Janice Daugharty Collection

Box  5

[Folder 1] The Last Pauper

[Folder 2] Tippy and the Preacher

[Folder 3] The Witness

[Folder 4] Along A Wide River

[Folder 5] Wrong Season Similar story different title Bo Peep and Rambo

[Folder 6] When You Whistle

[Folder 7] Can’tNever Could Another title: What Was the Hardest Earned (or Most Valuable) Lesson of Your Childhood

[Folder 8] In a Car Going No Where Original Title – Moon by Day On an Inchworm to the Moon

[Folder 9] Places as Character and Plot Pivot

[Folder 10] The Writer Southern Book Store Aka The Writing Life

[Folder 11] Prescription for Getting Published

[Folder 12] This Time Next Year (TTNY) Aka Little Big Girls (LBG)

[Folder 13] The First Nudist

[Folder 14] Armageddon

[Folder 15] No title- short story

[Folder 16] The New Nigger

[Folder 17] Sandbury Lock

[Folder 18] Independence Day

[Folder 19] Sudden Money

[Folder 20] Little Nigger

[Folder 21] Patio

[Folder 22] Rural Route 2, Box 225

[Folder 23] Ashes

[Folder 24] Tobacco Season

[Folder 25] Mr. T. B.

[Folder 26] Party Line