Papers of Janice Daugharty, MS 22

VSU Archives

Box 45

ID Title Characters Setting Brief Review (Events) Number of pages or number of words Additional information Box # Folder # Date published
337 Cimes Against Nature Big Mama, Roman, Cousin Doug, Mama, Aunt Wannie Mae, Aunt Lovie, Aunt Rosie, Sally, Uncle Bum, cousins Big Mama's House in Swanoochee Co, GA Sally takes her new college boyfriend, Roman, to meet the family at Big Mama's house for Sunday dinner. One of her aunts lets slip that Doug, Sally's cousin, was arrested for "crimes against nature." 0 Note in folder reads: "unpublished - big family - shock when nephew arrested for 'crimes against nature' - knew the inspiration too well - too close - can't publish." 45 1
338 Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Theif June Bug, Elec, Candy Mayday, Echols Co., Georgia Elec, a fifty-two year old cable layer, has been working at Candy and June Bug's house for two weeks. One afternoon June Bug comes home and takes him hostage, he has been robbing convenient stores. The plan is to make Elec drive them to Atlanta, but nothing goes as planned. 19 unpublished short story 45 2
339 Nancy Hogan Correspondence (Two Shades of Morning)


0 Contains correspondence from Nancy Hogan to Janice Daugharty, as well as, memos forwarded to Hogan from various editors and publisher. Books mentioned include "Summer Thunder," "Two Shades of Morning," "Mr. P.C.," "An Imposing Presence," "Shorn Glory," and "Heifer" (later Necessary Lies). Letters in chronological order. 45 3



6 Six handwritten pages of a short story about fox hunting. 45 4
341 Dark of the Moon


0 Folder includes a mock up edition of the novel "Dark of the Moon" with Ms. Daugharty's edits (275 pages). A final copy of the jacket cover. A mock up copy of the jacket cover (inside flaps). A flyer for a meet and greet at Valdosta State University. A folder of correspondence (rejection letters) to Susan Ramer from various publishers and editors, also contains a couple of letters from Ramer to Daugharty. 45 5 March 1994
342 The One That Almost Got Away

An anthology edited by Janice Daugharty. The anthology, "The One That Almost Got Away," is a sampling of previously rejected stories by various successful authors. 0 Includes an idea rejection letter (dated 10 January 1994). The anthology proposal. Folder includes letters from authors as well as their photocopied short stories, the authors and stories include: Madison Smartt Bell with "The Lie Detector", Bobbie Ann Mason with "Big Bertha Stories", Frederick Busch with "Name the Name", Andre Dubus with "Cadence", Larry Brown with "Facing the Music", Clyde Edgerton with "Thatcher", Ray Bradbury with "Ylla", Padgett Powell with "Typical", and Harlan Ellison with "Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes." 45 6
343 Like A Sister


0 Includes only the dust jacket proof for the novel "Like A Sister." 45 7
344 Necessary Lies


0 Includes various forms of propaganda for the novel "Necessary Lies" as well as, several photocopied review, a book signing tour schedule, and official photographs (all in an official Harper Collins portfolio). 45 8
345 Whistle


0 Folder includes first edition paperback of the novel "Whistle" along with a book of the month flyer. 45 9 1998
346 Earl in the Yellow Shirt


0 Folder contains stage/musical adaptation of the novel "Earl in the Yellow Shirt," also included are reviews. 45 10
412 Whistle


0 Chives Sound Library "Whistle" (6 cassettes), read by Harrison Lee 45 0