Sue Paulsen, Oral history interview, 2012

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    Sue Paulsen


Oral History Audio Recording for Sue Paulsen, Tiger, Georgia. March 16, 2012. Recorded 03/16/2012 on Olympus Digital Recorder. Interviewed by Catherine Oglesby. “Dimensions of Personal Politics in the Deep South: Georgia Women Review their Lives.” 5 audio files; 04:36:55 complete.


Georgia–History–1865-; Oral history; Politics and culture; Women;

People Mentioned:

Agnes Scott, Carl Sanders, Charles Paulsen, Chuck Paulsen, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Francis Clyde, Fred Dixon, Gerald Kemp, Glen Miller, Grace Kurr, Harold Martin, Helen Luke, Herman Talmadge, Howdy Doody, Janie Sue Reeves Tidwell , Jeanette McDonald, Jesus, John F. Kennedy, L.E. Tidwell, Malcolm X, Mark Pentergrast, Martin Luther King, Mary Francis, Meister Eckhart, Miller High, Nancy Fichter, Robert Kennedy, Sue Tidwell Paulsen, Sue Tidwell, Dixon Paulsen,

Locations Mentioned:

Afghanistan, Alabama, America, Applewood Drive, Asia, Atlanta, Atlantic, Auburn, Augusta, California, Cambodia, Cedartown, Chastain, Claremont, Clayton, Decatur, Duluth, Earnest, Europe, Fulton, Georgia, Germany, Gwinnett, Hambridge Center, Iraq, Kingdom, Kirkwood, Lake Burton, Louisiana, Lucky Street, Macon, Metropolitan Atlanta, Miss Briarcliff , Mississippi, Monterey Bay, Monterey Peninsula, Monterey, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York State, Newark, Norcross, Peachtree, Peninsula, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Rockmart, South Carolina, South Georgia, South, St. Bartholomew, Thousand Oaks, Valdosta, Vermont, ,

Organizations Mentioned:

Army, Atlantic Division, Auburn, Baptist , Black Power, Board of Education, CDC, Census Bureau, Civil Rights Movement, Colonial Stores, Episcopal Church, Foyer’s Group, Garden Club, Georgia State, Georgia Tech, GRE, Miller High, Moody Air Force, Moody, Navy, NPR, Presbyterian Church of America, Progressive Farmer, Red Power, Social Security, Tech Research Station, UGA, University of Georgia, Valdosta State University, White House, Yankees,

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