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1The Southern Patriot Georgia Conference Hears Priso1973-11-007Giles Emory Conference, American civil liberties union, Georgia Council on Human Relations, rehabilitation, behavior modification, penal system, emory university law school Emory University law school held a conference that was sponsored by the American civil liberties union of Georgia and the Georgia Council on Human relations. Workshops were conducted which focused on rehabilitation, health and behavior modification, parol
2Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Battle Reach1969-04-015Young, Dorothy; Young, Yvonne; Gray, Bowie; Jackson, Robert; Burke, James; Houston, G. L.Worth County, Georgia; boycott; school integration; student boycott; arrest; school policy; conspiracy; fraud; voter registration; delinquencyThe residents of Worth County, Georgia are at a standstill over the fraud and conspiracy in their community. The main issue is the arrest and imprisonment of fourteen-year-old Dorothy Young for delinquency.
3Southern PatriotTwo Student Leaders Suspended1968-06-014Dallas, Flinn; Davidson, Fred C.; Simpson, DaveUniversity of Georgia; movement for Co-ed equality; sit in; female equality; radical student movementTwo students at the University of Georgia, who were involved in a campus wide protest for equal treatment for women on campus, were suspended for their involvement.
4Southern PatriotNorth Georgia Women Fight to K1971-12-015Davis, Darlenestrike; Levi S. Strauss; Mineral Bluff Industries; sewing cooperative; sweat shop; union breaking; harassment; strike breakerThe women in Mineral Bluff, Georgia are fighting to keep their sewing cooperative to support themselves during the strike at the Levi Strauss plant.
5Southern PatriotGA. Prisons Run for Punishment1971-06-013Carter, Jimmy; MacDougall, Ellis; Muni, Paul; Burns, Robert; Herndon, Angelo; Maddox, Lester; Seale, Bobby; Huggins, ErikaGeorgia Commissioner of Corrections; prison reform; slaver descendant; vagrancy law; convict lease system; chain gang; public relations; Orangeburg Massacre; human rights; censorship; computerizationEditorial about the history and the problems within the Georgia prison system, and about how Ellis MacDougall has been appointed to change the image of the system.
6Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Order 1966-11-016Maddox, Lesterriots; violencePaschall (author) describes the incidents in Atlanta after the election of Maddox as governor of Georgia.
7Southern PatriotRev. T. Y. Rogers Dies1971-04-012Rogers, T. Y.civil rights leader; car accident; SCLCObituary for Reverend T. Y. Rogers, who was killed in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia.
8Southern PatriotDrive Begins For TruckingJobs1965-12-00Vol. 23, Nop. 10, p. 4Operation Breadbasket, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, truckingOperation Breadbasket in Atlanta, Georgia announced its next campaign was to win fair employment for blacks in the trucking industry.
9Southern PatriotSix New Members Join SCEF Boar1966-11-013Edwards, George; Foote, Elizabeth; Price, Georgia; Rigg, Margaret; Smith, Corinne Freeman; Peebles, Jack; Campbell, Clarice; Lowenthal, RosalynSCEFSix new board members were added to SCEF in October.
10Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Maddox1966-12-016Maddox, Lester; Watson, Tomelection; racism; poverty; populist movement; unityThe election of Lester Maddox as governor of Georgia is viewed as keeping the poor white and black populations separate.
11Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: School Des1966-12-016desegregation; school beatings; abuse; federal fundingIn Baker County Georgia federal funding is being withheld due to the beatings of black students, one of whom had to be hospitalized for two weeks.
12Southern PatriotOnly in AmericusL Integration 1967-02-012Wittkamper, David; Jordan, Len; Henry, Lindaschool integration, koinonia farm Two white boys from Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia decided to attend the black school thus integrating in reverse.
13Southern PatriotBlack Candidates1970-09-013Cashin, John; Wallace, George; King, C. B.; Jenness, Linda; Young, Andrewblack candidates; National Democratic Party of AlabamaMost notably in Georgia and Alabama, black candidates are campaigning across the South.
14Southern PatriotGeorgia: The Bond Victory - De1967-01-014Bond, Julian; Maddox, Lester; Arnall; Elliselection; SNCC; campaign; NAACP; write-in campaign; segregation; poverty; ACLU; John Birch SocietyJulian Bond won his right to sit in the state legislature, but this was overshadowed by the dispute over the governorship.
15Southern PatriotThe News in Brief1966-10-013Arnall, Ellis; Maddox, Lester; Johnson, Jim; Mahoney, George P.; Rarick, John R.; Morrison, James H.; Mansfield, Mike; Howe, Harold II; Coleman, Thomas L.; Morrisroe, Richard; Thomas, Eugene; Liuzzo, Georgia election, democratic party, White Citizens Council, segregation, medical carePolitical issues throughout the country.
16Southern PatriotDeath to Death1965-11-011Ward, HoraceDeath Penalty AdditionIn 1966 the abolition of the death penalty will come before the Georgia legislature Senator Horace Ward proposed a study on the issue.
17Southern PatriotAtlanta Strike Aftermath1970-05-016Massell, Samstrike; pay raise; city workers; firing; arrest; repressionCity workers in Atlanta, Georgia ended their strike after city officials agreed to a one-step pay raise. However, strikers are facing harassment and being passed over for promotions and over time.
18Southern PatriotThe Angelo Herndon Case1970-11-017Herndon, Angelo; Turner, Nat; Garrison, William; Davis, Ben; Geer, John; Talmadge, Gene; Dorsey, Hugh M.demonstration; arrest; communist literature; death penalty; chain gang; International Labor Defense; U.S. Supreme Court; petition campaignA biography of Angelo Herndon, focusing on his conviction in Georgia, his appeal process and his refusal to flee the state.
19Southern PatriotUtilities Seek Rate Increases1971-01-016Carter, Jimmyutility rates; lack of profits; Atlanta Transit System; Southern Bell; poverty; working classThe poor and working class people will be hardest hit by the proposed utility rate increases in Atlanta, Georgia. The companies claim they are not making enough profit.
20The Southern Patriot 174 Jailed in Strike1975-03-003Campbell, Charlesstrike, united furniture workers (AFL-CIO), court order, repressionWorkers of the Georgia-Pacific division have been out on strike. The strike was called after contacts between the local union and the company ended. When negotiations broke down, the company obtained a court order prohibiting workers to congregate and res
21Southern PatriotU.G.A. Cancels SSOC Meeting1968-05-012Cowen, Lindsay; Jones, MarshallSouthern Student Organizing Committee; room cancellation; student protest; picket lineThe University of Georgia canceled the room reservation for the fifth annual conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) which caused backlash when they were unable to meet on campus.
22Southern PatriotDeath to Death1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9Ward, Horacedeath penalty, abolitionIn 1966 the abolition of the death penalty will come before the Georgia legislature. Senator Horace Ward proposed a study on the issue.
23Southern PatriotThe Great Speckled Bird - Atla1969-04-018Phillips, B. J.; Patterson, Eugene_The Great Speckled Bird_; alternative newspaper; underground paper; obscenity; Georgia Power_The Great Speckled Bird_, and underground Atlanta newspaper, celebrated it's one-year anniversary.
24The Southern Patriot Killing Sparks Economic Boycot1974-09-003Watson, Doug; Carreker, Willie Gene; Brooks, Tyrone killing, boycott, Talbot County, SCLC, racismWillie Gene Carreker of Talbot Co. Georgia was shot and killed while handcuffed in police custody. The black community carried out a successful economic boycott and had their demands agreed upon.
25Southern PatriotGeorgia Blacks Campaign1970-10-014Young, Andrew; King, C. B.; Glover, D. F.; Williams, Hosea; King, Lonnie; Sanders, CarlBlack Coalition; primary election; governor; anti-poverty; SCLC; bombing; run-off electionReverend Andrew Young won the Democratic nomination for U. S. Congress in a run-off election, but all other members of the Black Coalition lost their bids for nomination.
26Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Roundup: Bak1966-09-011, 4Johnson, Warren L.; Campbell, J. R.; Simpkins, Issac; Batiste, Ramona; King, C. B.racial violence, lynching, SNCC, school boycott, head start program, racism, white supremacy, militancy, voter registration, Cordele Movement, unemployment, desegregationThe movement in southwest GA to improve conditions for black residents is thriving, due in part to community activism and that a large portion of blacks own their land, making the less economically effected by white supremacy efforts.
27Southern PatriotThe 90th Congress1967-01-012Powell, Adam Clayton; Vivian, C. T.; Maddox, Lester; Callaway, Howard (Bo); Clay, Cassiuscivil rights; HUAC; ghetto; SCEF; election; desegregationThe 90th congress refused to seat New York Democrat Adam Clayton Powell or discuss abolishing HUAC. Lester Maddox was elected governor of Georgia. Standards for school desegregation in New Orleans were established.
28Southern PatriotLonely Struggle in Appalachia1967-03-011, 8Davis, Darlene; Jones, Jounion; unemployment; International Ladies Government Workers Union; poverty; tax incentives; strike; Levi Strauss and Company; worker conditions; work regulation; picket line; anti-unionismThe female workers are on strike at the Levi Strauss and Company factory in the North Georgia Mountains due to the company's efforts to break their union. The women were fighting for better working conditions and equal treatment.
29The Southern Patriot Atlanta Workers Arrested Defen1975-06-001Caldwell, SamAtlanta Workers' Committee to Fight-Back, Fight-Back ten, police harassment, unemploymentMembers of the Atlanta Workers' Committee to Fight-Back were beaten and arrested for waiting outside Georgia's state Commissioner of Labor Sam Caldwell's office. All they wanted to know was why so many people weren't getting their unemployment.
30The Southern Patriot Supreme Court Looks at Death P1974-12-003Fowler, Jesse ThrumanNAACP legal defense fund, death penalty, capital punishment, Furman V. Georgia, repressionThe NAACP legal defense fund is helping to appeal the case of Jesse Thruman Folwer's death sentence to the supreme court. Their goal is put an end to the death penalty.
31Southern PatriotKentuckians Bring Suit to Abol1968-04-011, 5Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Nunn, Louie B.; Blume, Norbert; Davis, GeorgiaKentucky Un-American Activities Committee (KUAC); SCEF; subversive groups; free speech; civil rights movement; labor rights; minority rightsSeveral in Kentucky have filed suit to end the Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee, which targeted civil rights activists and groups and labeled them as subversive.
32Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p.1-3Fartson, Warren; Moll, Dr. Lloyd; Turner, Lena; Hopkins, Charlie Lee; Lamar, Willie; Bell, Mary Kate; Allen, Ralph; Harris, Dan; Perdue, John; Aelony, Zev; Barnum, John; Ingram, Rose Lee; Jordan, ClarAmericus, Georgia, race relations, voter registration, racial violence, voting rights bill of 1965, school integration, Rose Lee Ingram Case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.