one's sex -- Why are we here on Earth? Have we known our family and friends in other lifetimes? -- When does the soul enter the fetus? Is the soul of the infant aware of the feelings of the mother? -- taking the big step- getting born -- Adopted children, premature births, caesareans -- "This was a strange experience!" My subjects reported -- Finding truth on the all-American talk show. Subjects: Reincarnation. Genre/Form: Case studies
Series 24: Witchcraft/Witches/WiccaAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Buckland, Raymond. Ancient & Modern Witchcraft. Edited by Hal L. Cohen. New York: HC Publishers, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: Give the public what they want -- Stern voices of authority -- Actions speak louder than words -- Political witchcraft? -- Old England ... -- ... New England -- Intro sharper focus -- Spokes of the wheel -- Ingredients of witchcraft -- Horns but no tail -- The witch alone -- "Let's all cast spells" -- Ways of witchcraft. Subjects: Witchcraft--History
Book 2: Cunningham, Scott. The Truth About Witchcraft Today. Llewellyn’s New Age Series. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1988Add to your cart.
Summary: Here is the first real look at the facts about Witchcraft and the religion of Wicca. As renowned author Scott Cunningham plainly states, the practice of magic is not supernatural or Satanic. Witches and folk magicians are only utilizing, through timeless rituals, natural energies found within the Earth and our bodies to enrich life by creating positive change. It's all revealed here in the easy-to-read, understandable style that was Scott Cunningham's trademark. Contents: Introduction -- pt. I. Folk magic: -- 1. The magic of the people -- 2. The spell -- 3. Tools of power -- 4. Harm none -- 5. Other forms of magic -- 6. Simple folk magic rituals -- pt. II. Wicca: -- 7. The religion of Wicca -- 8. The goddess and the god : the divine aspects of Wicca -- 9. Initiation -- 10. Wiccan traditions -- 11. Ritual tools -- 12. Circles and altars -- 13. Days of power : Sabbats and Esbats -- 14. Wiccan magic -- 15. Nudity, sex, and Wicca -- 16. Dangers and troubles -- 17. A Wiccan ritual -- pt. III. A summary: -- 18. Consciousness rises -- 19. Toward the light. Subjects: Witchcraft; Wicca
Book 3: De Pascale, Marc. Book of Spells. New York: Taplinger Publishing Company, 1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- Spells for the heart -- Spells for the home -- Spells for business -- Miscellaneous spells -- Talismans.. Subjects: Charms; Talismans. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 4: Dunwich, Gerina. Candlelight Spells: A Modern Witch’s Book of Spellcasting, Feasting, and Healing. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1988Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction: The old religion -- Sabbat feasts -- The esbat and miscellaneous witch recipes -- Candle crafting -- Herbs -- Spellcasting -- Lexicon of witchcraft.. Subjects: Witchcraft; Charms; Herbs--Therapeutic use. Genre/Form: Recipes; Handbooks and manuals
Book 5: Huebner, Louise. Moon Magic: A Witch’s Delightful Guide to Spells, Charms, and Enchantments. Illustrated by William Peterson. Kansas City, MO: Springbok Editions, 1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Moon power -- The waxing moon -- At the full moon -- When the moon is on the wane -- At the dark of the moon -- Work a charm -- A recipe for enchantment -- Cast a spell... and be spellbound -- Cast a spell for your secret desires -- How to find your magnetic hour. Subjects: Moon--Folklore; Charms
Book 6: Huebner, Louise. Power Through Witchcraft. Los Angeles, CA: New Publishing Corporation, 1969Add to your cart.
Subjects: Witchcraft; Success
Book 7: Jong, Erica. Witches. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1981Add to your cart.
Contents: The Witch -- Some Light on the Subject of Witchcraft -- The Word Witchcraft -- From Mother Goddess to Witch -- The White Goddess and the Witch -- From Paganism to Christianity -- Witchcraft vs. Witch-craze -- On the Subject of Torture -- Some Questions for Witches -- Witches and Heretics -- Satanism and Witchcraft -- Muddled Mythologies -- Becoming a Witch -- Theories of Witchcraft -- What Does a Witch Look Like? -- Witch Lore -- The Witch's Equipment -- The Witch's Costume -- Some Witch Rituals -- Sexual Union with the Devil -- Witches and Impotence -- Puppets or Poppets -- Love Poppets -- Love Spells and Why We Need Them -- The Witches' Year -- The Witches' Organization -- The Sabbat -- Favorite Haunts -- Witches and Flight -- Witches and Weather -- The Witches' Herbs -- Poisons and Cures -- A Deadly Herbal in Verse -- The Gathering of Herbs -- Flying Ointments: Some Recipes -- The Witch and the Fairy -- Some Legendary Witches -- Famous Witches in History -- In Conclusion: The Communal Myth of the Witch. Subjects: Witches; Witchcraft; Witchcraft--Poetry
Book 8: Maple, Eric. The Dark World of Witches. New York: Castle Books, 1970, ©️1962Add to your cart.
Contents: Magic is born -- The age of the sorcerers -- Terror in Tudor England -- Witch hunt -- Witchcraft and the ironsides -- The law of the mob -- After the terror -- The last witch doctors -- Lore of the witches -- Into the witch country -- Witchcraft in England -- The meaning of witchcraft. Subjects: Witchcraft--England--History
Book 9: Mynne, Hugh. The Faerie Way: The Healing Journey to Other Worlds. Llewellyn’s Celtic Wisdom Series. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1998, ©️1996Add to your cart.
Contents: Reinventing the Tradition -- The old ways -- The UFO connection -- The Faerie Universe -- Four great seers -- First steps -- Animal helpers and Faerie allies -- The four cities -- The realm of Faerie -- Deeper into Faerieland -- The future -- The ballad and romance of Thomas the Rhymer -- The Avatasamka Sutra and the Faerie way -- Work schedule -- The Goddess in Faerieland. Subjects: Feri (Wiccan sect); Fairies; Spirits; Celts--Religion
Book 10: Paulsen, Kathryn. The Complete Books of Magic and Witchcraft. Rev. ed. New York: New American Library, 1980Add to your cart.
Contents: Roots of magic -- Theories of magic -- Magic black, white, and gray -- Preparation of magic -- The rites of Satanism and witchcraft -- The magic ceremony -- Divination -- Glossary of magic herbs, stones, animals, and other substances -- Magic potions -- Spells, charms, and incantations -- Amulets and talismans -- Magic numbersm words, colors, and symbols -- Time for magic -- Appendices: Magic fumes -- Government of the hours -- Magic names of hours and seasons -- Heirarchy of demons -- Angels of the winds and elements -- Government of the planets. Subjects: Magic; Witchcraft. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 11: Roberts, Susan. Witches U.S.A. New York: Dell Publishing, 1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Witch is which? -- ...a hex is a hex is a hex -- Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie and Alexander -- Portrait of a witch -- Witch week at Roberts flat -- Flags, flax and fodder -- Covens -- Skyclad? -- For the love of a witch -- Give the Devil his due -- Hell on Earth -- Magical mishaps -- Tuesday in Toledo -- Satanism for sixteen dollars -- Black Mass -- Voodoo -- New England nightmare -- Epilogue. Subjects: Witchcraft--United States
Book 12: Schurmacher, Emile C. Witchcraft in America Today. Paperback Library ed. New York: Paperback Library, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: How to become a modern witch -- Find the witch -- Manhattan mischief-maker -- Pennsylvania Hexerei -- Zombies- the living dead -- Harlem witch woman -- Swinging covens -- Witchcraft or folklore? -- Judy, the Obeah Priestess -- "A clear case of demoniacal obsession" -- "Slaves or Satan"- and the aftermath -- The Bruja- witch across the border -- Everyday witchcraft magic -- Magical spells- and how to invoke them -- Witchcraft aphrodisiacs -- Barbara the witch-cat -- The black pope of San Francisco -- American Indian witchcraft -- The many faces of Voodoo -- Rebekah, the snake witch -- The charlatans -- Packaged witchcraft -- The mystery of astral flight -- The truth about Gypsy sorcery -- Apollos, astronauts and moon witchery. Subjects: Witchcraft--United States
Book 13: Seth, Ronald. In the Name of the Devil. New York: Tower Publications, 1969Add to your cart.
Summary: For 300 years the persecution of sorcerers in Scotland raged with unequaled fierceness and persistence. Hundreds of men, women, and children were accused of: practicing white and black magic, entering into a pact with the Devil, dancing in the churchyard, using incantations, charms, and wax images, having powers of foresight, making potions and antidotes, flying, attending the Sabbat and other orgies, copulating with the Devil, bearing the Devil's mark, and numerous other ancient witchcraft practices. In the Name of the Devil reveals the methods used by the accused to practice their malevolent art, and the tortures, brutal examinations, and executions they suffered from the witch-hunters. This book brings to light one of the most chilling chapters in the history of mankind. Contents: Introductory -- John Fian and the North Berwick Witches -- The Aberdeen Witches -- Isobel Grierson -- Margaret Barclay -- The Witches of Perth -- The Glenluce Devil -- Isobel Gowdie -- Major Thomas Weir -- The Bargarran Imposter -- The Pittenweem Lynching -- The Last Scottish Withcraft Victim. Subjects: Witchcraft--Scotland; Trials (Witchcraft)--Scotland
Book 14: Smith, Susy. Today’s Witches. New York: Universal-Award House, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: The United States today -- Haitian holiday -- Lee's witch -- Mexican magic -- How not to get burnt! -- Witchcraft in England -- The cursèd woman of Rio -- Spells and incantations -- Devil worship -- Vandercar -- Witchcraft worldwide -- The use of drugs -- Toronto's high flying witches -- Discussions in Black and White -- Murders by magic -- The magic of love. Subjects: Witches; Witchcraft
Book 15: Tindall, Gillian. A Handbook on Witches. New York: Castle Books, 1965Add to your cart.
Contents: The idea of the witch -- A short history of witchcraft -- Some reasons for witchcraft -- Traces of the Old Religion -- The secret society -- A man in black -- The secret race- a fairy chapter -- Two types of witch -- Upper class witchcraft- four cases -- Mostly feline -- Charms -- The psychology of the victim -- The witch-hunters -- The witch in the mind. Subjects: Witches; Witchcraft
Book 16: Valiente, Doreen. An ABC of Witchcraft Past & Present. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1973Add to your cart.
Summary: This book ... is intended to be not merely a history, but a guide to the many strange byways of a vast and fascinating subject. Witchcraft ... This book seeks to be a serious contribution to the study of a subject too long obscured by prejudice and sensationalism. Subjects: Witchcraft; Occultism. Genre/Form: Encyclopedias

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