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1Southern PatriotStudents Leaflet at Draft Exam1966-06-014Brosi, GeorgeSSOC, Vietnam War, SDS, student protest, Vietnam test, rally, picket, leafletStudents at several colleges across the South distributed leaflets and Vietnam tests to protest the Vietnam War.
2Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: In Praise 1967-02-016Debs, Eugene Victormilitary draft; Vietnam War; SCEF; dissentReader commends the SCEF for fighting against the Vietnam War.
3Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Death 1967-04-016McCrackin, MauriceVietnam War; non-violence; SNCC; black powerReader discusses shift in American youth since 1960, due to the Vietnam War, causing an end to the use of non-violence.
4Southern PatriotDissent in the South1966-02-013Hayden, TomVietnam War, Southern Coordinating Committee, segregation, civil rights, free speech, academic freedomStudents across the South on college campuses are debating and protesting the Vietnam War.
5The Southern Patriot Amnesty: 'On the Underground R1974-10-003racism, unconditional amnesty, Vietnam war, discriminationIn his open letter to Mississippi Eusi Nduge explains why he dodged the Vietnam draft, and why amnesty legislation should be expanded.
6Southern PatriotPoverty Kills Two Soldiers1968-05-014Tate, Charles; McDaniel, AndrewPoor People's Campaign; Vietnam WarTwo young, poor black boys from Memphis, Tennessee were killed in Vietnam after enlisting in the army because they could not find work elsewhere.
7Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Revolt at 1968-03-016Black, WilliamFort Jackson; Vietnam War; soldier resistance; meditationSoldiers at Fort Jackson have begun to have doubts concerning the Vietnam War, and were arrested when they tried to express their feelings in the base chapel.
8The Southern Patriot Vietnam Vet's Case: Not Much E1973-04-005Mahoney Peter, Patterson William, Kniffin John, Foss Alton, Camil Scott, Michelsen Stan, Briggs John, Perdue Don, Goodwin Guy, Carruth Jack, Schoenbrod Rhonda, Arnow WinstonGainseville Eight, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), Republican National Convention, Discrimination, protest, Vietnam warCase of the Gainseville Eight the U.S. district attorney admitted that the government had little evidence against the eight members of the VVAW who were accused of plotting to disrupt the republican national convention.
9Southern PatriotCivil Rights Groups Against Vi1966-04-011Bond, JulianSCEF, Highlander Center, SCLC, SNCC, Vietnam WarNumerous civil rights groups speak out against the Vietnam War.
10Southern PatriotA Black GI Speaks Out1969-06-016King, Martin LutherVietnam War; black liberation struggle; discrimination; Fort Polk; black identity; Viet Cong; marijuanaA black army member tells his experience in Vietnam, and the sense of identity over there.
11Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Guns, But 1967-01-016Johnson, Lyndon B.poverty; Vietnam War; federal spendingCharles Atkinson, reader, expresses displeasure with the amount of federal spending on the Vietnam War versus the amount spent on helping the poor and homeless.
12Southern Patriot...And in Charleston, W.VA.1967-02-014Vietnam War; peaceA vigil was held in Charleston, West Virginia for peace in Vietnam.
13Southern PatriotSpring Mobe1970-03-016Vietnam War; "Spring Offensive;" war protest; New Mobe; war costThe _Southern Patriot_ urges readers to purchase reading material from the New Mobe about the true cost of the Vietnam War.
14Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Dr. King: 1968-04-016King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lippman, Walterviolence; Vietnam War; political power; non-violenceReader Hugh B. Hester comments that Dr. King is as much a victim of the Vietnam War and the over use of presidential power as a soldier killed overseas.
15Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Peace 1967-03-016Bond, Julian; Carmichael, Stokely; McKissick, Floyd; Powell, Adam Clayton; Pepper, William F.Vietnam War; poverty; welfare programs; cost of war; unemploymentReader, Ben Levy, calls for peace in Vietnam not only because of the destruction, but also because of the great cost, and how that is affecting the impoverished throughout the country, especially those in the South.
16Southern PatriotFall Anti-War Actions1969-09-015Vietnam War; Washington demonstrations; Vietnam Moratorium CommitteeA massive "fall offensive" has been planned by anti-war groups across the country, culminating in Washington demonstrations in mid-November.
17Southern PatriotGI's Form War Crimes Commissi1970-01-016Horner, Richard; Czaplyski, Larry; Johnson, Timothy; Kleine, TerryFort Gordon; Vietnam War; soldier crimes; leaflet; Article 92A group of four GIs were arrested at Fort Gordon for forming a war crimes commission to expose the atrocities committed by American soldiers in Vietnam.
18Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
19Southern PatriotSCEF Expands New York Office1967-01-016Melish, Rev. William Howard; Rosenblum, Sandra; Hanisch, Card; Baker, Ella J.SCEF; Vietnam War; House Un-American Activities Committee; SNCC; Mississippi Freedom Democratic PartyThe New York office of the SCEF is expanding in order to allow workers to focus more on the Vietnam War.
20Southern PatriotWhy Virginia Miner Joined the 1969-04-013Tiller, John; Lewis, John L.Vietnam War; Matewan Massacre; mining; VMW; police violence; Poor People's CampaignJohn Tiller, a white miner from Appalachian Virginia, explains why he became included with the Vietnam War protest.
21The Southern Patriot Demand for Amnesty is growing 1973-03-001,6Collins Virginia,Guerrero Gene, Briggs Chet, Collins Walter, Mulloy Joe, Abzug BellaVietnam War, Amnesty, SCEF, Central Commmittee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), War, The Nixon AdministrationSouthern peace keeping groups are being encouraged to support the amnesty of Vietnam draft dodgers and military deserters
22Southern PatriotProjects Strengthen Southern P1967-08-018Gardener, TomVietnam Summer Project; SSOC; protest; draft information center; peace movementThe nationwide Vietnam Summer Projects brought large numbers of new people into the Southern Peace Movement, which will help throughout the rest of the year.
23Southern PatriotWho's Getting Youth "Up and In1972-06-013Lee, Ray; Davis, Angela; Johnson, FredVietnam War demonstration, Vietnamese mining, Jackson Youth Caucus, Republic of New Africa, Spring Youth Fair, KudzuThe Jackson Youth Caucus in MS have been protesting against the Vietnam War, but were not at the mayor's office sponsored Spring Youth Festival.
24Southern Patriot"Demilitarize the Police"1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Sellers, Cleveland; Abernathy, Ralph; Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, DonSCEF; police weapons stockpile; Vietnam War cost; poverty; Poor People's Campaign; SCLC; SNCCReview of SCEF board demands including the demilitarization of the Louisville police force that is stockpiling arms and an end to the Vietnam War.
25Southern PatriotKentuckians Confer on War and 1968-03-012Berry, Wendell; Sedler, Robert; Tuck, Dave; Mulloy, JoeVietnam War; draft; University of Kentucky; free speech; student rights; Students for a Democratic Society; Peace Action Group; Louisville Peace CouncilA conference of the Vietnam War and the draft was held at the University of Kentucky where issues were discussed and ideas to end the war were suggested.
26Southern PatriotPeace Movement Battles HUAC1966-09-012Eastland, James O.; Kunstler, William M.; Kinay, Arthur; Vivian, C. T.; Weltner, Charlesfree speech, civil rights movement, world peace, HUAC, Vietnam War, SCEF, ACLUThe ACLU filed suit against the HUAC saying it was unconstitutional for the committee to question people about their involvement in Vietnam War opposition.
27Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On Honesty1967-02-016Saunders, William; Jenkins, Jamescivil rights; Vietnam War; racism; equalityTwo black readers, William Saunders and James Jenkins, call for the end of black involvement in the Vietnam War and better conditions in black communities.
28Southern PatriotLevy Court Martial Begins1967-05-013Levy, Howard; Morgan, CharlesVietnam War; protest; court martial; ACLU; military freedomHoward Levy, army doctor who spoke out against the Vietnam War, began his court martial on March 10th at Fort Jackson.
29Southern PatriotMany Challenge War, Draft1967-02-018DuVernay, Raymond; Smith, Ben; Schutz, Simuel; Sumrall, John; Levy, Howard; Gardiner, Tom; Flower, Marion Charles; Camus, Albert; Brysky, Clemens G.; Simmons, Mikeprotest; draft; Vietnam War; NAACP; prison; SNCC; civil rights; voter registration; draft resistance; pacifismMany blacks are challenging the draft into the Vietnam War based on the fact that they do not agree with war itself or do not want to fight a "white man's war."
30Southern PatriotNew Orleans and the War1967-11-013Levy, Murray; Minnis, Jack; Smith, Ben; Lacy, Fred; Anisgard, Alanwar demonstration; Women's Strike For Peace; protest; Vietnam War; draft protest; media biasProtests in New Orleans, Louisiana against the Vietnam War and the draft were organized by the Women's Strike for Peace.
31Southern PatriotSCEF Board Backs King's War St1967-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Rose, Frank M.Vietnam War; SCEF; SNCCAt their semi-annual meeting, the board of the Southern Christian Educational Fund (SCEF) voted to fully support Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s opposition to the Vietnam War.
32Southern PatriotA Talk With Bob Parris: One Fr1965-10-00Vol. 34, No. 8, p.3Parris, BobVietnam War, freedom movement, Civil Rights, world peace, foreign policy, teach-in, anti-war protestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and it's similarities to segregation in the South.
33Southern PatriotA Talk with Bob Parris...One F1965-10-013Parris, Bob.Vietnam War, Freedom Movement, Civil Rights, World Peace, Foreign Policy, Teach-ins, Anti-war ProtestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and its similarities to segregation in the South.
34Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Poor Peopl1968-03-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, CarlPoor People's Campaign; Vietnam War; poverty; protest; evasion; poor white communityMartin Luther King Jr. has linked the Poor People's Campaign to the Vietnam War, claiming it is used as an excuse to avoid domestic issues.
35Southern PatriotWeapons Against the War1972-06-012A Rich Man's War and A Poor Man's Fight, paperback, Vietnam history, anti-war organizing, NARMIC slide show, automated warfareBoth the paperback book _A Rich Man's War and A Poor Man's Fight_ and the NARMIC Slide Show are effective weapons against the Vietnam War.
36Southern PatriotThe Bond Case: It's Meaning to1966-02-011, 2, 3Bond, Horace Julian; Heard, Eliza; Shapiro, Herbert; Lewis, John; Bond, Horace MannSouthern Freedom Movement, Bond Case, Civil Rights, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Vietnam War, Foreign PolicyCase over Julian Bond not being seated to a special GA legislature for agreeing to a statement against the Vietnam War put out by SNCC. Discusses the controversy around the issue and those fighting for him.
37Southern PatriotA Reader's Dialogue: One Peace1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Parris, Bob; Steade Commage, Henry; Raisman, Victor H.; Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, world peace, Vietnam War, anti-war protest, Washington Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor, 'Job Not Done Yet' and 'Issues Are One', showcase two differing reader o
38Southern PatriotSouthern Student Movement Seek1966-04-011, 4SSOC, civil rights, freedom movement, organizing white communities, black nationalism, SNCC, Southern Mountain Project, Vietnam War, Black Panther movement, integrationThe annual spring conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee decided it needed to try to organize more white communities and focus on the growing protest against the Vietnam War.
39The Southern Patriot SCEF Tour Builds for Indochina1975-06-005Johnson, Mary JoyceSCEF, Indochina, vietnam, communism, tour, anti-war movement, aidMary Joyce Johnson shares her experences from the SCEF sponsored tour of Vietnam.
40Southern PatriotA Readers Dialogue: On Peace a1965-10-012Parris, Bob. Commage, Henry Steele. Raisman, Victor H. Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, World Peace, Vietnam War, Anti-War Protest, Washing Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor "Job Not Done Yet" and "Issues Are One" show two readers' differing opini
41Southern PatriotFlorida Peace Tour1967-04-011, 2Gardiner, Tom; Nolan, David; Hodes, Nancy; Finchel, A. Richardarrest; peace workers; SSOC; SCEF; free speech; Vietnam War; U.S. China Policy; Southern Campus Young Democrats; campus revoltThree peace workers were arrested in Miami, Florida after trying to speak at Miami-Dade Junior College about free speech, the Vietnam War, and the U.S. China policy.
42Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8 1-4p.Bevel, Jim; Young, Andy; King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther; Baker, Ella; Boyte, HarrySouthern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil rights, Vietnam War, Human rights, Voter registrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's 9th annual meeting (1965) in Birmingham, AL. Issues that were discussed include non-violent protest, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
43Southern PatriotMeetin in Nashville: Peace Sen1966-04-011, 3Jacobs, John; Wilder, Dwight; Green, Andrew Lee; Kaufman, Arnold; Boyton, Amelia; Steward, Anna LeeVietnam War, peace movement, Women's International League for Peace, civil rights, Southern Coordinating Committee, Operation Open Debate, desegregation, anti-warThe meeting held in Nashville by the Southern Coordinating Committee discussed the issue of the Vietnam War and the need for peace. They also said the peace effort needed to be tied to the civil rights movement.
44Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-011,4Bevel, Jim. Young, Andy. Baker, Ella. Boyte, Harry. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Human Rights, Voter RegistrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 1965 9th annual meeting in Birmingham, AL. Issues discussed include non-violent protests, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
45Southern PatriotMovement on the Campus...Hos S1966-01-011, 4Meredith, James; Herton, Myles; Shero, Jeff; Thasher, Sue; Hamlett, Ed; Stilley, Ronda; Spencer, Howard, Guerrero, Gene; Cotton, TomStudent Protest, Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Segregation, Free University, Highlander Center, Campus Activism, CensorshipStudents on college campuses across the South are organizing and protesting many problems in society such as segregation, and the Vietnam War. This generation is far more active and vocal than those in the past.
46Southern PatriotKing Assials Viet Spending1966-12-012King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lapp, Dr. Ralph; Sumrall, John O.; Carmichael, Stokely; Bond, Julian; Motley, Earl; Wynche, AndrewVietnam War; poverty; civil rights; military drafts; riot; SNCC King criticized the amount of money spent on the Vietnam War. Lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi charged the draft board of targeting civil rights workers. Carmichael charged with inciting a riot in Selma. Andrew Wynche was released on bond in Louisiana afte
47Southern Patriot"How to Avoid Another Berkely"1965-10-011,4Weissman, Steve. Humphreys, C.C., Dr. Laudermille, Jim. Louisiana State University, Free Speech, Student Rights, Student Protest, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks at Louisiana State University discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests and repression of Southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of the S
48Southern PatriotHow to Avoid Another Berkeley:1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, 1-4p.Weissman, Steve; Humphreys, Dr. C. C.; Loudermilk, JimLouisiana State University, free speech. student rights, student protests, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks of Louisiana State University, discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests, and the repression of southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of
49Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Basic Diff1967-01-016McCrackin, Maurice; Carmichael, Stokely; East, P. D.pacifism; militancy; Vietnam WarBob Childers, reader, asks the _Southern Patriot_ to establish its differences with McCrackin in its previous dialogue with him.
50Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Tax All Wa1969-09-017Mulloy, Joe; Nixon, Richard; McGovern, GeorgeVietnam War; draft refusal; draft evasion; war tax; war profitsReader John Tiller calls for an 85% tax on all industrialists that made profits from war materials.
51Southern PatriotSCEF Asks for Unity1969-06-015Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; MacNair, Everett; Edwards, George; Reid, ManfredSCEF; repression; Vietnam War; welfare; minimum wageAt a recent SCEF meeting the board asked members to unite on issues facing the US.
52Southern Patriot"Stand Up Together Or Hang Sep1967-03-017Hamer, Fannie Lou; Kinoy, Arthursegregationist election; HUAC; Vietnam War; ghettos; Sunflower, MississippiArthur Kinoy calls for all Americans to support the efforts of black civil rights leaders because it is essential to improve the country as a whole.
53Southern PatriotNews in Review: Campaigners Le1968-09-012Abernathy, Ralph; Overby, Frankpoverty; civil rights movement; garbage worker strike; prison conditions; solitary confinement; South East Alabama Self Help Association; Vietnam War; federal spendingReview of the past month's events.
54Southern PatriotSouthern GI Movement Spreads1968-03-018Madison, Albert; Davis, Johnny; Toomer, Alfred; Levitan, Louissoldier movement; servicemen's union; Fort Jackson; Vietnam War; radical; _Short Times_; teach-in; repressionTroops from across the South are beginning to organize and protest war, racism and GI rights.
55Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Bond Answe1966-11-016Bond, Julian; Carmichael, StokelySNCC, civil rights, peace, Vietnam WarJulian Bond explains to critics why he let the SNCC.
56The Southern Patriot What Gainsville Means The Jury1973-09-008Cunningham Camerson, Coleman Brady, Peterson Doris, Stearns Nacy, Kniffin John, Turner Larry,Gainsville eight, conspiracy case, Vietnam Veterans Against the Was (VVAW),The jury from the Gainsville eight acquitted them citing a lack of evidence.
57Southern PatriotHonesty in Organizing1968-06-017Mulloy, JoeAppalachian Volunteers (AV); Vietnam War; local issues; trust; strip mining; draft quota; honestyEditorial about the issues faced by organizing groups how the beliefs and feelings of the organizing head can affect the whole cause.
58The Southern Patriot The Provocateurs in the VVAW c1973-06-008Fernandez Pablo, Barker Bernard, Camil Scott, Rohan Angelina, Klimkowsky AdamVietnam veterans Against the war (VVAW), Gainesville eight, watergate, set-upInformants and witnesses against the Gainesville eight have proved to be damaging against the prosecution due to links to watergate and false testimony.
59Southern PatriotOur Editor Replies: "On the Si1966-12-017McCrackin, MauriceSNCC; media; black power; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Vietnam War; militancy; civil rightsThe editor establishes the _Southern Patriot_'s position on SNCC and attributes the change in media coverage of the group.
60Southern PatriotNashville Bishop Opposing Draf1967-11-013Golden, Charles F.draft resistance; Vietnam War; Selective Service ActThe Methodist Bishop Charles F. Golden risks fines and imprisonment to help people resist the draft.
61Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kentucky S1967-11-016Nunn, Louie; Ratliff, Thomas; McAlister, Georgestudent organizing; student protest; Vietnam War; draft; strip mining; Appalachian volunteersStudents in Kentucky scared political candidates by questioning them on controversial topics such as the draft.
62Southern PatriotTennessee Peace Movement Grows1970-10-012Vietnam moratoriums; peace activists; peace conference; neighborhood organizing; peace organization; Cambodian invasion; petition driveIn Tennessee, the peace movement has grown to a local and national level.
63Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Open Housi1967-05-016Miller, LolaVietnam War; open housing; desegregationLola Miller, reader, expresses her disgust at the resistance from other whites to open integrated housing in Kentucky.
64Southern PatriotThe Black Manifesto1969-06-017Forman, JamesBlack Manifesto; Black Economic Conference; welfare rights; co-operative; Vietnam War; wealth redistribution; poverty; malnutrition; oppressionThe Black Manifesto was presented to churches and synagogues across the nation asking for federal funding to help the impoverished of the nation.
65Southern PatriotSouthern Groups' Statement on 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Brown, Rapmilitancy; black liberation; non violence; Vietnam WarSeveral southern human rights groups met and drafted a statement calling for an end to the persecution of Rap Brown and other militant leaders on the eve of King's funeral.
66Southern PatriotGovernment Tries to Halt Aid t1972-12-015Michelsen, Stan; Briggs, John; Braden, Carlconspiracy charge; Vietnam War Veteran; riot; Republican National ConventionThe government is charging eight people with conspiracy for planning to cause riots at the Republican National Convention.
67Southern PatriotOxford Boycott is Still On1971-01-016merchant boycott; threats; murder; bankruptcy; holiday boycott; Klan murderIn Oxford, North Carolina the downtown store boycott continued through the holidays to protest the acquittal of Klan murderers who killed a black Vietnam War veteran.
68Southern PatriotMore "People Power" Strengthen1966-11-018, 2Reynolds, Issac; Perez, LeanderCORE; Vietnam War; black power; school desegregation; civil rights; co-op; employment; police brutalityCORE is remaining strong in Louisiana and continues to fight for community improvement. However, there has been a shift to almost all black organizers, with only one white person remaining.
69Southern PatriotMississippi Suit Attacks Draft1967-01-018Sumrall, John Ottis; Jolliff, James; Johnson, Paulmilitary draft; militancy; bias; racism; NAACP; Vietnam WarA twenty-year-old black Mississippian is bringing suit saying that the draft board shows bias towards drafting civil rights workers to curb the movement.
70Southern PatriotWorkers Reject Race-Baiting1967-01-012Communism; labor; union; race baiting; Ku Klux Klan; Citizens Council; Vietnam War; unityPeople in Mississippi and Tennessee are no longer being deterred by race baiting and the fear of communism to prevent union representation in the South.
71Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Have Made the Law 1965-12-013Smith, Benlawyers, civil rights, national lawyers guild, constitutional law, new deal, Vietnam warExcerpts from Ben Smiths speech at the annual Lawyers guild convention about northern and southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create changes for the black population.
72Southern PatriotSellers Gets Five Years1968-05-013Sellers, Cleve; Edenfield, Newell; Owens, DannySNCC; draft refusal; racism; Vietnam WarCleve Sellers was sentenced to five years in prison after refusing the draft. He stated the only people that could sentence him were black people.
73Southern PatriotBrooks Gets 4 Years for Draft 1968-04-012Brooks, Fred; Petway, Carlton; Boult, Rober, Jr.; Phillips, JanSNCC; draft refusal; Vietnam War; black powerSNCC leader Fred Brooks was sentenced to four years imprisonment for refusing induction into the U.S. Army.
74Southern PatriotHow to Get Out of the Draft1968-05-015Fife, Darlene; Colby, Mike; Carpenter, Arthur; McCorble, Mikeydraft avoidance; draft canceling; New Orleans Movement for a Democratic Society; Vietnam War; Draft Registers' UnionExplains the ways other men have successfully avoided the draft, and introduces organizer Darlene Fife, who is involved with draft canceling.
75Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kangaroo C1968-04-016Mulloy, Joseph; King, Martin Luther, Jr.draft refusal; Selective Service Act; conscientious objector; Vietnam War; civil rights movementReader Arthur Corse comments on the court trial of Joseph Mulloy for draft refusal, and how the federal government did not give him a fair trial or sentence.
76Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: White Racism i1968-05-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr; Braden, Carlwhite racism; black power; unity; poverty; infighting; SCLC; Vietnam War; low wage labor; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing WorkEditorial about white racism as a symptom of the greater problem of the U.S. political system that keeps groups from organizing by forcing them apart.
77Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Atlanta Pr1968-05-016police; black colleges; violence; Vietnam War; race; poverty; President of Atlanta University CenterPresident of Atalanta University Centers asks the local police to stay out of black college campuses to prevent violence and allow students a safe place to express new ideas.
78Southern PatriotMulloy Appeals Draft Sentence1968-09-013Mulloy, Joe; Sedler, Robert A.U.S. Court of Appeals; draft board; conscientious objector; Vietnam War; draft refusalJoe Mulloy is appealing his conviction of draft refusal on the basis that the draft board did not give his case proper consideration.
79Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Measure of1968-04-017, 5Minnis, Jack; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Parks, Rosa; Braden, Annemurder; assassination; black-white unity; change; poor participation; political power; Vietnam War; redistribution of wealth; House Un-American Activities CommitteeAnne Braden explains her opinion that Dr. King was a great man not for his actions, but because he was willing to stand up for an unpopular cause in spite of criticism or government persecution.
80Southern PatriotFour Marines Face 86 Years1969-11-011, 8Backstrom, Perry; Terry, Oscar; McCall, Arthur; Nickson, Charles; Talton, Joeconspiracy; brig; Camp Lejeune uprising; Vietnam; riot; black marines; trialFour black marines face up to 86 years in the brig from charges relating to a fight and rumors of a riot on the base.
81Southern PatriotOn King's Death1968-04-011Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Shuttlesworth, Ruby; Braden, Carl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; racism; Vietnam War; SCEFThis is a statement from the SCEF on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4th.
82Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The War Wi1968-01-016Tuck, Tom; Gorman, James C.Louisville Peace Council; Fort Knox; soldier protest; Vietnam WarReverend James Gorman is asking readers to direct any soldiers against the war stationed at Fort Knox to the Louisville Peace Council so that they can assist them.
83Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Made the Law Serve1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p.3Smith, Benlawyers, Civil Rights, National Lawyers Guild, constitutional law, New Deal, Vietnam War, Constitutional LawExcerpt from Ben Smith's speech at the annual Lawyer's Guild Convention about Northern and Southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create change for the black population.
84The Southern Patriot Amnesty Confernece 1974-12-008Branch, Michael; Grossman, Steveboycott, universal and unconditional amnesty, earned reentry, Vietnam, indo-china, clemency, amnestyThe second annual convention of the national council for universal and unconditional Amnesty met in Louisville Ky. Information on President Ford's earned reentry program and how it works was presented. Speakers also explained how the people could push for
85Southern PatriotDo High School Students Have R1968-03-013Bennett, Kaye; Bennett, Edwindissent; military; Lamar High School; Vietnam War; draft; racism; Students for a Democratic Society; student protestLamar High School in Houston, Texas suspended students for publishing and circulating a small magazine the administration considered controversial.
86The Southern Patriot Anti-War Organizer Sentanced1973-03-006 Eppinette ChuckVietnam war,anti-war protest,draft card, protest, politicsChuck Eppinette an active member in the anti-war movement was convicted in February for not carrying his draft card and received two one year sentences to be served consecutively. Defense argued he was targeted for his anti-war activity.
87Southern PatriotSCLC Replies to NVDA Critics1966-09-014Vivian, C. T.; Young, Andrew; DuBois, Rachale; Farris, Carl; Kennedy, Edward; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.SCLC, Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), civil rights, nonviolent protest, poverty, Vietnam WarThe SCLC replied to criticism over the nonviolent direct action movement explaining that it is the most radical approach to fight social problems.
88Southern PatriotBook Notes: Two Views of Appal1968-01-012Cowdill, Rebecca; Fetterman, John_My Appalachia_; _Stinking Creek_; poverty; Vietnam WarReviews of _My Appalachia_ by Rebecca Cowdill and _Stinking Creek_ by John Fetterman.
89Southern PatriotJury Refuses to Indict Teels1971-04-018Marrow, Henry Lee; Teel, Robert G.; Oakley, Robert; Teel, Larry; Chavis, Benmurder, grand jury investigation; indictment refusal; acquittal; witness testimony; United Klans of America; house dynamitedA jury in North Carolina refused to indict three white men for the shooting of a black Vietnam War Veteran in spite of testimony indicating their intention to kill him.
90Southern Patriot"Freedom of the Press is Guara1970-02-016Allen, Martha; Honey, MikeVietnam War opposition; poverty; socialism; protest; mass media; freedom of press; government control; First Amendment; Alien and Sedition Acts; media ownership; repression; government ownershipEditorial about how the government interferes with and represses mass media and the violation of the First Amendment.
91Southern PatriotLouisana Students Organis in S1966-03-011, 3Barrett, Kathy; Suarez, Matt; Hill, Lon; Dubinsky, Edslums, campus activism, student organization, civil rights, picket lines, boycott, community organizing, desegregation, Vietnam War, CORE, SCEF, Mississippi Summer Project, block clubs, New Orleans Community Organizing Project, povertyCollege students from New Orleans are finding ways to be active and help improve their local communities through education and improving living conditions.
92Southern PatriotPoole Rides Again - Dallas Lef1967-11-011Poole, Joe; Baker, Doug; Foley, BobStudents for a Democratic Society; House Un-American Activities Committee; Dallas Draft Information Center; notes from underground; poverty; Vietnam WarJoe Poole and HUAC have launched an attack against several local radical groups including the Students for a Democratic Society and the Dallas Draft Information Center.
93Southern PatriotMcClellan: The Man Behind the 1969-02-011, 4, 5McClellan, John; McMath, Sid; Pearson, Drew; Ross, Robert Tripp; Moses, Ham; McCarthy, JoeMcClellan Committee; investigation; law and order; anti-lynching legislation; fair employment legislation; ghetto; rebellion; anti-labor; Taft-Hartley Act; fifth amendment; minimum wage; oil industry; rural electric co-operatives; Vietnam War; McCarthyismA brief biological and political history of Senator John McClellan from Arkansas, who is the chairman of the Permanent Investigations Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations.
94Southern PatriotTheater of the Ghetto1966-09-013Nicholas, Denise; Jones, Leroi; Moses, GilbertFree Southern Theater, Desire Project, arts, acting, civil rights, povertyThe Desire Project in New Orleans organized by the Free Southern Theater Project gives local African Americans a chance to see free theater discussing modern social issues such as poverty, civil rights, and the Vietnam War.
95Southern PatriotToday's Greatest Issues: A Cal1965-11-014Attorney General Katzenbach.Vietnam War, foreign policy, Southern Conference Educational fund, Racial Murder, Voter Registration, economic reprisals for blacks. The lack of discussion about foreign policy in the South. White men throughout the south being acquitted of black murders. Restriction of voter registration throughout the south. Lack of economic equality for blacks and economic reprisals for civil rights
96Southern Patriot250 Kentucky Women Form Politi1971-11-013Edwards, Mrs. Marty; Westerfield, Rebecca; Braden, AnneKentucky Women's Political Caucus; racism; sexism; poverty; institutional violence; women's rights; socialism; Vietnam War; prison reformWomen met in Kentucky to form their own political party and to discuss the main issues for their platform. They want an end to racism, sexism, poverty and institutional violence.
97Southern PatriotToday's Great Issues: A Call t1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p. 4Katzenbach, Attorney GeneralVietnam War, foreign policy, Southern Conference Educational Fund, racial murder, voter registration, economic reprisals for blacksThe lack of discussion about foreign policy in the South. White men throughout the South being acquitted of black murders. Restriction of voter registration throughout the South. Lack of economic equality for blacks and economic reprisals for civil rights
98Southern PatriotDraft Resistance Builds Across1968-03-014, 6Mulloy, Joe; Merton, Thomas; Gorman, James; Pratt, Don; Williams, Gary; Shea, James; Levin, Alan; Henderson, Walter; Carpenter, Arthur; Guerrero, Gene; Abbot, Steve; Vlasits, GeorgeVietnam War; draft; secession; black resistance; conscientious objector; draft board bias; Louisville Peace Council; draft refusal; anti-war literature; SSOC; sit-insCovers the building draft resistance across the South. Several examples of people who have personally fought the draft or are battling the draft boards are used to prove the scope of involvement.
99Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: LUAC Prob1967-03-012Jackson, Wharlest; Evers, Charles; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Giles, John; Giles, James; Jelinek, Doncommunist investigation; poverty programs; rape; bombing; Vietnam War; appeals court; school integrationLouisiana Joint Committee on Un-American Activities investigates communism in state poverty programs. Black man killed in truck bombing in Natchez, Mississippi. The Maryland Court of Appeals was ordered to re-examine the convictions of James and John Gile