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Southern CanopyTwo Summers in Mississippi1965-10-00Vol. 23 No. 8, 1-4p.Young Democrats Convention, Freedom Democratic Party Summer Project of 1964, Freedom Democratic Party Summer Project of 1965, civil rights, voter registrationDetails the difference between the summers of 1964 and 1965 in Mississippi. Explains how the events in the summer of 1964, with civil rights and Northern activists, made the voter registration in summer 1965 in Mississippi possible.
1Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8 1-4p.Bevel, Jim; Young, Andy; King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther; Baker, Ella; Boyte, HarrySouthern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil rights, Vietnam War, Human rights, Voter registrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's 9th annual meeting (1965) in Birmingham, AL. Issues that were discussed include non-violent protest, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
2Southern PatriotHow to Avoid Another Berkeley:1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, 1-4p.Weissman, Steve; Humphreys, Dr. C. C.; Loudermilk, JimLouisiana State University, free speech. student rights, student protests, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks of Louisiana State University, discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests, and the repression of southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of
3Southern PatriotSchool Protest1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.1Civil Rights, desegregation, tokenism, black protest arrestMore than 200 people, mostly high school students, were arrested for protesting facilities in all black high schools in Forrest City, AR.
4Southern PatriotOppose HUAC1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.4House Un-American Activities Committee, Ku Klux Klan, Southern Christian Leadership ConferenceThirty of leading churchmen called for presidential commission to investigate Ku Klux Klan instead of the planned investigation of the House Un-American Activities Committee.
5Southern PatriotAll-Night Sit-In1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p. 2job discrimination, sit-in, civil disobedienceIn Powaton County, VA. 70 people marched on the monthly County Board of Supervisors to protest job discrimination and other grievances. Some staged an all-night sit-in at the courthouse.
6Southern PatriotReview of the Month1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p. 2Hamer, Fannie Lou; Gray, Virginia; Devine, AnnieFreedom Democratic Party, Civil Rights, voter registration, 1964 Civil Rights Act, desegregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, tokenismThe Freedom Democratic Party's call for the unseating of Mississippi congressmen was overturned, showing the nation was not ready for true equal rights for African Americans. Also, the FDP said it was entering candidates in the 1966 election to challenge
7Southern PatriotBook Notes: Personal Stories S1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Belfrage, Sally; Sutherland, Elizabeth; McNeill, Robert1964 Mississippi Summer Project, Freedom Summer, Letters From Mississippi, God Wills Us Free, Civil Rights, desegregationDetails three books: Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage, about her experiences during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project, Letters From Mississippi, a collection of excerpts from letters written during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project collected by Elizab
8Southern PatriotA Reader's Dialogue: One Peace1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Parris, Bob; Steade Commage, Henry; Raisman, Victor H.; Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, world peace, Vietnam War, anti-war protest, Washington Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor, 'Job Not Done Yet' and 'Issues Are One', showcase two differing reader o
9Southern PatriotA Talk With Bob Parris: One Fr1965-10-00Vol. 34, No. 8, p.3Parris, BobVietnam War, freedom movement, Civil Rights, world peace, foreign policy, teach-in, anti-war protestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and it's similarities to segregation in the South.
10Southern PatriotDeath to Death1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9Ward, Horacedeath penalty, abolitionIn 1966 the abolition of the death penalty will come before the Georgia legislature. Senator Horace Ward proposed a study on the issue.
11Southern PatriotOne Student Who 'Overcame'1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p.1Wittkamper, GregSchool integration, Koinonia Farm Community, segregation, Americus High SchoolThe story of Greg Wittkamper who attended Americus High School and endured constant hostility for living in the integrated Koinonia Farm Community with his family.
12Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p.1-3Fartson, Warren; Moll, Dr. Lloyd; Turner, Lena; Hopkins, Charlie Lee; Lamar, Willie; Bell, Mary Kate; Allen, Ralph; Harris, Dan; Perdue, John; Aelony, Zev; Barnum, John; Ingram, Rose Lee; Jordan, ClarAmericus, Georgia, race relations, voter registration, racial violence, voting rights bill of 1965, school integration, Rose Lee Ingram Case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.
13Southern PatriotHUAC Founders: Violence Goes U1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 1-4Penn, Lemuel; Weltner, Charles; Buchanan, John; Luizzo, Vida; Jackson, Jimmie Lee; Daniels, JonathanKu Klux Klan, House Un-American Activities Committee, civil rights violation, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Highlander Center, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Southern Conference Educational FunHUAC investigation of Klan violence and their inability to provide an unbiased opinion on the topic.
14Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 2Wallace, George; Flowers, Richmond; Odour, Ralph; Haley, RichardAlabama constitution, constitutional amendment, Civil Rights, murder, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, police brutality, CORE, school boycott, discrimination in agriculture, SNCC, Arkansas Voice, voter fraudAlabama state constitution challenged for number of governor terms, in Nashville -- a demonstration against police beating of Kenyan man, in Talluluh -- L. A. Riots due to school boycott, Alabama and Mississippi tried to elect blacks to improve crop allo
15Southern PatriotOne Student Who "Overcame"1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 1Wittkamper, Gregschool integration, Koinonia Farm Community, segregation, Americus High SchoolStory of Greg Wittkamper, who attended Americus High School and endured constant hostility for living in the integrated Koinonia Farm Communtiy with his family.
16Southern PatriotHow It's Done1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p. 2school desegration, Nottoway County, Virginia, Virginia Students Civil Rights CommitteeBlacks in Nottoway County in Southside Virginia successfully enrolled black students in the all white school.
17Southern PatriotBook Notes: Facts, Humor, and 1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p. 3Templin, Ralph; Hughes, Langston; Holt, LenDemocracy and Nonviolence, Simple's Uncle Same, An Act of Conscience, Labor Fact Book 17, The Student Voice, Negroes in American History: A Freedom PrimerBook reviews of Democracy and Nonviolence, Simple's Uncle Same, An Act of Conscience, Labor Fact Book 19, and Negroes in American History: A Freedom Primer.
18Southern PatriotShuttleworth Attacked1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 2Shuttleworth, Rev. Fred L.SCEF, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, church fraud, Revelation Baptist ChurchCharges of fraud and mishandling of church funds were leveled against Reverend Shuttleworth at Revelation Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH. However, the board of deacons found no truth in these charges.
19Southern PatriotMFDP Wins Victory in Defeat1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p.4Grey, Victoria; Eastland, James; Guyot, Lawrence; Abernathy, Representative; Stennis, SenatorMississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Democratic National Convention in 1964, challenge to unseat representativesThe Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party failed to unseat representatives but still succeeded in bringing the issue to the national stage.
20Southern PatriotThe Evidence1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 4Southern Regional Council, School desegregation, American Civil Liberties Union, Racial double standard,Explains "School Desegregation: Old Problems Under a New Law," which tells 94.8% of students are still segregated. "Southern Justice" explains the judicial double standard for blacks and whites.
21Southern PatriotTwo Summers in Mississippi1965-10-011,4Young Democrats Convention, Freedom Democratic Party Summer 1964, Freedom Democratic Party Summer 1965, Civil Rights, Voter RegistrationDetails the difference between the summers of 1964 and 1965 in Mississippi. Explains the events in summer 1964, with civil rights and Northern activists making the voter registration in summer 1965 Mississippi possible.
22Southern PatriotToday's Great Issues: A Call t1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p. 4Katzenbach, Attorney GeneralVietnam War, foreign policy, Southern Conference Educational Fund, racial murder, voter registration, economic reprisals for blacksThe lack of discussion about foreign policy in the South. White men throughout the South being acquitted of black murders. Restriction of voter registration throughout the South. Lack of economic equality for blacks and economic reprisals for civil rights
23Southern PatriotThe Wansley Sotry: A Case Coll1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10 p. 1-4Wansley, Thomas C.; Kunstler, William; Hirchkop, Phillip; Jester III, Rayston; Cundiff, Judge O. Raymond; Wood, Reverend Virgildeath penalty, rape, Virginia State Court of Appeals, robbery, mistrial, racial justiceThe trial of Thomas C. Wansley in Lyrchburg, Virginia for the rape of two women and the robbery of a change purse fell apart due to lack of evidence and changing witness accounts. Also it was brought to national attention for the use of the death penalty.
24Southern PatriotThe Movement Stirs Folk Reviva1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 1-3Reagon, Bernice; Garawan, Guy; Lomax, Alan; James, Dr. William; Peacock, Willie; Black, Sam; McGee, William; Sherrod, Charles; Young, Reverend Andrew; Bishop, RubyBlack folk music, folk music, black culture, Freedom Movement, Highland Center, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Newport Folk Foundation, spirituals, Edwards Festival, Tuskegee InstituteExplains the revival of black folk music and culture throughout the South. Focuses on the Highlander Center in Knoxville, Tennessee and their efforts to organize festivals and events to revive the style.
25Southern PatriotHow To Help1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 1eviction, black voting, emergency aid, Operation FreedomTells readers where to send emergency aid to blacks evicted from the South for voting.
26Southern PatriotEvicitions: Economic Pressures1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 1-2McCrackin, Maurice; McFerren, John; Carter, Bertha Mae; Eastland, Jamesblack eviction, black voter registration, civil rights, sharecropping, Operation Freedom, school integration, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1965 Voting Rights Act, Wilcox County, AlabamaEvictions of black across the South for registering to vote and integrating school systems. Focuses on Wilcox County, Alabama and wants it declared a disaster area.
27Southern PatriotBook Notes1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 2Gelders Stern, Emma; Sugarman, Tracy; Baker, Ella; Shuttleworth, Fred L.; Baum, Betty; Grossman, NancyCivil Rights Movement, SCEF, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Patricia Crosses Town, I Have A Dream, school integration, desegregation, Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation, Equal Opportunity in Farm Programs: An Appraisal of Services RendereBooks recently published. "I Have A Dream" by Emma Gelders, "Patricia Crosses Town" by Betty Baum, "Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation" from the Southern Regional Council, and by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights "Equal Opportunity in Farm Program
28Southern PatriotBoycott Wins, New Party Starts1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 2Strange, Hubert; Brewster, Willie; Liuzzo, Viola; Reeb, Reverend Jamesboycott, Natchez, Mississippi, NAACP, racial violence, school bombing, church burning, house bombing, voter registration, desegregation, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Lowndes County Freedom OrganizationBoycotts across the South were successful in gaining better treatment for blacks. Violence still continues which led to the formation of the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, a black political party separate from the Democratic Party.
29Southern PatriotDocket Cleared1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 2civil rights, U.S. District CourtRoughly 1000 cases against civil rights demonstrators were dropped in St. Augustine, Florida in 1964. Those few that weren't dropped were moved from the state to federal court for trial.
30Southern PatriotA Footnote In History1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 3Marland, William C.West Virginia Governor, segregationDeath of former West Virginia Governor William C. Marland, who was in office in 1954 when the Supreme Court declared segregation unconstitutional. He stood behind their ruling.
31Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Made the Law Serve1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p.3Smith, Benlawyers, Civil Rights, National Lawyers Guild, constitutional law, New Deal, Vietnam War, Constitutional LawExcerpt from Ben Smith's speech at the annual Lawyer's Guild Convention about Northern and Southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create change for the black population.
32Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 4Civil Rights, Appalachian South, racial violence, Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference, vandalism, Highlander Center, Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Party, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Southern Mountain Project, vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote Civil Rights have been plagued by violence and acts of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
33Southern PatriotDrive Begins For TruckingJobs1965-12-00Vol. 23, Nop. 10, p. 4Operation Breadbasket, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, truckingOperation Breadbasket in Atlanta, Georgia announced its next campaign was to win fair employment for blacks in the trucking industry.
34Southern Patriot"How to Avoid Another Berkely"1965-10-011,4Weissman, Steve. Humphreys, C.C., Dr. Laudermille, Jim. Louisiana State University, Free Speech, Student Rights, Student Protest, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks at Louisiana State University discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests and repression of Southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of the S
35Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-011,4Bevel, Jim. Young, Andy. Baker, Ella. Boyte, Harry. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Human Rights, Voter RegistrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 1965 9th annual meeting in Birmingham, AL. Issues discussed include non-violent protests, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
36Southern PatriotSchool Protest1965-10-011Civil Rights, Desegregation, Tokenism, Black Protest ArrestMore than 200 students, mostly high school, were arrested for protesting facilities in all black high school in Forrest City, AR.
37Southern PatriotOppose HUAC1965-10-014House Un-American Activities Committee, Ku Klux Klan, Southern Christian Leadership ConferenceThirty Leading churchmen called for presidential commission to investigate Ku Klux Klan instead of the planned investigation of the House Un-American Activities Committee.
38Southern PatriotAll-Night Sit-In1965-10-012Job Discrimination, Sit-in, civil disobedienceIn Powatan County, VA, 70 people marched on the monthly County Board of Supervisors to protest job discrimination and other grievances. Some staged an all night sit-in at the courthouse.
39Southern PatriotReview of the Month1965-10-012Hamer, Fannie Lou. Gray, Victoria. Devine, Annie. Freedom Democratic Party, Civil Rights, Voter Registration, 1964 Civil Rights Act, Desegregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, TokenismThe Freedom Democratic Party calls for the unseating of Mississippi congressmen who overturned acts, showing the nation was not ready for true equal rights for African Americans. Also, the FDP said it was entering candidates in the 1966 election to challe
40Southern PatriotBook Notes: Personal Stories 1965-10-012Belfrage, Sally. Sutherland, Elizabeth. McNeil, Robert.1964 MS Summer Project, Freedom Summer, Letters from Mississippi, God Wills vs. Free, Civil Rights, DesegregationDetails three books: Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage about her experiences during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project; Letters from Mississippi collected by Elizabeth Sutherland which are excerpts from letters written during the Summer Project; and God W
41Southern PatriotA Readers Dialogue: On Peace a1965-10-012Parris, Bob. Commage, Henry Steele. Raisman, Victor H. Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, World Peace, Vietnam War, Anti-War Protest, Washing Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor "Job Not Done Yet" and "Issues Are One" show two readers' differing opini
42Southern PatriotA Talk with Bob Parris...One F1965-10-013Parris, Bob.Vietnam War, Freedom Movement, Civil Rights, World Peace, Foreign Policy, Teach-ins, Anti-war ProtestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and its similarities to segregation in the South.
43Southern PatriotDeath to Death1965-11-011Ward, HoraceDeath Penalty AdditionIn 1966 the abolition of the death penalty will come before the Georgia legislature Senator Horace Ward proposed a study on the issue.
44Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-011, 2, 3Fortson, Warren. Turner, Lena. Hopkins, Charlie Lee. Lamar, Willie. Bell, Mary Kate. Allen, Ralph. Harris, Don. Perdue, John. Aelony, Zev. Barnum, John. Ingram, Rose Lee. Jordan, Clarence. Barnum, MabAmericus, GA, Race Relations, Voter Registration, Racial Violence, Voting Rights Bill 1965, School Integration, Rose Lee Ingram case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.
45Southern PatriotHUAC Flounders: Violence Goes 1964-11-011, 4Penn, Lemuel. Weltner, Charles. Buchanan, John. Luizzo, Vida. Jackson, Jimmie Lee. Daniels, JonathanKKK, House Un-American Activities Committee, Civil Rights Violation, SCLC, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Highlander Center, MS Freedom Democratic Party, Southern Conference Educational FundHUAC investigation of Klan violence and their inability to provide and unbiased opinion on the topic.
46Southern PatriotOne Student Who "Overcame"1965-11-011Wittkamper, Gregschool integration, Koinonia Farm Community, Segregation, Americus High SchoolStory of Greg Wittkamper who attended Americus High School and endured constant hostility for living in the integrated Koinonia Farm Community with his family.
47Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-012Wallace, George. Flowers, Richmond. Odour, Ralph. Haley, Richard. AL constitution. Civil Rights murders. SCLC. Police Brutality. CORE. School Boycott. Discrimination. SNCC. AR Voice. Voter Fraud. Discrimination in Agriculture.AL state constitution challenged for number of governor terms. Nashville demonstration against police beating of Kenyan Man. Tallaluh, LA riots due to school boycott. AL and MS tried to elect blacks to improve crop allotments. AR fraud in school board ele
48Southern PatriotHow It's Done1965-11-012School desegregation, Nottaway county VA, VA Students Civil Rights CommitteeBlacks in Nottaway County in Southside VA successfully enrolled black students in the all white school.
49Southern PatriotBook Notes: Facts, Humour, and1965-11-013Templin, Ralph. Hughes, Langston. Holt, Len.Democracy and Nonviolence, Simple's Uncle Sam, An Act of Conscience, Labor Fact Book 17, The Student Voice, Negroes in American History: A Freedom PrimerReviews of Democracy and Nonviolence, Simple's Uncle Sam, An Act of Conscience, Labor Fact Book 17, and Negroes in American History: A Freedom Primer
50Southern PatriotShuttleworth Attacked1965-11-012Shuttleworth, Fred L. Rev.SCEF, SCLC, Church fraud, Revelation Baptist ChurchCharges against Reverend Shuttleworth of Revelation Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH of fraud and mishandling of church funds. However, the board of Deacons found no truth in these charges.
51Southern PatriotMFDP Wins Victory in Defeat1965-11-014Grey, Victoria. Eastland, James. Guyot, Lawrence. Representative Abernathy, Senator Stennis.Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Democratic National Convention in 1964, challenge to unseat representativesThe Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party failed to unseat representatives but still succeeded in bringing the issue to the national stage.
52Southern PatriotToday's Greatest Issues: A Cal1965-11-014Attorney General Katzenbach.Vietnam War, foreign policy, Southern Conference Educational fund, Racial Murder, Voter Registration, economic reprisals for blacks. The lack of discussion about foreign policy in the South. White men throughout the south being acquitted of black murders. Restriction of voter registration throughout the south. Lack of economic equality for blacks and economic reprisals for civil rights
53Southern PatriotThe Wansley Story: A Case Coll1965-12-011, 4Wansley, Thomas C. Kunstler, William. Hirchkop, Phillip. Jester, Rayston III. Cundiff, O. Raymond Judge. Wood, Virgil Rev.Death penalty, Rape, VA Stat Court of Appeals, robbery, mistrial, racial justice.The case of Thomas C Wansley of Lunchburg, VA for the rape of two women, and the robbery of a change purse fell apart due to lack of evidence and changing witness accounts. Also, it was brought to the national attention for the use of the death penalty.
54Southern PatriotThe Movement Stirs Folk Reviva1965-12-011,3Reagan, Bernice. Garawan, Guy. Lomax, Alan. James, Willis Dr. Peacock, Willie. Block, Sam. McGee, William. Sherrod, Charles. Young, Andrew Rev. Bishop, Ruby.Black folk music, black culture, freedom movement, highlander center in Knoxville, TN, cultural festivals, civil rights movement, Student nonviolent coordinating committee, Newport Folk Foundation, Spirituals, Edwards Festival, Tuskegee InstituteExplains the revival of black folk music and culture throughout the South. Focuses on the Highlander Center in Knoxville, TN and their efforts to organize festivals and events to revive the style.
55Southern PatriotHow To Help1965-12-011Eviction, Black Voting, Emergency Aid, Operation FreedomTells readers where to send emergency aid to blacks evicted from the South for voting.
56Southern PatriotEvictions: Economic Pressures 1965-12-011, 2McCradein, Maurice. McFerren, John. Carter, Mae Bertha. Eastland, eviction, black voter registration, civil rights, sharecropping, Operation Freedom, school integration, SCLC, 1965 Voting Rights ActEvictions of blacks across the south for registering to vote and intergrating school systems. Focuses on Wilcox county AL and wants it declared a disaster area.
57Southern PatriotBook Notes1965-12-012Sterne, Emma Gelders; Sugarman, Tracy; Baker, Ella; Shuttleworth, Fred L.; Baum, Betty; Grossman, Nancy."I Have A Dream", Civil Rights, SCEF, SCLC, Patricia Crosses Town, school integration, desegregationBooks recently published: "I have a dream" by Emma Gelders Sterne, "Patricia Crosses Town" by Betty Baum, "Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation" from the southern regional council and by the US Commission on Civil Rights, "Equal Opportunity in Farm Pr
58Southern PatriotBoycott Wins, New Party Starts1965-12-012Stranger, Hubert; Brewster, Willie; Liuzzo, Vida; Reeb, James Rev.boycott, Natchez miss, NAACP, racial violence, school bombing, church burning, house bombing, voter registration, desegregation, Lowndes County Freedom Org., Student Nonviolent Coordinating CommitteeBoycotts across the south were successful in gaining better treatment for blacks. Violence still continues which led to the formation of the Lowndes County Freedom Organization, a black political party sepearte from the Democratic Party.
59Southern PatriotDocket Cleared1965-12-012Civil Rights, US District CourtRoughly 1,000 cases against civil rights demonstrators were dropped in St. Augustine, FL in 1964. Those few that weren't dropped were moved from State to Federal court for trial.
60Southern PatriotA footnote in History1965-12-013Marland, William C.West VA Governor, SegregationDeath of former West VA governor William C. Marland, who was in office in 1954 when the Supreme Court declared school segregation unconstitutional. He stood behind their ruling.
61Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Have Made the Law 1965-12-013Smith, Benlawyers, civil rights, national lawyers guild, constitutional law, new deal, Vietnam warExcerpts from Ben Smiths speech at the annual Lawyers guild convention about northern and southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create changes for the black population.
62Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-014Civil rights, Appalachian south, racial violence, Appalachian economic and political action conference, vandalism, highlander center, KKK, Nazi Party, SCLC, Southern Mountain Project, Vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote civil rights have been plagued by violence and act of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
63Southern PatriotDrive Begins for Trucking Jobs1965-12-014Operation Breadbasket, SCLC, truckingOperation Breadbasket in Atlanta, GA announced its next campaign was to win fair employment for blacks in the trucking industry.
64Southern PatriotHUAC Threat1965-12-014Willis, Edwin; Buchanan, JohnHouse Un-American Activities Committee, KKK, Civil RightsEdwin Willis said HUAC might be investigation civil rights groups after the Klan probe. He said HUAC had "its jurisdiction in all areas of subversive activities."
65Southern PatriotMovement on the Campus...Hos S1966-01-011, 4Meredith, James; Herton, Myles; Shero, Jeff; Thasher, Sue; Hamlett, Ed; Stilley, Ronda; Spencer, Howard, Guerrero, Gene; Cotton, TomStudent Protest, Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Segregation, Free University, Highlander Center, Campus Activism, CensorshipStudents on college campuses across the South are organizing and protesting many problems in society such as segregation, and the Vietnam War. This generation is far more active and vocal than those in the past.
66Southern PatriotError Confessed1966-01-011, 3Lewin, Nathan; Rabinowitz, Victor; Robinowitz, Joni; King, Slater; Jackson, Elza; Thomas, Robert; Wells, Samuel B.; Bell, Griffin; Labat, Egar; Smith, Benjamin E.; Morgan, Charles Jr.; Davis, Edward; Albany Movement, jury selection, US Court of Appeals, civil rights movement, bias, jury tampering, NAACP AttorneyThe US government confessed error in the conviction of 6 members of the Albany movement in 1963. The juries were biased and contained no black people, meaning they did not receive a fair trial.
67Southern PatriotIn a Land Where MURDER is Resp1966-01-011Younge, Samuel, Jr.; Segrest, MarvinSCLC, Alabama racism, Tuskegee Institute, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Civil Rights, Racial Murder, Anti-Violence Law, LynchingMap of the state of AL depicting all the people murdered for their involvement with the civil rights movement.
68Southern PatriotMFDP in Race1966-01-011Eastland, James; Guyot, Lawrence; Collier, Clinton; Hayes, Ralthus; King, Ed; Whitley, C. L. Jr.Mississippi Freedom Democratic PartyThe Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party announced it will be running candidates in all five of the state's districts.
69Southern PatriotBook Notes1966-01-012Meyer, Howard N.; Korngold, Ralph; Filler, Louis; Sterling, Dorothy; Quarles, Benjamin; Terrell, Mary Church; Johnson, James Weldon; Washington, Booker T.; DuBoi W.E.B.Ulysses S. Grant; Civil War; Presidency; Toussaint Louvertur; Haitian Revolution; AbolitionSummarizes "Let Us Have Peace: The Life of Ulysses S. Grant" by Howard N. Meyer, "Citizen Toussaint" by Ralph Korngold; "Wendal Phillips on Civil Rights and Freedom" edited by Louis Filler and "Lift Every Voice" by Dorothy Sterling and Benjamin Quarles.
70Southern PatriotBirmingham on March Again1966-01-012Shuttleworth, Fred; Dahmer, Vernon; Younge, Samuel Jr.Civil Rights Protest, Demonstration, Voter Registration, SEEF, firing bombing, Tuskegee Institute, segregation, eviction, racial murder, SNCC, tent cityPeople in Birmingham, AL began protesting voter registration and lack of jobs for blacks in civil service positions. Vernon Dahmer was killed in a fire bombing and Samuel Younge Jr. was shot. Evictions still continue across the Black Belt.
71Southern PatriotNorth Carolina Leader Loses Jo1966-01-012Johnson, Ray; Johnson, EthelCivil Rights, Seaboard Airline Railroad; discrimination, 1964 Civil Rights ActRay Johnson is asking for his job back with back pay after being terminated for writing letters to federal agencies accusing the railroad of gross discrimination against black workers.
72Southern PatriotCompensation Asked for Hurrica1966-01-012Louisiana Homes Compensation Committee, Hurricane Betsy, Federal AidThe Louisiana Homes Compensation Committee asked for federal help for those affected by Hurricane Betsy in New Orleans, LA. They said flood control was neglected so others should pay to clean up the disaster.
73Southern PatriotDeeds not Words in Tennessee1966-01-013Hortenstine, VirgieFayett-Heywood County Work-camps, voter registration, Operation Freedom, civil rights movement, freedom schools, literacy programIn west TN work-camp programs bring blacks and whites together to improve social conditions. Also, Operation Freedom organized literacy schools and programs to educate the poor.
74Southern PatriotTenth Anniversary Tribute1966-01-013Parks, Rosa; Morgan, Juliette; GandhiMontgomery Bus Protest, civil rights martyr, freedom movementCommemorates the tenth anniversary of Rosa Parks' bus protest. Also explains that Juliette Morgan is largely unknown but was one of the first white persons to recognize the significance of these events and eventually died in 1957. They call her a martyr.
75Southern PatriotThe Bond Case: It's Meaning to1966-02-011, 2, 3Bond, Horace Julian; Heard, Eliza; Shapiro, Herbert; Lewis, John; Bond, Horace MannSouthern Freedom Movement, Bond Case, Civil Rights, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Vietnam War, Foreign PolicyCase over Julian Bond not being seated to a special GA legislature for agreeing to a statement against the Vietnam War put out by SNCC. Discusses the controversy around the issue and those fighting for him.
76Southern PatriotThe Delta, After Greenville: P1966-02-011, 4Puryear, R. W.; Foster, Issac; Lawrence, Ida MaeGreenville AFB, Poor Peoples Conference, poverty, civil rights, eviction, tent city, squatterA group of 70 poor people were evicted from Greenville AFB in Edward, MS after occupying the vacant buildings during a snowstorm. They went to Mt. Beulah to seek refuge and form a new life.
77Southern PatriotDombrowski Retires as SCEF Exe1966-02-011, 4Dombrowski, James A.; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Braden, Carl; Braden, Ann; Longstrth, Emily; Baker, Ella; Fletcher, Frank; Posey, Buford; Collins, Virgina; Smith, BenCivil rights, Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF), Southern Mountain Project, poverty, Deep South Project, Highlander School, segregationJames Dombrowski is retiring as executive director of the SCEF, promoting its move to Louisville, KY from New Orleans, LA. He leaves a long legacy of social activism and leaves the SCEF in the hands of Carl and Ann Braden.
78Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Lawyer's Story1966-02-012Kunstler, Bill; Kinoy, Arthurcivil rights, lawyer, Southern Freedom Movement, Freedom Riders, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Mississippi Summer Project, NAACPBill Kunstler's book "Deep in My Hear" discusses his experience as a lawyer in the Southern Freedom Movement from 1961-1965.
79Southern PatriotNewsbrief: Direct Action in Wa1966-02-012Thomas, Eugene; Eaton, William Orville; Liuzza, Vida; Wilkins, Collie Leroy; Coleman, Thomas L.; Daniels, Johnathan; Ashoton, Steve; Jordan, VernonSNCC, bus boycott, home rule, poverty, wage dispute, civil rights, NAACP, civil rights legislation, jury selection, racial murder, racial violence, libel, Southern Regional Council, voter registration, SCLCBus boycott in Washington DC to protest raise in fares. In Choctaw Couty, AL domestic demand wage increase to 67 cents an hour. Race discrimination outlawed in jury selection in Lowndes County, AL.
80Southern PatriotFree Speech1966-02-013Aptheker, Herbert; Wilkinson, Frank; Moore, Donfree speech, academic freedom, HUAC, US Communist PartyNorth Carolina legislature repealed law barring controversial speakers from college campuses.
81Southern PatriotDissent in the South1966-02-013Hayden, TomVietnam War, Southern Coordinating Committee, segregation, civil rights, free speech, academic freedomStudents across the South on college campuses are debating and protesting the Vietnam War.
82Southern PatriotAtlanta Slums Under Attack1966-02-013Black, Hector; King, Martin Luther, Jr. Rev.; Bond, Julian; Ulmer, Robin; Pertilla, Altonpoverty, eviction, slum, SCLC, SNCC, Southern Student Organizing Committee, civil rights, Greenville AFBThe slums of Atlanta became the target of many civil rights groups seeking to improve living conditions for the inhabitants that often don't even have heat.
83Southern PatriotLife in Prison1966-02-014Hopkins, Charles Lee; Lamar, Eddie Jamescivil rights, racial murder, riotThe 22 year old black man Charles Lee Hopkins was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a white man when he blindly fired into a mob.
84Southern PatriotA Partial Victory1966-02-014Hunter, Charlie; King, C.B.; Hardin, John; Hunter, Willie; Ingram, Rosa Leeracial murder, black jury, segregation, jury biasCharlie Hunter was convicted of murder and sentenced to six years on prison by a predominantly black jury for shooting a white police officer in Ellaville, GA.
85Southern PatriotNew Hope For Wansley1966-02-014Wansley, Thomas; Harvey, Ruth; Cundiff, O. Raymond; Hirchkop, Phillip; Kunstler, Williamrape, civil rights, right to counsel, mistrialThe case against Thomas Wansley of the rape of two white women was taken from State of VA by the US Courts. The case was still continuing to collapse.
86Southern PatriotIn Eastland's Backyard: Hope i1966-03-011, 4Eastland, James; Brooks, Lela Mae; Clayton, Claude; Kunstler, William; Knay, Arthur; Katzenback, Nicholas; Alexander, BryceSunflower county, MS, civil rights, racial violence, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, voter registration, poverty, chain gangs, discrimination, segregationBlacks in Sunflower County, MS won the appeal to end the four month waiting period in order for them to vote. This is in opposition to Sen James Eastland, a segregationist who resides in Sunflower.
87Southern PatriotNo More Poll Tax: 28-year Stru1966-03-011, 2Jordan, Joe; Holt, Len; Butts, Evelyn; Marshall, Thurgood; Segar, Bob; Dawley, Edpoll tax, civil rights, Southern Freedom Movement, poverty, ACLU, Voting Rights Act of 1965, voter registration, school segregationThe US Supreme Court brought an end to poll tax due to attorney Joe Jordan. Discusses the history of poll tax legislation in the South.
88Southern PatriotThe Trends Among the Young1966-03-011campus activism, SNCC, slumsStates that a large minority of young people on college campuses are becoming included with community organizing.
89Southern PatriotLouisana Students Organis in S1966-03-011, 3Barrett, Kathy; Suarez, Matt; Hill, Lon; Dubinsky, Edslums, campus activism, student organization, civil rights, picket lines, boycott, community organizing, desegregation, Vietnam War, CORE, SCEF, Mississippi Summer Project, block clubs, New Orleans Community Organizing Project, povertyCollege students from New Orleans are finding ways to be active and help improve their local communities through education and improving living conditions.
90Southern PatriotBook Notes: "You Can't Go Home1966-03-012Heffner, Red; Heffner, Malva; Heffner, Carla; Eastland, Jamescivil rights, Mississippi Freedom Summer Council of Federated Organizations, racial violence, KKK"So the Heffners left McComb" is the story of the Heffner family, driven from their Mississippi town for trying to prevent the KKK from taking over their community.
91Southern PatriotExperiment in Atlanta1966-03-012civil rights, poverty, federal services, human relations councilThe Atlanta Council on Human Relations created a "Citizens Information Service"" to help mainly poor people utilize both public and private services available to them.
92Southern PatriotAid for Appalachia1966-01-013Blossom, Bertie; Wood, Roxie; White, JoeAppalachian Relief Committee, poverty relief, unemployment, civil rightsThe Appalachian Relief Committee is aiding people in the southern mountains by providing them with quality clothing.
93Southern PatriotU of Arkansas Students Fight S1966-03-012, 3Chidester, Phil; Laudermilk, Jim; Weissman, Steve; Tiberis, Dough; Jones, Jim; Hanson, Bill; Valliant, Annsegregation, academic freedom, free speech, campus regulation, integration, picket line, Mississippi Summer Project, SNCC, SSOCStudents at the University of Arkansas are organizing to protest and improve various issues including free speech, segregation and outdated campus rules and regulations.
94Southern PatriotThey Put a City on Trial1972-06-011Houston, Margaret; Corbett, PeggieSisters of Charity, Black Workers Coalition, dilapidated housing, condemned housing, demolition, blocking traffic, arrestA group known as the Dirty Dozen Demolition Crew was arrested in Louisville, KY for tearing down dilapidated housing projects and placing the debris in the street.
95Southern PatriotPeople's Protest Frees Prisone1972-06-011, 8Stroud, Jay; Chavis, Ben, Joyner, Irv; Shepard, Anne; Kirby, George; Grant, James; Ferguson, James; Harmon, John; Chavis, Elizabethmistrial, conspiracy, grocery store burning, insurrection, black liberation movement, bail reduction, protest, SCLC, high bond, court bias, Rights of White PeopleTen black activists and one white woman were freed after a mistrial after the prosecuting attorneys illness and protests against their high bond.
96Southern PatriotRank and File Miners Take Camp1972-06-011, 8Boyle, Tony, Yablonski, Jack; Miller, Arnold; Trbovich, Mike; Patrick, Harry; Payne, Robert; Nedd, Charles; Lewis, John L.; Kafton, Karlreform movement, VMW, corrupt leadership, special election, Miners for Democracy, grass roots union movement, black lung disease, fund tampering, mine safety, miner health, unityThe miners in WVA are taking their reform movement to the coalfields as they try to remove corrupt leadership from their unions.
97Southern PatriotMother Jones Speaks for Today1972-06-012Thompson, Fredstrike, labor movement, autobiographyReview of _The Autobiography of Mother Jones_ published by Charles H Kerr and Co.
98Southern PatriotElection Notes1972-06-012McClellan, John; Pryar, David H.; Eastland, James; Meredith, James; Connor, Eugene; Hammond, Kenneth; Yarborough, Ralph; Sanders, Barefoot; Lee, Howard; Chisholm, Shirley; Hechler, Ken; Kee, Jamesprimary election, re-electionAn overview of primary and local elections across the South.
99Southern PatriotWeapons Against the War1972-06-012A Rich Man's War and A Poor Man's Fight, paperback, Vietnam history, anti-war organizing, NARMIC slide show, automated warfareBoth the paperback book _A Rich Man's War and A Poor Man's Fight_ and the NARMIC Slide Show are effective weapons against the Vietnam War.
100Southern PatriotFranklin Workers Build Wide Su1972-06-013Champagne, E. J.; McClarity, Herbert; Spock, Benjamin; Smith, Benjamin; Evers, Charlesunion, racial unity, strike, municipal workers, strike breakers, support, boycott, job security, union representation, impeachmentMunicipal workers in Franklin, LA have gained considerable support for their strike through their small but effective local union.
101Southern PatriotWho's Getting Youth "Up and In1972-06-013Lee, Ray; Davis, Angela; Johnson, FredVietnam War demonstration, Vietnamese mining, Jackson Youth Caucus, Republic of New Africa, Spring Youth Fair, KudzuThe Jackson Youth Caucus in MS have been protesting against the Vietnam War, but were not at the mayor's office sponsored Spring Youth Festival.
102Southern PatriotStrikers Win in Mississippi1972-06-014Poultry Packers Inc., strike, picket line, Mississippi Poultry Workers Union, wage increase, breakdown bay, collective bargainingWorkers at Poultry Packers Inc in Forest, MS won their strike for higher wages and pay during plant breakdown.
103Southern PatriotWhy the Poultry Workers Struck1972-06-014long hours, plant breakdown, pay, vacation time, walk out, strikeAn employee from Poultry Packers Inc explains why workers went on strike.
104Southern Patriot...But Alabama Workers Lose A 1972-06-014racial unity, female strike, strike breaking, union support, speed-up, pay cutbacks, suspension, firing, interrogation, layoff, union corruptionWorkers at a dress factory in Carrollton, AL lost their strike due to lack of support and corruption within their union.
105Southern PatriotContented Workers? Women Say "1972-06-015Hayes, Robertwork stoppage, Celanese Fiber Company, wildcat strike, speed-up, unsafe working conditions, strike breaking, violence, no-strike provision, increased workload, picket line, contempt citation, oppressionFemale workers at the celanese Fiber Company in Rock Hills, SC have gone on strike to protest speed-up and unsafe working conditions.
106Southern PatriotSounding Board1972-06-015Shannon, Randy; Grant, Jim; McIntyre, Lionelracism, bussing, smokescreen, black liberation, Gallup poll, black power, school desegregationLawrence writes to the editor commending the article about bussing and racism.
107Southern PatriotSounding Board1972-06-015Hicks, Judy; Ehlich, Paulscientific racism, misinformation, genetic IQ, poverty, population stabilizationReader comments on the inaccuracies in the March 72 article "The Revival of Scientific Racism".
108Southern PatriotNew Image1966-03-012KKK, communism, ChristianityA new group of the Ku Klux Klan is organizing under the grouping Knights of the Green Forest saying they want to "Fight communism and restore Christianity".
109Southern PatriotWitch Hunt Fails to Go1966-03-014Simkins, ModjeskaHUAC, civil rights, smear campaignMrs. Modjeska Simkins from Columbia, SC successfully fought a smear campaign accusing her of being subversive.
110Southern PatriotAid to Mountain Families1966-03-014Appalachian Relief Committee, poverty, clothing driveThe Appalachian Relief Committee is asking for funds to continue shipping clothes to poor families in the southern mountains.
111Southern PatriotNews in Brief: Winds of Change1966-03-014Penn, Lemuel; Scott, Andrew J.; Reese, F. D.civil rights, black voting, 1964 Civil Rights Act, school desegregation, segregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, voter qualification, jury bias, unemployment, SNCC, church burning, embezzlementBlacks across the south increased in voter participation. Issues of jury bias in several appeals cases. Blacks are now being hired for the Birmingham police department. A church was burned in Sidon, MS.
112Southern PatriotSouthern Student Movement Seek1966-04-011, 4SSOC, civil rights, freedom movement, organizing white communities, black nationalism, SNCC, Southern Mountain Project, Vietnam War, Black Panther movement, integrationThe annual spring conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee decided it needed to try to organize more white communities and focus on the growing protest against the Vietnam War.
113Southern PatriotCivil Rights Groups Against Vi1966-04-011Bond, JulianSCEF, Highlander Center, SCLC, SNCC, Vietnam WarNumerous civil rights groups speak out against the Vietnam War.
114Southern PatriotMeetin in Nashville: Peace Sen1966-04-011, 3Jacobs, John; Wilder, Dwight; Green, Andrew Lee; Kaufman, Arnold; Boyton, Amelia; Steward, Anna LeeVietnam War, peace movement, Women's International League for Peace, civil rights, Southern Coordinating Committee, Operation Open Debate, desegregation, anti-warThe meeting held in Nashville by the Southern Coordinating Committee discussed the issue of the Vietnam War and the need for peace. They also said the peace effort needed to be tied to the civil rights movement.
115Southern PatriotSong Festival Troupe Draws Cro1966-04-012Romaine, Anne; Hillary, Mable; West, Hedy; Ritchie, Edna; Brown, Pearly; Turner, Gil; Reagan, Bernice; Chandler, Len; Joyner, Charles; Fletcher, Frank; Seager, Peteart, music, folk songs, Southern Student Organizing Committee, integration, black spirituals, hill music, Foggy Mountain BoysThe Southern Song Festival, organized by the Southern Student Organizing Committee, drew crowds across the south performing traditional music, from black to white to mountain music.
116Southern PatriotBook Notes: Citizen's "Duty" i1966-04-012Iyer, Raghaven; Lichtman, Richard; Wassserstrom, Richard; Buchanan, Scottcivil disobedience, study of democratic institutionsReview and synopsis of "Civil Disobedience" a paper produced by lawyers, philosophers, educators and civil rights advocates.
117Southern PatriotRigor Mortis1966-04-012Flower, Richmond; Liuzzo, VidaKu Klux Klan, racial murder, HUACRichmond Flowers did not receive help from the House Un-American Committee to expose the Klan for the murder of Vida Luizzo.
118Southern PatriotKnoxville, Tenn, is a "City of1966-04-013Hawkins, Henry; Stevens, Carol; Allen, Mary Ann; Kelly, Charles; Johnson, John J.; Pollard, H. C.; Shuttleworth, Fredcivil rights, vagrancy, disorderly conduct, Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference, Southern Mountain Project, Highlander CenterThree civil rights worker were arrested and charged with vagrancy, disorderly conduct, and reckless driving in Knoxville, TN. The two girls were white and the man was black.
119Southern PatriotHUAC Smears Integration Moveme1966-04-013Welter, CharlesSLCS, HUAC, KKK, McCorman ActThe SCLC condemned the HUAC for their Klan investigation and called for the abolishment of the committee.
120Southern PatriotIn the Delta: Bolivar Head Sta1966-04-014Head Start Program, federal funding, Office of Economic Opportunity, poverty, Child Development Group of Mississippi, Community Action Program, civil rightsThe Head Start Program in Bolivar County, MS is run without federal aid because the citizens want to be consulted in their programs.
121Southern PatriotEditor's Note1966-05-011Southern Freedom Movement, Civil Rights, Race RelationsEditor apologizes for length of articles dedicated to race relations and other new topics will be covered in the new edition.
122Southern PatriotAbove the Law?1966-05-011Eastland, JamesSCEF, civil rights, conspiracySCEF is fighting the reversal of a lower court decision dismissing a damages suit against Sen. James Eastland for taking part in a conspiracy for false arrests and raids against the SCEF in 1963.
123Southern PatriotAn Editorial Report the SNCC T1966-05-011, 2, 3Lewis, John; Carmichael, Stokely; Forman, Jim; Robinson, Ruby Daris; Sellers, Cleveland; Hamlett, EdSNCC, civil rights, freedom movement, black power, Black Panthers, poverty, militancy, community organizing, disillusionment, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, independent politics, race relations, rumor, integrationThe changes within the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee notes disillusionment, false reports, delays in their efforts and their future plans.
124Southern PatriotStudents, Labor form an Allian1966-05-011, 2Harvey, Oliver; Berson, Bob; Tornquist, Elizabeth; Brandon, PeterAmerican Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, SSOC, labor, black employment, CORE, Taft Hartley Act, automationThe students at Duke University fight to improve labor conditions and employment for black workers.
125Southern PatriotNo Monolith1966-05-012politics, SNCC, civil rightsSNCC issued a statement against forming all black political parties.
126Southern PatriotA Time to Help1966-05-013SNCC, civil rights, dissentAsks for readers to support the SNCC monetarily as it comes under attack for its militancy.
127Southern PatriotAfro-American Festival Seeks W1966-05-013Parris, Bobmilitancy, international race relations, black nationalism, civil rights, black arts, assimilationThe meeting in New Orleans discussed the need for blacks to advocate their national history in America and associate with other black nations around the world.
128Southern PatriotWhy Some Don't Vote in Alabama1966-05-013black voting, civil rights, eviction, voter registrationBlacks in Dallas County, AL were evicted for voting or registering to vote.
129Southern PatriotTwo Meetings...Two Reports1966-05-014Collins, Virginia; Hamlett, EdAfrican American Festival, civil rights, SSOC, black/white relationsIntroduces the two articles about two meetings taking place in the south.
130Southern PatriotOne White Southerrner Looks at1966-05-014race relations, civil rights, integration, labor, voter registration, Mississippi Summer Project, black consciousness, black independence, poverty, black nationalismEd Hamlett discusses the meeting in Pensacola, FL where people discussed community organizing and the emerging sense of black nationalism among African American organizers.
131Southern PatriotLibel Conviction Upset1966-06-011Ashton, Steve; London, Ephraim; Combs, Ben Jacklibel, college activism, free speech, civil rightsThe conviction of Steve Ashton of criminal libel for writing a pamphlet on the condition of mine strikers in Hazard, KY was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
132Southern PatriotReturn to Campus: SNCC Seeking1966-06-011, 4civil rights, Southern Student Conference, black college, student protest, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, student rights, campus regulations, academic freedomA group of 20 predominantly black colleges met under the SNCC to discuss student rights and activity on college campuses across the South.
133Southern PatriotRevolt in the Rio Grande: Farm1966-06-011, 3strike, civil rights, protest, farm workers, union, National Farm Workers Association, Roman Catholic Church, wage increase, green card, customs, immigrantsThousands of melon farmer workers in Texas are striking to gain higher wages in order to be able to afford to live in America and improve conditions for their families.
134Southern PatriotBook Notes; Biography of an Id1966-06-012Tourgée, Albion; Olsen, Otto H.civil rights, integration,, reconstruction, slavery, Civil War, carpetbaggerReview of _Carpetbagger's Crusade: The Life of Albion Winegar Tourgée_ by Otto H. Olsen.
135Southern PatriotFree Speech Fight: UNC Test St1966-06-012, 4Dickson, Paul; Pollit, Dan; Schunior, Chuck; Berson, Bobfree speech, campus speech, communism, student protest, militancy, accreditation, Students for a Democratic Society, HUAC, Committee of Free InquiryA law in North Carolina dictating the people who plead the 5th Amendment in communism or subversive investigation were not allowed to give speeches was challenged at the University of North Carolina by the Students for a Democratic Society.
136Southern PatriotA Poverty Worker's Fight1966-06-012Collins, Virginia; Fields, Cliffordpoverty, police brutality, protest, civil rights, Office of Economic Opportunity, arrestVirginia Collins was fired form her job and then arrested for allowing a meeting against police brutality held at her anti-poverty program center.
137Southern PatriotSmall Growers Help1966-06-013wages, crops, National Farm Workers Association, small farmersSmall growers in the Rio Grande agreed to a $1.25 an hour wage for farm workers in spite of competition from large growers with packing sheds.
138Southern PatriotA Guide to Negro History1966-06-013Salk, Erwin history, slavery, revolt, referenceThe book _Layman's Guide to Negro History_ by Erwin A Salk is a useful resource to teachers, librarians, students, and movement leaders.
139Southern PatriotStudents Leaflet at Draft Exam1966-06-014Brosi, GeorgeSSOC, Vietnam War, SDS, student protest, Vietnam test, rally, picket, leafletStudents at several colleges across the South distributed leaflets and Vietnam tests to protest the Vietnam War.
140Southern PatriotMarch Brings Upsurge: Court Ru1966-06-014Meredith, James; Kunstler, William M.civil rights, voter registration, federal prosecution, fair trial, Senate Bill 3170, free speechThe Supreme Court dealt a blow to civil rights workers when they refused to remove certain cases from state to federal court in order for the defendant to receive a fair trial.
141Southern PatriotJury System Revamped: Albany R1966-09-011Lewis, Nathan; King, Slater; Jackson, Elza; Thomas, Robert; Chatman, Thomas; Wells, Samuel B.; Rabinowitz, Joni; Robinowitz, VictorU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, civil rights, Albany movement, Albany cases, jury bias, SCEFThe US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that 6 civil rights workers accused of lying to the federal grand jury in 1963 were free. The decision also helped to change the jury system in the south after the Albany cases.
142Southern PatriotElection in West Tennessee Ret1966-09-011magistrates, black election, voter registration, West Tennessee Voter's Project, civil rightsNine black magistrates were elected in west TN after years of struggle for voter registration.
143Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Roundup: Bak1966-09-011, 4Johnson, Warren L.; Campbell, J. R.; Simpkins, Issac; Batiste, Ramona; King, C. B.racial violence, lynching, SNCC, school boycott, head start program, racism, white supremacy, militancy, voter registration, Cordele Movement, unemployment, desegregationThe movement in southwest GA to improve conditions for black residents is thriving, due in part to community activism and that a large portion of blacks own their land, making the less economically effected by white supremacy efforts.
144Southern PatriotPeace Movement Battles HUAC1966-09-012Eastland, James O.; Kunstler, William M.; Kinay, Arthur; Vivian, C. T.; Weltner, Charlesfree speech, civil rights movement, world peace, HUAC, Vietnam War, SCEF, ACLUThe ACLU filed suit against the HUAC saying it was unconstitutional for the committee to question people about their involvement in Vietnam War opposition.
145Southern PatriotAppeals Court Reverses Poret, 1966-09-012Labat, Edgar; Poret, Clinton A.; Bell, Griffin B.; Smith, Benjamin E.solitary confinement, death penalty, jury bias, 14th amendment, SCEFThe convictions of Labat and Poret were overturned because they did not receive a fair trial due to jury bias.
146Southern Patriot"Hurry Sundown" Reissued in Pa1966-09-012Gilden, K. B."Hurry Sundown", civil rights, WWII Veterans, race relations, farming mechanizationReview of "Hurry Sundown" a novel about a black and white WWII veteran that overcame adversity together.
147Southern PatriotTheater of the Ghetto1966-09-013Nicholas, Denise; Jones, Leroi; Moses, GilbertFree Southern Theater, Desire Project, arts, acting, civil rights, povertyThe Desire Project in New Orleans organized by the Free Southern Theater Project gives local African Americans a chance to see free theater discussing modern social issues such as poverty, civil rights, and the Vietnam War.
148Southern PatriotSCLC Replies to NVDA Critics1966-09-014Vivian, C. T.; Young, Andrew; DuBois, Rachale; Farris, Carl; Kennedy, Edward; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.SCLC, Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), civil rights, nonviolent protest, poverty, Vietnam WarThe SCLC replied to criticism over the nonviolent direct action movement explaining that it is the most radical approach to fight social problems.
149Southern PatriotWansley Case Removed From Virg1966-10-011Wansley, Thomas; Jester, Rayston III; Hirschkop, Phillip; Kunstler, Williamrape, contempt, fair trial, death penalty, federal authorityThe four year case of Thomas Wansley for rape was temporarily removed from a Virginia Court so he could receive a fair trial.
150Southern PatriotSlums Cause Outbreak1966-10-011, 4Moody, Edward; Allen, Ivan; Prather, Harold; Castleberry, J. C.; Carmichael, Stokely; McGill, Ralph; Patterson, Eugene; Black, Hector; Harding, Vincent; Bond, Julianpoverty, violence, SNCC, ghetto, slum, race relations, city maintenance, unemployment, police shooting, riot, arrest, protest, free speechRiots in the Atlanta slums occurred over the police shooting of Harold Prather for supposed car theft. SNCC got involved and was accused of causing the violence.
151Southern PatriotProtests Halt Strip Mining1966-10-011, 2strip mining, environmental, issues, water pollution, unemployment, petition, disability, Appalachian, protestThe residents of Hemp Hill, KY were able to stop strip mining from entering their community through petitions due to fear of damage to the water supply
152Southern Patriot2,400 May Be Jobless: Head Sta1966-10-012Meredith, Roxy; Colmer, William, Stennis, John; Johnson, Paul; Guyot, Lawrencehead start, Child Development Group of Mississippi, Office of Economic Opportunity, poverty, federal funding, Mississippi Action Program, Freedom Democratic PartyIssues over where federal funding will come from in order to keep the head start program afloat in Mississippi.
153Southern PatriotCivil Rights Collection1966-10-012Gilmore, Russellcivil rights collection, Wisconsin Historical Society, abolitionists' papersThe State Historical Society in Wisconsin is continuing the Civil Rights Collecting project began in 1964 to amass documents such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets.
154Southern PatriotCivil Rights Collection1966-10-012Gilmore, Russellcivil rights collection, Wisconsin Historical Society, abolitionists' papersThe State Historical Society in Wisconsin is continuing the Civil Rights Collecting project began in 1964 to amass documents such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets.
155Southern PatriotCivil Rights Collection1966-10-012Gilmore, Russellcivil rights collection, Wisconsin Historical Society, abolitionists' papersThe State Historical Society in Wisconsin is continuing the Civil Rights Collecting project began in 1964 to amass documents such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets.
156Southern PatriotBook Notes; History of Nonviol1966-10-012Lynd, Staughtonpaficism, civil rights, nonviolenceReview of "Nonviolence in America: A Documentary History" by Staughton Lynd, a Yale Historian, about the history of nonviolence in America dating back to the Revolution.
157Southern PatriotThe News in Brief1966-10-013Arnall, Ellis; Maddox, Lester; Johnson, Jim; Mahoney, George P.; Rarick, John R.; Morrison, James H.; Mansfield, Mike; Howe, Harold II; Coleman, Thomas L.; Morrisroe, Richard; Thomas, Eugene; Liuzzo, Georgia election, democratic party, White Citizens Council, segregation, medical carePolitical issues throughout the country.
158Southern PatriotPatriot Expands1966-11-011civil rights, povertyThe Southern Patriot explains it is expanding to help meet the need for better communication.
159Southern PatriotAnatomy of a Black Panther: Wh1966-10-013Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Myles, Frank; Ross, Emory; Flowers, Richmond; Moore, Alice; Strickland, Willie Mae; Logan, Robert; Henson, Johnblack power, 1966 Civil Rights Bill, SNCC, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, poverty, race relations, white supremacy, community improvement, black pantherThe people of Lowndes County, AL are exerting their black power and exacting change through running for political office and showing their ability to fight racism.
160Southern PatriotRights Leaders Distrust "Riot"1966-11-011Tuck, William; Willis, Edwin; Pool, Joe; Ashbrook, John; Waggonner, Joe; Watson, AlbertHUAC, subversive elements, civil rights, communism, SLCL, CORE, SNCC, SCEF, poverty, slumsHUAC announced that it wanted to investigate subversive elements in cities across America. Many civil rights groups feel they are being targeted by the committee for communism.
161Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
162Southern PatriotRacists Renw Attempts to Destr1966-11-011, 7Carmichael, Stokely; Horton, Myles; McNeil, Scott; Walker, Cas; Bryant, BaxtonHighlander Folk School, KKK, Highlander Center, civil rights, black power, fire bombing ACLUThe Klan and other segregationist groups are trying to end the Highlander Center through fire bombings and challenging their legal right to exist.
163Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1966-11-012Eastland; Stennis; Clayton, Claude F. OEO, Federal Funding, Child Development Group of Mississippi, voter rights, Freedom Democratic PartyThe OEO will not continue to fund the head start program in Mississippi. The federal court of Appeals order new municipal elections after voiding the 1965 ones, which blacks were not allowed to vote in.
164Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Voice From Dixie1966-11-01Beecher, John"In Egypt Land", sharecropping, black powerPoem "In Egypt Land" by John Beecher published in _To Live and Die in Dixie_.
165Southern PatriotA Movement "Shopper's Guide"1966-11-012Jordan, ClarenceKoinonia Farm, Farming Co-Op, civil rights, unemployment, Freedom Quilting Bee, eviction, voter registrationExplains where goods can be purchased to support cooperative farming and civil rights communities.
166Southern PatriotSCEF Board Looks at "Black Pow1966-11-013Shuttlesworht, Fred L.; Smith, Lillianblack power, SCEF, integration, unity, SNCC, CORE, militancy, HUACThe SCEF at it's semi-annual meeting discussed the issue of black power and unity with civil rights organizations. It also condemned HUAC and paid tribute to the late author Lillian Smith.
167Southern PatriotBardstown Passes Fair Housing 1966-11-013fair housing legislation, SCEF, discrimination, civil rightsThe Small town Bardstown, KY became the first community to pass fair housing legislation in the South.
168Southern PatriotSix New Members Join SCEF Boar1966-11-013Edwards, George; Foote, Elizabeth; Price, Georgia; Rigg, Margaret; Smith, Corinne Freeman; Peebles, Jack; Campbell, Clarice; Lowenthal, RosalynSCEFSix new board members were added to SCEF in October.
169Southern PatriotSeven Northern Leaders Study M1966-11-013King, Martin Luther, Jr.civil rights movement, racial justice, SNCC, CORE, black powerLeaders in the Northern Civil Rights movement face a crises over the new black power and it separation of the cause.
170Southern PatriotAttack Weakens Us All1966-11-013Carmichael, StokelySNCC, CORE, militancy, civil rights movement, SCEFSCEF adopted a resolution expressing outrage on the attacks of militant civil rights organizations.
171Southern Patriot"The Issue is White Supremacy"1966-11-013black power; prejudice; white supremacy; Niagara Movement; NAACP; SCEF; integration; interracial action; violence; civil rights; free speechExplains the issue is not black power but white supremacy.
172Southern PatriotDelta Journa: "Can't Hardly Ge1966-11-014Franklin, Jessie; Turner, Lee; Walker, Jimmy; Walker, Prentiss; Collins, JD; McSwine, BT; Molman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; King, Martin Luther, Jr.unemployment; poverty; head start; Freedom Democratic Party; police violence; civil rights; low wagesExplains life in the Mississippi Delta, with issues of unemployment, low wages, and civil rights.
173Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Bond Answe1966-11-016Bond, Julian; Carmichael, StokelySNCC, civil rights, peace, Vietnam WarJulian Bond explains to critics why he let the SNCC.
174Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Question1966-11-016Maddox, LesterKu Klux Klan; civil rights; poverty; politicsBrady explains the Klan saying is not based on race but economics and politics.
175Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Order 1966-11-016Maddox, Lesterriots; violencePaschall (author) describes the incidents in Atlanta after the election of Maddox as governor of Georgia.
176Southern PatriotA Southern Profile: Mississipp1966-11-017Guyot, Lawrence; Moses, Bob; Green, Dewey, Jr.; Zinn, Howard; Humphrey, Hubert; Ryan, William FritzMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; bus boycott; SNCC; KKK; integration; poverty; Hattiesburg Project; voter registration; segregation; Sunflower CountyBiography of Lester Guyot, civil rights leader in Mississippi who is chairman of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
177Southern Patriot"A Long Road Still Ahead"1966-11-018Shulltesworth, Fred L.; Vivian, C. T.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.freedom movement; Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965; Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights; voter registration; poverty; unemployment; SCLC; slumsThe tenth anniversary of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights was marked by its accomplishments and what was still left to be achieved to improve the quality of life in Alabama.
178Southern PatriotTempers Flare in Tallulah on J1966-11-018Wyche, Zelma; Sobel, Richard; Dawkins, BenTallulah Civic and Voter's League; prison march; CORE; Lawyer's Constitutional Defense Committee; integration; lunch counter; habeas corpus Zelma Wyche was sentenced to ten years for supposedly assaulting a white doctor even though no one knew who shoved the man. The LCDC is appealing the decision.
179Southern PatriotSarah Collins Needs Our Help1966-11-018Collins, Sarah; Collins, Addiechurch bombing; poverty; blindnessCalls for readers to help send Sarah Collins to a special summer camp for the blind. Since she was injured in a church bombing 3 years prior in Birmingham, Alabama.
180Southern PatriotMore "People Power" Strengthen1966-11-018, 2Reynolds, Issac; Perez, LeanderCORE; Vietnam War; black power; school desegregation; civil rights; co-op; employment; police brutalityCORE is remaining strong in Louisiana and continues to fight for community improvement. However, there has been a shift to almost all black organizers, with only one white person remaining.
181Southern PatriotLowndes Party Girds for Future1966-12-011, 8Jones, Andrew; Carmichael, Stokely; Strickland, Willie Mae; Moore, Alice; Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Ross, Emory; Myles, Frank; Logan, Robert; Henson, John; Cox, Courtland; Coleman, TomLowndes County Freedom Organization; SNCC; Black Belt; white economy; unemployment; intimidation; politics; election; black power; Black PanthersElection in Lowndes County, Alabama received an effort by the Lowndes County Freedom Party to wrest power from the white ruling class. However, due to their economic control the white candidates were re-elected.
182Southern PatriotKlan Steps Up Activity1966-12-011, 6Sensabough, Amos; Alexander, Fred; Alexander, Kelly; Chambers, Julius; Hawkins, R. A.; Jones, J. Robertbombing; NAACP; murder; beating; cross burning; Ku Klux Klan; sit-in; SCEF; civil rights; John Birch Society; Citizens CouncilThe Klan is experiencing a resurgence as they increase the number of violent acts across the South. Also, their membership now mainly consists of poorer whites.
183Southern PatriotBearded Driver Integrates Cabs1966-12-012Frasier, Jack; Peebles, Jackcivil rights; integration; SCEF; vandalismA cab driver in New Orleans was hired at the black cab company, Night Hawk Company, because white companies wouldn't hire him due to his facial hair.
184Southern PatriotKing Assials Viet Spending1966-12-012King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lapp, Dr. Ralph; Sumrall, John O.; Carmichael, Stokely; Bond, Julian; Motley, Earl; Wynche, AndrewVietnam War; poverty; civil rights; military drafts; riot; SNCC King criticized the amount of money spent on the Vietnam War. Lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi charged the draft board of targeting civil rights workers. Carmichael charged with inciting a riot in Selma. Andrew Wynche was released on bond in Louisiana afte
185Southern PatriotThe Black Man's Power1966-12-012Killens, John Oliverracism; black psyche; nonviolence; self-defenseReview of _The Black Man's Burden_ by John Oliver Killens.
186Southern PatriotBlack Strength Growing1966-12-013Amerson, Lucius; Rockefeller, Winthrop; Johnson, James; McNair, Robert E.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Galuponikus (Galifianakis?), Nick; Wallace, Georgeracism, bigotry, black voters, Voter Education Project; election, politics, black leadersMany blacks across the south gained power in November elections as the walls of racism are being broken down and blacks gain more voting strength.
187Southern PatriotHigh Court Will Hear Case Agai1966-12-013Eastland, James O.; Sarwine, J. G.; Pfister, Jamesimmunity; SCEF; civil rights; Senate Internal Security Subcommittee; raidsThe US Supreme Court will decide whether Senator Eastland is protected by congressional immunity from the suit filed by SCEF claiming he led raids on their headquarters.
188Southern PatriotThe Mississippi Results1966-12-013Williams, Robert; Collins, Rev. J. D.; Kellum, Bill; McLawrin, Charles; Walker, Prentissrun-off elections; elections; politics; embezzlement; poverty; SNCC; Freedom Democratic PartyTwelve blacks ran for election in Mississippi and one gained office. Another went to a run-off election.
189Southern PatriotStorm Damages Freedom City1966-12-014McKenna, Rev. Warren; Thomas, Art; Bradford, John; Lawrence, IdaPoor Peoples Conference; poverty; eviction; Freedom City; Office of Economic Opportunity; migrant workers; storm damageFreedom City, the community founded by poor blacks evicted by the US Air Force, was damaged by storms on November 10th. Twenty-one of the housing units were damaged or destroyed.
190Southern PatriotPikeville Magistrates Fight Ta1966-12-014Justice, Taylor; Bentley, Foster; Newsome, Darwin; Prater, Burbage; Auxier, Jeantax inequality; budget; equal school systems; tax increaseIn Pikeville Kentucky four republican magistrates were jailed because the proposed taxes were unequal and the new school budgets were declared illegal.
191Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: School Des1966-12-016desegregation; school beatings; abuse; federal fundingIn Baker County Georgia federal funding is being withheld due to the beatings of black students, one of whom had to be hospitalized for two weeks.
192Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Maddox1966-12-016Maddox, Lester; Watson, Tomelection; racism; poverty; populist movement; unityThe election of Lester Maddox as governor of Georgia is viewed as keeping the poor white and black populations separate.
193Southern PatriotAn End to HUAC1966-12-016Stone, I. F.SCEF; HUAC; oppositionA documentary "Plain and Fancy Lying by HUAC Members in the Debate on the Chicago Cases" by I.F. Stone addresses the problems in the House Un-American Activities Committee.
194Southern PatriotA Reader Asks: "Where Do You S1966-12-017Carmichael, Stokely; Meredith, JamesSNCC; SCEF; militancy; protest; black power; riot; integrationReader questions the _Southern Patriot_ on its position about its coverage of SNCC and its shift toward militancy.
195Southern PatriotOur Editor Replies: "On the Si1966-12-017McCrackin, MauriceSNCC; media; black power; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Vietnam War; militancy; civil rightsThe editor establishes the _Southern Patriot_'s position on SNCC and attributes the change in media coverage of the group.
196Southern PatriotWhite Students Begin to Speak 1966-12-018Edmundson, Bill; Bailey, Bob; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Beecher, JohnStudents for a Democratic Society; racism; John Birch Society; politics; election; civil rightsWhite students in Birmingham, Alabama are beginning to speak out against the racism in local and collegiate systems.
197Southern PatriotBar Lawyers From Court1967-01-011Jelinek, Don; Foreman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; Sobol, Richard; Hirschkop, Philip; Kunstler, William; Perry, Marshall; Bergesen, B. E.Lawyer's Constitutional Defense Committee; civil rights; lawyer; freedom rides; sit-ins; SNCCSouthern segregationists are now harassing civil rights lawyers by having them barred from the courtroom.
198Southern PatriotSpirit of 63 Lingers in Danvil1967-01-011Aiken, A. M.; Donaldson, Ivanhoe; Zellner, Bob; Foss, Danielprotest; incarceration; civil rights; trial; contempt of court; appealA new local judge is avenging the 1963 decision to remove civil rights cases to federal court by now giving out steep sentences and fines.
199Southern PatriotRape and the Death Penalty: A 1967-01-011, 8Chatman, Jerry; Simon, Tobias; Cash, W. J.; McGee, Willie; Wansley, Thomas; Giles, John; Giles, James; Johnson, Joseph; Howard, Joseph C.; Maxwell, Williamlynching; death penalty; rape; discrimination; Ku Klux Klan; interracial sex; NAACP; double standard; Legal Defense FundSurveys the proportion of death penalties given out to black men convicted of rape of white women in the state of Florida.
200Southern PatriotThe 90th Congress1967-01-012Powell, Adam Clayton; Vivian, C. T.; Maddox, Lester; Callaway, Howard (Bo); Clay, Cassiuscivil rights; HUAC; ghetto; SCEF; election; desegregationThe 90th congress refused to seat New York Democrat Adam Clayton Powell or discuss abolishing HUAC. Lester Maddox was elected governor of Georgia. Standards for school desegregation in New Orleans were established.
201Southern PatriotWorkers Reject Race-Baiting1967-01-012Communism; labor; union; race baiting; Ku Klux Klan; Citizens Council; Vietnam War; unityPeople in Mississippi and Tennessee are no longer being deterred by race baiting and the fear of communism to prevent union representation in the South.
202Southern PatriotSunflower Elections Set1967-01-012Eastland, James O.; Nystrom, Sandraelection; black voting; segregationSpecial elections will be held in Sunflower County, Mississippi to have a fair vote because blacks were essentially barred from the previous one.
203Southern PatriotSummer of Hope in Retrospect1967-01-012Sugarman, TracyMississippi Summer ProjectReview of Tracy Sugarman's _Stranger at the Gates_ about her experience with the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project.
204Southern PatriotNot Violence, but Politcal Act1967-01-013McCrackin, Maurice; Carmichael, StokelySNCC; SCEF; black-white relations; militancy; violence; civil disobedience; pacifism; CORE; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Lowndes County Freedom Party; civil rightsThe editor explains the direction of SNCC and the civil rights movement not as violent protest by as a way of self-defense.
205Southern PatriotGeorgia: The Bond Victory - De1967-01-014Bond, Julian; Maddox, Lester; Arnall; Elliselection; SNCC; campaign; NAACP; write-in campaign; segregation; poverty; ACLU; John Birch SocietyJulian Bond won his right to sit in the state legislature, but this was overshadowed by the dispute over the governorship.
206Southern PatriotLouisiana: Greatest Battles St1967-01-014civil rights movement; school integration; poverty; voter rights; CORE; slum; desegregationThe civil rights movement in Louisiana is facing many issues including poverty, lack of proper schooling and housing and lack of black voter influence.
207Southern PatriotMississippi: Casualty of the G1967-01-015Johnson, LyndonMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Child Development Group of Mississippi; civil rights; head start program; federal funding; poverty; unemployment; ghetto; voter registrationMississippi is struggling due to lack of government funding and aid, and the overall poverty most residents suffer on a regular basis.
208Southern PatriotAlabama: The More Things Chang1967-01-015Amerson, Lucius; Clark, Jim; Wallace, George; Thomas, Eugene; Liuzzo, Viola; Coleman, Thomas; Daniels, Jonathan; Younge, Sammypolitics; 1965 Voting Rights Act; black vote; voter registration; school integration; segregation; Ku Klux Klan; racial murder; poverty; militancyAs change occurs in Alabama to help improve the lives of poor blacks, workers face more resistance from segregationists.
209Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Confusing 1967-01-016John Birch Society; SNCC; civil rightsReader points out a mistake in the December 1966 edition.
210Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Last Cha1967-01-016SNCC; civil rightsA reader expresses excitement over the civil rights movement.
211Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Another Vi1967-01-016black power; peaceNorman Kilpatrick, reader, expresses his dislike of the paper's view of the black power movement, and asks to be removed from the mailing list.
212Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Will Go To1967-01-016Collins, Sarahblindness; campAnita Stein, reader, expresses happiness in the appeal for funds to send Sarah Collins, blinded in a church bombing, to a camp for the blind.
213Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Basic Diff1967-01-016McCrackin, Maurice; Carmichael, Stokely; East, P. D.pacifism; militancy; Vietnam WarBob Childers, reader, asks the _Southern Patriot_ to establish its differences with McCrackin in its previous dialogue with him.
214Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Guns, But 1967-01-016Johnson, Lyndon B.poverty; Vietnam War; federal spendingCharles Atkinson, reader, expresses displeasure with the amount of federal spending on the Vietnam War versus the amount spent on helping the poor and homeless.
215Southern PatriotSCEF Expands New York Office1967-01-016Melish, Rev. William Howard; Rosenblum, Sandra; Hanisch, Card; Baker, Ella J.SCEF; Vietnam War; House Un-American Activities Committee; SNCC; Mississippi Freedom Democratic PartyThe New York office of the SCEF is expanding in order to allow workers to focus more on the Vietnam War.
216Southern PatriotAnti-HUAC Project1967-01-018Bloomfield, Barbara; Lewis, John; Vivian, C. T.; Walker, Wyatt T.; Braden, Carl; O'Connor, HarveySCEF, House Un-American Activities Committee; civil rights movementA southern office of the National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee is being sponsored by SCEF and the National office.
217Southern PatriotMississippi Suit Attacks Draft1967-01-018Sumrall, John Ottis; Jolliff, James; Johnson, Paulmilitary draft; militancy; bias; racism; NAACP; Vietnam WarA twenty-year-old black Mississippian is bringing suit saying that the draft board shows bias towards drafting civil rights workers to curb the movement.
218Southern PatriotSouthern Activists Fight HUAC 1967-01-018, 6McCormack, John M.; Abernathy, Ralph; Bond, Julian; Guyot, Lawrence, Jr.; Horton, Myles; King, Reverend Martin Luther, Jr.; McKissick, Floyd B.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Vivian, C. T.; Walker, Wyatt TeHUAC; civil rights; petition; ghetto; communisimA petition, signed by 250 civil rights activists, asked congress to stop HUAC from investigating civil rights activities.
219Southern PatriotVirginia Racist Reveals How H1967-02-011Glass, Carter, III; Kunstler, William; Tuck, William; Wansley, Thomas; Cundiff, O. RaymondHouse Un-American Activities Committee; civil rights; communism; corruptionA Virginia newspaper correspondent was forced to admit that he received files on William Kunstler directly from the HUAC which were used to link the lawyer to communism.
220Southern PatriotBlack-White Union Keeps School1967-02-011, 8Christenberry, Herbert W.; Perez, Leander H.; McKeithen, John J.; Gibson, Eloise; Rhodes, Buddy; Parker, John H.; Oliver, Clem; Hay, Georgesegregation; school integration; picket line; white involvement; 14th Amendment; 1964 Civil Rights Act; private school; federal funding; PTAIn Louisiana, parents fought to integrate schools. It was unique here because of the large number of white parents included.
221Southern PatriotLegislative Attack Looms1967-02-011, 6Lane, Cas; Rutter, J. R.; Walker, Cas; Roger, LeonardHighlander Folk School; vandalism; closure; SCEF; attack; Ku Klux Klan; fire; investigationThe Highlander Folk School in Tennessee is now facing attack from the state legislature, which is seeking a legal way to close the school.
222Southern PatriotCDGM Receives New Grant1967-02-012Cox, W. Hardd; Dahmer, Vernon; Prather, Harold; Carmichael, StokelyChild Development Group; Office of Opportunity; federal funding; civil rights; firebomb; voter rights; SCEF; raids; ghetto; police shooting; riot; SNCC; Puerto RicoOverview of news and events of the previous month.
223Southern PatriotEastern SCEF Friends to Presen1967-02-012Bond, Julian; Grey, Victoria; West, DonSCEF, MFDPJulian Bond will be the main speaker at a dinner by the New York Area Friends of the SCEF.
224Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Play for the Dis1967-02-012Hansberry, Lorraine; Nemiroff, Robertcivil rightsReview of Lorraine Hansberry's play "The Sign in Sidney Brunstein's Window."
225Southern PatriotOnly in AmericusL Integration 1967-02-012Wittkamper, David; Jordan, Len; Henry, Lindaschool integration, koinonia farm Two white boys from Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia decided to attend the black school thus integrating in reverse.
226Southern PatriotWhere Farmers Build Economic P1967-02-013Landry, Robertco-op farming; employment; education; Office of Economic Opportunity; federal funding; share-croppingThe Grand Marie Vegetable Cooperative has helped poor farmers in Louisiana cut out the middle man and make more profits from their crops.
227Southern PatriotAbuses in Southern Prisons: Pr1967-02-013Rockefeller, Winthrop; Faubus, Orval; McCoy, Kirbyabuse; state prison; sit down strike; solitary confinement; malnutrition; boycott; ACLU; child imprisonment; starvation; federal fundingHighlights the problems and abuses in southern prisons due to lack of funding and abusive guards.
228Southern PatriotDemonstrations in New Orleans.1967-02-014Collins, Virginiaprotest; South Africa; exports; black labor; SCEFProtests in New Orleans for trade with South Africa.
229Southern PatriotNew Rape Verdicts Stir Public 1967-02-014Elliott, Charles W.; Huddleston, Byhilia; Hanby, Roscoe; Bradley, Haroldrape; justice; racism' bias; death penalty; petition; pardon; protestIn Tennessee and Virginia, protesters are petitioning for the release of black men sentenced to death row for the rape of white women in spite of no evidence of a crime.
230Southern PatriotMaxwell Wins Appeal1967-02-014Maxwell, Williamappeal; rape; death penalty; bias; double standard; NAACPWilliam Maxwell won an appeal to his death sentence for a conviction of the rape of a white woman.
231Southern Patriot...And in Charleston, W.VA.1967-02-014Vietnam War; peaceA vigil was held in Charleston, West Virginia for peace in Vietnam.
232Southern PatriotNashville's Police Face Invest1967-02-014Hall, Ramsey; Jackson, Joseph W.; Kemp, Hubert O.; Shriver, Thomas; Merrit, Gilbertpolice shooting; civil rights; protest; petition; racism; violence; vendetta; student protest; SSOCPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are protesting the police shooting of a young, white, Vanderbilt student.
233Southern PatriotMaryland'd Dual Justice1967-02-014Howard, Joseph C.double standard; justice; racism; rapeA black assistant to the attorney general of Maryland spoke out against the double standard of justice for black men accused of rape of white women.
234Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On Honesty1967-02-016Saunders, William; Jenkins, Jamescivil rights; Vietnam War; racism; equalityTwo black readers, William Saunders and James Jenkins, call for the end of black involvement in the Vietnam War and better conditions in black communities.
235Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Asks Help 1967-02-016Newbell, LouiseAppalachia; head start program; clothingReader asks for help in donating clothes to needy children in the Appalachians.
236Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: In Praise 1967-02-016Debs, Eugene Victormilitary draft; Vietnam War; SCEF; dissentReader commends the SCEF for fighting against the Vietnam War.
237Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Clears The1967-02-016Carmichael, Stokelynonviolence; black powerReader, F. W. Stover, commends the _Southern Patriot_ for their January article about nonviolence and black power.
238Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Nothing to1967-02-016Carmichael, Stokely; Katz, AaronSNCC; unity; black Muslims; civil rights; vilenceA reader, Aaron Katz, complains that the _Southern Patriot_ did not criticize the SNCC or Stokely Carmichael for not encouraging black-white unity.
239Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Wrong 1967-02-016Alloy, Evelynblack power, nonviolenceThe reader, Evelyn Alloy, congratulates the _Southern Patriot_ on its second analysis of black power.
240Southern PatriotAnit-HUAC Petition1967-02-016McCormack, JohnHUAC; ghetto; protestNames from the petition to stop the HUAC investigation of ghetto uprisings that were not listed in the January issue of the _Southern Patriot_
241Southern PatriotNonviolent Revolution: An Idea1967-02-017Parks, Rosa; Lawson, James; McCrackin, Mauricefreedom movement; violence; civil rights; SNCC; Nonviolent Direct Action; human rights; boycott; imprisonment; povertyThird in an editorial series explaining the issue of nonviolence within the freedom movement.
242Southern PatriotMany Challenge War, Draft1967-02-018DuVernay, Raymond; Smith, Ben; Schutz, Simuel; Sumrall, John; Levy, Howard; Gardiner, Tom; Flower, Marion Charles; Camus, Albert; Brysky, Clemens G.; Simmons, Mikeprotest; draft; Vietnam War; NAACP; prison; SNCC; civil rights; voter registration; draft resistance; pacifismMany blacks are challenging the draft into the Vietnam War based on the fact that they do not agree with war itself or do not want to fight a "white man's war."
243Southern PatriotMississippi Hopes Center in Su1967-03-011, 8Clayton, Claude F.; Kunstler, William; Kinay, Arthur; Stavis, Marton; Eastland, James O.; Hamer, Fannie Lou; Harris, Joel; Brooks, Lela Maefreedom movement; Sunflower city; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); voter exclusion; poverty; racism; SNCC; donationsThe Sunflower Community in Mississippi is trying to improve the living conditions of black residents through local election, but the will need outside help to counteract economic threats by white creditors.
244Southern PatriotLonely Struggle in Appalachia1967-03-011, 8Davis, Darlene; Jones, Jounion; unemployment; International Ladies Government Workers Union; poverty; tax incentives; strike; Levi Strauss and Company; worker conditions; work regulation; picket line; anti-unionismThe female workers are on strike at the Levi Strauss and Company factory in the North Georgia Mountains due to the company's efforts to break their union. The women were fighting for better working conditions and equal treatment.
245Southern PatriotA Conspiracy to Destroy SNCC?1967-03-012Carmichael, StokelySNCC; court directed destruction; ghetto protest; draft protest; indictment; fines; high bailSNCC leaders have been jailed in connection with Atlanta protests about black ghettos and the arrest of Stokely Carmichael in Selma, Alabama could bring an end to SNCC due to high fines and lack of bail bondsmen willing to set the bail.
246Southern PatriotStudents and Black Campuses1967-03-012Cobb, Charlie; Cox, Cortland; Bevel, Dianestudent activism; SNCC; radicalization; draft; civil rightsBlack students across the south are trying to get their campuses to become more involved with the civil rights movement and encourage the radicalization of students.
247Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: LUAC Prob1967-03-012Jackson, Wharlest; Evers, Charles; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Giles, John; Giles, James; Jelinek, Doncommunist investigation; poverty programs; rape; bombing; Vietnam War; appeals court; school integrationLouisiana Joint Committee on Un-American Activities investigates communism in state poverty programs. Black man killed in truck bombing in Natchez, Mississippi. The Maryland Court of Appeals was ordered to re-examine the convictions of James and John Gile
248Southern PatriotUnemployed Fathers Fight Welfa1967-03-013Perkins, Carl D.; Bethell, TomWelfare; federal cutbacks; eastern Kentucky mountains; poverty; Happy Pappy Program; starvation; United Appalachian CommunitiesThe men of the eastern Kentucky mountains face no income if the Happy Pappy Program, which is often their only source of income, is cut due to a lack of federal funding.
249Southern PatriotWhite People Seek Out Movement1967-03-013Taxler, Ike; Davis, Frank; Hines, Hazel; Lawson, Dorice; Lawson, Woodrow; Allison, PrestonLog Loader; poverty; uneducated; white poor; head start program; Freedom Democratic Party; militancy; welfare programsThe white poor of Mississippi are seeking out help from the civil rights movement run by black workers.
250Southern PatriotWhites Oppose Danville Trials1967-03-014Aileen, Archibald M.; Carter, John W.; Taylor, Leighviolence; peaceful protest; nonviolence; court decision; Danville TrialsThe 1963 Danville, Virginia court trials, which were the center around the attack of black peaceful protesters, show the white moderates in the area have not learned from recent civil rights events.
251Southern PatriotA New Approach to the White So1967-03-014Thrasher, Sue; Wells, Lyn; Webb, Lee; True, Jimcivil rights; white organizing, poor white southerners; poverty; Southern Mountain Project; racial alliance; black-white issue; SSOC; SNCC; SDSThe white community is seeking a new way to be involved with the civil rights movement and address the black-white issue between civil rights workers.
252Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: "Inhuman a1967-03-016Braden, Annenonviolent revolution; civil rights movementReader, Juanita Nelson, basically agrees with Braden's February 1967 article, but calls for more use of nonviolence and more acceptance.
253Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Appeal Fro1967-03-012Hamer, Fannie Louvoter registration; Sunflower, Mississippi; carMrs. Frannie Hamer asks for a car to help her aid voter registration in Sunflower County, Mississippi.
254Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Peace 1967-03-016Bond, Julian; Carmichael, Stokely; McKissick, Floyd; Powell, Adam Clayton; Pepper, William F.Vietnam War; poverty; welfare programs; cost of war; unemploymentReader, Ben Levy, calls for peace in Vietnam not only because of the destruction, but also because of the great cost, and how that is affecting the impoverished throughout the country, especially those in the South.
255Southern PatriotGrenada Struggle Continues1967-03-016Johnson, Robert; Hudson, James; Jones, Versie L.; Carrol, Grady; Alexander, Robert; Gillon, U.S.equal employment; economic boycott; SCLC; school integration; voter registrationProblems in Grenada, Mississippi still continue with school integration, equal unemployment, and voter registration.
256Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: At The Hea1967-03-016Braden, Anne; McCrackin, Maurice; Weinberger, EricSNCC; economic position; black power; violenceReader Tim Hall addresses Anne Braden's answer to Maurice McCrackin's letter, by explaining that he agrees with her viewpoint, and that Mr. McCrackin's opinion does not cover the whole scope of the issue.
257Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Good Iss1967-03-016Haessler, CarlDecember _Southern Patriot_; new FormalMr. Haessler, former managing editor of the _Federal Press_, commends the _Southern Patriot_ on their December edition.
258Southern Patriot"Stand Up Together Or Hang Sep1967-03-017Hamer, Fannie Lou; Kinoy, Arthursegregationist election; HUAC; Vietnam War; ghettos; Sunflower, MississippiArthur Kinoy calls for all Americans to support the efforts of black civil rights leaders because it is essential to improve the country as a whole.
259Southern PatriotSupreme Court Hearing Puts Eas1967-03-017Eastland, James O.; Kinoy, Arthur; Sarwine, J. G.civil rights records; SCEF; HUAC; raids; First Amendment Violation; record removal; immunitySCEF is suing Eastland for illegal raids on SCEF headquarters and then removing their records from the state. The issue, though, is whether is his immune because he is a US senator.
260Southern PatriotFlorida Peace Tour1967-04-011, 2Gardiner, Tom; Nolan, David; Hodes, Nancy; Finchel, A. Richardarrest; peace workers; SSOC; SCEF; free speech; Vietnam War; U.S. China Policy; Southern Campus Young Democrats; campus revoltThree peace workers were arrested in Miami, Florida after trying to speak at Miami-Dade Junior College about free speech, the Vietnam War, and the U.S. China policy.
261Southern PatriotJury Gives Wansley Life1967-04-011, 4Wansley, Thomas ; Carmichael, Stokely; Cundiff, O. Raymond; Hirschkop, Philip; Kunstler, William; Mangum, Charles; Read, Leerape; mistrial; death penalty; SCEF; SCLC; interracial rape; jury bias; racismThomas Wansley, originally sentenced to death for the rape if two white women, was given life in prison after another trial.
262Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: All Schoo1967-04-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Powell, Adam Clayton; Bond, Julian; McKissick, Floyd: Jackson, Joseph W.; Hall, Thomas Windleyschool integration; SCEF; US Court of Appeals; 1966 Voting Rights Law; third political party; church burningSix southern states were ordered to integrate schools. Louisiana lost appeal to be exempted from the 1966 Voting Rights Law to help illiterates vote. Movement leaders announced plans to create "Third force" political party. Lowndes County churches burned.
263Southern PatriotBook Notes: The People of John1967-04-012Carawan, GuySouthern Freedom Movement; John's Island, South Carolina; Civil Rights and Liberties Handbook; law; povertyReview of Guy Carawan's "Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life?" Encourages readers to purchase the Civil Rights and Liberties Hanbook.
264Southern PatriotLUAC Farce Opens in Layfayette1967-04-013, 6Rogers, Jack N.; Zippert, John; Knowles, Jesse, Senator; Montgomery, Harold, Senator; Angers, Bob; Moore, Danny Roy, Senator; Powell, Adam ClaytonHouse Un-American Activities Committee; Louisiana Un-American Activities Committee; communism; poverty; welfare programs; COREHearings from Lafayette, Louisiana by the Louisiana Un-American Activities Committee investigating communism in local poverty programs. The proceedings are told as a play due to their unbelievable nature.
265Southern PatriotYouth Is Focus At SCEF Recepti1967-04-014Bond, Julian; Zellner, Bob; Grey, VictoriaSCEF; Southern Freedom Movement; Sunflower, Mississippi; Grass Roots Organizing WorkThe SCEF reception in New York focused on youth involvement in the Southern Freedom Movement.
266Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Death 1967-04-016McCrackin, MauriceVietnam War; non-violence; SNCC; black powerReader discusses shift in American youth since 1960, due to the Vietnam War, causing an end to the use of non-violence.
267Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Open Lette1967-04-016Logan, Robert; Fries, David J. Lowndes County Freedom Organization; racism; unemploymentReader David J. Fries explains the story of Robert Logan, a black man fired from his job at Sears Roebuck for running for political office in Lowndes County, Alabama.
268Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Mr. McCrac1967-04-016McCrackin, MauriceSCEF; SNCC; integration; non-violenceMr. Maurice McCrackin re-asks what is the SCEF's position on the SNCC's lack of use of non-violence and their position on integration.
269Southern PatriotOn the Mason Dixon Line: Open 1967-04-017integration; open housing; desegregation; racial violenceIn Louisville, Kentucky an effort to create an open housing law has started a new campaign.
270Southern Patriot"We Shall Overcome Our Hatred"1967-04-017Carmichael, Stokely; Lewis, John L.; Maddox, LesterSNCC; black power; human rights; racial violenceJohn McCarthy, correspondent, calls white readers to overcome their prejudices in order to facilitate integration.
271Southern PatriotKing: On Political and Economi1967-04-017King, Martin Luther, Juniorblack power; civil rights movement; white backlash; protestExcerpt fro, an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he discusses oppression of the black community, and how to organize the black community to gain the most economic and political power.
272Southern Patriot"Sails of Black Folks": Views,1967-04-018Echols, Lonnie; Brown, Otis; Brooks, Lela Mae; Gibson, Elvin; King, Annie MaeMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Sunflower County, Mississippi; SNCC; poverty; taxesBlacks in Sunflower, Mississippi participated in a primary for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which had not happened since Reconstruction.
273Southern PatriotTen Negroes in 14 Months: Birm1967-04-018Shuttlesworth, Fred L.Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; police killings; racial violence; protestCivil rights leaders in Birmingham, AL fight to change the political system in city that allowed the police to kill ten black people in fourteen months with no investigations.
274Southern PatriotLynchburg Rebels Agaisnt its N1967-05-011Wansley, Thomas; Glass, Carter, III; Kunstler, Williaminterracial rape; communism; criticism; protestA student editor sparked new interest and anger over the verdict of the Thomas Wansley trial when she criticized local newspapers' coverage of the trial.
275Southern PatriotThe Sunflower Election: Negroe1967-05-011, 8Stavis, Morton; Bronstein, Al; Wells, Lou; Harris, Joe; Guyot, Lawrence; Brooks, Lela Mae; Hamer, Fannie LouSunflower County, Mississippi; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; discrimination; racism; white political power; unemploymentThe black population of Sunflower County, Mississippi is becoming disillusioned with the political system when the white segregationists were returned to power in the local election.
276Southern PatriotBehind the Headlines: Police A1967-05-011, 4Carmichael, Stokely; Killens, John O.; Jenkins, Adrianpolice violence; protest; picket line; poverty; slums; student protest; SNCC; violence; riotStudents in Nashville marched to protest the dilapidated conditions of the city slums and ghettos. This sparked action from the local police.
277Southern PatriotWave of Terrorism in Lowndes1967-05-012Hammond, Harrell; Logan, Sidney; Logan, Robert; Smith, CharlieLowndes County Christian Movement; poverty program; church burning; Lowndes County Freedom PartyChurch in Lowndes County, Alabama burned on March 13th, and then two weeks later, another church burned.
278Southern PatriotSCEF Board Backs King's War St1967-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Rose, Frank M.Vietnam War; SCEF; SNCCAt their semi-annual meeting, the board of the Southern Christian Educational Fund (SCEF) voted to fully support Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s opposition to the Vietnam War.
279Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Black Cam1967-05-012Brown, Ben; Rose, Frank; Labat, Edgar; Poret, Clifton; Ali, Muhammed; Sumrall, John; Aiken, A. M.; Hirschkop, Philip; Carmichael, Stokelyblack colleges; student protest; draft board; communism; rape; death-row; racial arrest; farm workers strikeNews for the month of may.
280Southern PatriotStudent Power: A Tale of Two C1967-05-013Jones, J. B.; Jones, Mack; Johnson, Lee Otis; Alexander, FranklinSNCC; Texas Southern University; Southern University; boycott; student protest; DuBois Clubs;student powerStudents at two southern black colleges erupted in protests over student power.
281Southern PatriotLUAC Probe (Part 2)1967-05-013Zippert, John; Hoover, J. EdgarLouisiana Un-American Activities Committee; anti-poverty program; CORE; communismThe Louisiana Un-American Activities Committee released a report about the hearings held in southwest Louisiana.
282Southern PatriotLevy Court Martial Begins1967-05-013Levy, Howard; Morgan, CharlesVietnam War; protest; court martial; ACLU; military freedomHoward Levy, army doctor who spoke out against the Vietnam War, began his court martial on March 10th at Fort Jackson.
283Southern PatriotSecond Chance for the South1967-05-014school segregation; local loopholes; school system; desegregationA recent decision by the US Court of Appeals called for the immediate end to school segregation. This can be seen as a second chance for the South.
284Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Jackson Ja1967-05-016King, Annie Maeprison; racial violence; police brutalityPoem about imprisonment in Jackson Mississippi Jail.
285Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Open Housi1967-05-016Miller, LolaVietnam War; open housing; desegregationLola Miller, reader, expresses her disgust at the resistance from other whites to open integrated housing in Kentucky.
286Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: She Says t1967-05-016Braden, Anne; Shields, Dorothy power; civil rights movement; NVDAReader Dorothy Shields feels the question of the _Southern Patriot's_ support of the black power movement has not been answered.
287Southern PatriotReflections on the Great Socie1967-05-016Wright, Marian; Frazier, Jackpoverty; starvation; AppalachiansReader Jack Frazier explains the problems with poverty and starvation in the South and in the Appalachian mountains.
288Southern PatriotOne Year Later: The Effects of1967-05-017Braden, Anneblack power; SNCC; freedom movement; integration; black-white relationship; NAACP; SCLCEditor Anne Braden analyzes the black power movement and how it has changed over a year. She focuses on the black-white relationship shift in civil rights groups.
289Southern PatriotSuffer the Little Children 1967-05-017Francois, Bernardschool demonstration; police tactics; police dogsthe police in New Orleans demonstrated to school children the training of their German Shepherds and their bite strength while also saying the police were their friends.
290Southern PatriotFour Miners Face Prison1967-05-018Turner, Clayton; Gibson, Berman; Hensley, Bige; Stacey, Herb; Engle, CharlesUnited Mine Workers; union; picket line; imprisonment; unemployment; poverty; forced confessionFour miners in Hazard, Kentucky, who were convicted of conspiring to blow up a bridge through forced confessions, are facing prison time and their families are destitute due to lack of work.
291Southern PatriotThe SCEF Suit: Supreme Court G1967-08-016Eastland, James; Sourwine, J. G.; Dombrowski, Jim; Stavis, Morton; Van Tassel, HarrietSCEF; illegal raid; damage suit; "Operation Tip-Top"; subversive activityThe Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for the $250,000 damage suit against J.G. Sourwine for the 1963 Raid of SCEF headquarters in Louisiana.
292Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Drift 1967-08-016Stone, I. F.civil rights; violence; police brutality; fascism; poverty; ghettoReader believes the violence and indifference toward the American black population shows a shift in the country toward a more fascist state.
293Southern PatriotHow Injunctions Crush Peacful 1967-08-017Walker, Wyatt Tee; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.contempt conviction; free speech; violence; nonviolent direct action; Birmingham Movement; unconstitutional law; injunctionThe Supreme Court upheld the contempt convictions from 1963 demonstrations in Birmingham, thus showing how state and city legal systems are breaking up peaceful protests across the South.
294Southern PatriotSWAFCA Creates Econimic Streng1967-08-011, 8Smitherman, Joe; Wallace, Lurlee; Mesher, Shirley; Johnson, JoeSouth West Alabama Farmers Co-operative Association; Black belt; tenant farming; co-operative farming; federal grant; boycott; black voting powerThe SWAFCA (South West Alabama Farmer's Co-operative Association) was awarded a federal grant to encourage black farmers to stay on their land in Alabama's "black belt", and help them make their farms more profitable.
295Southern PatriotProjects Strengthen Southern P1967-08-018Gardener, TomVietnam Summer Project; SSOC; protest; draft information center; peace movementThe nationwide Vietnam Summer Projects brought large numbers of new people into the Southern Peace Movement, which will help throughout the rest of the year.
296Southern PatriotTexas Students Face Murder Cha1967-08-018Kuba, Louisdeath penalty; Texas Southern University Students; police officer death; riot5 Texas Southern University students are charged with murder, with the district attorney seeking the death penalty, in the death of officer Louis Kuba. However, none of the students fired the bullet that killed him, but because of Texas law, those conside
297Southern PatriotSpecial Issue1967-09-011SCEF; charges against members; SCEF staff; seditionThe _Southern Patriot_ explains that this issue will focus on letting readers get to know the SCEF staff, and due to the cost if their sedition trial, the paper will be cut back to four pages.
298Southern PatriotA community of Organizers and 1967-09-011, 4Southern Freedom Movement; desegregation; voting rights; Ku Klux Klan; White Citizens Council; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing Work; Southern Peace Education Project; Anti-HUAC ProjectAn overview of the current SCEF Southern Freedom Movement Projects.
299Southern PatriotExpanded SCEF Program Scores M1967-09-011, 4Braden, Carl; Braden, Anne; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Mullay, Joe; Ratliff, Thomas; Stephenson, James B.; Dreiser, Theodore; Ray, Jink; Holcomb, Robert; Eastburn, HarrySedition charges; SCEF staff; Appalachian volunteers; Pike County, Kentucky; constitutionality; communism; Independent Coal Operators Association; coal interestAddresses the sedition charges against four SCEF staff members and what prompted the state if Kentucky to press them.
300Southern Patriot"Organizers...Should Spend a W1967-09-012solitary confinement; eavesdropping; rumors; poverty; riotsMcSurely explains his expereience in jail, and how it helped him to understand his opponent in the state government.
301Southern PatriotA program for the White South1967-09-012Grass Roots Organizing Work Project (GROW); poverty; black-white relationship; educationBob and Dottie Zellner explain the purpose behind GROW.
302Southern PatriotPeople's History1967-09-012Lewis, John L.; Cromwell, Suzannecivil rights movement; black history; ignorance; Mountain Education Program; povertySuzanne Cromwell states that organizers need to learn black history, which is kept from them by the state and local powers, in order to successfully help people.
303Southern PatriotReporting on the Movement1967-09-013Analauage, Robertcivil rights movement; voters registration; black power; violence; poor white community; ignoranceRobert Analauage explains how the freedom movement has changed over time, and his experiences with the changes in the black-white relationship.
304Southern PatriotThe South Revisted1967-09-013SNCC; poverty; head start programs; Ku Klux Klan; strike; stereotype; civil rights workersZellner explains his experience in returning to Mississippi, and the shift in people to be more accepting of civil rights workers.
305Southern PatriotEducation in Struggle1967-09-013Carmichael, Stokely; Brown, H. Rapignorance; education; sit-ins; oppression; revolution; Southern Mountain ProjectCalls on the SCEF to establish programs to better educate people about the movement and explain the struggle older workers face in order to gain equality.
306Southern PatriotCourt Orders Sourwine to Pay S1967-11-011Sourwine, Julien G.Eastland Committee; raidsThe Supreme Court ruled that Sourwine had to pay SCEF $777 in court costs relating to the 1963 raid of their New Orleans, Louisiana offices.
307Southern PatriotPoole Rides Again - Dallas Lef1967-11-011Poole, Joe; Baker, Doug; Foley, BobStudents for a Democratic Society; House Un-American Activities Committee; Dallas Draft Information Center; notes from underground; poverty; Vietnam WarJoe Poole and HUAC have launched an attack against several local radical groups including the Students for a Democratic Society and the Dallas Draft Information Center.
308Southern PatriotWitch Hunters Swarm in the Sou1967-11-011, 7McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, Joe; Ratliff, Thomas; Carmichael, Stokely; Kunslter, William M.; Kinoy, Arthur; Stavis, Morton; Combs, Dan Jack; Willis, Edwinfreedom movement; poverty program; McClellan Committee; Freedom Democratic Party; SNCC; SCEF; SSOC; Appalachian volunteers; communism; black-white organizing; militancy; federal fundingThree congressional committees have begun investigations of the freedom movement and the poverty program, which can be seen as an attack on the organizers.
309Southern PatriotThe Mississippi Trial1967-11-012Schwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andrew; Chaney, James; Cox, W. Harold; Giles, James; Giles, John; Ray, Jink; Coleman, Johnnyconspiracy; school integration; SNCC; rape; coal mining; death penalty; unconstitutionality; Overview of the past month's news.
310Southern PatriotH. C. Nixon Dies1967-11-012Nixon, Herman ClarenceSouthern Conference for Human WelfareAnnounced the death of H. C. Nixon at the age of 80 in Nashville, Tennessee.
311Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Movement Novel1967-11-012Champlin, David; Fairburn, Ann; Emerson, Thomas I.; Haber, David; Darsen, NormanFive Smooth Stones; ghetto; civil rights movement; "Political and Civil Rights in the United States"Miriam Nicholas reviews Ann Fariburn's _Five Smooth Stones_. Also published was "Political and Civil Rights in the United States" by three law professors.
312Southern PatriotFour Miners Seek Clemency1967-11-012Engle, Charles; Turner, Clayton; Stacy, Herbert; Hensley, Bige; Combs, Dan Jack; Boudin, Leonard B.; O'Dwyer, Paul; Sipser, I. Philipclemency; coal miners; picket movement; conspiracyFour Kentucky coal miners, who were convicted of conspiring to blow up a bridge, are asking to have their prison sentences suspended so that they may support their families.
313Southern PatriotNashville Bishop Opposing Draf1967-11-013Golden, Charles F.draft resistance; Vietnam War; Selective Service ActThe Methodist Bishop Charles F. Golden risks fines and imprisonment to help people resist the draft.
314Southern PatriotNew Orleans and the War1967-11-013Levy, Murray; Minnis, Jack; Smith, Ben; Lacy, Fred; Anisgard, Alanwar demonstration; Women's Strike For Peace; protest; Vietnam War; draft protest; media biasProtests in New Orleans, Louisiana against the Vietnam War and the draft were organized by the Women's Strike for Peace.
315Southern PatriotUnhappy Success Story of Fayet1967-11-014poverty; freedom movement; voter registration; desegregation; violence; voting rights; Tennessee Voters' Council; militancy; black election; black magistrateIn Fayette County, Tennessee the struggle for civil rights has been successful to a small degree, but it has not achieved all of its intended goals.
316Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Problems i1967-11-016Killough, LorrieHardeman County, Tennessee; poverty; starvation; federal fundingReader Lorrie Killough explains the plights of residences and civil rights workers in Hardeman County, Tennessee.
317Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Smith 1967-11-016Smith, Ben; Rabinowitz, VictorNational Lawyer's GuildVictor Rabinowitz, reader, calls attention to the campaign of Ben Smith for the 29th district representative to the Louisiana State House.
318Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kentucky S1967-11-016Nunn, Louie; Ratliff, Thomas; McAlister, Georgestudent organizing; student protest; Vietnam War; draft; strip mining; Appalachian volunteersStudents in Kentucky scared political candidates by questioning them on controversial topics such as the draft.
319Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Politics o1967-11-016Rieth, Walterdraft resistance; political action; returned draft cardsReader Walter Rieth explains how he feels the only way to truly resist the draft is to openly defy the system.
320Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Depressing1967-11-016Cromwell, Suzanne; Grob, Marshall"People's History"; September's _Southern Patriot_; United States HistoryReader Marshall Grob confirms that lack of education is a problem in the North just as it is in the South.
321Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Organizing1967-11-016Moroze, Lewis M.Newark, New Jersey; white-black relationshipReader Lewis Moroze explains the issues facing the city of Newark, New Jersey in terms of the white-black relationship.
322Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: SCEF in Action1967-11-017Braden, CarlSCEF; racial unity; economic problems; political problems; volunteers; community organizersCarl Braden explains the purpose of the SCEF, and how they plan on continuing their efforts in the future.
323Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Progr1967-11-017DeBray, Regis; Lippman, Walter; Carmichael, Stokely; Minnis, Jack_Revolution in the Revolution_; revolutionaries; politics; protest; social programsJack Minnis explains that the social programs developed by freedom organizers need to focus on the acquisition of power from the state in order to be successful.
324Southern PatriotWhat We're Doing in Kentucky1967-11-017Ratliff, Thomas; Mulloy, Joe; Sourwine, J. G.; Adlerman, Jerome; McSurely, Al; McSurely, Margaretseized materials; stolen papers; SCEF; privacy; coal mining; political organizing; witch huntThe McSurelys explain what materials were taken from them on the night that they were arrested, and what they were doing in eastern Kentucky.
325Southern PatriotWhy MFDP Plans to Demand Seat1967-11-018Guyot, LawrenceMississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); Sunflower, Mississippi; party seat; politicsThe Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party will go to the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago, Illinois in August 1968 to demand they be the democratic party for the state of Mississippi.
326Southern PatriotAn "Honest Mistake"1967-11-018Wynn, Hyawatha; Eskildsen, Bessielife imprisonment; rape; pardon; innocence; jury biasHiawatha Wynn was pardoned from the life imprisonment after being convicted of raping a white woman after another man confessed to the crime.
327Southern PatriotBattle for Open Housing1967-11-018Geiger, BerleyCharleston, West Virginia; open housing bill; ghetto; housing shortage; integration; eviction; peaceful protestThe city council in Charleston, West Virginia is struggling to decide about allowing open housing, which will alleviate over crowding and prevent roughly 2,000 families from being displaced.
328Southern PatriotAnother SCEF Case in Supreme C1968-01-011Ratliff, Thomas; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Mulloy, Joe; Braden, Carl; Braden, Anne; Combs, Bert T.; Gordon, JamesSCEF; seized papers; sedition; constitutional violation; ghetto uprisingThe U.S. government admitted that the documents seized during the raid on the McSurely's home were given to McClellan while in the care of Thomas Ratliff.
329Southern PatriotRevolt, Repressions at Grambli1968-01-011, 8Jones, Ralph Waldo Emerson; Daggs, Gale; Zanders, Willie M.; Kidd, Paul; Sobol, Richard; Dawkins, BenGrambling College; black college; repression; sports; academics; ghetto rebellion; student protest; boycott; expelled students; first amendment; free speech; dissentThe article examines the problems of Grambling College, which focuses more on athletics instead of academics, and how it expelled students who tried to question the administration.
330Southern PatriotHostile Students are Won Over 1968-01-011, 8Gardner, Tom; Wells, Lyn; Smith, Bruce; Hodes, Nancystudent violence; SSOC; Appalachian State; mob; discussion; draft counselingThe story of four peace travelers as they toured North Carolina college campuses.
331Southern PatriotLaurel Strike is Broken1968-01-011, 4, 5Taft, Robert; Hayes, Hulse; Kirk, Claude; Zellner, Bob; Minnis, Jack; Analauage, Robert; Jolly, J. D.; Ruffin, Susie; Ramsey, Claude; Collins, E.K.; Roley, Ronald F.Laurel, Mississippi; strike; efficiency experts; militancy; union; picket lines; black employees; Ku Klux Klan; Masonite Corporation; strike breakers; black involvement; black caucus; local 5-443; conspiracyThe seven month strike at the Laurel, Mississippi plant of the Masonite Corporation showed black employees how little the company cared for them, and exposed issues in the state system that was designed to block unions in Mississippi.
332Southern PatriotFree Kentucky Miners1968-01-012Hensley, Bige; Turner, Clayton; Stacy, Herb; Engel, Charlespresidential plea; coal miners; conspiracy; demancy petitionPeople from Hazard, Kentucky are asking President Johnson to free the four miners who were sentenced to jail for conspiring to blow up a bridge associated with a roving picket movement.
333Southern PatriotMississippi - Black Officials 1968-01-012Clark, Robertblack election; bonding issues; insurance companies; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); NAACP; Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under LawTwenty-three black people took office in Mississippi in spite of a bonding road block.
334Southern PatriotMuhammad Ali Appeals1968-01-012Ali, Muhammadappeal; draft violation; draft evasion; conscientious objectorMuhammad Ali is appealing his conviction of draft evasion on the basis that black people are excluded from draft boards in Kentucky.
335Southern PatriotBook Notes: On Sojourner Truth1968-01-012Bernard, Jacqueline; Truth, Sojourner_Journey Toward Freedom_; biography; slavery; freedomReview of Jacqueline Bernard's _Journey Toward Freedom_.
336Southern PatriotBook Notes: Two Views of Appal1968-01-012Cowdill, Rebecca; Fetterman, John_My Appalachia_; _Stinking Creek_; poverty; Vietnam WarReviews of _My Appalachia_ by Rebecca Cowdill and _Stinking Creek_ by John Fetterman.
337Southern PatriotWansley Case Will Be Reviewed1968-01-012Wansley, Thomas; Hirschkop, Philip; Cundiff, Raymond O.; Kinoy, Arthurrape; contempt; life imprisonment The Virginia Supreme Court will review the case of Thomas Wansley and also the contempt conviction of his lawyer.
338Southern PatriotOrganizers' Library1968-01-012Ratliff, Thomas; McSurely, Al; McSurely, MargaretSCEF; Organizers' Library Series; seditious materialSCEF's Organizers' Library Series was among the items seized as "seditious material" by prosecutor Thomas Ratliff.
339Southern PatriotSWAFCA Members Reap First Harv1968-01-013South West Alabama Farmers' Cooperative Association (SWAFCA); violence; intimidationThe SWAFCA reaped its first harvest and its farmers found success by changing crops from failing cotton.
340Southern PatriotLouisville Alderman Adopt Open1968-01-013open housing law; demonstrationsThe Louisville Board of Aldermen adopted a strong open housing law due in part to demonstrations where hundreds were arrested in spring.
341Southern PatriotProsecution Had Freezing Effec1968-01-013Combs, Bert T.Kentucky Sedition Law; communism; free speech; unconstitutionality; first amendment; Appalachian volunteers; imprisonment; Dombrowski vs. Pfister; federal fundingJudge Bert T. Combs explains how the Kentucky Sedition Law violates the constitution, specifically the first amendment.
342Southern PatriotThe Anatomy of a Conspiracy1968-01-013Ratliff, Thomas; Duffy, Lavern; Brick, John; Scott, Thadeus; McClellan, John L.seized documents; conspiracy; senate investigationA blow-by-blow account of how seized documents ended up in the hands of Senator John L. McClellan.
343Southern PatriotAVs Fire Mulloy for Draft Stan1968-01-013Mulloy, Joe; Mulloy, KarenAppalachian Volunteers (AV); draft refusal; seditionJoe Mulloy was fired from the Appalachian Volunteers for his refusal to be inducted into the army on the ground of conscience.
344Southern PatriotThe MFDP Statement1968-01-015Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); Laurel, Mississippi; Masonite Corporation; free speech; union; Ku Klux KlanThe MFDP is investigating the strike in Laurel, MS because if the company can break the strike it will set worker rights back by 30 years.
345Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On Courage1968-01-016courageReader Julius Lester enclosed a copy of Yeutushenko's poem "Talk".
346Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Movement F1968-01-016Brown, Rap; Lacey, FredMasonite Corporation; strike; union; scabs; SNCC; MFDPReader Fred Lacey explains how the freedom movement failed to help union members at the Laurel strike.
347Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Report Fro1968-01-016Brown, Otis; Humphries, BettySunflower County Improvement Association; farming; cotton; poverty; slum; federal funding; head start programAn overview of the general state of Sunflower County, Mississippi and how they used federal funding to help residents in need.
348Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Freedomcra1968-01-016poverty; Freedomcraft Candy CooperativeAsking readers to purchase candy to support the cooperative.
349Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The War Wi1968-01-016Tuck, Tom; Gorman, James C.Louisville Peace Council; Fort Knox; soldier protest; Vietnam WarReverend James Gorman is asking readers to direct any soldiers against the war stationed at Fort Knox to the Louisville Peace Council so that they can assist them.
350Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: Rap Brown and 1968-01-017Brown, Rap; Carmichael, Stokely; Braden, AnneSNCC; free speech; federal charges; school burning; petitionBraden gives an editorial on the Rap Brown case, and asks readers to sign a petition asking that eh be allowed to leave the island of Manhattan. She says that the federal governments is trying to silence him.
351Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Violence 1968-01-017Nussbaum, Perry E.; Kochtitsky, Robert B.; Johnson, Allen J.; Delmar, Dennis; Carter, Willie Joe; Ware, George; Stephens, Ernest; Rutherford, William A.; Innis, Rayviolence; Ku Klux Klan; police shooting; SNCC; ghetto; riot; SCLC; CORE; Pike County, Kentucky; teacher payA review of the past month's news.
352Southern PatriotTSU Five Defense Fund1968-01-017Nichols, FloydSNCC; Houston; Texas Southern University; murder; violenceHouston's SNCC chapter is asking for donations to help defend the 5 TSU students who were charged with murder after a protest became a violent riot.
353Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Somet1968-01-017Minnis, Jackcivil rights; racial discrimination; equal employment; economic problems; poverty; living wageMinis discusses the difference between black and white incomes, and how a large percentage of black families live below the basic level of necessary income to simply live.
354Southern PatriotSDS Confronts Tulane - Literat1968-01-018Gordon, Eric; Carter, Hodding; Analauage, Robertpaternalism; Students for a Democratic Society; Tulane University; obscenity; confiscation; student protest; draft protest The Students for a Democratic Society had materials they placed in the Tulane University bookstore confiscated because they were considered obscene. The students tried to protest but are meeting resistance from the administration.
355Southern PatriotU.S. Puts Brown Away1968-01-011, 8Brown, Rap; Mitchell, Lansing L.; Kunstler, William M.; Belli, Melvin; Bailey, F. Leefederal trial; media coverage; Dillard University; New Orleans Movement for a Democratic Society; free speech; militancy; judge biasRap Brown was changed by the federal government with violating has bail when he traveled to cities for speaking engagements. However,the bias of the judge was shown when he made comments about what Brown was saying.
356Southern PatriotSen. Kennedy Pays Annual Visit1968-01-011, 3Kennedy, Robert; Edelman, Peter; Tiller, John; Wooten, George; Duff, Tommy; Johnson, Clistonpoverty; starvation; child hunger; federal funding; poverty programs; food stamps; welfareSenator Robert Kennedy toured parts of the rural South to see conditions of poverty and hunger. He was met by resistance from people who felt the federal programs were not doing enough to help them.
357Southern PatriotMemphis Garbage Workers Strike1968-03-011, 5Ciampa, Jack; Loeb, Henry; Jones, T. O.; Hoffman, Robert; Middlebrook, Haroldstrike; garbage workers; Memphis, Tennessee; police violence; discrimination; union; low wages; unsafe working conditions; NAACP; community unityGarbage workers in Memphis, Tennessee went on strike to protest discrimination against blacks, low wages, lack of safety controls, and the lack of union recognition by the city. The police fought the strikers with violence trying to make them return to wo
358Southern PatriotBook Notes: Charlie Cobb's Rag1968-03-012Cobb, Charlie; Carmichael, Stokely; Young, Sammy; Analauage, RobertSNCC; violenceReview of the book _Charlie Cobb's Rage_.
359Southern PatriotBlack Protest: Documentary His1968-03-012Grant, Joanne; Gettleman, Marvin protest movement; documentary; commentaryReview of Joanne Grant's "Black Protest" about the black protest movement in America.
360Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: OEO Refun1968-03-012Evers, Charles; Boyd, J. D.; Aptheker, Herbert; Wilkinson, Frank; Murton, Thomas O.; Wansley, Thomas; Dodson, AndrewSouth West Alabama Farmers' Cooperative Association(SWAFCA); Farmers Home Administration; Alcorn College; police shooting; open housing; ghetto; communist speakers; free speech; discriminationThe past month's news and events.
361Southern PatriotKentuckians Confer on War and 1968-03-012Berry, Wendell; Sedler, Robert; Tuck, Dave; Mulloy, JoeVietnam War; draft; University of Kentucky; free speech; student rights; Students for a Democratic Society; Peace Action Group; Louisville Peace CouncilA conference of the Vietnam War and the draft was held at the University of Kentucky where issues were discussed and ideas to end the war were suggested.
362Southern PatriotDo High School Students Have R1968-03-013Bennett, Kaye; Bennett, Edwindissent; military; Lamar High School; Vietnam War; draft; racism; Students for a Democratic Society; student protestLamar High School in Houston, Texas suspended students for publishing and circulating a small magazine the administration considered controversial.
363Southern PatriotPoor Folks Talk: A Dialogue in1968-03-013Minnis, Jack; Zellner, BobGrass Roots Organizing Work; poverty; food stamps; black-white relationshipExcerpts from a dialogue taken in New Orleans, LA at SCEF's Grow Projects workshop.
364Southern PatriotDraft Resistance Builds Across1968-03-014, 6Mulloy, Joe; Merton, Thomas; Gorman, James; Pratt, Don; Williams, Gary; Shea, James; Levin, Alan; Henderson, Walter; Carpenter, Arthur; Guerrero, Gene; Abbot, Steve; Vlasits, GeorgeVietnam War; draft; secession; black resistance; conscientious objector; draft board bias; Louisville Peace Council; draft refusal; anti-war literature; SSOC; sit-insCovers the building draft resistance across the South. Several examples of people who have personally fought the draft or are battling the draft boards are used to prove the scope of involvement.
365Southern PatriotProgress Report: Marrowbone Fo1968-03-015Easterling, Jake; Easterling, EdithMarrowbone Folk School; community schoolThe Marrowbone Folk School has been completed in spite of resistance and intimidation.
366Southern PatriotSoutherners Back Brown's Right1968-03-015Brown, H. Rap; Clark, Ramseyfree speech; SNCC; federal prison; excessive bail; bond violation; militancy; government conspiracy; bill of rights violationGroups across the South have supported Rap Brown and his imprisonment in New Orleans, Louisiana in a federal prison for supposed bail violation.
367Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Radical Hi1968-03-016McGee, Willie; Knight, Newt; Schwenkmeyer, FriedaMasonite Corporation; radicalism; Jones County; poverty; DixiecraftReader Frieda Schwenkmeyer discusses the radical history of Jones County, Mississippi.
368Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Faithful1968-03-016Goodman, Ernestthe _Southern Patriot_; ideology; unityReader Ernest Goodman comments on the _Southern Patriot_ being published for twenty-five years, and how he finds the paper as a useful guide toward the changes in Southern society.
369Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: In Virgina1968-03-016Brooks, Tobyprisoners; convicts; povertyToby Brooks presents a poem about convicts working on the roadside in Virginia.
370Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Black Sold1968-03-016Edwards, George S.U.S. Air Force; black ghetto; discrimination; court martialA member of the U.S. Air Force refused to accept an assignment to Japan because he felt his fight was in the American black ghettos. He is facing court martial.
371Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Revolt at 1968-03-016Black, WilliamFort Jackson; Vietnam War; soldier resistance; meditationSoldiers at Fort Jackson have begun to have doubts concerning the Vietnam War, and were arrested when they tried to express their feelings in the base chapel.
372Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Poor Peopl1968-03-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, CarlPoor People's Campaign; Vietnam War; poverty; protest; evasion; poor white communityMartin Luther King Jr. has linked the Poor People's Campaign to the Vietnam War, claiming it is used as an excuse to avoid domestic issues.
373Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: The "1968-03-017, 6Trippet, Frank; Dodds, Thomas; Eastland, James O.; Clark, Joe; McCarthy, Eugene; Kennedy, Bobbie; Minnis, Jackstate politics; commercial interests; government; electoral politicsJack Minnis discusses government and state politics and how people need to vote for a new constituency.
374Southern PatriotWorking in Eastern Kentucky1968-03-017Thomas, MortonSNCC; CORE; Appalachia; coal miners; United Mine Workers; urban migration; factory; politicsMorton Thomas tells his story of traveling and working throughout Kentucky with various civil rights groups, specifically the SNCC.
375Southern PatriotTenants Without Rent1968-03-018Oldman, Carvie; Henderson, R. R.poverty; public housing; Durham Housing Authority; rent protest; white superiority; rent strikeTenants in Durham, North Carolina protested their lack of input in the Durham Housing Authority by withholding their rent.
376Southern PatriotNashville Moves Against Repres1968-03-018Kunstler, William; Kinoy, Arthur; Wise, Stan; Briley, Beverly; Ellington, Bufordrepression; ghetto; economic withdrawal; militancy; SCEF; SSOC; riots; police brutality; Public Safety Committee; free speechPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are taking the offensive by resisting the efforts of the local police and the National Guard to repress the local black community.
377Southern PatriotOn King's Death1968-04-011Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Shuttlesworth, Ruby; Braden, Carl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; racism; Vietnam War; SCEFThis is a statement from the SCEF on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4th.
378Southern PatriotBackground for Murder1968-04-011, 5Lawson, James L.; Payne, Larry; Loeb, William; Swearengen, James E.; Gray, Joseph; Taylor, Jimmy; Cooke, Sam; Withers, Ernest; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; demonstration; march; violence; police violence; looting; riot; Beale Street, MemphisRobert Analauage writes about a riot that took place in Memphis, Tennessee previous to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. The local police did little during the riot to protect the black community from the violence and looters. He claims that this
379Southern PatriotKentuckians Bring Suit to Abol1968-04-011, 5Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Nunn, Louie B.; Blume, Norbert; Davis, GeorgiaKentucky Un-American Activities Committee (KUAC); SCEF; subversive groups; free speech; civil rights movement; labor rights; minority rightsSeveral in Kentucky have filed suit to end the Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee, which targeted civil rights activists and groups and labeled them as subversive.
380Southern Patriot"The Crafts of Freedom"1968-04-012Morris, Jesse; Maslow, Ellen"Liberty House"; poverty; hand made crafts; Appalachia; Poor People's Corporation; cooperativeThe "Liberty House," a store in New York's Greenwich Village is selling handmade items from the poor people of the South.
381Southern PatriotBook Notes: New Autobiography 1968-04-012Du Bois, W. E. B.; Washington, Booker T.; Melish, William Howardblack liberation; black history; black power; Tuskegee Institute; Atlanta UniversityWilliam Howard Melish reviews W.E.B. Du Bois' _Autobiography_.
382Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Campuses 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Sessum, Cecil Victor; Dahmer, Vernon; Amerson, Lucius; Coleman, Johnny; Huffman, James; Higgins, A. C.; Harris, Curtis E.; Sellers, Cleveassassination; student protest; demonstrations; march; Florida Teachers' Strike; murder; life imprisonment; draft convictionA review of the past month's news. The main focus is on student uprisings and King's assassination.
383Southern PatriotBrooks Gets 4 Years for Draft 1968-04-012Brooks, Fred; Petway, Carlton; Boult, Rober, Jr.; Phillips, JanSNCC; draft refusal; Vietnam War; black powerSNCC leader Fred Brooks was sentenced to four years imprisonment for refusing induction into the U.S. Army.
384Southern PatriotSouthern Groups' Statement on 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Brown, Rapmilitancy; black liberation; non violence; Vietnam WarSeveral southern human rights groups met and drafted a statement calling for an end to the persecution of Rap Brown and other militant leaders on the eve of King's funeral.
385Southern PatriotPanther is Three Years Old1968-04-013Miles, Frank; McGill, Lillian; Analauage, RobertLowndes County Freedom Party; black panther; tent city; Lowndes County Co-op; Lowndes County Christian Movement; head start; gerrymanderThe Lowndes County Freedom Party celebrated its third anniversary, and gives and overview of the new programs and amenities it has helped provide to local residents.
386Southern PatriotMulloy, Prat are Convicted1968-04-013Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, Don; Sedler, Robert A.draft refusal; Louisville Peace Council; conscientious objector; sedition; SCEFJoe Mulloy and Don Pratt were sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined $10,000 each for violating the Selective Service Act. They are appealing the conviction.
387Southern PatriotMingo Residents Fight Voter Fr1968-04-013, 4Spence, Oakey; Washington, James, Jr.; Varney, T. I.; Chafin, Tom; Green, Edith; Celler, Emmond; Crowell, SuzanneMingo County, West Virginia; voter fraud; Poor People's Conference; the Green Amendment; Free Elections CommitteeResidents of Mingo County, West Virginia are fighting massive voter fraud where the registration list 137% of the census population. They are meeting resistance from the local government though.
388Southern PatriotWhy Bluefield State Students R1968-04-014Bratten, Carolyn; Barker, Alan; Saunders, Alonzo; Christie, Sidney; Smith, HulettBluefield State College, West Virginia; student protest; racial discrimination; civil rights; hazing; militancy; suspension; free speechExplains why students at Bluefield State College rebelled due to declining black student population, lack of free speech, ans suspensions without hearings.
389Southern PatriotBrown Refused Bail in Virginia1968-04-014Brown, Rap; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Kunstler, William M.; Hirschkop, Philip J.federal court; riot; outbreak; ghetto; assassination; SNCC; habeas corpusRap Brown was refused bail in Richmond, Virginia amid the upheaval from the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
390Southern PatriotDr. King and the Militants1968-04-015King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lawson, James L.Black Organizing Project; violence; riot; militancy; black power; unityInterview with black Memphis students before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on how their new militant ideas differed from his non-violent method.
391Southern PatriotPortrait of a Mountaineer1968-04-015Fulcher, Robert; King, Martin Luther, Jr.poverty; poverty programs; black-white relationship; unity; common bond; Poor People's Campaign; racismStory of Robert Fulcher, a poor white West Virginia mountain native, that saw his common bond with his black neighbors through poverty and became included to the point of an invitation to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral.
392Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Dr. King: 1968-04-016King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lippman, Walterviolence; Vietnam War; political power; non-violenceReader Hugh B. Hester comments that Dr. King is as much a victim of the Vietnam War and the over use of presidential power as a soldier killed overseas.
393Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kangaroo C1968-04-016Mulloy, Joseph; King, Martin Luther, Jr.draft refusal; Selective Service Act; conscientious objector; Vietnam War; civil rights movementReader Arthur Corse comments on the court trial of Joseph Mulloy for draft refusal, and how the federal government did not give him a fair trial or sentence.
394Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Visi from 1968-04-016Freed, DonaldFederal Bureau of Investigation; civil rights movement; Peace and Freedom MovementReader Donald Freed explains his experience of being questioned by the FBI.
395Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Deeds1968-04-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.SCEF; black-white unity; black power; racismJack Minnis explains that the white people moved by the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. must follow their thoughts and words up with actions to truly achieve his goal of black-white unity.
396Southern PatriotInstead of Gun Running1968-04-017Brown, Rapgenocide; arms; guns; combat; McClellan Committee; anti-riot laws; oppression; racismThe essay explains how the people living in black neighborhoods can prevent violence through means other than guns and arming themselves.
397Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Measure of1968-04-017, 5Minnis, Jack; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Parks, Rosa; Braden, Annemurder; assassination; black-white unity; change; poor participation; political power; Vietnam War; redistribution of wealth; House Un-American Activities CommitteeAnne Braden explains her opinion that Dr. King was a great man not for his actions, but because he was willing to stand up for an unpopular cause in spite of criticism or government persecution.
398Southern PatriotStudents Are Scapegoats in Uns1968-04-018Boruff, A. J.; Keel, Gary; Owens, Robert L.; Tigher, Hope, III; Scott, Josephmurder; explosives; arrest; student arrest; shooting; Student Social Action Committee; black power; militancyStudents at Knoxville College in Tennessee are being used as scapegoats for the unsolved murder of a cab driver on the night of police induced anger on the campus.
399Southern PatriotTulane Free Speech Movement Fl1968-04-018Stibbs, John H.; Longenecker, Herbert E.; Phelps, Ashton; Gordon, Ericfree speech movement; Tulane University; vulgar images; sexual themes; student protest; obscenityStudents at Tulane University started a brief free speech movement after the administration refused to allow them to publish pictures in the school paper that the administration deemed obscene.
400Southern PatriotKnoxville 4 Free on Bail1968-05-011Tigner, Pete; Keel, Gary; Scott, Joseph; Wallace, Donald; Boruff, A. J.; Lockridge, John; Waggoner, Bernard; Blackburn, Clarencemurder; Knoxville College, Tennessee; conspiracy; explosives; student protest; classroom boycottFour Knoxville College students are free on bail after being charged with the murder of a white cab driver after several student and community protests.
401Southern PatriotKlansman Leads Struggle1968-05-011, 8Jacobs, Lloyd; Overby, Claude; Overby, Ruby; Bounds, LeeKu Klux Klan; NAACP; prison reform; poverty; picket lines; jail conditions; black-white unity; prison riotKlan leader is joining both races in order to march for prison reform due to horrific conditions in the North Carolina jails.
402Southern PatriotWhite Kentuckian Joins the Mar1968-05-011, 4Johnson, Cliston; Fulcher, Robert; Abernathy, RalphPoor People's Committee; unemployment; coal miningJobless Kentuckian Cliston Johnson joined the march in Washington, D.C. of the Poor People's Committee because he felt the poor white masses should also join the campaign.
403Southern PatriotPPC Asked: Demand End of Repre1968-05-011, 7Brown, RapSteering Committee Against Repression; peace group; civil rights; Poor People's Campaign; black militant leadersThe Steering Committee Against Repression met and drafted a set of demands to the federal government to end repression against people fighting for social change.
404Southern Patriot"Demilitarize the Police"1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Sellers, Cleveland; Abernathy, Ralph; Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, DonSCEF; police weapons stockpile; Vietnam War cost; poverty; Poor People's Campaign; SCLC; SNCCReview of SCEF board demands including the demilitarization of the Louisville police force that is stockpiling arms and an end to the Vietnam War.
405Southern PatriotU.G.A. Cancels SSOC Meeting1968-05-012Cowen, Lindsay; Jones, MarshallSouthern Student Organizing Committee; room cancellation; student protest; picket lineThe University of Georgia canceled the room reservation for the fifth annual conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) which caused backlash when they were unable to meet on campus.
406Southern PatriotBook Notes: Contemporary St. P1968-05-012Jordan, Clarenceracism; Koinonia Farm; peaceReview of Clarence Jordan's translation of St Paul's letters in the "The Cotton Patch Version of Paul's Epistles."
407Southern PatriotEmigration to Canada1968-05-012Toronto Anti-Draft Program; Canadian immigrationDetails about the booklet "Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada" published by the Toronto Anti-Draft League.
408Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Hunger Co1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Wilson, Marvincivil rights; hunger; malnutrition; anti-picketing law; racism; union recognition; class boycott; student demonstrationA review of the past month's events.
409Southern PatriotMulloy Free1968-05-012Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, Donbond; draft refusalJoe Mulloy and Don Pratt are free on bail after being sentenced for refusing induction into the army.
410Southern PatriotThe Cone Union Drive - One Yea1968-05-013Marley, Blondzie; Younts, J. B.; Torrain, Walter; Torrain, Linda; Crisman, James; Rumley, JimCone textile mills; union drive; workers' rights; Textile Workers' Union of America; strike; black-white unityThe drive to unionize cotton mills in North Carolina has failed due to the lack of support from the Textile Workers' Union of America and a lack of black-white unity.
411Southern PatriotSellers Gets Five Years1968-05-013Sellers, Cleve; Edenfield, Newell; Owens, DannySNCC; draft refusal; racism; Vietnam WarCleve Sellers was sentenced to five years in prison after refusing the draft. He stated the only people that could sentence him were black people.
412Southern PatriotJohn Collier Dies1968-05-013Collier, John;; Williams, Aubrey W.American Indians; SCEFJohn Collier, former U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, died May 8th in Taos, New Mexico at the age of 84.
413Southern PatriotTenants Faced With Eviction1968-05-013Henderson, Rosa; Hunter, Vernice; Acton, Randall; Davis, Jeanpublic housing; eviction; garbage; Public Housing Tenants AssociationTenants of public housing in Louisville, Kentucky are facing eviction for issues over garbage in the area. However, they explain they face the same issues as those who live in private homes and they are not faced with eviction.
414Southern PatriotPoverty Kills Two Soldiers1968-05-014Tate, Charles; McDaniel, AndrewPoor People's Campaign; Vietnam WarTwo young, poor black boys from Memphis, Tennessee were killed in Vietnam after enlisting in the army because they could not find work elsewhere.
415Southern PatriotNotes From MIssissippi1968-05-014Jones, Suzie; Hamer, Fannie Loupoverty; SCLC; black teachers; police violence; sharecroppers; unityNotes the efforts of the poor people in Mississippi to help their neighbors in need of food and assistance.
416Southern PatriotHispano Leaders Put in Jail1968-05-014Tijerina, Reies; Clark, RamseyPoor People's Campaign; HispanoReies Tijerina and twelve others were arrested in Washington on an old kidnapping charge and held on $250,000 bail.
417Southern PatriotWomen on the Move1968-05-014King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.Women on the Move for Equality Now; plaque dedicationThe group Women On the Move for Equality Now (W.O.M.E.N.) placed flowers on the balcony where King was shot.
418Southern PatriotHow to Get Out of the Draft1968-05-015Fife, Darlene; Colby, Mike; Carpenter, Arthur; McCorble, Mikeydraft avoidance; draft canceling; New Orleans Movement for a Democratic Society; Vietnam War; Draft Registers' UnionExplains the ways other men have successfully avoided the draft, and introduces organizer Darlene Fife, who is involved with draft canceling.
419Southern PatriotRevolt at Kentucky State [Arti1968-05-015King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; McClellan, James; Westmoreland, CarlKentucky State College; arson; student protest; student suspensions; student violenceA revolt at Kentucky State College sparked arrests and suspension after violence and fires broke out.
420Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: To Martin 1968-05-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Kunstler, William M.PoetryPoem about Martin Luther King, Jr.
421Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Why Ghetto1968-05-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Porter, SylviaMemphis Tennessee uprising; ghetto; stores; looting; riots; high prices; high interest rates; povertyArticle explains that stores attacked by looters may be targeted due to high prices and interest rates that causes poor people to feel like they are being taken advantage of.
422Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Atlanta Pr1968-05-016police; black colleges; violence; Vietnam War; race; poverty; President of Atlanta University CenterPresident of Atalanta University Centers asks the local police to stay out of black college campuses to prevent violence and allow students a safe place to express new ideas.
423Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Lesso1968-05-017Luce, Philip; Minnis, Jack; McClellan, James Poor People's Campaign; federal funding; budget cuts; HUAC; povertyThe Poor People's Campaign is fighting for the US government to meet all of its demands. However, the House Un-American Activities Committee and senator McClellan are speaking out against the group.
424Southern PatriotWhite Response to Black Revolt1968-05-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; black rebellion; Center for Emergency Support; violence; mass arrest; food collection; assistanceThe white people of Washington, D.C. responded to black rebellions in the city in the wake of King's death by providing support and relief.
425Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: White Racism i1968-05-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr; Braden, Carlwhite racism; black power; unity; poverty; infighting; SCLC; Vietnam War; low wage labor; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing WorkEditorial about white racism as a symptom of the greater problem of the U.S. political system that keeps groups from organizing by forcing them apart.
426Southern PatriotPoor Face Welfare Cut1968-05-018Bonin, Garland; Delair, Audrey; Kiefer, Nat; Gill, Williamshunger; poverty; food stamps; malnutrition; federal funding; Welfare Rights MovementPeople in Louisiana are facing cuts to their welfare funding, specifically to the food stamp program.
427Southern PatriotWhy School Bonds are Defeated1968-05-018poverty; Appalachia; education; Council for Better Education; public knowledge; private meeting; school bondsThe poor students in Bluefield, West Virginia lack a quality education due to a lack of funding and the board not allowing the school bonds to be issued.
428Southern PatriotKnoxville, Tenn: Tigner Charge1968-06-011Tigner, Pete; Boruff, A. J.murder; Knoxville College; mistrialPete Tigner charged with the murder of cab driver A. J. Boruff at Knoxville College.
429Southern PatriotLouisville, KY: Police Cause O1968-06-011, 4Schmied, Kenneth; Clifford, Michael; Reid, Manfred; Hawkins, Sam; Kuyu, Bob; Cortez, Jamesghetto; black rebellion; interracial living; race relations; open housing; Black Unity League of Kentucky; SNCC; militancy; black power; police violenceThe black community of Louisville, Kentucky rose to stop police violence and improve conditions in city ghettos. Police responded with violence killing protesters, which sparked involvement in white activists.
430Southern PatriotGainesville, Fla: Black Milita1968-06-011, 3Dawkins, Jack; Thomas, Carol; Adkins, James C.; Waller, Joe; Wilcox, Levymilitancy; black leaders; arrest; repression; black peoples' movement; demonstration; AFL-CIO; ghetto; racism; fire bombing; black powerGainesville, Florida is controlling black militant leaders through arrests, high bonds, and the threat of long prison sentences.
431Southern PatriotPoor People Begin Getting Toge1968-06-011, 6Carmichael, StokelyPoor People's Campaign (PPC); poverty; integration; unity; voter fraudPoor people from across the nation are beginning to unite in spite of race due to the common problems they all face.
432Southern PatriotSummer Reading: Some Heroes of1968-06-012Sterne; Emma; Gelders, Joseph; Braden, Anne; Zellner, Robert; Juarez, Benitosouthern whites; freedom; civil rightsReview of Emma Sterne's "They Took Their Stand" about white activists in the South.
433Southern Patriot...And Some Villians1968-06-012Sherrill, Robert; Wallace, Georgesegregationists; southern politiciansReview of "Gothic Politics in the Deep South" by Robert Sherrill.
434Southern PatriotKing's Last Book is Re-issued1968-06-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; King, Coretta ScottKing's last published book _Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?_ has been re-issued in paperback with a foreword from his Widow.
435Southern PatriotA Black Power Testament1968-06-012Barbour, Floyd powerReview of _The Black Power Revolt_ edited by Floyd B. Barbour.
436Southern PatriotLaw Reporter to Cease Publicat1968-06-012Vanderbilt University School of Law; civil rightsThe Race Relations Law Reporter from the School of Law at Vanderbilt University has ceased publication.
437Southern PatriotUnsatisfactory Study of HUAC1968-06-012Goodmen, WalterHouse Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)Review of Walter Goodmen's "The Committee."
438Southern PatriotMulloy, Pratt Free on Bail1968-06-012Mulloy, Joe; Gordan, James; Pratt, Don; Mulloy, KarenSCEF mountain organizer; draft refusal; Appalachian Volunteers; picket lineJoe Mulloy and Don Pratt are free on bail after the Sixth Court of Appeals set aside $10,000 of their bond.
439Southern PatriotNew Case Against Strip Mining1968-06-013Caudill, Harrystrip mining; land destruction; coal companies; land slidesStrip mining is attacked by local residents and other opponents who site land destruction and broad form deed interpretation.
440Southern PatriotFlorida Students Fight Repress1968-06-013Jones, Marshall; Dawkins, Jack; Thomas, Carol; Lewin, AlanUniversity of Florida; student movement; tenure; censorship; black militants; contempt of court; non-violent resistanceStudents at the University of Florida are fighting for the tenure of Marshall Jones after he was accused of supporting student radicals.
441Southern PatriotThe People's Forum1968-06-016picket line; Louisville rebellion; breach-of-the-peace arrest; human rights; poverty; prison conditionReader Mary Britting explains the degradation she experienced while in prison after being arrested in the Louisville uprising.
442Southern PatriotTwo Student Leaders Suspended1968-06-014Dallas, Flinn; Davidson, Fred C.; Simpson, DaveUniversity of Georgia; movement for Co-ed equality; sit in; female equality; radical student movementTwo students at the University of Georgia, who were involved in a campus wide protest for equal treatment for women on campus, were suspended for their involvement.
443Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: People Cov1968-06-016Baker, PatriciaPoor People's Campaign (PPC); Native American RightsA Native American woman, Patricia Baker, expresses her trust in the _Southern Patriot_ after participating in the Poor People's Campaign March in Washington, D.C.
444Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Wantes Gua1968-06-016Frazier, JackPoor People's March on Washington; Share the Wealth Plan; Guaranteed Minimum IncomeReader Jack Frazier feels there should be a guaranteed minimum and maximum income, not just a minimum.
445Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Set-Up f1968-06-016Braden, Carl; Minnis, Jack; Abernathy, Ralph; Amery, Alwhite racism; government; educationReader Al Amery commends the _Southern Patriot_ for their publication.
446Southern PatriotThe Poor People's Forum: Sugge1968-06-016Allen, DonnaPoor People's Campaign; poverty; human rights; political powerReader Donna Allen explains how she feels the poor should approach congress to gain more rights.
447Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Effec1968-06-017Kennedy, Bobby; McCarthy, Eugenecapitalism; economic stimulus; change; organized labor; governmentEditorial on how the death of Bobby Kennedy marks the end of the fight for the continuation of modern capitalism. Jack Minnis urges all readers to continue Kennedy's fight.
448Southern PatriotHonesty in Organizing1968-06-017Mulloy, JoeAppalachian Volunteers (AV); Vietnam War; local issues; trust; strip mining; draft quota; honestyEditorial about the issues faced by organizing groups how the beliefs and feelings of the organizing head can affect the whole cause.
449Southern PatriotBrown's "Crime" and Punishment1968-06-017Brown, Rap; Carmichael, Stokely; Kunstler, William; Mitchell, Lansinggun charge; political trial; SNCC; office bombing; conspiracy; arson; federal investigationRap Brown was targeted by the government for being a militant black leader, and they used the law and court system to control his movements.
450Southern PatriotReport from Resurrection City1968-06-018Tijerina, Reies; Overdorf, Jim; Byrd, RobertHighlander Center; Appalachia; sedition; unity; Native American relations; race relations; povertyPeople from Eastern Kentucky traveled to Resurrection City and experienced unity with other groups of the nation's poor people.
451Southern PatriotAppalachian Meeting Attracts 61968-06-018Young, Andrew; Atcheley, Clifford; Fleming, Billy Ray; Fulcher, Robert; Johnson, ClistonPoor People's Campaign; black-white unity; Community Action Federation; racism; Appalachians; welfare; non-violence; head startA group of both black and white Appalachian residents met as part of the Poor People's Campaign to discuss issues with welfare and other governmental programs.
452Southern PatriotPoll Watchers Attacked1968-06-018Chafin, Thomas; Adkins, Steve; Meyers, W. A., Sr.; Hamilton, C. J.; Artis, HarryMingo County Fair Elections Committee; violence; intimidation; bought votes; voter fraud; kickbacksThe residents of Mingo County still face issues of voter fraud as those trying to collect evidence of the violations were attacked and threatened.
453Southern PatriotCoalition of Poor People1968-09-011Tijerina, ReiesPoor People's Campaign; National Poor People's Coalition; Resurrection City; Racial unityReies Tijerina announced the formation of the National Poor People's Coalition after the end of the Poor People's Campaign.
454Southern PatriotPolitics of Coalition Behind t1968-09-011, 8Evers, Charles; Ramsey, Claude; Guyot, Laurence; Kennedy, Robert; Carter, Hodding, III1968 National Democratic Convention; Loyal Democrats of Mississippi; black-white unity; black delegates; discrimination; voter fraud; Loyalist CoalitionIssues of equality is the Mississippi Democratic Party as the only delegates are white and they face issues of fraud and discrimination at the polls.
455Southern PatriotSNCC Alters its Structure1968-09-011Stanford, Max; Newton, Huey; Carmichael, Stokely; Sellers, Cleve; Ferguson, Herman; Brown, RapSNCC; restructuring; repression; militant black leaders; persecution; racismAt their annual staff meeting in June, the SNCC restructured its organization to better fight repression and the persecution of militant black leaders.
456Southern PatriotLabor Revolt Brews on Sugar Pl1968-09-011, 3Eastland, James O.; Walter, Jimfarm labor; organized labor; field workers; National Labor Relations Board; bargaining rights; exclusion from coverage; minimum wageLaborers in Louisiana sugar plantations are stirring to revolt against the corporate farmers due to lack of organizing rights and lack of making a minimum wage.
457Southern PatriotStrip Miners Win Decision1968-09-011Caudill, Harry; Hill, Edward P.Court of Appeals, anti-strip mine battleLand owners in Eastern Kentucky lost their appeal against the strip miners that were given the right to destroy the top layer of land.
458Southern PatriotRepression Continues in Housto1968-09-011, 2Johnson, Lee Otis; Johnson, HelenTexas Southern University; trespassing; police brutality; militancy; riot; McClellan CommitteePolice brutality in Houston continues against organizers as the Johnsons were arrested and Helen was severely beaten in jail. The Texas Southern University 5 case is also at a standstill when the prosecution asked it be moved to a small town to guarantee
459Southern PatriotNews in Review: Campaigners Le1968-09-012Abernathy, Ralph; Overby, Frankpoverty; civil rights movement; garbage worker strike; prison conditions; solitary confinement; South East Alabama Self Help Association; Vietnam War; federal spendingReview of the past month's events.
460Southern PatriotBook Notes: "Look Out, Whitey"1968-09-012Lester, Juliusblack power; government; civil rights movementReview of Julius Lester's "Look Out, Whitey! Black Power's Gon' Get Your Mama."
461Southern PatriotPike Officials Told - Return S1968-09-012McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Mulloy, Joe; Mulloy, Karen; Braden, Carl; Braden, Anne; Ratliff, Thomas; McClellan, JohnUS Court of Appeals; seized papers; SCEF; McClellan Committee; sedition; unconstitutionalThe US Court of Appeals ordered Pike County, Kentucky officials to return materials seized on a raid on organizers' homes where they were charged with sedition.
462Southern PatriotThe Grimke Sisters: Heroines o1968-09-012Lerner, Gerda; Grimke, Angelina; Grimke, Sarahwoman's history; abolition; feminism; liberationReview of Gerda Lerner's _The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina - Rebels Against Slavery_.
463Southern PatriotKentuckians Fight KUAC Probe1968-09-013Schoering, Edwin A.; McCall, John Tim; Nunn, LouisKentucky Un-American Activities Committee (KUAC); black rebellion; Louisville uprisingKUAC faces opposition as residents fight to bring an end to the committee and stop them from investigating the rebellion in Louisville.
464Southern PatriotMulloy Appeals Draft Sentence1968-09-013Mulloy, Joe; Sedler, Robert A.U.S. Court of Appeals; draft board; conscientious objector; Vietnam War; draft refusalJoe Mulloy is appealing his conviction of draft refusal on the basis that the draft board did not give his case proper consideration.
465Southern PatriotAli Appeals to Supreme Court1968-09-013Ali, Muhammad; Mulloy, JoeSelective Service System; racism; draft refusal; conscientious objector; U.S. Supreme CourtMuhammad Ali is appealing to the Supreme Court to overturn his conviction of draft refusal based on the racism of the Selective Service System.
466Southern PatriotWomen's Place1968-09-013Stinson, Ford; Fulco, Frank; Walker, Lillianwomen's rights; female jurors; freedomA bill in Louisiana was overturned that would have made it easier for women to serve on juries.
467Southern PatriotApartheid in Wallace Country1968-09-014Byrd, Calvin; Zellner, Bobracism; Mobile County, Alabama; poverty; Cajuns; segregation; education; integration; illiteracyThe people of Mobile, Alabama still face issues of discrimination and segregation between their three ethnic groups: Black, White and Cajun.
468Southern Patriot"Enlightened Despot" Rules Mor1968-09-014Doran, Adron; Vance, Kenneth; Arends, Robertfree speech; Morehead State University; ROTC; violence; repression; dissentMorehead State University president rules his college with an iron fist and fired four faculty members over a free speech fight.
469Southern PatriotGainesville's Most Dangerous P1968-09-015Thomas, Carol; Waller, Joe; Wilcox, Levi; Lee, Joe Frank; Dawkins, Jackjail; black militants; resisting arrest; violence; ghetto; demonstrations; poverty; racism; black-white unity; solitary confinementCarol Thomas was sentenced to six months in jail for resisting arrest without violence. She is being used as a scapegoat by the city to try to end demonstrations and organizers.
470Southern PatriotHow to Lose Welfare Benefits -1968-09-015Fleming, Billy Ray; Atcheley, Clifford; Mitchell, Dewey; Smith, Hulettwelfare, camp-inThe men had their welfare benefits cut off because they missed part of their work program while demonstrating to improve welfare benefits.
471Southern PatriotLetter From Alachua County Jai1968-09-015Thomas, Carol; Waller, Joe; Wilcox, Levisolitary confinement; prison conditions; hunger strike; riotCarol Thomas writes a letter form jail explaining the conditions and how the government is creating laws to punish demonstrators.
472Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On Organiz1968-09-016Mulloy, Joe; Minnis, Jack; Spragens, Johnorganizers; Louisville uprising; conspiracy chargesReader John Spragens expresses his appreciation for the June edition of the _Southern Patriot_.
473Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Racist Ter1968-09-016Montgomery, Sarahgypsies; racism; racist termReader Sarah Montgomery informs the _Southern Patriot_, and its readers, that the word "gyp" is a racist term for gypsies.
474Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Superficia1968-09-016McCarthy, Eugene; Minnis, Jack; Commager, Henry SteeleresearchReader Bernice Noar expresses upset over Jack Minnis' article about Eugene McCarthy in the June edition of the _Southern Patriot_.
475Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: An Economi1968-09-016Braden, Carl; Durr, Virginiawhite racism; poverty; black powerReader Virginia Durr agrees with Carl Braden's article about white racism and how poverty is the true issue.
476Southern PatriotReader Reports: How Cuba Wiped1968-09-016Batista, Fulgencio; Prio, Carolos; Wallace, Sonja De VriesCuba; integration; black-white relations; Guantanamo Naval Base; insurrection; racism; mulattoReader Sonja De Vries Wallace observes the integrated society of Cuba.
477Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Question o1968-09-017Braden, Carlpoverty; laborers; unity; electoral process; election fraud; political action; SCEFBraden explains the purpose of the SCEF, that it is to improve the lives of the American people through political action.
478Southern PatriotDraft Resistance Unions1968-09-017Coleman, Lesdraft resistance; draft refusal; community resistanceExcerpts from Les Coleman's article about draft resistance organizations
479Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: "Not 1968-09-017Bonaparte, Charles J.; Minnis, JackFederal Bureau of Investigation; news coverageMinnis gives a brief history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on their 60th "birthday."
480Southern PatriotWhat Poor People Are Demanding1968-09-017Terry, Peggyanti-union laws; taxes; voting age; pay; Appalachia; guaranteed annual incomePeggy Terry lists demands that have been set forth by the Southern Mountain People to be sent to the government.
481Southern PatriotLouisville Finds Scapegoats1968-09-018Cortez, James; Hawkins, Sam; Kuyu, RobertLouisville rebellion; scapegoat; SNCC; demonstration; jail; protestThe authorities in Louisville, Kentucky are using three agitators as scapegoats for the May rebellions in the city ghettos.
482Southern PatriotUn-American - That's SCEF1968-09-018House Un-American Activities Committee; SCEF; propagandaHUAC defines what it is to be Un-American and attacks the SCEF.
483Southern PatriotThousands Petition Senate -- S1968-09-018Eastland, James O.; Humphrey, HubertMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; human rights groups; senate investigationThousands of Americans are protesting the senate investigation of MFDP and other human rights groups because they feel they threaten political power.
484Southern PatriotNew Politics in Alabama1968-10-011, 3Wallace, George; Cashin, John; Vance, Robert; Vann, David; Branch, William; Flowers, Richmond; Zyllman, Jackrevolt; National Democratic Party of Alabama; politics; Alabama Independent Democratic Party; voter registration; radicalismA new political party in Alabama has formed, the National Democratic Party of Alabama, to fight the current political machine.
485Southern PatriotWorkers Strike Back1968-10-011, 8Sellers, Granville; Peebles, JackMasonite Corporation; black-white race relations; union; Ku Klux Klan; Wackenhut Corporation; SCEF; leaflet; working conditionsWorkers at the Masonite Corporations in Laurel, Mississippi are continuing their battle for improved working conditions and the right to unionize.
486Southern PatriotTexas Jails its Militants1968-10-011Jackson, Larry; McMillan, Ernest; Stroud, JoshSNCC; SDS; Afro-Americans for Black Liberation; organizing; jail; anti-labor lawOfficials in Texas are using arrests to control organizations and organizers in their state.
487Southern PatriotJudge Frees Carol Thomas1968-10-011Thomas, Carol; Murphree, John A. H.; Duncan, Tedjail; release; militancy; high bondCarol Thomas was freed from jail in Gainesville, Florida after serving half of her six month sentence for resisting arrest without violence.
488Southern PatriotMemorial for Sourwine1968-10-012Sourwine, Julien G.; Eastland, James O.; Dombrowski, James A.; Smith, Benjamin E.; Waltzer, Bruce; Kinoy, ArthurLouisiana Un-American Activities Committee (LUAC); SCEF; raid; subversive activitySCEF has decided to use the funds from suing Sourwine totaling $777 to start the J.G. Sourwine Memorial Fund to help people facing government intrusion.
489Southern PatriotShuttlesworth's Church Burns i1968-10-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.Greater New Light Baptist Church; mortgageThe Greater New Light Baptist Church burned its mortgage after only three years. The pastor is Fred L. Shuttlesworth.
490Southern PatriotOfficial Bring More Charges Ag1968-10-012Sellers, Cleveland; Edenfield, Newell; Black, HugoSNCC; jail; draft refusal; concealed weaponCleveland Sellers was arrested after posting bail on his draft refusal charges for carrying a concealed weapon in Louisianna
491Southern PatriotBook Notes: Algiers Motel Inci1968-10-012Hersey, John; Cooper, Carl; Pollard, Auburey; Temple, Fredghetto; murder; Algiers; hotelReview of "The Algiers Motel Incident" by John Hersey.
492Southern PatriotBiography of a Neglected Hero1968-10-012Higginson, Thomas Wentworth; Meyer, Howard N.First South Carolina Volunteers; abolition; women's rightsA review of _Colonel of Black Regiment_ written by Howard N. Meyer.
493Southern PatriotThe Trial of Gurley Flynn1968-10-012Lamont, Carliss; Flynn, Elizabeth Gurleycommunism; American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)A review of "The Trial of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn by the American Civil Liberties Union" edited by Carliss Lamont.
494Southern PatriotMagazine Articles1968-10-012Cowan, Paul; Menninger, Karl; Hentoff, NatMississippi Summer Project; dissentPresents a review of recent magazine articles.
495Southern PatriotBOO Workers Battle Chemical Gi1968-10-013Wendell, L. B.Union Carbide Chemical Plant; strike; organized labor; bargaining rights; mass picketing; violenceBOO workers at the Union Carbide Chemical Plant are striking due to low wages, work jurisdiction, and sub-contracting.
496Southern PatriotCalif. Grape Boycott Spreads i1968-10-014Reagan, RonaldCalifornia grape pickers; SCEF; strike; United Farm Workers' Organizing Committee; boycott; violence; minimum wage; collective bargainingThe _Southern Patriot_ calls for people across the South to boycott California grapes to support striking grape pickers against the growers.
497Southern PatriotSCLC Convnetion Report1968-10-014Abernathy, Ralph; Guevara, Che; Young, Andrew; Jackson, JesseSCLC; unemployment; poverty; racism; annual convention; youthReport of the events and speeches at SCLC's annual convention in Memphis, Tennessee.
498Southern PatriotHouston Militant Sentenced to 1968-10-014Johnson, Lee OtisSNCC; Black Panther Party; arrest; repression; police brutalityLee Otis Johnson was sentenced to thirty years in prison for one marijuana cigarette.
499Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On the Wom1968-10-016Lester, Julius; Allen, DonnaWomen Strike for Peace; women's rightsReader Donna Allen thanks the _Southern Patriot_ for printing her article in the June edition, and corrects one error.
500Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Readers Re1968-10-016Braden, Carl; Minnis, Jack; Amery, Al; Schmitz, AdeleReaders Al Amery and Adele Schmitz comment on previous stories that have ran in the _Southern Patriot_.
501Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Report Fro1968-10-016Thomas, CarolSt. Petersburg, Florida; police brutality; arrest; high bond; black militant; solitary confinementCarol Thomas comments on the political and police issues in St. Petersburg, Florida.
502Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Letter fro1968-10-016Johnson, Lee Otisracism; discrimination; black rightsLee Otis Johnson writes a letter from jail explains his beliefs on racism in America.
503Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Great 1968-10-016McSurely, Alsedition laws; scare tactics; The article contains excerpts from a speech given by Al McSurely concerning the raid and arrest of himself, his wife and other organizers in Pike County, Kentucky.
504Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: A Com1968-10-017Wynn, Douglas; Clark, Ed; Clark, Joe; Rawh, Joe; Minnis, JackMississippi Challenge; Democratic National Convention; SNCC; politicsJack Minnis compares the two challenges by Mississippi activities to the all white state democratic party at the National Convention in both 1964 and 1968.
505Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: Racist Violenc1968-10-017Braden, Carl; King, A. D.violence; police brutality; repression; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee; rebellion; high bondViolence in Kentucky against organizers for equal rights, and black people in general, has increased in the last three months. Also, the police are using arrests and high bonds as other forms of repression.
506Southern PatriotWallace in New Orleans1968-10-018Higson, Mike; Wallace, George; Wallace, Lurleen; Perez, Leander; Lundberg, FerdinandAmerican Independent Party; demonstration; racism; picket; politicsGeorge Wallace gave a speech in New Orleans; he was trying to convince people he was different. Columnist Mike Higson disagrees and says Wallace is "just another chip off the same block."
507Southern PatriotKentucky Miners Free1968-10-018Engle, Charles; Hensley, Bige; Turney, Claytonpicket; parole; poverty; clemencyThe miners that were jailed in Hazard, Kentucky are all now free on parole after being convicted for plotting to blow up a bridge and sentenced to six years in jail.
508Southern PatriotSt. Louis Puts Black Liberator1969-02-011, 8Hardy, Donald; Koen, Charles; Powell, Adam Clayton; Carmichael, Stokely; Hutchins, Phil; Dent, Leonmilitancy; Black Liberators; SNCC; electoral politics; paramilitary structure; repression; raid; arrestFour members of the Black Liberators and two SNCC members were put on trial in St. Louis for minor offences.
509Southern PatriotMCClellan Postpones Hearing: S1969-02-011, 4McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, John; Mulloy, Joe; Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Ratliff, Thomas; Holcomb, RobertSCEF; McClellan Committee; hearing postponement; raid; seized documents; poverty; rebellionThe appearances of the McSurelys before the McClellan committee has been postponed again in order for McClellan to consolidate his position. SCEF plans to challenge the committee.
510Southern PatriotWhitley is Elected Chairman of1969-02-011, 8Whitely, Clifton; Guyot, Lawrence; Hammer, Fannie Lou; Clark, Robert; Higson, MikeMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; SCEF; loyalists; poverty; black politicians; Sunflower CityThe Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP) elected Clifton Whitley as their chairman and sets the program for the next year. They plan on running candidates as independents.
511Southern PatriotMcClellan: The Man Behind the 1969-02-011, 4, 5McClellan, John; McMath, Sid; Pearson, Drew; Ross, Robert Tripp; Moses, Ham; McCarthy, JoeMcClellan Committee; investigation; law and order; anti-lynching legislation; fair employment legislation; ghetto; rebellion; anti-labor; Taft-Hartley Act; fifth amendment; minimum wage; oil industry; rural electric co-operatives; Vietnam War; McCarthyismA brief biological and political history of Senator John McClellan from Arkansas, who is the chairman of the Permanent Investigations Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations.
512Southern PatriotRev. Howard Melish Returns to 1969-02-012Melish, WIlliam Howard; Melish, John Howard; Eisenhower, Dwight D.; Lodge, Henry Cabot; Sidener, Herman S.; Thomas, Robert K.Grace Church; SCEF; free speech; National Council of American-Soviet FriendshipReverend William Howard Melish is returning to Grace Epsicopal Church after spending twenty years fighting for free speech.
513Southern PatriotSCEF Has Two New Representativ1969-02-012McManus, Jane; Rosenblum, Sandra; Ruman, Marilyn; Hanish, Carol; Baker, Ella J.SCEF; the _Guardian_; House Un-American Activities Committee; protestMarilyn Ruman and Jane McManus will work for the SCEF as representatives.
514Southern PatriotMemorial to Lil Landau1969-02-012Landau, Lil; Marcantonio, VitoSCEF; human rights; voting rights; unityA living memorial has been established in Lil Landau's name.
515Southern PatriotMine Safety Fight Begins at Gr1969-02-013Nader, Ralph; Buff, I. E.; Hechler, Ken; Nunn, Louie; Hubbard, Walter, Jr.; Anderson, Clinton; Kirkpatrick, H. N.; Handley, Cletus; Gibson, Thomasmining; Appalachian coal fields; mine safety; black lung disease; United Mine Workers of AmericaA grassroots movement has begun to improve coal mining safety and helping to prevent occurrences of black lung disease.
516Southern PatriotSupreme Court Won't Hear HUAC 1969-02-014Shelton, Robert; Krebs, Allen M.; Teague, Walter Darwin, III; Kinoy, ArthurU.S. Supreme Court; House Un-American Activities Committee; free expressionThe U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear three cases challenging the HUAC.
517Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Mr. Swg Re1969-02-016Swig, Benjamin H.; Eliashaw, StellaRoosevelt Hotel; strike; unionLetter from Benjamin Swig about a strike at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.
518Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Wilmington1969-02-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Terry, Charles; Babiarz, JohnPeople Against Racism; rebellion; assassination; jail; national guard; arrestPamphlet explaining how the city of Wilmington, Delaware reacted to the uprising of the black community after King's Death.
519Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Lee Otis J1969-02-016Johnson, Lee Otispolitical prisoner; appeal; fund assistanceJohnson writes to ask for monetary help to fund his legal costs.
520Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On the Wom1969-02-016Allen, Donna; Rossi, Alice; Hacker, Sallywomen's rights; gender rolesReader Sally Hacker addresses what she believes to be the proper gender roles for both men and women.
521Southern PatriotCrusading Journal Forced to St1969-02-016Hillegas, Jan; Higson, MikeFreedom Information Service Newsletter; funding; radical; Council of Federated OrganizationsThe _Freedom Information Service_ newsletter had to stop publication due to lack of funding.
522Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-02-017Martin, Edward F.; Minnis, JackDemocratic Party; New Deal; hunger; subsidy; agriculture; business; finance; conspiracyJack Minnis examines the record of the Democratic Party since 1932.
523Southern PatriotOn the Drug Question1969-02-017McSurely; Margaretillegal drugs; arrest; opium; escape; oppressionMargaret McSurely writes an editorial on why drug use can sap an organizer's (and organization's) will to fight.
524Southern PatriotThe Story of Sammy Younge1969-02-017Younge, Sammy, Jr; Forman, James; Braden, AnneSouthern Freedom Movement; Tukegee Institute; racial killing; SNCC; black collegeAnne Braden gives a synopsis of _Sammy Younge Jr._ by James Forman.
525Southern PatriotCivil Rights Lawyers Under Att1969-02-018Simon, Tobias; Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, William M.; Hirschkop, Phil H.; Kinoy, Arthurcivil rights; lawyers; disbarment; courtroom conductTwo civil rights lawyers are facing disbarment in Kentucky and Florida.
526Southern PatriotBlack Students Head Boycott at1969-02-011, 8Dolci, Carl J.; Schwertz, Joseph S.desegregation; Fortier High School, New Orleans; discrimination; boycott; Black Student Union; black history; SNCCBlack students at Fortier High School in New Orleans are leading a boycott against discrimination and lack of a black student league.
527Southern PatriotWallace Forces Seek to Rebuild1969-03-011Turnipseed, Tom; Jones, Bill; Johnson, Jim; Courtney, Kent; Walters, Bob; Smoot, DanAssociation of Wallace Voters; American Independent Party; politicsA group calling themselves the Association of Wallace Voters is meeting to try to continue the American Independent Party.
528Southern PatriotMilitant Black Organization Em1969-03-011, 8Kenyatta, Zeke; Waller, Joe; Fullwood, Charlesgarbage worker strike; black militants; Junta of Militant Organizations; unity; black history; SNCCThe Junta of Militant Organizations, a militant black group, has emerged in St. Petersburg, Florida in the aftermath of the garbage workers' strike.
529Southern Patriot17-Year-Old Girl Sentenced to 1969-03-011murder; robbery; death penalty; Shaw University; Rocky Mount, North CarolinaA seventeen-year-old girl in Rocky Mount, North Carolina was sentenced to death for the murder and robbery of a white merchant.
530Southern PatriotPolice in Kentucky Town Harass1969-03-012prostitution; gambling; Western State University; student questioning; police threatPolice in Bowling Green, Kentucky have been harassing students at Western State University instead of focusing on eliminating prostitution and gambling.
531Southern PatriotTwo Books About Slavery1969-03-012Lester, Julius; Sterne, Emma Gelders; Giovanopoulos, Paulslavery; slave ship; Federal Writers' ProjectA review of Julius Lester's _To Be A Slave_ and Emma Gelders Sterne's _The Long Black Schooner_.
532Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1969-03-012Cortez, James R.; O'Leary, John F.; Levy, Howard B.; Dahmer, Vernon; Wilson, Charles; Duvernay, Ramond; Young, Dorothy; Shelton, Roberthigh bond; mine safety regulations; school segregation; sleep-in; appeal; bombing; draft refusal; House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC); student demonstration.A review of March's events.
533Southern PatriotDurhams' ACT - A Voice of the 1969-03-013Hicks, Basie; Hicks, Doug; Matlock, Cuba; Sharron, Shirley; Boyte, Harry C.; Landerman, Dick; Boyte, SaraACT; poverty; neighborhood council; SNCC; black liberation movement; federal funding; black-white relations; public housingACT, a new organization in Durham, North Carolina is trying to help poor white residents gain a voice in the community.
534Southern PatriotMississippi Belle Says "Goodby1969-03-014Carpenter, Cassellobscenity; _Kudzu); antebellum upbringing; SNCC; Mississippi Summer Project; violence; Ole Miss; Young Democrats Club; Milsaps College; SSOC; arrestCassell Carpenter, raised in Natchez, Mississippi, went from Southern Belle to being charged with obscenity for her work in the _Kudzu_.
535Southern PatriotWentworth Strike Won1969-03-014Wentworth Manufacturing Company; strike; black-white unity; contract; SCLC; integrationWorkers at the Wentworth Manufacturing Company in two small South Carolina towns won their negotiations after a four month strike.
536Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: More About1969-03-016McSurely, Margaret; Edmonds, Josephwomen's rights; poverty; legal equalityReader Joseph Edmonds commends the _Southern Patriot_ for discussing the issue of women's rights.
537Southern PatriotThe People's Form: Drug Questi1969-03-016marijuana; research; drugsReader Barry Greever is disappointed with the oversimplification of the drug issue in the October edition of the _Southern Patriot_.
538Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Three Forc1969-03-016Drukman, Masonblack/white liberals; black power; white radicals; repressionThe mayor of Gary, Indiana explains the forces within the civil rights movement and how they can help black gain equality.
539Southern PatriotThe People's Forum1969-03-016Margolin, Juliustrade union; work organizationCommunity leader Julius Margolin commends trade unions on their work.
540Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-03-017Minnis, JackTennessee Valley Authority; coal; Camp Breckinridge; competitive bidding; Island Creek Coal Company; mine safety; Bureau of MinesEditorial about coal mining in Tennessee and the involvement of the TVA.
541Southern PatriotSouthern Women Talk Freedom1969-03-017, 6Webb, Marilyn; Wells, Lynwomen's rights; SSOC; gender roles; New South; women's liberation groups; equality; women's movement; international rightsEditorial over a weekend conference of the Southern Women in Atlanta. They met to discuss their rights and roles in daily life.
542Southern Patriot"The Time For Movilizations Ha1969-03-017King, Martin Luther,; confrontation; human rights; demonstration; resistance; SSOCSSOC explains how the movement has reached a turning point in terms of mobilized protests and public resistance.
543Southern PatriotSouthern GI Movement Spreads1968-03-018Madison, Albert; Davis, Johnny; Toomer, Alfred; Levitan, Louissoldier movement; servicemen's union; Fort Jackson; Vietnam War; radical; _Short Times_; teach-in; repressionTroops from across the South are beginning to organize and protest war, racism and GI rights.
544Southern PatriotCola Miners' Strike Shakes Wes1969-04-011, 8Moore, Arch; Rockefeller, John D., IV; Buff, I. E.; Wells, Hawley; Rasmussen, Donald; Hechler, Ken; Boyle, W. A.; Brooks, Charlescoal mining; labor militancy; black lung disease; strike; United Mine Workers; rebellionMiners in West Virginia struck to demand help with the treatment and prevention of black lung disease. The senate passed a bill on the issue but ignored the miners' demands.
545Southern PatriotWRO Meets in Jackson to Decide1969-04-011, 2Ginny Guild; National Welfare Rights Organization; organizing; Appalachia; welfare issues; federal funding; Work Incentive Program; workshop; local baseThe National Welfare Rights Organization met in Jackson, Mississippi to discuss approaching the Nixon administration and build a base in the South.
546Southern PatriotRace-or-Class Debate Rages Amo1969-04-011, 4Joyce, Frank; Bevel, Charles; Gothard, Lou; Braden, Carl; Richardson, Dale; Zellner, Bob; Youngblood, Doug; Fields, Carl; Lloyd, Baldwin; Mulloy, Karen; Adams, Frank; Sulivan, AnibalHighlander Center; Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizing; racism; unity; counter-revolution; economy; radical; male chauvinism; socialism; Southern Mountain Project; Vista A three-day conference at the Highlander Center in Knoxville, Tennessee discussed issues of racism and the power structure of the United States. The main topic was how to place power in the hands of the common man.
547Southern PatriotBen Shahn: 1898 - 19691969-04-014Shahn, BenSCEF; black hospital; integration; hospital discrimination; SCEFObituary of Ben Shahn, activist known for his fight against hospital discrimination.
548Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Bethell, T. N.; Patterson, Lillie; Kaiser, Inez Yeargan; Hilton, Brucecoal; poverty; soul food; church civil rights groupList of articles and books that have been recently published.
549Southern PatriotSCEF Summer Tours1969-04-012McManus, JaneSCEF; fundraiserSCEF is raising money by sponsoring a series of summer tours to Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
550Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1969-04-012Ray, Jame Earl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Nunn, Louie B.; King, Slate; Gitleman, Merton; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Taylor, Daniel T., IIImurder; conspiracy; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee; free speech; Albany Movement; ACLU; appealReview of the events that have happened in April.
551Southern PatriotBlack Students Disrupt Califor1969-04-013Fuller, Howardblack student rebellion; Duke University; UNC Chapel HillOverview of the black student rebellion at the predominantly white campuses in North Carolina.
552Southern PatriotStudents Reject Duke Settlemen1969-04-013Scott, BobDuke University; National Guard; student rebellion; tear gas; marches, SSOCThe black students of Duke University, asking for high black enrollment rates and an African American Studies program, were dissatisfied with the efforts made by the school.
553Southern PatriotGovernor Orders Police onto Ch1969-04-013arrest; cafeteria workers' strike; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Black Student Movement; boycott; police occupationSeven students were arrested at UNC Chapel Hill for supporting a cafeteria workers' strike.
554Southern PatriotWhy Virginia Miner Joined the 1969-04-013Tiller, John; Lewis, John L.Vietnam War; Matewan Massacre; mining; VMW; police violence; Poor People's CampaignJohn Tiller, a white miner from Appalachian Virginia, explains why he became included with the Vietnam War protest.
555Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Battle Reach1969-04-015Young, Dorothy; Young, Yvonne; Gray, Bowie; Jackson, Robert; Burke, James; Houston, G. L.Worth County, Georgia; boycott; school integration; student boycott; arrest; school policy; conspiracy; fraud; voter registration; delinquencyThe residents of Worth County, Georgia are at a standstill over the fraud and conspiracy in their community. The main issue is the arrest and imprisonment of fourteen-year-old Dorothy Young for delinquency.
556Southern PatriotAVs Purge Edith Easterling1969-04-015Easterling, Edith; Walls, David; Mulloy, Joe; Ramsey, TomAppalachian Volunteers (AV); Office of Economic Improvement; anti-poverty; Marrowbone Folk School; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee (KUAC); seditionEdith Easterling was fired from the Appalachian Volunteers after the arrest of 5 other people for sedition. AV says the firing was not personal.
557Southern PatriotClothes for Appalachia1969-04-015Appalachian Relief Committee; Marrowbone Folk School; clothingThe Appalachian Relief Committee makes a plea for Spring and Summer clothes, toys and games for needy families.
558Southern PatriotNew Orleans Women Wage School 1969-04-016Schwertz, Joseph S.; Norman, Rhoda; Zellner, Dottie; Payzant, Tom; Dolce, Carl; Rosenberg, SamuelFortier High School; school boycott; school integration; women's action committee; Roosevelt Hotel Strike; student strikeThe student boycott of Fortier High School caused significant reaction from both local women's groups and the school administration.
559Southern PatriotMcSureley's Defy McClellan Ord1969-04-016, 8McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, John; Lamont, Carliss; Braden, Carl; Braden, Anne; Eastland, James; Kunstler, William M.records; seized documents; Bill of Rights violation; McCarthy trials; subpoenaThe McSurelys defied McClellan's order and did not bring the papers seized from their house in an illegal raid to their hearing.
560Southern PatriotSilencing Rap Brown1969-04-017Brown, Rap; Kunstler, William M.; Yates, William B., IIISNCC; persecution; fugitive warrant; arson; first amendment; militancyThe federal government is silencing the militant Rap Brown by forcing him to stay in Manhattan. He has been targeted for his speeches.
561Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-04-017Guthrie, Woodie; Perlo, Victor; Sloan, Alfred P., Jr.; Kent, Frank R.fraud; reading habits; civil rights movement; difficult reading material; learningJack Minnis explains that reading information about the people they are fighting against in the movement can be educational.
562Southern PatriotThe Great Speckled Bird - Atla1969-04-018Phillips, B. J.; Patterson, Eugene_The Great Speckled Bird_; alternative newspaper; underground paper; obscenity; Georgia Power_The Great Speckled Bird_, and underground Atlanta newspaper, celebrated it's one-year anniversary.
563Southern PatriotWorkers Challenge Laurel Power1969-05-011, 8Bush, Hazel; Ishee, Herbert; Landrum, Fredworking class; Mississippi Democratic Party; Masonite Corporation strikers; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; GROW; state police; petition; working people's candidate; militancyA group of strikers from the Masonite Corporation in Laurel, Mississippi have decided to fight the local power structure by forming their own political party and running for office in the upcoming municipal election.
564Southern PatriotLUAC Admits It Was Wrong1969-05-011, 6Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Dombrowski, James; Smith, Ben; Waltzer, BruceLouisiana Un-American Activities Committee (LUAC); SCEF; apology; subversion; raid; seized documentsLUAC apologizes for its attacks on the SCEF and the report it distributed based on documents seized from SCEF in an illegal raid.
565Southern PatriotCouple Cited1969-05-011McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, Johncontempt; documents; Senate Subcommittee; indictment; McClellan Committee; investigationThe senate voted to bring contempt of Congress charges against Alan and Margaret McSurely for refusing to hand over documents to the McClellan Committee.
566Southern PatriotClarksville Strike Enters Seco1969-05-011, 8Neuhoff, Lorenz; Stanfill, Bill; Chester, HowardFrosty Morn Meat Packing Plant; strike; boycott; black-white unity; labor organization; negotiation; wage increaseThe strike at the Frosty Morn meat packing plant in Clarksville, Tennessee is entering its second year because the management refuses to negotiate with workers. The strike has spread to two other plants and caused a boycott of the product from consumers.
567Southern PatriotSDS Action Divides SSOC Staff1969-05-012SSOC; Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); meeting; split; liberal; black liberation movement; reorganizationThe SSOC called a meeting to reorganize their organization after a split with SDS over the lack of a "mass base" and being a "liberal" not "radical" organization
568Southern PatriotNew Orleans Teachers' Strike B1969-05-012Wessel, William; Dolce, Carlstrike; American Federation of Teachers; collective bargaining vote; teacher sit-in; arrest; Fortier High School; black militantsA twelve-day strike in New Orleans ended when local teachers lost support from the local union. They did not win their requests.
569Southern PatriotMemphis Public Workers Organiz1969-05-013Trotter, J. B.; Paire, Mary E.; Dakins, Wally; Scruggs, Surfus,, Jr.; Spragens, Robert; Gillespie, Gilgarbage strike; public workers; hospital workers' strike; promotion; working conditions; minimum wageThe sanitation strike in Memphis, TN encouraged other public employees to strike.
570Southern PatriotMemphis Militants Come Under A1969-05-013Lawson, James; Turks, Royprotest; garbage strike; sit-in; Community on the Move for Equality; militancy; arrest; liberation; SCLC; the InvadersThe most militant black group in Memphis, the Invaders, has come under attack from local officials for the recent protests and demonstrations.
571Southern PatriotWho Rules the South1969-05-014Spencer, Howard; Kenyatta, Muhammad; King, Edwin; Thompson, Allen C.; Rogers, Nat. S.; Hearin, Bob; Robinson, Sidney; Clark, Charles; Patman, Wright; Hederman, Tomblack resistance; black-white tension; black militants; boycott; city planning board; banking; insurance company; industry; lawyers; educationExplains the white power structure, run by the city planning board, of Jackson, Mississippi.
572Southern PatriotJackson: Repression and Respon1969-05-015Spencer, Howard; Kenyatta, Muhammadblack militancy; white racism; Jackson Human Rights Project; Black and Proud Liberation School; arrest; indictment; rape; black history; Tougaloo Movement; student protest; burglaryStatement on the repression of black militancy in Jackson, Mississippi issued by the Georgetown Defense Committee.
573Southern PatriotTrials of Bluefield Students B1969-05-015Turner, Lewis Tyrone; Hardway, Wendell; Travis, William; James, Edgar; Crockett, Paul; Johnson, Nathaniel Bernard; Banks, Shannon Dwight; Cunningham, Abishi; Jackson, CarroltonBluefield State College; bombing; dynamite; arrest; trial; dissentSix students at Bluefield State College are on trial now for supposedly dynamiting the stairwell of a campus building. The trials have stifled the dissent.
574Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Day Care C1969-05-016Hinds County, Mississippi; day care center; welfare; federal fundingReader Betty Weeden asks for momentary help for two cooperative day care centers in rural Hinds County, Mississippi.
575Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Discrimina1969-05-016Chasan, Bruce; Hatfield; Markdraft; Ole Miss; boycott; repression; draft discriminationReader Mike McMurray wants to address the issue of draft discrimination in the South.
576Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Scholarshi1969-05-016black journalists; scholarshipsReader Frank Adams alerts others to an available scholarship.
577Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Questions 1969-05-016Brown, Judithenjoyable work; perception of contradictions; attention to humane dataReader Merton Thomas questions authors of recent womens articles.
578Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Cassell Ca1969-05-016Carpenter, CassellshunningReader commends the story of Cassell Carpenter and tells her to stay strong in her fight.
579Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Grape Stri1969-05-016grape strike; union recognition; boycott; United Farm WorkersThe United Farm Workers asks for volunteers to help with the table grape boycott.
580Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Mervin Har1969-05-016Harris, Mervin; Cimring, AnnetteGROW; human rightsMervin Harris, a political and humanist activist, died in Los Angeles on March 14th.
581Southern PatriotNews in Review1969-05-016Hutchings, Phil; Koen, Charles; Kunstler, William; Jones, J. Robert; Melish, John HowardSNCC; acquitted; violence; Ku Klux Klan; House Un-American Activities Committee; National States' Rights PartyReview of May's events.
582Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-05-017Ash, RoyU.S. Economy; labor costs; company profit;; Litton IndustriesEditorial about how U.S. businesses are leaving the country in order to find cheaper labor.
583Southern PatriotBooks: The N.Y. Teachers' Unio1969-05-017Zitron, Celia Lewis; O'Casey, SeanUnited Federation of Teachers; collective bargaining; job security; textbooksOverview of New York's United federation of Teachers, and their use as a collection bargaining agent for city teachers.
584Southern PatriotBlack, Youth Revolt Shakes Up 1969-05-017Farris, Mary; Randolf, RonnieCouncil of Southern Mountains; Appalachia; poor black populationAt the Council of Southern Mountains' annual meeting, the youth and black influence helped to change the direction of the meeting and provide aid to the poor in Appalachia.
585Southern PatriotLaurel Election Creates Flux1969-06-011Independent Workers Party; local election; working class candidateIn Laurel, Mississippi the local working class made history by running three candidates under the Independent Workers Party in the city election.
586Southern PatriotGainesville Militants Win A Vi1969-06-011, 5Caswell, Harold; Phillips, Orrie; Bell, Griffin B.; Morgan, Lewis R.; Dombrowski, James; Kunstler, William M.; Bender, Billmilitancy; arson; riot; resisting arrest; trial; first amendmentIn Gainesville, Florida the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that local militants were entitled to hearings.
587Southern PatriotSSOC Dies1969-06-011SSOC; dissolved; SDSThe SSSOC was dissolved on June 8th in Edwards, Mississippi after receiving criticism from the SDS.
588Southern PatriotGreensboro Shows Mailed Fist1969-06-011, 8Grimes, Willie; Harris, Wyle; Johnson, Nelson; McCullough, Willie; Fuller, Howard; Scott, Bob; Murchison, Joseph; Simkins, GeorgeNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; sit-in; Woolworth's; Dudley High School; black militants; riot; student rebellionIn Greensborough, North Carolina students at the NC A&T college campus rebelled against police for breaking up a demonstration at Dudley High School. This led to a shooting and gassing of students and multiple arrests.
589Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1969-06-012Evers, Charles; Lee, Howard; Evans, Ahmed; Roseboro, Robert Louis; Carts, Gus; Laney, Michaelelection; student rebellion; Orangeburg Massacre; acquittal; fire bombing; Southern Legal Action Movement; death penalty; Black Panther PartyA review of the events that happened in June.
590Southern PatriotMulloy Loses1969-06-012Mulloy, Joe; Mulloy, KarenU.S. Court of Appeals; draft refusal; conscientious objectorThe U.S. Court of Appeals upheld the five year prison sentence for Joe Mulloy and his refusing his induction into the U.S. Army.
591Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-06-012Bates, Ruby; Price, Victoria; Carter, Dan T.; Bledsoe, Thomaslynching; rape; poverty; prostitutes; "Scottsboro Boy"; Highlander Folk SchoolReview of "Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South" published by Louisiana State University Press.
592Southern PatriotHow White Louisvillian Support1969-06-012Stickford, KeithUniversity of Louisville; Black Student Union; student demands; black recruitment; representation; arrest; nonviolence; poverty; scholarships; Ad Hoc CommitteeBlack students at the University of Louisville set fort a list of demands to the school to improve their representation within the black studies program. They have received support from the white community.
593Southern PatriotNew Mexicans Struggle for Land1969-06-013Tijerina, Reies Lopez; Burger, Warrenagricultural cooperative; La Raza; land; justice; railroad development; courthouse raid; educational reform; welfare; povertyThe residents of New Mexico struggle to gain justice and the right to their land as they fight the whites that moved into the territory with the expansion of the railroad.
594Southern PatriotCo-op Revives Raza Tradition1969-06-013Tijerina, Reies Lopez; Martinez, JuanTierra Amarilla; violence; land rights; Treaty of Guadalupe Hidaldgo; welfare; poverty; co-operative farmingThe people of Tierra Amarilla are reviving their farming tradition by creating an agricultural co-operative.
595Southern PatriotLaurel: A New Kind of Campaign1969-06-014Ishee, Herbert; Owens, John; Bush, Hazelgeneral election; workers' party; independent political movement; Chamber of Commerce; Skit; campaigning; harassment; taxesThe candidates of the workers' party in Laurel, Mississippi campaign differently than traditional candidates and try to prompt people to vote for change within the city power structure.
596Southern PatriotMine Safety Bills Multiply1969-06-014Hechler, Ken; Randolph; Jennings; Nader, Ralph; Corcoran, John; Cook, Marlow; Boyle, W. A.coal mine health; mine safety; United Mine Workers of America; mine inspectionSeveral bills are now before congress about coal mine safety and health, and the sponsors are attacking each other.
597Southern PatriotRights of Man1969-06-014GROW; southern working class; _Rights of Man_; Laurel, MS; workers' independent ticket; racismThe GROW staff has begun editing the newspaper _Rights of Man_ targeted towards the southern working class.
598Southern PatriotMcClellan to Blame SNCC for Ri1969-06-014Javits, Jacob; Muskie, Edmund; McClellan, John L.McClellan Committee; riot; militancy; SNCC; House Committee on Internal SecurityThe McClellan Committee drafted a report blaming the 1967 riots in Houston and Nashville on militant agitators. It linked SNCC members to the incident.
599Southern PatriotNashiville Housing Programs Un1969-06-015Edmonds, John T. Fillebrown, T. Scott; Briley, Beverly; Meyers, SherriNashville Housing Authority; slumlord; Nashville Committee for Decent Housing; urban renewal; living conditions; poverty; public housingNashville's public housing program is being attacked by activists and community organizers due to slum conditions and rents often higher than previous land lords.
600Southern PatriotSCEF Asks for Unity1969-06-015Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; MacNair, Everett; Edwards, George; Reid, ManfredSCEF; repression; Vietnam War; welfare; minimum wageAt a recent SCEF meeting the board asked members to unite on issues facing the US.
601Southern PatriotCortez in Prison1969-06-015Cortez, James R.; Taylor, Daniel T., IIISNCC; weapon possession; militancyJames R. Cortez is sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. His lawyer is appealing the sentence.
602Southern PatriotInterracial Coalitions: Proble1969-06-016Collins, WalterLaurel, Mississippi; GROW; interracial movement; interracial organizing; hostility; black-white relations; black power; police brutality; racism; strikeSpeech given at SCEF's New York Annual Meeting about interracial relations and problems from his experiences in Laurel, Mississippi.
603Southern PatriotA Black GI Speaks Out1969-06-016King, Martin LutherVietnam War; black liberation struggle; discrimination; Fort Polk; black identity; Viet Cong; marijuanaA black army member tells his experience in Vietnam, and the sense of identity over there.
604Southern PatriotThe Black Manifesto1969-06-017Forman, JamesBlack Manifesto; Black Economic Conference; welfare rights; co-operative; Vietnam War; wealth redistribution; poverty; malnutrition; oppressionThe Black Manifesto was presented to churches and synagogues across the nation asking for federal funding to help the impoverished of the nation.
605Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-06-017Williams, Harrisoncollective bargaining; California grape workers; National Labor Relations Act; strike; unionEditorial about the California grape workers strike and labor relations in the country.
606Southern PatriotAlabama Prisons Stop Drug Test1969-06-017Long, IrlAlabama prison; drug-testing; prisoners' welfareAlabama prisons have stopped drug testing after abuses to prisoners' welfare.
607Southern PatriotKnoxville Case Continues: Tign1969-05-018Boruff, A. J.; Pearson, Murray; Tigner, Pete; McDade, George; Moore, HowardKnoxville College; militant students; conviction; assault; Student Social Action Committee; testimony; appealPete Tigner was sentenced to ten years for felonious assault on A. J. Boruff at the Knoxville College uprising. He was found guilty solely on the testimony of Murray Pearson, a fellow student.
608Southern PatriotProtests Free Five N. C. Youth1969-09-011, 8King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lassiter, Thomas; Scott, Bob; Bickett, William Y.; Penny, Leonhard labor; damage; harshness; pardon; fairness; black youth; Ku Klux Klan; Committee for Equal Justice; interracial poverty programFive black youth, sentenced to twelve years hard labor for less than $100 in damage to a Klan building, were pardoned by the governor after mass protests.
609Southern PatriotClarksville Strike Ends1969-09-011Newhoff, Lorenz, Jr.Frosty Morn meat-packing plant; strike; pay raise; boycott; union representationThe Frosty Morn meat-packing plant strike in Clarksville ended with a contract between workers and management, spurred on by a nationwide boycott.
610Southern PatriotAtlantans Fight New Bus Fare I1969-09-011, 8Bolden, Dorothy; Maynard, William P.bus fare; Atlanta Transit System; Citywide Bus Committee; SDS; fare increase; boycottThe residents of Atlanta are fighting a five cent bus fare increase, when the company raise it the previous year.
611Southern PatriotSCEF Holiday Cards1969-09-012Rigg, Peg; Furlong, LauraSCEF; Christmas CardsTwo southern artists have designed holiday cards to be sold by the SCEF.
612Southern PatriotTo Our Readers1969-09-012type setting; newsprint; titleThe _Southern Patriot_ wants readers' reactions to the new type set and the paper is now printed on newsprint instead of coated paper.
613Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-09-012Graham, Hugh Davis; Gurr, Ted Robert; Bond, Julian; Ginger, Ann Faganviolence; union members; black candidates; socialism; draft lawReviews of _Violence in America_ by Hugh Davis Graham and Ted Robert Gurr; _Black Candidates: Southern Campaign Expereinces_, _New Man or No Man_, and _The New Draft Law: A Manual for Lawyers and Councilors_.
614Southern Patriot"Grass Roots People Did It"1969-09-013Saunders, Bill; Moultrie, Mary; Simmons, Rosetta; McCord, William; Thurmond, Strom; Rivers, Mendel; Finch, Robert; Abernathy, Ralph; Bennett, Isaiahmilitant organizers; Charleston hospital workers' strike; union organization; SCLC; black community; community prideA group of grass roots organizers in Charleston, South Carolina was able to form a union in and call a strike of black hospital workers.
615Southern PatriotA. B. M.: Southerners Vote Yes1969-09-013Sternglas, Ernest J.ABM; atomic fallout; infant mortalitySouthern Senators vote yes on A.B.M., showing they do care about their people and are heading scientific reports about atomic fallout.
616Southern PatriotAhmed Evans Faces Death1969-09-014Evans, Fred Ahmedblack liberation struggle; death penalty; police shootoutSCEF and the _Southern Patriot_ have been asked to aid Fred Ahmed Evans, who is sentenced to death for a shoot-out between police and militants that killed four and wounded eleven.
617Southern PatriotRepression, Florida Style1969-09-014Wilcox, Levi; Davis, Moses; Davis, Clinton, Austin, Edward; Kirk, ClaudeFlorida Black Front; Mothers Welfare Rights Organization; conspiracy; extortion; bond-reduction; arrest; oppression; poor people's marchThree militant black leaders were arrested in Florida and had high bail set after asking black churches to end involvement with white politics.
618Southern PatriotSCEF Worker Convicted for Refu1969-09-014Collins, Walter; Mulloy, Joe; Sellers, Clevedraft refusal; GROW; social organizing repression; voter registration; Mississippi Summer ProjectSCEF organizer Walter Collins was sentenced to five years prison for draft refusal.
619Southern PatriotFight on Dirksen Amendment Bre1969-09-014Miller, Scott; Dirksen, EverettKentucky Un-American Activities Committee; constitutional amendment; Dirksen AmendmentKentucky Senator Scott Miller is leading the fight against Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen's effort to amend the constitution.
620Southern PatriotLee Otis Johnson Still Behind 1969-09-015Johnson, Lee Otis; King, Ester; Lipschulz, Abbie; Read, Clark; Vance, Carol; Marshall, Thurgoodblack militancy; prison appeal; SNCC; marijuana conviction; national campaign; political prisonerThe campaign to free black militant Lee Otis Johnson from jail has increased.
621Southern PatriotLitton: How the Rich Become Su1969-09-015McNamara, Robert; Rubel, John H.Litton Industries; Ingalls Shipbuilding Yards; union-busting; tax avoidance; Fast Deployment LogisticsEditorial on Litton Industries and how it is making vast profits.
622Southern PatriotFall Anti-War Actions1969-09-015Vietnam War; Washington demonstrations; Vietnam Moratorium CommitteeA massive "fall offensive" has been planned by anti-war groups across the country, culminating in Washington demonstrations in mid-November.
623Southern PatriotUnited Front Against Fascism1969-09-016, 7Newton, HueyBlack Panther Party for Self-Defense; fascism; Resurrection City; criticism; Progressive Labor Party; united front; police control; SNCCOverview of the National Conference for a United Front Against Fascism in Oakland, California, hosted by the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.
624Southern PatriotSCEF Urges United Front1969-09-016fascism; Black Panther PartySCEF calls for a united front against fascism for all readers.
625Southern PatriotWilliam Kunstler1969-09-016ghetto; police brutality; black communityQuote by William Kunstler about white police control of black communities.
626Southern PatriotRoberta Alexander1969-09-016Newton, Huey P.Black Panther Party; male supremacy; unityQuote by Roberta Alexander about women in the Black Panther Party.
627Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Guaranteed1969-09-017Forman, JamesBlack Manifesto; guaranteed annual income; povertyReader Otto Nathan wants attention brought to the issue of a guaranteed national annual income.
628Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: SDS Split1969-09-017Shapiro, NancySDS; socialist revolutionReader Nancy Shapiro explains that the split in the SDS has been misrepresented in the press.
629Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: PAR Replie1969-09-017Kerner, OttoPeople Against Racism; Kerner Report; racism; white supremacyPeople Against Racism (PAR) explains their stand on racism and speaks out against the Kerner report.
630Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Tax All Wa1969-09-017Mulloy, Joe; Nixon, Richard; McGovern, GeorgeVietnam War; draft refusal; draft evasion; war tax; war profitsReader John Tiller calls for an 85% tax on all industrialists that made profits from war materials.
631Southern PatriotBlack Officials1969-09-018Evers, Charlesblack political officials; local elections; voting restrictions; Voting Rights ActBlack candidates across the South are being elected to political office.
632Southern PatriotSNCC Reorganizes1969-09-018Brown, RapSNCC; Student National Coordinating Committee; political party; agrarian reformSNCC moved its main office and changes its name to Student National Coordinating Committee.
633Southern PatriotFour Marines Face 86 Years1969-11-011, 8Backstrom, Perry; Terry, Oscar; McCall, Arthur; Nickson, Charles; Talton, Joeconspiracy; brig; Camp Lejeune uprising; Vietnam; riot; black marines; trialFour black marines face up to 86 years in the brig from charges relating to a fight and rumors of a riot on the base.
634Southern PatriotBlacks Move Ahead in Greene Co1969-11-011, 8Williams, Oscar; Kirksey, Peter J.; Herndon, J. Dennis; Posey, James A.; Abernathy, Ralph; Burton, Frenchieblack politicians; NAACP; SCLC; black voters; integrated schools; SNCC; black community; evictionIn Greene County, Alabama the election of black officials to the local government has upset the white ruling class.
635Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-11-012Allen, Robert L.; DuBois, liberation movement; black nationalism; black freedom fighterReview of _Black Awakening in Capitalist America: An Analytic History_ by Robert L. Allen.
636Southern PatriotSouthern Labor1969-11-012strike; Distributive Workers' Union; Planters Peanut Company; General Electric; leafletStrikes in Suffolk, Virginia of peanut workers and in Louisville, Kentucky by General Electric employees.
637Southern Patriot"Black Monday" In Memphis1969-11-013Smith, Maxine; Sugarman, Miriam; Abernathy, Ralph; Epps, Jesse"Black Monday," Memphis March; boycott; NAACP; black teachers; decentralization; Black Coalition; police brutalityDetails the actual events that led up to a Memphis march on November 10th that resulted in rock-throwing and the use of tear gas.
638Southern PatriotCoffee House Fight Goes On: 9 1969-11-013Beard, Murray; Gilbert, SteveFort Knox; GI Coffee House; arrest; contempt; harassment; nationwide sick call; eviction; picketingA controversial coffee house in Brandenburg, Kentucky has been the base for war protesters, nine of whom have been jailed.
639Southern PatriotNew Movement in Fayette1969-11-014Bryant, Baxtonpoverty; black community; assault; voter registration; white political control; marches; picketing; boycott; black representation; arrest; free speechIn Fayette County, Tennessee a new black movement against the white ruling class has started, including a boycott of local white businesses.
640Southern PatriotElections Fail in Canton1969-11-014Nichols, John; Jones, Hermit community control; election legality; black voter registration; city annexation; polling placesBlack candidates in Canton, Mississippi failed to be elected, but are questioning the legality of the election and are asking why polling places were moved.
641Southern PatriotOne Man Against the Klan1969-11-015Good, JonaKu Klux Klan; threats; racism; rebellion; hatredJona Good has taken a stand against the Ku Klux Klan in his North Carolina town.
642Southern PatriotVoting Rights Bill1969-11-015Comer, William voting rights; congressional stalling; voter registration; 1965 Voting Rights Bill; literacy testsMississippi Congressman William M. Colmer has successfully stalled the bill to protect black voting rights.
643Southern PatriotNews In Review1969-11-016Ali, Muhammad; Mulloy, Joe; Johnson, Lee Otis; Tomash, Sam; Hardy, Meredithappeal; draft refusal; conscientious objector; marijuana sale; militants; automobile accidentA review of November events and news.
644Southern PatriotClarence Jordan Dies1969-11-016Jordan, Clarence; Fuller, Millard; Jordan, Florenceprophet; Koinonia Farm; civil rightsObituary and biography of Reverend Clarence Jordan.
645Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead1969-11-017Memphis demonstration; black women beaten; school desegregation; voter registration; tent city; Operation Freedom; McFerren's GroceryEditorial about the Memphis demonstrations and the effect on upstart McFarren's Grocery.
646Southern PatriotRoots of Southern Struggle1969-11-017Stephenson, Gladys; Fleming, Will; Stephenson, James; McCord, Jim; Gordon, William; Johnson, James; Frantz, Laurentpolice invasion; black community; violence; lynching; mob; arrest; police shooting; civil rights violationGives an overview of the violent happenings in Columbia, Tennessee on Feb. 25-26 1946.
647Southern PatriotLawlessness and Disorder1969-11-017Southern Regional Council; lawlessness; disorder; racial discrimination; governmentThe Southern Regional Council released a report entitled "Lawlessness and Disorder: 14 Years of Failure in Southern School Desegregation."
648Southern PatriotS.C. Women Win Six-Month Strik1970-01-011, 8Cunupp, Maxine; Willis, Artimisha; McDow, Tammy; McDow, EdnaHosiery Corporation; strike; black-white unity; textile manufacturers; harassment; union; demonstration; violence; leaflet; unfair labor practicesWomen in Rock Hill, South Carolina at the Hosiery Corporation won a six-month long strike in spite of not gaining union recognition.
649Southern PatriotMiners React to Murder in Yabl1970-01-011, 8Yablonski, Joseph W.; Boyle, W. A.; Rauh, Joseph; Mitchell, John; Jackson, Farallminers; murder; campaign; wildcat strike; violence; threats; Landrum-Griffin Act; Mafia; reform; rebellionMiners in Charleston, West Virginia question the murder of Joseph W. Yablonski and his wife and daughter and its relation to his recent campaign for UMW president.
650Southern Patriot"Hurricane Relief Was a Disast1970-01-011, 5Beall, R. S.; Barlow, Ralph; Mason, Gilbert; Sirman, Velma; Brooks, Owen; Dunn, Felix; Ramsay, ClaudeHurricane Camille; relief funds; federal relief; local economy; relief discrimination; Red Cross; government failure; criticism; donation withheld; cleanup contracts; Small Business Administration Loans; insurance settlements; rate increaseVictims of Hurricane Camille faced issues of discrimination, bias and fraud in receiving disaster relief.
651Southern PatriotSupreme Court Will Hear Mulloy1970-01-012Mulloy, Joe; Sedler, Robert A.; Collins, WalterU.S. Supreme Court; draft refusal; political activist; draft board 47The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal against Joe Mulloy's five year jail sentence for draft refusal. He is claiming that Draft Board 47 is incompetent.
652Southern PatriotAustin Activists Under Attack1970-01-012University of Texas; riot; property damage; student protest; conspiracy; Chuck Wagon protest; police harassment; arrest; dissentStudent activists at the University of Texas in Austin have been arrested for their protests and as a form of dissent control.
653Southern PatriotNews in Review1970-01-012McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Terry, Oscar; Lassiter, Herbert; Backstrom, Perry; Kidd, Paul; Allison, BillMcClellan Committee; contempt of Congress; trial postponed; illegal confinement; brig; marines; school boycotts; school integrationA review of January's news and events.
654Southern PatriotFederal Agencies in Appalachia1970-01-013federal government; Appalachia; income; Economic Development Administration; Small Business Administration; economic control; Office of Economic Opportunity; Area District Development; National Forrest Service; Army Corps of Engineers; TVA; Appalachian ReEditorial about the role of the federal government and its agencies in Appalachia, and how they hurt the region.
655Southern PatriotSNCC Activists Start Serving T1970-01-014Stone, Dan; Tillman, J. P.; Simmons, Micheal; Moore, Bob; Wilson, Johnny; Foxx, Larryprison term; draft protest; Selective Service Act; militancy; picket; Atlanta Induction Center; SNCCFive SNCC veterans will serve their 3 1/2 year prison sentences for a draft protest in 1966 in Atlanta.
656Southern PatriotGE Strike: Support in Portsmou1970-01-014General Electric; strike; un-unionized; racism; interracial committee; labor rallyGeneral Electric strikers have found support form the people of Portsmouth, Virginia.
657Southern PatriotThe Governor's Men1970-01-014Williams, John Bell; Carmichael, Gilbert E.; Brunin, Ed; Hearin, Robert M.; Johnson, Russ M.; Dantzler, A. H.; Biddy, J. Harold; Levingston, Sidney; Scribner, J. R.; Layton, Kenneth and poor coalition; Mississippi power structure; Hurricane Camille; Governor's Emergency Council; building codes; discrimination; corruption; criticismA coalition of black and poor people are highly critical of Mississippi's power structure's plan for the Gulf Coast.
658Southern PatriotSCEF Couple Charged with Embra1970-01-016Honey, Mike; Allen, Martha; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Schroering, Edwin A., Jr.; Richardson, Charles R.; Reid, Manfred; Braden, Anneprotest; persecution; embracery; "Black Six", Southern Committee Against Repression; ghetto uprising; conspiracyMike Honey and Martha Allen are being charged with embracery, or trying to influence the jury, for protesting the trial of the "Black Six", associated with a 1968 ghetto uprising.
659Southern PatriotA Free Press Issue1970-01-016Honey, Mikefree speech; first amendment; newsletter; indictmentMartha Allen explains how her first amendment rights to free speech have been violated.
660Southern PatriotGI's Form War Crimes Commissi1970-01-016Horner, Richard; Czaplyski, Larry; Johnson, Timothy; Kleine, TerryFort Gordon; Vietnam War; soldier crimes; leaflet; Article 92A group of four GIs were arrested at Fort Gordon for forming a war crimes commission to expose the atrocities committed by American soldiers in Vietnam.
661Southern PatriotSouthern Co-ops (2)1970-01-017Boucree, Thaddeus; Blance, Maisonchange; community action program; integration; fair treatment; co-operative; EltwearEditorial about Father Thaddeus Boucree and the co-operatives in Elton, Louisiana.
662Southern PatriotGirl, 18, Still on Death Row1970-01-017Hill, Marie; Scott, Bob; Stein, Adam; Bland, Bobblack slums; murder; appeal; gas chamber; death penalty; solitary confinementMarie Hill, an eighteen year old black girl declared mentally retarded at the age of twelve, is still sentenced to death as she appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.
663Southern PatriotTenants Win Housing Control1970-01-011, 8Willis, William R.; Edwards, Earle; McCray, Ernest; Stalls, Sonny; Watson, Ivy; Robinson, Jesse; Mitchel, Annie; Johnson, Stevemilitant rent strike; all-black community; Harlem Tenants Association; poverty; low income housing; U.S.Sugar Corporation; tenements; Clewiston Housing Authority; Farmers Home Administration; rental housing; federal fundingTenants in the all black south Florida community of Harlem won control of their housing from the U.S. Sugar Corporation through a militant rent strike.
664Southern PatriotOfficials Close GI Coffee Hous1970-02-011, 8Levy, Howard; Gardner, Fredanti-war movement; repression; GI coffee house; Fort Jackson; racism; the UFO; arrest; restraining order; protest; UFO Offense Coalition; demonstration; petitionThe GI Coffee House, the UFO, has been closed and the staff arrested as a form of repression to stop the anti-war movement in Columbia, South Carolina.
665Southern PatriotFour Marines Get Token Sentenc1970-02-011Backstrom, Perry; McCall, Arthur; Terry, Oscar; Nickson, Charlesblack marines; conspiracy; rioting; court martial; breach of peace; assaultFour black marines were sentenced to only months in the brig instead of a possible 86 years for a fight in Memphis, Tennessee.
666Southern PatriotBlack Six Trial Bounced Back t1970-02-011, 7Allen, Martha; Honey, Mike; Richardson, Charles; Tachaw, Eric"Black Six"; jail; embracery; protest; freedom of the press; jury tampering; picketing; leaflet; free speechThe arrests of Martha Allen and Mike Honey for embracery in Munfordville, Kentucky helped get the trial of the "Black Six" moved back to Louisville.
667Southern PatriotLetters: To Senator Edward Ken1970-02-012Carswell, G. Harold; Thomas, CarolJudicial Committee; employment policyLetter about Judge Carswell's racist employment policy in his family business.
668Southern PatriotLetters: To the US Dept of Jus1970-02-012Herring, Ralph; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaretcontempt of Congress; upbringingLetter about Margaret McSurely's upbringing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and how she is not a threat to the U.S. Government.
669Southern PatriotLetter: To the Patriot1970-02-012Ku Klux Klan; resurgence; Klan sympathizersLetter about Klan activities and resurgence in Princeton, New Jersey after the Nov. 69 _Patriot_ article on the subject.
670Southern PatriotUN to Probe Panther Attacks1970-02-012Weis, G.United Nations; Black Panthers; police violenceThe UN has agreed to look into police attacks on the Black Panthers after being asked by the SCEF.
671Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-02-012Rose, Thomas; DuBois, W.E.B.; Killens, John Oliver; Horowitz, David; Domhoff, G. Williamviolence; repression; civil rights movementReview of _Violence in America_ by Thomas Rose; _An ABC of Color_ by W.E.B. DuBois; and "Corporations and the Cold War" and _Studies in Imperialism and the Cold War_.
672Southern PatriotAPPALACHIA - Who Profits1970-02-013Corcaran, John; Hunter, Louis; Caudill, Harryincome; Fordson; coal industry; Consolidation Coal Company; United Mine Workers; conspiracy; mine safety; Work Incentive Program; tax structure; strip mining; Penn Virginia; poverty; welfareEditorial about the amount of money made by coal companies in Appalachia versus the average salary of its residents.
673Southern PatriotMovement Lawyer Speaks Out1970-02-014White, Marion OVertoncivil rights lawyers; school desegregation; harassment; NAACP; political controlCivil rights lawyer Marion Overton White speaks out about school desegregation and explains his experiences and philosophy.
674Southern PatriotSelf-Help Housing in Louisiana1970-02-014Lapeyrolerie, Frank; Wolfe, Henry, Jr.; Branch, Aubreyshacks; tenements; private home ownership; poverty; Louisiana Summer Project of 1969; F.H.A. loan; self-help house; Operation Breadbasket; co-operativeFamilies in Louisiana are leaving dilapidated shacks owned by sugar plantations by building their own homes through the assistance of South East Louisiana Self-Help Housing Association.
675Southern PatriotUNC Cafeteria Workers Win Mont1970-02-015Young, Ted; Hobby, Wilbur; Pierce, Jim; Lee, Howardcafeteria strike; University of North Carolina; minimum wage; racism; saga food services; picket line; American Federations of State, County and Municipal Employees; student support; student demonstrationCafeteria workers at the University of North Carolina won their month long strike over working conditions with the help of student support.
676Southern Patriot"Freedom of the Press is Guara1970-02-016Allen, Martha; Honey, MikeVietnam War opposition; poverty; socialism; protest; mass media; freedom of press; government control; First Amendment; Alien and Sedition Acts; media ownership; repression; government ownershipEditorial about how the government interferes with and represses mass media and the violation of the First Amendment.
677Southern PatriotWest Point "Desegregation" Pro1970-02-017Buffington, John; Wilson, BillyWest Point School Board;desegregation; school closing; arsonThe school board in West Point, Mississippi is dealing with desegregation by closing the junior-senior school.
678Southern PatriotMuslim Farm Under Attack1970-02-017Johnson, Frank; Wyatt, Ray; McClung, Robert; Wyatt, Wallace; Holmes, Jimmy; Billingsley, Orzell; Strickland, Ed; Brewer, AlbertNation of Islam; farming; violence; threats; Progressive Land Developers, Inc.; Restore Integrity to Development; conspiracyThe Nation of Islam, which attempted to operate two cattle farms in St. Clair County, Alabama sparked a wave of hysteria from local residents and officials.
679Southern PatriotState, Justice Dept. Cooperate1970-03-011, 8White, J. H.; Fairley, Kenneth; Murphy, Georgemass arrest; Mississippi Valley State College; protest; grass roots; class boycott; Parchman Prison; habeas corpus; militancy; Highway Patrol900 black students were arrested in mass after a strike at Mississippi Valley State College.
680Southern PatriotKentucky's Teacher Strike1970-03-011court injunction; teacher strike; pay raise; cigarette tax; coal taxThe state of Kentucky used court injunction to break a statewide teacher strike; they were demanding pay raises.
681Southern PatriotDeath of a Movement Soldier1970-03-011, 7Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rapfreedom campaign; militant black movement; murder; SNCC; riot; Kerner ReportDiscusses the death of Ralph Featherstone, who was killed on his way to support Rap Brown at his trial.
682Southern PatriotNews Brief1970-03-012Johnson, Timothy; Horner, Charles Richard; Czaplyski, Lawrence; Kleine, Terry; Miller, Charles F.; Head, Robert; Fife, Darlene; Mulloy, Joe; Sedler, Robert; Collins, Robert; Boone, Richard C.; StephenFort Gordon; GI War Crimes Commission; Nola Express; obscenity; draft refusal; appeal; Ku Klux Klan; lay off; conspiracy; Alabama Action CommitteeA review of the events and news in March
683Southern PatriotMerita Bread Workers Rebel Aga1970-03-013Griffith, Bill; Martin, Elliot; McMillan, JamesMerita Bakeries; union; secession; strike; violence; black white relations; racism; international union; arrestWorkers at the Merita Bakeries in Charlotte, North Carolina voted to secede from their international union, which caused a strike when the company tried to ignore local leadership.
684Southern PatriotVoorhees College Locks Out Stu1970-03-014McNair, Robert; Morris, J. Kenneth; Graham, Harry; Williams, Willie; Cambrill, Jerry; Potts, JohnVoorhees College; police occupation; Black Awareness Coordinating Committee; student boycott; federal fundingStudents at Voorhees College in South Carolina were locked out by local police and the National Guard after boycotting white leadership of the black school.
685Southern PatriotOLE MISS: Black Militancy, Whi1970-03-014Trister, Michael; Strickler, George; Bradley, John; Sullivan, Charles L.Ole Miss; black grievances; arrest; North Mississippi; Rural Legal Services; Up With PeopleWhites students at Ole Miss are beginning to understand and support the grievances of the black students after over 60 students were arrested.
686Southern Patriot21 Chareged Under Anti-Riot La1970-03-014Tigner, Pete; Boling, Edward J.; Bozeman, BarryUniversity of Tennessee; anti-riot law; violence; police brutality; arrest; student protest; repression21 people, including 15 students from the University of Tennessee, were arrested under the anti-riot law after demonstrating against the new university president selection. The only violence came from the police.
687Southern PatriotMovement Doctors Under Attack1970-03-015McCaskill, Luther W.; Henry, Aaron; Gatch, Donaldabortion; murder; acquittal; NCAAP; militancy; drug law violation; malnutrition; hunger; medical draft defermentTwo southern doctors are under attack from the legal system for standing up for the poor black populations civil rights. One was indicted for murder for performing abortions and the other for speaking out against malnutrition.
688Southern PatriotThe Fight to Save Head Start1970-03-015Williams, John Bell; Finch, Robert; Henry, Aaron; Montgomery, Bernice; Stevens, Francis; Hamer, Fannie Lou; Page, Matthew Head Start; governor veto; funding; picket; petition; racism; teacher qualificationsResidents all over Mississippi are fighting to save the head start program from being out by Governor John Bell Williams.
689Southern PatriotMendenhall: Old-Time Violence1970-03-016Huemmer , Doug; Brown, Curry; Perkins, John; Brooks, Owens; Evers, Charlesviolence; police brutality; job discrimination; Tougaloo College; arrest; beating; boycottMarches continue in Mendenhall, Mississippi after the brutal beating of Tougaloo students by local police.
690Southern PatriotSpring Mobe1970-03-016Vietnam War; "Spring Offensive;" war protest; New Mobe; war costThe _Southern Patriot_ urges readers to purchase reading material from the New Mobe about the true cost of the Vietnam War.
691Southern PatriotEmbracery is "Fantastic"1970-03-016Allen, Martha; Honey, Mike; Countryman, Vernprotest; embracery; repression; discrimination; freedom of the pressA professor at the Harvard Law School has called the embracery charge against Martha Allen and Mike Honey "fantastic" because it proves discrimination and repression by the local government.
692Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-03-017Shaw, Clay; Garrison, Jim; Kennedy, John F.; Wallace, George; Brener, Milton E.; Kinoy, Arthur; Dombrowski, James; Smith, Benjamin E.conspiracy; constitutional rights violation; lack of evidence; damage suitPresents a review of "The Garrison Case: A Study in the Abuse of Power" by Milton E. Brener.
693Southern PatriotBar Asks Taylor Suspension1970-03-017Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, William M.; Pound, J. Mile; Colson, William G.Kentucky Court of Appeals; suspension; disbarment; civil rights cases; harassment; unethical conductDaniel T. Taylor III received a one year suspension from practicing law after being found guilty of unethical conduct. It is a lesser penalty than disbarment, which was originally asked for by the State Bar Association.
694Southern PatriotSubpoenas & the Media1970-03-017Mitchell, John; Caldwell, Earlnews media; confidential information; government subpoenas; radical groups; jail; free speech; Black Panthers; resistanceEditorial about the rash of government subpoenas for media information about radical civil rights groups. The _Southern Patriot_ states they will defy any subpoenas for their records.
695Southern PatriotMuldraugh Coffee House Fights 1970-03-018Portugal, Dave; Schermerhorn, Susan; Rodes, Dan; Gordon, James F.; Ridenour, DavidGI coffee house; Fort Knox; indictment; jail; appeal; injunction; boycott; leaflet; demonstration; violence; free speechIn Muldraugh, Kentucky a local GI coffee house is under attack again for protesting, and leafleting at a local burger shop.
696Southern PatriotVirginia Unions Build Coalitio1970-03-018Abernathy, Ralph; Taylor, Elna; Freeman,Bill; Robinson, Cleveland; Gardner, Tomunion; strike; Louise Obici Memorial Hospital; General Electric; coalition; SCLC; University of VirginiaMembers of the union in Suffolk, Virginia traveled to Waynesboro, Virginia to show support for striking non-professional hospital workers. They formed an active coalition between the two radical, independent labor unions.
697Southern PatriotFifth Circuit Court Hears Laur1970-04-011, 8Smith, Benjamin E.; Coleman, J. P.; Thornberry, Walter; Ingraham, John; Hays, Hulse; Youngdahl, James E.U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals; Masonite Plant; labor laws; National Labor Relations Board; trusteeship; strike; violence The union from the Masonite plant in Laurel, Mississippi went to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a lower court ruled against them in their dispute with their own union and Masonite.
698Southern PatriotAtlanta City Workers Strike1970-04-011, 8Massell, Sam; Stokes, Joel; Truelove, Gene; Holman, Raymond Travis; Baker, Thomas; Maddox, Lester; Simmons, James; Wilson, John C.garbage worker strike; employee benefits; wage increase; firing; scab; police violenceGarbage workers in Atlanta went on strike when city officials refused to raise their wages. It resulted in violence and arrests.
699Southern Patriot2000 Tennesseans March Against1970-04-011Brown, Rap; Bryant, Baxton; Lawson, James; Kamis, Peter; Bible, Carroll; Rubin, Jerry; Ochs, Philpolitical repression; march; protest; civil rights; "Knoxville 22"More than 2,000 people in Nashville, Kentucky marched on the state capitol to protests political repression by local and state officials.
700Southern PatriotNews Brief1970-04-012Cooper, Danny; Allison, William; Free, Jerry; Johnson, Paul; Collins, Walter; Hodes, William; McIntyre, Lionelracial prejudice; military racism; draft refusal; conscientious objector; criminal trespass; Black Manifesto; radical pacifism; the Peace Makers; National Tenants OrganizationA review of the events and news from April.
701Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-04-012Ginger, Ann Fagan; Garry, Charles R.; Newton, Huey P.Black Panthers; racist jurors; mistrialReview of _Minimizing Racism in Jury Trials_ by Charles R. Garry, based on the proceedings of The People of California v. Huey P. Newton.
702Southern PatriotBehind Rap Brown's Trial: Hist1970-04-013Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rap; Payne, William; Tubman, Harriet; Richardson, Gloria; Adams, Elaine; Stafford, Emerson; Carmichael, Stokely; Wise, Stanley; Yates, William B., IIItrial; racism; arson; militancy; black population; SNCC; protest; semi-martial law; Black Action Federation; speech; shooting; Kerner commissionEditorial about the history of the Civil Rights struggle in Cambridge, Maryland and how Rap Brown came to speak there.
703Southern PatriotN.C.: Fired Without Explanatio1970-04-014Appleton, Clyde; Pow, Alex S.; Turner, W. NewtonWestern Carolina University; picket; professor firing; tenureClyde Appleton, a music professor at Western Carolina University, was terminated without reason even though he was recommended for tenure by the rest of the music faculty.
704Southern PatriotFlorida: Loyalty Oath Revised1970-04-014Lamborn, Lee; Connell, StellaUniversity of Florida; loyalty oath; firing; repression; constitutionalityThree University of Florida employees were fired mid-term for refusing to sign a loyalty oath.
705Southern PatriotTenn: Free Speech Issue1970-04-014Ellington, Buford; Serron, Luis; Boling, EdwardUniversity of Tennessee; October 15 Moratorium; free speech; anti-riot law; war protestLuis Serron, a sociology professor, was fired from the University of Tennessee for allowing his students to attend, and to speak at, the October 15 Moratorium.
706Southern PatriotListener-Owned Radio in Housto1970-04-014Lee, Larry; Gardner, DonPacifica station; KPFT-FM; cooperative; communication; newsA new listener owned radio station, KPFT-FM of Pacifica station; has started in Houston, Texas.
707Southern PatriotWrecking Appalachia1970-04-015Butler, Jim; Nunn, Louie; Johnson, Luther M.; Grim, Elmore; Gibson, Dan; Sturgill, BillBethlehem Steel; strip mining; environmental destruction; land destruction; Kentucky State Department of Reclamation; coal mining; mineral rightsNarrative of a radio excerpt about the destruction of Appalachia that is caused by strip mining in Kentucky.
708Southern PatriotWilcox Co. Co-ops1970-04-016Thomas, Daniel H.; Edwards, William J.; Jones, Ireneblack voter registration; cooperative; economic independence; sewing co-op; Freedom quilting beeIn Wilcox County, Alabama, black citizens are gaining more power at the polls and more economic independence through co-operatives.
709Southern PatriotBlack Commissioners On The Job1970-04-016Herndon, J. Dennis; Branch, William McKinley; Drake, Jack; Gilmore, ThamaHousing Authority; economic development; black commissioners; Greco Grant; Community Action Program; voter registrationIn Eutaw, Alabama, four black commissioners have been working to help their local communities.
710Southern PatriotVirginia Workers Organize1970-04-017Freeman, Bill; Stevens, George; Bryant, Irvingunion; General Electric strike; solidarity; racism; discrimination; women's rights; Verona Westinghouse PlantEditorial about striking union workers across the state of Virginia fighting discriminatory hiring practices.
711Southern PatriotPanthers Under Attack1970-04-017Black Panthers; fascist crimes; arrests; police brutalityThe _Southern Patriot_ is encouraging readers to order the special edition of the Black Panthers' newspaper stating it is documentation of "Fascist crimes by the USA.:
712Southern PatriotFourteen Join Mulloy Appeal1970-04-017Mulloy, Joe; Budd, Ralph; Sheerer, Benjamin B.draft refusal; U.S. Supreme CourtFourteen draft registrants have filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court asking that the sentence against Joe Mulloy be overturned.
713Southern PatriotAnatomy of a Strike that Faile1970-04-018Martin, ElliotHarris-Teeter Food and Drug Chain; strike; low wages; working conditions; picket; leaflet; Black Solidarity Committee; strike fund; trade-unionism; militancy; organized laborAn editorial about why the strike at the Harris-Teeter Food and Drug chain failed.
714Southern PatriotRight Wing WIns Charlotte Scho1970-05-011, 6McMillian, James; Scott, Jane; Kerry, Coleman W.; Huntley, Ben; Kelly, Betsy; right wing politics; school busing; board of education; desegregation; concerned parents associationIn Charlotte, North Carolina, two seats for the local school board were won by the right wing politicians against federally mandated integration.
715Southern PatriotRepression Builds in Florida1970-05-011, 8Canney, Robert; Hicks, Elizabeth; Waller, Joejail; repression; anti-war rally; police brutality; protest; Junta of Militant Organizations; strike; white racism; student demonstrationRepression through the use of arrest and high bails has been increasing in Florida against militant activists.
716Southern PatriotJackson's Night of Agony1970-05-011, 8Peoples, John A.; Evers, Charles; Gibbs, Philip L.; Green, James Earl; Antoine, Gregory; Jones, Lloyd; Clark, Robert; Davis, Russell; Brown, BenjaminJackson State College; police shooting; student demonstration; brick throwing; police brutality; Millsaps College; business boycottAt Jackson State College in Jackson, Mississippi local police opened fire on students with no warning, killing two and injuring more, after a city dump truck was burned.
717Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-05-012Tubman, Harriett; Conrad, Earl; Belden, JackUnderground Railroad; anti-slavery; Chinese revolution; police raidReview of Earl Conrad's biography _Harriett Tubman_, and Jack Belden's _China Shakes the World_.
718Southern PatriotBooks By SCEF Associates1970-05-012Dombrowski, James A.; Bryant, Irving; Madison, James; Whitman, Wanda Wilson; Jordan, Clarence L.SCEF; philosophy; songs; Bible; Koinonia FarmFour members of the SCEF have recently published books: "The Early Days of Christian Socialism in America" by James Dombrowski; "The Fourth President: James Madison" by Irving Bryant; "Songs That Changed The World" by Wanda Wilson Whitman; and "The Cotton
719Southern PatriotWomen Organize1970-05-013Reed, Evelyn; Collins, Virginia; Dunbar, Roxanne; Atkins, MarthaSouthern Female Liberation Meeting; women's rights; Southern Female Rights Union; women's history; self-defenseMore than 200 women met in Edward, Mississippi for the Southern Female Liberation meeting, where they discussed history, rights and other liberation topics.
720Southern Patriot24 Workers Fired for Union Act1970-05-013Hissam, Billunion; Textile Workers Union of America; Universal Textured Yarns, Inc.; Twenty-four black employees at the Universal Textured Yarns, Inc. plant were fired for voicing opinions about the union.
721Southern Patriot SCEF Officers Re-Eliected1970-05-014Hicks, Frederic L.; Edwards, GeorgeSCEF officersAll the SCEF officers were re-elected except George Edwards who was replaced by Frederic L. Hicks as treasurer.
722Southern PatriotHere We Stand1970-05-014Hampton, Fred; Clark, Mark; Horner, RichardIndochina War; military action; troop withdrawal; Supreme Court make up; Black Panthers; arrest; Florida repression; Junta of Militant Organizations; disloyalty; strip mining; H. R. 14864Editorial about the stand taken by the SCEF board of directors at their semi-annual meeting on Cambodia, the Supreme Court, The Black Panthers, repression in Florida, the Horner Case, strip mining and H. R. 14864.
723Southern PatriotKPFT Bombed1970-05-014Marlos, AdieKPFT-FM; explosion; transmitter; threatsKPFT-FM, a listener supported station in Houston was blasted off the air when their transmitter was destroyed by dynamite.
724Southern PatriotMcSurelys to Stand Trial1970-05-014McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, Johntrial; contempt of Congress; seized papers; raid; sedition; McClellan CommitteeThe McSurelys will stand trial on June 22nd for contempt of Congress stemming from refusal to surrender documents to the McClellan committee.
725Southern PatriotCommunity Center Burns to the 1970-05-015Stumbo, John M. Clark, Charles; Fasure, PalmerTeaberry Outpost; fire; 979 Community Action Council; Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization; The HawkeyeThe Teaberry Outpost, publisher of the independent newspaper _The Hawkeye_ was burned to the ground in Mud Creek, Kentucky.
726Southern PatriotStruggle for School Lunches1970-05-015Tharkelson, Howard; Clark, CharlesTeaberry Outpost; federal school lunch program; poverty level; national regulations; National Welfare Rights Organization; Appalachian VolunteersIn Floyd county, Kentucky the issue of federal school lunch programs is a major problem because school administrators decide which child receives lunch, not based on income level.
727Southern PatriotAtlanta Strike Aftermath1970-05-016Massell, Samstrike; pay raise; city workers; firing; arrest; repressionCity workers in Atlanta, Georgia ended their strike after city officials agreed to a one-step pay raise. However, strikers are facing harassment and being passed over for promotions and over time.
728Southern PatriotProtests Disrupt Military Coll1970-05-017Hahn, T. Marshall; Westmoreland, Williamstudent protest; Cambodian invasion; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Kent State Killings; Corps of Cadets; arrest; repressionStudents at the traditionally conservative southern military college, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, have disrupted the normal business of the school with massive protests over the Cambodian invasion and the Kent State Killings.
729Southern PatriotUSC Studnets Radicalized by Ev1970-05-016McNair, Robert; Jones, Thomas A.University of South Carolina; the UFO Coffeehouse; radicals; student demonstrations; police brutality; beatingThe traditionally apathetic students at the University of South Carolina have become more open and energetic for change, "radicalized", as a result of local events including the closure of the radical coffeehouse UFO, the inability for UFO patrons to use
730Southern PatriotUFO Sentences: Six Years1970-05-016the UFO coffeehouse; anti-war; six year prison sentence; common-law offense; radicalism; Fort JacksonThree operators of the GI anti-war coffeehouse, the UFO, were sentenced to six years in prison for the common-law offense of keeping and maintaining a public nuisance.
731Southern PatriotThe Evidence1965-11-014Southern Regional Council; school desegregation; American Civil Liberties Union; racial double standardExplains "School Desegregation: Old Problems Under a New Law" which tells 94.8% of students are still segregated. "Southern Justice" explains the judicial double standard for blacks and whites.
732Southern PatriotCorrection1970-05-016Serron, Luisfiring; sociology professorDr. Luis Serron was identified as fired from the University of Tennessee in the April edition of the _Southern Patriot_. He was actually fired from Eastern Tennessee State University.
733Southern PatriotStudents Cancel Davidson ROTC1970-05-017Davidson College; ROTC; student protest; Cambodian invasion; Kent State KillingsStudents at Davidson College forced the cancellation of a ROTC drill to protest the Kent State killings and the spreading Indochina war.
734Southern PatriotDon't Forget Orangeburg1970-05-017Schwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andy; Chaney, James; Reeb, James; Liuzzo, Viola; Younge, Sammy; Forman, Jim; Conrad, EarlKent State killing; Indochina War; Orangeburg Massacre; student killings; police brutality; murder; shooting; race relationsAn editorial about racial murder and a mention to not forget the massacre in Orangeburg where three black sudents were killed and twenty-five more were injured.
735Southern PatriotDemocracy Disripts the CSM1970-06-011, 8Smith, J. B.; Lloyd, R. Baldwin; Kirby, Richard; Gibson, Dan; Jones, LoyalCouncil of Southern Mountains; board of directors; member activity; poverty; black involvement; community programs; federal funding; strip miningThere is turmoil in the Council of Southern Mountains as members seek to gain more control of their organization.
736Southern PatriotMulloy Wins in Supreme Court1970-06-011, 6Mulloy, Joe; Ali, Muhammad; Reid, Manfred; Sedler, Robert A.; Stewart, Potter; McSurely, Margaret; McSurely, Alan; Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Collins, WalterU.S. Supreme Court; overturned conviction; conscientious objector; draft board; draft bias; draft review board; strip mining; draft refusal; seditionJoe Mulloy's conviction of draft refusal was overturned by the U. S. Supreme Court, stating the draft board could not deny review by simply refusing to reopen the file.
737Southern PatriotRebellion in Oxford1970-06-011, 6Chavis, Ben; Marrow, Henry; Chavis, William; Teel, Robert; Cox, Saim; Scott, Bobblack community anger; Klan killings; black student movement; black power; the Soul Kitchen; riot; murder; school boycott; SCLC; fires; Ku Klux KlanIn Oxford, North Carolina rebellion broke out after the murder of a black community leader, Henry Marrow, who was killed by Ku Klux Klan officer Robert Teel and his 18 year old son.
738Southern PatriotLast Hurrah for Wallace1970-06-012Wallace, Georgeprimary election; racismIn the primary election in Alabama, George Wallace had 48.5% of the population vote against him.
739Southern PatriotStudents Think Appleton Was "B1970-06-012Appleton, ClydeWest Carolina University; firing; protest; student activismClyde Appleton, fired from West Carolina University for his social activism, was voted best professor of 1970 by the students.
740Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-06-012Kominsky, Morrisfacism; World War IIIReive of Morris Kominsky's _Plain Liars, Fancy Liars, and Damn Liars_.
741Southern PatriotJackson: Blaming the Victims1970-06-012Waites, Alex; Williams, John Bell; Anderson, Reuben; Banks, Fred, Jr.racism; Jackson State College; massacre; police shooting; arrest; Highway Patrol; boycottIn Jackson, Mississippi the governor was quick to blame the victims for causing the Jackson State massacre.
742Southern PatriotGreensboro Garbage Strike1970-06-012Gore, Gene; Pierce, Jimgarbage worker strike; union; militancyIn Greensboro, North Carolina city sanitation workers have gone on strike for the second time in three months.
743southern patriotEcology for Fun & Profti1970-06-013Taylor, Rufus; Hack, Orion D.; Hickel, Walter; Jacobs, CecilBad ische Aninlin und Soda-Fabrik; ecology; industrialism; tax incentive; I. G. Farben; Hilton Head; tourism; pollutionIn Beaufort, South Carolina the local citizens successfully fought a German chemical plant from building on the coast and polluting the area's beaches.
744Southern PatriotKY Abortion Law Challenged1970-06-014Swinford, Mac; Craddock, Patricia; Pozzuto, Fran; Crossen, Phillip; Scott, Peter; Windelsdorf, Margarget; Allison, Marieabortion law; legal challenge; women's liberation; legal abortionA women's liberation group, a doctor, and a minister had their legal challenge to the Kentucky abortion law thrown out of court. They have vowed to appeal the decision in a higher court.
745Southern PatriotFlorida: Farm Workers Organize1970-06-014Juarez, Rodolfo S.; Kirk, Claudefarm workers; Organized Migrants in Community Action; starvation; Disaster Act of 1969; federal aidMany farm workers in South Florida are organizing to help change their situation of poverty and near starvation.
746Southern PatriotUSCRC Called Pillar of Racism1970-06-014Zellner, BobU.S. Civil Rights Commission; racism; Black Panthers; Jackson State Massacre; Civil Rights Act of 1964At the U.S. Civil Rights Commission meeting in Easton, Maryland they called across the country to end racism.
747Southern PatriotStrip-Mining Struggle Heats Up1970-06-015Combs, Ollie; Williams, Sid; Wooton, George; Grim, Elmore; Caudill, Harrystrip mining; protest; nuisance; human chain; truck weightIn Knott County fiscal Court, they voted to outlaw strip mining in the county.
748Southern PatriotPart II: CHarlotte School Elec1970-06-015Kerry, Coleman W.; Scott, Jane; McMillian, James B.; Bryant, Joerunoff election; board of education; forced busing; race relations; Concerned Parents Association; school integration; censorship; Ku Klux KlanIn Charlotte, North Carolina Jane Scott won the runoff election for the school board on a platform against forced busing and school integration.
749Southern PatriotThe Ben Chaney Case1970-06-016Chaney, Ben; Chaney, Fannie Lee; Chaney, James; Scwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andrewmurder; arrest; Ku Klux Klan; CORE; car theft; black powerBen Chaney is charged with murder based on very little evidence.
750Southern PatriotHow Mississippi Robs Black Sch1970-06-017Anderson, Jack; Kirksey, H. Jay; Thompson, Rubyfalse statistics; public school education; illiteracy; poverty; census; desegregation; dropout ratesState officials in Mississippi have been trying to ignore new evidence of census fraud that was used on black, and poor white, students on the edge of illiteracy.
751Southern PatriotSpindale Incident1970-06-017rebellion; Ku Klux Klan; poverty; race relations; police killings; police brutality; beatings; school integration; black education; racial conflictIn Spindale, North Carolina three days of rebellion ensued after the police beat a black war veteran to death, he was in their custody at the time.
752Southern PatriotMississippi Organizing1970-06-017militancy; white student involvement; Jackson State Massacre; Millsaps College; University of Mississippi; student organization; school integrationWhite college students across Mississippi have become more involved in the struggles of the poor and the black citizens and students.
753Southern PatriotJustice Dept's Role in Itta Be1970-06-018Estaver, Paul; Pope, Ray; Conyers, John, Jr.; Bingham, Johnathan B.; Mitchell, John; Kastenmeier, Robertstudent arrest; reader protest; Mississippi Valley State College; Justice Department; mass arrest; conspiracy; Law Enforcement Assistance Administration; student movementEditorial about the true amount of involvement of the Justice Department in the mass arrest of 894 peaceful black student demonstrators at Mississippi Valley State College.
754Southern PatriotReign of Terror Shakes Homer, 1970-09-011, 7Mozeke, David; Harris, Walker; Kidd, Paulrace relations; arrest; police brutality; discrimination; protest; voter registration; repressionIn Homer, Louisiana local police began an arrest sweep through the black community in order to repress dissent about discrimination
755Southern PatriotCollins Appeals to Supreme Cou1970-09-011Clinton, Oscar E.; Collins, Walter; Sedler, Robert A.; Minnis, Forrest; Mason, Louis G.appeal; draft board; discrimination; conscientious objector; SCEF; misleading advice; U.S. Court of AppealsWalter Collins' sentence was upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans in spite of evidence of misleading advice and a discriminatory draft board.
756Southern PatriotGIs March in Augusta1970-09-011, 6Maddox, Lester; Johnson, Paulpeace march; memorial; solidarity; race relations; communism; Fort Knox; GI Coffeehouse; police harassment; GI protest; arrest; radical booksReview of military protest and organization across the South.
757Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-09-012Irvine, Keithrace relations; racial historyReview of Kieth Irvine's _The Rise of the Colored Races_.
758Southern PatriotScottsboro Case of the West1970-09-012Drumgo, Fleeta; Clutchette, John; Jackson, George Lester; Jackson, Jonathan P.Scottsboro Case; repression; arrest; Soledad Brothers; murder; pamphlet; Soledad Brothers Defense CommitteeThe _Southern Patriot_ urges readers to obtain the pamphlet about Soledad Brothers Case in California.
759Southern PatriotPamphlets1970-09-012_Appeal to Reason_; Committee of Correspondence; unity; liberation movement; anti-war movement; oppression; _Lessons of Laurel_; _Lessons of Louisville_; Black SixReview of recently published pamphlets.
760Southern PatriotMcSurelys Convicted of Contemp1970-09-013McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Mulloy, Joe; Mulloy, Karen; McClellan, John; Brick, Joe; Bress, David; Smith, John L.; Stavis, Morton; Sterns, Nancy; Combs, Dan Jack; Zenger, John Petercoal operators; contempt of congress; trial; strip mining; sedition; McClellan Committee; indictment; dynamite; conspiracy; seized documents; appealAlan and Margaret McSurely were convicted of contempt of Congress for failure to turn over requested documents to the McClellan Committee.
761Southern Patriot"An Attack on the Movement..."1970-09-013coal operators; oppression; record accessExcerpt from a memo sent by Anne Braden about repression by the federal and local government on the civil rights movement.
762Southern PatriotBlack Candidates1970-09-013Cashin, John; Wallace, George; King, C. B.; Jenness, Linda; Young, Andrewblack candidates; National Democratic Party of AlabamaMost notably in Georgia and Alabama, black candidates are campaigning across the South.
763Southern PatriotWest Point Campaign1970-09-014Bluffington, John; Marshall, Barnes; Thomas, John, Jr.; Stanley, Seth; Whitley, CliftonSNCC; black campaign; conspiracy; shooting; murder; economic projectsIn West Point, Mississippi a vigorous campaign for black candidate John Bluffington was lost in a runoff election for mayor, but proves community involvement.
764Southern PatriotAberdeen Boycott1970-09-014Walker, William; Lockett, James; Adams, Dan; Keady, W. boycott; confederate flag; officer protestA full scale black boycott of white businesses in Aberdeen, Mississippi stems from the firing of two black police officers for refusal to wear uniforms or drive police cars with confederate flags on them.
765Southern Patriot"Hunger Doctor" Fined $5001970-09-015Gatch, Donald; Whitten, Jamiehunger; malnutrition; failure to keep adequate records; guilty plea; harassment; poverty; discriminationDr. Donald Gatch, who focused attention on hunger and malnutrition in South Carolina, plead guilty to failure to keep adequate records and was fined $500. He has been constantly harassed since speaking out against treatment of the local poor.
766Southern PatriotGarbage Workers Vote to Strike1970-09-014Massell, Sam; Lucey, Billgarbage worker strike; union dues; deduction; firing; check-off issue; police resistanceSanitation workers in Atlanta voted to strike because the Board of Aldermen decided to stop the deduction of union dues from workers' pay checks.
767Southern PatriotGreensboro Garbage Strikes1970-09-015Gore, Gene; Hartle, Jack; Johnson, Nelson; Bailey, Thomas; Puson, Cecil; Frye, Henrygarbage worker strike; union recognition; wage increase; due check-off; black liberation; militancy; black pride; student rebellion; community unionAnalysis of the garbage worker strike in Greensboro, North Carolina and how black pride and consciousness helped to aid the strike.
768Southern PatriotBlack Six Acquitted1970-09-016Nicholson, S. Rush; Hawkins, Sam; Bryant, Ruth; Kuyu, Robert; Reid, Manfred; Cosby, Pete; Cortez, James R.; Allen, Martha; Honey, Allen"Black Six"; acquittal; conspiracy; uprising; ghetto; shotgun; protest; Kentucky Un-American Activities CommitteeThe "Black Six" were acquitted of all charges after a two week trial.
769Southern PatriotThe South in the Thirties1970-09-017Herdon, Angelo; Williams; Nell; Peterson, Williecoal mining; Jim Crow Laws; lynching; Unemployment Council; socialism; equality; arrest; share croppers; murderBiography of the life of Angelo Herdon, a black organizer in the 1930s, who suffered the effects of Jim Crow.
770Southern PatriotJustifying Murder in Jackson1970-09-018Williams, John Bell; Moore, Russell, III; Cox, Harold; Travis, Jack; Cates, Edward L.; Davis, Russell; Barnett, Rossjustified murder; Jackson State massacre; student provocation; police shooting; riot suppression; racismThe ruling class of Mississippi is still trying to justify the police shooting of students at Jackson State College in May 1970.
771Southern PatriotMilitant Killed1970-09-018Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Tilley, Dorothy; Collier, Tarleton; Dobbs, James McBridePeople's Party II; murder; police snipers; ambush; protestObituaries of Carl Hampton, killed by police at a protest and other movement supporters.
772Southern PatriotOxford Jury Acquits Teels1970-09-018Teel, Robert Gerald; Teel, Larry; Marrow, Henryinjustice; acquittal; murder; racism; all-white jury; boycott; Ku Klux KlanThe black community of Oxford, North Carolina was outraged when the Teels were found not guilty of murdering Henry Marrow by an all-white jury in spite of overwhelming evidence.
773Southern PatriotRobert Canney Convicted, Fired1970-10-011Canney, Robert; Zachary, Wayneanti-war rally; police brutality; arrest; repression; dissent; resisting arrest; free speech; harassmentRobert Canney was fired from the University of Florida after being convicted of resisting arrest with violence for speaking out against the war.
774Southern PatriotEarle Reacts to Desegregation1970-10-011, 8Greer, Ezra; King, James; Annis, Harold; Browder, James; Greer, Jackieschool desegregation; mass arrest; beatings; student walkout; police brutality; arrest; repression; picketingIn Earle, Arkansas the white leadership reacted violently to black protest of school desegregation that removed all symbols of black heritage and pride and demoted black employees.
775Southern PatriotGrassroots Politics in Alabama1970-10-011, 4Cashin, John; Wallace, George; Hayes, Isaiah; Boone, Richard; Watkins, MervlineNational Democratic Party of Alabama; black candidates; unequal taxation; Wallace-Carter Act; Welfare Rights MovementThe National Democratic Party of Alabama has many black candidates running under the independent party banner. Several are projected to win.
776Southern PatriotKnoxville: Climate is Tense fo1970-10-012Boling, Edward; Schiffer, Robert; Baugh, John; Graham, Billy; Lowenstein, Allard K.; Gibson, Jo Ann; McDavid, Foyanti-riot law; trial; student protest; University of Tennessee; repression; arrest; Billy Graham Crusade; selective admission; police harassmentIn Knoxville, Tennessee local police use arrest as a form of repression against student activists. The school administration also is not admitting students with an activist past.
777Southern PatriotTennessee Peace Movement Grows1970-10-012Vietnam moratoriums; peace activists; peace conference; neighborhood organizing; peace organization; Cambodian invasion; petition driveIn Tennessee, the peace movement has grown to a local and national level.
778Southern PatriotKnoxvill Boycott Halted By Cou1970-10-013Walker, Cas; Pate, Jerry; Glover, Harvey; Rollins, Avonarrest; contempt of court; black employees; picket; Black Student Union; University of TennesseeCas Walker, picketed for not hiring black employees, has stalemated the trial of two black protesters charged with contempt of court.
779Southern PatriotNew Orleans Attacks "Panthers"1970-10-013McKeithen, John; Augustine, Israelpolice raid; Black Panthers; Human Relations Committee; Police in New Orleans, Louisiana created a supposed "night of terror" in order to attack the Black Panthers in the Desire Housing Project.
780Southern PatriotGeorgia Blacks Campaign1970-10-014Young, Andrew; King, C. B.; Glover, D. F.; Williams, Hosea; King, Lonnie; Sanders, CarlBlack Coalition; primary election; governor; anti-poverty; SCLC; bombing; run-off electionReverend Andrew Young won the Democratic nomination for U. S. Congress in a run-off election, but all other members of the Black Coalition lost their bids for nomination.
781Southern PatriotGreene Co. Campaign1970-10-014Gilmore, Thomas; Branch, William; Williams, Oscar; Wallace, GeorgeNational Democratic Party of Alabama; black majority; Greene County; election; collective campaign; black educatorsBrief editorial about the history of black campaigns in Greene County, Alabama.
782Southern PatriotNewspaper Carriers' Strikes En1970-10-015Hodges, Thomas; Hardie, Harvey; Knowles, Bud; Hayes, Isaiahstrike; newspaper distributors and carriers; _Gadsden Times_; labor movement; firing; National Labor Relations Act; strike fund; picket; scabNewspaper carriers and distributors enter their seventh month of striking against the firing of 24-year employee Thomas Hodges for talking about the need for a union.
783Southern PatriotIsaiah Hayes - Portait of a Ca1970-10-015Hayes, Isaiah; Hodges, Thomassteel worker; black candidate; lieutenant governor; Republic Steel; black vote; worker vote; NCAAP; strike; labor movementBiography of Isaiah Hayes, a black steel worker from Gadsden, Alabama, who is running for lieutenant governor.
784Southern Patriot"Desegregating" Southern Schoo1970-10-016school desegregation; discrimination; demotion; Ku Klux KlanAn explanation of the two articles in this volume that deal with school segregation.
785Southern PatriotThe Case for Seperate Schools1970-10-016Collins, Virginiaschool segregation; grassroots; SCEF; black leader; integration; firing; demotion; cirriculum; 14th amendment; ghetto; equal funding; imperialism; segregationistExplanation why black leader Virginia Collins feels school integration should not be the main focus of activists.
786Southern PatriotBut Many Will Fight Dual Syste1970-10-016school integration; demotion; firing; militancy; protest; black educatorsEditorial about how people across the South are fighting for desegregation and equal pay and positions for black educators.
787Southern PatriotWhite Reactions1970-10-017Editorial Survey Group; school integration; unity; racism; poor whites; police harassment; Ku Klux KlanIn Jackson, Mississippi white people in the community are fighting for the rights of both poor black and poor white students in public schools.
788Southern PatriotNC Students Rebel against Excl1970-10-017Fuller, Howard; White, Leonfurniture making; Ku Klux Klan; school integration; black involvement; extra-curricular activities; student protest; suspensionBlack students in Hickory, North Carolina are rebelling against being excluded from extra-curricular activities in newly integrated school.
789Southern PatriotKlan Steps Up Activity1970-10-017Finks, GoldenKu Klux Klan; school desegregation; bombing; militancy; vigilance; SCLCIn Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the Klan has stepped up activity, including bombing a black school, to protest school desegregation.
790Southern Patriot"As Little, As Late, and As Un1970-10-017Williams, John Bell; Thompson, Allen C.; Derain, Patschool integration; pairing and grouping plan; poverty; discrimination; protest; picket; neighborhood schoolsResidents in Jackson, Mississippi are doing everything in their power to prevent school integration.
791Southern PatriotMississippi Report1970-10-018Duckworth, C. J.; Cox, Harolddesegregation; discrimination; segregationA report of the examples of segregation, discrimination; and government intervention to stop school integration.
792Southern PatriotGarbage Workers on Strike Agai1970-11-011, 8Belk, John; Beeder, Bill; Beacer, Pressly; Gore, Gene; Hartle, Jackgarbage workers' strike; local I; North Carolina Labor Alliance; pay raise; uniforms; safety equipment; lay offs; route length; scabs; police barricadeLocal sanitation workers in Charlotte, North Carolina are on strike for the fifth time in two years due to the city not holding up its end of each previous arbitration.
793Southern PatriotArkansas Workers Fight "Cheap"1970-11-011, 8Eaton, Win; Ford, Billlow wages; standard register; strike; militancy; walk-out; union; cost of living; time studies; police bias; student invovlementAt Standard Register in Fayetteville, Arkansas, plant workers went on strike to fight wages $2 an hour less then workers at other plants.
794Southern PatriotThree Morristown Students Shot1970-11-011Jay, Jarrie; Hawkins, Charles; Lee, Davidclass boycott; Morristown Junior College; Collins-Murray Guard Service; sniper fireAt Morristown Junior College, three students were hit by a shotgun blast, after a white security guard said he was responding to sniper fire.
795Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-11-012Bayer, Richard O.; Morais, Herbert M.; Hess, Karl; Reeves, Tom; Orr, Pau; Orr, Violet; Vesey, Denmark; Starobin, Robert union; draft; socialist Democracy; slave revoltReviews of "Labor's Untold Story" by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert A. Morais; "End of the Draft" by Karl Hess and Tom Reeves; "World of Tomorrow" by Paul and Violet Orr; and _Denmark Vesey: The Slave Conspiracy of 1822_ by Robert S. Starobin.
796Southern PatriotWhy Coal Miners Struck1970-11-013Ratliff, Clifford; Boyle, Tony; Yablonski, Jock; Payne, Robert; Stewart, Posey; Likens, McCager; Coleman, Lewis; Rasmussen, Donaldfuel shortage; Appalachian coal fields; disabled miners; strike; restraining order; picket; arrest; collusion; coal royalty; UMW Welfare and Retirement Fund; safety; black lungEditorial about the cause of the coal miner strike in Appalachia, specifically the treatment of disabled miners.
797Southern PatriotMcSurelys Sentenced1970-11-014NcSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Smith, John L., Jr.; McClellan, John; Ratliff, Thomas; Stavis, Morton; Stearns, Nancy; Hays, Brookscontempt of congress; prison sentence; bias; seized documents; police raid; conspiracyThe McSurelys were both sentenced, they each recieved different prison terms for their conviction of contempt of congress.
798Southern PatriotEmbracery Case to be Heard1970-11-014Honey, Mike; Allen, Martha"Black Six;" embracery; protest; freedom of the press; U.S. Court of AppealsThe case against Mike Honey and Martha Allen have a federal court hearing for the charges of embracery against them for protesting the "Black Six" trial.
799Southern PatriotTwo Kentuckians Challenge Elec1970-11-014Pratt, Don; Wilson, LutherU.S. Supreme Court; independent candidates; filing timeTwo Kentuckians have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a law in Kentucky that makes independent candidates file for office seven months before the general election.
800Southern PatriotN.C. Students Boycott Classes 1970-11-014Wallace, George; Lee, Wilson W.; Walters, Haroldstudent rebellion; black representation; Ku Klux Klan; cross burning; "pairing" plan; police brutality; walk-out; suspension; arrestTwo North Carolina high schools boycotted classes to gain black representation in extra-curricular activities.
801Southern PatriotSellers Convicted of "One Man 1970-11-015Sellers, Cleveland; McNair, Robert; Grimball, John; Bass, Jack; Nelson, Jack; Moore, HowardSNCC; one man riot; Orangeburg Massacre; police shooting; South Carolina State College; protest; sniper; acquittal; trespass; scapegoatCleveland Sellers was convicted in participating in a riot and was sentenced to one year in prison. He is being used b the state of South Carolina as the scapegoat for the Orangeburg Massacre in 1968.
802Southern PatriotBlack Draft Resisters1970-11-015Braden, Anneblack draft resistance; appeal; U.S. Supreme Court; bias; SCEFA study by the SCEF reports that black draft resisters are far less likely to have their cases heard by the U.S. Supreme Court than a white resisters.
803Southern PatriotUS Argues Against Collins Appe1970-11-015Collins, Walter; Sedler, Robert A.; Minnix, Forrest; Griswold, Erwin N.; Clinton, Oscar E.U.S. Department of Justice; U.S. Supreme Court; black draft resistance; appeal; Selective Service ActThe U.S. Department of Justice admitted that it did not matter if the government fails to comply with the law. When they asked the Supreme Court not to hear the appeal of Walter Collins for his conviction on draft refusal.
804Southern PatriotBlack Solidarity in NC1970-11-016Hawkins, Reginald; Scott, Bob; Jochana, Ben; Finks, Golden; Ferguson, Jim; McKissick, Floydblack solidarity; injustice; militancy; SCLC; Ku Klux KlanA meeting of more than 1,000 people gathered in Oxford, North Carolina to discuss growing problems and push black solidarity.
805Southern PatriotPolice Murder Sparks Summerhil1970-11-016Moore, Andre; Massell, Sam; Jenkins, Herbert; McGee, Collinsslum; poverty; militancy; police shooting; rebellion; fires; dismissal; racismThe police shooting of fourteen year-old black Andre Moore sparked a rebellion in Atlanta's slum: Summerhill.
806Southern PatriotPoplarville Jail Revisted1970-11-016Littlepage, Joe; Parker, Charles Mack; Walker, J. P.; Littlepage, Sharon; Herndon, Wesley_Kudzu_; prison experiences; hippie; beating; rapeThe conditions and treatment of Pearl River County Jail in Poplarville, Mississippi are described by Joe Littlepage, a hippie arrested and held there, who was tortured by other inmates and guards.
807Southern PatriotThe Angelo Herndon Case1970-11-017Herndon, Angelo; Turner, Nat; Garrison, William; Davis, Ben; Geer, John; Talmadge, Gene; Dorsey, Hugh M.demonstration; arrest; communist literature; death penalty; chain gang; International Labor Defense; U.S. Supreme Court; petition campaignA biography of Angelo Herndon, focusing on his conviction in Georgia, his appeal process and his refusal to flee the state.
808Southern PatriotBriefs1970-11-017Branch, William McKinley; Gray, Fred; Reed, Thomas; Amerson, Lucius; Williams, O. H.; Cashin, John; Young, Andrew; Thompson, Fletcher; Faye, Henry; Sellers, Cleveland; Hampton, Carl; Jason, Rodney Chablack candidates; National Democratic Party of Alabama; police shooting; victim blaming; police bias; prison bias; racism; strip miningA review of the news and events for the month of November.
809Southern PatriotRoosevelt City, Ala. Setting a1970-11-018Rogers, Freddie; Billingsley, Orzellself-dermination; all black city; taxes; incorporation; Dominick Bill; independence; federal grant; economic problemsEditorial about the all black Roosevelt City, Alabama that chose to incorporate rather than be connected by Birmingham.
810Southern PatriotLaurel Workes Attack Masonite1970-12-011, 2Sellers, Granville; Paul, R. E.Masonite Plant; civil rights violation; petition; discrimination; unsafe conditions; harassment; organized labor; militancy; injury; false recordsWorkers at the Masonite Plant in Laurel, Mississippi are sending out a petition charging the company with discrimination, unsafe working conditions; and violating their past contract from the 1967 strike.
811Southern PatriotBlack Lung Problem is Worse1970-12-011, 5Meade, Henry; O'Brian, Edward; Rasmussen, Donald; Buff, I. E.; Boyle, Tony; Yablonski, Jock; Payne, Robert; Milker, Arnold; Osborne, ElbertAppalachia; coal mining; mine safety; black lung disease; coal dust; "Jones Report"; Social Security; mine explosion; widow; disabled minersThe continuing problem of black lung disease and the mine explosions and sealing the mine in Farmington, West Virginia proves that mine safety is not improving.
812Southern PatriotCollins Case Sparks Protest Ag1970-12-011, 8Collins, Watler; Collins, Virginia; Garment, Leonard; Sedler, Robert A.; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Gutknecht, David; Mulloy, Joseph; Welsh, Elliotblack liberation movement; arrest; draft system; racism; draft refusal; appeal; Supreme Court refusal; draft resistance; petition; presidential amnesty; conscientious objectorSupport is building across the South against all white racist draft boards after black liberationists Walter Collins was arrested and sentenced to five years for draft refusal.
813Southern PatriotSteel Workers Strike1970-12-012strike; police brutality; union recognition; walk-out; racism; Georgetown Steel Corporation; unsafe working conditions; SCLC; strike supportA strike at the Georgetown Steel Corporation in Georgetown, South Carolina helped bread the media silence on organized labor in the South when police attacked marchers.
814Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-12-012Ginger, Ann FaganNational Lawyers Guild; civil rights; civil libertiesReview of _Civil Liberties Docket 14 (1970 Supplement)_ by the National Lawyers Guild.
815Southern PatriotChicken Farmers Strike in Alab1970-12-013Scruggs, Robert; Stidham, Curtis; Troy, Robert; Scott, Emma; Brock, Irenechicken farming; share-cropping; National Farmer's Association; collective bargaining; export; operating costs; picket lineChicken farmers in Alabama are on strike due to low profits and being taken advantage of by the processing plants.
816Southern PatriotSupport for Angela Davis Devel1970-12-014Davis, Angela; Vause, Stephen; Baker, Ella; Davis, Sallyespeaking tour; defense campaign; communism; Soledad Brothers; prison racism; prison conditions; SCEFA defense campaign is building across the South for Angela Davis, who was arrested for trying to expose racism in the prison systems.
817Southern PatriotStudents March in Charlotte1970-12-014Davis, Angelastudent march; Freedom Songs; Johnson C. Smith University; police presenceStudents from Johnson C. Smith University marched into Charlotte, North Carolina to show support for Angela Davis.
818Southern Patriot500 Attend Nashiville Rally1970-12-014Davis, Angela; Davis, Sallye; Monteiro, Tonypublic rally; speech; defense; political caseOver 500 people attended a public rally in Nashiville, Tennessee for the defense of Angela Davis.
819Southern PatriotS.C. High Schools Hit by Rebel1970-12-016high school student revolt; school integration; resegregation; demotion; firing; extra-curricular exclusion; racismHigh schools across South Carolina are facing rebellion as black students fight against resegregation and discrimination in newly integrated schools.
820Southern PatriotWarrenton: Old Days Are Over1970-12-016Peller, Roger; Barholomew, Fred; Webb, Jeremiah; Balance, Frank; Chavis, Ben; White, Leonracism; Ku Klux Klan; plantation system; student protest; black economic development; black culture; marchIn Warrenton, North Carolina the system of oppression is changing as blacks demand equal treatment in integrated schools.
821Southern PatriotStudents Win Some Victories1970-12-017Chavis, Ben; White, Leon; Scott, Bob; Taylor, A. W.; Crocker, W. F.; Wilson, Georgerebellion; school desegregation; school boycott; arrest; police presence; resegregation; marching permit; police brutality; riotStudents won a slight victory in Henderson, North Carolina when community leaders agreed to close the all black school, but they still fear police brutality and local violence.
822Southern PatriotCommunities Fight Police Bruta1970-12-017Finks, Golden; Bellamy, John; Ennis, Jerrychief of police; dismissal; murder; protest; demonstrations; police shooting; self-defenseIn Elm City, North Carolina and Portsmouth, Virginia black communities are fighting against police brutality and shootings of black youth.
823Southern PatriotDraft Used Against Black Candi1970-12-018Smith, Jimmy P.; Gordon, Williammayoral candidate; draft; conspiracyA black candidate is charging the draft board with conspiracy for ordering him to report for induction less than a month before the election for mayor that he was favored to win.
824Southern Patriot"Soul Institute" Thrives in Ea1971-01-011Greer, Jackie; Greer, Ezrablack education; student walk-out; threat; Soul Institute; school integration; busingBlack students in Earle, Arkansas protested the lack of school equality by walking out and forming the Soul Institute, which is thriving.
825Southern PatriotBlacks Defend Themselves Again1971-01-011raid; school altercation; self-defense; racism; vigilantes; media coverageThe black community in Knightdale, North Carolina used armed self defense to protect itself from vigilante white extremists.
826Southern PatriotNegligence Killed 38 Miners1971-01-011, 8Bentley, Walter; Finley, Charles; Finley, Stanley; Collins, A. T.; Kirkpatrick, Harreld; O'Leary, John; Lucas, J. Richard; Osborn, Elburt F.; Russell, Fred; Dole, Hollis; McLean, John; Perkins, Carl DFinley Coal Company; mine explosion; carbon monoxide; illegal explosives; coal dust; after damp; negligence; unsafe operation; Bureau of Mines; black lung disease; suppression; conspiracyThe worst mine disaster in eastern Kentucky history occurred at Finley Coal Company where thirty-eight miners were killed in an explosion. It can be blamed on negligence and lack of oversight.
827Southern PatriotJohn Douglas Kobak1971-01-012Kobak, John Douglas; Easterling, Sue Ellacancer; poverty war; Appalachia; police brutalityObituary of John Douglas Kobak, who died of cancer at age 24 and campaigned for poor rights in Appalachia.
828Southern PatriotRecords for aand of the Moveme1971-01-012Dane, Barbara; Silber, Irwinmovement records; southern mountains; education; fund raisingA group has been organized to produce and distribute movement records.
829Southern PatriotCourt Victories1971-01-012Chaney, Ben; Bazemore, John; Rutrell, Martinmurder; not guilty; riot charges dropped; Texas Southern UniversityBen Chaney was found not guilty of murder and charges were dropped against the former Texas Southern University student for starting a riot.
830Southern PatriotAppalachian Movement Press1971-01-012Woodruff, Tom; Steward, DanAppalachian Movement Press; social changeAnnouncement of the Appalachian Movement Press which has been established to help serve groups working for social change.
831Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-01-012Goodman, Mitchell; Mulherin, Kathysocial movement; organized laborReview of Mitchell Goodman's _The Movement Toward A New America_ and Len DeCaux's _Labor Radical: From the Wobblies to the CIO_.
832Southern PatriotInhumanity, Back-Room Politics1971-01-013Schecter, Aaron; Osborne, Marylin; Goble, Merlin; Osborne, Bill; Turner, Shirley Marshall; Shanbow, Betty; Lewis, Doris; Frazier, Chalmer; Hale, Sam; Whitaker, Cotrine; Archer, SamComprehensive Health Care Program; doctor coverage; health care shortage; poverty; non-admission; federal funding; corruptionEditorial about how greed and discrimination in Floyd County, Kentucky is causing poor health care and even death.
833Southern PatriotReprot on the Schools1971-01-014desegregation; discrimination; civil rights; Race Relations Information Center Survey; firing; demotion; black principals; school boycott; over crowding; government acceptanceGeneral report on the school discrimination and protests across the south.
834Southern PatriotBlack Student Rebellions Conti1971-01-014school integration; black identity; school rebellion; walk-out; student demonstration; school closing; racism; discrimination; Ku Klux KlanReport of student protests and walk-outs in North and South Carolina.
835Southern PatriotLocal Elections are Stolen1971-01-015Greer, Jackie; Greer, Ezrarace relations; black political power; white control; voter fraud; intimidationVoter fraud and intimidation in Earle, Arkansas caused two black candidates to lose their elections.
836Southern PatriotGreer Convicted1971-01-015Greer, Ezra; Dennis, Marcus; Greer, Jackie; Kaplin, Phillipinciting a riot; conviction; civil rights; police brutalityReverend Ezra Greer was convicted of inciting a riot based on the white deputy sheriff's testimony.
837Southern PatriotOxford Boycott is Still On1971-01-016merchant boycott; threats; murder; bankruptcy; holiday boycott; Klan murderIn Oxford, North Carolina the downtown store boycott continued through the holidays to protest the acquittal of Klan murderers who killed a black Vietnam War veteran.
838Southern PatriotJackson State1971-01-016Green, James Earlmurder; police shooting; Medgar Evers FundExplanation of the murder of James Earl Green, not a Jackson State student, by police and how he supported his family.
839Southern PatriotNCCF Office Burns; Arson is Su1971-01-016National Committee to Combat Fascism; Black Panthers; fire; arson; document theftIn Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the NCCF office burned down, containing documents and project good. Arson is suspected.
840Southern PatriotUtilities Seek Rate Increases1971-01-016Carter, Jimmyutility rates; lack of profits; Atlanta Transit System; Southern Bell; poverty; working classThe poor and working class people will be hardest hit by the proposed utility rate increases in Atlanta, Georgia. The companies claim they are not making enough profit.
841Southern PatriotCourt Changes Rape Penalty1971-01-017Rockefeller, Winthrop; Simon, Tobias; McGee, WillieFourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals; capital punishment; rape; unconstitutional; Scottsboro boy's caseThe Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the death penalty in rape cases was unconstitutional. It has mainly been used in southern states against black men accused of raping white women.
842Southern Patriot250 Rally to Support Marie Hil1971-01-017Hill, Marie; Scott, Bob; Williams, Hoseastudent rally; SCLC; commute sentence; death penalty; Supreme Court appeal; repressionRoughly 250 rallied in Raliegh, North Carolina to support Marie Hill, and encouraged Governor Bob Scott to commute the 18 year-old's death sentence for murder.
843Southern PatriotHigh Court Gives Final Refusal1971-01-017Collins, Walter; Ali, Muhammad; Mulloy, Joe; Braden, AnneU.S. Supreme Court; appeal refusal; draft refusal; conscientious objector; draft board bias; Amnesty International; Selective Service Act violationThe U.S. Supreme Court has given its final refusal to hear the appeal of Walter Collins, convicted of draft refusal. Anne Braden has asked readers to write to the president on his behalf.
844Southern PatriotLetter From Texarkana Prison1971-01-017imprisonment; mail; teachingWalter Collins tells of his experience in prison.
845Southern PatriotStrip Mine Struggle Heats Up1971-02-011, 3Bailey, Ellis; Galperin, Si; Reilly, James D.; Rockefeller, John D., IV; Gould, Jaystrip mining; strip mining legislation; Office of Economic Opportunity; abolition; controversy; ecological damage; coal waste; emissions; Galperin bill; demonstration; pollutionDebate has sprung up across Appalachia on whether to ban strip mining or to phase it out over two years due to environmental concerns.
846Southern PatriotHow Poor People Built Politica1971-02-011, 8Hammonds, Harrell; Hulett, John; Lawson, J. C.; Cox, Courtland; Minnis, Jack; Miller, Alma V.; Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Ryals, Frank; Logan, Earleen Hayes; Folsom; James; McGhee, Willie; Shuttlesworth, Frepoverty; race relations; violence; threat; campaign; voter registration; freedom movement; Black Panther Party; SNCC: Lowndes County Freedom Organization; protest; boycott; injusticeOverview of how blacks in Lowndes County, Alabama built up political and economic control over the white ruling class.
847Southern PatriotBlack Activists Charge Draft C1971-02-011, 4Thompson, Bennie G.; Smith, JimmySelective Service System; conspiracy; elected officials; draft board bias; conscientious objector; discrimination; medical waiverTwo black men from Mississippi are charging their local draft board with conspiracy to draft local black candidates and officials to keep them away from being activists.
848Southern PatriotBlind Workers Win Strike1971-02-012strike; Skilcraft Industries for the Blind; black workers; business boycott; wages; working conditions; picketBlind workers at Skilcraft Industries won their strike for higher wages and improved working conditions in Greenboro, North Carolina.
849Southern PatriotDavis Rally1971-02-012Davis, Angela; Davis, Sallye; Jackson, Jessefreedom rally; 16th Street Baptist Church; SCLCA huge crowd in Birmingham, Alabama demanded freedom for Angela Davis.
850Southern PatriotRuby Shuttlesworth Dies1971-02-012Shuttlesworth, Ruby K.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Abernathy, Ralph; Braden, Annecivil rights activist; SCEF; SCLCObituary for civil rights activist Ruby K. Shuttlesworth.
851Southern PatriotMemphis NCCF1971-02-012bail; National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF); housing projects; Memphis Housing Authority; eviction; occupationFifteen members of the National Committee to Combat Fascism had bail set at $3,000 for occupying the offices of the Memphis Housing Authority to protest inhabitable housing.
852Southern PatriotTravelling This Summer?1971-02-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.East Africa Tour; SCEF; Special Tours for Special PeopleAnnouncement of a three week summer tour of East Africa led by Fred L. Shuttlesworth, called Special Tours for Special People.
853Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-02-012Bethell, Thomas N.; Petras, James; Kominsky, Morriscoal mine explosion; Latin American class structure; right wing pressReviews of _The Hurricane Creek Massacre_ by Thomas N. Bethell; _Politics and Social Structure in Latin America_ by James Petras; and _The Hoaxers: Plain Liars, Fancy Liars, and Damned Liars_ by Morris Kominsky.
854Southern PatriotU.S. Judge Refuses to Free Col1971-02-014Boyle, Edward; Collins, Walter; Allison, William H., Jr.; Sedler, Robert draft resistance; appeal; shortened sentence; U.S. Court of Appeals; conscientious objector; U.S. Supreme CourtU.S. district judge Edward Boyle refused to reduce Walter Collins' sentence from five years for draft refusal. His lawyers have fought for another appeal.
855Southern PatriotHealthy-Care Struggle Continue1971-02-014Schecter, Arnold; McElwain, William; Frazier, Lynn; Eastburn, HarryFloyd County Comprehensive Health Care; insubordination; political control; benefit education; leaflet; povertyDr. Arnold Schecter was fired from the director of the Floyd County Comprehensive Health Care Program for insubordination. He was fighting for more doctors and better facilities to help the areas of poor residents.
856Southern PatriotLouisville Tenants Organize1971-02-015Pennignton, Pat; Pennington, PaulLouisville Tenants Union; housing code; eviction; landlord attacks; poor discrimination; assistance; tenants rights; Legal Aid; welfare; racial unityEditorial about the Louisville Tenants Union that organized to help local poor and fight poor housing conditions and slumlords.
857Southern PatriotSchool Boycott Enters Third Mo1971-02-016school boycott; desegregation; busing; black school closing; school division; court injunctionStudents in East Arcadia, North Carolina are boycotting the busing of black students 42 miles, in one direction, to comply with desegregation.
858Southern PatriotAttacks on NCCF Continue1971-02-016Black Panthers; police brutality; robbery; police shoot outPolice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina continue to attack the Black Panthers, and the police started a shoot out with them in their new headquarters.
859Southern PatriotJack Minnis' Column1971-02-016Wicker, Tom; Morgenthau, Hans age; civil rights movement; 1965 Voting Rights Act; young votes; political organizationEditorial about how the young voter is the new black voter in the sense they must learn how to use their new political power.
860Southern PatriotBlack Youth Says: "School Dese1971-02-017school control; public schools; poverty; indoctrination; media; racism; class discrimination; oppressionEditorial about the control of students being the true issue in education, not integration.
861Southern PatriotKing's Birthday Sparks Rebelli1971-02-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lee, Robert rebellion; birthday celebration; violence; riot; police brutality; militancy; school boycottSchool boycotts and violence were sparked in North Carolina and South Carolina as black students tried to celebrate MLK's birthday.
862Southern PatriotBlack Activist is Drafted in M1971-03-011Smith, Jimmyblack candidate; draft; medical waiver; bia; repressionJimmy Smith, who ran for mayor in Port Gibson, Mississippi, was drafted into the army, in spite of a congenital back defect.
863Southern PatriotMiners March on Capitol1971-03-011, 8Perkins, Carl D.; Saylor, John; Schweiker, Richard; Antal, Lou, Boyle, Tony; Yablonski, Jockcoal miner protest; corruption; union officials; Hodgson V. UMW; lobbying; mine safety; Miners for Democracy; embezzlementCoal miners marched on the capitol building after charging that the federal government has stalled for six years on a case about corruption in the selection of union officials.
864Southern PatriotInsurrection in Wilmington1971-03-011, 6King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lawson, O. H.; Templeton, Gene; Hill, Preston; Mitchell, Steveriot; violence; fire damage; race relations; rebellion; school integration; discrimination; suspension; school boycott; rally; KKK; police brutality; shooting; death threats; repressionWilmington, North Carolina erupted in violence, including shootings and fires, as police and the Klan fought against the black community, which was protesting discrimination in newly integrated schools.
865Southern PatriotAppalachian People's History B1971-03-012Fenston, Joy; Bolte-Mulloy, Karen; West, Don; Hoban, JoeAppalachian history; Mountain Education Associates; SCEFReview of _The Appalachian People's History Book_.
866Southern PatriotWalter Bishop1971-03-012Bishop, Walter; Bishop, Ruby; Haskell, Jennifercivil rights; Knox Area Civil Liberties Union, Highlander CenterObituary for Walter Bishop, civil rights leader from Eastern Tennessee.
867Southern PatriotWorld Fellowship1971-03-012Uphaus, WillardWorld Fellowship; southern issuesInvitation of southerners to the World Fellowship meeting in Kerhonkson, New York.
868Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-03-012Sostre, Martin; Copeland, Vincent; Aronson, Jamesrepression; scape goat; white radical; media bias; red-baiting; black history; indexReview of _The Crime of Martin Sostre_ by Vincent Copeland; _The Press and The Cold War_ by James Aronson; and the _Directory of Afro-American Resources_.
869Southern PatriotThe Power of Organized Protest1971-03-013Meade, N. Mitchell; Westbrook, John W., III; Allison, William H., Jr.; Sedler, Robert A.; Mulloy, Joeorganized protest; draft resistance; common-law assault; hand bills; ralliesA Kentucky judge proved the power of organized protest and legal action when he set aside the sentence of war resister and pacifist John Westbrook.
870Southern PatriotSchool Boycott Leader's Home i1971-03-013Stevenson, Levernschool boycott; segregation; racism; house burning; police bias; support rallyThe home of Reverend Levern Stevenson was burned in Ridgeland, South Carolina in retaliation for his organizing a school boycott to protest overt racism and bus segregation.
871Southern PatriotAla. Power Rate Increase Fough1971-03-013Wallace, GeorgeAlabama Power Company; rate increase; opposition; profit increasesPeople in Birmingham are opposing rate increases from the Alabama Power Company which would be the second increase in less than three years.
872Southern PatriotBlack Scholars Meet in South1971-03-014Clarke, John Henrik; Harding, Vincent; Bennett, Lerone, studies; national meeting; black history; Jackson State College; black control; student recruitmentBlack scholars from all over the nation met in February in Jackson, Mississippi to discuss the need for more black history and control of education across the south.
873Southern PatriotTwo Black Liberation Front Lea1971-03-014, 5Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Bailey, Mel; Orange, David; Turner, Bernice; Cleaver, Eldridge; Robertson, Harold; Prosch, Gus; Wallace, Georgepolice brutality; assault; Alabama Black Liberation Front; victim blaming; eviction; discrimination; phone tapping; civil rights violation; inhumane jail conditions; arms cacheIn Birmingham, Alabama two Alabama Black Liberation Front Leaders were attacked by police and arrested for trying to help a local woman keep her house.
874Southern PatriotSo it goes...1971-03-017national debt; taxes; borrowing; deficit spending; federal spending; interest ratesEditorial about the national debt and federal spending.
875Southern Patriot"I Birng An Indictment Against1971-03-017Davis, Angela; Abernathy, Ralphjob loss; imprisonment; death threats; militancy; black female activists; racism; political prisoner; kidnap; murder; conspiracyExcerpt of a speech given by Dr. Ralph Abernathy about the arrest of Angela Davis and the problems of racism in the American justice system.
876Southern PatriotFinley's Fines $50,0001971-03-018Finley, Charles; Finley, Stanley; Helm, Lewis; Russell, Fredfine; 1969 Coal Mine Health and Safety Act violation; willful violation; prosecutionCharles and Stanley Finley were found liable for $50,000 for the deaths of thirty-eight men from an explosion on December 30, 1970 from unsafe conditions, a direct violation of the 1969 Coal Mine Health and Safety Act.
877Southern PatriotStrip Miners Beat Back Aboliti1971-03-018Galperin, Si; Rockefeller, Jay; Deem, Frank; Moore, Arch A.; Williams, Normanstrip mining; limiting industry; surface mining ban; strip mining abolitionThe strip-mining industry in West Virginia managed to defeat a bill that would have abolished the industry in their state.
878Southern PatriotWar on Hunger Bogs Down1971-04-011, 3Nixon, Richard; Hollings, Ernest F.; McGovern, George; McNair, Robert; Thurmond, Strom; Harris, Ray; Taylor, Etta; Cherry, Earl; Boles, Julia; Haynesworth, Clement; Barnwell, Thomas; West, Johnhunger; malnutrition; poor health care; poverty; boycott; picket line; corruption; sham program; pibt food-stamp program; welfare; Comprehensive Health ProgramEditorial about past efforts to combat hunger and where it stands two years later in Beaufort, South Carolina.
879Southern PatriotHospital Workers Strike1971-04-011, 4Tiech, Albert; McCulloch, John; Sayre, Floyd; Smith, Hullett; Small, Elliott; Harless, Larry; Castle, JeanBeckley Hospital; protest; partial lock down; firing; union; Local 1199; unfair labor practices; picket line; arrest; harassment; leaflet; segregation; SCLCEmployees at Beckley Hospital in West Virginia went on strike in order to protest a partial lock out and firing of seventeen workers for union involvement.
880Southern PatriotWelfare Women Fight Tenn. Ster1971-04-011, 8Bates, Larry; Stone, Mildred; Haskell, Jennifer; Briggs, Sherri; Peacock, Bonnie; Williams, Avon; Ellis, Willi Pearl; Hamer, Fannie Lou; Paul, Juliu; Banfield, Stonewelfare women; forced sterilization; Tennessee House Bill No. 20; picket; open opposition; foster children; poverty; discrimination; black sterilization; eugenic law; illegitimate childrenFemale welfare recipients in Tennessee picketed and spoke out against House Bill No. 20, which would force women (on welfare) with one or more illegitimate children to undergo sterilization or lose their benefits. The bill would also make it possible for
881Southern PatriotRelief Committee Needs Chilren1971-04-012children's clothing; Appalachian relief committee; wood-cuttersThe Appalachian Relief Committee is appealing to readers for children's clothing donations to especially help organizing wood-cutters in southern Alabama and Mississippi.
882Southern PatriotABLF Trials Postponed1971-04-012Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronaldtrial postponed; Alabama Black Liberation FrontThe trials of Wayland Bryant and Ronald Williams of the Alabama Black Liberation Front have been postponed until May.
883Southern PatriotRuby Shuttlesworth Scholarship1971-04-012Shuttlesworth, Ruby K.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.scholarship fund; human rights; Greater New Light Baptist ChurchA scholarship fund for Ruby K. Shuttlesworth has been established and they are asking for donations to help young people who have interests in human rights to go to college.
884Southern PatriotHow the Draft is Used...1971-04-012Westbrook, Jay; Allison, William H., Jr.; Sedler, Robertmilitary draft; punishment; conscientious objectorIllustrates an example of the draft being used as punishment against Jay Westbrook, whose conscientious objector status was revoked.
885Southern PatriotRev. T. Y. Rogers Dies1971-04-012Rogers, T. Y.civil rights leader; car accident; SCLCObituary for Reverend T. Y. Rogers, who was killed in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia.
886Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-04-012Glessing, Robert J.underground press; youth quake; SNCC; Black PanthersReview of _The Underground Press in America_ by Robert J. Glessing and _Defiance I_ by various authors.
887Southern PatriotGatch Wins Fight to Practice i1971-04-013Gatch, Donaldpoverty; hunger; medical license suspensionDr. Donald Gatch, who drew national attention to poverty and hunger in Beaufort, South Carolina, won his right to practice medicine in the state.
888Southern PatriotThey Can't Put it Back1971-04-014Kline, Miketimber industry; mining industry; Appalachia land destructionExplanation of the program _They Can't Put it Back_ consisting of slides and songs about destruction to lands in Appalachia caused by the mining and timber industry.
889Southern PatriotHigh Point Police Attack Milit1971-04-014police attack; black militants; raid; eviction; Black Community Information Center; arrest; felony chargesPolice in High Point, North Carolina attacked black militants whey they evicted and raided people associated with the Black Community Information Center.
890Southern PatriotNCCF Has Support in Winston-Sa1971-04-014police harassment; National Committee to Combat Fascism; rally; SCLC; jailA rally held by the National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF) drew a large amount of support in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
891Southern PatriotBlack Man Cleared of Killing W1971-04-015Chavis, John; Edwards, Buster; Teel, Robert; Marrow, Henryacquittal; shootingA black man in Oxford, North Carolina was acquitted of shooting a white man, which more than likely was influenced by the Teel Case.
892Southern PatriotLegal Lynching1971-04-015Hazelwood, Joseph; Hawkins, Charles; Hawthorne, Nathaniel Lee; Greene, Je Roydlegal lynching; rape; death penalty; Ku Klux Klan; boycott; racismJoseph Hazlewood, accused of raping a white woman, is potentially under the death penalty, which can be seen as legal lynching.
893Southern PatriotConnie Tucker Convicted: Faces1971-04-015Tucker, Connie; Favors, Otha; Favors, Sharon; Taylor, Alexpossession of marijuana; Junta of Militant Organizations; police harassment; police raid; black nationalismConnie Tucker, a black activist, was convicted of marijuana possession and sentenced to five years in spite of the fact that police could not produce the marijuana.
894Southern PatriotAngela Davis Campaign Builds1971-04-015Bond, Julian; Davis, Angela; Hoover, J. Edgar; Moore, Howard; Mitchell, Charlene; Braden, Carlrally; McCarthyism; Miles College; repression; most wanted list; political posterA rally was held in Birmingham at Miles College to support the defense of Angela Davis. Also explained how she is an example of repression in America.
895Southern PatriotCommission Investigates N.C. D1971-04-016Valder, Bob; Chavis, BenNorth Carolina Civil Rights Commission; school desegregation; testimony; racism; discrimination;A commission in North Carolina investigated the blatant acts of racism and discrimination in newly desegregated schools. However, nothing will likely come from it, but students are happy the events are officially recorded.
896Southern PatriotCharlotte Black Students Rebel1971-04-016black student rebellion; desegregation; Concerned Parent's Association; racism; racial fighting; arrest; violence; protestBlack students at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school systems rebelled after facing intense racism and discrimination from administration and members of the Concerned Parents' Association.
897Southern PatriotEqual Justice?1971-04-016Carswell, Scott; Hollings, Ernest; Cook, Rodney; Sinclair, John; Johnson, Lee Otisarrest; marijuana; selective enforcement; White Panther PartyScott Carswell, son of a Supreme Court nominee, was set free after a drug charge while those seen as radical are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
898Southern PatriotMurder in Wilmington1971-04-016Wright, Clifton Eugene; Walker, Johnny; Williamson, H. closing; racial fighting; police patrol; arrest; racial shooting; boycott; night ridersIn Wilmington, North Carolina the black community is facing white night riders, which caused one death, after insurrection in public schools over racism and discrimination.
899Southern PatriotSoul Institute Still Needs Hel1971-04-016The Soul Institute; donations; walk-out; desegregationThe Soul Institute in Earle, Arkansas thanks people for their donations so far. But it is still in need of supplies.
900Southern PatriotSo it goes...1971-04-017Philbrik, Herbert; Sardino, Thomas; Philbrick, ShirleyFBI agent; anti-communism; U.S. Press Association; sponsored editorialsEditorial about former FBI agent Herbert Philbrick and his anti-communism crusade.
901Southern PatriotMobil Public Housing Tenants O1971-04-017Alexander, James R.; Romney, George; Cooper, A. J., Jr.Mobile Housing Board; interracial organization; Tenants Organized for Progress; emergency fund; evictions; trespassing arrest; police presence; rent amountBlack and white tenants in the housing projects of Mobile, Alabama have organized in the Tenants Organized for Progress to combat problems from the Mobile Housing Board.
902Southern PatriotJury Refuses to Indict Teels1971-04-018Marrow, Henry Lee; Teel, Robert G.; Oakley, Robert; Teel, Larry; Chavis, Benmurder, grand jury investigation; indictment refusal; acquittal; witness testimony; United Klans of America; house dynamitedA jury in North Carolina refused to indict three white men for the shooting of a black Vietnam War Veteran in spite of testimony indicating their intention to kill him.
903Southern PatriotMiners Win Suit Against UMWA W1971-06-011, 8Blankenship, Willie Ray; Gesell, Gerhard A.; Boyle, W. A.; Roche, Josephine; Lewis, John L.; Yablonski, Jock; Judy, George; Huge, Harryblack lung disease; pension; retirement fund; Regulation B-2; disabled miners; miners' widows; Blankenship v. Boyle; mismanagement; conflict of interestThe United Mine Workers of America was found guilty of mismanagement of funds and allowing conflicts of interest to occur with the miners' pension funds.
904Southern PatriotTour Builds Support for Collin1971-06-011, 6Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Griswold, Erwin; Gardner, Tom; Lewis, John; Mulloy, Joeprotest; imprisonment; draft refusal; speaking tour; racism; amnesty petition; demonstrations; SNCC; oppressionA speaking tour across the South explained the case of Walter Collins and how the draft system as a whole is racist.
905Southern PatriotPulpwood Workers Organize [Por1971-06-011, 4, 5Simmons, Jamescorporate feudalism; grass-roots movement; Gulf Coast Pulpwood Association; racial unity; harassment; low wages; paper wood industry; sub-existence; exploitation; dealership system; debt slavery; GROW; repression; pacificationEditorial about the conditions of pulpwood cutters in Alabama, and how they are kept working in debt slavery that is "worse than sharecropping."
906Southern PatriotFederal Spying on Black Rep. E1971-06-012Graves, Curtis; Hoover, J. Edgarfederal spying; Texas state representative; Constitutional rights; phone tapping; police tacticsThe federal government has stopped spying on black Texas state representative after ten years.
907Southern PatriotOxford Remembers Henry Marrow1971-06-012Marrow, Henry; Chavis, Benracial murder; march; fire; Marrow Day ServicesIn Oxford, North Carolina, residents and activists held a march and memorial services on May 12th for Henry Marrow, who was killed by whites.
908Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-06-012Forman, Jamesblack movement; SNCC; speeches; papersReview of _The Political Thought of James Forman_, a collection of his speeches and papers.
909Southern PatriotGA. Prisons Run for Punishment1971-06-013Carter, Jimmy; MacDougall, Ellis; Muni, Paul; Burns, Robert; Herndon, Angelo; Maddox, Lester; Seale, Bobby; Huggins, ErikaGeorgia Commissioner of Corrections; prison reform; slaver descendant; vagrancy law; convict lease system; chain gang; public relations; Orangeburg Massacre; human rights; censorship; computerizationEditorial about the history and the problems within the Georgia prison system, and about how Ellis MacDougall has been appointed to change the image of the system.
910Southern PatriotHostile News Story Supports Tu1971-06-014Tucker, ConnieSt. Petersburg Times; political prisoner; Junta of Militant Organizations; marijuana charge; Lowell State Prison; protestAn article published in the St. Petersburg Times only helped to strengthen the defense of Connie Tucker by proving she is being held as a political prisoner.
911Southern PatriotAppalachian People's History1971-06-014Caughey, JohnAppalachian History; SCEF; Eastern Mountain AssociatesPraise for the _Appalachian People's History Book_ published by the SCEF, and the Eastern Mountain Associates
912Southern PatriotWomen Inmates Welcome Virginia1971-06-016Collins, VirginiaFederal Women's Reformatory; speech; education; draft resistanceMrs. Virginia Collins gave a rousing speech at the Federal Women's Reformatory in Alderson, West Virginia where she gained support for draft resistance and encouraged education among the prisoners.
913Southern PatriotShooting War in Elizabethtown1971-06-016Chavis, Benhigh school rebellion; shooting; desegregation; protest; store boycott; racial tensionShootings occurred in Elizabethtown, North Carolina after a rebellion about school integration plans. At least ten black people were shot, one fatally.
914Southern PatriotHoover and FBI Sued1971-06-016Collins, Virginia; Collins, Walter; Christina, Frank; Birdwell, Don; Morris, Cornelius; Braden, Carlfree speech; FBI Agents; hampering effortsVirginia Collins has filed suit against the FBI for their efforts to try and stop her from freeing her son, Walter, from jail.
915Southern PatriotSo it goes...1971-06-017Stern, Edith Rosenwald; Rosenwald, Julius; Stern, Edgar B., Jr.; Morrison, DeLessups; Duplantier, Adrian; Lemann, Thomas B.Sears Roebuck and Co.; company stock; WDSU-TV; tax evasion; gift-tax; political contributions; Institute of Politics at Loyola UniversityEditorial about the Stern family of New Orleans, the heirs to the Sear Roebuck Company fortune, and how they influence state and city politics.
916Southern PatriotLamar Society: Force for Chang1971-06-017Muskie, Edmund; Perot, H. Ross; Landrieu, MoonL.Q.C. Lamar Society; symposium; "New South:" progressive; status quoExplanation of the Lamar Society and how they do not seek to truly change anything in the south even though they talk about being progressive.
917Southern PatriotBlack Political Party Builds F1971-06-018Rivers, L. Mendel; DeLee, Victoria; Broadwater, Thomas; Edwards, Jamesspecial election; United Citizen's Party; write-in' candidate; moderate; harassmentIn a special election in South Carolina, the black-oriented United Citizen's Party proved their growing power by gaining 10% of the vote.
918Southern PatriotVirginia Women Still on Strike1971-09-011, 3Gardner, George; Breeden, Mablestrike; wage freeze; Alliance Manufacturing Company; Appalachia; wage rates; working conditions; speed up; fair grievance procedure; picket line; injunction; unconstitutionalOver three hundred women are still on strike at the Alliance Manufacturing Company in Shenandoah, West Virginia, asking for better working conditions, higher wages, and laxer regulations.
919Southern PatriotMalcolm X Liberation Universit1971-09-011, 6Sadaukai, OwusuMalcolm X Liberation University; black student rebellion; black studies program; black education; Durham University; communalism; opposition; Pan-Africanism; physical development Details of the Malcolm X Liberation University in Greensboro, North Carolina and how it has come to support black education.
920Southern PatriotQuinoy Five: Case Study in Rep1971-09-011, 8Smith, David Charles; Figgers, Alphonso; Burns, Johnny; Keaton, David; Fredericks, Johnnyrobbery; murder; injustice; Luke's Grocery Store, bias; racism; extorted confession; lack of evidence; prison racism; solitary confinementIn Tallahassee, Florida, five black men are being prosecuted for robbery and murder of a sheriff's deputy because of racism, and in spite of little to no evidence.
921Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-09-012Greene, Felix; Fanon, Frantz; Mortimer, Wyndham; Geismar, Peter; Fenster, Leoimperialism; exploitation; biography; labor unionA review of _The Enemy: What Every American Should Know About Imperialism_ by Felix Greene; _Fanon_ by Peter Geismar; and _Organize! My Life as a Union Member_ edited by Leo Fenster.
922Southern PatriotSome Movement Veterans Die1971-09-012Stephens, Donald; Austin, Louis E.; Tilley, John L., Sr.draft refusal; Southern Conference for Human Welfare; women's suffrage; civil rights SCLCDeath announcements for three movement leaders: Donald Stephens, Louis E. Austin, and John L. Tilley, Sr.
923Southern PatriotFlorida Teacher Fights for Her1971-09-013Most, Elizabeth; Spain, William; Babrick, Robertspeech; West Florida University; social work; firing; violence; Board of Regents hearingDr. Elizabeth Most was fired from West Florida University after she gave a controversial speech at the Rotary Club about violence in America. She is fighting the firing and has a hearing at the Board of Regents.
924Southern PatriotThe Summer in Review1971-09-014Boyle, Tony; Tijerina, Reis; Collier, Jo Etha; Swan, Jimmy; Evers, Charles; Bond, Julian; Mathis, Hazle; Mathis, Van Lee, JR.; Anderson, Leon; Russ, Cornell; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Honey, union welfare and retirement fund; voter fraud; militancy; voter registration; shooting; Southern Black Caucus; SCLC; Republic of New Africa; gun battle; police shooting; Alabama Black Liberation FrontReview of the events that took place over the summer that relate to civil rights and militancy.
925Southern PatriotBlacks Oppose Greensboro Busin1971-09-015busing opposition; racial parity; desegregation; black consciousness; black identity; debateGreat opposition in Greensboro, North Carolina has emerged in the black community to the busing plan in order to enforce desegregation.
926Southern PatriotSupreme Court Ruling Affects N1971-09-015Hill, Marie; Roseboro, RobertWitherspoon case; supreme court ruling; stay of executionThe Supreme Court set aside the death penalty for six people in North Carolina including Marie Hill and Robert Roseboro.
927Southern PatriotOrganizing in the Army1971-09-015Heinl, Robert D.; Davis, AngelaFort McClellan; U.S. Women's Army Corps; U.S. Army Chemical Corps; basic training; war protest; disaffection; anti-war coffeehouse; People's Peace TreatyEditorial about soldier resistance and political involvement at Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama.
928Southern PatriotMemphis: Crisis in Housing1971-09-016Boyd, Vinie; Boyd, Leo; Adam, Rubie; Payne, Janicevacant public housing; conspiracy; poverty; housing gap; federal funding; zoning laws; dangerous conditions; National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF)Editorial about how deplorable the state of housing is in Memphis, Tennessee and how little the city is doing to combat the problem.
929Southern PatriotSupport for War Resisters1971-09-017draft resistance; Federal Youth Center; demonstration; picket; Friends of ResistersSupport for draft resistance appeared in Ashland, Kentucky around the Federal Youth Center.
930Southern PatriotWilmington: The Struggle Goes 1971-09-017Williamson, H. E.; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Frinks, Golden; Chavis, Benracial tension; violence; white extremists; shooting; fire damage; fair treatment; vandalism; SCLC; militant non-violent action; boycott; freedom movement; Ku Klux Klan; Black Christian Nationalist MovementEditorial about the racial tension and violence in Wilmington, North Carolina.
931Southern PatriotWilmington Whites Declare War.1971-09-017Gibson, LeroyRights of White People; paramilitary organization; armed resistance; war; school integration; Black Youth Builders of the Black Community; free foodIn Wilmington, North Carolina, the white paramilitary organization, Rights of White People, declared war on the black community for school integration while the black youth started a food program to help poor blacks.
932Southern PatriotIndependent Parties Meet1971-09-017independent political party; The Coalition; New PartyIndependent Parties met in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Florida, Kentucky and Texas represented in order to form a new political party.
933Southern PatriotCollins Campaign1971-09-018Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Abzug, Bella; Rachman, Emanuel; Freeman, Harrop A.draft resistance; war injustice; racism; speech; amnesty; amnesty internationalWalter Collins has become the poster child for the campaign against racism and injustice in the draft system and the war.
934Southern PatriotHelp End the Draft; Free Colli1971-09-018Collins, Walter; Abzug, Bella; Griswold, Erwinwrite senators; amnesty; draft resistance; pardonExplains to readers how they can help free Walter Collins and other resisters from prison: by writing to their senators.
935Southern PatriotTensions Rise In Mississippi1971-10-011, 5Hamer, Fannie Lou; Evers, Charles; Mitchell, John; Thurmond, Strom; Eastland, James; Parker; Frank; Sullivan, Charles; Henry, Aaron; Waller, William; Barnett, Ross; Collier, Jo Ethavoter registration; black community; control violence; black candidates; black elected officials; federal inaction; terrorism; gerrymandering; redistricting; re-registration; discriminationEditorial about repression and discrimination against black voters in Mississippi.
936Southern PatriotMississippi Woodcutters Strike1971-10-011, 8Pulliam, Justin; Zellner, Bob; Braden, Carl; Simmons, James; Badue, John; Walter, Fred; Evers, Charlesprice freeze; pay cut; woodcutter; Gulf Coast Pulpwood Association; Masonite Corporation; communism; poverty; red-baiting; protest; food stamps; weight systemExplanation; why pulpwood workers in Mississippi went on strike and how they plan to continue their protests.
937Southern PatriotWidespread School Busing Begin1971-10-011, 4Blackman, Sallie Mae; Jenkins, Casey; Briley, Beverly; Williams, Avon; Bell, Laura; Bostie, Debradesegregation; busing; integration; tokenism; racial balance; Concerned Parents' Association; racism; school boycott; peace; picket line; discrimination;The busing efforts in Nashville have been successful in spite of some resistance from the Concerned Parents' Association and for the first time a city has gained racial balance.
938Southern PatriotEmma Gelders Sterne, Author an1971-10-012Sterne, Emma Gelders; Gelders, Joeauthor; movement activist; biography; Soledad BrothersObituary for Emma Gelders Sterne, an active movement participant and successful writer.
939Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-10-012Guffy, Ossie; LEdner, Carylpoverty; welfareReview of _Ossie: The Autobiography of a Black Woman_ By Caryl Ledner.
940Southern PatriotN.C. Activists Set Up African 1971-10-012Chavis, BenKlan; Cross; Pan-AfricanismIn Wilmington, North Carolina, Klansmen were seen erecting a cross in front of the First African Congregation of the Black Messiah.
941Southern PatriotRobert Childers Dies1971-10-012Childers, Robert A.drowningDeath announcement of Robert A. Childers.
942Southern PatriotA Forgotten Case: Thomas Wansl1971-10-013Wansley, Thomas; Carter, Annie; Holton, Linwoodpolitical prisoner; rape; death penalty; racism; all-white jury; sit-in; intimidation; segregationOverview of the Thomas Wansley case, who was convicted of raping a white woman and initially sentenced to death. It also discusses how he is also a political prisoner.
943Southern PatriotCharlotte Police Kill Another 1971-10-013Miller, Roy; Swaim, J. W.; Shore, G. L.; Miller, Leroypolice killings; point blank shooting; car theft; beating; Concerned Citizens; petitionRoy Miller is the second black man to be shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was shot at point blank range and left bleeding in the street for over an hour.
944Southern PatriotAn Editorial: The Busing Issue1971-10-014Wallace, George; McIntyre, Lionel; Kasper, Johnschool busing; desegregation; peace; Citizen's Against Busing; protest; picket line; racism; education; mobsThe school busing issue in the southern states has been marked by a lack of violence as more people accept school integration.
945Southern PatriotPCPJ Holds Southern Meeting1971-10-016Collins, Virginia; Davis, Angela; Collins, Walter; Jackson, GeorgePeople's Coalition for Peace and Justice; political repression; political prisoners; moratorium; demonstrationBrief overview of the southern regional conference of the People's Coalition for Peace and Justice held in Nashville, Tennessee held on September 25th.
946Southern PatriotWhite Organizers Meet1971-10-016organized labor; radical movement; GI movement; socialism; communism; Marxism; racismDetails of meeting held in South Carolina where people met to discuss the organizing efforts among the white Southern working class.
947Southern PatriotBlack Activist Charged With Ra1971-10-016Covington, Lawrenceblack activist; psychiatric examination; rape; school boycott; poverty program; habeas corpusLawrence Covington, a young black educate activist, is charged by a sixteen year old white woman with rape in spite of her accusing others with this same charge in the past.
948Southern PatriotWhy New Orleans Panthers Were 1971-10-017Augustine, Israel; Garrison, JimNew Orleans; Black Panthers; police department; fascism; police shooting; acquittal; black jury; trumped-up charges; Parish PrisonThe Panthers were acquitted in New Orleans because of a mainly black jury and an extremely flimsy case from the prosecution.
949Southern PatriotWaller Reconvicted on Mural Ch1971-10-017Waller, Joe; Tucker, ConnieJunta of Militant Organizations; grand larceny; racist mural; double jeopardy; Pan-AfricanismJoe Waller has once again been convicted for taking down a racist mural from city hall, even though the Supreme Court reversed the last decision because of Double Jeopardy.
950Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-10-017Roberson, Don; Ferguson, James; Carty, Rico; Ramirez, Carlos; Massell, SamMalcolm X United Liberation Front; repression; Southeastern People's Revolutionary Conference; anti-busing forced; Black Panthers Trial; arson; police beating; Title II repealAn overview of the events and news from October.
951Southern PatriotAn Analysis: The Issues Behind1971-10-018Boyle, Tonysoft coal miners; walk out; wages; sick leave; royalty payment; dissidents; wage freezeExplanation as to why the miners went on strike, and the internal problems they are faced with: dissidents and union officials.
952Southern PatriotMiners Wait Strike OUt1971-11-011, 8Boyle, Tony; Yablonski, Joseph; Miller, Arnoldminer strike; Appalachia; wage policies; food stamps; Nixon economic policy; union reform movement; disabled miners; Black Lung AssociationMiners in Pennsylvania and West Virginia are waiting out their strike without benefits as the union officials and companies are still far off on a settlement.
953Southern PatriotWoodcutters Strike Widens1971-11-011, 8Evers, Charleswoodcutter's strike; Masonite Corporation; racial unity; pay cut; starvation wages; cooperativeThe woodcutters' strike in Mississippi has grown to 35,000 people, both black and white, united against being paid starvation wages. The racial unity has spread throughout the community.
954Southern PatriotAlderson Women Rebel1971-11-011, 5female rebellion; federal penitentiary; Alderson Revolt; prison reformA rebellion at the federal female penitentiary occurred in Alderson, West Virginia. A large portion of the article [page 5] is missing.
955Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-11-012Hayes, Elton; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Sellers, Cleveland, Jr.; TInsley, Michael; Tinsley, Narvel; Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, Williampolice brutality; police killing; school desegregation; Klan parade; Alabama Black Liberation Front; inciting a riot; SNCC; racism; jury bias; crossover votingA review of news and events in November.
956Southern Patriot250 Kentucky Women Form Politi1971-11-013Edwards, Mrs. Marty; Westerfield, Rebecca; Braden, AnneKentucky Women's Political Caucus; racism; sexism; poverty; institutional violence; women's rights; socialism; Vietnam War; prison reformWomen met in Kentucky to form their own political party and to discuss the main issues for their platform. They want an end to racism, sexism, poverty and institutional violence.
957Southern PatriotExcerpts from the Socialist St1971-11-013economic system; corporate wealth; starvation; poverty; Appalachia; socialist alternative; cooperative societyExcerpt from a speech about the problems with the American economy and the benefits of a socialist alternative.
958Southern PatriotPolice Killing Sparks Ayden Mo1971-11-014Murphy, William Earl; Day, Billy; Bloom, Eli; Frinks, Golden; Scott, Bob; Paul, Jerrypolice killing; movement arrest; indictment refusal; civil action; police brutality; racism; harassment; protest; march; bombing; curfewThe murder of a black man by police in Ayden, North Carolina, sparked rebellion and bombing in the small town. The black community is united like never before.
959Southern Patriot...And Tobacco Strike Ends It1971-11-014Frinks, Golden; Humphrey, HubertPitt County Movement; black tobacco workers; tenant farming; rebellion; working conditions; equality; wage rate; parade permit; police harassmentBlack tobacco workers in Farmville, North Carolina have extended the Pitt County Movement, asking to gain equal rights and better wages.
960Southern PatriotEvidence Mounts that Quincy Fi1971-11-017Revels, Thomas; Jugger, Raleigh; Fredericks, Johnny; Keaton, David; Townsend, Joe; Pitts, Freddie L.; Lee, WilbertQuincy Five; murder; conviction; committed mental institution; indictment; robbery; contradictory testimony; threats; lie detector testsEvidence is mounting in the Quincy Five trial that the men charged did not commit the crime and confessed under threats.
961Southern PatriotFlorida Farmworkers Face a Har1971-11-017Helgerson, Donaldfarm workers; unity; wage rates; Organized Migrants in Community Action; strike; intimidation; poor work conditions; povertyCondition for farm workers in Florida are harsh as they face a poor winter with tiny wages and terrible working and living conditions.
962Southern PatriotMany Miners Stay Out1971-12-011coal strike; United Mine Workers; wage increase; recommendationOver half the workers on strike from the coal mines chose to stay out after being advised to go back to work because they read the fine print of their settlement.
963Southern PatriotMississippi Woodcutters Win1971-12-011Simmons, Jameswoodcutter strike; wage increase; Masonite Corporation; racism; red baiting; racial unityWoodcutters on strike in Mississippi won their pay raise after living on starvation wages.
964Southern PatriotPolice Terror Grips Memphis1971-12-011, 4Hayes, Elton; Barnes, George; McKissack; Calvin; Lux, Henry; Gipson, Arthur; Crenshaw, Cornelia; Bayh, Birch; Harris, Fred; Jackson, Ralph; Kramer, Bruce; Hunninen, John; Gantly, Richard; Hancox, Jakepolice murder; road block; police beating; petition; protest; strike; King assassination; police harassment; intimidation; National Committee to Combat Fascism; excessive forceExample of the instances of police brutality in Memphis, and how the city has done little to combat the problem
965Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-12-012Evers, Charles; Waller, William; Stanley, Seth P.; Thomas, John; Smith, Gladden; Knott, Margaret; Nolan, Rossetta; Chavis, Benelection; black defeat; violence; Republic of New Africa; indictment; store boycott; acquittal; arrest; Ku Klux KlanReview of the past month's events.
966Southern PatriotSouthern States Cut Welfare1971-12-013Eastland, James; Long, Russellwelfare recipients; benefits cut; disability; dependent children; racism; starvation; subsidy; cycle of poverty; forced work; family assistance plan; poverty level incomeEditorial about southern states cutting welfare funding and the federal government devising plans that hurt welfare recipients and regular employees.
967Southern PatriotLaurel...1971-12-014woodcutter; weight pay system; picket; boycott; Masonite corporation; scabs; strike; racial unityStory of a wife of a striking woodcutter in Laurel, Mississippi.
968Southern Patriot...Wives of Strikers Tell Thei1971-12-015Pulliam, Annie Bellewoodcutter; benefits; Masonite Corporation; strike; wage rate; picket line; segregationStory of the wife of a striking woodcutter and her efforts with the picket line. She also relates a story of racism at local restaurants.
969Southern PatriotNorth Georgia Women Fight to K1971-12-015Davis, Darlenestrike; Levi S. Strauss; Mineral Bluff Industries; sewing cooperative; sweat shop; union breaking; harassment; strike breakerThe women in Mineral Bluff, Georgia are fighting to keep their sewing cooperative to support themselves during the strike at the Levi Strauss plant.
970Southern Patriot5,000 Students Protest Plan to1971-12-016college; reorganization plan; school consolidation; standardization; historically black college; Youth Organization for Black UnityStudents in North Carolina protested a state plan to consolidate state-supported universities under one board of directors. This would end racially identifiable schools in North Carolina.
971Southern PatriotKiller Freed on Bond1971-12-016Parks, Wesley; Collier, Jo Ethamanslaughter; shooting; intimidation; voter registration; bond; appealWesley Parks, convicted of manslaughter for shooting Jo Etha Collier in a wave of terror against the black community, is free on bond while he awaits his appeal.
972Southern PatriotIn the Schools1971-12-016Self, William; Jessup, B. J.; Leake, George; Goodman, J. C.; Gibson, Lercyarrest; school racism; march; riot charge; police racism; police shooting; school integration; school boycott; Confederate flag; mob violence; mace; Rights of White People; curfewDetails of school problems in Charlotte, Wilmington, and Southern Pines in North Carolina, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida.
973Southern PatriotWomen Rebel at Tennessee State1971-12-017Moore, Susan; Luttrell, MarkTennessee State Prison for Women, riot; guard brutalityDetails of a riot that took place in the Tennessee State Prison for Women caused when a guard beat a prisoner.
974Southern PatriotSouthern Support for Angela Da1971-12-017Davis, Angela; Collins, Walter; Tucker, Connieteacher petition; controversial issues; racism; discrimination; bookletTeachers in southern California are circulating a petition to free Angela Davis. A booklet is available _Political Prisoners: The Cases of Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee, and the Soledad Brothers_.
975Southern Patriot"Bill of Rights for Prisoners"1971-12-017Merhiger, Robert R., Jr.; Hirschkop, Philip; Wansley, Thomas; Mason, Leroyprison reform; inmate discipline; humane treatment; cruel and unusual punishmentVirginia Judge Robert R. Merhiger Jr. ruled that prison officials must change their disciplinary practices in one of the strongest prison reforms to date.
976Southern PatriotMountain People Protest "Unful1971-12-018Hamilton, James M.; Whitehead, Donald; Johnson, Billy-Jean; Hall, Evla; Cooper, Leon; Frazure, Nickmountaineers; Appalachian Regional Commission; black lung benefits; Family Assistance Plan; march; grass roots movement; hunger; road conditionsA group of 300 mountain people went to Washington, D.C. in order to confront the government on unfulfilled promises of black lung benefits, Appalachian Regional Commission and the Family Assistance Plan.
977Southern PatriotMrs. Collins Demands: "Amnesty1971-12-018Collins, Virginia; McGovern, George; Rachman, Emanuel; Collins, Walteramnesty; draft resistance; indictment; speaking tour; anti-war protestMrs. Virginia Collins is asking the government to give amnesty to all people being punished for war opposition.
978Southern PatriotCharleston Gazette Printers St1972-01-011, 8Anderson, L. T.; Smith, Robert; Blizzard, William C.; Supolt, Ernieprofit margin; low wages; newspaper industry; scab; strike; International Mailers Union; walk off; Newspaper Agency Corporation; worker unity; guard violence; picket lineNewspaper printers in Charleston, West Virginia are striking due to low wages, but their chances of winning their fight have diminished.
979Southern PatriotNorth Carolina Struggle Widens1972-01-011Chavis, Benblack liberation; black independence; student rebellion; civil rights; Black People's United PartyNorth Carolina has become the battleground for black liberation.
980Southern PatriotMississippi Officials Patch Up1972-01-011, 8Peters, Ed; Moore, Russel; Skinner, William; Obadell, Imari, Abubakari, I; Lindberg, Elmer; Tullos, Lowell; Amann, Lester L.; Crumbley, William; Sullivan, Charles; Summer, A. F.; Travis, JackRepublic of New Africa; shooting; bond; indictment; arrest; discrepancies; warrant; raidThe case against the RNA eleven has faced problems with discrepancies in the evidence against and the arrest of the RNA president.
981Southern PatriotHearing on McSurely Appeal Set1972-01-011McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, Johnappeal; seized documents; sedition; contempt of congressThe McSurelys will go before the U.S. Court of Appeals to fight their contempt of congress conviction.
982Southern Patriot"Hot Line" Cools Down1972-01-012Corcoran, John; Schlick, Donald; Osborn, Elburthot line; mine hazards; telephone tips; mine closure; finesThe "hot line" installed to allow miners to call and report safety issues to the Bureau of Mines was down for almost two months, but it is now operational.
983Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-01-012Patterson, William L.; Brown, William Wells; Jefferson, Thomasautobiography; black president's daughter; slaveryReview of William L. Patterson's autobiography _The Many Who Cried Genocide_, William Wells Brown's _Clotel, or the President's Daughter_ and _Ebony Pictorial History of Black America_ issued by Johnson Publishing Co.
984Southern PatriotHelen Greever Becomes SCEF Exe1972-01-013Greever, Helen McPhail; Braden, AnneSCEF; Mountain Training ProgramHelen McPhail Greever succeeded Anne Braden as executive director of the SCEF on January 1st.
985Southern PatriotCoal Settlement Created New Ra1972-01-013Payne, Robert; Miller, Arnold; Milam, Ed; Christie, Sidney L.; Omechinski, Billiecoal strike; Black Lung Association; picket line; striker benefits; fraud; disabled miners; job bidding; wage scale; disability compensation; Crew Changesin Beckley, West Virginia, striking miners have developed a new sense of militancy when the settlement reached by the union did not meet the needs of the people.
986Southern Patriot"Working Through the System" .1972-01-014, 5McSurely, Margaret; McSurely, Alan; Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Mulloy, Joe; McClellan, John; Brick, John; Pearson, Drew; Javits, Jacob; Young, Dennison, Jr.; Wager, Roberimperialism; fair elections; seized documents; arrest; sedition; KUAC; constitutional violation; contempt of congress; McSurely Freedom Committee; indictment; SNCC; appealInterim report of the McSurelys Case and their efforts to fight their contempt of congress conviction.
987Southern PatriotHoover Won't Answer Questions1972-01-015Hoover, J. Edgar; Sedler, Robert A.; Allison, William H., Jr.; Collins, Virginia; Collins, Walter; Braden, Carlexecutive immunity; refusal; draft resistance; agent interference; bias; accountability; harassmentJ. Edgar Hoover invoked executive immunity when he was questioned about interfering with Virginia Collins' efforts to campaign for the release of her son from prison for draft resistance.
988Southern PatriotAyden Struggle Continues1972-01-016Abernathy, Ralph; Frinks, Golden; Kirby, Georgepolice killing; arrest; demonstration; state of emergency; march; mass rally ban; high sentence; Pitt County movement; constitutionality; Rights of White People; white supremacyProtests and demonstrations still continue in the Pitt County movement as black activists still want justice for the police killing of a black man five months prior.
989Southern PatriotMovement Holds School Hearings1972-01-016Scott, Bobschool integration; racism; hearing; token blacks; governor investigation; double standards; insurrection; Rights of White People; black consciousnessIn Raleigh, North Carolina, the movement held hearing about the continued white racism in integrated schools and how administrators, police, and parents encourage the discriminatory behavior.
990Southern PatriotVirginia Students Boycott Scho1972-11-156Simmons, Davidschool boycott; I.C. Norcum High School; school conversion; busing; United Black Students Association; black studies program; unemploymentStudents in Portsmouth, Virginia boycotted their school after a busing plan where they had to pay their own way, and the conversion of a prestigious all black school into a technical school.
991Southern PatriotBlack People Form Political Pa1972-01-017Black People's Union Party; mass base; black consciousness; Pan-Africanism; black organizationThe independent political organization, the Black People's Union Party, formed in North Carolina to represent the mass base of the black population of the state.
992Southern PatriotNC Officials Attack Movement L1972-01-017Chavis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Hicks, Molly; Nixon, Don; Marrow, Henry; Chavis, William; Teel, Robertarrest; black liberation movement; indictment; accessory after the fact of murder; threats; protestNorth Carolina authorities are using arrest to control and repress movement leaders after state wide protests.
993Southern PatriotSouthern Activists Meet in Tal1972-01-018Cleaver, Kathleen; Shaker, Afeni; Collins, Virginia; Reed, Rick; Kunstler, WilliamMalcolm X United Liberation Front; conference; fascism; communications network; racial unityA group of activists representing twenty-three different organizations met in Tallahassee, Florida for a conference organized by the Malcolm X United Liberation Front. They decided they needed a basic communications network.
994Southern PatriotBlacks Investigate Massacre1972-02-011, 7Britton, Harvey; Clemmons, Bryan; Dumas, Woodrow W.; McKeithen, John; Williams, Robert C.; Breaux, Ray; Oliney, Jamesinquiry; massacre; media; police brutality; Muslims; economic issues; self-defense; unarmed victims; undercover officers; hysteria; curfew; conspiracyAn investigation by the black community on the massacre shows police brutality against the unarmed demonstrators, while the media reports show the opposite.
995Southern PatriotLee Otis Johnson Wins Appeal1972-02-011, 6Johnson, Lee Otis; Bue, Carl O., Jr.; Short, Herman; Smith, Preston; Williams, Roger; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Brown, John R.; Cocke, Shaw; Cox, Harold; Beecher, Johnny Danielappeal; marijuana conviction; Texas Liberation Movement; warrant; conspiracy; public housing; seized documents; Black Panther PartyAn overview of the legal proceedings in cases concerning civil rights issues.
996Southern PatriotWomen Close Down Strip Mine1972-02-011, 5Smith, Bessie; Combs, Ollie; Kelly, W. M.strip mining; Ken Mack Coal Company; beating; occupation; protest; Appalachian group; leaflet; law enforcementA group of women in Eastern Kentucky shut down the strip mining operation of Ken Mack Coal Company for a day and were only sent away after beatings on the road below them.
997Southern PatriotRNA Eleven Trial Slated For Ma1972-02-012Moore, Russell B., III; Ana, Hekima; Steiner, Jerry; Bond, JulianRNA Eleven; shooting; high bond; Republic of New Africa; warrant; police proceduresThe RNA Eleven, charged when police violated procedures for serving warrants that ended in a shoot, have trials set to start on March 27th.
998Southern PatriotAmnesty Campaign1972-02-012Freeman, Harrop A.; Collins, Walterdraft resistance; pamphlet; amnesty; Fellowship of ReconciliationA campaign has begun to bring awareness to the need for amnesty for draft resisters, specifically Walter Collins.
999Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-02-012Carwardine, William H.; Nelson, Jack; Bass, Jack; Equiano, Alaudah; Northup, Solomonstrike; black unity; South Carolina State CollegeReview of _Africa and Africans_, _The Pullman Strike_ by William H. Carwardine, _The Orangeburg Massacre_ by Jack Nelson and Jack Bass, and _Black Autobiographies_.
1000Southern PatriotSt. Joe Paper Strike Enters Se1972-02-013Ball, Edstrike; St. Joe Paper Company; Alfred I. DuPont Estate; foreclosure; auto repossession; negotiation failure; racial unityThe strike at St. Joe Paper Company enters its seventh month as the company refuses to negotiate and is using the local bank to attack strikers.
1001Southern PatriotUFWOC Helps Striking Florida S1972-02-013Chavez, Manuel; Raymond, Nicholas; Freeman, NanTalisman Sugar Corporation; strike; Farm Workers Union; picket line; Bryan Brothers Packing CompanyA description of labor issues and strikes in the South, with particular attention on the sugar workers striking in South Bay, Florida.
1002Southern PatriotJoin SCEF Tour to East Africa1972-02-013Collins, VirginiaEast Africa tour; SCEFSCEF is sponsoring a tour to East Africa, led by Mrs. Virginia Collins.
1003Southern PatriotPortsmouth Arrest Continue1972-02-013Alfrod, Michael J.; Simmons, David; Chavis, Ben; William, Eddiearrests; school boycott; I.C. Norcum High School; technical school; black consciousnessThe police in Portsmouth, Virginia have increased their arrest efforts against the leaders of the school boycott at I.C. Norcum High School.
1004Southern PatriotPort Allen, LA1972-02-013arrest; Port Allen High School; boycott; MLK birthdaySixty-eight students were arrested at Port Allen High School for refusing to return to class or leave the campus when administrators refused to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
1005Southern PatriotAlderson Postscript1972-02-014McLaughlin, VirginiaAlderson Penitentiary; rebellion; open mail policyA woman who had been at Alderson Penitentiary until shortly before the rebellion updated the situation, saying many demands that were promised have not been met.
1006Southern PatriotWomen in the Struggle1972-02-014Parks, Rosawomen protesters; labor protest; strike; prison revolt; strip miningAn overview of the importance and involvement of women in the human rights struggles in the south.
1007Southern PatriotAnaconda Bias Suit: Who Won?1972-02-014Seale, Agnes; Gordon, JamesClass Action Suit; Anaconda Aluminum; discrimination; Title VII; sex-bias; harassment; lay off; Equal Employment Opportunities Commission; women's rights; KCLUThe ten women who filed a class action suit against Anaconda Aluminum won their suit, but did not gain the equality they sought.
1008Southern PatriotElba Women Fight Lonely Battle1972-02-015Stephens, Johnstrike; strike benefits; withdrawal; racial unity; Kleinert's Inc.; incentive pay; wage rate; scab employees; race baiting; picket line; media silenceThe women striking against Kleinert's Inc. over wage rates lost their eight month long battle due to either a lack of support or awareness.
1009Southern PatriotROWP Invades Black Community1972-02-016Chavis, Ben; Hicks, Mollie; Hicks, Leatrice; Walker, Johnny; Wright, Clifton EugeneRights of White People (ROWP); white power attack; federal transfer; accessory to murderThe Rights of White People, a white supremacist group, moved its headquarters to the middle of the black community and the three charged with accessory to the murder of Clifton Eugene Wright asked that their case be moved to federal court.
1010Southern PatriotNine Memphis Policemen Indicte1972-02-017Price, Bill; Hayes, Elton; Smith, Maxine; Berry, Fred; Madison, Eddie; Vaulx, Rickey; Stewart, Raymond; Chanderl, Wyeth; Higgs, Otis, Jr.police killings; shootings; protest; crime wave; revenge; murderNine Memphis police officers were indicted for the beating of Elton Hayes, but this caused a new wave of police shootings.
1011Southern PatriotGreensboro Blacks Fight Police1972-02-017Shoffner, Nathan; Clark, R. A.; Riggins, Michael; Rhodes, Elizabeth; Cox, B. E.police brutality; shootings; harassment; racismThe black community in Greensboro, North Carolina is fighting increased police brutality and racism.
1012Southern PatriotWilliams Case Stirs Monroe1972-02-018Griffin, Virgil Lee; Williams, Robert; Mauney, Al; Scott, Bob; Milliken, William G.Ku Klux Klan; National White People's Party; kidnapping; Monroe Movement; civil rights demonstration; violence; Republic of New Africa; contempt; petitionThe case against Robert Williams has caused protests and anger from both sides in Monroe, North Carolina.
1013Southern PatriotFarmworkers Sign First Florida1972-03-011Chaves, Cesar; Pawley, William D., Sr.; Raymond, NicholasUnited Farm Workers Organizing Committee; labor contract; wage increase; pesticide bad; strike; Talisman Sugar CorporationThe first major success of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee was a contract with Coca-Cola for its 1,200 citrus workers in its minute maid division.
1014Southern PatriotSurvivors Investigate Disaster1972-03-011, 2Moore, Arch; Hallanan, Elizabeth; Kelley, Dean; Miller, Arnold; Conn, Lucian; Bryant, Don; Crumm, Charles; Hatfield, Brady; Mullens, Georgeflood; slag pile dam; coal mining interest; Black Lung Association; citizens group; explosion; Buffalo Creek Disaster; Pittston CompanyThe disaster in Buffalo Creek, West Virginia led to an investigation and a hearing by the citizens' commission to figure out why the slag pile dam burst, causing destruction of life and property.
1015Southern PatriotFrank Graham Dies at 851972-03-012Graham, Frankhuman rights; University of North Carolina; SCEF; academic freedomObituary for Frank Graham, human rights activist and former president of the University of North Carolina.
1016Southern PatriotInterview With Nicholas Raymon1972-03-013Chavez, ManuelTalisman Sugar Corporation; sugar workers; machinists union; strike; picket line; UFWOC; work hours; overtime pay; wage rate; protest; scab employee; boycottInterview with Nicholas Raymond, a truck driver for the Talisman Sugar Corporation, where he explains the difficulties of the job and the reasons behind the strike.
1017Southern PatriotWoodcutter Strike Support Work1972-03-014Simmons, James; Harvison, Punch; Pulliam, Thomaswoodcutters strike; Gulf Coast Pulpwood Association; Masonite Corporation; nationwide support; solidarity; The Alliance; coalition; leaflet; financial supportThe woodcutters strike in Laurel, Mississippi has helped to create a nationwide movement by gaining support and proving the importance of worker solidarity.
1018Southern PatriotTwo Woodcutters Speak1972-03-015woodcutting industry; wage rate; pulpwood; welfare; Masonite Corporation; racial unity; co-opExplanation by a woodcutter of the strike and what caused it.
1019Southern PatriotTwo Mississippi Woodcutters Sp1972-03-015strike; Masonite Corporation; unity; Pulpwood Association; starvationStriker explains the benefits of the strike in Laurel, Mississippi and how important it was to him.
1020Southern PatriotRNA Case Carried Across Missis1972-03-016Braden, Carl; Obadele, Imari; Van Buren, CharlesRepublic of New Africa; shootout; racial unity; political repression; political prisonersThe case against the RNA eleven is gaining support across Mississippi through the week long tour of Carl Braden.
1021Southern PatriotStudent Uprisings Continue1972-03-016Fleming, Louis; Quis, Francis R.student uprising; racial attack; eviction; school boycott; violence; student arrest; fighting; black history; school colors; inciting a riotDetails of student protests and uprisings in both North and South Carolina.
1022Southern PatriotN.C. Blacks Adopt Program1972-03-016Chavis, Bennational Black Caucus; delegates; minimum annual income; busing; foreign affairs; high bond; Black People's Union Party; black nationalismDetails of the program adopted at a meeting in North Carolina to be taken to the national Black Caucus Meeting.
1023Southern PatriotSounding Board: The Revival of1972-03-017Mercer, Jane; Mayeske, George W.; Coleman, James S.; Clark, Kenneth B.; Rockefeller, J. D., IIIscientific racism; white supremacy; biological superiority; intellectual qualities; genetic inheritance; IQ test; biological determinism; birth rateExplanation of the logic behind scientific racism, and why it has recently become a popular idea once again.
1024Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-03-017Alford, Michael E.; Chavis, Ben; Cumber, Harvey; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Waller, Bill; Derian, Patt; Freeman, Harrop; Collins, WalterI.C. Norcum High School; student demonstration; police dog; student suspension; high bond; murder; black liberation movement; Loyalist Democrats; amnesty; GI coffeehouseA review of the past month's news and events (March).
1025Southern PatriotPort St. Joe Strike Builds Uni1972-03-018Wallace, George; Davis, CharlesSt. Joe Paper Company; strike; UPP Local 379; racial unity; wage discrimination; promotion discrimination; picket line; segregation; commodity allotmentThe strike at St. Joe Paper Company in Port St. Joe still continues, but strikes have gained a sense of racial unity since it began.
1026Southern PatriotMine Construction Workers Stri1972-03-018Keene, Rufus; Knapp, Dennis C.; Leeber, James; McDaniel, JustinUnited Mine Workers; Association of Bituminous Contractors; strike; union officials; contract; wage increase; Pay Board; picket lineMine construction workers were sick of getting the short end of the stick; and struck over a delay in their pay board approval.
1027Southern PatriotThree Militant Miners' Leaders1972-03-018Boyle, Tony; Payne, Robert; Coleman, Lavis; Foley, Leon; Bank, RickUnited Mine Workers Reform Movement; suppression; perjury; strike; hospital cards; regular pay; injunction;Three miners in West Virginia are facing perjury charges as a way of suppression by the mine operators and court system to stop them from striking.
1028Southern PatriotHistoric Protest in Deep South1972-04-011, 2Young, Mark L.; Taylor, Dorothy; Hall, Harlan; Jones, Charles; Claiborne, Larry M.; George, Pearl; Barrett, Wayne T.; Rarick, John; Morris, J. H.; Willingham, Alexdock worker strike; chrome ore; protest; racism; imperialism; Rhodesia; oppression; boycott; resolution; shipment unloading; trespassing; red baiting; United Nations EmbargoA historic protest occurred at a Burnside, Louisiana dock when black dock workers refused to unload a shipment of chrome ore from Rhodesia because of the country's racism and imperialist rule.
1029Southern PatriotPeople's Candidates Confront K1972-04-011, 3Smith, Bessie; Perkins, Carl; Worthington, Bill; Carter, Tim LeeAppalachian political system; election; corruption; coal interest; coal industry; welfare program; poverty war; strip mining; safety enforcement; guaranteed annual income; black involvement; Black Lung Association; law enforcement; racismExplanation why Bessie Smith and Bill Worthington are running for office in Kentucky, and how they want to defeat the coal mining elite.
1030Southern PatriotPeople's Candidates Confront K1972-04-011, 3Franklin, Walter Burton; Snuffer, Noelmining; black lung disease; political bosses; health issues; Pocahontas Coal Company; politician honesty; miner benefits; regulation enforcement; taxation; strip mining legislationDetails of the candidates running in West Virginia trying to improve conditions for miners. Walter Burton Franklin wants to help those with black lung disease, while Noel Snuffer wants a new tax structure.
1031Southern PatriotSoutherners Play Key Role at G1972-04-012Wise, Stanley; Stone, Donald; Evers, Charles; Sadaukal, Owusu; Brown, H. Rap; Evans, Ahmed; Davis, Angela; Harper, John Ray; Marsh, Henry; Cashin, JohnNational Black Political Convention; capitalism; racism; black nationalism; white vigilantesA large portion of the delegates at the National Black Political Convention held in Gary, Indiana came from the South and they helped discuss important issues.
1032Southern PatriotWalter Collins Talks of Prison1972-04-014Collins, Walter; Davis, Angeladraft resistance; prison reform; draft refusal; prison condition; prison control; oppression; exploitation; political prisoner; SCEF; mail censorship; solitary confinementWalter Collins is trying to organize the federal penitentiary in Texarkana, Texas to improve the conditions and treatment for all prisoners.
1033Southern Patriot...Fellow Prisoner Responds1972-04-015Collins, Walter; Reese, Michael; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Colbert, James, Fanon, Frantzrepression; Alabama Black Liberation Front; shootout; high bond; Black Panther Party; gun possession; illegal search; oppressionThe story of Michael Reese and how Walter Collins impacted him in federal prison.
1034Southern PatriotMen Strike In Texarkana1972-04-015Collins, Walterwork stoppage; Texarkana prison; dining hall boycott; racial unityOne week after interviews by the _Southern Patriot_ over 90% of prisoners at the Texarkana prison participated in a three day work stoppage and dining hall boycott.
1035Southern PatriotQuinoy Five Case Falls Apart1972-04-015Hopkins, Arvah; Keaton, David; Fredericks, Johnny; Burns, Johnny; Figgers, Alphonso; Smith, David; Fussel, James; Mitchell, James; Damon, Jesse; Revels, Thomas; Perkins, RobertQuinoy Five; robbery; militant civil rights; harassment; death penalty; witness testimony; Luke's Grocery Store; police raidThe state case against the Quinoy Five is falling apart mainly because only three men were accused of robbery and murder but the state is charging eight with the crime.
1036Southern PatriotThe Busing Issue: New Smokescr1972-04-016bus system; school consolidation; school desegregation; busing; integration; racial balance; discrimination; education improvement; federal funding; budget cutbacks; repression; mass hysteria; autonomyEditorial about busing and how it is necessary to end discrimination and to provide a better education for all public school students regardless of race.
1037Southern PatriotP. D. East Is Dead, But The Pe1972-04-016East, P.D.; Plummer, Mary Cameron; East, Birdie; Dombrowski_The Petal Paper_; racismObituary for P.D. East, creator of _The Petal Paper_.
1038Southern PatriotThe Campaign Grows: Amnest War1972-04-017Kennedy, Edward; Collins, Virginia; Collins, Walter; Tarr, Curtis; Benade, Leo; Ransom, Robert C.; Ransom, Mike; Abzug, Bella; McGovern George; Raft, Robert; Stowers, Berman; Kellerman, Stewartunconditional amnesty; draft; public sentiment; senate subcommittee; protest; selective service systemAn explanation of the efforts to gain unconditional amnesty for war and draft resisters through a senate subcommittee.
1039Southern Patriot...And All Political Prisoners1972-04-017Davis, Angela; Jordan, Faniapolitical prisoner; meeting; rally; coordinating committee; repressionA meeting was held in Memphis, Tennessee to work to free all political prisoners and help end repression.
1040Southern PatriotCarolina Activist Jailed Again1972-04-018Chavis, Ben; Patrick, Marvin Eugene; Cumber, Harry; Shepard, Anne; Williamson, H. E.high bond; arrest; black liberation movement; repression; protest; murder; Rights of White People; vigilante; student demonstrationAfter a long period in jail due to extremely high bond, Reverend Ben Chavis is back after his release. They are accusing the police of a conspiracy to crush the black liberation movement in North Carolina.
1041Southern PatriotJim Grant Gets Ten Years1972-04-018Grant, Jim; Chavis, Benprison sentence; jump bond; fleeingJim Grant, _Patriot_ correspondent, was sentenced to ten years for helping two young men to jump bond and flee to Canada.
1042Southern PatriotBlack and White Strikers in Lo1972-04-018McClarity, Herbert; Champagne, E. J.; Spock, Benjaminstrike; poverty; serfdom; unionization; People's Party; picket line; store boycottAbout seventy city employees in Franklin, Louisiana are on strike to allow unions and improve wages and living conditions.
1043Southern PatriotSoutherners Move Against the W1972-05-011, 7Turner, Leslie; Long, Al; Antal, Lou; Rapier, Moe; Deaton, Edanti-war movement; protest; bombing; war causes; student involvement; march; leaflet; rally; student mobilization; coalition; African imperialismAnti-war efforts are spreading throughout the south, and gaining support from more than just college students.
1044Southern PatriotSpecial Report Wallace Country1972-05-011Wallace, Georgepresident candidacyA brief notification that George Wallace may not be able to continue his presidential campaign due to his physical condition.
1045Southern PatriotFlood Survivors Challenge Coal1972-05-011, 2Camicia, Nicholas T.; Conn, LucianBuffalo Creek disaster; flood; delegation; Pittston Campaign; faulty slag dam; danger; compensation; property damage; responsibility; state highway; citizen's committeeThe survivors of the Buffalo Creek flood went to the company stock holders meeting to demand payment for property damage.
1046Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-05-012Cook, Fred J.; Hume, Brit; Lewis, John L.; Boyle, Tonyrepression; red baiting; United Mine Workers of America; corruptionReviews of _The Nightmare Decade: The Life and Times of Senator Joe McCarthy_ by Fred J. Cook and _Death Mines_ by Brit Hume.
1047Southern PatriotHow It is in Wallace County1972-05-013Wallace, George; Miller, G. T.; Vance, Robert S.; Ripp, John; Hurder, Alexgovernorship; segregation; segregation; strike; firing; repression; education spending; wage rate; unemployment compensation; tax program; tax structure; maximum interest rate; Wallace-Carter Act; anti-labor; corruptionDetails of the problems and issues under Wallace's eight years as governor in Alabama. Specifically, how the state's poor have been impacted.
1048Southern PatriotFire Bomb in Atlanta1972-05-014Massell, Sam_The Great Speckled Bird_; fire bombing; verbal assault; slum lord expose; mass arrestThe office of _The Great Speckled Bird_ in Atlanta was firebombed in early May after verbal assaults by the mayor about it's criticism of City Hall policies.
1049Southern PatriotTen Years in North Carolina1972-05-014Grant, Jim; Larkins, John; Hood, Theodore; Washington, Walter; Chavis, Ben; Finlator, W. W.; White, Leon; Allison, William H., Jr.federal conviction; Bail Reform Act; flee; high bond; conspiracy; black liberation movement; repression; hostility; Rights of White People; racismExplanation how two young men were freed of all their charges in order to convict Jim Grant. Details the system of repression in the federal courts.
1050Southern PatriotLife Imprisonment In Mississip1972-05-015Ana, Hekima; Obadele, Imari; Skinner, William L.; Moore, Russell D., III; Plummer, Susie; Lundberg, Christiana; Royals, Tom; Sana, Tamu; McClure, OliviaRepublic of New Africa; murder; life imprisonment; police raid; circumstantial evidence; jury bias; media biasDetail the RNA member Hekima Ana's trial, where he was found guilty, and how it was impossible for him to receive a fair hearing.
1051Southern PatriotHekima Ana, RNA Citizen1972-05-015Ana, Hekima; Norman, Thomas Edwardghetto; housing project; leadership; Republic of New AfricaBrief biography of Hekima Ana.
1052Southern PatriotSpirits Still High At Taxarkan1972-05-016Collins, Walter; Carlson, Normanprison rebellion; repression; dining hall boycott; work stoppage; human rights; protest; scapegoat; isolationThe federal prisoners at Texarkana are still in good spirits after officials tried to crush their rebellion.
1053Southern PatriotCollins Letters On Revolt1972-05-016prison revolt; peaceful assembly; injustice; oppression; camaraderie; isolation; racism; speech Letters from Collins on his opinions and viewpoints.
1054Southern PatriotIn Louisville: Panthers Are Ja1972-05-016Black Panther Party; high bond; armed robbery; aiding and abetting; militant leaders; arrestFour members of the Black Panther Party were arrested in Louisville, Kentucky without warrants.
1055Southern PatriotPoultry Wokers Organize in Mis1972-05-018Barber, Merle; Gaddis, Fred L. Poultry Packers Inc.; strike; Mississippi Poultry Workers Union; production line breakdown; wage raise; paid vacation; firing; picket; Gaddis Packing Company; woodcutters strike; NAACP; relief aidThe woodcutter's strike influence poultry workers in Forest, Mississippi to strike for better wages and vacation pay.
1056Southern PatriotFlorida Workers Refuse to Let 1972-05-018Askew, RevbinSeminole Asphalt Co.; racial unity; strike; firing; bargaining agent; picket; discriminationWorkers at the Seminole Asphalt Co. remain united in their strike for collective bargaining rights and firing protest in spite of company efforts to divide them along racial lines.
1057Southern PatriotLong Strike Ends at Port St. J1972-05-018St. Joe Paper Company; pay raise; vesting rights; strikeStrikers at the St. Joe Paper Company won their pay raise in their strike, but not the right to arbitration or vesting rights.
1058Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-06-016Smith, David Charles; Featherstone, Al; Rece, Ellisnot guilty; murder; Qunioy 5; Black Afro Militant Movement; firebombingBrief review of the past month's news events.
1059Southern PatriotDraft Resister Goes On Trial1972-06-016Collins, Walter; Rainey, Joedraft resistance; Black Workers' Congress; U.S. ImperialismJoe Rainey has now become the target of the government as they seek to make an example of him for draft resistance. He faces up to ten years in prison.
1060Southern PatriotWhy It's Harder Now to Make En1972-06-016economic trouble; politics; capitalism; over-capacity; profit-expansion; wage reduction; income; cost-of-living; real wage; living standard; wage freezeEditorial about how the living wage in the U.S. is decreasing.
1061Southern PatriotThe Victory At San Jose: Its M1972-06-017Davis, Angela; Rosenberg, Julius; Rosenberg, Ethelfreedom; spy; execution; mass fear; police state; black movement; hysteriaEditorial about how the jury freeing Angela Davis impacts the entire freedom movement throughout the South.
1062Southern PatriotNew Woodcutter Offices1972-06-017Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association; officers; consolidation; strike; paper industry New officers were elected to the Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association.
1063Southern PatriotTenants Hold Regional Meeting1972-06-017Gray, JesseNational Tenants Organization; tenants' movement; coalition; war protest; regional meetingThe National Tenants Organization held their regional meeting in New Orleans to discuss the growing tenants' movement throughout the South.
1064Southern PatriotHighlander Anniversary1972-06-017Highlander Research and Education Center; anniversaryThe Highlander Research and Education Center is celebrating it's 40th anniversary.
1065Southern PatriotAnother Wildcat1972-06-018Association of Bituminous Contractors; wildcat strike; Federal Pay Board; raiseEmployees of the Association of Bituminous Contractors staged their second wildcat strike in three months in Beckley, West Virginia to protest treatment by the Federal Pay Board.
1066Southern PatriotAngry Miners Strike Pittston1972-06-018coal miners; strike; Pittston Coal Company; Buffalo Creek Flood; back pay; re-employment; settlements; property damageMiners at the Pittston Coal Company struck after disputes with the company coming from the Buffalo Creek flood.
1067Southern PatriotWansley Has A New Chance to Wi1972-09-011Wansley, Thomasappeal; rape; oppression; U.S. Supreme CourtThomas Wansley, sentenced to life in prison for the rape of a white woman, has a hearing set for his appeal.
1068Southern PatriotPatriot Reporter Gets 25-Year 1972-09-011Grant, James; Reddy, T. J.; Parker, Charles; Snepp, Frank; Ferguson, James; Allison, William H., Jr.; Scott, Bobstable fire; prison sentence; bias testimony; guilty verdict; picket; racism; politics; political oppression; black activism; amnestyThree black activists, including Jim Grant a _Patriot_ reporter, were given long prison sentences related to a horse barn burning.
1069Southern PatriotBirmingham Movement Grows1972-09-011, 6, 7Farris, Carl; Shelton, Jim; Diamond, Ledger; Henson, Howard; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Watkins, Merulrine; McKinney, Robert; Connor, Eugene; Seibels, George G.; Lynn, Sebourn; Jordan, Davis; Reid, Jesselabor movement; racism; union; job discrimination; police brutality; bargaining agent; SCLC; racial unity; union election; strike; violenceAn overview of the developing labor movement in Birmingham, Alabama and how it is combating racism, job discrimination and police brutality.
1070Southern PatriotBook Notes: Labor History Show1972-09-012Brecher, Jeremylabor movement; Reconstruction; Industrial Workers of the WorldA review of _Strike!_ by Jeremy Brecher.
1071Southern PatriotBooks Shed Light On Carolina C1972-09-012Payton, Boyd; Ehle, John; Radin, Edward D.liberal image; oppression; injustice; repressionThree books; _Scapegoat_ by Boyd Payton; _The Fall Man_ by John Ehle and _The Innocents_ by Edward D. Radin; give examples of repression and fram-up cases in North Carolina.
1072Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-09-012McCall, Willis; Askew, Reubin; Waller, WilliamStrike; unlawful tactic; black candidates; racism; comprehensive health centerA review of the past month's news and events.
1073Southern PatriotBoycott Is Still Effective Wea1972-09-013McBride, Eddyblack community; mass arrest; business boycott; indictment; racism; discrimination; jury biasA boycott of white businesses in Vicksburg, Mississippi has been 75% effective, and was started when a jury refused to indict a white man accused of molesting a 7-year-old black girl.
1074Southern PatriotThe Parties on the Left1972-09-013Communist Party; Socialist Workers Party; People's Party; ballot obstaclesMore left leaning political parties in the South are fighting to gain a spot on the ballot.
1075Southern PatriotDemocrats at Miami: A Southern1972-09-013Wallace, George; Chrisholm, Shirley; Carter, Jimmy; Henry, Aaron; Harris, FredDemocratic National Convention; minority groups; delegates; coalition; grass roots movement; McGovern candidacy; electoral politics; two-party systemAn overview of the 1972 Democratic National Convention in Miami, and how radicals and youth can help bring change to politics.
1076Southern PatriotKeeping People Divided: Histor1972-09-014McGee, Willie; Bowers, William J.; Wansley, Thomasrape charge; weapon; white supremacy; discrimination; death penalty; capital crime; white unity; terrorism; Black Codes; lynchingA history of the use of the rape charge against black men in the South and how it is still used to keep white society united and terrorize the black community.
1077Southern PatriotThe MFD Story: How Rank and Fi1972-09-014, 5Yablonski, Joseph; Boyle, Tony; Lewis, John L.; Grills, Horbert; Statler, Ronnie; Bryant, William; Payne, Robert; Savitskey, Bill; Hutchinson, Ray; Miller, Arnold; Danial, LeviUnited Mine Workers; reform; Miners for Democracy; presidential election; labor militancy; picket movement; Black Lung Association; compensation; coal industry; corruption; black list; disability benefits; murder; district autonomyA history of the problems with the United Mine Workers corruption and how it spurred rank and file miners to form Miners For Democracy to fight the coal industry.
1078Southern PatriotStriker Killed In Kentucky1972-09-016Hampton, Eugenestriker; shooting; Kellwood Company; bargaining agentA striker, Eugene Hampton, was shot and killed at Kellwood Company in Brownsville, Kentucky while waiting to do his picket duty.
1079Southern PatriotCarrollton Women Rehired1972-09-016Stevens Fashions Plant; firing; strike participation; discriminationAll seven employees at Stevens Fashions Plant were rehired after a threat of a law suit.
1080Southern PatriotRNA Arrests in Miam1972-09-016Obafemi, Ahmed; Sonebeyatta, Tarik; Brittain, JohnRepublic of New Africa (RNA); arrest; concealed weapons; Anti-Drepression ProgramTwo members of the Republic of New Africa were arrested in Miami on concealed weapons charges after circulating copies of the Anti-Depression Proposal.
1081Southern PatriotFranklin Still Needs Help1972-09-016Champagne, E. J.municipal employee strike; business boycott; negotiation; union recognitionMunicipal employees in Franklin, Louisiana are still on strike after five months and they need support.
1082Southern PatriotTexas Activist - 10 Years1972-09-016Bell, Fred; Steger, WilliamSNCC; prison sentence; aiding and abettingFred Bell, a Texas activist, recieved a ten year federal prison sentence for aiding and abetting a bank robbery.
1083Southern Patriot"Dirty Dozen" Lose - But Win1972-09-016Flaherty, Kathleenvolunteer demolition crew; dilapidated building; moral victoryThe group charged with throwing debris in the street after tearing down a dilapidated building was found guilty but their case brought attention to housing problems in Louisville, Kentucky.
1084Southern PatriotUnion Plans Southern Drive1972-09-016Fulford, Fred; Scarbrough, CarlUnited Furniture Workers of America; organizing driveThe United Furniture Workers of America has voted to start an organizing drive in the South.
1085Southern PatriotCarl Farris: "It's the Same St1972-09-017Farris, CarlSCLC; civil rights movement; labor movement; labor interestA brief biography of Carl Farris and his philosophy on the labor movement.
1086Southern PatriotAnother Resister Is Convicted 1972-09-018Rainey, Joe; Collins, Walterdraft refusalJoe Rainey was convicted of draft resistance for insisting on being treated as a human being at his physical.
1087Southern PatriotLike A Mystery Story; Victory 1972-09-018Smith, David Charles; Revels, Thomas; Figgers, Alphonso; Keaton, David; Frederick, Johnny; Aloi, JoeQuincy Five; murder charge; organized protest; lack of evidence; fingerprintsTwo members of the Quincy Five were freed from the murder charges after an investigator prompted police to re-examine finger prints.
1088Southern PatriotFive Months Added to Collins' 1972-09-018Collins, Walterdraft resistance; sentence extension; speech; work stoppage; U.S. Parole Board; racism; repressionWalter Collins had 157 days of "good time" revoked after making a speech at the prison work stoppage in Texarkana, Texas.
1089Southern PatriotSupport for Southern Prisoners1972-09-018Collins, Walter; Davis, Angelapolitical prisoners; victory rally; acquittal; Republic of New Africa (RNA)Angela Davis asked that people not forget about other southern political prisoners at her victory rally in New York's Madison Square Garden.
1090Southern PatriotBlack Organizer Charges Murder1972-09-018Waddell, Joe; Chavis, BenBlack Panther Party; murder; prison official; Commission for Racial JusticeThe Commission for Racial Justice has charged that Joe Waddell was murdered, and did not die of a heart attack as stated by prison officials.
1091Southern PatriotLeft Parties Find People in th1972-10-011, 6Hall, Gus; Tyner, Jarvis; Jenness, Linda; Pulley, Andrew; Spock, Benjamin; Hobson, Julius; Fisher, Louis; Gunderson, Genevive; Douglas, Scottleft wing candidates; Communist; Socialist Workers; People's Party; road blocks; ballot placement; ballot law; minority party; local campaign; strip miningRadical parties, such as the communist party and the socialist workers and people's party; are appearing in elections across the South.
1092Southern PatriotCommunity Support in Jail Stru1972-10-011Spock, Benjamin; Lark, Alphonso; Bass, John; Williams, Bobprotest; jail conditions; demonstration; People's Party; militants; talks; tear gas; police brutality; vigilInmates in St. Louis, Missouri won better conditions after gaining community support for their protest.
1093Southern PatriotSouthern States Will Hold the 1972-10-011, 8Miller, Arnold; Boyle, Tony; Yablonski, Joseph; Trbovich, Mike; Conn, LucienUnited Mine Workers; election; reform movement; isolation; nomination; violence; rally; fear; intimidation; corruption; pension program; disabled minersThe mine reform movement has gained strength and support in the South in spite of threats and intimidation from the United Mine Workers' corrupt leadership.
1094Southern PatriotForman Book Casts Piercing Lig1972-10-012Forman, JimSNCC; revolution; 1964 Mississippi Summer Project; Southern MovementReviews Jim Forman's book: _ The Making of Black Revolutionaries_.
1095Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-10-012McGovern, George; Guttridge, Leonard F.; Rockefeller, John D., Jr.Ludlow massacre; labor historyReview of _The Great Coalfield War_ by George McGovern and Leonard F. Guttridge.
1096Southern PatriotElection Notes1972-10-012McMillian, John L.; Diggs, Charles; Jenrette, Joan; Leflore, John; Blount, Winton M.; Young, Andrew; Jordan, Barbaradefeat; black vote; youth vote; National Democratic Party of Alabama; black candidate; SCLCA review of election results and proceedings in the South.
1097Southern PatriotBusing Hysteria: Road to Tyran1972-10-013Thompson, Fletcher; Mitchell, ParrenEqual Educational Opportunities bill; Emergency School Act; ghetto school; anti-busing bill; segregation; second post-reconstruction; lynch mob; hysteriaAn editorial about the Equal Educational Opportunities Bill, also known as the anti-busing bill, and how it is designed to re-segregate schools.
1098Southern PatriotSupport for Wansley Grows in V1972-10-013Wansley, Thomas; Hirschkop, Philip; Kunstler, William; Merhige, Robertappeal hearing; support; rape; leaflet; inmate discontent; habeas corpusCommunity support has grown for Thomas Wansley, as he receives an appeal hearing after serving 10 years in prison on a rape charge.
1099Southern PatriotMemphis Workers Struggle to Un1972-10-014Fisher, Earl; Roop, KatherineDon Russ bubblegum plant; union representation; racial separation; unionization; racism; rumor; sexismWorkers at the Don Russ bubblegum plant in Memphis, Tennessee have united across racial lines to unionize in spite of administrative opposition.
1100southern patriot"Whenever We Get Together, The1972-10-014Fisher, Earlracial separation; union breaking; union organizing; red-baiting; national union leadership' repressionExplanation of how companies use Communism and racism to break up unions.
1101Southern PatriotWorking Class Community Suppor1972-10-015Carroll, Minnie; James, Mary Ann; Tackett, Phyllis; Layne, Gene; Hibbetts, Carson; Boyle, Tonyhospital strike; union recognition; wage rate; working conditions; mining interest; picket; Black Lung Association; leafletThe community of Pikeville, Kentucky is strongly behind the employees at Methodist Hospital on strike for union recognition and better wages and working conditions.
1102Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-10-015Quadduss, Offagga; Williams, Hosea; Whitlock, Henry; Waller, William; McCall, Willis; Davis, Angela; Abernathy, RalphRepublic of New Africa (RNA); ACLU; life sentence; strike; SCLC; Black Panther Party; federal grantA review of the past month's news and events.
1103Southern PatriotMurder Charged To State's Witn1972-10-017Hood, Theodore; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T. J.; Parker, Charles; Washington, Walter; Chavis, Ben; Ferguson, James; Scott, Robert murder; barn burning; testimony; immunityThe two witnesses that sent three activists to prison were charged with murder after they were supposedly given immunity for their testimony.
1104Southern PatriotTeen-Agers Get Long Prison Ter1972-10-017Smith, Donald; Day, Billy; Murphy, William; Cain, Charles; Taylor, John H.dynamite bomb; prison; demonstration; police killing; protest; self defense; ACLU; beating; guilty verdict; forced confessionIn Ayden, North Carolina eleven teenagers got long prison sentences stemming from a dynamite bomb that went off in a school rest room during a protest for a police killing.
1105Southern PatriotMore Murder in Mines1972-10-018Boyle, TonyUnited Mine Workers campaign; mine disaster; electrical fire; Consolidation Coal Company; faulty equipment; mine safety violation; buffalo creekNine men died in an electrical fire in Blackville, West Virginia of a bad circuit breaker in the mines.
1106Southern PatriotWalter Collins Parole in Doubt1972-10-018Collins, Walterparole; draft resistance; "good time," speech; prison actionsWalter Collins was granted parole, but will only receive it if the warden restores his 157 days of "good time" taken away for his speech about prison conditions.
1107Southern PatriotStrike Wave Hits Atlanta1972-11-011, 4White, Fred; Ponder, Joe; Grogan, Nan; Radford, Sarah; Washington, Gary; Bailey, H. G.; Benatar, Leo; Holley, W. W.; Miller, Shermanwildcat strike; Sears & Roebuck; discrimination; business boycott; arrest; walkout; union representation; preferential treatment; firing; Mead Packaging Coproration; SCLC; red-baiting; solidarity; racial unityWaves of black cat strikes have occurred across Atlanta, when black employees demanded better treatment and no discrimination. Most were successful.
1108Southern PatriotBlack Candidates Are Winning M1972-11-011, 7Young, Andrew; Jordan, Barbara; Patterson, J. O.; Lewis, John; Bond, Julian; Edwards, Bill; LeFlore, John; Johnson, Jay; McBride, Eddie; Morial, Ernest; Cocks, Stoneyblack officials; black candidates; voter registration; NDPA; independent party; grass-roots; SCLC; electionNationwide, elections have brought many new black officials into power, often because the number of candidates running and the increased voter registration.
1109Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-11-012Cohen, Robert Carl; Williams, Robert FranklinKu Klux Klan; injustice; false chargesReview of _Black Crusader: A Biography of Robert Franklin Williams_ by Robert Carl Cohen.
1110Southern PatriotAutobiography Provides Rare Gl1972-11-012Hudson, Hoseasharecropping; racism; lynching; poverty; communismReview of Hosea Hudson's autobiography _Black Worker in the Deep South_.
1111Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-11-013Njabafudi, Karim; Moore, Russell D., III; Michaud, TomRepublic of New Africa (RNA); murder; Felony Action Squad; St. Regis Paper Company; revenue; Malcolm X United Liberation Front; marijuana possession; AWOLReview of the past month's events.
1112Southern PatriotPrison Notes1972-11-013Keady, William C.; Johnson, Frank M., Jr.Prisoners Solidarity Committee; riot; prison reform; hunger strike; lock down; prison strikeA review of events occurring in southern jails.
1113Southern PatriotTragedy in Atlanta1972-11-013Phillips, Willie B.; Williams, Hoseasuicide; protest; self burning; SCLC; beating; liberation rallyIn Atlanta, Willie B. Phillips died after lighting himself on fire to protest the mistreatment of blacks.
1114Southern PatriotHow it Started at Sears: "We d1972-11-014Sears & Roebuck; strike; meeting; demandsA striker for Sears & Roebuck in Atlanta explains how the strike was executed.
1115Southern PatriotLabor Short1972-11-015Craig, Robertstrike; city employees; wage increase; health insurance; union representation; negotiation; court injunction; union recognition; collective bargainingA review of the labor disputes throughout the South.
1116Southern PatriotUnionists in West Virginia Ral1972-11-015Hutchinson, John; Brown, Holliecity employees; strike; court injunction; Operation Human Dignity; leaflet; picket line; union recognition; boycott; unemployment benefits; lock outCity workers in Charleston, West Virginia have continued their strike in spite of an all out war by the city to break them.
1117Southern PatriotState's Star Witness Assaults 1972-11-016Feguson, James E.; Martin, Robert; Hall, Allan; Chavis, Ben; Stroud, Jay; Morgan, Robertphysical assault; conspiracy; fire bombingIn Burgaw, North Carolina the defense attorney James E. Ferguson was physically assaulted by the state's witness while the judge did nothing about it.
1118Southern PatriotJim Grant's Case Goes to Appea1972-11-016Grant, JimU.S. Court of Appeals; racial bias; jury bias; discrimination; black liberation movementThe U.S. Court of Appeals has been asked to overturn Jim Grant's conviction of assisting two men to flee to Canada based on racial jury bias.
1119Southern PatriotChavis, 9 Others Get Long Term1972-11-016Chavis, Ben; Shepard, Annprison sentence; high bondReverend Ben Chavis and nine others were found guilty and received long sentences and high bonds.
1120Southern PatriotCarolina "Justice" In Brief1972-11-016Bounds, Lee; Chavis, Ben; Parker, Charles Lee; Sparrow, Katherine; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Braden, Carlprison conditions; prison reform; discrimination; jury bias; civil rights violation; repression; bail; murderAn overview of the problems in the justice system of North Carolina.
1121Southern PatriotLouisville Panther Case: Story1972-11-018Nicholson, S. Rush; Simmons, Benjamin; Blakemore, William; Baines, Larry; Allison, William H., Jr.; Mosen, Ellen; Schroering, Edwin; Gaynor, Gary; Howard, Jackie; Alexander, G. T.; Jones, Herb; Zollincorruption; race baiting; frame up; Black Panther Party; armed robbery; arrest; drug addiction; high bailEditorial about the case against seven people associated with the Black Panther Party and how it is a frame up to stop their campaign against drug addiction in Louisville.
1122Southern PatriotCollins Wins Release1972-11-018Collins, Walter; Connett, L. M.draft refusal; prison release; parole; "good time;" protestWalter Collins was freed on parole after serving less than two years of his five year sentence for draft refusal when the warden restored his 157 days of "good time."
1123Southern PatriotBaton Rouge: Bring Killers to 1972-12-011Southern University; student killed; murder; police killing; official murder; protest; justiceThe _Patriot_ encourages readers to protest in order to bring official murders to justice.
1124Southern PatriotA Victory in Mississippi: New 1972-12-011, 4Barber, Merle; Nicks, Matthew, Jr.Poultry Packers Inc.; Mississippi Poultry Workers' Union; bargaining agent; strike; militancyPoultry workers in Forrest, Mississippi voted to have an independent union as their bargaining agent after a successful strike in May.
1125Southern PatriotKentucky Workers Rebel Against1972-12-011, 8Martin, Earl; Hampton, Eugene; Nunn, Louiestrike; Kellwood Company clothing factory; violence; murder; strikebreaker; speedup; union organizationEmployees at Kellwood Co. Clothing Factory were able to end problems through their strike with total support from the community.
1126Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-12-012Domhoff, G. William; Rawick, George P.; Genovese, Eugene; Elein, Aaron E.; Chevigny, Paul; Bishop, Jimelection; slave narrative; black scientists; police provocationA review of five newly published books.
1127Southern PatriotDeep South Report1972-12-012Kurzman, Paul A.Community Development Agency; community organizationDetails of Paul A. Kurzman's book "The Mississippi Experience"
1128Southern PatriotWomen Apply for Jobs in Virgin1972-12-013Tompa, Katherine; Osborn, Patty; Miller, Helenfemale coal miner; Clinchfield Coal Company; factory work; hiring freeze; low productivity; lay off; worker divisionFour women in Appalachia applied to work in the coal mines. Their chances of being hired are slim though.
1129Southern PatriotWelfare Mothers Jailed1972-12-013Abernathy, William H.welfare fraud; jail; poverty level; picket; leaflet; Eight women were found guilty in Charlotte, North Carolina of welfare fraud when they continued to get welfare checks in spite of being employed, but were still below the poverty level.
1130Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-12-013McCall, Willis; Jenness, Linda; Pulley, Andrew; Obadele, Imari; Allison, Jefferyterrorism; bus employee strike; election; police raid; Black Panther; Republic of New Africa; SCLC; Navy rebellion; frame up; explosionA review of the past month's news and events.
1131Southern PatriotUnion President Sends Thanks1972-12-014Barber, MerleMississippi Poultry Workers Union; financial support; strikeThe president of the MPWU thanks readers for financial support and encouragement during their strike.
1132Southern PatriotWorkers Describe Company Tacti1972-12-014harassment; firing; unionWorkers at the poultry plant in Forest, Mississippi explain the tactics that were used by the company to stop them from unionizing.
1133Southern PatriotWhat a Chicken Plant is Like: 1972-12-014Barber, Merle; Nicks, David; Moore, EstellaPoultry Packers Inc.; assembly line method; chicken butchering; work hoursDetails the process of slaughtering chickens.
1134Southern PatriotGovernment Tries to Halt Aid t1972-12-015Michelsen, Stan; Briggs, John; Braden, Carlconspiracy charge; Vietnam War Veteran; riot; Republican National ConventionThe government is charging eight people with conspiracy for planning to cause riots at the Republican National Convention.
1135Southern PatriotChurchmen Support Wilmington 11972-12-015Chavis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T. J.; Parker, CharlesCommission for Racial Justice; civil rights activity; high bailThe Commission for Racial Justice has placed its full support behind 10 people sent to prison for civil rights activity in Wilmington, North Carolina.
1136Southern PatriotCharlotte Judge Set Down Again1972-12-015Snepp, Frank; McMillian, Jamesfederal overruling; public school; leaflet; school integration; First Amendment violationFor the second time in five months, the federal court has overturned an order by Charlotte, North Carolina judge Frank Snepp. He barred outsiders from public school property in Mecklenburg County.
1137Southern PatriotBlack Prisoner Burned to Death1972-12-015Richardson, Charles; Sanders, FletcherCentral Prison; murder; burning; negligenceBlack prisoner, Charles Richardson, was burned to death at Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina when white inmates poured a fiery liquid into his cell.
1138Southern PatriotThe Sound of Fascism1972-12-015Paul; Jerryprotest; jail; high school race issuesThe judge in Wilson, North Carolina sent six black youths to prison fro six months after a racially motivated fight at their high school.
1139Southern PatriotFree All Political Prisoners1972-12-015Davis, Angela; Smith, Billy Dean; Mitchell, Charlenepolitical prisoner; repression; national conferenceMeetings were held in North Carolina, Florida; Kentucky; Tennessee; Alabama to fight against repression and to help political prisoners.
1140Southern PatriotSCEF to Push RNA II Defense1972-12-015state wide conference; repression; Republic of New Africa; life imprisonmentThe SCEF board decided to hold statewide conferences around the south to fight repression and make the case of the RNA eleven a priority.
1141Southern ProjectVirginia Prison Struggle1972-12-016Durkin, Thomas H.; Hirschkop, Phil; Merhige, Robert R.Virginia State Penitentiary; prison conditions; provoked violence; riot; prison reform; Prisoner's Solidarity Committee; work stoppage; strike; unity; repressionEditorial about the conditions at Virginia State Penitentiary and what prisoners are doing a to try and change the situation.
1142Southern PatriotVictories for the People1972-12-016Bell, Fred; McMillian, Ernie; Hirschkop, Phil; Taylor, Dan; Kunstler, Williamparole; draft refusal; contempt of court; protestAn overview of legal victories for civil rights activists.
1143Southern PatriotThe Wansley Case: An Open Lett1972-12-017Wansley, Thomas; McGee, Willierape myth; life imprisonment; repression; white control; death penalty; women's rights; racial unity; racismBraden calls on the women of the south to help end the rape myth and fight to free Thomas Wansley.
1144Southern PatriotElection Notes1972-12-018Bond, Julian; Young, Andrew; Jordan, Barbara; Patterson, J. O.; McBride, Eddie; Kennedy, Arlon; Webster, Eddieracism; national referendum; black politiciansA report of the results of November elections and details of black politicians gaining office.
1145Southern PatriotMountain Strike Continues Stro1972-12-018hospital worker strike; picket line; starvation wage; working conditions; harassment; scab; Council of Southern Mountains.Women in Pikeville, Kentucky are continuing their strike to improve working conditions and wages at the local hospital in spite of harassment and threats from locals and officials.
1146Southern PatriotFarm Workers Renew Campaign in1973-01-011, 5Chavez, Ceasar; Freeman, Nancy; Medina, Eliseo; Raymond, Nicholasunionization; Talisman Sugar Plantation; picket; national lettuce boycott; rally; unemployment; immigrant laborFarm workers in Florida are renewing their efforts to combat illegal practices by sugar plantations, encourage unionization and promote a national boycott of all nonunion lettuce.
1147Southern PatriotWhat the Miners' Election Vict1973-01-011, 8Miller, Arnold; Yablonski, Jock; Boyle, Tony; Titler, George; Pnakovich, LeonardMiners for Democracy; labor movement; unionization; Appalachia; coalition; reform; wildcat strike; mining safety; violence; corruption; loyaltyArnold Miller of Miners For Democracy won his UMW election and he plans to change the system and end corruption in the union.
1148Southern PatriotBook Notes: Story of Struggle 1973-01-012McLaurin, Melton Alonzo; Bridges, Harry; Larrowe, Charles P.labor movement; oppressive conditions; repressionReviews of _Paternalism and Protest: Southern Cotton Mill Workers and Organized Labor, 1875-1905_ by Melton Alonzo McLaurin and _Harry Bridges: The Rise and Fall of Radical Labor in the US_ by Charles P. Larrowe.
1149Southern PatriotSongs of a Coal Miner1973-01-012Workman, Nimrod; Jones, John L.; Miller, Arnoldcoal mining; United Mine Workers of America; unionizationNimrod Workman, a coal miner from Mingo County, West Virginia for forty years, has put out a new record addressing issues in coal mining.
1150Southern PatriotMovement Deaths1973-01-012Haessler, Carl; Jenkins, Esaulabor journalism; anti-war protest; freedom movementObituaries for Carl Haessler and Esau Jenkins.
1151Southern PatriotBlack Colleges in Crisis: The 1973-01-013Edwards, Edwin W.; Wydell, Charles; Netterville, Leon; Bailey, D'Army; Brown, H. Rap; Eams, R. Judge; Williams, Robertpolice killings; Louisiana State University; death penalty; Southern University; black consciousness; status quo; Ford Foundation; sit-in movementThe police slaying of two black students from Louisiana State University sparked more dissent at already active black colleges.
1152Southern PatriotBlack Panel Bares Truth of Mur1973-01-013Edwards, Edwin W.; Smith, Denver; Brown, Leonard; Bailey, D'ArmyBlack People's Committee of Inquiry; Guste CommissionThe Black People's Committee of Inquiry made public their view of the police killing of two black LSU students.
1153Southern PatriotNews Brief1973-01-014Middlebrooks, David L.; Allison, Jeffery; Harley, Hugh; Williams, Hosea; Wiley, Georgejudge prejudice; arson; scapegoat; bargaining agent; SCLC; Poor People's Union; prison protest; anti-union campaignAn overview of the past month's events.
1154Southern PatriotSounding Board: An Open Letter1973-01-014labor movement; United Farm Workers; solidarity; leaflet; militancy; lobbying; tariff; unemploymentA letter praising Cesar Chavez's work and asking him to keep up his efforts.
1155Southern PatriotCollins, Now Released from Pri1973-01-016Collins, Walter; Pace, James R.; Allison, William H., Jr.; Bell, Fred; McMillian, Ernie; Collins, Virginiadraft resistance; parole; repression; harassment; boycottAfter finally being released from prison, Walter Collins is now fighting to reform the parole system.
1156Southern PatriotJury Frees Demonstrator In Nor1973-01-016Weston, Samuel J.scapegoat; arrest; acquittal; NATO; colonialismSamuel J Weston was acquitted after being arrested for protesting against Portuguese colonialism in Africa.
1157Southern PatriotAnother Killing in Carolina1973-01-016James, Connie; Williamson, Charlieviolent protest; police kilingAnother violent protest in North Carolina was spurred by the police killing of a black man.
1158Southern PatriotNeo-Colonialsm at Home: Strugg1973-01-017Simmons, William; McMillian, John; Barry, Marion; Hardey, Kenneth; Hobson, Julius; Cassell, Chattesteachers' strike; jail rebellion; neo-colonialism; school budget cuts; staff reduction; safety; salary rate; SNCC; self-determination; home-ruleEditorial about the problems in Washington, D.C. and how residents are fighting to change them.
1159Southern PatriotMcSurelys Win Contempt Case1973-01-017McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Stavis, Morton; Sterns, NancyU.S. Court of Appeals; contempt of congress; seized documents; McClellan committee; unlawful search and seizureThe U.S. Court of Appeals threw out the charge of contempt of congress against the McSurelys after agreeing they were victims of unlawful search and seizure.
1160Southern PatriotAngela Davis Calls Carolina Te1973-01-018Davis, Angela; Lee, James; Sadaukai, Owusu; Chavis, Elizabeth; Grant, Jimrepression; freedom rally; black activism; racism; political prisoner; high bondThrough a telephone speech to a freedom rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, Angela Davis emphasized the problems of repression throughout the state of North Carolina.
1161Southern PatriotCity Workers Refuse to Give Up1973-02-011, 7Miller, Arnold; Brekinridge, George; Brown, Hollie; Hutchinson, Johncity worker strike; harassment; picket; UMW; unionization; racial unity; scab labor; union recognition; firing; arrest; solidarityCity employees in Charleston, West Virginia are continuing their strike in a town where strikes are normally broken and unions are frowned upon.
1162Southern PatriotProposed Law Could Destroy Far1973-02-011House Bill 74; United Farm Workers; hiring hall; migrant labor; anti-Chavez billHouse Bill #74 in Florida is designed to destroy the United Farm Workers' efforts in that state by ending the practice of the hiring hall.
1163Southern PatriotWoodcutters Mount New Attack1973-02-011, 2Colston, Willie B.; Colston, J. D.; Shipps, Jack; Walters, FredGulfcoast Pulpwood Association; Gulf States Paper Company; firing; severance tax; strike; picket; contempt of courtTwin brothers Willie B. and J.D. Colston have taken on the Gulf States Paper Company in court over a 10 cent per court severance tax.
1164Southern PatriotDomhoff on the Democrats: Who 1973-02-012youth vote; apathy; capitalist; social heirarchyReview and editorial on _Fat Cats and Democrats: The Role of the Big Rich in the Party of the Common Man_ by G. William Domhoff.
1165Southern PatriotLabor Shorts1973-02-012Gonterman, Harvey; Hampton, EugeneBethlehem Steel plant; racism; murderAt the Bethlehem Steel Plant in Sparrows Point, Maryland workers fought a racist seniority system. Harvey Gonterman was found not guilty of murder for shooting a picketer in Brownville, Kentucky.
1166Southern PatriotCity Workers Describe Struggle1973-02-017trash incineration; working conditions; strike; unity; arrest; racismTestimonials from Charleston, West Virginia employees about working conditions and the strike.
1167Southern PatriotAnti-War Actions Reach a Peak1973-02-018Collins, Walter; Whitlock, Henry; Lane, Teddyanti-war protest; cease-fire; militancy; coalition; rally; racism; labor issuesDetails of anti-war efforts all across the south.
1168Southern PatriotAttack Goes On Against the RNA1973-02-018Ababa, Addis; Ana, Hekima; Quadduss, Offagga; Njabafudi, Karim; Moore, Russell; Obadele, ImariRepublic of New Africa (RNA); guilty plea; assault; murder; life imprisonment; trial; prison conditions; hazardous healthMembers of the Republic of New Africaare still under attack from the courts in Jackson, Mississippi.
1169The Southern Patriot How Raza Unida Built Strength1979-03-008Jose Serna, Ray Perez, Rodolfo Espinoza, Elena Diaz, Moises Garcia, Arturo Gonzalez, Virginia Muzquiz, Jose Angel Gutierrez, Cesar ChavezThe Chicano Movement, Raza Unida Party (RUP), Politics, student protests, racism, lettus boycott,spinach boycottThis article covers the rise of the Raza Unida Party (RUP) in Crystal City Texas and the Chicano Movement.
1170The Southern Patriot Anti-War Organizer Sentanced1973-03-006 Eppinette ChuckVietnam war,anti-war protest,draft card, protest, politicsChuck Eppinette an active member in the anti-war movement was convicted in February for not carrying his draft card and received two one year sentences to be served consecutively. Defense argued he was targeted for his anti-war activity.
1171The Southern Patriot Carolina Senators Reject Equal1973-03-005Hodge Pansy, Fifield Laura Ann, Schlafly Phillis, Scott Ann, Rhyne Jack, Mullins Mike, Millet Kate, Hales Elsie.The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), 28th amendment, John Birch Society, NOW, Equal pay for Equal work.28th amendment- Equal Rights Amendment went up for vote in the Carolina senate and was struck down.
1172The Southern Patriot Southern Organizer Tells What 1973-03-004Zeller Bob,The People's Republic of China, China, Labor. Working conditions, communism,Bob Zeller traveled to the People's Republic of China and describes how factory workers are treated and how the United States and how we can learn from the Chinese.
1173The Southern Patriot Birmingham Steps Up Drive To C1973-03-003Cannon Charles, Warren Jack Jr., Williams Ronnie, Bryant Wayland,Alabama Black Liberation Front (ABLF), Concerned Citizens for Justice (CCJ), CIO, racismCharles Cannon an active member of the ABLF was accused and convicted of murdering Jack Warren Jr. Despite Witness testimony to the contrary. His conviction is considered an attempt to crush the black liberation front in Alabama.
1174The Southern Patriot Jail Can't Kill Carolina Movem1973-03-003Grant Jim, Reddy T.J., Parker Charles, Owen Pamela, Holshouser JamesThe Charlotte three, North Carolina Political Prisoners Committee (NCPPC), Political Prisoners, Black Liberation MovementThree men Accused of burning down a riding stable are into the 8th month of incarceration. Their bail was set extremely high and NCPPC workers campaigning to have the bail reduced two men were released the third was held despite bail being posted.
1175The Southern Patriot Black Sailors Framed in Norfol1973-03-003McIntosh Mark, Sweatt James, Taylor Bruce, Jones DavidThe US Navy, Camp Allen Brig, Norfolk Naval Base, racism, court-marital, mistreatment of prisonersThe US Navy is accused of court-martialing black men who were framed due to their in involvement in a disturbance at the Camp Allen Brig at Norfolk Naval base
1176The Southern Patriot Barbara Flynn (1946-1973)1973-03-002Flynn BarbaraSCEF, racism, memorial, rememberance, suicide, civil rights movementCivil rights advocate and SCEF worker Barbara Flynn took her own life on February 26 1973 in New Haven Conn. She helped to regain ground lost during the civil rights movement and helped foster black-white coalitions.
1177The Southern Patriot A Breakthrough Offshore Strike1973-03-001,7Kinnel FrankShell oil company, Boatel Inc, National Maritime Union (NMU), unions, strikes, poor pay, hazardous working conditions, racism, Offshore workers from Boatel Inc. are striking due to poor pay, health and safety concerns.
1178The Southern Patriot Demand for Amnesty is growing 1973-03-001,6Collins Virginia,Guerrero Gene, Briggs Chet, Collins Walter, Mulloy Joe, Abzug BellaVietnam War, Amnesty, SCEF, Central Commmittee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), War, The Nixon AdministrationSouthern peace keeping groups are being encouraged to support the amnesty of Vietnam draft dodgers and military deserters
1179The Southern Patriot A Prison Victory (Prison Strug1973-03-001,3Merhige Robert, Cunningham W.K., Wansley ThomasVirginia's state Penitentiary, Protest, Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC), Prison reform,Virginia's state prisoners won key concessions in their struggle against inhumane conditions and the state director of prisons retired.
1180The Southern Patriot Another Black Man Framed on Ra1973-04-006Carrington James, Mangum Charles, Carrington Otelia, Hawthorne Nathaniel Lee, Wansley ThomasRacism, rape, false charges, frame-up, James Carrington Defense Fund, Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC)James Carrington was falsey accused and convicted of raping a white woman despite no evidence to the crime. His mother is traveling raising awareness and funds for his defense.
1181The Southern Patriot Carolina Textile Strike: Test 1973-04-008Lambert Joyce, Urstz Frank,Smith William "bill", Pressley Ben Jr., Barrineau T. Basil, Gordon B.J., Cox Mary, McCutchen Carmella, Pope Phillip, Rutledge JoyceSouthern Textile Strike, Union, Racism, Race baiting, J.C. Penny, Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA), Oneita MillsWorkers of the Oneita Mills in Andrew and Lane S.C. are striking because management refused to negotiate a contract with workers after they had voted for representation by TWUA.
1182The Southern Patriot Vietnam Vet's Case: Not Much E1973-04-005Mahoney Peter, Patterson William, Kniffin John, Foss Alton, Camil Scott, Michelsen Stan, Briggs John, Perdue Don, Goodwin Guy, Carruth Jack, Schoenbrod Rhonda, Arnow WinstonGainseville Eight, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), Republican National Convention, Discrimination, protest, Vietnam warCase of the Gainseville Eight the U.S. district attorney admitted that the government had little evidence against the eight members of the VVAW who were accused of plotting to disrupt the republican national convention.
1183The Southern Patriot The Matrix Case: A Radical Dru1973-04-006Clarkson Michael, Wildes Jon, Hermandorfer H.D., Hofmeyer Ridge, Hill Danny Matrix house, drug rehabilitation, radical politics, black panthersFour men who were former drug addicts and staff members at the matrix house. accused of assault, possession of illegal firearms, and conspiracy. They believe they are being targeted by the government due to their radical approach to drug rehab and their a
1184The Southern Patriot West Point Fights Urban Renewa1973-04-003Sykes Ferdinand, Naugle Andy, Bryan JohnUrban renewal, North Side Property Owners AssociationThe residents of a black neighborhood in West point Miss. are fighting an urban renewal project that would leave substandard housing in one neighborhood standing while they tear down and rebuild quality homes. Residents would be left with higher taxes mos
1185The Southern Patriot Students and Teachers in Flori1973-04-005Megill Kenneth, O'Connell Stephen, Cornwell Georgeuniversity of Florida, american federation of teachers (AFT), academic freedom, the independent florida alligator, unions The president at the University of Florida is targeting professors he believes to be radicals in an attempt to keep UF from becoming a breeding ground for protest movements.
1186The Southern Patriot Memorial to a Grass-Roots lead1973-04-002Burch William R.United Electrical Workers (UE) Memorial fund, SCEF, Black-White unity, unionistMemorial fund in the memory of William R. Burch leader of the United Electrical workers. Advocate for workers rights and black-white unity. Proceeds of the memorial fund will go to SCEF.
1187The Southern Patriot Southerners join fight to kill1973-04-002Jordan Barbara, Young Andrew, Honey Mike, Eckhardt Robert, Lehman William, Hechler Ken, Gonzalez Henry, Wilkinson FrankHouse Internal Security Committee(HISC), National Committee Against Repressive Legislation (NCARL), House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), McCarren Act, SCEFSouthern representatives working to get rid of HISC/HUAC.
1188The Southern Patriot RNA President Imari Free1973-04-001-4Obadele Imari Abubakari, Koen Charles, Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu, Haywood Burns,Owusu SaduakaiRepublic of New Africa (RNA),International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day, peaceful gathering, racismImari was arrested on August 18, 1971 in connection with a shoot out. He was five blocks away at the time. He won a court order to be released around the sametime as solidarity day- which Miss. Officials tried to prevent.
1189The Southern Patriot RNA President Imari Free1973-04-001-4Obadele Imari Abubakari, Koen Charles, Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu, Haywood Burns,Owusu SaduakaiRepublic of New Africa (RNA),International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day, peaceful gathering, racismImari was arrested on August 18, 1971 in connection with a shoot out. He was five blocks away at the time. He won a court order to be released around the sametime as solidarity day- which Miss. Officials tried to prevent.
1190The Southern Patriot Anti-union bill is defeated fa1973-04-001-4Askew Reubin, Shevin Robert, Juarez RudyUnited Farm workers union (AFL-CIO), HB 74, Right-to-work law, slave labor camps, typhoid outbreak, organized migrants in community action (OMICA)Farm workers successfully defeated the HB 74 bill that would have crippled farm worker unions and perpetuated a system that made slave labor camps a reality. This article also addresses the Typhoid outbreak that spread from a labor camp in Homestead FL.
1191The Southern Patriot Anti-union bill is defeated fa1973-04-001-4Askew Reubin, Shevin Robert, Juarez RudyUnited Farm workers union (AFL-CIO), HB 74, Right-to-work law, slave labor camps, typhoid outbreak, organized migrants in community action (OMICA)Farm workers successfully defeated the HB 74 bill that would have crippled farm worker unions and perpetuated a system that made slave labor camps a reality. This article also addresses the Typhoid outbreak that spread from a labor camp in Homestead FL.
1192The Southern Patriot Shell Strike Building Working 1973-04-001-7Sellers Junior, Audrey Livingston, Rochele NolenShell oil company, oil,chemical, and atomic workers union (OCAW), ecology, strike, working conditions, pollution, health careThe shell strike gained support from the local community, white collar workers, students from Tulane, and ecologists. Strikers are asking for better working conditions and basic health benefits.
1193The Southern PatriotRank and File Struggle in Atla1973-12-008union, strike, Warren strike support committee, black labor action committee, union leadership, red baitingWorkers and union members of the warren sherer company in Atlanta went on strike. The strike divided the union leadership creating a power vacuum causing them to lose the strike.
1194The Southern PatriotKiller Police: The People Figh1973-12-006Elton Hays, Thomas Turley, Darrell Cain, Santos Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Ronald JoycePolice brutality, racism, black community, civilian review board, repressionSeveral communities throughout the south have been rocked by police brutality scandals. Members of the communities, especially the black community have decided to fight back by demanding federal investigations and a civilian review board.
1195The Southern Patriot The People on the Air: A histo1973-12-001,5Carney Delbert, Rev. Kimbrough C.L., Gillespie Charlie, Bergmark Martha, Lawerence Ken, Captain Knight Newt, Mason William, Knight Davis, McGee Willie, Evers CharlesGulfcoast Pulpwood Association (GPA), National attention, television,media, Free state of Jones, union, poverty, racism, black-white unity, people's movementThe television broadcast if the woodcutter strike in the south, helped the woodcutter's strike and the people's movement.
1196The Southern Patriot RNA sends message to whites1973-12-006John Marshall, Brother Hekima Republic of New Africa (RNA), RNA-11 campaign, black-white unity, plebiscite, self-defense,the people's willRNA leader Imari Abubakari Obadele I releases a statement on the nature of the goals of the RNAs work in Mississippi.
1197The Southern Patriot A spotlight on Texas Brutality1973-12-004Ernest McMillanPolitical prisoners, harassment, slave labor, Texas prison systemThe Texas prison system is facing intense scrutiny after 10 prisoners were beaten. The prisoners involved in the beating have filed suit against the prison director and the guards. The suit has shed light on the slave like conditions prisoners are forced
1198The Southern Patriot The Southern Prison Stuggle Ra1973-12-004Ely Emily, Williams Robertlink society, bracelets inc, prison conference, community action, prison reform, A conference was held in Montgomery Alabama, several topics were covered, such as the abolition of prisons, the role of community in preventing incarcerations, and the role of capitalism in prisons. Wardens and other prison officials faced criticism for t
1199The Southern Patriot Brown Lung: Break the Long Sil1973-12-001,7Nader RalphBrown Lung, textiles, occupational respiratory disease, byssinosis, workman's compensation, textile workers union of America (TWUA), occupational safety and health administration (OSHA), unionsAn expose on the textile industry in the south and the health and safety of its workers. Brown lung is becoming a huge problem especially in non-union mills. A worker describes working conditions in which cotton dust covers everything and hangs in the air
1200The Southern Patriot Jackson Workers Respond-UFW Bo1973-12-001,8Ramsay Claude, Lynch Jimboycott, united farm workers of America (AFL-CIO), McCarty-Holman, black-white unity, union The united Farm workers union won a major victory in the south when after a leaflet/boycott campaign they convinced a large food distributor McCarty-Holman to stop distributing non-union lettuce and grapes.
1201The Southern Patriot GPA is ending Strike; Spirit i1973-11-008Carney Delbert, Rev. Kimbrough C.L.strike, gulf coast pulpwood association (GPA), union, recognition, black-white unityThe Gulf coast pulpwood association (GPA) is ending its strike against the big paper and pulp companies in Mississippi and Alabama. Some gains have been made in terms of insurance and pay raises, the major companies refuse to recognize the union.
1202The Southern Patriot Meridian Workers Win1973-11-008Gathright Tommy Strike, International woodworkers of America (AFL-CIO), unionMississippi workers from the roofing division of Masonite corporation have won significant victories in their new contract. Workers will recieve a 20-cent hourly raise along with shift differential pay, safety equipment, a fully paid insurance, and time a
1203The Southern Patriot 'Union' is an unpopular word- 1973-11-008unions, strike, textiles, textiles workers union of America (TWUA), recognitionTextile workers at the Roselon Southern plant are on strike demanding union recognition, better pay, paid holiday time, and promotion based on seniority. Management is stalling national labor relations board elections and hiring scabs.
1204The Southern Patriot National Focus on Carolina 1973-11-007Rev. Charvis Ben, Grant Jim, Reddy T.J., Parker CharlesNational Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR), Connecticut Defense Coalition Against Racist and Political Repression, Amnesty international, political prisoners, black liberation movement, boycott, racism, repression The national Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression voted to send staff to North Carolina to help fight for the release of Jim Grant and justice for the Charlotte three. They also agreed to expose the repression in Carolina by demonstrating and
1205The Southern Patriot Georgia Conference Hears Priso1973-11-007Giles Emory Conference, American civil liberties union, Georgia Council on Human Relations, rehabilitation, behavior modification, penal system, emory university law school Emory University law school held a conference that was sponsored by the American civil liberties union of Georgia and the Georgia Council on Human relations. Workshops were conducted which focused on rehabilitation, health and behavior modification, parol
1206The Southern Patriot Report from Memphis Cable TV: 1973-11-006Allen Martha Women's media project, television, The people's movement, media, public access, Federal communications commission (FCC), Women in cable communications (WICC)Martha Allen works with the Women's media project. She describes how a women's cable channel was created and how cable television can help the people's movement by reaching a wider audience.
1207The Southern Patriot Where are the Black Workers? A1973-11-005Banks Ganzie, Phillips Elzie, Brooks Charles, Daniel Levi, Finley Williamblack-white unity, automation, racism, union, coal mining, This letter to Southern coal miners encouraging black-white unity within the mines and within the union. Unity is the key to keeping union leaders and employers from taking advantage of them.
1208The Southern Patriot Southerners Plan Amnesty Drive1973-11-003Collins Virginia, Ransom Louise, Zimmerman Danny, Musil Robert Amnesty conference, support, organize, unconditional amnestyConference held in Atlanta, participants discussed how to organize support for unconditional and universal amnesty at the grassroots level.
1209The Southern Patriot Fired Professor Turns Organize1973-11-003Megill Ken, O'Connell Stephen American federation of Teachers (AFT), union, educationKen Megill a University of Florida Professor was fired by University president Stephen O'Connell for being unprofessional. Megill was an active supporter of the American Federation of Teachers. He and his supporters believe he was fired for his union acti
1210The Southern Patriot Wansley Goes Back to Prison: D1973-11-001Merhige Robert, Wansley Thomas, Holton Linwood, David Angela, Magee RuchellAmnesty, rape, frame-up, appeal, prisoners solidarity committee, political prisonersThomas Wansley lost his appeal and was sent back to prison. He was charged with raping a white woman who could not identify him. His supporters believe he was targeted due to his involvement in the black liberation movement.
1211The Southern Patriot City Workers in Fairfield Win 1973-11-001,4Sides Lawerence, Gardner John unity, strike, people's movement, economic boycott, community supportSanitation workers in Fairfield and the community were successful in winning a complete victory against poor working conditions and pay. The city council and the mayor after facing community backlash and an economic boycott, backed down and agreed to all
1212The Southern Patriot Women Save the Strike: Harlan 1973-11-001,4Hogg Byrd, Widner Mary, Wynn Jerry, McDow Claude, Corbett PhillipSafety conditions, strike, union, recognition, medical benefits, automation The wives of the Harlan County miners have taken up the strike against Eastover Mining Company and Duke Power.
1213The Southern PatriotCourt Rejects 'Charlotte 3' Ap1973-10-008Grant Jim, Reddy R.J., Parker Charles, Shepp Frank, Agnew Spiroblack liberation movement, political prisoners, frame-up The Carolina Court of Appeals threw out the case of the Charlotte three, despite questionable witness testimony. Supporters believe they are being targeted because of their involvement in the black liberation movement.
1214The Southern Patriot Harlan County Organizing Again1973-10-008Miller Arnold, Christian Hiram, Wilson Clyde, Wilson Dean, Elmore HoustonUnited Mine workers of America (UMU), strike, union, Southern labor union (SLU)Miners in Harlan County voted to join united mine workers of America (UMU) and Duke power is refusing to sign the new contract or recognize UMU as the new bargaining agent.
1215The Southern Patriot Drive Mounts in Louisana Priso1973-10-008Wallace Herman, Montegut Gilbert, Jackson Chester, Woodfox Albert, Miller Brent, Kilbourne Richard Angola four, prison, frame-up, petition, black organizers Four Angola inmates are charged with in the murder of Richard Kilbourne. The four men were attempting to organize inmates and start a petition addressing poor working conditions and bad food. The prosecution has little evidence.
1216The Southern Patriot African Liberation Day: Its Hi1973-10-006Ricks Willie, Carmichael Stokely, Brown Rap, Brooks Gwendolyn, Monroe EarlAfrican Liberation Day, Black power movement, unity, education, positivity, pan-AfricanismJim Grant writing from prison describes the events that took place on African Liberation day and its importance to the black liberation movement.
1217The Southern Patriot Memphis Workers Talk Health an1973-10-007Parker Don, Wallick Frank, Meehan Dorothy Occupational safety, health, conference, union, workers movmentsWorkers and union leaders attended a city wide conference on Occupational safety and health. These are two of the main concerns facing workers in light of increasing speed-up in plants.
1218The Southern Patriot Alabama Town Organizes Behind 1973-10-005Strike, union, public employees, race-baiting, community supportSanitation workers in Fairfield Ala. are on strike due to horrible working conditions, low pay, and safety concerns. The Mayor and the all-white city council have used several anti-strike methods and tactics such as race-baiting and threatened the use of
1219The Southern Patriot RNA Case: Whites Must Take Act1973-10-005Rep. Diggs Charles C., Rev. Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu AmiriThe republic of new Africa (RNA), repression, political prisoners, people's movement, black-white unity Ken Lawerence and Anne Braden describe the extreme use of force that Mississippi officials used to issue a warrant to one of the members of the RNA. They encourage whites to lend their support.
1220The Southern PatriotMeridian Stike: Safety Key Iss1973-10-004Gathright Tommy, Devine BillStrike, safety, working conditions, roofing, atlas roofing division, Masonite corporation, international woodworkers of AmericaWorkers of the woodworkers division of the Masonite corporation have been on strike since September. Their main concerns are the working conditions in the plant.
1221The Southern Patriot Conference on Militarism1973-10-003kind Ed, Hall Bob, Reisch Mike militarism, Southern Action Conference on Corporate Militarism, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Military spending, developmentConference on Militarism in the South was sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee. The Conference featured speakers on the military and its relationship with the south, how military spending has affected development, and the economy.
1222The Southern Patriot Woodcutters Strike Again in De1973-10-001,4Nonnemacher Robert M., Pittman Virgil GulfCoast Pulpwood Association (GPA), Strike, Sherman anti-trust act, strikeDue to inflation gains made during a previous strike has all disappeared. Strikers are demanding higher pay for wood, standard measures, accident insurance, and recognition of GPA as a bargaining agent.
1223The Southern Patriot Machines Instead of People: To1973-10-001,7Cunningham Bob, Rapier MoeSit-down, P. Lorillard Company, automation, black-white unity, Tobacco, Tobacco Workers International Union, unionBlack tobacco workers in Louisville Ky. Staged a sit-down at P. Lorillard Company plant. They have 10 formal demands including promotion opportunities for blacks and an end to degrading terms.
1224The Southern Patriot What Gainsville Means The Jury1973-09-008Cunningham Camerson, Coleman Brady, Peterson Doris, Stearns Nacy, Kniffin John, Turner Larry,Gainsville eight, conspiracy case, Vietnam Veterans Against the Was (VVAW),The jury from the Gainsville eight acquitted them citing a lack of evidence.
1225The Southern Patriot Wilmington: How the Tide Turne1973-09-001,4Rev. Charvis Ben, Hicks Leatrice, Hicks Mollie, Nantambu KojoWilmington committee to defend victims of racist and political repression, North Carolina political prisoners committee, bombings, racism, rights of white people (ROWP)Charges brought against Rev. Ben Charvis were dismissed. Leatrice Hicks received a hung jury and her daughter was convicted but received a suspended sentence. Charvis still faces other charges and a possibility of 34 years in prison.
1226The Southern Patriot How Oneita Workers Won Their S1973-09-001,8Johnson James, McCutcheon Carmela, Pope Laurie AnnOneita, Strike, textile workers union, Oneita knitting mills, textile workers union of America (TWUA), black-white unityStrikers from the Oneita Knitting mill were victorious after a 18 month strike and boycott. The strikers won standard union protection against arbitrary company dismissal, an hourly wage increase, a pension plan, and vacations.
1227The Southern Patriot Atlanta Wildcat: As in Many Ci1973-09-006Wildcat walkout, wage increase, Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU), Strike, Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority (MARTA)MARTA workers staged a non-union backed walkout and strike based on low pay and unsatisfactory contract offers.
1228The Southern Patriot Forced Sterilization: Now Wome1973-09-007Relf Mary Alice, Lee Minnie, Fox Nial Ruth, Brown Carol, Dr. Pierce C.H., Clayton EvaSouthern Poverty law center, community action commission, office of economic opprotunity, race, poverty, welfare, women's movement, forced sterilizationWomen on welfare both black and white were forced to undergo sterilizations that were funded by the office of economic opprotunity. Although strict guidelines were imposed they were never properly circulated. Thousands of women faced sterilization or risk
1229The Southern Patriot 'You can come back and win': H1973-09-001,5Westinghouse plant, united electrical, radio, and machine workers of America (UE), black-white unityWestinghouse union members describe their working conditions before becoming unionized. Workers banned together to fight off the red/race baiting tactics of the company.
1230The Southern PatriotGovernment Concedes Point in G1973-09-004Grant Jimjury list, supreme court, under-represented, jury selection and service act of 1968, racismThe U.S. government conceded that the jury selection for the trial of Jim Grant were not fairly representative of the black community. Grant is appealing to the supreme court.
1231The Southern PatriotGovernment Concedes Point in G1973-09-004Grant Jimjury list, supreme court, under-represented, jury selection and service act of 1968, racismThe U.S. government conceded that the jury selection for the trial of Jim Grant were not fairly representative of the black community. Grant is appealing to the supreme court.
1232The Southern Patriot An opinion: The road to waterg1973-06-008Grant Jim, Ervin Sam, Anderson Jack, Wilkins Roy, Hersh SeymourGovernment spying, black liberation movement, Jim Grant Case, VVAW caseAnne Braden gives her opinion on the Watergate scandal. An example of government infringement on the rights of the people to protest and organize.
1233The Southern Patriot The Provocateurs in the VVAW c1973-06-008Fernandez Pablo, Barker Bernard, Camil Scott, Rohan Angelina, Klimkowsky AdamVietnam veterans Against the war (VVAW), Gainesville eight, watergate, set-upInformants and witnesses against the Gainesville eight have proved to be damaging against the prosecution due to links to watergate and false testimony.
1234The Southern Patriot Political Burglary Against Jim1973-06-008Grant Jim, Ervin SamWatergate, The North Carolina Political Prisoners Committee (NCPPC), break-in, bank records, evidence tampering, Jim Grant's Apartment was broken into and his banking records, prime evidence in his court case were destroyed. His supporters have asked Sen. Sam Ervin to investigate.
1235The Southern Patriot A Southern View: Women and Min1973-06-006Greever HelenCommittee of Youth Organizations of the Soviet Union, the national council of American-soviet friendship, women, minorities, communism, socialismHelen Greever discusses her trip to the soviet union. She describes how women and minorities have made gains in society in the soviet union.
1236The Southern PatriotFlorida Growers Win State Law 1973-06-005Diana Lyons Farm workers union (AFL-CIO), right-to-work bill, mechanization bill, job lossFlorida state legislature passed a law allowing fruit growers to speed up the use of machines to pick fruit. Would potentially cause millions to lose their jobs.
1237The Southern Patriot Louisiana Muslim Trial: A Blue1973-06-003Clemmons Bryan, Dumas Woodrow W., McKeithen JohnPolitical Prisoners, Police brutality, Muslim trial, street meeting, the peoples' movementIn January, sheriffs deputies attacked local Muslims who were attending a street meeting. Two deputies and three men for the street meeting were dead.
1238The Southern PatriotSCEF Will Expand Organizing Pr1973-06-003Collins Virgina Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF), organizing program, political prisoners, organizing southern workers, government repression, amnestySCEF held a semi-annual meeting where they decided to implement a two-pronged program to fight government backed repression. They will also implement two new programs to help organize black and white workers across the south. SCEF also decided to support
1239The Southern Patriot On Eve of Charvis Trial: Bomb 1973-06-001,6Charvis Rev. Ben, Hicks Mollie, Hicks Leatrice, Davis Angela, Simmons Judi, Holshouser James, Wright CliftonBomb, White vigilante terror, protest, frame-up, commission for racial justice (CRJ), SCEF, black liberation movement, Charvis trial, rights of white people (ROWP), the wilmington journal Black Liberation activist Rev. Ben Charvis is falsely accused of murder after the fact, of a young boy. Clifton Wright was shot after a protest in 71'. A newspaper supporting Charvis cause, the Wilmington journal was bombed.
1240The Southern Patriot Virgina Protest Frame-up1973-06-003Carrington James, Carrington Otelia, Wansley Thomas, White Rev. Leon, Hawthorne Nathaniel LeeVirginia Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC), rape, frame-up, N.C.-V.A. Commission on Racial Justice of the United church of Christ, Virginia students civil righs committee, SCEF, Racism, intimidation Keysville Va. large protest on memorial day, protesters demanded the release of James Carrington. Carrington was active in his local black liberation movement, and was framed for raping a white girl. He is currently serving a 75 year sentence.
1241The Southern Patriot Farm Workers Win Wide Support 1973-06-001,5Lyons Mack, Gannon Tom, Snodgrass Kenny, Brown Dale, Dauer JohnUnited farm workers (AFL-CIO), lettuce and grape boycott, crew leader system, slave labor, teamsters, hiring hall unions, unions, boycott, Safeway, A&PThe United farm workers union is receiving a lot of support from southern communities,churches, student groups, and business owners for the boycott of non-union lettuce and grapes.
1242The Southern Patriot Textile Strikers are Holding F1973-06-001,4White Herbert, McCutchen Carmela, Mercer Norma Jean, Simkins Modjeska Textile workers union of America (TWUA), oneita knitting mills, racism, black-white unity, SCEF, union, strike, boycottThe Oneita Textile strike is into its 7th month. Strikers have refused to backed down from their demands of better pay and working conditions. Black and white workers have banned together to fight the strike breaking tactics of the mill owners.
1243The Southern PatriotQuincy Case Closed1974-01-006Burns, Johnny; Figgers, Alphonso; Smith, David Charles; Keaton, Dave Roby; Frederick, Johnny; Reubin, Askew;Quincy Five, Baker act, police intimidation, racism, voter registrationThe Quincy five were released from prison. They were accused of murdering a Leon county sheriff.
1244The Southern Patriot Background to struggle in Miss1974-01-004,5Gaddis, Fred; Johnston, ErleMississippi poultry workers union, broiler chickens, black-white unity, mechanization, state sovereignty commissions, segregation, race-baitingThe Mississippi Poultry workers who want to organize face stiff opposition from their plant owners.
1245The Southern Patriot SIx Years Too Late1974-01-003Brown, H. Rap; Agnew, Spiro; Featherstone, Ralph; Payne Che;Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Kerner Commission on civil disorders, militancy, knapp commission, racism, black liberation movement The State of Maryland has dropped its arson and riot charges against H. Rap Brown, on the grounds that the evidence was fabricated.
1246The Southern Patriot Return of the Death Penalty 1974-01-003Askew, Reubin; Megill, Ken;Capital punishment, the peoples' movement, discriminatory sentencing, racism, governmental repressionThe return of the death penalty is just another way that the government is trying to repress the peoples' movement.
1247The Southern Patriot Delegation Says to Virginia Go1974-01-001,8Holton, Linwood; Wansley, Thomas; Carrington, James; Bradley, Davidracism, rape, frame-up, justice, Southern Conference Education Fund, Community actionSupporters of Thomas Wansley marched on the capital. His supporters managed to set up a meeting between his mother and the governor.
1248The Southern Patriot Future of UMW Disucussed 1974-01-001,7Patrick, Harry; Goldston, Eli; Miller, Arnold United Mine Workers of America, 46th constitutional convention, constitutional changes, right to strike, wildcat strike, benefits, rank-and-file, collective bargaining United Mine Workers of America held its 46th constitutional convention in Pittsburgh. Several issues were discussed and changes were made to the unions constitution.
1249The Southern Patriot Angola Prison Stuggle 1974-01-008Woodfox, Albert; Wallace, Herman; Montegut, Gilbert; Jackson, Chester; Henderson, Murray C.The Angola four, racism, committee to free the Angola four, prisonThe background and trial of the Angola four.
1250The Southern Patriot 'Cost of living' Strike 1794-04-008Sullivan, J.W.Taylor Machine Works, strike, cost of living, inflation, unions, united steel workers (AFL-CIO), community support, black-white unityWorkers at Taylor Machine Works have been on strike since Feb. They are demanding a cost-of-living escalator clause to protect them from rising inflation.
1251The Southern Patriot Black Dockers Stop Rhodesian I1974-04-008Schonowski, Bill; Gleason, Thomas; Billups, Miles;International longshoreman's association (AFL-CIO), Rhodesian imports, boycott, Byrd amendment, u.n. embargo, Tidewater AfricansBlack dockworkers have stopped the Rhodesian ship, the African sun from unloading its cargo. Black dockworkers hope that the boycott will encourage the government to honor the u.n. embargo on Rhodesian goods.
1252The Southern Patriot Leader of the Rights of White 1974-04-006Little, Lawrence R.; Jervay, T.C.; Charvis, Ben; Burns, Smith, David H.; Brown, Peggie; Gibson, LeroyRights of White People, bombing, wilmington journal, racismLawrence R. Little member of the Rights of White People, was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the bombing of the Wilmington Journal.
1253The Southern Patriot Birmingham Foundry Worker;s St1974-04-007united steel workers (AFL-CIO), Strike, unions, international representatives, publicity The Strike at the Birmingham foundry has come to an end after six weeks. The strike was unsuccessful do to a lack of union support and publicity.
1254The Southern Patriot Dave Mack Humphrey: Another R1974-04-005Humphrey, Dave Mack; Bright, Gene; Smith, Marian H.; Davis, Angela; Simpson, Fred;Rape, frame-up, racism, police harassment, Alabama A&M University Dave Mack Humphrey was walking home at night when he was arrested for raping a white female police officer. While out on bail he was harassed and charged with several other crimes. He is serving a 70 sentence at atmore prison.
1255The Southern Patriot Union Women Conference 1974-04-006Coalition of labor union women, women, equality, political action, representation, teamsters, polarization, rank and fileWomen union members gathered at Chicago for the founding meeting of the coalition of labor union women. Their purpose is to achieve equality on the job, representation within the union, legislative and political power.
1256The Southern Patriot A March Against Death Row1974-04-001Ramsey, James E; Royall, Kenneth D.; Morrison, Fred; Finks, Golden; Hines, BobbyCapital punishment, death row, death penalty, edgecombe three, SCLC, Commission for racial justice, racismRaleigh N.C. several hundred people marched on the capital demanding that the general assembly abolish the death penalty, commute the sentences of all men serving on death row, and pardon the edgecombe three.
1257The Southern Patriot Next Time It'll Be The Workers1974-04-004-5hospital organizing, union, Solomon act, state owned hospitals, walk-out, rank and file, sexismA group of workers- mainly women from Birmingham's state owned hospitals are trying to re-organize after a failed attempt to gain union representation.
1258The Southern Patriot Mississippi Poultry Workers De1974-04-001,3Livingston, Richard; Clark, Robert; Ross, Jim Buck; Bowen, David; Eastland, James O.; Cochran, Thad; Gaddis, Fred; Barber, MerleIndemnity, poultry plants, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, contamination, pesticide, Mississippi poultry workers unionMembers of the Mississippi Poultry Workers Union, is demanding indemnity for the workers who missed out on 9 weeks worth of work after the EPA ordered the disposal of millions of pesticide contaminated chicken.
1259The Southern Patriot Pay- Offs in Charlotte Three C1974-04-001,6Parker, Charles; Reddy, T.J.; Grant, Jim; Washington, Walter David; Hood, Theodore Alfred; Sneep,Frank; Mardian, Robert Pay-off, Charlotte three, political prisoners, corruption investigation, Charlotte observer, frame-upAn investigation by the Charlotte observer has revealed that two of the key witnesses of the prosecution were paid off. The money for these pay-offs can be tracked all the way back to the justice department.
1260The Southern Patriot Brookside Miners Win Ruling 1974-03-008brookside mine, duke power company, united mine workers of America, southern labor union, strike, National labor relations board, picketing The Brookside miners participating in the strike again duke power company, won a major victory when the NLRB allowed picketing. Strikers now plan on shutting down all duke mines in the area.
1261The Southern Patriot Prison Conference 1974-03-007Prison Conference, penal system, community involvement, action groups, committee for prison support in BirminghamThe Committee for prison support in Birmingham, held a press conference, their purpose is to use analysis of the penal system as a starting point for action. Several groups were formed that would take on various issues facing prisoners.
1262The Southern Patriot School Authorities Arrest Ind1974-03-008Allen, Young; Diehl, PhillipSit-in, Robeson County Board of education, Indian education Act, Riot Control Act27 Native American adults and 15 children appealed their convictions that resulted from a sit-in at the Robeson County board of education. They were concerned about how funds from the Indian education act would be spent.
1263The Southern Patriot Atmore Prison 1974-03-006Dobbins, George Atmore prison, farm strike, racism, community review board, prison strikeAtmore Prison is facing a prisoners strike after the death of inmate George Dobbins.
1264The Southern Patriot Murder on Alabama's Prison Far1974-03-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Clancy, Jesse; Gray, Fred; Martin, Harold; Williams, Dorothy P.; Reed, Thomas; Sullivan, L.Bpenal system, inmates for action, inhumane treatment, racismPrisoners rights advocate George "Chagina" Dobbins was killed while incarcerated at atmore prison. He was beaten and shot in the back.
1265The Southern Patriot Morgantown, W. Va. Truckers un1974-03-003Moore, Archstrike, truckers association, army national guard, harassment, student protest, energy crisis, police repression, strike breakingIndependent truckers in W. Va. went on strike over the high cost of fuel, they demand a price roll back and the right to strike. The Army national guard and the police were sent in to break the strike.
1266The Southern Patriot Bogue Chitto Alabama- 'We did 1974-03-004-5Robinson, Cheryl Buswell; Pittman, Malinda; Taylor, Idella M.collective living, subsistence community. commune movement, black panther party, breakfast program, resurrection city, the people's farmBouge Chitto is a small rural community in Alabama. The poor and members of resurrection city have formed a communal subsistence community. They provide food, clothing, and health care for those in need.
1267The Southern Patriot Farah Strikers Win 1974-03-001,7Maloney, Walter H.; Farah, WillieAmalgamated clothing workers of America (AFL-CIO), union, strike, boycott, community support The two year strike against Farah manufacturing company ended. The NLRB ordered the company to reinstate the union workers who were fired. The strikers also won recognition for Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (AFL-CIO) as their bargaining agent.
1268The Southern Patriot Governor 'May' commute Sentenc1974-03-001Holshouser, James; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles Charlotte 3, racism, political prisoners N.C. Governor is considering commuting the sentences of two of the Charlotte three, T.J. Reddy and Charles Parker.
1269The Southern Patriot Marxist Professor Under Fire 1974-03-004Cooper, Grant Politics, university of Arkansas at Little Rock, progressive labor party, Marxist philosophy, American association of university professors Dr. Grant Cooper was fired from his job at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for his pro-Marxist philosophy. He has also had a suit filed against him by the state for violating anti-subversion laws.
1270The Southern Patriot Retail Workers Seek Union1974-03-005Birdwell, Jo-Ann; Tomlin, Becky; Stokes, Audreyunion, retail, Delchamps food stores, amalgamated meatcutters and butcher workmen of North America (AFL-CIO)Employees of Delchamp food stores have gone on strike after management refused to recognize (AFL-CIO). Most of the strikers are women seeking basic union protection, plus equal pay for equal work.
1271The Southern Patriot 'Evidence' Against Angola Brot1974-02-007Wallace, Herman; Woodfox, Albert; Jackson, Chester; Miller, Brent the Angola four, racism, political prisoners, repression, frame-up, One of the Angola four went to trial for the death of prison guard Brent Miller. Although evidence was inconsistent, Wallance was convicted and received a life sentence.
1272The Southern Patriot Houston GE Workers Fight Compa1974-02-008Eisenberg, SteveAFL-CIO(IUE), safety, racism, union, workers action movement, black-white unity, discrimination, trusteeshipDetailed account of what the workers at the GE central air conditioning plant in Texas accomplished before they were forced into trusteeship.
1273The Southern Patriot RNA Under New Attack1974-02-006Ghafoor, Abdul Malik Mu-Min; Obadele, Imari; Moore, Russel D.; Ghafoor, Kahina Amatul; Marsh, Jerry; Alexander, FirnistRepublic of New Africa, repression, harassment, racismAbdul Malik Mu-Min Ghafoor administrative assistant to the RNA president, was arrested for supposedly writing a threatening letter to judge Russle D. Moore III.
1274The Southern Patriot Tarboro, N.C. Community Suppor1974-02-001,6Brown, Vernon Leroy; Hines, Bobby; Walston, Jesse Lee; Smith, ALice; Whaley, John; Amsterdam, Anthonyrape, racism, repression, death penalty, protest, capital punishment, community supportThe Tarboro black community came to support the three young men who were sentenced to death for raping a white woman.
1275The Southern Patriot Election Fraud 1974-02-004Davis, Julian; Braswell, P.L.Voter fraud, racism, SCLC, absentee ballotsSandersville Ga. had five black candidates running for local office. All were defeated by about the same amount of absentee ballot votes. SCLC has received permission from the justice department to investigate.
1276The Southern Patriot Birmingham Foundry: Women Work1974-02-001,4Jones, Gordon; Jones, Bolling; Abel, I.WBirmingham stove and range, union, strike, merit increase, racism, sexism, black labor action coalitionWorkers at Birmingham stove and range are on strike after their company and union failed to deliver a satisfactory contract.
1277The Southern Patriot Wansley Case: A Symbol1974-02-005Wansley, Thomas; Merhige, Robert; Holton, Linwood; Godwin, MilesFalse charges, rape, racism, public pressure, pardon, repression, the peoples' movementThomas Wansley has become a symbol of the peoples' movement. Editorial highlights where the campaign to have Wansley pardoned failed and how they can learn from those failures.
1278The Southern Patriot Governor Denies Wansley's Pard1974-02-005Holton, Linwood; Wansley, Thomas; Stamps, Garnell; Jester, RoystonPardon, rape, frame-up, racism, national alliance against racist and political repression, SCEFThe Gov. of Virginia refused to pardon Thomas Wansley. Wansley was sentenced to life in prison for raping a white woman. So far he has served 10 years.
1279The Southern Patriot Bribe at Brookside 1974-05-008Byrge, Paul; Harris, Noah; Noe, Carl; Curtis, RonnieBribery, strike, union, united mine workers of America, southern labor union, conspiracy, duke power, brookside mine Officials from Duke power company and the southern labor union were caught on tape and photographed bribing two UMWA members. The UMWA members who were undercover, were supposed to convince the strikers to go back to work an break the strike.
1280The Southern Patriot Houston 12 Re-Indicted After L1974-05-008Jefferson, Andrew; Cunningham, Cameron; Carp, Robert; Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Trujillo, Miguel; Rodriguez, Alex; Vance, Carrol; Hofheinz, Fred; Magee, Ruchellre-indictment, Houston 12, grand jury, prejudice, war protest, youth against war and fascism, police brutality After district court judge Andrew Jackson dismissed all the felony charges against the Houston five, after it was found that the jury selection system was discriminatory. The state of Texas was forced to either re-indite and retry, or release a large numb
1281The Southern Patriot Coal From South Africa: Alabam1974-05-001Hines, Andy; Stone, Doncoal imports, South Africa, The southern Company, Gulf Power Company, union, UMWA, rally, picketing, black workers congressOver 1000 people took part in a rally and picket line to show the stockholders of the companies importing South African coal, that they were against it. Picketers sited profit as the motivation behind the imports.
1282The Southern Patriot Coal from South Africa: Aparth1974-05-001,7Bethnell, TomSouth Africa, coal, apartheid, imports, job security, unions,The United States has decided to import several hundred tons of coal from South Africa. UMWA president Tom Bethnell is calling for a boycott, siting the oppressive South African governments treatment of its black population, and the threat that imports wo
1283The Southern Patriot Look for the Aztec Eagle 1974-05-003Chavez, Cesar; Fitzsimmons, Frank; Colson, Charles; Meany, GeorgeAmerican Farm Bureau, teamsters, grape boycott, lettuce boycott, united farm workers, AFL-CIO, local supportCesar Chavez attended a rally in Gainesville Fl. and encouraged supporters to continue the boycott especially against non-union grapes. Chavez also struck a deal to end the boycotts in some stores as they were beginning to negatively affect the union memb
1284The Southern Patriot Plans For North Carolina Demos1974-05-001,5Charvis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Parker, Charles Lee; Waddell, Joe; Brooks, Howard; Othow, Helen; Russell, John; Smith, DonaldNational Alliance Against Racist Political Repression, Capital Punishment, Political prisoners, federal center for correctional research, behavioral modification, racism, injustice, repressionThe National Assembly Against Racist Political Repression has declared North Carolina a national disaster area. They also announced a demonstration that will be held on July 4th. Their goal is to end capital punishment and free all political prisoners.
1285The Southern Patriot The Cost of the New Atlanta 1974-05-004-5Whitfield, George; Williams, Virgil; Jackson, Maynard, Inman, John; Mckinny, Billy; Williamson, Q.V.; Matthews, Ethel Mae; Chafin, Clinton; Carter, Jimmy urban renewal, safe streets and sidewalks act, corporate interest, bedford-pines project area committee, police brutality, racism,Jim Grant describes how downtown Atlanta had been re-built at the expense of the black community; and how far white politicians and business owners are willing to go to ensure economic growth and renewal.
1286The Southern Patriot Wansley, Carrington Appeals De1974-05-003Wansley, Thomas; Carrington, James; Holton, Linwoodappeals, rape, racism, frame-up, injustice, pardon, U.S. Supreme CourtBoth Thomas Wansley and James Carrington both had their appeals denied. The U.S. supreme court refused to hear the appeal of Wansley. The U.S. fourth circuit court of appeals rejected the appeal of Carrington. Both men were tried for raping white women, b
1287The Southern Patriot Pikeville Hospital Strike Stil1974-05-005Carroll, Minnie; Stratton, Henrey; Miller, Arnold Working peoples' picnic and rally, hospital strike, Pikeville united Methodist hospital, communications workers of America, UMWAWorkers at the Methodist Hospital in Pikeville Ky. have been on strike for two years and are demanding union recognition. They gained some support from UMWA. UMWA has promised to try and have their medical card contract with the hospital pulled until the
1288The Southern Patriot In Alabama's Prisons Inmates f1974-05-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Dotson, Tommy "Yikeena"inmates for action, penal system, prisoner's rights, harassment, racism, plantation prison systemIFA member Mafundi writes about the prison organization Inmates for Action and what they are doing to meet the needs and demands of the prisoners. He also describes how other inmates and prison officials are harassing and murdering members of the IFA.
1289The Southern Patriot Mass Reistance in Atlanta's St1974-06-001,2Williams, Hosea; Carter, Ron; Gibson, Brandon; Jackson, Maynard; Inman, John; Hardin, Allen S.; Maddox, Lester; Munford, Dillard; Slaton, LewisSouthern Christian Leadership Conference, protest, police brutality, Atlanta anti-repression coalition, racism, repressionA protest in Atlanta lead by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was met by police brutality and repression. Protesters demand that Atlanta police chief John Inman and the men responsible for the murder of Brandon Gibson be brought to trial. They
1290The Southern Patriot Mississippians Win Boycott Vic1974-06-001,6Abraham, Rick; Shields,Rudy; Chavez, Cesargrape boycott, sunflower stores, UFW lettuce, teamsters, Lewis Grocer Company, solidarity, black-white unityUnited Farm Workers scored a major victory in their Boycott of non-union lettuce and grapes. Sunflower grocery stores have agreed to remove scab grapes and sell UFW lettuce in their stores.
1291The Southern Patriot North Carolina Prisons Charvis1974-06-003Charvis, Ben; Garrison, Sam; Sanders, Fletcher; Shepard, Annprison protest, investigation, North Carolina Committee of U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Public hearing, behavior modification, experiments, inhumane treatment, prison systemAfter widespread protest, strikes, and work stoppages in the North Carolina prison system and investigation and hearing was set up by the U.S. civil rights commission. Rev Ben Charvis described substandard living conditions and violence on the part of pri
1292The Southern Patriot In Virginia, People Vs. Electr1974-06-003Mathrowetz, Dianneenergy crisis, Virginia electric and power company, state corporation commission of Virginia, petition, utilities, rate increase, hearings, discrimination, center for united labor actionCitizens of Richmond have organized against the Virginia electric and power company. VEPCO have been granted a rate increase by the state corporation commission. Citizens have organized a petition demanding no increase, a rollback on rates, and a hearing
1293The Southern Patriot Police Brutality in East Texas1974-06-008Page, Christine; Allen Abra; Ayers, Truman; Weaver, Arthur; Davis, David; Wade, WillieRacism, police brutality, Nacogdoches county voters league, police harassment Black citizens of Nacogdoches Texas face almost daily harassment and brutality from the local police department. The article sites several cases of police brutality and harassment from March 9-16th. The Nacogdoches county voters league have tried to help
1294The Southern Patroit GI Organizing 1974-06-007Sternberg, Andrea D.; Camp Allen brothers, GI movement, class contradition, new labor movement, class consciousness, tidewater defense committee, racism, Camp Allen TrialsThe GI movement similar to the new labor movement, GI's are now more aware of the classiest system of the military. The increase in class consciousness has lead to an increase in protests and solidarity amongst lower class GI's.
1295The Southern Patriot Black Athlete Says ' I was Fra1974-06-008James, Mike "Spider"; Vaughn, Charles; Jones, Ligon; Driesell, Charles "Lefty"frame-up, murder, racism, police brutalityMike "Spider" James was sentenced to 28 years in prison for murdering a white cab driver. Despite evidence that proved his innocence, he was encouraged to plead guilty in order to strike a deal. While in prison he faced constant harassment by prison offic
1296The Southern Patriot In Mobile: GPA Victory Delcham1974-06-008Strike, Scott and International Paper, Gulfcoast pulpwood association, U.S. fifth circuit court, injunction, union, support, anti-trust laws, Delchamps food stores, Amalgamated Meatcutters and Butcher Workmen of North America (AFL-CIO)In Mobile Ala. Scott and International paper agreed to a settlement with the Gulfcoast pulpwood association. The agreement does not involve an increase in pay or an improvement in working conditions. The Strike of 53 meat cutters of the Delchamps food sto
1297The Southern Patriot Mistrial For Washington1974-06-008Washington, James; Jefferson, Malcolm; Monte, Raul; Wilkinson, JamesMurder, Mistrial, capital punishment, racism, double jeopardy, prison activistThe State of Virginia's third attempt at trying James Washington for the Murder of Raul Monte a Virgina state farm guard. Malcolm Jefferson was also tried for the murder he was convinced and sentenced to death. Washington's was trial ended in a mistrial.
1298The Southern Patriot UFW: Birmingham Boycott Gain a1974-09-008Sparks, Rita; Freeman, Jim;boycott, united farm workers, leaflet campaign, Bruno's, grape boycott, lettuce boycott, picketingUFW (AFL-CIO) began boycotting and picketing campaign at three of the largest food store chains in Birmingham. Results were mixed.
1299The Southern Patriot Convenient Suspect in Murder a1974-09-006Tibbs, Delbert Lee; Milroy, Robertrape, murder, frame-up, racismDelbert Lee Tibbs is charged with the murder of Robert and raping his female companion. Tibbs was in another city at the time of the crime, the description of the killer does not match Tibbs. Tibbs also does not own a truck or a gun.
1300The Southern Patriot Hearing On New Trial For Charl1974-06-007Holhouser, James; Reddy, T.J.; Grant, Jim; Parker, Charles; Hood, Theodore Alfred; Washington, Walter DavidThe Charlotte Three, racism, new trial, Lazy B Stables, Pay offs, political prisoners, The Justice DepartmentThe Charlotte Three were granted a new trial, after payments made to the prosecuting witnesses came to light.
1301The Southern Patriot Summer in Baltimore: Garbage W1974-09-004Wildcat strike, sanitation, point system, union, American Federation of State, County, and municipal Employees (AFL-CIO), injunction, garbage workers, police strike, AFSCME union, work actionsBoth the police and the garbage workers of Baltimore went on Strike. They are demanding higher pay, and an end to the point system. The garbage workers who had community support were able to have their demands met. The police who were also on strike, mana
1302The Southern Patriot "Illegals" Are Not The Enemy1974-06-006Chavez, Cesarunions, united farm workers, illegal immigrants, racism, exploitation, scabs, border patrol, corruption, labor movement, Chicano communitiesUFW is trying to deal with illegal immigrants being used as scab workers by growers and the corrupt border patrol.
1303The Southern Patriot Racist Use of the Rape Charge1974-09-003racism, sexism, 8th amendment, 14th amendment, prisoner rights movement, rapeFour black men from Kentucky who were convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison have filed suit. The State statute for rape carries a life sentence without parole. They believe that this statute violates the 5th and 14th amendment.
1304The Southern Patriot Killing Sparks Economic Boycot1974-09-003Watson, Doug; Carreker, Willie Gene; Brooks, Tyrone killing, boycott, Talbot County, SCLC, racismWillie Gene Carreker of Talbot Co. Georgia was shot and killed while handcuffed in police custody. The black community carried out a successful economic boycott and had their demands agreed upon.
1305The Southern Patriot Alabama's Attica1974-09-001,5Baxley, Sandra; Dobbins, George; Clanzy, Jesse; Dotson, Tommy Lee; Michaelson, Julius; Harris, Johnnieinmates for action, death list, racism, harassment, brutality, Alabama prison system, murder11 Alabama prisoners are set to go to trial for crimes ranging from rioting to murder. All 11 men are black and members of inmates for action. The article sites several examples of how inmates are treated in the Alabama prison system.
1306The Southern Patriot Black Teacher Fighrs for Black1974-09-003Carey, Katura; Courtney, Inez; Walker, Josephthe black community, Alachua County School Board, harassment, African People's Socialist Party, racism, school board electionsFormer teacher Katura Carey is running for the Alachua Co. school board after a year of being harassed for her beliefs and support of the black liberation movement.
1307The Southern Patriot Working People's movement1974-09-001,7Miller, Arnold Strike, phased wage freeze, union, the working people's movementThe Working People's movement has reached an all time high. The last five years from 69-74 has averaged more strikes per year, than any other in U.S. history. The highest peaks were during the summer months.
1308The Southern Patriot South African Coal Unloaded 1974-09-001,7Mawere, TapsonSouth African coal, the southern company, united mine workers, slave labor, racism, African liberation movement, Zimbabwe African national unionCoal miners and black longshoremen were not able to halt the unloading of South African Coal shipment. The UMW was forced to remove its picket line or face a court injunction.
1309The Southern Patriot Buffalo Creek Settlement1974-10-001Pittston Company, Buffalo Mining Co, Damn collapse, Survivor syndrome, settlementSurvivors of the Buffalo Creek Damn Collapse won a major settlement from the Pittston company. The settlement agreement allowed for those suffering from psychological problems like survivor syndrome to collect.
1310The Southern Patriot In Mississippi Mass Protest in1974-10-001,8Young, Butler Jr; Shaw, Ronniepolice brutality, racism, united league of Marshall county, economic boycott, police harassment, injunctionAfter police killed Butler Young Jr. after a hit-and-run accident, the black community began an intense protest and economic boycott in Byhalia Miss. SO far they have managed to have the police involved charged with the killing of Young, elected a black o
1311The Southern Patriot Amnesty: 'On the Underground R1974-10-003racism, unconditional amnesty, Vietnam war, discriminationIn his open letter to Mississippi Eusi Nduge explains why he dodged the Vietnam draft, and why amnesty legislation should be expanded.
1312The Southern Patriot The Case of Joann Little 1974-10-001,7Little, Joann; Alligood, Clarence;rape, racism, fair trialJoann Little is being held on charges of murdering prison guard Clarence Alligood and breaking and entering. Little stated that Alligood entered her cell and threatened her with an ice pick and tried to rape her. She killed him with an ice pick.
1313The Southern Patriot Why is the case of the Atmore-1974-10-006Baxley, William; Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Dotson, Tommy Yukeena"inmates for action, atmore-holman brothers, repression, prison struggleAttorney General for the State of William Baxley plans to personally prosecute the case of the Atmore-Holman brothers. All of whom are members of the IFA and were on the prison death list. IF they are successful at winning their trial,it will be a huge vi
1314The Southern Patriot Butner, North Carolina Behavio1974-10-004-5Schein, Edgar; Bennett,James; Schekenback, Albert F.; Groder, Martinfederal behavior modification center, prison, penal system, behavior modification, brainwashing, START program, Wolff V. McDonnell, Bureau of Prisons, Asklepieion society, transactional analysisNorth Carolina is planning to open a new behavior modification center in Butner. This specialized prison under the control of Martin Groder, will specialize in behavior modification.
1315The Southern Patriot Blacks plan to keep what's the1974-10-008McCown, John; Patterson, T.M. (Buck) Jr.police harassment, racism, east central committee for opprotunity, demonstrationA black woman was arrested on a Traffic charge by the all white police force in Sparta Ga. When her boss John McCown president of the ECCO tried to intervene on her behalf, he was also arrested. The whole situation has renewed the tensions between blacks
1316The Southern Patriot In North Carolina Prison Food 1974-10-007prison food, drugs, Blanche central prison, inhumane treatmentPrisoner's in Blanche central prison have been able to prove that prison officials have been adding 'mind dulling' drugs to prison food, in an attempt to control the prisoners.
1317The Southern Patriot RNA-11: First Conviction Uphel1974-11-001Ana, Hekima; Ana, Tamu Sana; Saxbe,William; Obadele, Imara A.republic of new Africa, FBI raid, conspiracy, Huston planThe Mississippi supreme court denied the appeal of Hekima Ana, who is serving a life sentence for a murder conviction related the the 1971 raid on RNA headquarters.
1318THe Southern Patriot Larger Issues are at Stake as 1974-11-001,7Miller, Arnold coal strike, union, united mine workers, wage increase, inflation, mine safety, contract, productivity increasesThe United Mine Workers union is on strike. They are demanding a wage increase to combat inflation, higher per ton royalty payments, and more power over safety conditions in the mine.
1319The Southern Patriot Unions Organize in South1974-11-005unions, new labor movement, the south, sexism, tokenism Unions had great success in the past year, especially in the South. Some minorities with the unions still face problems such as a lack of representation, and in some cases the unions themselves are lacking in organization.
1320The Southern Patriot Houston 121974-11-001,3Vance, Carrol; Barriga, Jose; Christiansen, William; Haile, Bartee; Rodriguez, Alex, Trujillo, MiguelHouston 12, New Trial, demonstrationA new trial date was announced for the Houston 12. They are charged with assault of a police officer an attempted murder.
1321The Southern Patriot Black Man Lynched 1974-11-006Parks, Roscoe; Godfrey, Charie Mae; Savage, Jimlynching, police harassment, Clayton countyRoscoe Parks died in the hospital from wounds he received while be doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. The night janitor from the Anderson Elementary School, Jim Savage was seen near where Parks was burned.
1322The Southern Patriot Lynching Aftermanth Whites Go 1974-11-005Polk, Preston; Cook, Albert; Youmans, Wallace; O'Neal, J. BlantonLynching, racism, injustice, murder, civil rights activity, retaliation, conspiracyWallace Youmans was shot in the head and killed after walking by Albert Cook's store. Cook and two other men were found not guilty.
1323The Southern Patriot Students Boycott 1974-11-006McArthur, Walter; Swantic, Gene; Rowlette, Bobstudent boycott, lamar county, racismBlack students from Lamar County went on a two week boycott of classes. Some of their main demand was the hiring of a black vice-principal and the firing of the white assistant principal Gene Swantic. The school board hired Walter McArthur but refused to
1324The Southern Patriot Police kill 28th black1974-11-006Jackson, Otis; Ogle, M.E.police brutality, domestic dispute, racism, excessive use of force, police killingsAfter being called to break up a domestic dispute office M.E. Ogle beat Otis Jackson with a nightstick and then shot Otis Jackson in the Abdomen. Jackson was D.O.A and Grady Hospital.
1325The Southern Patriot Atlanta SCLC Closes Up Shop1974-11-006Williams, HoseaSouthern Christian Leadership Conference, Lack of funding, repression, white flightRev. Hosea Williams director of the SCLC announced that they will be closing for good; citing a lack of funding and intense personal repression.
1326The Southern Patriot Election Results: Black and Ch1974-11-008Ford,Harold E; Morris, Jackvote, election, left parties, voter fraud Several left parties with minority candidates won in state and local elections.
1327The Southern Patriot In Mississippi and West Virgin1974-12-007Moore, Alice; Wynn, Lauri; Wright, Richard; Gregory, Dick; Bettersworth, John k.; Brooks, Gwendolynbook banning, racism, John Birch Society, School Boards, textbooksThe states of Mississippi and West Virginia are facing racist school boards, who favor banning books that they deem communistic, anti-religious, and favor interracial themes. The school boards are also approving textbooks that show the civil rights moveme
1328The Southern Patriot Amnesty Confernece 1974-12-008Branch, Michael; Grossman, Steveboycott, universal and unconditional amnesty, earned reentry, Vietnam, indo-china, clemency, amnestyThe second annual convention of the national council for universal and unconditional Amnesty met in Louisville Ky. Information on President Ford's earned reentry program and how it works was presented. Speakers also explained how the people could push for
1329The Southern Patriot Revolt at Reidsville 1974-12-005Griffin, Andrew; Hopper, Joeprison strike, Reidsville Ga., investigation, NAACP legal defense fund, ACLU, racismA strong possibility of a revolt is growing in Reidville Prison. Tensions arose after the death of an inmate and the warden refused to allow the ACLU to investigate.
1330The Southern Patriot 0000-00-00
1331The Soutnern Patriot March to Boston1974-12-006Williams, HoseaBoston, national freedom march, racism, violence, black communityCivil rights leaders and union members from Atlanta have pledged their support for the freedom march in Boston.
1332The Southern Patriot Jackson State and Kent State: 1974-12-003Nixon, Walter L.; Battisti, Frank J.anti-war protest, kent state, jackson state, college protests, case closed, sovereign immunity Those involved in the shootings at Kent state and Jackson state college were acquitted. Judges also ruled that survivors and family of the victims could no recover damages.
1333The Southern Patriot Supreme Court Looks at Death P1974-12-003Fowler, Jesse ThrumanNAACP legal defense fund, death penalty, capital punishment, Furman V. Georgia, repressionThe NAACP legal defense fund is helping to appeal the case of Jesse Thruman Folwer's death sentence to the supreme court. Their goal is put an end to the death penalty.
1334The Southern Patriot In Birmingham Hospital workers1974-12-001,7Abernathy, Ralph; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Pizitz, Richardmedia coverage, union, Hospital workers, non-profit hospitals, national labor relations board, racism, boycottThe Birmingham hospital workers have been on strike for 12 months with little success. The article covers bias media coverage of the strike and the hierarchy of white privilege within the hospital.
1335The Southern Patriot Miners Consider Contract1974-12-001,4Littlefield, Sam; Farmer, Guy; Usery, W.J. Jrcoal, strike, united mine workers of America, bituminous coal operators association, contract, pay, safety, right to strike, black lung, murtha bill The UMWA and its rank-and-file members are trying to reach an agreement over the new changes to the contract with BCOA. The three major areas rank-and-file members are concerned about are wage differentials, safety, and the right to strike.
1336The Southern Patriot Civil Rights Activist Framed1974-03-008Cole, J.C.; Stout, Albertframe-up, drug possession, racismJ.C. Cole a civil rights activist from Shelby N.C. was convicted on a frame-up charge for sale and possession of heroin. Cole had angered those in power in Shelby by exposing the sell of poisonous wood alcohol.
1337The Southern Patriot State Stalls on Charlotte Thre1974-03-008Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Washington, DavidCharlotte three, hearing, delays, black liberation movementThe attorneys for the prosecution of the Charlotte three have asked for another postponement in the hearing of the Charlotte three.
1338The Southern Patriot Wilmington 10 Takes Case to Fe1974-05-008Charvis, Ben; Patrick, Marvin; Tyndall, Connie; Jacobs, Jerry; Vereen, Willie Earl; Epps, Reginald, McCoy,James; Wright, Joe; Moore,Wayne; SHepard, AnneWilmington ten, Wilmington rebellion, frame-up, racism, judicial misconduct, the black community, united church of ChristThe North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the conviction of the Wilmington 10.
1339The Southern Patriot Little Trial Moved to Raleigh1975-03-008Little, Joanne; Mckinnon, Henry A., Griffin, Williamlittle trial, fair trial, jury poolJudge Henry A. Mckinnon ruled that the trial of Joann Little to be moved to Wake County. Her defense argued that it would be impossible for her to receive a fair trail in Beaufort or any of the other surrounding counties.
1340The Southern Patriot Atmore-Holman SIx New Indictme1975-03-007Johnson, Oscar; McCorvey Grover, Heard, Lincoln; Beasley, Charles; Wilson, Johnny; Thomas, Jewell; Baxley, Bill; Yung, JohnAtmore-Holman brothers, prison rebellion, inmates for action, prison system, new indictments, plea deals, repression, prison conditions, federal investigationSeveral New indictments were obtained against the prisoners for the prison rebellion that took place a year ago. Although the state offered a plea deals, the defense team is working towards exposing the inhumane conditions of Alabama prisons. They would l
1341The Southern Patriot People's Coalititon Protests I1975-03-007ITT, People's Coalition Against ITT, stockholders meeting, protest, exploitationThe people's coalition against ITT protested the ITT shareholders meeting held on May 7th. The People's Coalition is demanding that ITT end production that contributes to the electronic battlefield, end business with South Africa, and other oppressive reg
1342The Southern PatriotNew Struggle in Harlan Co.1975-03-006black community, urban renewal, slums, discrimination, housing, racismThe black community of Georgetown are being forced out of their neighborhoods, which are being removed so businesses and shopping centers can be built.
1343The Southern Patriot US-China Friendship Grows Rapi1975-03-006Rickett, AdeleUS-China Peoples Friendship Association, conference, foreign relationsThe US-China friendship association held a conference, that focused on organizing and education. Their goal is to develop strong friendly ties with China and its workers.
1344The Southern Patriot African Liberation Day May 241975-03-004Greenly, George; Locke, GeneALSC, African liberation day, imperialism, black-white unityAfrican Liberation day was celebrated throughout the South on May 24th. Several demonstrations were held and several guest speaker, spoke on a wide variety of topics affecting the black community in the US and in South Africa.
1345The Southern Patriot Southern Co. Runs, But No Plac1975-03-005Suber, MalcolmSouth African Coal, demonstrations, the southern company, stockholders meeting, ALSCFor a second year in a row, demonstrations were held at the annual stockholders meeting for the Southern Co. Demonstrators were protesting the Southern Company's purchase of South African coal and the possibility of further transactions.
1346The Southern Patriot Atlanta Welfare Mothers Stage 1975-03-003Busbee, George; Randolph, PhyllisWelfare, welfare mother's protest, welfare mothers to fight back, protest, cutbacks, AFDC program150 Welfare mothers marched on Atlanta's capital building. The March was organized by Welfare mothers fight to fight back, which is a part of the organization Atlanta workers committee to fight back. The Welfare mothers are demanding an end to welfare cut
1347The Southern Patriot 174 Jailed in Strike1975-03-003Campbell, Charlesstrike, united furniture workers (AFL-CIO), court order, repressionWorkers of the Georgia-Pacific division have been out on strike. The strike was called after contacts between the local union and the company ended. When negotiations broke down, the company obtained a court order prohibiting workers to congregate and res
1348The Southern Patriot Mass Demonstration Meets Growe1975-03-003Miller, C.L.united farm workers union, picketing, injunction, grower harassment, wage increase, illegal immigrants10 members of the UFW were shot while picketing the farm of C.L. Miller who was arrested for the shooting, but was released on bail.
1349The Southern Patriot Pensacola: Center of Repressio1975-03-001,2Shelton, Robert; Wallace, George; Blackwell, Wendell; Raines, Douglass; Untriener, Royalrepression, racism, KKK, Unexplained deaths, vigilante violence, volunteer riders, black community, the peoples movementPensacola FL. Several demonstrations held by both the black community and the Klan have raised tensions in the community. The Demonstrations have sprouted from what some believe as officially sanctioned vigilante violence and oppression of minorities.
1350The Southern Patriot Nathaniel Hawthorne Fighter fo1975-04-008Hawthorne, Nathaniel LeeSCEF, Civil Rights, death, arbitrary Nathaniel Lee Hawthorn's arbitrary.
1351The Southern Patriot Labor Women Organize CLUW1975-04-007Duke, Danacoalition of labor union women, unions, women, minoritiesCLUW is rededicating itself to the rank-and-file working women.
1352The Southern Patriot Women Prisoners Protest living1975-04-008Woman's prison protest, sit-in, harassment, action for forgotten women, mistreatmentInmates at the Woman's prison in Raleigh N.C. held a peaceful sit-in to protest inhumane treatment and working conditions within the prison.
1353The Southern Patriot NLRB Backs Company Miners Prot1975-04-007union elections, national labor relations board, mountain workers unity organization, unions, bribery, check cardsUnited Mine workers of America are protesting the union election, where over 80% of those who voted had union check cards, but still lost the election.
1354The Southern Patriot Chicanos Organize Against Depo1975-04-007Lombrano, PatrickMexican immigrants, harassment, deportation, Brown Berets, the commission for Mexican-American Affairs, rallyA rally against the deportations of illegal Mexican immigrants was held in San Antonio TX.
1355The Southern Patriot ZANU Leader Victim of Racism1975-04-006Mawere, Tapson A; Mangazva, Synospolice harassment, Zimbabwe African Nation Union, racism, SCEF, conference to stop the importation of South African coal.Tapson A. Mawere and Synos Mangavza were guest speakers at a SCEF conference on stopping the importation of South African coal. They were beaten and arrested by two plain cloths police officers for trying to eat at a whites only restaurant.
1356The Southern Patriot Clifford Durr, Fighter for Civ1975-04-006Durr, CliffordArbitrary, civil rights, deathClifford Durr Arbitrary
1357The Southern Patriot GPA Organizing to Fight Wage C1975-04-004,5Walters, Fred; Jones, HerbertGulfcoast pulpwood association, economic crisis, union, strike, quota system, poverty, black-white unity, reorganizing, paper monopoliesThe Gulfcoast Pulpwood Association is reorganizing in an effort to take on the big paper companies. The economic crisis has caused paper companies to cut the prices of wood, harming the wages earned by workers.
1358The Southern Patriot Charlotte Pipe Strike in Eleve1975-04-006Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, strike, union, contract, international molders and allied workers union, discriminationWorkers at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry are on strike. They are demanding union recognition and a contract.
1359The Southern Patriot SCEF to Sponsor Fight Back Con1975-04-003Conference, Fight back against the economic crisis, economic crisis, cut backs, unemployment, unions, organizingSCEF is sponsoring a conference on " The Fight-Back Against the Economic Crisis". SCEF is calling for help, and the organizing efforts of women and minorities. They also plan to hold those responsible for the downturn accountable.
1360The Southern Patriot Black Women Organize in Suppor1975-04-003Little, Joanne; Topps, Avisblack woman's united front, marches, black women, first degree murder, rape, racismThe Black Woman's united Front are calling for a series of Marches to free Joann Little.
1361The Southern Patriot Welfare Organizers Face Trumpe1975-04-002White Jean; Parks, Amy; Flower, Edwinwelfare rights organization, welfare fraud, minority women, economic crisis Jean White and Amy Parks active members and leaders of the welfare rights organization are being charged with trumped up charges of welfare fraud. They believe they are being targeted for the involvement in the Welfare Rights Organization and planned demo
1362The Southern Patriot Black Prisoners Framed1975-04-002Lewis, Tony; Barnes, RonaldPrison, racism, penal systemTony Lewis and two other prisoners are being charged with the murder of prison guard Ronald Burns. The Mothers and family are raising funds for out of state attorneys.
1363The Southern Patriot In Hamlet, N.C. Police Shootin1975-04-001Scott, Rhonda; Bryant, James; Covington, Earlpolice brutality, excessive force, demonstration, racism, fire bombings, KKK, black communityRhonda Scott was shot in the back by police sgt. Earl Covington. Members of the black community marched on city hall and demanded that Covington be fired and charges brought against him. He was later dismissed from the police force.
1364The Southern Patriot On Strike for Union Contract S1975-04-001,6Garner, Kenneth; Williams, G.O.; McWilliams, James E.; Smith MonroeSanitation workers, strike, racial discrimination, union recognition, Laborer's International Union of North America, police harassment, racism, job securitySanitation Workers from Hattiesburg Miss. have been on strike for nine weeks and are asking for support. Media coverage of the strike has not helped the cause and reports refer to the strikers as "ex-employees" and "non-workers". Strikers are demanding an
1365The Southern Patriot Atlanta Workers Arrested Defen1975-06-001Caldwell, SamAtlanta Workers' Committee to Fight-Back, Fight-Back ten, police harassment, unemploymentMembers of the Atlanta Workers' Committee to Fight-Back were beaten and arrested for waiting outside Georgia's state Commissioner of Labor Sam Caldwell's office. All they wanted to know was why so many people weren't getting their unemployment.
1366The Southern Patriot Kentuckians Oppose Klan1975-06-001,6Duke, David; Johnson, Benklan rallies, kkk, protest, segregation, racism, economic crisisThe Ku Klux Klan held three rallies in Kentucky. The rallies drew wide spread protests from the black community, church groups and unions.
1367The Southern Patriot Farmworkers Rally UFW Coca-Col1975-06-003Lyons, Mackunited farm workers, coca-cola, harassment, economic downturn, union recognitionTensions between coca-cola and the united farm workers union heightened after their contract expired in January. Coca-Cola has cut off negotiations with UFW in an attempt to push out the union.
1368The Southern Patriot S.C. Women Sterilized Doctor F1975-06-003Pierce, Clovisforced sterilization, welfare, womenDr. Clovis was convicted for forcibly sterilizing a woman and was only fined five dollars. The outraged community protested and the case is currently on appeal.
1369The Southern Patriot History of Struggle in Song1975-06-004Romaine, AnneSouthern Folk Cultural Revival Project, the struggle, black-white unityAnne Romaine discusses her work and travels with the Southern Folk Cultural Project.
1370The Southern Patriot Tenants Fight Police and Landl1975-06-003Sarubin, Mortonuplands apartment complex, rent strike, federal subsidies Tenants from the Baltimore Uplands Apartment Complex have organized a rent strike in order to improve their homes and lower their rent.
1371The Southern Patriot In the Shadows of the Plantati1975-06-006Garrett, Johnny' Barefoot, Junior; Stepp, Ollis; Johnson, Matt; Wells, JonesMigrant workers, slave labor, farm workers, crew leader, registration act, organizeWorking and living conditions for migrant farm workers in North Carolina are deplorable. The state has initiated new legislation to improve conditions but there are still calls for workers to organize.
1372The Southern Patriot SCEF Tour Builds for Indochina1975-06-005Johnson, Mary JoyceSCEF, Indochina, vietnam, communism, tour, anti-war movement, aidMary Joyce Johnson shares her experences from the SCEF sponsored tour of Vietnam.
1373The Southern Patriot Interview with Ron Carter Figh1975-06-007Carter, RonAtlanta worker's committee to Fight-Back, workers rights, the peoples movementInterview with Ron Carter Chairman of the Atlanta Workers Committee to Fight Back. Active in the fight for the rights of the employed and unemployed.
1374The Southern Patriot Community Hits Cut-Backs in He1975-06-007Jones, Larry; Edwards, Edwinhealth care, cut-backs, economic crisis, poverty, charity hospital150 people picketed at Charity Hospital in response to a cut-back in state funded health care. Charity Hospital serves mainly the poor and also acts as a disaster relief center.
1375The Southern Patriot In Person Protest Leader gets 1975-06-007Mathews, H.K. Brooks, B.J.protest, extortion charges, injustice, demonstration, frame-upRev H.K. Mathews and Rev B.J. Brooks were convicted of felony extortion charges, stemming from their participation in a rally in Pensacola.
1376The Southern Patriot Conference Sept 6-7 SCEF Build1975-06-008SCEF, conference, economic crisis, unemployment, welfare cuts, police brutality, minorities, big business, economic crisis.SCEF conference on " The Crisis and the Fight Back" is hoping to shed light on the some major issues facing the peoples movement.
1377The Southern PatriotEvidence Weak Against Joann1975-06-008Little, Joanne; Alligood, Clerence; Dees, Morris; King, Beverly; Griffin, WilliamJoanne little trial, circumstantial evidence, police misconduct, self-defense, rape, sexual abuse.The trial of Joanne Little is underway, however due to circumstantial evidence, charges against her have reduced from first degree murder to second degree murder.
1378The Southern Patriot Significant Victory After Defe1976-01-001,6Middleton, Willie; Gathers, Carnell; Jones, JoeGeneral electric, united electrical workers union, union, runaway plants, union representationTurbine workers at the general electric plant in Ladson S.C. voted to join united electrical workers union.
1379The Southern Patriot Grand Juries Used Against Stri1976-01-001,6Graham, KatherineGrand Juries, Strike, Peoples movement, indictments, the post, Tampa maid shrimp plant, intimidation, post unions united, boycottGrand Juries are investigating two major long term strikes. The Washington Post Pressmen Strike and Tampa Maid Shrimp Plant Strike. Strikers believe that the grand juries are just another tactic being used to break the strike.
1380The Southern PatriotNew Orleans Participants Repor1976-01-003Tyler, Garythe fight-back movement, American imperialism, conference,Participants from the National Fight Back Conference in Chicago discuss their experiences at the conference and what they learned.
1381The Southern Patriot Conference of 1100 A Huge Succ1976-01-003,6Johnson, Mary Joyce; Emerson, Mary; Hyde, Odis; Weusii, StarbishaNational fight back organization, racial unity, peoples movement, conferenceAt a SCEF endorced conference in Chicago, the new National Fight Back Organization was founded.
1382The Southern Patriot Victory for Robert Williams 1976-01-004William, Robert; Lowder, Carrollframe-up, charges dropped, civil rights activist, racismFrame-up kidnapping charges against civil rights activist Robert Williams were dismissed. District Attorney Lowder stated that charges were dropped, because the state had no witnesses against Williams.
1383The Southern Patriot Demand " Free Cheryl and Dessi1976-01-004Todd, Cheryl; Woods, Dessie Xrape, racism, woman's oppression, repression, murder, armed robberyCheryl Todd and Dessie X. Woods are being charged with murder and armed robbery, for killing a white salesman posing as a police officer who tried to rape them.
1384The Southern Patriot IFA member Denied Appeal1976-01-004Harris, Johnny; Barrow, Luell; Allison, Williaminmates for action, atmore-holman, appeal, death penalty, discrimination, racismAlabama court of criminal appeals denied the appeal of Johnny Harris. Harris is a member of inmates for action and was charged with the death of Luell Barrow.
1385The Southern Patriot Judicial Victory But No Freedo1976-01-004Mackenzie, John; Spratley,Frank Leediscrimination, all-white juries, jury composition, racismFourth U.S. circuit court of appeals has ruled that a black man can appeal a conviction by an all-white jury on the grounds of discrimination.
1386The Southern Patriot Victim of Brown Lung Talks wit1976-01-005Wright, LaceyBrown lung, textile workers, Carolina Brown Lung Association, compensation, cotton dust, bysisnosisLacy Wright, president of the Greensboro chapter of the Carolina brown lung association describes working in textile mills. His goal is to build a movement to organize the textile industry, eliminate the cotton dust, and win compensation for workers suffe
1387The Southern Patriot New Briefs 1976-01-007Rowe, Gary; Dehee, Elijah KKK, freedom riders, klan attack, prisoners rights, cruel and unusual punishment, American penal system, frame-up, involuntary manslaughter, sabotage, racismFBI's role in building up KKK exposed. N.C. Women prisoners file lawsuit. Frame-up conviction of Elijah Dehee upheld in S.C.
1388The Southern Patriot Free the Charlotte 3!1976-01-008Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Erwin, SamCharlotte three, frame-up, bribery, new trial, appealAfter a 10 month wait the N.C. Supreme Court Judge denied the Charlotte three a new trial. They plan to appeal to a higher court.
1389The Southern Patriot "They get up Hungry and go to 1976-01-008Williams, Johnny Mae; Peeples, Edward; Eastland, James; Shaw, Gussie hunger, poverty, black belt south, Mississippi delta, emergency hunger counties, malnutrition, economic crisis, food stamps, school lunch programThousands of low income and minority families in the south are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. The problem is further complicated by the fact that federal funding for food stamps and school lunches have been cut.
1390The Southern Patriot Arrests Hit Florida Activists1976-04-001,6Marshall, John; Marshall, Eddie Ruth; Jones, SamTampa Workers Committee, food stamps, racism, cut-backs, oppression, all-white juryJohn and Eddie Ruth Marshall were arrested and received heavy sentences for protesting outside the Tampa food stamp office by cops posing as reporters.
1391The Southern Patriot Comments on Campain 76 Lots of1976-01-001,6Wallace, George; Carter, Jimmy; Humphrey, Hubert; Johnson, "Scoop"presidential campaign, 76' election, economic crisis, corporate interest, civil rights movement, voter turnout, democracy76' elections are beginning and the presidential candidates all seem to represent the "ruling class". The Author calls for a change in the political system to better serve the people.
1392The Southern Patriot 7,000 N.C. Teachers March1976-04-003inflation, economic crisis, teachers march, union, north Carolina association of educators, national educational association.Teachers in North Carolina marched on the capital demanding a 16% pay increase to combat growing inflation. The state legislature is considering a 4% raise.
1393The Southern Patriot Doctor Rips Stitches From Blac1976-04-003Armstrong, Melvin; Merkle Bobby; Wilson, Charlesblack belt, racism, injustice, medical malpracticeMelvin Armstrong needed stitches after puncturing his arm. When the family told Dr. Merkle they would be unable to pay up front, he pulled the stitches from Melvin's arm.
1394The Southern Patriot Buffalo Creek--4 years later1976-04-004Moore, Arch; Hobson, Drema Buffalo creek disaster, pittston coal company, dam, housing, safetyFour Years after the disaster at buffalo creek, victims are still homeless and in dire need of aid. Pittston Coal company is refusing any real help.
1395The Southern Patriot Charlottee Three Demand Bond1976-04-003Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles Charlotte three, petition for bond, bond, racismThe Charlotte three are petitioning for bond pending another hearing.
1396The Southern Patriot Malcolm X-- A teacher for toda1976-04-004X, MalcolmAfrican liberation day, black liberation Quotes taken from Malcolm X. He discusses the importance of paying attention of what is happening to the people in Africa and how that affects Africans and African Americans and their view of their struggle.
1397The Southern Patriot Louisville Racism Linked to Ci1976-04-004,5Pugh, Luebreta; Sloane, Harvey; Cough, Johnracism, busing, desegregation, black community, harassment, police brutality, declaration, independence from bigotryDuring the 1st year of busing for school desegregation, the black community of Louisville has faced almost constant harassment and brutality from police and other city officials.
1398The Southern Patrot IFA member fights legal lynchi1976-04-007Allison, Bill; Harris, Johnny; Baxley, Billrally, atmore-holman brothers, inmates for action, human rights, death penalty A speech given by Bill Anderson, lawyer for IFA member Johnny Harris who was sentenced to death for participating in a prison protest where a prison guard was murdered.
1399The Southern Patriot N.C. Prisoners Protest Overcro1976-04-007Grant, Jim; Willett, Anne; Marsh, Marjorie; Bost, Sam; Bolding, Tommy; Creasin, Raymond; Fink, Robertprison overcrowding, inhumane conditions, constitutional rights, North Carolina Prisoners labor union, Craggy Prison support Group, prison reform30 prisoners have field suit in federal court stating that their constitutional rights are being violated by the inhumane conditions in North Carolina prison system caused by overcrowding.
1400The Southern Patriot Tyler Denied New Trial1976-04-008,7Tyler, Gary; Marino, R.J.; Blanks, Natalie frame-up, racism, new trial, Gary Tyler was denied a new trial by Judge R.J. Marino, despite evidence that the state's star witness lacked credibility
1401The Southern Patriot SCEF calls for Massive Tyler D1976-04-008Tyler, GaryDemonstration, SCEF convention A demonstration will be held July 17th to build support for Gary Tyler. They have set a goal of 100,000 signatures demanding Tyler's freedom.
1402The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaSouthwide Mobilization Draws B1976-05-002Tyler, Garydemonstration, black freedom struggle, discrimination, racism, political powerA massive demonstration to free Gary Tyler will be held on July 24 in New Orleans.
1403The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaTyler Harassed, Demonstration 1976-05-001,3Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Terryracism, harassment, frame-up, Gary Tyler Freedom FightersGary Tyler is facing constant harassment from prison officials. The Gary Tyler Freedom Fighters have doubled their efforts to free him.
1404The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaSCEF needs you support!1976-05-003SCEF, finical support, educational programs, organizing programs SCEF is asking for financial support.
1405The Southern Patriot -- SpeciWorker Activists Backs Tyler1976-05-007,3Tyler, Garysupport, union, activistsletters from worker activists lending their support to Tyler.
1406The Southern Patritot -- SpeciGrant, Reddy Free on Bail!1976-05-004Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Tyler, GaryCharlotte three, bail, paroled, political prisoners, activists, frame-up, clemencyJim Grant and T.J. Reddy are free on bail. Charles Parker was already out on parole.
1407The Southern Patriot Louisianna Cane Workers 'New S1976-06-008Jones, Leroy; Foster, Murphy; Coldwell, John Vernonpoverty, sharecropping, sugar cane, big business, oppression, high interest rates, company stores, housing, racism, high illiteracy Louisiana cane workers still live in almost slave like conditions on sugar plantations. Most are sharecropper and farm workers who in poverty and never ending debt to their bosses.
1408The Southern Patriot Chicano Activists Fight Frame 1976-06-007Ogaz, Ruben; Espinoza, Alfredo; Arroyos, RamonChicano movement, chicanos unidaos , frame-up, fire bombing, discrimination, racism, los tres unidos de el pasoMembers of the Chicano Activist group Los Tres Unidos de El Paso are accused of fire bombing a downtown department store. A demonstration is planned.
1409The Southern Patriot International Support 1976-06-006Tyler, Garysupport, campaign to free gary tyler, racismMessages of support for Gary Tyler have been coming in from all over the world.
1410The Southern Patriot Revolt Spreads in S. Africa 1976-06-005Kruger, James; Fisher, Mike; Carter, RonSouth Africa, apartheid, revolt, black ideology, imperialism, Voster Regime. Revolts have broken out in S. Africa as a result of the harsh repressive nature of the pro-white apartheid government. S. African officials are blaming black ideology imported from the U.S. as the cause of the revolts.
1411The Southern Patriot A "Peoples'" Conference SCEF B1976-06-004,5Tyler, Garysemi-annual board meeting, campaign to free gary tyler, anti-repression work, legalism, peoples' movement, name changeSCEF is planning its semi-annual board meeting. At this meeting they plan to discuss major topics such as the campaign to free Gary Tyler, how to combat legalism within the movement, and a possible name change for the news paper.
1412The Southern Patriot Murderer of Black Man Freed1976-06-004Dupree, Sandra; Dickens, Harry Lee; Frinks, Goldenblack community, racism, Scotland Neck Movement for equal justice, demonstrations, murderSandra Dupree was found not guilty for first degree murder of Harry Lee Dickens, who was found shot in the back of the head. Demonstrations followed.
1413The Southern Patriot SCEF member Wins Job Victory1976-06-003Crawford, Daisydiscrimination, cannon mills, union, sexual harassment, SCEFDaisy Crawford a pro-union worker at cannon mills was able to successfully win her Job back after being sexually harassed and then fired by management.
1414The Southern Patriot Youth Framed in Rape Case0000-00-00
1415The Southern Patriot Youth Framed in Rape Case 1976-06-002Smith, Robert Lee; Fogle, Almeta;rape, frame-up, people united to live and let- live, murder, life in prison, evidenceThe organization people united to live and let-live have been working on the case of Robert Lee Smith. A 13 year old who was sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of Almeta Fogle despite no evidence linking him to the crime.
1416The Southern Patriot Case Holds Important Lesson Lo1976-06-003Long, Ronnie; Cater, Ron; Crawford, Daisyrape, frame-up, cannon mills, union organizing, Ronnie Long Defense Committee. SCEFShortly after cannon mills workers tried to organize, Ronnie Long a vocal worker at Cannon Mills was arrested and charged with raping a white woman.
1417The Southern Patriot "Free Gary Tyler" 2,000 Rally 1976-06-001,6Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Jaunita; Hampton, Bill; Carter, Rondemonstration, rally, frame-up, racism, legal lynching, repression, black liberation movementOver 2,000 people showed up at the free Gary Tyler rally. Several speakers addressed Gery Tyler's case and how it affects the movement as a whole.
1418The Southern Patriot 120,000 Miners Strike Wildcat 1976-06-001,7Miller, Arnoldstrike, unions, cedar coal company strike, injunction, wildcat, trusteeship, receivership, right to strike movement, united mine workers of AmericaAfter 120,000 miners went on a wildcat strike, Arnold Miller president of UMW showed his true colors by trying to force strikers back to work.
1419Southern Patriot0000-00-00