Papers of Janice Daugharty, MS 22

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Box 39

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2 Reproductions of old family photos. 2 sheets. The first is a handwritten letter to "Nanna" from Janice, dated "February 15, Sunday Night. On the same page is a photocopied snapshot of Sallie Smith Staten, Janice Daugharty's grandmother as a girl. The second sheet is a photocopy of a picture labeled John Daniels (cousin of Foch) and Foch Staten (Janice's father). Dated 1935 in front of grandmother's house where Janice was born and lived. 39 1


0 Photos of book signing at Oxford Books. 13 in all, dated 1997. One includes Ann Woolen, the wife of editor Jim Woolen. Most of the pictures include Pauline and Betsy (granddaughters) and Seward (husband). 39 2


0 Photos and clippings. Includes: (1) 5 photos/autograph cards of Janice Daugharty (late '90s) (2) file of black and white and color digitally copied negatives from a lecture series at ABAC, 1995 (?) (3) More black and white digitally copied negatives from Herb Pilcher photography (a note is included from the photographer about the selection) for official pictures (i.e. for book jackets). (4) a black and white snapshot in a small paper sleeve, the back reads "going through the change." (5) an envelope of glamour shots (7 in all). (6) an envelope of 4 snapshots of Janice and Seward Daugharty, note reads "first time meeting my editor Larry Ashmead at Ritz Carlton in Buckhead." dated 1995. (7) random snapshots - Seward Daugharty (1999), Larry Ashmead (1996), John and Vera in Florence, Italy (June-July 1996) (John Domini, Daugharty's NY Times Reviewer, handwritten poem on reverse), Janice and some of her nieces, card from Larry Ashmead of the cat in "Like A Sister," the cat was renamed 'Larry the Cat,' and another snapshot of Larry Ashmead (1998). 39 3


0 photographs. Includes snapshots of Burke's Book Store in Memphis, April 15, 1996, Sandhills event (1995), Oxford book signing event - 29 in all. Some include family (husband - Seward, granddaughters - Pauline and Betsy, and daughter Laura. Also included are handwritten memos from editor Larry Ashmead (dated Dec. 16, 99) and Kathy P???.?. Also, a flyer from the Macon State College honors program (date?). A small card from Patti to Janice. Two sleeves of photos (6 in all). Three of the pictures are of Janice Daugharty at the Stockton,. GA post office mailing her movie contract (for "Dark of the Moon") to Hallmark. The other three include a snapshot of Ms. Daugharty at Sandhills (1995), another of her at Rollins College (April 19, 1997), and of her in her garden with green tomatoes. 39 4
302 VSU First Lady Deserves Applause Joan Bailey Valdosta bookstore 0 Newspaper clipping of an article from the Opinion section of a newspaper (assuming the Valdosta Daily Times). The article is titled "VSU First Lady Deserves Applause." This article recounts a book signing gone wrong that the university president's wife, Joan Bailey, swooped in and rescued. 39 5