UA 2-1-1 Powell Papers: 1928
ID Box Number Folder Title Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range
11 2 Powell Papers-1928 3 Richard Holmes Powell, B.D. Purcell (Wayne Co. Superintendent of Schools Most of the correspondence is between Powell and Purcell regarding Purcell's efforts to support local schools. Also included are letters regarding Powell's inclusion in "Men of Georgia," which he declines. Of note is a handwritten letter from Sarah Mackey, a second grader in the training school, thanking Powell for new tables and chairs. Richard Holmes Powell, B.D. Purcell, Men of Georgia, Sarah Mackey, Training School. VSU History, Newspaper Clippings File, J.F. Wood, Bulletins, Faculty Minutes, Pine Branch, Campus Glimpses, Pine Cone Feb. 14-Dec. 15, 1928