Janice Daugharty Collection

Box 4

[Folder 1] (Photographs) Luncheon

[Folder 2]  (Photographs) Landscapes

[Folder 3] (Photographs) Cemetery Pictures

[Folder 4] (Photographs) S. E. B. A.

[Folder 5] (Photographs) Janice and Friends

[Folder 6] (Photographs) An Interview of Janice

[Folder 7] (Photographs) Outdoor shots, River, House, and Cows

[Folder 8] (Photographs) Family Pictures

[Folder 9] (Photographs) Indian River Book Review Club

[Folder 10] (Photographs) Jan. 30, 1999, The Monticello Opera House Reading

[Folder 11] (Photographs) Janice Signings