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1Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: To Martin 1968-05-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Kunstler, William M.PoetryPoem about Martin Luther King, Jr.
2Southern PatriotDr. King and the Militants1968-04-015King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lawson, James L.Black Organizing Project; violence; riot; militancy; black power; unityInterview with black Memphis students before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on how their new militant ideas differed from his non-violent method.
3Southern PatriotOn King's Death1968-04-011Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Shuttlesworth, Ruby; Braden, Carl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; racism; Vietnam War; SCEFThis is a statement from the SCEF on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4th.
4Southern PatriotSCEF Board Backs King's War St1967-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Rose, Frank M.Vietnam War; SCEF; SNCCAt their semi-annual meeting, the board of the Southern Christian Educational Fund (SCEF) voted to fully support Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s opposition to the Vietnam War.
5Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Deeds1968-04-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.SCEF; black-white unity; black power; racismJack Minnis explains that the white people moved by the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. must follow their thoughts and words up with actions to truly achieve his goal of black-white unity.
6Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Poor Peopl1968-03-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, CarlPoor People's Campaign; Vietnam War; poverty; protest; evasion; poor white communityMartin Luther King Jr. has linked the Poor People's Campaign to the Vietnam War, claiming it is used as an excuse to avoid domestic issues.
7Southern PatriotKing: On Political and Economi1967-04-017King, Martin Luther, Juniorblack power; civil rights movement; white backlash; protestExcerpt fro, an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he discusses oppression of the black community, and how to organize the black community to gain the most economic and political power.
8Southern PatriotBrown Refused Bail in Virginia1968-04-014Brown, Rap; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Kunstler, William M.; Hirschkop, Philip J.federal court; riot; outbreak; ghetto; assassination; SNCC; habeas corpusRap Brown was refused bail in Richmond, Virginia amid the upheaval from the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
9Southern PatriotPortrait of a Mountaineer1968-04-015Fulcher, Robert; King, Martin Luther, Jr.poverty; poverty programs; black-white relationship; unity; common bond; Poor People's Campaign; racismStory of Robert Fulcher, a poor white West Virginia mountain native, that saw his common bond with his black neighbors through poverty and became included to the point of an invitation to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral.
10Southern PatriotBackground for Murder1968-04-011, 5Lawson, James L.; Payne, Larry; Loeb, William; Swearengen, James E.; Gray, Joseph; Taylor, Jimmy; Cooke, Sam; Withers, Ernest; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; demonstration; march; violence; police violence; looting; riot; Beale Street, MemphisRobert Analauage writes about a riot that took place in Memphis, Tennessee previous to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. The local police did little during the riot to protect the black community from the violence and looters. He claims that this
11Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Bethell, T. N.; Patterson, Lillie; Kaiser, Inez Yeargan; Hilton, Brucecoal; poverty; soul food; church civil rights groupList of articles and books that have been recently published.
12Southern Patriot"The Time For Movilizations Ha1969-03-017King, Martin Luther,; confrontation; human rights; demonstration; resistance; SSOCSSOC explains how the movement has reached a turning point in terms of mobilized protests and public resistance.
13Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Hunger Co1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Wilson, Marvincivil rights; hunger; malnutrition; anti-picketing law; racism; union recognition; class boycott; student demonstrationA review of the past month's events.
14Southern PatriotKing's Last Book is Re-issued1968-06-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; King, Coretta ScottKing's last published book _Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?_ has been re-issued in paperback with a foreword from his Widow.
15Southern PatriotA Black GI Speaks Out1969-06-016King, Martin LutherVietnam War; black liberation struggle; discrimination; Fort Polk; black identity; Viet Cong; marijuanaA black army member tells his experience in Vietnam, and the sense of identity over there.
16Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Wilmington1969-02-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Terry, Charles; Babiarz, JohnPeople Against Racism; rebellion; assassination; jail; national guard; arrestPamphlet explaining how the city of Wilmington, Delaware reacted to the uprising of the black community after King's Death.
17Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1969-04-012Ray, Jame Earl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Nunn, Louie B.; King, Slate; Gitleman, Merton; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Taylor, Daniel T., IIImurder; conspiracy; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee; free speech; Albany Movement; ACLU; appealReview of the events that have happened in April.
18Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Dr. King: 1968-04-016King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lippman, Walterviolence; Vietnam War; political power; non-violenceReader Hugh B. Hester comments that Dr. King is as much a victim of the Vietnam War and the over use of presidential power as a soldier killed overseas.
19Southern PatriotSouthern Groups' Statement on 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Brown, Rapmilitancy; black liberation; non violence; Vietnam WarSeveral southern human rights groups met and drafted a statement calling for an end to the persecution of Rap Brown and other militant leaders on the eve of King's funeral.
20Southern PatriotWhite Response to Black Revolt1968-05-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; black rebellion; Center for Emergency Support; violence; mass arrest; food collection; assistanceThe white people of Washington, D.C. responded to black rebellions in the city in the wake of King's death by providing support and relief.
21Southern PatriotWomen on the Move1968-05-014King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.Women on the Move for Equality Now; plaque dedicationThe group Women On the Move for Equality Now (W.O.M.E.N.) placed flowers on the balcony where King was shot.
22Southern PatriotHow Injunctions Crush Peacful 1967-08-017Walker, Wyatt Tee; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.contempt conviction; free speech; violence; nonviolent direct action; Birmingham Movement; unconstitutional law; injunctionThe Supreme Court upheld the contempt convictions from 1963 demonstrations in Birmingham, thus showing how state and city legal systems are breaking up peaceful protests across the South.
23Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kangaroo C1968-04-016Mulloy, Joseph; King, Martin Luther, Jr.draft refusal; Selective Service Act; conscientious objector; Vietnam War; civil rights movementReader Arthur Corse comments on the court trial of Joseph Mulloy for draft refusal, and how the federal government did not give him a fair trial or sentence.
24Southern PatriotPort Allen, LA1972-02-013arrest; Port Allen High School; boycott; MLK birthdaySixty-eight students were arrested at Port Allen High School for refusing to return to class or leave the campus when administrators refused to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
25Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: White Racism i1968-05-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr; Braden, Carlwhite racism; black power; unity; poverty; infighting; SCLC; Vietnam War; low wage labor; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing WorkEditorial about white racism as a symptom of the greater problem of the U.S. political system that keeps groups from organizing by forcing them apart.
26Southern Patriot"Demilitarize the Police"1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Sellers, Cleveland; Abernathy, Ralph; Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, DonSCEF; police weapons stockpile; Vietnam War cost; poverty; Poor People's Campaign; SCLC; SNCCReview of SCEF board demands including the demilitarization of the Louisville police force that is stockpiling arms and an end to the Vietnam War.
27Southern PatriotKing's Birthday Sparks Rebelli1971-02-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lee, Robert rebellion; birthday celebration; violence; riot; police brutality; militancy; school boycottSchool boycotts and violence were sparked in North Carolina and South Carolina as black students tried to celebrate MLK's birthday.
28Southern PatriotAtlanta Slums Under Attack1966-02-013Black, Hector; King, Martin Luther, Jr. Rev.; Bond, Julian; Ulmer, Robin; Pertilla, Altonpoverty, eviction, slum, SCLC, SNCC, Southern Student Organizing Committee, civil rights, Greenville AFBThe slums of Atlanta became the target of many civil rights groups seeking to improve living conditions for the inhabitants that often don't even have heat.
29Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Measure of1968-04-017, 5Minnis, Jack; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Parks, Rosa; Braden, Annemurder; assassination; black-white unity; change; poor participation; political power; Vietnam War; redistribution of wealth; House Un-American Activities CommitteeAnne Braden explains her opinion that Dr. King was a great man not for his actions, but because he was willing to stand up for an unpopular cause in spite of criticism or government persecution.
30Southern PatriotWhite Students Begin to Speak 1966-12-018Edmundson, Bill; Bailey, Bob; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Beecher, JohnStudents for a Democratic Society; racism; John Birch Society; politics; election; civil rightsWhite students in Birmingham, Alabama are beginning to speak out against the racism in local and collegiate systems.
31Southern PatriotSeven Northern Leaders Study M1966-11-013King, Martin Luther, Jr.civil rights movement, racial justice, SNCC, CORE, black powerLeaders in the Northern Civil Rights movement face a crises over the new black power and it separation of the cause.
32Southern PatriotDelta Journa: "Can't Hardly Ge1966-11-014Franklin, Jessie; Turner, Lee; Walker, Jimmy; Walker, Prentiss; Collins, JD; McSwine, BT; Molman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; King, Martin Luther, Jr.unemployment; poverty; head start; Freedom Democratic Party; police violence; civil rights; low wagesExplains life in the Mississippi Delta, with issues of unemployment, low wages, and civil rights.
33Southern PatriotSCLC Replies to NVDA Critics1966-09-014Vivian, C. T.; Young, Andrew; DuBois, Rachale; Farris, Carl; Kennedy, Edward; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.SCLC, Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), civil rights, nonviolent protest, poverty, Vietnam WarThe SCLC replied to criticism over the nonviolent direct action movement explaining that it is the most radical approach to fight social problems.
34Southern PatriotRevolt at Kentucky State [Arti1968-05-015King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; McClellan, James; Westmoreland, CarlKentucky State College; arson; student protest; student suspensions; student violenceA revolt at Kentucky State College sparked arrests and suspension after violence and fires broke out.
35Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Why Ghetto1968-05-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Porter, SylviaMemphis Tennessee uprising; ghetto; stores; looting; riots; high prices; high interest rates; povertyArticle explains that stores attacked by looters may be targeted due to high prices and interest rates that causes poor people to feel like they are being taken advantage of.
36Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Campuses 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Sessum, Cecil Victor; Dahmer, Vernon; Amerson, Lucius; Coleman, Johnny; Huffman, James; Higgins, A. C.; Harris, Curtis E.; Sellers, Cleveassassination; student protest; demonstrations; march; Florida Teachers' Strike; murder; life imprisonment; draft convictionA review of the past month's news. The main focus is on student uprisings and King's assassination.
37Southern Patriot"A Long Road Still Ahead"1966-11-018Shulltesworth, Fred L.; Vivian, C. T.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.freedom movement; Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965; Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights; voter registration; poverty; unemployment; SCLC; slumsThe tenth anniversary of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights was marked by its accomplishments and what was still left to be achieved to improve the quality of life in Alabama.
38Southern PatriotSouthern Activists Fight HUAC 1967-01-018, 6McCormack, John M.; Abernathy, Ralph; Bond, Julian; Guyot, Lawrence, Jr.; Horton, Myles; King, Reverend Martin Luther, Jr.; McKissick, Floyd B.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Vivian, C. T.; Walker, Wyatt TeHUAC; civil rights; petition; ghetto; communisimA petition, signed by 250 civil rights activists, asked congress to stop HUAC from investigating civil rights activities.
39Southern PatriotProtests Free Five N. C. Youth1969-09-011, 8King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lassiter, Thomas; Scott, Bob; Bickett, William Y.; Penny, Leonhard labor; damage; harshness; pardon; fairness; black youth; Ku Klux Klan; Committee for Equal Justice; interracial poverty programFive black youth, sentenced to twelve years hard labor for less than $100 in damage to a Klan building, were pardoned by the governor after mass protests.
40Southern PatriotInsurrection in Wilmington1971-03-011, 6King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lawson, O. H.; Templeton, Gene; Hill, Preston; Mitchell, Steveriot; violence; fire damage; race relations; rebellion; school integration; discrimination; suspension; school boycott; rally; KKK; police brutality; shooting; death threats; repressionWilmington, North Carolina erupted in violence, including shootings and fires, as police and the Klan fought against the black community, which was protesting discrimination in newly integrated schools.
41Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8 1-4p.Bevel, Jim; Young, Andy; King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther; Baker, Ella; Boyte, HarrySouthern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil rights, Vietnam War, Human rights, Voter registrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's 9th annual meeting (1965) in Birmingham, AL. Issues that were discussed include non-violent protest, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
42Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: LUAC Prob1967-03-012Jackson, Wharlest; Evers, Charles; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Giles, John; Giles, James; Jelinek, Doncommunist investigation; poverty programs; rape; bombing; Vietnam War; appeals court; school integrationLouisiana Joint Committee on Un-American Activities investigates communism in state poverty programs. Black man killed in truck bombing in Natchez, Mississippi. The Maryland Court of Appeals was ordered to re-examine the convictions of James and John Gile
43Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-011,4Bevel, Jim. Young, Andy. Baker, Ella. Boyte, Harry. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Human Rights, Voter RegistrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 1965 9th annual meeting in Birmingham, AL. Issues discussed include non-violent protests, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
44Southern PatriotKing Assials Viet Spending1966-12-012King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lapp, Dr. Ralph; Sumrall, John O.; Carmichael, Stokely; Bond, Julian; Motley, Earl; Wynche, AndrewVietnam War; poverty; civil rights; military drafts; riot; SNCC King criticized the amount of money spent on the Vietnam War. Lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi charged the draft board of targeting civil rights workers. Carmichael charged with inciting a riot in Selma. Andrew Wynche was released on bond in Louisiana afte
45Southern PatriotBook Notes1971-03-012Sostre, Martin; Copeland, Vincent; Aronson, Jamesrepression; scape goat; white radical; media bias; red-baiting; black history; indexReview of _The Crime of Martin Sostre_ by Vincent Copeland; _The Press and The Cold War_ by James Aronson; and the _Directory of Afro-American Resources_.
46The Southern Patriot Butner, North Carolina Behavio1974-10-004-5Schein, Edgar; Bennett,James; Schekenback, Albert F.; Groder, Martinfederal behavior modification center, prison, penal system, behavior modification, brainwashing, START program, Wolff V. McDonnell, Bureau of Prisons, Asklepieion society, transactional analysisNorth Carolina is planning to open a new behavior modification center in Butner. This specialized prison under the control of Martin Groder, will specialize in behavior modification.
47Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-02-017Martin, Edward F.; Minnis, JackDemocratic Party; New Deal; hunger; subsidy; agriculture; business; finance; conspiracyJack Minnis examines the record of the Democratic Party since 1932.
48Southern PatriotTwo Kentuckians Challenge Elec1970-11-014Pratt, Don; Wilson, LutherU.S. Supreme Court; independent candidates; filing timeTwo Kentuckians have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a law in Kentucky that makes independent candidates file for office seven months before the general election.
49Southern PatriotKentucky Workers Rebel Against1972-12-011, 8Martin, Earl; Hampton, Eugene; Nunn, Louiestrike; Kellwood Company clothing factory; violence; murder; strikebreaker; speedup; union organizationEmployees at Kellwood Co. Clothing Factory were able to end problems through their strike with total support from the community.
50Southern PatriotState's Star Witness Assaults 1972-11-016Feguson, James E.; Martin, Robert; Hall, Allan; Chavis, Ben; Stroud, Jay; Morgan, Robertphysical assault; conspiracy; fire bombingIn Burgaw, North Carolina the defense attorney James E. Ferguson was physically assaulted by the state's witness while the judge did nothing about it.
51Southern PatriotMovement Doctors Under Attack1970-03-015McCaskill, Luther W.; Henry, Aaron; Gatch, Donaldabortion; murder; acquittal; NCAAP; militancy; drug law violation; malnutrition; hunger; medical draft defermentTwo southern doctors are under attack from the legal system for standing up for the poor black populations civil rights. One was indicted for murder for performing abortions and the other for speaking out against malnutrition.
52Southern PatriotWrecking Appalachia1970-04-015Butler, Jim; Nunn, Louie; Johnson, Luther M.; Grim, Elmore; Gibson, Dan; Sturgill, BillBethlehem Steel; strip mining; environmental destruction; land destruction; Kentucky State Department of Reclamation; coal mining; mineral rightsNarrative of a radio excerpt about the destruction of Appalachia that is caused by strip mining in Kentucky.
53The Southern Patriot Murder on Alabama's Prison Far1974-03-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Clancy, Jesse; Gray, Fred; Martin, Harold; Williams, Dorothy P.; Reed, Thomas; Sullivan, L.Bpenal system, inmates for action, inhumane treatment, racismPrisoners rights advocate George "Chagina" Dobbins was killed while incarcerated at atmore prison. He was beaten and shot in the back.
54Southern PatriotAnatomy of a Strike that Faile1970-04-018Martin, ElliotHarris-Teeter Food and Drug Chain; strike; low wages; working conditions; picket; leaflet; Black Solidarity Committee; strike fund; trade-unionism; militancy; organized laborAn editorial about why the strike at the Harris-Teeter Food and Drug chain failed.
55Southern PatriotMerita Bread Workers Rebel Aga1970-03-013Griffith, Bill; Martin, Elliot; McMillan, JamesMerita Bakeries; union; secession; strike; violence; black white relations; racism; international union; arrestWorkers at the Merita Bakeries in Charlotte, North Carolina voted to secede from their international union, which caused a strike when the company tried to ignore local leadership.
56Southern PatriotCourt Victories1971-01-012Chaney, Ben; Bazemore, John; Rutrell, Martinmurder; not guilty; riot charges dropped; Texas Southern UniversityBen Chaney was found not guilty of murder and charges were dropped against the former Texas Southern University student for starting a riot.