Papers of Janice Daugharty, MS 22

VSU Archives

Box 47

ID Title Additional information Box # Folder #
348 Southern Women Writers
Ms. Daugharty spoke at a library luncheon, afterwards she donated a generous amount to the library. In return the Daytona library bought a small collection of books by southern women writers in her honor. Folder includes letter and pictures of the collection. 47 1
349 Perspectives Interview
Folder contains a cassette tape, memo, and transcripts of the tape. The tape was an interview of Ms. Daugharty for "Perspectives" magazine, she was interview by Dr. Kelly Whidden and Roy Pace in early 1997. 47 2
350 Chivers Sound Library
The novel "Whistle" was advertised in the Chivers Sound Library, a quarterly publication of audio books (page 6). 47 3
351 Janice Daugharty Regional Identity Festival
Folder contains information pertaining to the Janice Daugharty Regional Identity Festival. Includes three programs, a bibliographer of articles on regional identity, a photocopy of the article "Write Where You Know" by Janice Daugharty, a review of "Going Through The Change" printed 4/8/2004 from an online source, paper signs from the event, the speech Daugharty gave at the 'Tea and Tarts' luncheon. 47 4
352 Joe Cumming
Contains handwritten summaries of Daugharty novel, a photocopy of a review, and a memo/review from/by Joe Cumming. 47 5
353 Online Reviews
Includes two online reviews and a photocopied article about Larry Ashmead (Daugharty's longtime editor at Harper Collins). The online reviews analyze the novel "Like A Sister." They are "Moral Center Embodied in Disparate Characters" by Sally Buckner for (Aug 21, 2000) and "Pass the Collards" by Chris Solomon for (December 19, 1999). 47 6
354 Publicity Folder (1)
Publicity folder (1). Includes flyers and pamphlets for various events, as well as reviews. 47 7
355 Publicity Folder (2)
Publicity folder (2). Includes flyers and pamphlets for various events, as well as reviews. 47 8
356 Newspaper Clippings (1)
Newspaper clippings (1) 47 9
357 Newspaper Clippings (2)
Newspaper clippings (2). 47 10
358 Programs
contains a program for the Lanier County Unit of Georgia Retired Teachers Association 1994-1995 and a ticket stub, dated Nov. 17, 1994 at Motlow College in Tullahoma, TN where Janice Daugharty was the guest speaker. 47 11
359 Certificates
Certificates (dates 1987-89) for short stories, novels, and fiction. Two of the certificates were presented to "Judy Lynn Guess," Daugharty had changed her name on the entry form because she knew one of the judges. 47 12
360 Autobiography A typed autobiography in which Ms. Daugharty discusses the novel "Just Doll" and the unpublished novel "Massacre at Moniac Crossing." 47 13
361 folders mislabeled, no folder 14

47 14
362 Rejection Letters
Contains rejection letters from Daughtary's very early career, dates range from 1984 to 1991. 47 15
363 Personal Correspondence
contains correspondence from an elderly friend living in Tifton. Includes typed as well as handwritten letters, cards, and newspaper clippings. 47 16
364 State University College of Buffalo Correspondence
Correspondence, dated October 1, 1998, from students at the State University College of Buffalo. "Dark of the Moon" was required reading for a women in southern literature class. 47 17
365 Susan Ramer Correspondence
Correspondence from Susan Ramer (early agent) to Daugharty, also correspondence from publishers to Ramer that were forwarded to Daugharty. 47 18
366 Correspondence:  A
alphabetized miscellaneous correspondence. Folder "A" 47 19
367 Correspondence:  B-E
alphabetized miscellaneous correspondence. Folder "B-E" 47 20
368 Correspondence:  F-J
alphabetized miscellaneous correspondence. Folder "F-J" 47 21
369 Correspondence:  K-O
alphabetized miscellaneous correspondence. Folder "K-O" 47 22
370 Correspondence:  P-S
alphabetized miscellaneous correspondence. Folder "P-S" 47 23
371 Correspondence:  T-Z
alphabetized miscellaneous correspondence. Folder "T-Z" 47 24
372 Miscellaneous Correspondence
Miscellaneous correspondence (includes letters, cards, etc.) 47 25
373 Emails
miscellaneous correspondence (1), mostly emails, also includes a postcard from granddaughter Pauline. 47 26
374 Miscellaneous Correspondence
miscellaneous correspondence (2). Lots of postcards, letters, cards, etc. 47 27
375 Larry Ashmead Correspondence
Letters and other correspondence from Larry Ashmead, Daugharty's editor and friend. Also includes reviews and articles he sent her. 47 28
Old red 3-ring binder. This is a special notebook Ms. Daugharty kept to jot down ideas and begin her stories. 47 0