UA 2-1-1 Powell Papers: 1932
ID Box Number Folder Title Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range
15 2 Powell Papers-1932 9 Richard Holmes Powell, Richard W. Wallace, W.E.Perry, Edith Patterson Letters to/from various correspondents. Items of note: Rev. Richard Wallace writes from Lynchburg, VA, to see if there might be an opening at SGWC for a friend; W.C. Perry urges Powell to attend a "Russell for Senate" Club meeting (Russell was then-governor); letter from Edith Patterson, SGWC librarian, from "forced vacation" in Blue Ridge, NC; and four page letter ranting about student hazing from unknown author. Richard Holmes Powell, Richard W. Wallace, W.E. Perry, Edith Patterson VSU History, Newspaper Clippings File, J.F. Wood, Bulletins, Faculty Minutes, Pine Branch, Campus Glimpses, Pine Cone Jan. 8-Oct. 25, 1932