UA 2-1-1 Powell Papers: Telegram and Letter
ID Box Number Folder Title Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range
48 4 Telegram from Hopper and Alfred Powell; Letter from Betsy Powell 10 Annie P. Hopper, Alfred Powell, Betsy Powell Western Union telegram from Annie P. Hopper and Alfred Powell to Richard H. Powell, congratulating him on honorary doctorate at University of Georgia, dated June 18, 1924; Betsy Powell letter dated 7/20/1995 to Dr. Shufflebarger, commenting on "Historical Sketch of SGSNC" Richard Holmes Powell, Alfred Powell, Annie P. Hopper, Betsy Powell SU History, Newspaper Clippings File, J.F. Wood, Bulletins, Lawson Jones, Faculty Minutes, Pine Branch, Campus Glimpses, Pine Cone, King & Williams (MS-4) 1924 and 1995