Leona Hudson Collection Timeline

The timeline below highlights important events in the lives of Leona Hudson and her family.


Important Names and Abbreviations of Correspondents:
WAH--William Alexander Hudson
RMH--Rosaline McCann Hudson
RHS--Rosa Hill Strickland
ALH--Annie Lee Hill
WHH--Waddy Hampton Hudson
WRS--William Robert Strickland
WTH--Wilton Tyler Hudson
MCH—Maude Chapin Hudson
CMH—Coline Monroe Hudson
ILHI—Ida Lee Hill Irvin
DWH or DH-- Dugald Walker Hudson
LRS or LSH or LH—Leona Roberts Strickland, or Leona Strickland Hudson
AHI or AIP -- Anne Hill Irvin or Anne Irvin Prince

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This timeline was compiled by Dr. Catherine Ogelsby, Professor of History, Valdosta State University