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1Southern PatriotOne Man Against the Klan1969-11-015Good, JonaKu Klux Klan; threats; racism; rebellion; hatredJona Good has taken a stand against the Ku Klux Klan in his North Carolina town.
2Southern PatriotOppose HUAC1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.4House Un-American Activities Committee, Ku Klux Klan, Southern Christian Leadership ConferenceThirty of leading churchmen called for presidential commission to investigate Ku Klux Klan instead of the planned investigation of the House Un-American Activities Committee.
3Southern PatriotOppose HUAC1965-10-014House Un-American Activities Committee, Ku Klux Klan, Southern Christian Leadership ConferenceThirty Leading churchmen called for presidential commission to investigate Ku Klux Klan instead of the planned investigation of the House Un-American Activities Committee.
4Southern PatriotRebellion in Oxford1970-06-011, 6Chavis, Ben; Marrow, Henry; Chavis, William; Teel, Robert; Cox, Saim; Scott, Bobblack community anger; Klan killings; black student movement; black power; the Soul Kitchen; riot; murder; school boycott; SCLC; fires; Ku Klux KlanIn Oxford, North Carolina rebellion broke out after the murder of a black community leader, Henry Marrow, who was killed by Ku Klux Klan officer Robert Teel and his 18 year old son.
5Southern Patriot"Desegregating" Southern Schoo1970-10-016school desegregation; discrimination; demotion; Ku Klux KlanAn explanation of the two articles in this volume that deal with school segregation.
6Southern PatriotNew Image1966-03-012KKK, communism, ChristianityA new group of the Ku Klux Klan is organizing under the grouping Knights of the Green Forest saying they want to "Fight communism and restore Christianity".
7Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Question1966-11-016Maddox, LesterKu Klux Klan; civil rights; poverty; politicsBrady explains the Klan saying is not based on race but economics and politics.
8Southern PatriotNews in Review1969-05-016Hutchings, Phil; Koen, Charles; Kunstler, William; Jones, J. Robert; Melish, John HowardSNCC; acquitted; violence; Ku Klux Klan; House Un-American Activities Committee; National States' Rights PartyReview of May's events.
9Southern PatriotThe Ben Chaney Case1970-06-016Chaney, Ben; Chaney, Fannie Lee; Chaney, James; Scwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andrewmurder; arrest; Ku Klux Klan; CORE; car theft; black powerBen Chaney is charged with murder based on very little evidence.
10Southern PatriotThe South Revisted1967-09-013SNCC; poverty; head start programs; Ku Klux Klan; strike; stereotype; civil rights workersZellner explains his experience in returning to Mississippi, and the shift in people to be more accepting of civil rights workers.
11Southern PatriotLetter: To the Patriot1970-02-012Ku Klux Klan; resurgence; Klan sympathizersLetter about Klan activities and resurgence in Princeton, New Jersey after the Nov. 69 _Patriot_ article on the subject.
12Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-12-012Evers, Charles; Waller, William; Stanley, Seth P.; Thomas, John; Smith, Gladden; Knott, Margaret; Nolan, Rossetta; Chavis, Benelection; black defeat; violence; Republic of New Africa; indictment; store boycott; acquittal; arrest; Ku Klux KlanReview of the past month's events.
13The Southern Patriot Kentuckians Oppose Klan1975-06-001,6Duke, David; Johnson, Benklan rallies, kkk, protest, segregation, racism, economic crisisThe Ku Klux Klan held three rallies in Kentucky. The rallies drew wide spread protests from the black community, church groups and unions.
14Southern PatriotRigor Mortis1966-04-012Flower, Richmond; Liuzzo, VidaKu Klux Klan, racial murder, HUACRichmond Flowers did not receive help from the House Un-American Committee to expose the Klan for the murder of Vida Luizzo.
15Southern PatriotWhite Reactions1970-10-017Editorial Survey Group; school integration; unity; racism; poor whites; police harassment; Ku Klux KlanIn Jackson, Mississippi white people in the community are fighting for the rights of both poor black and poor white students in public schools.
16Southern PatriotBlack Solidarity in NC1970-11-016Hawkins, Reginald; Scott, Bob; Jochana, Ben; Finks, Golden; Ferguson, Jim; McKissick, Floydblack solidarity; injustice; militancy; SCLC; Ku Klux KlanA meeting of more than 1,000 people gathered in Oxford, North Carolina to discuss growing problems and push black solidarity.
17Southern PatriotThe MFDP Statement1968-01-015Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); Laurel, Mississippi; Masonite Corporation; free speech; union; Ku Klux KlanThe MFDP is investigating the strike in Laurel, MS because if the company can break the strike it will set worker rights back by 30 years.
18Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-11-012Cohen, Robert Carl; Williams, Robert FranklinKu Klux Klan; injustice; false chargesReview of _Black Crusader: A Biography of Robert Franklin Williams_ by Robert Carl Cohen.
19Southern PatriotBlack Student Rebellions Conti1971-01-014school integration; black identity; school rebellion; walk-out; student demonstration; school closing; racism; discrimination; Ku Klux KlanReport of student protests and walk-outs in North and South Carolina.
20Southern PatriotN.C. Students Boycott Classes 1970-11-014Wallace, George; Lee, Wilson W.; Walters, Haroldstudent rebellion; black representation; Ku Klux Klan; cross burning; "pairing" plan; police brutality; walk-out; suspension; arrestTwo North Carolina high schools boycotted classes to gain black representation in extra-curricular activities.
21Southern PatriotWorkers Reject Race-Baiting1967-01-012Communism; labor; union; race baiting; Ku Klux Klan; Citizens Council; Vietnam War; unityPeople in Mississippi and Tennessee are no longer being deterred by race baiting and the fear of communism to prevent union representation in the South.
22Southern PatriotSpindale Incident1970-06-017rebellion; Ku Klux Klan; poverty; race relations; police killings; police brutality; beatings; school integration; black education; racial conflictIn Spindale, North Carolina three days of rebellion ensued after the police beat a black war veteran to death, he was in their custody at the time.
23Southern PatriotLegislative Attack Looms1967-02-011, 6Lane, Cas; Rutter, J. R.; Walker, Cas; Roger, LeonardHighlander Folk School; vandalism; closure; SCEF; attack; Ku Klux Klan; fire; investigationThe Highlander Folk School in Tennessee is now facing attack from the state legislature, which is seeking a legal way to close the school.
24Southern PatriotWorkers Strike Back1968-10-011, 8Sellers, Granville; Peebles, JackMasonite Corporation; black-white race relations; union; Ku Klux Klan; Wackenhut Corporation; SCEF; leaflet; working conditionsWorkers at the Masonite Corporations in Laurel, Mississippi are continuing their battle for improved working conditions and the right to unionize.
25Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Violence 1968-01-017Nussbaum, Perry E.; Kochtitsky, Robert B.; Johnson, Allen J.; Delmar, Dennis; Carter, Willie Joe; Ware, George; Stephens, Ernest; Rutherford, William A.; Innis, Rayviolence; Ku Klux Klan; police shooting; SNCC; ghetto; riot; SCLC; CORE; Pike County, Kentucky; teacher payA review of the past month's news.
26Southern PatriotWarrenton: Old Days Are Over1970-12-016Peller, Roger; Barholomew, Fred; Webb, Jeremiah; Balance, Frank; Chavis, Ben; White, Leonracism; Ku Klux Klan; plantation system; student protest; black economic development; black culture; marchIn Warrenton, North Carolina the system of oppression is changing as blacks demand equal treatment in integrated schools.
27Southern PatriotKlan Steps Up Activity1970-10-017Finks, GoldenKu Klux Klan; school desegregation; bombing; militancy; vigilance; SCLCIn Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the Klan has stepped up activity, including bombing a black school, to protest school desegregation.
28Southern PatriotA community of Organizers and 1967-09-011, 4Southern Freedom Movement; desegregation; voting rights; Ku Klux Klan; White Citizens Council; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing Work; Southern Peace Education Project; Anti-HUAC ProjectAn overview of the current SCEF Southern Freedom Movement Projects.
29Southern PatriotLegal Lynching1971-04-015Hazelwood, Joseph; Hawkins, Charles; Hawthorne, Nathaniel Lee; Greene, Je Roydlegal lynching; rape; death penalty; Ku Klux Klan; boycott; racismJoseph Hazlewood, accused of raping a white woman, is potentially under the death penalty, which can be seen as legal lynching.
30Southern PatriotKlan Steps Up Activity1966-12-011, 6Sensabough, Amos; Alexander, Fred; Alexander, Kelly; Chambers, Julius; Hawkins, R. A.; Jones, J. Robertbombing; NAACP; murder; beating; cross burning; Ku Klux Klan; sit-in; SCEF; civil rights; John Birch Society; Citizens CouncilThe Klan is experiencing a resurgence as they increase the number of violent acts across the South. Also, their membership now mainly consists of poorer whites.
31Southern PatriotNC Students Rebel against Excl1970-10-017Fuller, Howard; White, Leonfurniture making; Ku Klux Klan; school integration; black involvement; extra-curricular activities; student protest; suspensionBlack students in Hickory, North Carolina are rebelling against being excluded from extra-curricular activities in newly integrated school.
32Southern PatriotWilliams Case Stirs Monroe1972-02-018Griffin, Virgil Lee; Williams, Robert; Mauney, Al; Scott, Bob; Milliken, William G.Ku Klux Klan; National White People's Party; kidnapping; Monroe Movement; civil rights demonstration; violence; Republic of New Africa; contempt; petitionThe case against Robert Williams has caused protests and anger from both sides in Monroe, North Carolina.
33Southern PatriotKlansman Leads Struggle1968-05-011, 8Jacobs, Lloyd; Overby, Claude; Overby, Ruby; Bounds, LeeKu Klux Klan; NAACP; prison reform; poverty; picket lines; jail conditions; black-white unity; prison riotKlan leader is joining both races in order to march for prison reform due to horrific conditions in the North Carolina jails.
34Southern PatriotWilmington: The Struggle Goes 1971-09-017Williamson, H. E.; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Frinks, Golden; Chavis, Benracial tension; violence; white extremists; shooting; fire damage; fair treatment; vandalism; SCLC; militant non-violent action; boycott; freedom movement; Ku Klux Klan; Black Christian Nationalist MovementEditorial about the racial tension and violence in Wilmington, North Carolina.
35Southern PatriotAlabama: The More Things Chang1967-01-015Amerson, Lucius; Clark, Jim; Wallace, George; Thomas, Eugene; Liuzzo, Viola; Coleman, Thomas; Daniels, Jonathan; Younge, Sammypolitics; 1965 Voting Rights Act; black vote; voter registration; school integration; segregation; Ku Klux Klan; racial murder; poverty; militancyAs change occurs in Alabama to help improve the lives of poor blacks, workers face more resistance from segregationists.
36Southern PatriotNews Brief1970-03-012Johnson, Timothy; Horner, Charles Richard; Czaplyski, Lawrence; Kleine, Terry; Miller, Charles F.; Head, Robert; Fife, Darlene; Mulloy, Joe; Sedler, Robert; Collins, Robert; Boone, Richard C.; StephenFort Gordon; GI War Crimes Commission; Nola Express; obscenity; draft refusal; appeal; Ku Klux Klan; lay off; conspiracy; Alabama Action CommitteeA review of the events and news in March
37Southern PatriotOxford Jury Acquits Teels1970-09-018Teel, Robert Gerald; Teel, Larry; Marrow, Henryinjustice; acquittal; murder; racism; all-white jury; boycott; Ku Klux KlanThe black community of Oxford, North Carolina was outraged when the Teels were found not guilty of murdering Henry Marrow by an all-white jury in spite of overwhelming evidence.
38Southern PatriotProtests Free Five N. C. Youth1969-09-011, 8King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lassiter, Thomas; Scott, Bob; Bickett, William Y.; Penny, Leonhard labor; damage; harshness; pardon; fairness; black youth; Ku Klux Klan; Committee for Equal Justice; interracial poverty programFive black youth, sentenced to twelve years hard labor for less than $100 in damage to a Klan building, were pardoned by the governor after mass protests.
39Southern PatriotRape and the Death Penalty: A 1967-01-011, 8Chatman, Jerry; Simon, Tobias; Cash, W. J.; McGee, Willie; Wansley, Thomas; Giles, John; Giles, James; Johnson, Joseph; Howard, Joseph C.; Maxwell, Williamlynching; death penalty; rape; discrimination; Ku Klux Klan; interracial sex; NAACP; double standard; Legal Defense FundSurveys the proportion of death penalties given out to black men convicted of rape of white women in the state of Florida.
40Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 4Civil Rights, Appalachian South, racial violence, Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference, vandalism, Highlander Center, Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Party, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Southern Mountain Project, vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote Civil Rights have been plagued by violence and acts of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
41Southern PatriotHUAC Founders: Violence Goes U1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 1-4Penn, Lemuel; Weltner, Charles; Buchanan, John; Luizzo, Vida; Jackson, Jimmie Lee; Daniels, JonathanKu Klux Klan, House Un-American Activities Committee, civil rights violation, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Highlander Center, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Southern Conference Educational FunHUAC investigation of Klan violence and their inability to provide an unbiased opinion on the topic.
42Southern PatriotPart II: CHarlotte School Elec1970-06-015Kerry, Coleman W.; Scott, Jane; McMillian, James B.; Bryant, Joerunoff election; board of education; forced busing; race relations; Concerned Parents Association; school integration; censorship; Ku Klux KlanIn Charlotte, North Carolina Jane Scott won the runoff election for the school board on a platform against forced busing and school integration.
43Southern PatriotLaurel Strike is Broken1968-01-011, 4, 5Taft, Robert; Hayes, Hulse; Kirk, Claude; Zellner, Bob; Minnis, Jack; Analauage, Robert; Jolly, J. D.; Ruffin, Susie; Ramsey, Claude; Collins, E.K.; Roley, Ronald F.Laurel, Mississippi; strike; efficiency experts; militancy; union; picket lines; black employees; Ku Klux Klan; Masonite Corporation; strike breakers; black involvement; black caucus; local 5-443; conspiracyThe seven month strike at the Laurel, Mississippi plant of the Masonite Corporation showed black employees how little the company cared for them, and exposed issues in the state system that was designed to block unions in Mississippi.