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The Valdosta Sate University Archives and Special Collections has an extensive database collection representing over a decade of work by student volunteers. This database hub provides a centralized location for all of our online databases. If you are researching Valdosta State University history this is the best place to start.

Search Guide

If you want to search the Archives vaults for materials that have not been digitized, Archon should be your first search. The majority of the VSU Archives collections are only available on Archon, including all non-digitized photos, documents, and physical collections not otherwise accessible online.

Vtext is the Institutional Repository of Valdosta State University. You can find dissertations and theses, eBooks, and other digitized documents here. The Archives has several collections on Vtext related to campus, local, and regional history.

For Valdosta State University History, there is no better online resource than the Campus Canopy and Spectator Index. The Campus Canopy and the Spectator are Valdosta State's student Newspaper and has been in publication since 1934. The Campus Canopy index currently covers 1934 to the early 1970s. New work is added every semester. Additionally, the collection has been digitized from 1934-1970 and can be viewed online.

To dig deeper into the history of Valdosta State, the Scrapbook Index is essential. The VSU Archives has dozens of scrapbooks created by students and organizations over the span of the University's history. These feature newspaper clippings, photographs, flyers, and other accouterments. If you find something in the Scrapbook index, you can visit the archives and browse the scrapbooks in person, or we can scan it for you.

If you are interested in finding old video from Valdosta State, the Archive's Video Database is the best source to search. We are slowly digitizing our vast collection of Umatic, VHS, Cassette, and Betamax tapes and providing access online. You can browse our YouTube channel to see what has been digitized. If you find something not available online, send us a request and we will move it to the top of the list for digitization.

For digitized photos, search our Flickr Collections. For non-digitized photos, search Archon and send us a request.

If you are researching Valdosta and Lowndes County, GENDEX and the Valdosta Daily Times Index are essential resources. GENDEX is an index of death records from the Valdosta Daily Times between 1868-1988. This index was created by the South Georgia Regional Library in print from and was digitized by the VSU Archives in 2014. The VDT Index contains all vital records from the Valdosta Daily Times between 1945 and the 1970s. Additionally, 1994-2010 have been indexed and alphabetized here.