Papers of Janice Daugharty, MS 22

VSU Archives

Box 42

ID Title Characters Setting Brief Review (Events) Number of pages or number of words Additional information Box # Folder # Date written Date published
318 Staten Bay (trilogy)


0 This folder contains notes for the Staten Bay trilogy. Also includes several emails from Jeffery Putnam (publisher?). 42 1 fall 2000
319 Staten Bay (trilogy)


0 Notes on Staten Bay trilogy - unclear which part. Also, included is a program for the funeral of Frankie Mae "Doll" Levings, Janice Daugharty's aunt who was the model for Little Doll. 42 2 fall 2000
320 Staten Bay (trilogy)


0 handwritten notes for trilogy 42 3 fall 2000
321 Staten Bay 3 (After Doll) Doll, Sarah Ann, Herman, Dean, Mannie, Betty, Statenville, GA, 1977-1998 Begins in chapter 20 of the saga. Manuscript continues telling the story of the lineage of Staten Bay women. Sarah Ann lives with her grandmother, Doll, during the summer, but never wants to leave. Things change as time passes and the pair continue on their life's journey. As Doll reaches the end of her life she passes the land and the secret of the gold to her granddaughter. Sarah Ann's decision is a choice. 184 Each part ends with an older woman passing the legacy of along to living to a younger woman. Also past along the duties of legacy in buried money. Also included in this folder are several added sections. 42 4 fall 2000
322 Staten Bay trilogy


0 Folder contains correspondence regarding the trilogy. Also included is a short story titled "Black Cloud" (first printed in the Denver Quarterly, spring 1998 - 11.5 pages). Included are attempts to see the saga to various publishers. Printed emails and memos included. 42 5

324 Just Doll


0 The Staten Bay trilogy was instead printed as one book, "Just Doll." Folder contains three samples of the book's dust jacket. 42 6

411 Just Doll


0 preprint edition of Just Doll 42 0
April 28, 2004