Building Architecture:

Powell Hall and Library

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Number: uvw0233

Title: Powell Hall

Notes: Powell Hall was constructed in 1940. It was dedicated by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt in 1941 as Georgia State Women's College Library and officially named for Richard Holmes Powell in 1947

Number: uvw0234

Title: Powell Hall

Notes: The Entrance to the Lobby

Number: uvw0235

Title: Powell Hall

Notes: The Doors of the Library

Number: uvw0236

Title: Powell Hall

Notes: The Main Reading Room Leading into the Lobby

Number: uvw0237

Title: Powell Hall

Notes: Outdoor Reading Room

Number: uvw0238

Title: Powell Hall

Notes: Powell Hall now houses the Offices of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Financial Aid, and the Office of Student Development which has facilities for counseling, career guidance, and testing

Number: uvw0239

Title: Odum Library

Notes: VSC Library moved to new building in 1972. In 1990, the Board of Regents named the Library in honor of Gertrude Gilmer Odum, Professor Emerita of English. The Library is designed to facilitate research and study with open stacks and conti nuously available assistance from reference librarians