Vital Records Index of the Valdosta Daily Times

The Valdosta Daily Times Vital Records Index is a record of birth announcements, death notices/obituaries, engagement announcements, and wedding announcements found in the Valdosta Daily Times from 1868-2010. Currently, our volunteers are adding material each semester to bring the index up through the present.

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Gendex is a genealogical index of death records for the Valdosta Daily Times from the years 1868-1988. It was originally created by Valdosta's South Georgia Regional Library in print form. The VSU Archives have now digitized this invaluable resource and made it searchable online.

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Odum Library at Valdosta State University has all of the Valdosta Daily Times on microfilm. We have areas set up exclusively for visitors interested in browsing our large newspaper microfilm selections. Spend an hour or days browsing these historic newspapers and glimpse into the past. You can easily digitize or print anything you find.

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If visiting isn't possible, we at the Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections would be happy to scan an article and email you a copy, free of charge. Contact us at with the relevant information from your search.