1965 Pinecone Index

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Page 1 - cover page, front of school, Valdosta State College, Valdosta, Georgia, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 2 - table of contents, features, activities, greeks, organizations, athletics, administration, classes, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 3 - picture, "A School of Many Parts," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 4 - three men on step picture, male student eating picture, woman sitting in polka dotted dress picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 5 - smiling man and woman picture, man and female student sitting picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 6 - male student sleeping on books picture, man in water with skis picture, three students outside Sam Lazarus Hall picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 7 -  women opening letters picture, dance with balloons picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 8 - picture of Library, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 9 - picture of Library, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 10 - customer buying hat picture, man eating ice cream picture, girl looking away picture, female talking to male picture, man in glasses picture, man drinking picture, girl smiling, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 11 - man touching his mouth picture, basketball goal picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 12 - man sitting with broom picture, unpacked dorm room picture, telling a secret picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 13 - shadow in doorway picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 14 - leaf picture, tree and building picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 15 - building picture, West Hall dome picture, West Hall entrance picture, tree picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 16 - five beauties picture, two musicians picture, basketball player picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 17 - four girls around parking sign picture, man asleep in chair picture, girl in formal dress picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 18 - Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Strom Thurmond, Herman Talmadge, Carl Sanders, Ronnie Davis, Warren Wolfe, two men picture, rally picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 19 - Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson speaking picture, students waiting picture, two men shaking hands picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 20 - back of a couple big picture, back of couple small picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 21 - man and woman in doorway picture, couple against the wall picture, cheerleader and date walking away picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 22 - inside library picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 23 - laying girl studying picture, back of girl sitting with book picture, man writing picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 24 - inside chapel picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 25 - flag pole picture, cross picture, man with head down picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 26 - summary of annual, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 27 - aerial campus picture, "From Many Parts Emerge The Whole," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 28 - Features, Ellen Taylor, Miss Valdosta, Miss Georgia Pageant, picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 29 - picture of Ellen Taylor, Miss Valdosta, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 30 - Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1964-1965, pin picture, Sonny Akins picture, Dave Barrow picture, Jim Buie picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 31 - Who's Who Among Students in America Universities and Colleges 1964-1965, Laurice Coan picture, Faye Davis picture, Donnie Conley picture, Linda Kay Davis picture, Florence Darnell picture, Diane Fields picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 32 - Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 1964-1965, George Folsom picture, Sylvia Griffin picture, Carol Jolley picture, Delores Lashley picture, Irene McMillian picture, Grady Mills picture, Tom Milner picture, Juanita Norsworthy picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 33 - Who's Who Among Students in America Universities and Colleges 1964-1965, Jimmy O'Neal picture, Sandra Sessions picture, Gary Sirmons picture, Jane Standland picture, Janet Thompson picture, Bruce Varnado picture, Charles Wilkes picture, Lorane Atwell Williams, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 34 - Marga and Mac, Best All Around Senior College, Sandra Sessions, Jim Buie, Kappa Delta Sorority, Alpha Chi honor society, SGA, Who's Who, Baptist Student Union, Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha Chi, two pictures, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 35 - Marga and Mac, Best All Around Junior College, Susan Lueck, Tex Bentley, Sigma Alpha Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Miss Pine Cone Court, Pi Kappa Phi, SGA, Campus Canopy, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 36 - Miss Pine Cone, Mr. James Franciscus, "Mr. Novak," Miss Laura Hobbs, Faye Davis, Andrea Hobbs, Susan Loeck, Suzanne Shultz, James Franciscus picture, Laura Hobbs picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 37 - Faye Davis picture, Susan Loeck picture, Andrea Hobbs picture, Suzanne Schultz picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 38 - Miss TKE Calendar Girl, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Miss Andy Shenton, picture, Alpha Delta Sorority, picture, Lyn Edwards, Barbara Talley, Linda Dean, Glenda Gunter, Patsy Garvin, Laura Hobbs, Andy Shenton, Laura Resch, Andrea Hobbs, Nancy Purtle, Roberta Bryce, Latrell Pitts, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 39 - Greek God, Greek Goddess, Ruth Ann Roddey, Jimbo Smith, Kappa Delta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, picture "Ruth Ann Roddey and Jimbo Smith reign as Greek God and Goddess for 1965," picture "Ruth Ann is also Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart," picture "Jimbo serves as president of the Wesley Foundation and the Circle K," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 40 - Miss VSC, Pi Kappa Phi, Miss Cindy Sessions, Brenda Smith, Alpha Xi Delta, picture of Cindy Sessions and Brenda Smith, picture of court, Latrelle Pitts, Angie Jarrett, Cindy Sessions, Carole Williamson, Pam Smith, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 41 - Mr. and Miss VSC Spirit, picture "Rebels all the cotton pickin' time," Gail Bazemore, TKE, ADPi, Homecoming Queen, picture of Gail by bonfire, Mike Fletcher, Sigma Phi Epsilon, picture of Mike screaming, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 42 - Best Dressed at VSC, Campus Canopy, Pine Cone, Glamour, Laura Hobbs, picture, Peachy Daniel picture, Lucille Dawson picture, Sandra Fletcher picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 43 - Best Dressed at VSC, Elaine Freeman picture, Peggy Herring picture, Andrea Hobbs picture, Margaret Anne Parsons picture, Latrelle Pitts picture, Sandra Sessions picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 44 - Homecoming Queen, Homecoming Court, "Hollywood at VSC," Angie Jarrett, picture, "Angie Jarrett, Homecoming Queen, is crowned by Gail Bazemore, Queen of 1964," picture, TKE sponsor, WAA, Assistant Treasurer, Kappa Delta Sorority, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 45 - Homecoming Court, Gail Bazemore picture, Jo Bryan picture, Ruth Ann Roddey picture, Ellen Taylor picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 46 - title page, Activities, man behind counter picture, girl checking mail picture, group in booth picture, people sitting at bar picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 47 - picture of restaurant, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 48 - VSC Registration, man behind table picture, woman behind table picture, girl with card picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 49 - VSC Registration, elderly couple picture, campus license fee table picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 50 - President's Reception, dance picture, two women serving punch picture, woman feeding a cat picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 51 - President's Reception, dance hall picture, women chatting picture, man and two women talking picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 52 - The Wanderers Three, SGA, concert, John James, Tim Evans, Earny Mills, picture of The Wanderers Three, performance picture, picture "the informal dance sponsored by the SGA was held in the gym with 'The Continentals' playing," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 53 - "The Rape of the Belt," comedy, play, Benn W. Levy, director and actors picture, actress picture, two actresses on stage picture, actor speaking to actress picture, cast picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 54 - Greek Week, Patty Clark, Archie Smith, picture, "Representatives of the three frats compete in a foot race," picture, "sisters recuperate after the three-legged race," picture, "Patty Clark presents TKE President with the award for over-all Greek Week winner," picture, "Participants bite the dust while rolling eggs," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 55 - Greek Week, the Songfest, the Olympics, Greek God, Greek Goddess, Pound Hall, picture, 'The Thirteen Original Screaming Niggers' played for the Greek Week dance held at the Country Club," picture, "Sweet Nothings!," picture, "Goodnight, Irene," picture, "Now Tommy - this isn't the time to crack a funny!," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 56 - Firelighting, Hanging of the Greens, Y.W.C.A., picture of firelighting, group picture around fireplace, two women with candlesticks picture, women with candles picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 57 - Religious Emphasis Week, "Faith in Conflict," Dr. Carlyle Marney, Dr. Doug Turley, head chaplain at Milledgeville State Hospital, , picture of Dr. Carlyle Marney, picture small group discussion, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 58 - 1965 Miss Pine Cone Court, Holly Hop, President Thaxton, Dean Ogletree, Andrea Hobbs, Faye Davis, Laura Hobbs, Carol Ann rainwater, Susan Leuck, Suzanne Schultz, picture of court, picture of dance, picture of Chaperones, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 59 - Holly Hop, annual Christmas dance, SGA, Pine Cone, James Franciscus, picture of band and dance, kiss under the Christmas kissing ball picture, the court and escorts picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 60 - Johnny Cash, SGA, Miss June Carter, the Statler Brothers, the Tennessee Three, picture of Johnny Cash and June Carter, picture of Johnny Cash playing guitar, full stage picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 61 - Peace Corps Center, Miss Elsie Normandy, Peru, picture of Normandy speaking to students, picture of Normandy showing brochures, Senior Day, picture of group of students, 1965 Pinecone annual, volume 31

Page 62 - Homecoming, picture, "gone with the wind," Circle Kay Club, picture, "the ten commandments," BSU, best dormitory display, Converse Hall, "Tea House of August Moon," picture, Most Appropriate, Tau Kappa Epsilon, "MGM Lion," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 63 - Homecomeing, Most Beautiful, Alpha Delta Pi, "Three Coins in a Fountain," picture, Most Original, Sigma Phi Epsilon, "Frankenstein," picture, Reade Hilton, picture, President's Award, Kappa Delta, "Disneyland," picture, "Mr. Novak at VSC," picture, Education club, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 64 - Homecoming dance, Homecoming queen, Angie Jarrett, Gail Bazemore, Homecoming court picture, the crowning of the queen picture, two women and a man at the dance picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 65 - Homecoming dance, The Chiffons, band and crowd picture, two couples dancing picture, band facing the crowd picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 66 - Greeks, title page, four column pictures, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 67 - full page column picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 68 - Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Theta Chapter, Panhellenic Scholarship Award, white, blue, violet, pin picture, members, Anne Timmons, Joy Roberson, Patricia Puckett, Kay Powell, recording sectratary, Gail Bazemore, vice president, Mabel Shirling, president, Elaine Freeman, treasurer, Dianne McDaniel, corresponding secretary, Carol Jolley, Patricia Wilson, Cheryl Metts, Harriette Hilliard, Carole Williams, Lynn Glasgow, Judy Pearson, Carol Ann Rainwater, Margaret Smith, Brenda Smith, Jesslyn Garbutt, Susan White, Andi Shenton, K. K. McAllister, Jane Daniel, Lou McLoed, Laura Hobbs, Margaret Parsons, Diane Thielemann, Sara Sue Barineau, Lucille Dawson, Alwyn Hamill, Barbara Talley, Beverly Gleason, Mary Frank Powell, Sheila McCoy, Carol Alford, Jo Ann Cason, Linda Cayce, Mary Smith, Latrelle Pitts, Lyn Edwards, Beverly Nichols, Gail Hutchinson, Nancy turner, Kay Talley, Starr Howell, Ju Ju Hutchinson, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 69 - Alpha Delta Pi, picture, "1964 Pledge Class with the ADPi 'King of Diamonds' Jimmy O'Neal," picture, "Mabel presents Carol Jolley with the 'Most Outstanding Sister' award," picture, "All for the ADPi's stand up and holler," picture, "ADPi's take first place in the Greek Week songfest," 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 70 - Alpha Xi Delta, Gamma Xi Chapter, blue, gold, Killarney Rose, pin picture, members, Patsy Bulloch, Dodie Lashley, Sandra Riggins, recording secretary, Cindy Sessions, vice president, Angela Bush, president, Norma Williams, treasurer, Glenda Gunter, corresponding secretary, Judy Postell, Jackie Jenkins, Chubbie Barefoot, Judy Wade, Irene McMillan, Yvonne Brown, Anne Stinson, Brenda Underwood, Sandra Buchanan, D. J. Busby, Ellen Taylor, Linda Deen, Marcia Turner, Judy Kear, Sandra Kessler, Bobbi Minnick, Vickie Dixon, Bonnie Powell, Cecelia Prescott, Ann Rushton, Ann Cook, Kathryn Hansen, Laura Gibson, Rebecca Higgison, Judy Garrison, Gail Pinkston, Patricia Ribelin, Nancy Gambill, Marsha Barnes, Mary Mason, Dorothy Riggins, Patsy Ethridge, Ann Elkins, Patricia Scarborough, Connie Champion, Ginny Lane, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 71 - Alpha Xi Delta, songfest at Greek Week picture, picture, "Cindy and Jackie entertain during RUSH," picture, "the Alpha Xi's annual mother-daughter tea," picture of Connie Champion, president of the pledge class, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 72 - Kappa Delta, Gamma Mu Chapter, green, white, :Slave Day," White Rose Ball, pin picture, Loudelle Laws, Patricia Clark, Cheryl Barton, Sandra Fletcher, Sara Cloud, Kate Culpepper, Linda Key, Sandra Babcock, Carol Gilson, editor, Marion Craven, treasurer, Jo Bryan, vice president, Sandra Sessions, president, Lee Daniel, secratary, Angeline Jarrett, assistant treasurer, Kitty Thrash, membership chairman, Pat Miller, Jean Vance, Dorothy Mears, Jane Crabtree, Jo Hodges, Dietra Spooner, Ricki Cox, Ellen Adair, Nancy Smith, Midlred McLane, Ann Carroll, Carol Ann Cannon, Catherine Daugharty, Ruth Ann Roddey, Laura Resch, Nancy Purtle, Roberta Bryce, Susanne Evans, Martha Johnson, Jackie Jackson, Bunny Bridges, Peggy Taylor, Earle Mathis, Mary Sue Schroeder, Susan Richardson, Jean Powll, Janice Craven, Brenda Clay, Janet Jenkins, Bette Ford, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 73 - Kappa Delta, Jimbo Smith, KD dream guy, picture of Jimbo Smith, Susan Richardson, president of the pledge class, Dorothy Mears, "outstanding sister" award, picture of outstanding sister award, picture of songfest, Greek Week, Jo Bryan, Jean Powell, "most outstanding pledge" award picture, Bunny Bridges, Brenda Hankinson, highest pledge scholarship award picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 74 - Panhellenic Council, panhellenic officers picture, Margaret Ann Parsons, ADPi, secretary, Carol Ann Rainwater, ADPi, Patty Clark, KD, president, Jo Bryan, KD, treasurer, Patsy Bullock, Alpha Xi, Sandra Riggins, Alpha Xi, Bobby Pierce, TKE songfest award picture, pledges at Panhellenic Pledge Party picture, Miss Ogletree, advisor, Sandra Sassions, picture, "the entertainers six" picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 75 - Interfraternity Council, Carl Odom, Pi Kap, president, Dave Barrow, Pi Kap, Davis Lloyd, Sigma Ep, Ronnie Davis, Pi Kap, Bruce Varnado, Sig Ep, Delle Hughes, TKE, Dane Burke, Sig Ep, Jimmy Burroughs, TKE, Jimbo Smith, TKE, officers on stairwell picture, Mabel Shifling, ADPi President, Songfest Award picture, tug of war during Greek Week picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 76 - Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Tau chapter, Miss VSC contest, Man of the Year, Most Valuable Player, sponsors picture, Genie Rogers, Gail Thomas Andrews, Gail Allen, Elaine Freeman, Ricky Cox, Cindy Sessions, Alwyn Hamill, Glenda Gunter, Sandra Babcock, members, Joe Williams, James N. Carlisle, Robert W. Wolfe, Davis C. Barrow, pledge treasurer, Tex Bentley, chaplain, Ken S. Holloway, treasurer, R. Carl Odom, president, Ronnie Davis, secretary, Charles P. Adams, historian, F. Wayne Matthews, Robert B. Vollotton, Ralph Williams, M. Larry Cowart, Nelson B. Conger, Emmett E. Martin, Larry R. Lang, James R. Grant, Max D. Lovett, Richie G. Koger, Jerry W. Pilcher, Sanford J. Murray, Larry W. Crow, William E. Chapman, Jack Bridges, Thomas G. Ledford, Lester L. Bennett, Larry E. Funderburk, John L. Hall, Philip L. Adams, G. Earl Spell, Ronald E. Thomas, F. Barry Weatherly, Chip A. Sturchio, Kapp the dog, Charles T. Bolton, Charles L. Keene, Winston Robinson, Joe C. Pittman, Eugene H. Gulledge, Tommy R. Tillman, Jerry L. Connell, Frank V. Blaschke, Michael J. Martin, Samuel E. Revill, Jim E. Tyson, Ronald B. Galloway, Richard L. Bland, Gary M. Coleman, William J. Hires, W. Oliver Lindell, Robert G. Chapman, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 77 - Pi Kappa Phi, Song Fest picture, University of Florida Rose Queen picture, pledges playing at UGA picture, Miss VSC stage picture, South Pacific, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 78 - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Georgia Gamma Chapter, VSC directory, National Heart Fund, sponsors, picture, Nancy Tyson, Margaret Ann Smith, Jane Daniel, Norma Williams, sweetheart, Susan Leuck, Judy Wells, Chubbie Barefoot, Nancy Smith, Janet thompson, Alice Collins, Susan White, members, Philip J. Seyfried Jr., Sammy F. Webb, William S. Moorman, Jabe S. Mars, Richard Moorehead, L. Wayne Futch, James G. Butler, Rodney C. Bierman, Donnie W. Conley, James G. O'Neal, Chris S. Clark, L. Inman Grimsley, Bruce N. Varnado, Charles L. Guess, Robert A. Jones III, William H. Bridges, secretary, Davis E. Lloyd, vice president, George D. Burke, president, L. Phil Reames, treasurer, William J. Chanclor, recorder, Thomas L. Anderson, Warren F. Isham, John F. Register, Robert L. Stump, James A. George, Wayne J. Deavours, Randy H. Bannister, William H. Rivenbark, William F. Spillers, Robert R. Overmier, Phil J. Crowe, Ernie J. Yates, Vernon H. Harris, Jesse M. Fletcher, David W. Henry, Walter D. Zant, Russell H. Clark, John R. O'Neal, Charles R. Chitwood, John A. Jones, Tommy L. David, Henry Bentley, Johnny C. Dismuke, Jerry R. Bentley, E. Wayne Pearson, Dr. Clyde Connell, Norma Williams, Mr. Gary Bass, James A. Robinson Jr., Alan T. Powell, William T. Wright, William D. McCranie, Jamie A. Freeman, Eddy Fletcher, Donald F. Reames, Dicky R. Reynolds, William R. Mullis, I. Lamar Thompson, James L. Herndon, John A. Sims, Causey Mason, Bill Langdale, Val H. Walden, Bruce T. Buie, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 79 - Sigma Phi Epsilon, Song Fest picture, brothers at Alpha Xi Delta dessert picture, couple kissing picture, dance circle picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 80 - Tau Kappa Epsilon, Zeta Nu Chapter, Mr. and Miss VSC Talent, Calender Girl contest, Red Carnation Ball, Ruth Ann Roddey, TKE Sweetheart, Charles A. Powell, W. Dan Wall, Jr., Michael D. Rueblin, F. Marty Boatright, James E. Sellers, Douglas G. Murray, H. Artie Plowden Jr., Art R. Baker, Philip M. Marney, F. Crayman Shearin, sgt. at arms, Bobby L. Pierce, chaplain, Earl G. Williams, secretary, Jerome N. Blanton, vice president, Archie C. Smith, president, James R. Burroughs, treasurer, Jake A. Rocker, pledge trainer, A. Delle Hughes, historian, Edgar B. Greene, D. Neal Johns, James R. Smith, Jim I. Lane, M. Tracy Johnson, Roger N. Roberts, D. Eugene Wilder, David G. Harrison, George M. Saliba, Murray C. Harrell, Darrell P. Smithwick, Ruth Ann Roddey, George C. Podein, Jr., Bob W. Jackson, Paul A. Prante, Tom J. Flemming, W. Jimmy Hewett, Ronnie W. Smith, Ronald R. Davis, David F. Southall, David L. Devane, Daniel R. Wimpey, T. Jerry Sellers, Charles C. Bullock Jr., J. Larry Blanton, George W. Steed, Tim J. Sanders, Billy Seymour, Quinton Grubbs Jr., T. Larry Dowling, Steven A. Parker, Joseph R. Hegge, James Schrock, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 81 - Tau Kappa Epsilon, sponsors, picture, Roberta Bryce, Cheryl Cormany, Carolyn Reagan, Ruth Ann Roddey, Judy Kear, Vicki Sullins, Jenny Karn, Cheryl Black, Lynn Crockett, Linda Bridges, Angie Jarrett, Gail Bazemore, Linda Bruce, Cecilia Prescott, Mary Ann Hutchens, Ellen Adair, Anita Purvis, Vann Coleman, Marion Craven, Carol Foster, Gwen Hart, Lou Ann McLeod, Joy Golding, picture of Archie Smith, party picture, Song Fest picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 82 - title page, Organizations, picture of students walking into a house, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 83 - full page picture of students walking into house, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 84 - Student Government Association, officers picture, Tex Bentley, treasurer, Carol Ann Cannon, secretary, Jimbo Smith, vice president, Laurice Coan, president, representatives picture, Ellen Taylor, girl's town representative, Jo Bryan, dorm representative, Jusy Postell, senior representative, Chubbie Barefoot, junior representative, Becky Higginson, freshman representative, Elaine Freeman, sophomore representative, Bill Chapman, sophomore representative, Tommy Anderson, junior representative, Val Walden, freshman representative, Sammy Webb, town representative, Ronald Thomas, dorm representative, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 41

Page 85 - Student Government Association, Laurice Coan picture, Dr. Louie Sosebee, Dean of Students, advisor, Dr. Sosebee picture, The Wanderers Three, picture of The Wanderes Three and two representatives, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 86 - Campus Canopy, Mrs. Adams, advisor, Lee Hobbs, editor, picture of Adams and Hobbs, Delores Lashley, Society Editor, Glenda Gunter, Greek Editor, picture of LAshley and Gunter, Sandra Kessler, Shelia McCoy, reporters, Irene McMillian, Layout Editor, picture of Kessler, McCoy, and McMillian, classroom picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 87 - Campus Canopy, Frankie Coan, Business Manager, Molly Huckaby, Assistant Business Manager, picture of Coan and Huckaby, Gary Starrett, reporter, Tex Bentley, Assistant Sports Editor, picture of Starrett and Bentley, Chris Connell, Kay Powell, Associate Editors, picture of Hobbs, Connell, and Powell, Judy Postell, Marsha Barnes, typists, Douglas Hodges, Murray, Harrell, photographers, picture of Postell, Barnes, Hodges, and Harrell, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 88 - The Pine Cone, Eddie Vickers, Associate Editor, Mrs. Bette Adams, Advisor, Margaret Ann Parsons, Associate Editor, Carol Jolley, Editor, picture, sports and organization staff picture, Herbert Burrell, Larry Manning, Janet Thompson, Alwyn Hamill, Administration and Calsses staff picture, Kenneth Hollingsworth, Earl Griffin, Juanita Norsworthy, Kay Sands, Kathy Hansen, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 89 - The Pine Cone, Business Manager and staff picture, Lanier Norman, Patricia Rieblin, Ginny Lane, Ann Thomas, Introduction staff picture, Glenda Gunter, Diane Snell, photographers, Douglas Hodges, Oliver Lindell, features and activities staff picture, Martha Johnson, David Smith, Dorothy Mears, Kay Geeslin, Shirley Priest, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 90 - Women's Residence House Council, staff picture, Sylvia Griffin, Vice-President, Carolyn Woods, President, Jo Bryan, SGA Rep, Miss Ogletree, Advisor, Yvonne Brown, Secretary, Ashely Hall staff picture, Eileen Carter, Dorm President, Mrs. Quillian, House Director, Janet Thompson, Sandra Buchannan, Mary Ann Nevels, Patsy Bullock, Patricia Butler, Converse Hall staff picture, Mrs. Stewart, House Director, Meerrie Thigpen, Dorm President, June Allen, Jean Garbard, Diane Jones, Reade Hall staff picture, Elaine Noble, Elaine Freeman, Dorm President, Ida Conoway, Joy Lane, Mrs. Hutchinson, House Director, Gail Pinkston, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 91 - Young Women's Christian Association, Hanging-of-the-Greens, Firelighting Service, firelighting picture, members picture, Judy Anderson, Chaplain, Louise Hill, Reporter, Jane Daniel, Vice President, Linda Kay Davis, President, Dot McLendon, Associate Vice President, Emelynn Carlisle, Secretary, Mrs. Hutchinson, Advisor, Pat Butler, Liz Curles, Wilda Maxwell, Brenda Kincaid, Ann Stinson, Diane Fields, Mary Frank Powell, Ginny Lane, Addie Collins, Pat Miller, Janet Thompson, Patricia Ribelin, Karen Siljeholm, Linda Simpson, Jackie Clark, Jo Ann Cason, Diane Trawick, Susan Timmons, 1965 Pinecone Annual,. volume 31

Page 92 - Student Religious Council, Religious Emphasis Week, Vesper services, members picture, Addie Collins, Young Women's Christian Association, Kay Davis, YWCA, Carol Foster, President, BSU Representative, Anita Purvis, Wesley Foundation, Jim Buie, Baptist Student Union, Mr. Dart, Advisor, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 93 - Newman Club, Catholic, members picture, Ursula Sinz, Jackie Jenkins, Phil Seyfried, President, Richard Myler, Pat Brannen, Suzie James, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 94 - Baptist Student Union, choir picture, missions picture, out for service picture, fellowship picture, noonday picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 95 - Westminster Fellowship, Presbyterian Church, members picture, Rev. W. G. Hollyfield, advisotr, Ann Thomas, John Baugh, President, Sandra Babcock, Ruth Carmen, Delores Lashley, Judy Lester, Susan Lueck, Chubbie Barefoot, Jim Butler, Hugh Mitchell, Neil Bullock, Phil Wertz, Bill Rivenbark, Alice Collins, Ann Stinson, Marilyn King, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 96 - Wesley Foundation, Methodist Church, coffee and donuts picture, seminar groups picture, Wesley Foundation choir picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 97 - Collegiate Christian Association, Church of Christ, Gary Colson, members picture, Nancy Dasher, Murlene Walker, Drewnell Thomas, Linda Butler, Norvell Spearman, Frances Jones, Carole Williamson, Ashely Donahue, Johnny Ray, Sammy Webb, Darrell Smithwick, President, Lindy Evans, Eichard Jonas, George Podein, Ray Peters, Jerome Blanton, Larry Jonas, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 98 - Serenaders, Glee Club, member uniform picture, Mrs. Lavan Robinson, advisor, Mary Duncan, Gail Fox, Bunny Bridges, Shirley Brown, Marda Huggins, Mary Ellen O'Quinn, Linda Bruce, Joe Allen, Jack Murray, Jerry Pilcher, Larry Adams, Neil Bell, Hal Ratcliff, John Baugh, Mr. Lavan Robinson, advisor, member picture, Shirley Brown, Gail Fox, Jeanette Mathis, Mary Duncan, Millie McLane, Carol Bledsoe, Elaine Freeman, Linda Bruce, Pat Butler, Marian Craven, Bunny Bridges, Mary O'Cain, Mrs. Robinson, Dale Geer, Marda Huggins, Mary Ellen O'Quinn, Krysia Kirbo, Wilda Maxwell, Patsy Anderson, Niel Bell, Mr. Robinson, Jerry Pilcher, Jack Murray, Larry Adams, Gerald Chapman, Gerald Boyd, Rick Tyson, Charles O'Cain, Jimmy Boyle, Bill Gable, John Baugh, Terry Carter, Joseph Burch, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 99 - Circle "K," Hootenanny, Honor's Day, members picture, Gary Simmons, Charles Wilkes, Jo Bryan, Sweetheart, Jimbo Smith, President, Tommy Anderson, Mr. Robinson, Advisor, Darrell Smithwick, Eddie Vickers, George Barney, Kenneth Glass, Kimsey Helms, Gary Starrett, Gene Greneker, Lanier Norman, recycling picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 100 -  Sigma Alpha Chi, Marga, Mac, officer picture, Sandra Sessions, Vice President, Faye Milner, President, Delores Lashley, Secretary, Mrs. McKey, Advisor, members picture, Gail Fountain, Patricia Ritch, Ellen Adair, Claire Owens, Susan Leuck, Susan Leonard, Bill Sapp, Bob Lane, Margaret Ann Smith, Irene McMillian, Annetta Copeland, Serena Owens, Donald Nickerson, Dick Marsh, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 101 - Alpha Chi, national Honor Society, Georgia Alpha chapter, member picture, Susan Leonard, Knoxene Butterfield, Sandra Hawkes, Angeline Davidson, Diane Fields, Irene McMillian, Elizabeth Fant Greneker, Florence McMahon, Sandra Sessions, Sylvia Atkinson, Faye Milner, Delores Lashley, Dianne Cowart, Donald Nickerson, Terrell Lott, Bill Sapp, Bob Lane, Jim Buie, Tom Milner, George Folsom, Sonny Akins, members picture, Miss Ann Kirby, advisor, Annetta Copeland, Suzanne Hagan, Pat Butler, Mary Helen Hadden, Pat Ritch, Linda Hewett, Lynn DiMascio, Anne Timmons, Judy Pearsons, Dr. Duvall, advisor, Cheryl Metts, Dot McLendon, Dick Marsh, Dennis Cox, David Atkinson, William Hickey, William Bailey, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 102 - Sociology Club, Lowndes County-Troopville Prison, officers picture, Janet Thompson, vice president, Carol Jolley, secretary-treasurer, Dr. Durrenberger, advisor, Ronnie Davis, president, Neil Bell, Program Chairman, members picture, Walter Altman, Herman Hudson, Paul McNeal, Charles DeVane, Bill Summerford, Mr. Riedel, advisor, Wayne Sanders, Susan Leonard, Sharon Bishop, Gail Fountain, Ann Rushton, Carol Ann Rainwater, Carolyn Wood, Alwyn Hamill, Sandra Sessions, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 103 - Shades of Gray, members picture, Bill Chanclor, Buford Whatley, Gary Starrett, Dick Mangham, Dr. Pepples,  Dr. Laurens, Dr. Gabard, Irene McMillan, Jackie Jenkins, Billy Carter, Mr. Mensing, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 104 - Education Club, members picture, Linda Hickey, Karen Siljeholm, Nancy Tyson, Sandra Buchanan, Chubbie Barefoot, Jane Standland, president, Ruth Ann Roddey, Sandra Hawkes, Naomi Gilliard, Kitty Thrash, Carole Williamson, Laura Hobbs, Linda Tuten, Diane McDaniel, K. K. McAllister, Harriette Hilliard, Emelynn Carlisle, Jackie Jackson, Pat McKey, Mrs. Knight, advisor, Diane Willis, Judy Wade, Jackie Clark, Brenda Smith, Nancy Youngblood, Pat Willis, Jane Crabtree, Ellen Adair, Henrietta Smith, Dietra Spooner, Kate Culpepper, Patsy Sellers, Mabel Shirling, Barbara Talley, Patsy Wilson, Brenda Kincaid, Alice Collins, Pat Puckett, Kay Talley, Lyn Edwards, Jane Allen, Ruth Carmen, Anne Stinson, Mary Anne Nevels, members pictures, Judy Wells, Ginny Wells, Shirley Priest, Nancy Purtle, Jo Ann Cason, Mary Stafford Williams, Maerita Owens, Louise Hill, Serena Owens, Mary Ann Baker, Herbert Burrell, Miss Schild, advisor, Earl Griffin, Kay Sands, Vance Reynolds, Patsy Bullock, Linda Kay Davis, Lynn Crockett, Diane Thielemann, Ann Timmons, Linda Simpson, Mary Helen Hadden, Kenneth Hollingsworth, Kay Gisley, Linda Hewett, Linda Wilkerson, Dot McLendon, Patsy Anderson, Judy Postell, Ann Cook, Dorothy Mears, MArian Craven, Yvonne Powell, Norma Williams, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 105 - Phi Beta Lambda, Business Adminstration, Secretarial Science, members, Miss McKneely, advisor, Faye Fuell, secretary, Larry Lang, vice president, Bill Gillis, treasurer, Mildred Willaims, president, Richard Myler, reporter, Cheryl Cormany, Gayle McWillaims, Johnny Register, Brenda Roberts, Bill Morrison, PAtricia Ritch, Louise Hill, Andy Shenton, Laura Jones, Ralph Corsett, Billy Wade, Pat Weeks, Jane Daniel, Richard Creel, Robert Rehberg, Robert Creel, Bill Sapp, Joe Wiggleworth, Preston Hodges, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 106 - Sock and Buskin club, drama picture, members, Vicki Sullins, Sandra Wheaton, Cheryl Metts, Cindy Sessions, Genie Rogero, Julia Raven, Jon McCranie, Terry Carter, Jerry Dickson, Elaine Snipes, Mr. Rudy, advisor, Mike Jarvis, Larry Hayslip, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 107 - Math Science Club, Mr. Leroy Babcock, advisor, picture, members picture, Charles Wilkes, president, Diane Fields, vice president, Juanita Norsworhty, secretary, Dennis Cox, treasurer, Jackie Jenkins, publicty chairman, Vance Reynolds, Kenneth Hollingsworth, Michael Whittle, Dicky Reynolds, Ronald Mullis, Jim Stevenson, Kimsey Helms, Gary Sirmons, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 108 - Alpha Psi Omega, honorary dramatic fraternity, Rho Epsilon Cast, members, Cindy Sessions, Cheryl Metts, Gale Thomas, Genie Rogero, Mr. John Rudy, advisor, Hoyt Crosby, Jerry Dixon, Joe Williams, Grady Mills, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 109 - Creative Writing Club, members picture, Sandra Hester, Sheila Edwards, Suzanne Evans, Shirley Priest, Gail Hutchinson, Sandy Wheaton, Beth Adams, Elaine Parrish, Mr. Wilkerson, advisor, Scott Cohen, Kay Gillis, Lee Hobbs, Sheila McCoy, Julia Hutchinson, Linda Bruce, James Lineburger, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 110 - Athletics title page, four views of one basketball picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 111 - full page basketball picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 112 - The Valdosta State College Rebels, members, Mike Terry, Ben Bates, Bobby Ritch, Letson Plant, Preston Hodges, Tommy Johnson, Gary Traylor, Ron Fortner, Paul Whiteman, Paul Whiteman, Paul Vick, Tommy McFarland, Bob Lamphier, Dennis Fike, Ray McCully, Tommy Anderson, Coach Gary Colson, Jim Hunt, Bill Gillis, picture of six players, Ben Bates, Tommy McFarland, Tommy Johnson, Preston Hodges, Dennis Fike, Bobby Ritch, Coach Colson, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 113 - basketball, Alabama Christian was defeated by the Rebels to the tune of 87-73 picture, A region game with Piedmont was won 66-60 picture, Valdosta State mauled West Georgia 86-44 picture, History was made as the Rebels push past Oglethorpe College 65-53, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 114 - basketball, Rebels finish off Alabama College 90-51 picture, Berry bows to the more powerful Rebels 84-55 picture, Atlanta's Georgia State falls to Valdosta State 81-61 picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 115 - basketball, Hawks are Rebel bait to the score of 74-63 picture, coach and player picture, Wilmington is stopped in the last two seconds 62-60 picture, Covenant drops a game to VSC 104-45 picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 116 - Homecoming Game, bonfire picture, 17-3 win-loss record, F.S.U, Georgia Southern, Shorter. GIAC Championship, VSC basket picture, basket agaisnt LaGrange, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 117 - Women's Athletic Association, members picture, Ellen Adair, Ann Carroll, Jane Crabtree, Judy Postell, Gail riggins, Laura Resch, Angela Bush, Sandra Riggins, Dora Jean Busby, Patsy Etheridge, Carol Wood, Glenda Gunter, Yvonne Powell, Ann Cook, Mary Sue Schroder, Sandy Weaton, Jan Craven, Snadra Babcock, Fay Fewell, Nancy Gambill, Sally wicker, Vicky Dixon, Betty Ford, Dodie Lashley, Mrs. Veatch, Susan Richardson, Peggy Taylor, Earle Mathis, Laura Gibson, Pat Scarborough, softball picture, representatives picture, Glenda Gunter, Dodie Lashley, Fay Fewell, Mrs. Veatch, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 118 - four pictures of cheerleaders, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 119 - four pictures of cheerleaders, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 120 - Letterman, cheerleader picture, Lyn Edwards, Andy Shenton, Joannie Cavan, Peachy Daniel, Ellen Taylor, Lucille Dawson, Betty McClenny, Patty Clark, letterman picture, Mike Fletcher, Ron Fortner, Bob Lampier, Lindy Evans, Dennis Fike, Bill Spillers, Paul Weitman, Jim Whiteside, JAck Raley, Tommy Johnson, Bobby Speck, Gary Traylor, Letson Plant, Paul Vick, Jimmy Grant, Earl Willis, Jimmy Burroughs, Robert Creel, Bobby Ritch, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 121 - Georgia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, conference champion picture, Bobby Ritch, Ray McCully, Letson Plant, President Thaxton, VSC vs. Shorter basket picture, Hawks vs. VSC basket picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 122 - Baseball, team picture, Bud Bridges, Robert Creel, Herman Hudson, Lindy Evans, Bobby Speck, Buddy Bush, Dennis Fike, Jim Whiteside, Jack Raley, Ray Peters, Tommy Johnson, Coach Grant, first baseman picture, catcher picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 123 - Baseball, sliding picture, hitting picture, baseball coach picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 124 - Tennis, team picture, Bill Spillers, Jimmy Burroughs, Tommy Anderson, Tom Milner, Earl Willis, Bill Gillis, Coach Colson, tennis swinging picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, olume 31

Page 125 - Tennis, Milner and Gillis practicing picture, wet tennis courts picture, Tommy Anderson picture, number one player, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 126 - Administration title page, four views of one picture of West Hall, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 127 - full page picture of West Hall, 1965 Pincone Annual, volume 31

Page 128 - President, Dr. J. Ralph Thaxton picture, Mrs. J. S. Maddox, secretary, picture of Dr. Thaxton and Mrs. Maddox, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 129 - Deans, Dr. J. A. Durrenberger, Academic Dean, picture, Dr. J. Graham Wall, Dean of Men, picture, Mrs. Copeland, secretary to the Academic Dean, picture, Miss Fredeva Ogletree, Dean of Women, picture, Dr. A. Louise Sosebee, Dean of Students, picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 130 - administration, Mrs. W. M. Thomas, registrar, Mrs. Croom, secretary, picture, Alton Hall, IBM Operator, picture, Mrs. Edwards, Miss Rizer, registrar's office, picture, Mrs. Mary Rogers, nurse, Dr. Robert Stump, physician, Mrs. Daniel Stauffer, nurse, picture, Shealy E. McCoy, comptroller, Mrs. Bland, assistant comptroller, picture, Mrs. Hancock, Mrs. Twiggs, Mrs. Evans, business office, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 131 - Administration, book store, Mr. and Mrs. Murray Jolley picture, librarians picture, Miss Trulock, Miss Hambrick, Mrs. Morgenthaler, Mrs. Hill, public relations picture, Mrs. Bette Adams, Mrs. Law, dietitians picture, Mrs. Lucille Rogers, Mrs. Mary Thornton, house directors picture, Mrs. Stuart, Mrs. Arthur,  Mrs. Quillian, Mrs. Harrell, Mrs. Hutchinson, three women picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 132 - Biology, Mrs. Money, department secretary, Dr. Connell, picture of Money and Connell, Mr. C. B. O'Neal, Mr. Wayne Faircloth, Botany, General Biology, picture of O'Neal and Faircloth, Mr. Sticklen, Dr. Carter, Dr. Connell, Zoology, picture of Stricklen, Carter, and Connell, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 133 - Business Administration, secretarial science, accounting, finance, marketing, management, secretarial science picture, Miss McKneely, Mrs. Gabard, Miss Sammons, department head picture, Mr. McCoy, Business Administration Department Head, four male professors picture, Mr. Dales, Mr. McCoy, Mr. Sutton, Mr. Schlegel, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 134 - Mathematics, Chemistry, Dr. Wall, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Dart, Mr. Babcock, picture, Department Head pictures, Mr. Babcock, Mathematics Department Head, Dr. Duvall, Chemistry Department Head, Mr. Martin, Mr. Bass picture, Physics, North Campus, Dr. Worstall, Dr. Duvall, picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 135 - History, Sociology, Dr. Laurens, Dr. Gabard, Mr. Mensing, Dr. Peeples, Mr. Garwood, pictrure, Department Head pictures,  Dr. Gabard, History Department Head, Dr. Durrenberger, Sociology Department Head, Mrs. Manley, Mr. Reidel, Dr. Durrenberger, picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 136 - Art, Music, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Department Head picture, Mr. Pember, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Pember, Mrs. Bennett, picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 137 - Art, Music, Foreign Language, Department Head pictures, Mr. McKinley, Mr. Teague, Mr. McKinley, Dr. Fernandez, Mr. Guitton, Mr. Tanner, Mrs. Tharpe, picture, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Teague, picture, Handel's Messiah, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 138 - Education, Mrs. Knight, Miss Schild, Dr. Gerlock, Dr. Healy, Dr. Jeter, picture, Mrs. Clark, secretary, Dr. Gerlock, Department Head, picture, Miss Schield, picture, Psychology, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 139 - Physical Education, Coach Grant, Department Head, picture, Mrs. Veatch, Coach Grant, Mrs. Mathis, Coach Bennett, Coach Colson, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 140 - English, composition, literature, Mrs. Odom picture, retirement, Registrar, Librarian, Dean of Women, Alumni Association, Department Head picture, Dr. Gignilliat, Mrs. McKey, Mr. Evans, Mrs. Odom, Dr. Gignilliat, Mr. Wilkerson, Miss Hanes, Mr. Varnado, picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 141 - Speech, Department Head picture, Mr. Rudy, Mrs. McRae, Mr. Christie, Mr. Rudy, Miss Kirby, picture, scene from "Rape of the Belt" picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 142 - Classes title page, four sections of the same picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 143 - full page picture of library, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 144 -  Senior Class, Officers, Jimmy O'Neal, President, Inman Grimsley, Vice-President, Sandra Fletcher, Secretary, Pat Puckett, Treasurer, officers picture, Class Sweetheart, Angela Bush, Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sociology Club, two pictures of Angela Bush, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 145 - Seniors, Harold Thomas Akins, John Joseph Allen, James Lyman Allen, Sylvia Griffin Atkinson, Chubbie Lorin Barefoot, Linda Grey Barker, Ronald Barker, Robert Edward Barr, David Cecil Barrow, Cheryl Barton, Sybil Virginia Bates, John Edwards Baugh, Fitzhugh Lee Beddingfield, Francis Marilyn Boatright, Jo Ann Borders, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 146 - Seniors, Clarice Pennebaker Brantley, Julian Braswell, Ellis Herman Brazeal, Jr., Yvonne Marie Brown, Angela Pauline Bush, Nancy Celeste Bush, James Gordon Butler, Albert Frederick Butterfield, Knoxene Carrington Butterfield, William Henry Carter, Lida Carroll Catikos, Jane Chandler, George Caywood Chapman, Jacqueline Clark, Patricia Ann Clark, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 147 - Seniors, Gerald C. Clements, Laurice Odie Coan, Karen Clary Cole, Alice Faye Collins, Addie Lee Collins, Donnie W. Conley, William Christopher Connell, Dianne Dickson Cowart, James Creamer, Charles Hoyt Crosby, Florence Ann Darnell, Linda Jay Davis, Austin DeLoach, two men at magazine stand picture, Playboy, Lindy Evans, Student Center, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 148 - Seniors, Marian Diane DeVane, Judy Ann Drury, Richard Michael Edwards, Abigail Brown Eldridge, Lynn Cooper Evans, Nels Willaims Falk, Jr., Diane Camilla Fields, Sandra Jane Fletcher, Edward Fleuren, George Hill Folsom III, Annie Lou Franklin, LEonard Wayne Futch, John Woodward Gayle, man on tractor picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 149 - Seniors, Sarah Giddens, Kenneth Glass, Robert Allen Goddard, Carloyn Green, Rebecca Sue Greene, Loran Inman Grimsley, Lettie Glenda Gunter, Mary Helen Hadden, James Ray Hamilton, Charles Alvin Harman, Franklin Harrell, Toby Ann Royal Harris, John Harvon, Sandra Ruth Hawkes, Cynthia Dowling Herrin, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 150 - Seniors, Linda Hickey, Martha Sanders Hiers, Hugh Humber Hines, Myrlie Ruth Hobbs, Herbert Preston Hodges, Kenneth Vernon Hollingsworth, Amelia Hornsby, Dennis Herman Hudson, Tom Ross Hudson, Jr., Melborn Kermit Hunnicutt, Edrie Hiers Hunter, Ann Jenkins, William Franklin Jenkins, Jackie Jenkins, Marian Carol Jolley, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 151 - Seniors, Richard Eldon Jonas, Ruby Karen Jones, Linda Ann Jordan, Sharon Fletcher Keyserling, Brenda Elizabeth Kincaid, Robert Lee Lane, Evelyn Delores LAshley, Katherine Paulk Ledbetter, Susan LEonard, Delores Lightsey, Betty Jean Lloyd, Terrell Lott, Irma Jaqueline Mathis, Diane Fields ping pong picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 152 - Seniors, Mary Jeanette Mathis, Julie Mayer, Patricia McCall, Evelyn Ann McDonald, Pauline Williams McElroy, Glenda Stone McKenzie, Shirley Irene McMillian, Grady Watson Mills, Faye Davis Milner, Lawrence Mitchell, Richard Doyle, William Simeon Moorman, Harriet Marie Morgan, three men in boat picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 153 - Seniors, William Morris, Glinda Pender Musgrove, Larry Naylor, Edward Lee Nesbitt, Patricia Ann Newkam, Sylvia Sue Newton, Reece Noble, Jr., Juanita Jane Norsworthy, Mary Edith O'Cain, Roy Carl Odom, James Cecil O'Neal, Judy Ann O'Neal, Jame Neally Orth, Serena Elaine Owens, Virginia Johns Parker, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 154 - Seniors, Judy Pearson, William Walker Peters, James William Phillips, Glenda Judith Postell, Charles Powell, Patricia Puckett, Louis Phillips Reames, Johnny Register, William Vance Reynolds, Sandra Dale Riggins, Cecil Thompson Roberson, Nancy Joy Roberson, Judy Roberts, Wayne Page Sanders, Ferman Kay Sands, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 155 - Seniors, William Hunter Sapp, Mary Jerell Schmid, Madeline Schwarcz, James Elvis Sellers, Sandra Carlene Sessions, Philip Joseph Seyfried, Jr., Mabel Shirling, Karin Elaine Silejholm, Joseph Gary Sirmons, Virginia Ruth Smith, James Anton Smith, James Richard Smith, Billye Barbara Smith, child on beach picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 156 - Seniors, Gloria Dianne Snell, Jane Maddox Stanaland, Gary Lee Starrett, Alberta Ann Stinson, Bill Summerfield, Michael Tabb, Jimmy Taylor, Edgar Foy Thomas, Ouida Janet Thompson, Janice Ann Timmons, Thomas W. Tucker, Wayne Clarence Voight, Judy Isabelle Wade, Billy Wade, William Daniel Wall, Jr., 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 157 - Seniors, Martha Ann Waring, Thomas Waters, Sam Fairfax Webb, William Thomas Wheeler, Linda Gail Wilkerson, Charles Edward Wilkes, Lorane Atwell Williams, Patricia Wilson, Helen Johnson Wisenbaker, Robert Warren Wolfe, Aubry Jinx Womack, Archie C. Smith, Carolyn Wood, James R. Zant, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 158 - Junior Class, Officers, Bud Brdiges, President, Marian Craven, Vice President, Peachy Daniel, Secretary, Carole Williamson, Treasurer, officers picture, Junior Class Sweetheart, Gail Bazemore, Homecoming Queen, TKE Sponsor, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, picture of Bazemore, Bazemore next to car picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 159 - Juniors, Charolotte Ann Adams, George Issac Albritton, Patricia Ann Anderson, Thomas Lee Anderson, James Robert Andrews, David Lynn Atkinson, Arthur Ray Baker, Warren Calvin Baldwin, Telford Harlston Barrett, Jimmy Clarke Barry, James Thomas Baxter, Linda Gail Bazemore, Anne Waller Bennett, Doris Bass Bishop, Belva Elizabeth Blakenship, Jerome Newton Blanton, Keith Doublas Blythe, James Warren Boyle, Alvin Lawrence Brass, Jimmy Clarence Bridges, William Howard Bridges, George Lindsey Brooks, Robert Earl Browning, Sandra Louise Buchanan, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 160 - Juniors, Herbert Love Burrell, James R. Burroughs, Dora Jean Busby, Mary Patricia Butler, Emelynn Alice Carlisle, Ruth Margaret Carman, Charles Edward Clayton, Earl Brannon Collins, Nelson B. Conger, William Harris Connell, Lorace Mitchel Cothron, David Clarence Cowart, Macklin Larry Cowart, Dennis W. Cox, Marion Claire Craven, Betty Jane Creed, Eugene Crews, Phil Jordan Crowe, Elizabeth Ann Curles, Charles Patrick Daniel, James Ronnie Davis, Thomas Wilson Davis, Richard Nicholas Dean, Linda Deen, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 161 - Juniors, Grady Lamar Dunlap, Bennie Eugene Edwards, Franklin Tye Engram, Horald Ralph Eure, Bettye Mitchell Fleuren, Mary Gail Fountain, James Edgar Franklin, Richard Dick Gambill, Kay MArian Gillis, Edgar Bruce Greene, Suzanne Saunders Hagen, Ralph Wayne Harris, Kimsey Carlton Helms, Robert Edgar Herndon, Linda Anne Hewett, William Osteen Hickey, Elizabeth Louise Hill, Charles Otis Houston Linda Marie Hudson, Brenda Smith at creek picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 162 - Juniors, Marda Erlene Huggins, Allen Delle Hughes, Robert L. Husbands, Martin Dennis Irwin, Donald Neal Johns, Mary Ann Jowers, Randall Lee Kelley, Joseph Thomas Kelly, Yvonne Thomley Killgo, Rance F. Kirkland, Gloria Janet Lane, Robert Waybe Lipsey, David Edward Lloyd, John Daniel Long, Dicky Alan Love, John Samuel Mackey, Larry C. Manning, Richard Northrup Marsh, Ellen Taylor with umbrella picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 163 - Juniors, Wayne Ronald Mathis, Fred Wayne Matthews, William Fred MAtthews, Wilda Vie Maxwell, William Floyd McAllister, Dorothy Jeanette McLendon, Frederick Ernest McLeod, Paul McNeal, Irma Menmez, Cheryl Gene Metts, Hazel Annette Miles, Patricia A. Miller, Beverly Ann Moore, James Moregenthaler, Thomas Emmitt Musgrove, Linda Jeanette Nealy, Howell Lanier Norman, Rebecca Anne Odom, Wayne Booth Overstreet, Ray Winfield Peters, Bobby Lane Pierce, ann Carole Pilkington, Herman Arthur Plowden, Carolyn Kay Powell, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 164 - Juniors, Jerry McGoogan Powers, Willie Dewey Price, Patricia Gaydell Price, James Pritchett, Carol Ann Rainwater, Mary Lou Register, Cecil Aubrey Rhodes, Patricia Rose Ritch, David Ralph Robinson, George Len Robinson, Jake Alvin Rocker, Charles Erwin Ruehl, Laura Estalle Sapp, Patricia Bederbaugh Sellers, Cynthia Lucile Sessions, Frank Crayman Shearin, Wilburn Lawrence Shelley, Johnny Rabon Shoemaker, Linda Kathlene Simpson, Roland Wendell Sinquefield, Brenda Carol Smith, Margaret Ann Smith, Robert Earl Speck, William Fender Spillers, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 165 - Juniors, Royce Stanford, James Lawrence Stevenson, Alex Cleveland Stewart, Thomas Joel Strickland, Vicki Lee Sullins, Georgia Sibyl Swink, Ellen Sue Taylor, William Gilford Taylor, Merri Julia Thigpen, Mary Helen Tillman, Linda Faye Traylor, Marcia Eugenia Turner, Thomas Jerome Turner, Bernabe Ulloa, Frances Jean Vance, Eddie Davin Vickers, Ned Roscol Watson, Ella Janet Wilder, Norma Rebecca Williams, Dorothy Claire Williams, Carole Frances Williamson, John Hughes Willis, Earl George Willis, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 166 - Sophomore Class, Officers, Carol Gilson, President, Lucille Dawson, Vice President, Margaret Ann Parsons, Secretary, Laura Hobbs, Treasurer, officers picture, Sophomore class sweetheart, Andrea Hobbs, Miss Pine Cone court, Homecoming Court, TKE Calendar Girl, two pictures of Hobbs, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 167 - Sophomores, Ellen Cynthia Adair, Philip Larry Adams, Sara Susan Adams, Serena Anne Adams, Judith Elaine Anderson, Mary Magdalene Anderson, William Ewart Bailey, Gwendolyn Harriet Ball, Sarrah Sue Barineau, Virginia S. Barnes, George L. Barney, Jerry Philip Bass, Oscar Niel Bell, Irvin Carlyle Bembry, Henry Edison Bentley, James Carter Bentley, Jerry Raymond Bentley, Sharon J. Bishop, Gerald Ashley Boyd, Mary Jo Bracewell, Margaret Rachel Bradford, Joseph Reynolds Brennan, Jack Bridges, Linda Mary Bruce, Margaret Jo Bryan, Stephen Francis Burton, Caron Ann Cannon, Martha Curtis Cannon, Lynn Ann Carroll, Terrence Harmon Carter, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 168 - Sophomores, William Edward Chapman, Charles Riley Chitwood, Rose Marie Christy, Russell Hastings Clark, Scott Randolph Cohen, Sara Evanne Coleman, Mary Elizabeth Collier, Ida Ruth Conaway, Shirley Joyce Conner, Bobby Wendell Corbett, Peggy June Coursey, Bradley Calvin Courtenay, John David Cowart, Jane Shaw Crabtree, Judy Ann Cribb, Larry Wade Crow, Jane Elizabeth Daniel, Nancy Lee Dasher, Catherine Hinely Daugharty, thomas Lee David, Cassandra Sue Davidson, Dwight Attlee Davis, Harris Lamar Day, Andy Shenton and filing cabinet picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 169 - Sophomores, Charles Franklin Devane, Roy Dee Dial, Mary Estelle Duncan, Samuel H. Dunton, Sheila Ruth Edwards, Jacqualyn Ellis, Michael Daniel Farmer, Gloria Jean Faulkner, Carolyn Faye Fewell, Jesse Michael Flethcer, Dolvin Foreman, Carol Faye Foster, Lynn Futch, Barbara Marie Garrison, Robert Terrell Gay, Michael Conanan Geiger, Carol Gilson, John O'Neal Grant, Eugene F. Greneker, Earl Gray Griffin, Larry Felton Griner, Richard Stephen Grissett, Andrew Gordon Hagen, Alwyn Elizabeth Hamill, James Lindsey Harrell, Mary Elizabeth Harrell, Murray Oswell Harrell, Marilyn Olivia Harris, David Geiger Harrison, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 170 - Sophomores, Richard L. Hart, Phillip Larry Hayslip, David Wiley Henry, Wayne Michael Herndon, Sandra Lajean Hester, Gewndolyn Joyce Hiers, Andrea Louise Hobbs, Laura Belle Hobbs, Ben Hanson Holland, Mary Ann Hutchens, Robert William Jackson, Rita Angeline Jarrett, James Alfred Johnson, Merrill Tracy Johnson, Teresa Laverne Johnson, Marsha Elizabeth Jolley, Larry Martin Jonas, Kay Frances Jones, Laura Ann Jones, Sheila Diane Jones, Judith Ann Kear, Peggy Faulker Kent, Sandra Ruth Kessler, Annette Elizabeth King, Linda Rowena Knight, Max D. Lovett, Janell Gordon Mathews, Clara Nell Maxwell, Dianne McDaniel, Linda Faye McKay, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 171 - Sophomores, Mildred Dukes McLane, Sue Anne McLane, Lou Ann McLeod, Joyce Millis, James William Moats, Mitchell Roy Montgomery, Henry Morris Mullis, Sanford Jackson Murray, Dorothy Jeanette Nadack, Rose Elaine Noble, Peggy Norman, William Nathan Nunn, Charles Marvin Ocain, Danice Evelyn Odom, Everett Daniel Odom, Georgiana S. Oliver, Mary Ellen O'Quinn, Mary claire Owens, Margaret Anne Parsons, Julia Amelia Paulk, cheerleader and audience picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 172 - Sophomores, King Burch Phelps, Mary Mathis Phillips, Gerald Wayne Pilcher, James Van Plymel, George Clement Poedein, Tonie Faye Pullock, Cecelia Ann Prescott, Anita Kay Purvis, David L. Quaterman, Faye Louise Quinn, Lynda Jean Register, Laura Jane Rigsby, Cecil Thompson Roberson, Brenda Roberts, Roger Wayne Roberts, Ruth Ann Roddey, Eugenia Rogero, Jerry Herbert Rollins, Ann Rushton, George Saliba, Suzanne Schultz, Andrea Marguerite Shelton, Patrcia Elaine Shiver, fire drill picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 173 - Sophomores, Charles Williams Smith, Hubert H. Smith, Martha Henrietta Smith, Darrell Paul Smithwick, Donna Lynn Spratlin, Donald Curtis Steed, John Fletcher Suber, Jarrelle Riva Sumner, Barbara Ann Talley, Drewnell Thomas, James Clinton Thomas, Ronald Banks Thomas, Kathering Sheridan thrash, William John Tichelaar, Linda Tuten, Elizabeth Wynens Twiggs, George Richard Tyson, Brenda Gail Underwood, robert B. Vallotton, Murelene Walker, Philip Merrian Wertz, James R. Whiteside, Felix Colquette wiggins, Shirley Ann Wiggins, Delma Eugene Wilder, Joyce Elizabeth Williams, Mildred Julia Williams, Pat Register Willis, Dianne Hamby Wright, Walter Daniel Zant, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 174 - Freshman Class, Officers, Mike Terry, President, Bruce Buie, Vice President, Val Walden, SGA Representative, Becky Higginson, SGA Representative, Patricia Fourakres, Secretary, Carol Alford , Treasurer, officers picture, Freshman Class Sweetheart, Nancy Turner, Alpha Delta Pi, two pictures of Nancy Turner, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 175 - Freshmen, Ellen Kay Adams, Martha Elizabeth Adams, Frances Willonease Alexander, Carol Ann Alford, Becky Lynn Allegood, Jane Beatrice Allen, June Elizabeth Allen, Robert Bryan Almand, Mary Ann Baker, Suzanne Carah Ball, Betty Elaine Barfield, Marsha Faye Barnes, James Michael Bass, Cecil Martin Bateman, Sandra Gail Belote, Brenda Sue Binion, Richard Lynn Bland, Catherine Ann Blanton, James Larry Blanton, Frank Victor Blaschke, Carol Merle Bledsoe, James Ray Bolen, Rebecca Ann Bond, Cherylene Ann Boone, Larry William Bostic, Martha Jane Braswell, Linda Ann Bridges, Marvin Clarence Broomberg, Shirley June Brown, Richard Allen Bryant, Roberta Thada Bryce, Charles Cornelious Bullock, Jospeh Delmus Burch, Becky Ann Byrd, Peggy Joyce Calhoun, Edward Ronald Cannington, Elzie Leonard Cannington, James Newell Cannister, Jane Patterson Cannon, Henry Grady Carter, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 176 - Freshmen, Jo Ann Cason, Joanne Cavan, Linda Faye Cayce, Sandra Faye Chance, Steven Gareth Chaney, Brenda Joyce Clay, John Edward Clement, Gary Coleman, Mary Lillian Colvin, Jennifer Elaine Cone, Jerry Lamar Connell, Peggy Joyce Conner, Archie Wayne Coody, Bessie Carolyn Cook, Barbara Jean Corbett, Cheryl Rae Cormany, Judy Patricia Coursey, Nancy Rebecca Cowart, Elizabeth Ann Cox, Robert Oscar Crittenden, Lynn Mercer Crockett, Carl Wayne Crow, Ronald Randolph Davis, Donna Kay Dean, Kay Carter Denny, David Lewis DeVane, Albert Vernon Dixon, Normadine Dixon, William Ashley Donahue, Tommy Larry Dowling, Howard Ronald Dozier, John Robert Drake, Beverly Jean Dunn, Lee Patrick Dupree, Patricia F. Dykes, Roger Philip Eason, Carol Lynn Edwards, Alyce Ann Elkins, Bobbie Sue Ellis, Patsy Jane Ethridge, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 177 - Freshmen, Susanne Russell Evans, Janis Webb, Farmer, Judith Carlock Fite, Edmond Perry Fletcher, Norma Jean Flythe, MAry Elizabeth Ford, Ronald Carl Fortner, Blake McRae Foster, Patricia Gayle Fourakres, Gail Valentine Fox, wade Elgin Freeman, Jo Ann Freeman, James Raymond Fulp, Jean Montgomery Gabard, Ronald Blease Galloway, Nancy Lee Gambill, Dennis Lee Gandy, Jusy Garrison, Mary Willie Garrison, Patsy Franklin Garvin, Annabel Kay Geeslin, Bonnie Lyn Gerlock, Evelyn Maxine Gibson, Laura Sue Gibson, John Madison Gilbert, Mary Joyce Gilbert, Beverly Anne Gleason, two men studying picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 178 - Freshmen, Cheryl Virginia Glenn, Betty Lynn Godwin, Lou Claire Goldstein, Mary Frances Graves, Jasper Curtis Green, Charles Layton Guess, Eugene Harold Gulledge, Kay Elizabeth Guske, Joseph Wynn Hancock, Susan Brenda Hankinson, Kathryn Louise Harrell, William Robert Harris, Gwendolyn Joyce Hart, MArgie Cornelia Hendry, James Lee Herndon, Peggy Lavern Herring, William James Hewett, Carol Ann Hickey, Rebecca Lathan Higgison, freshmen standing in a line picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 179 - Freshmen, William Jefferson Hires, Douglas Norwood Hodges, Lewis Smith Holtzendorff, Starr Clark Howell, Molly Carol Huckaby, James Wallace Hunter, Randall Glenn Hunter, Brenda Gail Hutchinson, James Wadis Hutchinson, Julia Anna Hutchinson, Susie Helen James, Janet Ann Jenkins, Martha Louise Johnson, Patricia Annette Johnson, Kenneth Michael Jones, Fred Calvin Jones, Jennifer Greer Karn, Richard Larry Kent, Angela King, MArilyn Kay King, Robert Paul Kline, James Roland Knight, James Lane, Ellen Kaye Lane, Hulon Howard Lane, Lois Virginia Lane, Larry Robert Lang, Andy Marius Larsen, Carl Leon Law, Judy Cochran Lawson, Judith Evelyn Lester, Gayle Annette Lewis, Walter Oliver Lindell, Ted Lenn Lindsey, James Walton Lineberger, Catherine Boyer Lopresti, James Larry Lovett, Donna Eugenia Lynn, Shirley Diane Marshall, Michael James Martin, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 180 - Freshmen, Edward Marcellaro, Martha Claire Mathews, Grace Earle Mathis, Carolyn Martin May, Mary Elizabeth McClenny, Patricia Lynn McCoy, Sheila Jean McCoy, Margaret Ann McCoy, William David McCranie, Richard Smith McCrary, Janet McDonald, Lyn Davis McIntosh, Patricia Louise McKee, Mary Jo McLendon, Brenda Gayle Merritt, Hugh Arlin Mitchell, Carroll Eugene Moore, William ronald Mullis, Leila Ann Nealy, Sherry Lynn Nelson, Gregory Lewis NeSmith, Linda Marie Newberry, Cynthis Marlene Newham, Alice Susan Newton, Beverly Dean Nichols, Sandra Lee Nichols, Jimmie Ray Norton, freshmen rats picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 181 - Freshmen, Maerita Elaine Owen, Sarah Jenell Parker, Steven Aubrey Parker, Marilynn Kay Parks, Cheryl Ann Pearson, James Jay Perryman, Betty Nell Peters, Tilda Sharon Pierce, Rita Gail Pinkston, Latrelle Katie Pitts, Gloria Dianne Pooler, Betty Jean Powell, Mary Frank Powell, Paul Arthur Prante, Francis Virginia Price, Shirley Ann Priest, Nancy Lee Purtle, Judson Hugh Rackley, Harold Jenkins Ratcliff, John Coleman Ray, Janice Carolyn Reagan, Donald Floyd Reames, Paul Daniel Redmond, Linda Diane Reeves, Glenn Willis Register, Lewis Oliver Register, Laura Lee Resch, Samuel E. Revill, Richard Reginold Reynolds, Patricia Ann Ribelin, Susan Ann Richardson, Dorothy Gail Riggins, Edward Winston Robinson, Mary Yorke Rodgers, Mamie Lois Rooks, Ronnie Glen Rowe, Gerald Robert Ryan, Marilyn Ilene Saltz, Timothy Joseph Sanders, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 182 - Freshmen, Wilbur Tim Scarborough, James Shrock, Mary Sue Schroeder, Thomas Jerry Sellers, William Warren Seymour, Larry Huell Shealy, Robert Wayne Shields, Claudia Jonell Sikes, Nancy Kay Simon, Judge Kenneth Sirmons, Franklin David Sloan, Dean Austin Smith, David Wiley Smith, Linda Lanere Smith, Mary Gail Smith, Ronnie Willis Smith, Robert T. Snipes, David Frank Southall, Grady Earl Spell, ann Marie Spires, Lois Irene Stalvey, George W. Steed, Carol Marie Steinberg, Marvin Wayne Stephens, Charles W, Stewart, Harry Eugene Strickland, warren David Strickland, Barbara Ann Stripling, Dorothy Kay Talley, Atha Marlene Taylor, Charles Merle Taylor, William D. Terrell, Michael Erwin Terry, Leiland Marie Thigpen, James Marshall Thomas, Dian Elaine Thompson, Iverson Lamar Thompson, Wendell Colin Tinwell, Thomas Raines Tillman, Lota Susan Timmons, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 183 - Freshmen, Zelda Marie Tombs, William Ashley Touchton, Carol Diane Trawick, Henry Leonard Trussell, Randy Deryl Tucker, sally Diane Tucker, Jonie Turner, Nancy Sue Turner, George Fred Twiggs, James Edward Tyson, Sandra Lynn Ulmer, Howard Paul Vickers, Vera Nell Vollenwieder, Susan Elaine Wade, Patricia Ann weeks, Valerie Kay Weeks, Glenda Faye Wells, Sandra Wheaton, Stuart Thomas Wheeler, Sally Bowles Wicker, Martha Kay Wilkerson, Mary Stafford Williams, Ronald Gene Williams, Laura D. Willis, Daniel Reed Wimpey, Mary Lillian Wolinski, Patricia Elaine Womble, Connie Leon Woodard, Betty Georgia Yanconish, Ashley Ray Yawn, Nancy Irene Youngblood, Foreign Students, Anke Gerdes, Germany, Shin-Ichi Kasai, Japan, Ursula Sinz, Austria, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 184 - picture page, freshmen lying on floor picture, man with art picture, woman next to lamp picture, man playing tennis picture, girls in gym class picture, man leaning over desk picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 185 - letter form the editor, Carol Jolley, Margaret Ann Parsons, Eddie Vickers, associate editors, Mrs. Adams, Bookman's Studio, American Yearbook Company of Hannibal, Dan Troy, basketball picture, art professor picture, funny face picture, silhouette by the fire picture, student lounge picture, academy awards homecoming picture, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 186 - Ads, The Citizens and Southern National Bank, Stan Bishop's, Girardin Jewelers, L. Olan H. Luke Men's Shop, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 187 - Ads, C. C. Varenedoe and Co., Brookwood Plaza Shopping Center, Patterson-Jones Shoes, Patterson-Griffin Shoes, Inc., Belk-Hudson, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 188 - Ads, Pet Dairy products, S & K Restaurant, Bookman's Studio and Camera Shop, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 189 - Ads, The Student Center, Lee Typewriter Company, Valdosta Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc., 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 190 - Ads, Martin Theaters, Joe Lazarus and Sons, Winn Dixie, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 191 - Ads, Valdosta Drug Company, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, First Federal, Martha's Feminine Fashions, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31

Page 192 - Ads, Hitching Post Drive-In, Georgia Fertilizer Company, Vallotton's Dairy, Neel's Latest Fashions, 1965 Pinecone Annual, volume 31