Janice Daugharty Collection

Box 6

[Folder 1] Shorn Glory (video)

[Folder 2] The Reaping Years

[Folder 3] Survived by Muffin

[Folder 4] Mr. Wess and Stainless Steel Cookware Party

[Folder 5] Mama

[Folder 6] Great Gulf

[Folder 7] End of Road

[Folder 8] Story about Lola

[Folder 9] Going Home

[Folder 10] Before the Grasshopper Became A Burden

[Folder 11] Robbing Honey

[Folder 12] A Game of Marbles

[Folder 13] Big Meeting

[Folder 14] Tobacco Dinner

[Folder 15] New House

[Folder 16] Poem’s –Quiet, Indispensable, Nuances of a Georgia Spring, Originality, Words, Now and Then, Deer, A Walkers Perspective, A Total State of Grace, A Wreath of Black, Just A Thought

[Folder 17] Sunday Evening/ A Man Like You

[Folder 18] Extra

[Folder 19] Beck and Barn

[Folder 20] Minnie and Her Gun

[Folder 21] Brittany

[Folder 22] Owl Hammock