Papers of Janice Daugharty, MS-22

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ID Title Characters Setting Brief Review (Events) Number of pages or number of words Additional information Box # Folder # Date published
185 Like A Sister Sheba
Sowell, GA deep south where Georgia borders Florida It is 1956, and thirteen-year-old Sister must raise her three siblings on her own, as her mother, Marnie, has a new boyfriend who just isn't interested in kids. Taking charge of her life, Sister befriends a kindly neighbor named Willa, who appears to be everything a mother should be. But when a respected and powerful man in town notices that Sister is blossoming unsupervised into quite a young woman, trouble starts to brew. Willa soon steps in to intervene, and Sister thinks she may have found salvation. 192 Like A Sister-Edited typed manuscript-blue pen marks 30 2 1999