Virginia Lancaster Shields, Oral History Interview, 2011

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    Virginia Shields


Oral History Audio Recording for Virginia Lancaster Shields, Athens, Georgia. December 31, 2011. Recorded 12/31/2011 on Olympus Digital Recorder. Interviewed by Catherine Oglesby. “Dimensions of Personal Politics in the Deep South: Georgia Women Review their Lives.” 6 audio files; 05:41:41 complete.


Georgia–History–1865-; Oral history; Politics and culture; Women;

People Mentioned:

Al Goma, Baby Ray, Barack Obama, Baxter Hill, Betsy Powell, Betty Friedan, Carlene Hunter, Danny Boy, David Banner, Dean Tate, Earl Moll, Francis Wallace, Gene Connell, Harris Canady, Jesus, Judy Shaw, Kellog Harris, Mary Kindle, Mary Robinson, Missania Kanady, Roosevelt, Stonewall Jackson, Uncle Sam, Virginia Lancaster-Shields,

Locations Mentioned:

Abington, Al Goma, Alapaha, Arkansas, Asia, Athens, Atlanta, Australia, Berea, Berlin, Biloxi, Blacksburg, Bluefield, Brazil, Bristol, Brooklyn, Buffalo, California, Charleston, China, England, Europe, Florida, Floyd county, Floyd, Fort Montgomery, France, Franklin Turnpike, Franklin, Fredricksburg, Georgia, Germany, Greenwich village, Hampton Sydney, Helen, Hiroshima, Hollandback, Hollenback Camp, Hudson River, Illinois, Ireland, Japan, Kentucky, Madison, Manilla, McLean, Mexico City, Mexico, Michigan, Missania, Mississippi, Nagasaki, New England, New Orleans, New York, North Carolina, Oxford, Pacific, Paris, Pearl Harbor, Pennsylvania, Philippines, Pikeville, Pongee, Potomac, Presbytery, Pulaski, Richmond, Rio, Roanoke, Rock Castle Creek, Sewanee, Shootin Creek, Slate Mountain, Southwest Virginia, St. Simon, Suwanee, United States, Valdosta, Virginia Floyd, Virginia Lancaster, Virginia, Washington D.C., Washington, West Virginia, Western Kentucky, Yalta,

Organizations Mentioned:

Air Force, Army, Athens High School, Brown vs Board of Education, Canady School, Delta, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Philosophy, Emory University, Garanger Hospital, Gulfport Military Academy, Manilla Shack, Military Academy, Navy, New York University, Oxford University, Pikeville College, Pikeville University, Presbyterian , REA, Red Cross, Rural Electric, St. Simon, Stanford, Suwanee , Tennessee Valley Authority, TVA, UGA, University High, University of Chicago, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, University of the South, University Press, VPI, White House, Willoughby House, Military Academy,

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