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Victor and Cora Anderson Library


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Alternative Medicine

Archaeology/Anthropology/Travel Writings/Dowsing

Christian Science


Dreams/Dream Interpretation



Goddesses/Goddess Religion

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Native Americans (North; Middle; South America)


Occultism (General)


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Theosophy (includes Reincarnation)


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Victor and Cora Anderson Library, 1921-1998 | Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

By Frost, Guy

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Collection Overview

Title: Victor and Cora Anderson Library, 1921-1998Add to your cart.

ID: MS/150/7

Primary Creator: Anderson, Victor H. (1917-2001)

Other Creators: Anderson, Cora (1915-2008)

Extent: 0.0

Arrangement: Organized by Broad Subject

Subjects: Aboriginal Australians--Religion, Afro-Brazilian cults--Brazil, Agricultural ecology, Agriculture, Aikido, Alchemy--History, Alternative medicine, America--Discovery and exploration--Pre-Columbian, American poetry--California, Anderson, Cora, 1915-2008--Library, Anderson, Victor H., 1917-2001--Library, Andrews, Lynn V., Aphrodisiacs, Astral projection, Aura, Autogenic training, Awareness, Aztecs--Folklore, Body language, Borneo--Description and travel, Botany, Medical, Botany, Medical--Hawaii, Brazil--Religion, Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998, Celts--Religion, Charms, Christian Science, Civilization, Modern--1950-, Clairvoyance, Classical poetry, Coca, Cocaine abuse, Color--Psychic aspects, Cooking (Garlic), Cooking (Herbs), Counterculture--History--20th century, Cults--Guyana, Death, Demonology, Disappearances (Parapsychology), Disasters, Domalain, Jean-Yves, 1943-, Dream interpretation, Dreams, Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, Electronic voice phenomenon, Enochian magic, Ethnobotany--West (U.S.), Experience (Religion), Extrasensory perception, Fairies, Feminism, Feri (Wiccan sect), Folklore, Folklore--Haiti, Folklore--Hawaii, Fortune-telling by names, Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939, Future life, Garlic--History, Garlic--Therapeutic use, Ghosts, Ghost stories, Ghouls and ogres, Gnomes, Goddesses, Goddesses, Sumerian, Goddesses--History, Goddess religion--North America, Greek language, Modern, Greek language, Modern--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English, Greek language--Grammar, Hallucinogenic drugs and religious experience, Haunted houses, Haunted places, Hawaii--Folklore, Hawaii--Legends, Hawaii--Religion, Hawaii--Social life and customs, Hawaiian language, Hawaiian magic, Hawaiian mythology, Hawaiians--Folklore, Hawaiians--Legends, Health, Herb gardening, Herbs, Herbs--Therapeutic use, Herbs--Therapeutic use--Hawaii, Herbs--Utilization, Homosexuality--United States, Hopi Indians, Hopi Indians--Folklore, Hopi Indians--Religion, Human behavior, Human sacrifice, Human sacrifice--Andes Region, Huna, Hypnotism, Iban (Bornean people), Immortality, Inanna (Sumerian deity), Inanna (Sumerian deity)--Poetry, Indian magic--Southwest, New, Indian mythology--Mexico, Indian mythology--North America, Indians of Mexico--Religion, Indians of North America--Ethnobotany--West (U.S.), Indians of North America--Folklore, Indians of North America--Religion, Indians of South America--Andes Region--Rites and ceremonies, Indians of South America--Peru--Rites and ceremonies, Indian women--North America, Inscriptions, Celtic, Inscriptions, Irish, Intelligence, Jesus Christ--Passion, Jones, Jim, 1931-1978, Jonestown (Guyana), Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978, Juan, Don, 1891-1973, Kayaks, Knowledge, Sociology of, Lakota Indians, Lame Deer, approximately 1903-1976, Legends--Hawaii, Macumba (Cult), Magic, Magic, Romani, Magic--Brazil, Magic--Hawaii, Maria-José, mãe, Materia medica, Vegetable, Materia medica, Vegetable--Hawaii, Medical astrology, Medicinal plants, Medicinal plants--Hawaii, Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric, Megalithic monuments, Mental healing, Midwives, Miniconjou Indians, Months, Moon, Moon--Folklore, Mother goddesses--History, Mythology, Mythology, Classical, Mythology, Sumerian, Mytinger, Caroline, 1897-1980, Nahuatl literature, Nahuatl poetry, Near death experiences, Nebraska--Social life and customs, New Age movement, New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea)--Description and travel, Numerology, Nurses, Occultism, Occultism--Asia, Occultism--Hawaii, Orgasms, Orgonomy, Parapsychology, Parapsychology--Soviet Union, Peoples Temple, Physics--Miscellanea, Physiognomy, Plants--Psychic aspects, Poetry, Power (Social sciences), Prehistoric peoples, Problem solving, Prophecies, Psychic abilities, Psychic energy (Psychoanalysis), Psychic readings--Evaluation, Psychokinesis, Psychology, Comparative, Psychology and religion, Psychometry (Parapsychology), Psychotropic plants, Qi (Chinese philosophy), Quantum theory--History, Recovered memory, Reincarnation, Reincarnation therapy, Relativity (Physics)--History, Reser, Stanley, Romanies--Europe--Social conditions, Romanies--History, Romanies--Social life and customs, Satanism--Controversial literature, Science, Ancient, Science--History, Self (Philosophy), Self-acceptance, Self-care, Self knowledge, Theory of, Sex (Psychology), Sex discrimination, Sex discrimination in employment, Sexism, Shamanism, Shamanism--North America, Shamans, Smith, Michelle, 1949-, Social history--1945-1960, Social history--1960-1970, Social psychology, Solomon Islands--Description and travel, Songs--Hawaii, Songs--Ireland, Spanish language--Readers, Spirits, Spiritual healing, Spiritualism, Success, Success--Psychological aspects, Sullivan, Thelma D., Supernatural, Symbolism, Symbolism of colors, Symbolism of numbers, Talismans, Tarot--Study and teaching, Terror, Time--Folklore, Trials (Witchcraft)--Scotland, United States--Antiquities, Vampires, Vampires--20th century, Vodou, Werewolves, Wicca, Witchcraft, Witchcraft--England--History, Witchcraft--History, Witchcraft--Scotland, Witchcraft--Southwest, New, Witchcraft--United States, Witches, Women, Women--Employment--United States, Women--History--Modern period, 1600-, Women--Mythology, Women in medicine--History, Yaqui Indians--Religion, Yaqui mythology

Forms of Material: Alamanacs, Autobiographies, Case studies, Creeds, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Folk literature, Folk tales, Grammars, Handbooks and manuals, Humor, Juvenile fiction, Legends, Myths, Personal Narratives, Phrase books, Problems and exercises, Programmed instructional materials, Questionnaires, Readers (Publications), Recipes, Self-help publications, Song texts, Spirit writings, Textbooks, Travel writings

Languages: English, Greek,Modern(1453-), Spanish;Castilian

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection is a portion of the Anderson's library having been selected based on titles that were not currently in its parent collection New Age Movements, Occultism, and Spiritualism Research Library. A bibliography of the full library as well as the disposition of the items is planned. All titles in this collection have been cataloged separately.

Collection Historical Note

Victor Henry Anderson was born in Seneca just north of Clayton, New Mexico, May 21, 1917 to Hilbert Alexander Anderson (1883-1952), a cattle rancher, and Mary Francis Smith Anderson (1886-1973), who cooked for the ranch hands. During his childhood, Victor was exposed to many cultures and religious practices living in New Mexico. These influences range from Native Americans indigenous to the area, but also migrant workers form Hawaii and Guatemala all interacting and sharing their spiritual knowledge with a young boy. At age two, his sister dropped him and may have caused him to go blind via the development of Internal Cataracts. For the first three months after the accident, Victor was totally blind. The local Curanderos, Brujas, and Brujos prayed over him and he eventually was able to have partial vision (3%). They also taught him to develop his etheric abilities as a different form of sight. Victor's dropping accident may have been coincidental to his developing Internal Cataracts. Regardless, according to Victor there were no known procedures to address it and was left untreated, which physically left him almost complete blind. A tragic accident occurred with Victor's oldest brother Robert subsequently dying from severe burns. His mother had a very difficult time with the loss of her son. As such the family left New Mexico, moving frequently as Victor's father found work. His family would eventually move to Dead Indian Mount, Oregon around 1926, which is north of Ashland, when he was about nine years old. Later they would move to Ashland, Oregon sometime between 1940 and 1943. The family eventually moved to Bend, Oregon due to flooding of their Ashland home.

Contrary to what Margo Adler says in her book Drawing Down the Moon, Victor more than likely had has initiation in Oklahoma and not Oregon. According to Victor, in 1926 aged nine, he was sexually initiated into the witchcraft tradition in a tribal rite manner by an Congolese African woman named Simgoma. This was followed by etheric visions of floating in the air with the Congolese witch and despite Victor's blindness was a very vivid picture of the stars, moon, and jungle. When the visions ended, he was instructed on the ritual uses of the herbs sitting in bowls before him. The result of this initial initiation would be the start of the "reawakening" and evolution of his faith. Reawakening in the sense that across all cultures are universal truths that have existed since the time of the proto-humans. The Feri Tradition is simply another name for what has always existed. As such, Victor's argument that he borrowed from this culture or this faith, such as Huna from Max Freedom Long, is false because these tenets that share similarities existed long before those labels were added to them. There is a single source that is expressed in many ways.

His family would move frequently after New Mexico. Leaving Oklahoma in 1926, the Anderson's would lived in numerous places in Oregon. Victor would encounter many different people of many different cultures that continued to cultivate his religious knowledge. When Victor was between the ages of twelve and twenty-six, he studied Druidism. During this time, he referred to his beliefs as Vicia, his thoughts were to "go back and use the word 'Vicha' it was known as the Feri Tradition. In Italian it is la vecchia religione", or Old Religion. Feri can be broken down into two components: Fe, to have psychic power, and ri, a variant of ry, or rie, meaning in this context to practice or to build. Feri then, is actively developing in one's psychic abilities. Feri is an ecstatic tradition that seeks to obtain a deep connection with deity. Unlike other nature-based religions, Feri is not a fertility cult. In Victor's own words "Now, our Feri Tradition is a nature way, it's the way of Nature, and it's a way of accepting and developing all your talents, all of your nature in such a way that you are worthy to be called a god in the making." According to Victor, Feri Tradition has its roots in the shamanistic African tradition of which he was initiated by the Congolese woman. Anderson considered Feri to be an "authentic" Tradition that "simply takes on a different perspective of the same [universal] truth". One of his analogies compares Giuseppe Verdi and Joe Green; same name, same person, different language. The move to Bend, Oregon in 1943 would be a significant home for Victor. It is here that me meets he future wife, Cora.

Cora Ann Cremeans Anderson was born on January 26, 1915 on a farm Nyota, Blount County, Alabama. Her grandfather was a root doctor who had immigrated from Ireland. Cora was gifted with psychic abilities, having communed with faerie-like people on numerous occasions as a child. She met Victor Anderson in 1944 and they married in three days on May 3, having met him before on the Astral Plane. Realizing they both had magical backgrounds they soon established an altar together in their home. In 1945, their son, Victor Elon, was born. Victor and Cora would live in Bend, Oregon until 1948 when they moved to Niles, California. Sometime in or before 1959, they would relocate to San Leandro, California. Cora worked as a cook in various hospitals in the East Bay area.  The Anderson's would break up a fight between their son and a neighboring, Tom DeLong (1946-1982).  DeLong became friends with the family and studied under Victor eventually being initiated into Feri.  He would later chang his name to Gwydion Pendderwyn. Pendderwyn, having studied Alexandrian introduced elements of this tradition into Feri. Other influences in the tradition include Huna, Vodou, Kabbalah, Hoodoo, Tantra, and Gnosticism.

Victor Anderson would pass away September 20, 2001 and Cora Anderson in May 1, 2008, both in San Leandro, California.

Biographical Note

Co-Founder of the Feri Tradition

Subject/Index Terms

Aboriginal Australians--Religion
Afro-Brazilian cults--Brazil
Agricultural ecology
Alternative medicine
America--Discovery and exploration--Pre-Columbian
American poetry--California
Anderson, Cora, 1915-2008--Library
Anderson, Victor H., 1917-2001--Library
Andrews, Lynn V.
Astral projection
Autogenic training
Body language
Borneo--Description and travel
Botany, Medical
Botany, Medical--Hawaii
Castaneda, Carlos, 1931-1998
Christian Science
Civilization, Modern--1950-
Classical poetry
Cocaine abuse
Color--Psychic aspects
Cooking (Garlic)
Cooking (Herbs)
Counterculture--History--20th century
Disappearances (Parapsychology)
Domalain, Jean-Yves, 1943-
Dream interpretation
Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
Electronic voice phenomenon
Enochian magic
Ethnobotany--West (U.S.)
Experience (Religion)
Extrasensory perception
Feri (Wiccan sect)
Fortune-telling by names
Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Future life
Garlic--Therapeutic use
Ghost stories
Ghouls and ogres
Goddesses, Sumerian
Goddess religion--North America
Greek language, Modern
Greek language, Modern--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English
Greek language--Grammar
Hallucinogenic drugs and religious experience
Haunted houses
Haunted places
Hawaii--Social life and customs
Hawaiian language
Hawaiian magic
Hawaiian mythology
Herb gardening
Herbs--Therapeutic use
Herbs--Therapeutic use--Hawaii
Homosexuality--United States
Hopi Indians
Hopi Indians--Folklore
Hopi Indians--Religion
Human behavior
Human sacrifice
Human sacrifice--Andes Region
Iban (Bornean people)
Inanna (Sumerian deity)
Inanna (Sumerian deity)--Poetry
Indian magic--Southwest, New
Indian mythology--Mexico
Indian mythology--North America
Indians of Mexico--Religion
Indians of North America--Ethnobotany--West (U.S.)
Indians of North America--Folklore
Indians of North America--Religion
Indians of South America--Andes Region--Rites and ceremonies
Indians of South America--Peru--Rites and ceremonies
Indian women--North America
Inscriptions, Celtic
Inscriptions, Irish
Jesus Christ--Passion
Jones, Jim, 1931-1978
Jonestown (Guyana)
Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978
Juan, Don, 1891-1973
Knowledge, Sociology of
Lakota Indians
Lame Deer, approximately 1903-1976
Macumba (Cult)
Magic, Romani
Maria-José, mãe
Materia medica, Vegetable
Materia medica, Vegetable--Hawaii
Medical astrology
Medicinal plants
Medicinal plants--Hawaii
Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric
Megalithic monuments
Mental healing
Miniconjou Indians
Mother goddesses--History
Mythology, Classical
Mythology, Sumerian
Mytinger, Caroline, 1897-1980
Nahuatl literature
Nahuatl poetry
Near death experiences
Nebraska--Social life and customs
New Age movement
New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea)--Description and travel
Parapsychology--Soviet Union
Peoples Temple
Plants--Psychic aspects
Power (Social sciences)
Prehistoric peoples
Problem solving
Psychic abilities
Psychic energy (Psychoanalysis)
Psychic readings--Evaluation
Psychology, Comparative
Psychology and religion
Psychometry (Parapsychology)
Psychotropic plants
Qi (Chinese philosophy)
Quantum theory--History
Recovered memory
Reincarnation therapy
Relativity (Physics)--History
Reser, Stanley
Romanies--Europe--Social conditions
Romanies--Social life and customs
Satanism--Controversial literature
Science, Ancient
Self (Philosophy)
Self knowledge, Theory of
Sex (Psychology)
Sex discrimination
Sex discrimination in employment
Shamanism--North America
Smith, Michelle, 1949-
Social history--1945-1960
Social history--1960-1970
Social psychology
Solomon Islands--Description and travel
Spanish language--Readers
Spiritual healing
Success--Psychological aspects
Sullivan, Thelma D.
Symbolism of colors
Symbolism of numbers
Tarot--Study and teaching
Trials (Witchcraft)--Scotland
United States--Antiquities
Vampires--20th century
Witchcraft--Southwest, New
Witchcraft--United States
Women--Employment--United States
Women--History--Modern period, 1600-
Women in medicine--History
Yaqui Indians--Religion
Yaqui mythology

Administrative Information

Repository: Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections

Acquisition Source: Guy V. Frost

Acquisition Method: Purchased by Guy Frost from Anaar, Grandmaster of the Feri Tradition

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Alternative Medicine],
[Series 2: Archaeology/Anthropology/Travel Writings/Dowsing],
[Series 3: Christian Science],
[Series 4: Divination/Tarot],
[Series 5: Dreams/Dream Interpretation],
[Series 6: Fiction/Poetry/Humor],
[Series 7: Feminism],
[Series 8: Goddesses/Goddess Religion],
[Series 9: Language and languages],
[Series 10: Magic],
[Series 11: Miscellaneous],
[Series 12: Native Americans (North; Middle; South America)],
[Series 13: Mythology/Folklore],
[Series 14: Occultism (General)],
[Series 15: Plants/Herbalism],
[Series 16: Psychology/Sociology/Social Psychology],
[Series 17: Occultism (Numerology)],
[Series 18: Parapsychology],
[Series 19: Philosophy (Qi, etc.)],
[Series 20: Self],
[Series 21: Shamanism],
[Series 22: Symbology],
[Series 23: Theosophy (includes Reincarnation)],
[Series 24: Witchcraft/Witches/Wicca],

Series 24: Witchcraft/Witches/WiccaAdd to your cart.
Book 1: Buckland, Raymond. Ancient & Modern Witchcraft. Edited by Hal L. Cohen. New York: HC Publishers, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: Give the public what they want -- Stern voices of authority -- Actions speak louder than words -- Political witchcraft? -- Old England ... -- ... New England -- Intro sharper focus -- Spokes of the wheel -- Ingredients of witchcraft -- Horns but no tail -- The witch alone -- "Let's all cast spells" -- Ways of witchcraft. Subjects: Witchcraft--History
Book 2: Cunningham, Scott. The Truth About Witchcraft Today. Llewellyn’s New Age Series. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1988Add to your cart.
Summary: Here is the first real look at the facts about Witchcraft and the religion of Wicca. As renowned author Scott Cunningham plainly states, the practice of magic is not supernatural or Satanic. Witches and folk magicians are only utilizing, through timeless rituals, natural energies found within the Earth and our bodies to enrich life by creating positive change. It's all revealed here in the easy-to-read, understandable style that was Scott Cunningham's trademark. Contents: Introduction -- pt. I. Folk magic: -- 1. The magic of the people -- 2. The spell -- 3. Tools of power -- 4. Harm none -- 5. Other forms of magic -- 6. Simple folk magic rituals -- pt. II. Wicca: -- 7. The religion of Wicca -- 8. The goddess and the god : the divine aspects of Wicca -- 9. Initiation -- 10. Wiccan traditions -- 11. Ritual tools -- 12. Circles and altars -- 13. Days of power : Sabbats and Esbats -- 14. Wiccan magic -- 15. Nudity, sex, and Wicca -- 16. Dangers and troubles -- 17. A Wiccan ritual -- pt. III. A summary: -- 18. Consciousness rises -- 19. Toward the light. Subjects: Witchcraft; Wicca
Book 3: De Pascale, Marc. Book of Spells. New York: Taplinger Publishing Company, 1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction -- Spells for the heart -- Spells for the home -- Spells for business -- Miscellaneous spells -- Talismans.. Subjects: Charms; Talismans. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 4: Dunwich, Gerina. Candlelight Spells: A Modern Witch’s Book of Spellcasting, Feasting, and Healing. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, 1988Add to your cart.
Contents: Introduction: The old religion -- Sabbat feasts -- The esbat and miscellaneous witch recipes -- Candle crafting -- Herbs -- Spellcasting -- Lexicon of witchcraft.. Subjects: Witchcraft; Charms; Herbs--Therapeutic use. Genre/Form: Recipes; Handbooks and manuals
Book 5: Huebner, Louise. Moon Magic: A Witch’s Delightful Guide to Spells, Charms, and Enchantments. Illustrated by William Peterson. Kansas City, MO: Springbok Editions, 1972Add to your cart.
Contents: Moon power -- The waxing moon -- At the full moon -- When the moon is on the wane -- At the dark of the moon -- Work a charm -- A recipe for enchantment -- Cast a spell... and be spellbound -- Cast a spell for your secret desires -- How to find your magnetic hour. Subjects: Moon--Folklore; Charms
Book 6: Huebner, Louise. Power Through Witchcraft. Los Angeles, CA: New Publishing Corporation, 1969Add to your cart.
Subjects: Witchcraft; Success
Book 7: Jong, Erica. Witches. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1981Add to your cart.
Contents: The Witch -- Some Light on the Subject of Witchcraft -- The Word Witchcraft -- From Mother Goddess to Witch -- The White Goddess and the Witch -- From Paganism to Christianity -- Witchcraft vs. Witch-craze -- On the Subject of Torture -- Some Questions for Witches -- Witches and Heretics -- Satanism and Witchcraft -- Muddled Mythologies -- Becoming a Witch -- Theories of Witchcraft -- What Does a Witch Look Like? -- Witch Lore -- The Witch's Equipment -- The Witch's Costume -- Some Witch Rituals -- Sexual Union with the Devil -- Witches and Impotence -- Puppets or Poppets -- Love Poppets -- Love Spells and Why We Need Them -- The Witches' Year -- The Witches' Organization -- The Sabbat -- Favorite Haunts -- Witches and Flight -- Witches and Weather -- The Witches' Herbs -- Poisons and Cures -- A Deadly Herbal in Verse -- The Gathering of Herbs -- Flying Ointments: Some Recipes -- The Witch and the Fairy -- Some Legendary Witches -- Famous Witches in History -- In Conclusion: The Communal Myth of the Witch. Subjects: Witches; Witchcraft; Witchcraft--Poetry
Book 8: Maple, Eric. The Dark World of Witches. New York: Castle Books, 1970, ©️1962Add to your cart.
Contents: Magic is born -- The age of the sorcerers -- Terror in Tudor England -- Witch hunt -- Witchcraft and the ironsides -- The law of the mob -- After the terror -- The last witch doctors -- Lore of the witches -- Into the witch country -- Witchcraft in England -- The meaning of witchcraft. Subjects: Witchcraft--England--History
Book 9: Mynne, Hugh. The Faerie Way: The Healing Journey to Other Worlds. Llewellyn’s Celtic Wisdom Series. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1998, ©️1996Add to your cart.
Contents: Reinventing the Tradition -- The old ways -- The UFO connection -- The Faerie Universe -- Four great seers -- First steps -- Animal helpers and Faerie allies -- The four cities -- The realm of Faerie -- Deeper into Faerieland -- The future -- The ballad and romance of Thomas the Rhymer -- The Avatasamka Sutra and the Faerie way -- Work schedule -- The Goddess in Faerieland. Subjects: Feri (Wiccan sect); Fairies; Spirits; Celts--Religion
Book 10: Paulsen, Kathryn. The Complete Books of Magic and Witchcraft. Rev. ed. New York: New American Library, 1980Add to your cart.
Contents: Roots of magic -- Theories of magic -- Magic black, white, and gray -- Preparation of magic -- The rites of Satanism and witchcraft -- The magic ceremony -- Divination -- Glossary of magic herbs, stones, animals, and other substances -- Magic potions -- Spells, charms, and incantations -- Amulets and talismans -- Magic numbersm words, colors, and symbols -- Time for magic -- Appendices: Magic fumes -- Government of the hours -- Magic names of hours and seasons -- Heirarchy of demons -- Angels of the winds and elements -- Government of the planets. Subjects: Magic; Witchcraft. Genre/Form: Handbooks and manuals
Book 11: Roberts, Susan. Witches U.S.A. New York: Dell Publishing, 1971Add to your cart.
Contents: Witch is which? -- ...a hex is a hex is a hex -- Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie and Alexander -- Portrait of a witch -- Witch week at Roberts flat -- Flags, flax and fodder -- Covens -- Skyclad? -- For the love of a witch -- Give the Devil his due -- Hell on Earth -- Magical mishaps -- Tuesday in Toledo -- Satanism for sixteen dollars -- Black Mass -- Voodoo -- New England nightmare -- Epilogue. Subjects: Witchcraft--United States
Book 12: Schurmacher, Emile C. Witchcraft in America Today. Paperback Library ed. New York: Paperback Library, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: How to become a modern witch -- Find the witch -- Manhattan mischief-maker -- Pennsylvania Hexerei -- Zombies- the living dead -- Harlem witch woman -- Swinging covens -- Witchcraft or folklore? -- Judy, the Obeah Priestess -- "A clear case of demoniacal obsession" -- "Slaves or Satan"- and the aftermath -- The Bruja- witch across the border -- Everyday witchcraft magic -- Magical spells- and how to invoke them -- Witchcraft aphrodisiacs -- Barbara the witch-cat -- The black pope of San Francisco -- American Indian witchcraft -- The many faces of Voodoo -- Rebekah, the snake witch -- The charlatans -- Packaged witchcraft -- The mystery of astral flight -- The truth about Gypsy sorcery -- Apollos, astronauts and moon witchery. Subjects: Witchcraft--United States
Book 13: Seth, Ronald. In the Name of the Devil. New York: Tower Publications, 1969Add to your cart.
Summary: For 300 years the persecution of sorcerers in Scotland raged with unequaled fierceness and persistence. Hundreds of men, women, and children were accused of: practicing white and black magic, entering into a pact with the Devil, dancing in the churchyard, using incantations, charms, and wax images, having powers of foresight, making potions and antidotes, flying, attending the Sabbat and other orgies, copulating with the Devil, bearing the Devil's mark, and numerous other ancient witchcraft practices. In the Name of the Devil reveals the methods used by the accused to practice their malevolent art, and the tortures, brutal examinations, and executions they suffered from the witch-hunters. This book brings to light one of the most chilling chapters in the history of mankind. Contents: Introductory -- John Fian and the North Berwick Witches -- The Aberdeen Witches -- Isobel Grierson -- Margaret Barclay -- The Witches of Perth -- The Glenluce Devil -- Isobel Gowdie -- Major Thomas Weir -- The Bargarran Imposter -- The Pittenweem Lynching -- The Last Scottish Withcraft Victim. Subjects: Witchcraft--Scotland; Trials (Witchcraft)--Scotland
Book 14: Smith, Susy. Today’s Witches. New York: Universal-Award House, 1970Add to your cart.
Contents: The United States today -- Haitian holiday -- Lee's witch -- Mexican magic -- How not to get burnt! -- Witchcraft in England -- The cursèd woman of Rio -- Spells and incantations -- Devil worship -- Vandercar -- Witchcraft worldwide -- The use of drugs -- Toronto's high flying witches -- Discussions in Black and White -- Murders by magic -- The magic of love. Subjects: Witches; Witchcraft
Book 15: Tindall, Gillian. A Handbook on Witches. New York: Castle Books, 1965Add to your cart.
Contents: The idea of the witch -- A short history of witchcraft -- Some reasons for witchcraft -- Traces of the Old Religion -- The secret society -- A man in black -- The secret race- a fairy chapter -- Two types of witch -- Upper class witchcraft- four cases -- Mostly feline -- Charms -- The psychology of the victim -- The witch-hunters -- The witch in the mind. Subjects: Witches; Witchcraft
Book 16: Valiente, Doreen. An ABC of Witchcraft Past & Present. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1973Add to your cart.
Summary: This book ... is intended to be not merely a history, but a guide to the many strange byways of a vast and fascinating subject. Witchcraft ... This book seeks to be a serious contribution to the study of a subject too long obscured by prejudice and sensationalism. Subjects: Witchcraft; Occultism. Genre/Form: Encyclopedias

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[Series 1: Alternative Medicine],
[Series 2: Archaeology/Anthropology/Travel Writings/Dowsing],
[Series 3: Christian Science],
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[Series 6: Fiction/Poetry/Humor],
[Series 7: Feminism],
[Series 8: Goddesses/Goddess Religion],
[Series 9: Language and languages],
[Series 10: Magic],
[Series 11: Miscellaneous],
[Series 12: Native Americans (North; Middle; South America)],
[Series 13: Mythology/Folklore],
[Series 14: Occultism (General)],
[Series 15: Plants/Herbalism],
[Series 16: Psychology/Sociology/Social Psychology],
[Series 17: Occultism (Numerology)],
[Series 18: Parapsychology],
[Series 19: Philosophy (Qi, etc.)],
[Series 20: Self],
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[Series 22: Symbology],
[Series 23: Theosophy (includes Reincarnation)],
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