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1Southern PatriotA Conspiracy to Destroy SNCC?1967-03-012Carmichael, StokelySNCC; court directed destruction; ghetto protest; draft protest; indictment; fines; high bailSNCC leaders have been jailed in connection with Atlanta protests about black ghettos and the arrest of Stokely Carmichael in Selma, Alabama could bring an end to SNCC due to high fines and lack of bail bondsmen willing to set the bail.
2Southern PatriotMcClellan to Blame SNCC for Ri1969-06-014Javits, Jacob; Muskie, Edmund; McClellan, John L.McClellan Committee; riot; militancy; SNCC; House Committee on Internal SecurityThe McClellan Committee drafted a report blaming the 1967 riots in Houston and Nashville on militant agitators. It linked SNCC members to the incident.
3Southern PatriotSNCC Reorganizes1969-09-018Brown, RapSNCC; Student National Coordinating Committee; political party; agrarian reformSNCC moved its main office and changes its name to Student National Coordinating Committee.
4Southern PatriotNo Monolith1966-05-012politics, SNCC, civil rightsSNCC issued a statement against forming all black political parties.
5Southern PatriotA Time to Help1966-05-013SNCC, civil rights, dissentAsks for readers to support the SNCC monetarily as it comes under attack for its militancy.
6Southern PatriotSNCC Activists Start Serving T1970-01-014Stone, Dan; Tillman, J. P.; Simmons, Micheal; Moore, Bob; Wilson, Johnny; Foxx, Larryprison term; draft protest; Selective Service Act; militancy; picket; Atlanta Induction Center; SNCCFive SNCC veterans will serve their 3 1/2 year prison sentences for a draft protest in 1966 in Atlanta.
7Southern PatriotSNCC Alters its Structure1968-09-011Stanford, Max; Newton, Huey; Carmichael, Stokely; Sellers, Cleve; Ferguson, Herman; Brown, RapSNCC; restructuring; repression; militant black leaders; persecution; racismAt their annual staff meeting in June, the SNCC restructured its organization to better fight repression and the persecution of militant black leaders.
8Southern PatriotTSU Five Defense Fund1968-01-017Nichols, FloydSNCC; Houston; Texas Southern University; murder; violenceHouston's SNCC chapter is asking for donations to help defend the 5 TSU students who were charged with murder after a protest became a violent riot.
9Southern PatriotA Reader Asks: "Where Do You S1966-12-017Carmichael, Stokely; Meredith, JamesSNCC; SCEF; militancy; protest; black power; riot; integrationReader questions the _Southern Patriot_ on its position about its coverage of SNCC and its shift toward militancy.
10Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Bond Answe1966-11-016Bond, Julian; Carmichael, StokelySNCC, civil rights, peace, Vietnam WarJulian Bond explains to critics why he let the SNCC.
11Southern PatriotOur Editor Replies: "On the Si1966-12-017McCrackin, MauriceSNCC; media; black power; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Vietnam War; militancy; civil rightsThe editor establishes the _Southern Patriot_'s position on SNCC and attributes the change in media coverage of the group.
12Southern PatriotWorking in Eastern Kentucky1968-03-017Thomas, MortonSNCC; CORE; Appalachia; coal miners; United Mine Workers; urban migration; factory; politicsMorton Thomas tells his story of traveling and working throughout Kentucky with various civil rights groups, specifically the SNCC.
13Southern PatriotBrooks Gets 4 Years for Draft 1968-04-012Brooks, Fred; Petway, Carlton; Boult, Rober, Jr.; Phillips, JanSNCC; draft refusal; Vietnam War; black powerSNCC leader Fred Brooks was sentenced to four years imprisonment for refusing induction into the U.S. Army.
14Southern PatriotSt. Louis Puts Black Liberator1969-02-011, 8Hardy, Donald; Koen, Charles; Powell, Adam Clayton; Carmichael, Stokely; Hutchins, Phil; Dent, Leonmilitancy; Black Liberators; SNCC; electoral politics; paramilitary structure; repression; raid; arrestFour members of the Black Liberators and two SNCC members were put on trial in St. Louis for minor offences.
15Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Nothing to1967-02-016Carmichael, Stokely; Katz, AaronSNCC; unity; black Muslims; civil rights; vilenceA reader, Aaron Katz, complains that the _Southern Patriot_ did not criticize the SNCC or Stokely Carmichael for not encouraging black-white unity.
16Southern PatriotNot Violence, but Politcal Act1967-01-013McCrackin, Maurice; Carmichael, StokelySNCC; SCEF; black-white relations; militancy; violence; civil disobedience; pacifism; CORE; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Lowndes County Freedom Party; civil rightsThe editor explains the direction of SNCC and the civil rights movement not as violent protest by as a way of self-defense.
17Southern PatriotReturn to Campus: SNCC Seeking1966-06-011, 4civil rights, Southern Student Conference, black college, student protest, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, student rights, campus regulations, academic freedomA group of 20 predominantly black colleges met under the SNCC to discuss student rights and activity on college campuses across the South.
18Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Mr. McCrac1967-04-016McCrackin, MauriceSCEF; SNCC; integration; non-violenceMr. Maurice McCrackin re-asks what is the SCEF's position on the SNCC's lack of use of non-violence and their position on integration.
19Southern PatriotAn Editorial Report the SNCC T1966-05-011, 2, 3Lewis, John; Carmichael, Stokely; Forman, Jim; Robinson, Ruby Daris; Sellers, Cleveland; Hamlett, EdSNCC, civil rights, freedom movement, black power, Black Panthers, poverty, militancy, community organizing, disillusionment, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, independent politics, race relations, rumor, integrationThe changes within the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee notes disillusionment, false reports, delays in their efforts and their future plans.
20Southern PatriotSlums Cause Outbreak1966-10-011, 4Moody, Edward; Allen, Ivan; Prather, Harold; Castleberry, J. C.; Carmichael, Stokely; McGill, Ralph; Patterson, Eugene; Black, Hector; Harding, Vincent; Bond, Julianpoverty, violence, SNCC, ghetto, slum, race relations, city maintenance, unemployment, police shooting, riot, arrest, protest, free speechRiots in the Atlanta slums occurred over the police shooting of Harold Prather for supposed car theft. SNCC got involved and was accused of causing the violence.
21Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Confusing 1967-01-016John Birch Society; SNCC; civil rightsReader points out a mistake in the December 1966 edition.
22Southern PatriotThe Trends Among the Young1966-03-011campus activism, SNCC, slumsStates that a large minority of young people on college campuses are becoming included with community organizing.
23Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Last Cha1967-01-016SNCC; civil rightsA reader expresses excitement over the civil rights movement.
24Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Death 1967-04-016McCrackin, MauriceVietnam War; non-violence; SNCC; black powerReader discusses shift in American youth since 1960, due to the Vietnam War, causing an end to the use of non-violence.
25Southern PatriotTexas Jails its Militants1968-10-011Jackson, Larry; McMillan, Ernest; Stroud, JoshSNCC; SDS; Afro-Americans for Black Liberation; organizing; jail; anti-labor lawOfficials in Texas are using arrests to control organizations and organizers in their state.
26Southern PatriotForman Book Casts Piercing Lig1972-10-012Forman, JimSNCC; revolution; 1964 Mississippi Summer Project; Southern MovementReviews Jim Forman's book: _ The Making of Black Revolutionaries_.
27Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-06-012Forman, Jamesblack movement; SNCC; speeches; papersReview of _The Political Thought of James Forman_, a collection of his speeches and papers.
28Southern PatriotLouisville Finds Scapegoats1968-09-018Cortez, James; Hawkins, Sam; Kuyu, RobertLouisville rebellion; scapegoat; SNCC; demonstration; jail; protestThe authorities in Louisville, Kentucky are using three agitators as scapegoats for the May rebellions in the city ghettos.
29Southern PatriotNews in Review1969-05-016Hutchings, Phil; Koen, Charles; Kunstler, William; Jones, J. Robert; Melish, John HowardSNCC; acquitted; violence; Ku Klux Klan; House Un-American Activities Committee; National States' Rights PartyReview of May's events.
30Southern PatriotAttack Weakens Us All1966-11-013Carmichael, StokelySNCC, CORE, militancy, civil rights movement, SCEFSCEF adopted a resolution expressing outrage on the attacks of militant civil rights organizations.
31Southern PatriotHouston Militant Sentenced to 1968-10-014Johnson, Lee OtisSNCC; Black Panther Party; arrest; repression; police brutalityLee Otis Johnson was sentenced to thirty years in prison for one marijuana cigarette.
32Southern Patriot"We Shall Overcome Our Hatred"1967-04-017Carmichael, Stokely; Lewis, John L.; Maddox, LesterSNCC; black power; human rights; racial violenceJohn McCarthy, correspondent, calls white readers to overcome their prejudices in order to facilitate integration.
33Southern PatriotBook Notes: Charlie Cobb's Rag1968-03-012Cobb, Charlie; Carmichael, Stokely; Young, Sammy; Analauage, RobertSNCC; violenceReview of the book _Charlie Cobb's Rage_.
34Southern PatriotThe South Revisted1967-09-013SNCC; poverty; head start programs; Ku Klux Klan; strike; stereotype; civil rights workersZellner explains his experience in returning to Mississippi, and the shift in people to be more accepting of civil rights workers.
35Southern PatriotBrown's "Crime" and Punishment1968-06-017Brown, Rap; Carmichael, Stokely; Kunstler, William; Mitchell, Lansinggun charge; political trial; SNCC; office bombing; conspiracy; arson; federal investigationRap Brown was targeted by the government for being a militant black leader, and they used the law and court system to control his movements.
36Southern PatriotSilencing Rap Brown1969-04-017Brown, Rap; Kunstler, William M.; Yates, William B., IIISNCC; persecution; fugitive warrant; arson; first amendment; militancyThe federal government is silencing the militant Rap Brown by forcing him to stay in Manhattan. He has been targeted for his speeches.
37Southern PatriotThe Mississippi Results1966-12-013Williams, Robert; Collins, Rev. J. D.; Kellum, Bill; McLawrin, Charles; Walker, Prentissrun-off elections; elections; politics; embezzlement; poverty; SNCC; Freedom Democratic PartyTwelve blacks ran for election in Mississippi and one gained office. Another went to a run-off election.
38Southern PatriotThe Mississippi Trial1967-11-012Schwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andrew; Chaney, James; Cox, W. Harold; Giles, James; Giles, John; Ray, Jink; Coleman, Johnnyconspiracy; school integration; SNCC; rape; coal mining; death penalty; unconstitutionality; Overview of the past month's news.
39Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-04-012Glessing, Robert J.underground press; youth quake; SNCC; Black PanthersReview of _The Underground Press in America_ by Robert J. Glessing and _Defiance I_ by various authors.
40Southern PatriotCivil Rights Groups Against Vi1966-04-011Bond, JulianSCEF, Highlander Center, SCLC, SNCC, Vietnam WarNumerous civil rights groups speak out against the Vietnam War.
41Southern PatriotGeorgia: The Bond Victory - De1967-01-014Bond, Julian; Maddox, Lester; Arnall; Elliselection; SNCC; campaign; NAACP; write-in campaign; segregation; poverty; ACLU; John Birch SocietyJulian Bond won his right to sit in the state legislature, but this was overshadowed by the dispute over the governorship.
42Southern PatriotCortez in Prison1969-06-015Cortez, James R.; Taylor, Daniel T., IIISNCC; weapon possession; militancyJames R. Cortez is sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for possession of a sawed-off shotgun. His lawyer is appealing the sentence.
43Southern PatriotCDGM Receives New Grant1967-02-012Cox, W. Hardd; Dahmer, Vernon; Prather, Harold; Carmichael, StokelyChild Development Group; Office of Opportunity; federal funding; civil rights; firebomb; voter rights; SCEF; raids; ghetto; police shooting; riot; SNCC; Puerto RicoOverview of news and events of the previous month.
44Southern PatriotNonviolent Revolution: An Idea1967-02-017Parks, Rosa; Lawson, James; McCrackin, Mauricefreedom movement; violence; civil rights; SNCC; Nonviolent Direct Action; human rights; boycott; imprisonment; povertyThird in an editorial series explaining the issue of nonviolence within the freedom movement.
45Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Movement F1968-01-016Brown, Rap; Lacey, FredMasonite Corporation; strike; union; scabs; SNCC; MFDPReader Fred Lacey explains how the freedom movement failed to help union members at the Laurel strike.
46Southern PatriotDeath of a Movement Soldier1970-03-011, 7Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rapfreedom campaign; militant black movement; murder; SNCC; riot; Kerner ReportDiscusses the death of Ralph Featherstone, who was killed on his way to support Rap Brown at his trial.
47Southern PatriotNeo-Colonialsm at Home: Strugg1973-01-017Simmons, William; McMillian, John; Barry, Marion; Hardey, Kenneth; Hobson, Julius; Cassell, Chattesteachers' strike; jail rebellion; neo-colonialism; school budget cuts; staff reduction; safety; salary rate; SNCC; self-determination; home-ruleEditorial about the problems in Washington, D.C. and how residents are fighting to change them.
48Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: Rap Brown and 1968-01-017Brown, Rap; Carmichael, Stokely; Braden, AnneSNCC; free speech; federal charges; school burning; petitionBraden gives an editorial on the Rap Brown case, and asks readers to sign a petition asking that eh be allowed to leave the island of Manhattan. She says that the federal governments is trying to silence him.
49Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: At The Hea1967-03-016Braden, Anne; McCrackin, Maurice; Weinberger, EricSNCC; economic position; black power; violenceReader Tim Hall addresses Anne Braden's answer to Maurice McCrackin's letter, by explaining that he agrees with her viewpoint, and that Mr. McCrackin's opinion does not cover the whole scope of the issue.
50Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
51Southern PatriotSCEF Expands New York Office1967-01-016Melish, Rev. William Howard; Rosenblum, Sandra; Hanisch, Card; Baker, Ella J.SCEF; Vietnam War; House Un-American Activities Committee; SNCC; Mississippi Freedom Democratic PartyThe New York office of the SCEF is expanding in order to allow workers to focus more on the Vietnam War.
52Southern PatriotSellers Gets Five Years1968-05-013Sellers, Cleve; Edenfield, Newell; Owens, DannySNCC; draft refusal; racism; Vietnam WarCleve Sellers was sentenced to five years in prison after refusing the draft. He stated the only people that could sentence him were black people.
53Southern PatriotBar Lawyers From Court1967-01-011Jelinek, Don; Foreman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; Sobol, Richard; Hirschkop, Philip; Kunstler, William; Perry, Marshall; Bergesen, B. E.Lawyer's Constitutional Defense Committee; civil rights; lawyer; freedom rides; sit-ins; SNCCSouthern segregationists are now harassing civil rights lawyers by having them barred from the courtroom.
54Southern PatriotBehind the Headlines: Police A1967-05-011, 4Carmichael, Stokely; Killens, John O.; Jenkins, Adrianpolice violence; protest; picket line; poverty; slums; student protest; SNCC; violence; riotStudents in Nashville marched to protest the dilapidated conditions of the city slums and ghettos. This sparked action from the local police.
55Southern PatriotLee Otis Johnson Still Behind 1969-09-015Johnson, Lee Otis; King, Ester; Lipschulz, Abbie; Read, Clark; Vance, Carol; Marshall, Thurgoodblack militancy; prison appeal; SNCC; marijuana conviction; national campaign; political prisonerThe campaign to free black militant Lee Otis Johnson from jail has increased.
56Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Violence 1968-01-017Nussbaum, Perry E.; Kochtitsky, Robert B.; Johnson, Allen J.; Delmar, Dennis; Carter, Willie Joe; Ware, George; Stephens, Ernest; Rutherford, William A.; Innis, Rayviolence; Ku Klux Klan; police shooting; SNCC; ghetto; riot; SCLC; CORE; Pike County, Kentucky; teacher payA review of the past month's news.
57Southern PatriotBlacks Move Ahead in Greene Co1969-11-011, 8Williams, Oscar; Kirksey, Peter J.; Herndon, J. Dennis; Posey, James A.; Abernathy, Ralph; Burton, Frenchieblack politicians; NAACP; SCLC; black voters; integrated schools; SNCC; black community; evictionIn Greene County, Alabama the election of black officials to the local government has upset the white ruling class.
58Southern PatriotMississippi Belle Says "Goodby1969-03-014Carpenter, Cassellobscenity; _Kudzu); antebellum upbringing; SNCC; Mississippi Summer Project; violence; Ole Miss; Young Democrats Club; Milsaps College; SSOC; arrestCassell Carpenter, raised in Natchez, Mississippi, went from Southern Belle to being charged with obscenity for her work in the _Kudzu_.
59Southern Patriot"Demilitarize the Police"1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Sellers, Cleveland; Abernathy, Ralph; Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, DonSCEF; police weapons stockpile; Vietnam War cost; poverty; Poor People's Campaign; SCLC; SNCCReview of SCEF board demands including the demilitarization of the Louisville police force that is stockpiling arms and an end to the Vietnam War.
60Southern PatriotAtlanta Slums Under Attack1966-02-013Black, Hector; King, Martin Luther, Jr. Rev.; Bond, Julian; Ulmer, Robin; Pertilla, Altonpoverty, eviction, slum, SCLC, SNCC, Southern Student Organizing Committee, civil rights, Greenville AFBThe slums of Atlanta became the target of many civil rights groups seeking to improve living conditions for the inhabitants that often don't even have heat.
61Southern PatriotThe Story of Sammy Younge1969-02-017Younge, Sammy, Jr; Forman, James; Braden, AnneSouthern Freedom Movement; Tukegee Institute; racial killing; SNCC; black collegeAnne Braden gives a synopsis of _Sammy Younge Jr._ by James Forman.
62Southern PatriotStudents and Black Campuses1967-03-012Cobb, Charlie; Cox, Cortland; Bevel, Dianestudent activism; SNCC; radicalization; draft; civil rightsBlack students across the south are trying to get their campuses to become more involved with the civil rights movement and encourage the radicalization of students.
63Southern PatriotSoutherners Back Brown's Right1968-03-015Brown, H. Rap; Clark, Ramseyfree speech; SNCC; federal prison; excessive bail; bond violation; militancy; government conspiracy; bill of rights violationGroups across the South have supported Rap Brown and his imprisonment in New Orleans, Louisiana in a federal prison for supposed bail violation.
64Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-11-012Hayes, Elton; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Sellers, Cleveland, Jr.; TInsley, Michael; Tinsley, Narvel; Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, Williampolice brutality; police killing; school desegregation; Klan parade; Alabama Black Liberation Front; inciting a riot; SNCC; racism; jury bias; crossover votingA review of news and events in November.
65Southern Patriot"Sails of Black Folks": Views,1967-04-018Echols, Lonnie; Brown, Otis; Brooks, Lela Mae; Gibson, Elvin; King, Annie MaeMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Sunflower County, Mississippi; SNCC; poverty; taxesBlacks in Sunflower, Mississippi participated in a primary for the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which had not happened since Reconstruction.
66Southern PatriotMany Challenge War, Draft1967-02-018DuVernay, Raymond; Smith, Ben; Schutz, Simuel; Sumrall, John; Levy, Howard; Gardiner, Tom; Flower, Marion Charles; Camus, Albert; Brysky, Clemens G.; Simmons, Mikeprotest; draft; Vietnam War; NAACP; prison; SNCC; civil rights; voter registration; draft resistance; pacifismMany blacks are challenging the draft into the Vietnam War based on the fact that they do not agree with war itself or do not want to fight a "white man's war."
67Southern PatriotOfficial Bring More Charges Ag1968-10-012Sellers, Cleveland; Edenfield, Newell; Black, HugoSNCC; jail; draft refusal; concealed weaponCleveland Sellers was arrested after posting bail on his draft refusal charges for carrying a concealed weapon in Louisianna
68Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: A Com1968-10-017Wynn, Douglas; Clark, Ed; Clark, Joe; Rawh, Joe; Minnis, JackMississippi Challenge; Democratic National Convention; SNCC; politicsJack Minnis compares the two challenges by Mississippi activities to the all white state democratic party at the National Convention in both 1964 and 1968.
69Southern PatriotSeven Northern Leaders Study M1966-11-013King, Martin Luther, Jr.civil rights movement, racial justice, SNCC, CORE, black powerLeaders in the Northern Civil Rights movement face a crises over the new black power and it separation of the cause.
70Southern PatriotStudent Power: A Tale of Two C1967-05-013Jones, J. B.; Jones, Mack; Johnson, Lee Otis; Alexander, FranklinSNCC; Texas Southern University; Southern University; boycott; student protest; DuBois Clubs;student powerStudents at two southern black colleges erupted in protests over student power.
71Southern PatriotSCEF Board Backs King's War St1967-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Rose, Frank M.Vietnam War; SCEF; SNCCAt their semi-annual meeting, the board of the Southern Christian Educational Fund (SCEF) voted to fully support Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s opposition to the Vietnam War.
72Southern PatriotDurhams' ACT - A Voice of the 1969-03-013Hicks, Basie; Hicks, Doug; Matlock, Cuba; Sharron, Shirley; Boyte, Harry C.; Landerman, Dick; Boyte, SaraACT; poverty; neighborhood council; SNCC; black liberation movement; federal funding; black-white relations; public housingACT, a new organization in Durham, North Carolina is trying to help poor white residents gain a voice in the community.
73Southern PatriotTour Builds Support for Collin1971-06-011, 6Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Griswold, Erwin; Gardner, Tom; Lewis, John; Mulloy, Joeprotest; imprisonment; draft refusal; speaking tour; racism; amnesty petition; demonstrations; SNCC; oppressionA speaking tour across the South explained the case of Walter Collins and how the draft system as a whole is racist.
74Southern PatriotWest Point Campaign1970-09-014Bluffington, John; Marshall, Barnes; Thomas, John, Jr.; Stanley, Seth; Whitley, CliftonSNCC; black campaign; conspiracy; shooting; murder; economic projectsIn West Point, Mississippi a vigorous campaign for black candidate John Bluffington was lost in a runoff election for mayor, but proves community involvement.
75Southern PatriotA Southern Profile: Mississipp1966-11-017Guyot, Lawrence; Moses, Bob; Green, Dewey, Jr.; Zinn, Howard; Humphrey, Hubert; Ryan, William FritzMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; bus boycott; SNCC; KKK; integration; poverty; Hattiesburg Project; voter registration; segregation; Sunflower CountyBiography of Lester Guyot, civil rights leader in Mississippi who is chairman of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
76Southern PatriotMilitant Black Organization Em1969-03-011, 8Kenyatta, Zeke; Waller, Joe; Fullwood, Charlesgarbage worker strike; black militants; Junta of Militant Organizations; unity; black history; SNCCThe Junta of Militant Organizations, a militant black group, has emerged in St. Petersburg, Florida in the aftermath of the garbage workers' strike.
77Southern PatriotA New Approach to the White So1967-03-014Thrasher, Sue; Wells, Lyn; Webb, Lee; True, Jimcivil rights; white organizing, poor white southerners; poverty; Southern Mountain Project; racial alliance; black-white issue; SSOC; SNCC; SDSThe white community is seeking a new way to be involved with the civil rights movement and address the black-white issue between civil rights workers.
78Southern PatriotRights Leaders Distrust "Riot"1966-11-011Tuck, William; Willis, Edwin; Pool, Joe; Ashbrook, John; Waggonner, Joe; Watson, AlbertHUAC, subversive elements, civil rights, communism, SLCL, CORE, SNCC, SCEF, poverty, slumsHUAC announced that it wanted to investigate subversive elements in cities across America. Many civil rights groups feel they are being targeted by the committee for communism.
79Southern PatriotSCEF Board Looks at "Black Pow1966-11-013Shuttlesworht, Fred L.; Smith, Lillianblack power, SCEF, integration, unity, SNCC, CORE, militancy, HUACThe SCEF at it's semi-annual meeting discussed the issue of black power and unity with civil rights organizations. It also condemned HUAC and paid tribute to the late author Lillian Smith.
80Southern PatriotTexas Activist - 10 Years1972-09-016Bell, Fred; Steger, WilliamSNCC; prison sentence; aiding and abettingFred Bell, a Texas activist, recieved a ten year federal prison sentence for aiding and abetting a bank robbery.
81Southern PatriotThe Bond Case: It's Meaning to1966-02-011, 2, 3Bond, Horace Julian; Heard, Eliza; Shapiro, Herbert; Lewis, John; Bond, Horace MannSouthern Freedom Movement, Bond Case, Civil Rights, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Vietnam War, Foreign PolicyCase over Julian Bond not being seated to a special GA legislature for agreeing to a statement against the Vietnam War put out by SNCC. Discusses the controversy around the issue and those fighting for him.
82Southern PatriotBrown Refused Bail in Virginia1968-04-014Brown, Rap; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Kunstler, William M.; Hirschkop, Philip J.federal court; riot; outbreak; ghetto; assassination; SNCC; habeas corpusRap Brown was refused bail in Richmond, Virginia amid the upheaval from the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
83Southern PatriotU of Arkansas Students Fight S1966-03-012, 3Chidester, Phil; Laudermilk, Jim; Weissman, Steve; Tiberis, Dough; Jones, Jim; Hanson, Bill; Valliant, Annsegregation, academic freedom, free speech, campus regulation, integration, picket line, Mississippi Summer Project, SNCC, SSOCStudents at the University of Arkansas are organizing to protest and improve various issues including free speech, segregation and outdated campus rules and regulations.
84Southern PatriotMississippi Hopes Center in Su1967-03-011, 8Clayton, Claude F.; Kunstler, William; Kinay, Arthur; Stavis, Marton; Eastland, James O.; Hamer, Fannie Lou; Harris, Joel; Brooks, Lela Maefreedom movement; Sunflower city; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); voter exclusion; poverty; racism; SNCC; donationsThe Sunflower Community in Mississippi is trying to improve the living conditions of black residents through local election, but the will need outside help to counteract economic threats by white creditors.
85Southern PatriotBehind Rap Brown's Trial: Hist1970-04-013Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rap; Payne, William; Tubman, Harriet; Richardson, Gloria; Adams, Elaine; Stafford, Emerson; Carmichael, Stokely; Wise, Stanley; Yates, William B., IIItrial; racism; arson; militancy; black population; SNCC; protest; semi-martial law; Black Action Federation; speech; shooting; Kerner commissionEditorial about the history of the Civil Rights struggle in Cambridge, Maryland and how Rap Brown came to speak there.
86Southern PatriotOne Year Later: The Effects of1967-05-017Braden, Anneblack power; SNCC; freedom movement; integration; black-white relationship; NAACP; SCLCEditor Anne Braden analyzes the black power movement and how it has changed over a year. She focuses on the black-white relationship shift in civil rights groups.
87Southern PatriotUnited Front Against Fascism1969-09-016, 7Newton, HueyBlack Panther Party for Self-Defense; fascism; Resurrection City; criticism; Progressive Labor Party; united front; police control; SNCCOverview of the National Conference for a United Front Against Fascism in Oakland, California, hosted by the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.
88Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Roundup: Bak1966-09-011, 4Johnson, Warren L.; Campbell, J. R.; Simpkins, Issac; Batiste, Ramona; King, C. B.racial violence, lynching, SNCC, school boycott, head start program, racism, white supremacy, militancy, voter registration, Cordele Movement, unemployment, desegregationThe movement in southwest GA to improve conditions for black residents is thriving, due in part to community activism and that a large portion of blacks own their land, making the less economically effected by white supremacy efforts.
89Southern PatriotSouthern Student Movement Seek1966-04-011, 4SSOC, civil rights, freedom movement, organizing white communities, black nationalism, SNCC, Southern Mountain Project, Vietnam War, Black Panther movement, integrationThe annual spring conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee decided it needed to try to organize more white communities and focus on the growing protest against the Vietnam War.
90Southern Patriot"Working Through the System" .1972-01-014, 5McSurely, Margaret; McSurely, Alan; Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Mulloy, Joe; McClellan, John; Brick, John; Pearson, Drew; Javits, Jacob; Young, Dennison, Jr.; Wager, Roberimperialism; fair elections; seized documents; arrest; sedition; KUAC; constitutional violation; contempt of congress; McSurely Freedom Committee; indictment; SNCC; appealInterim report of the McSurelys Case and their efforts to fight their contempt of congress conviction.
91Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-012Wallace, George. Flowers, Richmond. Odour, Ralph. Haley, Richard. AL constitution. Civil Rights murders. SCLC. Police Brutality. CORE. School Boycott. Discrimination. SNCC. AR Voice. Voter Fraud. Discrimination in Agriculture.AL state constitution challenged for number of governor terms. Nashville demonstration against police beating of Kenyan Man. Tallaluh, LA riots due to school boycott. AL and MS tried to elect blacks to improve crop allotments. AR fraud in school board ele
92Southern PatriotLouisville, KY: Police Cause O1968-06-011, 4Schmied, Kenneth; Clifford, Michael; Reid, Manfred; Hawkins, Sam; Kuyu, Bob; Cortez, Jamesghetto; black rebellion; interracial living; race relations; open housing; Black Unity League of Kentucky; SNCC; militancy; black power; police violenceThe black community of Louisville, Kentucky rose to stop police violence and improve conditions in city ghettos. Police responded with violence killing protesters, which sparked involvement in white activists.
93Southern PatriotNews in Brief: Winds of Change1966-03-014Penn, Lemuel; Scott, Andrew J.; Reese, F. D.civil rights, black voting, 1964 Civil Rights Act, school desegregation, segregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, voter qualification, jury bias, unemployment, SNCC, church burning, embezzlementBlacks across the south increased in voter participation. Issues of jury bias in several appeals cases. Blacks are now being hired for the Birmingham police department. A church was burned in Sidon, MS.
94Southern PatriotWitch Hunters Swarm in the Sou1967-11-011, 7McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, Joe; Ratliff, Thomas; Carmichael, Stokely; Kunslter, William M.; Kinoy, Arthur; Stavis, Morton; Combs, Dan Jack; Willis, Edwinfreedom movement; poverty program; McClellan Committee; Freedom Democratic Party; SNCC; SCEF; SSOC; Appalachian volunteers; communism; black-white organizing; militancy; federal fundingThree congressional committees have begun investigations of the freedom movement and the poverty program, which can be seen as an attack on the organizers.
95Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 2Wallace, George; Flowers, Richmond; Odour, Ralph; Haley, RichardAlabama constitution, constitutional amendment, Civil Rights, murder, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, police brutality, CORE, school boycott, discrimination in agriculture, SNCC, Arkansas Voice, voter fraudAlabama state constitution challenged for number of governor terms, in Nashville -- a demonstration against police beating of Kenyan man, in Talluluh -- L. A. Riots due to school boycott, Alabama and Mississippi tried to elect blacks to improve crop allo
96Southern PatriotBlack Students Head Boycott at1969-02-011, 8Dolci, Carl J.; Schwertz, Joseph S.desegregation; Fortier High School, New Orleans; discrimination; boycott; Black Student Union; black history; SNCCBlack students at Fortier High School in New Orleans are leading a boycott against discrimination and lack of a black student league.
97Southern PatriotAnatomy of a Black Panther: Wh1966-10-013Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Myles, Frank; Ross, Emory; Flowers, Richmond; Moore, Alice; Strickland, Willie Mae; Logan, Robert; Henson, Johnblack power, 1966 Civil Rights Bill, SNCC, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, poverty, race relations, white supremacy, community improvement, black pantherThe people of Lowndes County, AL are exerting their black power and exacting change through running for political office and showing their ability to fight racism.
98Southern PatriotBirmingham on March Again1966-01-012Shuttleworth, Fred; Dahmer, Vernon; Younge, Samuel Jr.Civil Rights Protest, Demonstration, Voter Registration, SEEF, firing bombing, Tuskegee Institute, segregation, eviction, racial murder, SNCC, tent cityPeople in Birmingham, AL began protesting voter registration and lack of jobs for blacks in civil service positions. Vernon Dahmer was killed in a fire bombing and Samuel Younge Jr. was shot. Evictions still continue across the Black Belt.
99Southern PatriotSellers Convicted of "One Man 1970-11-015Sellers, Cleveland; McNair, Robert; Grimball, John; Bass, Jack; Nelson, Jack; Moore, HowardSNCC; one man riot; Orangeburg Massacre; police shooting; South Carolina State College; protest; sniper; acquittal; trespass; scapegoatCleveland Sellers was convicted in participating in a riot and was sentenced to one year in prison. He is being used b the state of South Carolina as the scapegoat for the Orangeburg Massacre in 1968.
100Southern PatriotHow Poor People Built Politica1971-02-011, 8Hammonds, Harrell; Hulett, John; Lawson, J. C.; Cox, Courtland; Minnis, Jack; Miller, Alma V.; Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Ryals, Frank; Logan, Earleen Hayes; Folsom; James; McGhee, Willie; Shuttlesworth, Frepoverty; race relations; violence; threat; campaign; voter registration; freedom movement; Black Panther Party; SNCC: Lowndes County Freedom Organization; protest; boycott; injusticeOverview of how blacks in Lowndes County, Alabama built up political and economic control over the white ruling class.
101Southern PatriotKing Assials Viet Spending1966-12-012King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lapp, Dr. Ralph; Sumrall, John O.; Carmichael, Stokely; Bond, Julian; Motley, Earl; Wynche, AndrewVietnam War; poverty; civil rights; military drafts; riot; SNCC King criticized the amount of money spent on the Vietnam War. Lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi charged the draft board of targeting civil rights workers. Carmichael charged with inciting a riot in Selma. Andrew Wynche was released on bond in Louisiana afte
102Southern PatriotLowndes Party Girds for Future1966-12-011, 8Jones, Andrew; Carmichael, Stokely; Strickland, Willie Mae; Moore, Alice; Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Ross, Emory; Myles, Frank; Logan, Robert; Henson, John; Cox, Courtland; Coleman, TomLowndes County Freedom Organization; SNCC; Black Belt; white economy; unemployment; intimidation; politics; election; black power; Black PanthersElection in Lowndes County, Alabama received an effort by the Lowndes County Freedom Party to wrest power from the white ruling class. However, due to their economic control the white candidates were re-elected.
103Southern PatriotNewsbrief: Direct Action in Wa1966-02-012Thomas, Eugene; Eaton, William Orville; Liuzza, Vida; Wilkins, Collie Leroy; Coleman, Thomas L.; Daniels, Johnathan; Ashoton, Steve; Jordan, VernonSNCC, bus boycott, home rule, poverty, wage dispute, civil rights, NAACP, civil rights legislation, jury selection, racial murder, racial violence, libel, Southern Regional Council, voter registration, SCLCBus boycott in Washington DC to protest raise in fares. In Choctaw Couty, AL domestic demand wage increase to 67 cents an hour. Race discrimination outlawed in jury selection in Lowndes County, AL.