UA 2-1-1 Powell Papers: Training School Crisis
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24 4 Powell Papers-Training School Crisis 8 Richard Holmes Powell, Charles Snelling, Hughes Spalding (Chairman, Board of Regents), Erle Cocke (sec'y/treasurer, BOR] Correspondence deals with "hot issue" of closing the GSWC training school . Letters of note include: 2/6/33--Powell writes Snelling against closing training school; thinks it would "destroy the College." He proposes compromises; 3/31/33-Powell writes Spalding regarding the "hysteria" in town in response to the training school closing--people think the College will close. Also, J.F. Wood thinks closing the training school is a personal effort to get rid of him--he holds the Regents' decision against Powell; and 3/31/33-Powell writes Cocke about the subversive activities of J.F. Wood and E. Camm Campbell, who are spreading rumors about the college closing. Several additional letters are to Regents regarding Campbell's activities. More correspondence on the "Training School Crisis." Powell writes Snelling 5/4/1933 about Campbell's activities (snooping around, starting a petition). Also of note is a letter dated 5/15/1933, in which Powell congratulates Philip Weltner, who was appointed chancellor, and acknowledges that Jere Pound will be taking over as president of GSWC. Other correspondence deals with the sale and disbursement of training school equipment. Richard Holmes Powell, Charles Snelling, Hughes Spalding, Erle Cocke, J.F. Wood, E. Camm Campbell, Board of Regents VSU History, Newspaper Clippings File, J.F. Wood, Bulletins, Faculty Minutes, Pine Branch, Campus Glimpses, Pine Cone and Pound Collection Feb. 6-Apr. 25, 1933