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1Southern PatriotCivil Rights Lawyers Under Att1969-02-018Simon, Tobias; Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, William M.; Hirschkop, Phil H.; Kinoy, Arthurcivil rights; lawyers; disbarment; courtroom conductTwo civil rights lawyers are facing disbarment in Kentucky and Florida.
2Southern PatriotUSCRC Called Pillar of Racism1970-06-014Zellner, BobU.S. Civil Rights Commission; racism; Black Panthers; Jackson State Massacre; Civil Rights Act of 1964At the U.S. Civil Rights Commission meeting in Easton, Maryland they called across the country to end racism.
3Southern PatriotCivil Rights Collection1966-10-012Gilmore, Russellcivil rights collection, Wisconsin Historical Society, abolitionists' papersThe State Historical Society in Wisconsin is continuing the Civil Rights Collecting project began in 1964 to amass documents such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets.
4Southern PatriotCivil Rights Collection1966-10-012Gilmore, Russellcivil rights collection, Wisconsin Historical Society, abolitionists' papersThe State Historical Society in Wisconsin is continuing the Civil Rights Collecting project began in 1964 to amass documents such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets.
5Southern PatriotCivil Rights Collection1966-10-012Gilmore, Russellcivil rights collection, Wisconsin Historical Society, abolitionists' papersThe State Historical Society in Wisconsin is continuing the Civil Rights Collecting project began in 1964 to amass documents such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets.
6Southern PatriotA New Approach to the White So1967-03-014Thrasher, Sue; Wells, Lyn; Webb, Lee; True, Jimcivil rights; white organizing, poor white southerners; poverty; Southern Mountain Project; racial alliance; black-white issue; SSOC; SNCC; SDSThe white community is seeking a new way to be involved with the civil rights movement and address the black-white issue between civil rights workers.
7Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Last Cha1967-01-016SNCC; civil rightsA reader expresses excitement over the civil rights movement.
8Southern PatriotSouthern Activists Fight HUAC 1967-01-018, 6McCormack, John M.; Abernathy, Ralph; Bond, Julian; Guyot, Lawrence, Jr.; Horton, Myles; King, Reverend Martin Luther, Jr.; McKissick, Floyd B.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Vivian, C. T.; Walker, Wyatt TeHUAC; civil rights; petition; ghetto; communisimA petition, signed by 250 civil rights activists, asked congress to stop HUAC from investigating civil rights activities.
9Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Movement Novel1967-11-012Champlin, David; Fairburn, Ann; Emerson, Thomas I.; Haber, David; Darsen, NormanFive Smooth Stones; ghetto; civil rights movement; "Political and Civil Rights in the United States"Miriam Nicholas reviews Ann Fariburn's _Five Smooth Stones_. Also published was "Political and Civil Rights in the United States" by three law professors.
10Southern PatriotWalter Bishop1971-03-012Bishop, Walter; Bishop, Ruby; Haskell, Jennifercivil rights; Knox Area Civil Liberties Union, Highlander CenterObituary for Walter Bishop, civil rights leader from Eastern Tennessee.
11The Southern Patriot Barbara Flynn (1946-1973)1973-03-002Flynn BarbaraSCEF, racism, memorial, rememberance, suicide, civil rights movementCivil rights advocate and SCEF worker Barbara Flynn took her own life on February 26 1973 in New Haven Conn. She helped to regain ground lost during the civil rights movement and helped foster black-white coalitions.
12Southern PatriotReview of the Month1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p. 2Hamer, Fannie Lou; Gray, Virginia; Devine, AnnieFreedom Democratic Party, Civil Rights, voter registration, 1964 Civil Rights Act, desegregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, tokenismThe Freedom Democratic Party's call for the unseating of Mississippi congressmen was overturned, showing the nation was not ready for true equal rights for African Americans. Also, the FDP said it was entering candidates in the 1966 election to challenge
13Southern PatriotAttack Weakens Us All1966-11-013Carmichael, StokelySNCC, CORE, militancy, civil rights movement, SCEFSCEF adopted a resolution expressing outrage on the attacks of militant civil rights organizations.
14Southern PatriotReview of the Month1965-10-012Hamer, Fannie Lou. Gray, Victoria. Devine, Annie. Freedom Democratic Party, Civil Rights, Voter Registration, 1964 Civil Rights Act, Desegregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, TokenismThe Freedom Democratic Party calls for the unseating of Mississippi congressmen who overturned acts, showing the nation was not ready for true equal rights for African Americans. Also, the FDP said it was entering candidates in the 1966 election to challe
15Southern PatriotNot Violence, but Politcal Act1967-01-013McCrackin, Maurice; Carmichael, StokelySNCC; SCEF; black-white relations; militancy; violence; civil disobedience; pacifism; CORE; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Lowndes County Freedom Party; civil rightsThe editor explains the direction of SNCC and the civil rights movement not as violent protest by as a way of self-defense.
16Southern PatriotThe South Revisted1967-09-013SNCC; poverty; head start programs; Ku Klux Klan; strike; stereotype; civil rights workersZellner explains his experience in returning to Mississippi, and the shift in people to be more accepting of civil rights workers.
17Southern PatriotA Movement "Shopper's Guide"1966-11-012Jordan, ClarenceKoinonia Farm, Farming Co-Op, civil rights, unemployment, Freedom Quilting Bee, eviction, voter registrationExplains where goods can be purchased to support cooperative farming and civil rights communities.
18Southern PatriotDocket Cleared1965-12-012Civil Rights, US District CourtRoughly 1,000 cases against civil rights demonstrators were dropped in St. Augustine, FL in 1964. Those few that weren't dropped were moved from State to Federal court for trial.
19Southern PatriotCivil Rights Groups Against Vi1966-04-011Bond, JulianSCEF, Highlander Center, SCLC, SNCC, Vietnam WarNumerous civil rights groups speak out against the Vietnam War.
20Southern PatriotDocket Cleared1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 2civil rights, U.S. District CourtRoughly 1000 cases against civil rights demonstrators were dropped in St. Augustine, Florida in 1964. Those few that weren't dropped were moved from the state to federal court for trial.
21Southern PatriotLouisiana: Greatest Battles St1967-01-014civil rights movement; school integration; poverty; voter rights; CORE; slum; desegregationThe civil rights movement in Louisiana is facing many issues including poverty, lack of proper schooling and housing and lack of black voter influence.
22Southern PatriotIn a Land Where MURDER is Resp1966-01-011Younge, Samuel, Jr.; Segrest, MarvinSCLC, Alabama racism, Tuskegee Institute, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Civil Rights, Racial Murder, Anti-Violence Law, LynchingMap of the state of AL depicting all the people murdered for their involvement with the civil rights movement.
23Southern PatriotRights Leaders Distrust "Riot"1966-11-011Tuck, William; Willis, Edwin; Pool, Joe; Ashbrook, John; Waggonner, Joe; Watson, AlbertHUAC, subversive elements, civil rights, communism, SLCL, CORE, SNCC, SCEF, poverty, slumsHUAC announced that it wanted to investigate subversive elements in cities across America. Many civil rights groups feel they are being targeted by the committee for communism.
24Southern PatriotSpirit of 63 Lingers in Danvil1967-01-011Aiken, A. M.; Donaldson, Ivanhoe; Zellner, Bob; Foss, Danielprotest; incarceration; civil rights; trial; contempt of court; appealA new local judge is avenging the 1963 decision to remove civil rights cases to federal court by now giving out steep sentences and fines.
25Southern PatriotKentuckians Bring Suit to Abol1968-04-011, 5Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Nunn, Louie B.; Blume, Norbert; Davis, GeorgiaKentucky Un-American Activities Committee (KUAC); SCEF; subversive groups; free speech; civil rights movement; labor rights; minority rightsSeveral in Kentucky have filed suit to end the Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee, which targeted civil rights activists and groups and labeled them as subversive.
26Southern PatriotBook Notes: The People of John1967-04-012Carawan, GuySouthern Freedom Movement; John's Island, South Carolina; Civil Rights and Liberties Handbook; law; povertyReview of Guy Carawan's "Ain't You Got A Right To The Tree Of Life?" Encourages readers to purchase the Civil Rights and Liberties Hanbook.
27Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Have Made the Law 1965-12-013Smith, Benlawyers, civil rights, national lawyers guild, constitutional law, new deal, Vietnam warExcerpts from Ben Smiths speech at the annual Lawyers guild convention about northern and southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create changes for the black population.
28Southern PatriotBar Lawyers From Court1967-01-011Jelinek, Don; Foreman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; Sobol, Richard; Hirschkop, Philip; Kunstler, William; Perry, Marshall; Bergesen, B. E.Lawyer's Constitutional Defense Committee; civil rights; lawyer; freedom rides; sit-ins; SNCCSouthern segregationists are now harassing civil rights lawyers by having them barred from the courtroom.
29Southern PatriotBook Notes: Citizen's "Duty" i1966-04-012Iyer, Raghaven; Lichtman, Richard; Wassserstrom, Richard; Buchanan, Scottcivil disobedience, study of democratic institutionsReview and synopsis of "Civil Disobedience" a paper produced by lawyers, philosophers, educators and civil rights advocates.
30Southern PatriotAtlanta Slums Under Attack1966-02-013Black, Hector; King, Martin Luther, Jr. Rev.; Bond, Julian; Ulmer, Robin; Pertilla, Altonpoverty, eviction, slum, SCLC, SNCC, Southern Student Organizing Committee, civil rights, Greenville AFBThe slums of Atlanta became the target of many civil rights groups seeking to improve living conditions for the inhabitants that often don't even have heat.
31Southern PatriotNews in Brief: Winds of Change1966-03-014Penn, Lemuel; Scott, Andrew J.; Reese, F. D.civil rights, black voting, 1964 Civil Rights Act, school desegregation, segregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, voter qualification, jury bias, unemployment, SNCC, church burning, embezzlementBlacks across the south increased in voter participation. Issues of jury bias in several appeals cases. Blacks are now being hired for the Birmingham police department. A church was burned in Sidon, MS.
32Southern PatriotStudents and Black Campuses1967-03-012Cobb, Charlie; Cox, Cortland; Bevel, Dianestudent activism; SNCC; radicalization; draft; civil rightsBlack students across the south are trying to get their campuses to become more involved with the civil rights movement and encourage the radicalization of students.
33Southern PatriotHUAC Threat1965-12-014Willis, Edwin; Buchanan, JohnHouse Un-American Activities Committee, KKK, Civil RightsEdwin Willis said HUAC might be investigation civil rights groups after the Klan probe. He said HUAC had "its jurisdiction in all areas of subversive activities."
34Southern PatriotNorth Carolina Leader Loses Jo1966-01-012Johnson, Ray; Johnson, EthelCivil Rights, Seaboard Airline Railroad; discrimination, 1964 Civil Rights ActRay Johnson is asking for his job back with back pay after being terminated for writing letters to federal agencies accusing the railroad of gross discrimination against black workers.
35Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Made the Law Serve1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p.3Smith, Benlawyers, Civil Rights, National Lawyers Guild, constitutional law, New Deal, Vietnam War, Constitutional LawExcerpt from Ben Smith's speech at the annual Lawyer's Guild Convention about Northern and Southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create change for the black population.
36Southern PatriotSeven Northern Leaders Study M1966-11-013King, Martin Luther, Jr.civil rights movement, racial justice, SNCC, CORE, black powerLeaders in the Northern Civil Rights movement face a crises over the new black power and it separation of the cause.
37Southern PatriotRuby Shuttlesworth Dies1971-02-012Shuttlesworth, Ruby K.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Abernathy, Ralph; Braden, Annecivil rights activist; SCEF; SCLCObituary for civil rights activist Ruby K. Shuttlesworth.
38Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-014Civil rights, Appalachian south, racial violence, Appalachian economic and political action conference, vandalism, highlander center, KKK, Nazi Party, SCLC, Southern Mountain Project, Vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote civil rights have been plagued by violence and act of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
39Southern PatriotA Talk With Bob Parris: One Fr1965-10-00Vol. 34, No. 8, p.3Parris, BobVietnam War, freedom movement, Civil Rights, world peace, foreign policy, teach-in, anti-war protestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and it's similarities to segregation in the South.
40Southern PatriotA Talk with Bob Parris...One F1965-10-013Parris, Bob.Vietnam War, Freedom Movement, Civil Rights, World Peace, Foreign Policy, Teach-ins, Anti-war ProtestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and its similarities to segregation in the South.
41Southern PatriotDelta Journa: "Can't Hardly Ge1966-11-014Franklin, Jessie; Turner, Lee; Walker, Jimmy; Walker, Prentiss; Collins, JD; McSwine, BT; Molman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; King, Martin Luther, Jr.unemployment; poverty; head start; Freedom Democratic Party; police violence; civil rights; low wagesExplains life in the Mississippi Delta, with issues of unemployment, low wages, and civil rights.
42The Southern Patriot Civil Rights Activist Framed1974-03-008Cole, J.C.; Stout, Albertframe-up, drug possession, racismJ.C. Cole a civil rights activist from Shelby N.C. was convicted on a frame-up charge for sale and possession of heroin. Cole had angered those in power in Shelby by exposing the sell of poisonous wood alcohol.
43Southern PatriotMarch Brings Upsurge: Court Ru1966-06-014Meredith, James; Kunstler, William M.civil rights, voter registration, federal prosecution, fair trial, Senate Bill 3170, free speechThe Supreme Court dealt a blow to civil rights workers when they refused to remove certain cases from state to federal court in order for the defendant to receive a fair trial.
44Southern PatriotChurchmen Support Wilmington 11972-12-015Chavis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T. J.; Parker, CharlesCommission for Racial Justice; civil rights activity; high bailThe Commission for Racial Justice has placed its full support behind 10 people sent to prison for civil rights activity in Wilmington, North Carolina.
45Southern PatriotKnoxville, Tenn, is a "City of1966-04-013Hawkins, Henry; Stevens, Carol; Allen, Mary Ann; Kelly, Charles; Johnson, John J.; Pollard, H. C.; Shuttleworth, Fredcivil rights, vagrancy, disorderly conduct, Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference, Southern Mountain Project, Highlander CenterThree civil rights worker were arrested and charged with vagrancy, disorderly conduct, and reckless driving in Knoxville, TN. The two girls were white and the man was black.
46Southern PatriotA Reader's Dialogue: One Peace1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Parris, Bob; Steade Commage, Henry; Raisman, Victor H.; Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, world peace, Vietnam War, anti-war protest, Washington Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor, 'Job Not Done Yet' and 'Issues Are One', showcase two differing reader o
47Southern PatriotMovement Lawyer Speaks Out1970-02-014White, Marion OVertoncivil rights lawyers; school desegregation; harassment; NAACP; political controlCivil rights lawyer Marion Overton White speaks out about school desegregation and explains his experiences and philosophy.
48Southern PatriotA Readers Dialogue: On Peace a1965-10-012Parris, Bob. Commage, Henry Steele. Raisman, Victor H. Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, World Peace, Vietnam War, Anti-War Protest, Washing Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor "Job Not Done Yet" and "Issues Are One" show two readers' differing opini
49Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 4Civil Rights, Appalachian South, racial violence, Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference, vandalism, Highlander Center, Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Party, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Southern Mountain Project, vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote Civil Rights have been plagued by violence and acts of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
50Southern PatriotTheater of the Ghetto1966-09-013Nicholas, Denise; Jones, Leroi; Moses, GilbertFree Southern Theater, Desire Project, arts, acting, civil rights, povertyThe Desire Project in New Orleans organized by the Free Southern Theater Project gives local African Americans a chance to see free theater discussing modern social issues such as poverty, civil rights, and the Vietnam War.
51Southern Patriot"A Long Road Still Ahead"1966-11-018Shulltesworth, Fred L.; Vivian, C. T.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.freedom movement; Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act of 1965; Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights; voter registration; poverty; unemployment; SCLC; slumsThe tenth anniversary of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights was marked by its accomplishments and what was still left to be achieved to improve the quality of life in Alabama.
52The Southern Patriot Victory for Robert Williams 1976-01-004William, Robert; Lowder, Carrollframe-up, charges dropped, civil rights activist, racismFrame-up kidnapping charges against civil rights activist Robert Williams were dismissed. District Attorney Lowder stated that charges were dropped, because the state had no witnesses against Williams.
53Southern PatriotMeetin in Nashville: Peace Sen1966-04-011, 3Jacobs, John; Wilder, Dwight; Green, Andrew Lee; Kaufman, Arnold; Boyton, Amelia; Steward, Anna LeeVietnam War, peace movement, Women's International League for Peace, civil rights, Southern Coordinating Committee, Operation Open Debate, desegregation, anti-warThe meeting held in Nashville by the Southern Coordinating Committee discussed the issue of the Vietnam War and the need for peace. They also said the peace effort needed to be tied to the civil rights movement.
54Southern PatriotTen Negroes in 14 Months: Birm1967-04-018Shuttlesworth, Fred L.Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; police killings; racial violence; protestCivil rights leaders in Birmingham, AL fight to change the political system in city that allowed the police to kill ten black people in fourteen months with no investigations.
55Southern PatriotKing Assials Viet Spending1966-12-012King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lapp, Dr. Ralph; Sumrall, John O.; Carmichael, Stokely; Bond, Julian; Motley, Earl; Wynche, AndrewVietnam War; poverty; civil rights; military drafts; riot; SNCC King criticized the amount of money spent on the Vietnam War. Lawyers in Jackson, Mississippi charged the draft board of targeting civil rights workers. Carmichael charged with inciting a riot in Selma. Andrew Wynche was released on bond in Louisiana afte
56Southern PatriotBook Notes; Biography of an Id1966-06-012Tourgée, Albion; Olsen, Otto H.civil rights, integration,, reconstruction, slavery, Civil War, carpetbaggerReview of _Carpetbagger's Crusade: The Life of Albion Winegar Tourgée_ by Otto H. Olsen.
57Southern PatriotBook Notes1965-12-012Sterne, Emma Gelders; Sugarman, Tracy; Baker, Ella; Shuttleworth, Fred L.; Baum, Betty; Grossman, Nancy."I Have A Dream", Civil Rights, SCEF, SCLC, Patricia Crosses Town, school integration, desegregationBooks recently published: "I have a dream" by Emma Gelders Sterne, "Patricia Crosses Town" by Betty Baum, "Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation" from the southern regional council and by the US Commission on Civil Rights, "Equal Opportunity in Farm Pr
58Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-12-012Ginger, Ann FaganNational Lawyers Guild; civil rights; civil libertiesReview of _Civil Liberties Docket 14 (1970 Supplement)_ by the National Lawyers Guild.
59The Southern Patriot North Carolina Prisons Charvis1974-06-003Charvis, Ben; Garrison, Sam; Sanders, Fletcher; Shepard, Annprison protest, investigation, North Carolina Committee of U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Public hearing, behavior modification, experiments, inhumane treatment, prison systemAfter widespread protest, strikes, and work stoppages in the North Carolina prison system and investigation and hearing was set up by the U.S. civil rights commission. Rev Ben Charvis described substandard living conditions and violence on the part of pri
60Southern PatriotJury System Revamped: Albany R1966-09-011Lewis, Nathan; King, Slater; Jackson, Elza; Thomas, Robert; Chatman, Thomas; Wells, Samuel B.; Rabinowitz, Joni; Robinowitz, VictorU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, civil rights, Albany movement, Albany cases, jury bias, SCEFThe US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that 6 civil rights workers accused of lying to the federal grand jury in 1963 were free. The decision also helped to change the jury system in the south after the Albany cases.
61Southern PatriotReturn to Campus: SNCC Seeking1966-06-011, 4civil rights, Southern Student Conference, black college, student protest, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, student rights, campus regulations, academic freedomA group of 20 predominantly black colleges met under the SNCC to discuss student rights and activity on college campuses across the South.
62Southern PatriotTwo Summers in Mississippi1965-10-011,4Young Democrats Convention, Freedom Democratic Party Summer 1964, Freedom Democratic Party Summer 1965, Civil Rights, Voter RegistrationDetails the difference between the summers of 1964 and 1965 in Mississippi. Explains the events in summer 1964, with civil rights and Northern activists making the voter registration in summer 1965 Mississippi possible.
63Southern PatriotNewsbrief: Direct Action in Wa1966-02-012Thomas, Eugene; Eaton, William Orville; Liuzza, Vida; Wilkins, Collie Leroy; Coleman, Thomas L.; Daniels, Johnathan; Ashoton, Steve; Jordan, VernonSNCC, bus boycott, home rule, poverty, wage dispute, civil rights, NAACP, civil rights legislation, jury selection, racial murder, racial violence, libel, Southern Regional Council, voter registration, SCLCBus boycott in Washington DC to protest raise in fares. In Choctaw Couty, AL domestic demand wage increase to 67 cents an hour. Race discrimination outlawed in jury selection in Lowndes County, AL.
64Southern PatriotCDGM Receives New Grant1967-02-012Cox, W. Hardd; Dahmer, Vernon; Prather, Harold; Carmichael, StokelyChild Development Group; Office of Opportunity; federal funding; civil rights; firebomb; voter rights; SCEF; raids; ghetto; police shooting; riot; SNCC; Puerto RicoOverview of news and events of the previous month.
65Southern CanopyTwo Summers in Mississippi1965-10-00Vol. 23 No. 8, 1-4p.Young Democrats Convention, Freedom Democratic Party Summer Project of 1964, Freedom Democratic Party Summer Project of 1965, civil rights, voter registrationDetails the difference between the summers of 1964 and 1965 in Mississippi. Explains how the events in the summer of 1964, with civil rights and Northern activists, made the voter registration in summer 1965 in Mississippi possible.
66Southern PatriotNonviolent Revolution: An Idea1967-02-017Parks, Rosa; Lawson, James; McCrackin, Mauricefreedom movement; violence; civil rights; SNCC; Nonviolent Direct Action; human rights; boycott; imprisonment; povertyThird in an editorial series explaining the issue of nonviolence within the freedom movement.
67Southern PatriotUnhappy Success Story of Fayet1967-11-014poverty; freedom movement; voter registration; desegregation; violence; voting rights; Tennessee Voters' Council; militancy; black election; black magistrateIn Fayette County, Tennessee the struggle for civil rights has been successful to a small degree, but it has not achieved all of its intended goals.
68Southern PatriotJack Minnis' Column1971-02-016Wicker, Tom; Morgenthau, Hans age; civil rights movement; 1965 Voting Rights Act; young votes; political organizationEditorial about how the young voter is the new black voter in the sense they must learn how to use their new political power.
69Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8 1-4p.Bevel, Jim; Young, Andy; King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther; Baker, Ella; Boyte, HarrySouthern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil rights, Vietnam War, Human rights, Voter registrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's 9th annual meeting (1965) in Birmingham, AL. Issues that were discussed include non-violent protest, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
70Southern PatriotNo More Poll Tax: 28-year Stru1966-03-011, 2Jordan, Joe; Holt, Len; Butts, Evelyn; Marshall, Thurgood; Segar, Bob; Dawley, Edpoll tax, civil rights, Southern Freedom Movement, poverty, ACLU, Voting Rights Act of 1965, voter registration, school segregationThe US Supreme Court brought an end to poll tax due to attorney Joe Jordan. Discusses the history of poll tax legislation in the South.
71Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-011,4Bevel, Jim. Young, Andy. Baker, Ella. Boyte, Harry. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, Human Rights, Voter RegistrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 1965 9th annual meeting in Birmingham, AL. Issues discussed include non-violent protests, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
72Southern PatriotBook Notes1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 2Gelders Stern, Emma; Sugarman, Tracy; Baker, Ella; Shuttleworth, Fred L.; Baum, Betty; Grossman, NancyCivil Rights Movement, SCEF, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Patricia Crosses Town, I Have A Dream, school integration, desegregation, Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation, Equal Opportunity in Farm Programs: An Appraisal of Services RendereBooks recently published. "I Have A Dream" by Emma Gelders, "Patricia Crosses Town" by Betty Baum, "Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation" from the Southern Regional Council, and by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights "Equal Opportunity in Farm Program
73Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Confusing 1967-01-016John Birch Society; SNCC; civil rightsReader points out a mistake in the December 1966 edition.
74Southern PatriotEvictions: Economic Pressures 1965-12-011, 2McCradein, Maurice. McFerren, John. Carter, Mae Bertha. Eastland, eviction, black voter registration, civil rights, sharecropping, Operation Freedom, school integration, SCLC, 1965 Voting Rights ActEvictions of blacks across the south for registering to vote and intergrating school systems. Focuses on Wilcox county AL and wants it declared a disaster area.
75Southern PatriotPatriot Expands1966-11-011civil rights, povertyThe Southern Patriot explains it is expanding to help meet the need for better communication.
76Southern PatriotNo Monolith1966-05-012politics, SNCC, civil rightsSNCC issued a statement against forming all black political parties.
77Southern PatriotA Time to Help1966-05-013SNCC, civil rights, dissentAsks for readers to support the SNCC monetarily as it comes under attack for its militancy.
78Southern PatriotBirmingham on March Again1966-01-012Shuttleworth, Fred; Dahmer, Vernon; Younge, Samuel Jr.Civil Rights Protest, Demonstration, Voter Registration, SEEF, firing bombing, Tuskegee Institute, segregation, eviction, racial murder, SNCC, tent cityPeople in Birmingham, AL began protesting voter registration and lack of jobs for blacks in civil service positions. Vernon Dahmer was killed in a fire bombing and Samuel Younge Jr. was shot. Evictions still continue across the Black Belt.
79Southern PatriotMovement on the Campus...Hos S1966-01-011, 4Meredith, James; Herton, Myles; Shero, Jeff; Thasher, Sue; Hamlett, Ed; Stilley, Ronda; Spencer, Howard, Guerrero, Gene; Cotton, TomStudent Protest, Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Segregation, Free University, Highlander Center, Campus Activism, CensorshipStudents on college campuses across the South are organizing and protesting many problems in society such as segregation, and the Vietnam War. This generation is far more active and vocal than those in the past.
80Southern Patriot"An Attack on the Movement..."1970-09-013coal operators; oppression; record accessExcerpt from a memo sent by Anne Braden about repression by the federal and local government on the civil rights movement.
81Southern PatriotEvicitions: Economic Pressures1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 1-2McCrackin, Maurice; McFerren, John; Carter, Bertha Mae; Eastland, Jamesblack eviction, black voter registration, civil rights, sharecropping, Operation Freedom, school integration, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1965 Voting Rights Act, Wilcox County, AlabamaEvictions of black across the South for registering to vote and integrating school systems. Focuses on Wilcox County, Alabama and wants it declared a disaster area.
82Southern PatriotTwo Meetings...Two Reports1966-05-014Collins, Virginia; Hamlett, EdAfrican American Festival, civil rights, SSOC, black/white relationsIntroduces the two articles about two meetings taking place in the south.
83Southern PatriotWhy Some Don't Vote in Alabama1966-05-013black voting, civil rights, eviction, voter registrationBlacks in Dallas County, AL were evicted for voting or registering to vote.
84Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: "Inhuman a1967-03-016Braden, Annenonviolent revolution; civil rights movementReader, Juanita Nelson, basically agrees with Braden's February 1967 article, but calls for more use of nonviolence and more acceptance.
85Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Question1966-11-016Maddox, LesterKu Klux Klan; civil rights; poverty; politicsBrady explains the Klan saying is not based on race but economics and politics.
86Southern PatriotVictories for the People1972-12-016Bell, Fred; McMillian, Ernie; Hirschkop, Phil; Taylor, Dan; Kunstler, Williamparole; draft refusal; contempt of court; protestAn overview of legal victories for civil rights activists.
87Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Bethell, T. N.; Patterson, Lillie; Kaiser, Inez Yeargan; Hilton, Brucecoal; poverty; soul food; church civil rights groupList of articles and books that have been recently published.
88Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Drift 1967-08-016Stone, I. F.civil rights; violence; police brutality; fascism; poverty; ghettoReader believes the violence and indifference toward the American black population shows a shift in the country toward a more fascist state.
89Southern PatriotDissent in the South1966-02-013Hayden, TomVietnam War, Southern Coordinating Committee, segregation, civil rights, free speech, academic freedomStudents across the South on college campuses are debating and protesting the Vietnam War.
90Southern PatriotRev. T. Y. Rogers Dies1971-04-012Rogers, T. Y.civil rights leader; car accident; SCLCObituary for Reverend T. Y. Rogers, who was killed in a car accident in Atlanta, Georgia.
91Southern PatriotBook Notes1966-01-012Meyer, Howard N.; Korngold, Ralph; Filler, Louis; Sterling, Dorothy; Quarles, Benjamin; Terrell, Mary Church; Johnson, James Weldon; Washington, Booker T.; DuBoi W.E.B.Ulysses S. Grant; Civil War; Presidency; Toussaint Louvertur; Haitian Revolution; AbolitionSummarizes "Let Us Have Peace: The Life of Ulysses S. Grant" by Howard N. Meyer, "Citizen Toussaint" by Ralph Korngold; "Wendal Phillips on Civil Rights and Freedom" edited by Louis Filler and "Lift Every Voice" by Dorothy Sterling and Benjamin Quarles.
92Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Play for the Dis1967-02-012Hansberry, Lorraine; Nemiroff, Robertcivil rightsReview of Lorraine Hansberry's play "The Sign in Sidney Brunstein's Window."
93Southern PatriotEditor's Note1966-05-011Southern Freedom Movement, Civil Rights, Race RelationsEditor apologizes for length of articles dedicated to race relations and other new topics will be covered in the new edition.
94Southern PatriotSummer Reading: Some Heroes of1968-06-012Sterne; Emma; Gelders, Joseph; Braden, Anne; Zellner, Robert; Juarez, Benitosouthern whites; freedom; civil rightsReview of Emma Sterne's "They Took Their Stand" about white activists in the South.
95Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Visi from 1968-04-016Freed, DonaldFederal Bureau of Investigation; civil rights movement; Peace and Freedom MovementReader Donald Freed explains his experience of being questioned by the FBI.
96Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Three Forc1969-03-016Drukman, Masonblack/white liberals; black power; white radicals; repressionThe mayor of Gary, Indiana explains the forces within the civil rights movement and how they can help black gain equality.
97Southern PatriotReprot on the Schools1971-01-014desegregation; discrimination; civil rights; Race Relations Information Center Survey; firing; demotion; black principals; school boycott; over crowding; government acceptanceGeneral report on the school discrimination and protests across the south.
98Southern Patriot"Stand Up Together Or Hang Sep1967-03-017Hamer, Fannie Lou; Kinoy, Arthursegregationist election; HUAC; Vietnam War; ghettos; Sunflower, MississippiArthur Kinoy calls for all Americans to support the efforts of black civil rights leaders because it is essential to improve the country as a whole.
99Southern PatriotAfro-American Festival Seeks W1966-05-013Parris, Bobmilitancy, international race relations, black nationalism, civil rights, black arts, assimilationThe meeting in New Orleans discussed the need for blacks to advocate their national history in America and associate with other black nations around the world.
100Southern PatriotNews in Review: Campaigners Le1968-09-012Abernathy, Ralph; Overby, Frankpoverty; civil rights movement; garbage worker strike; prison conditions; solitary confinement; South East Alabama Self Help Association; Vietnam War; federal spendingReview of the past month's events.
101Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Bond Answe1966-11-016Bond, Julian; Carmichael, StokelySNCC, civil rights, peace, Vietnam WarJulian Bond explains to critics why he let the SNCC.
102Southern PatriotClarence Jordan Dies1969-11-016Jordan, Clarence; Fuller, Millard; Jordan, Florenceprophet; Koinonia Farm; civil rightsObituary and biography of Reverend Clarence Jordan.
103Southern Patriot"How to Avoid Another Berkely"1965-10-011,4Weissman, Steve. Humphreys, C.C., Dr. Laudermille, Jim. Louisiana State University, Free Speech, Student Rights, Student Protest, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks at Louisiana State University discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests and repression of Southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of the S
104Southern PatriotAid for Appalachia1966-01-013Blossom, Bertie; Wood, Roxie; White, JoeAppalachian Relief Committee, poverty relief, unemployment, civil rightsThe Appalachian Relief Committee is aiding people in the southern mountains by providing them with quality clothing.
105Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Hunger Co1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Wilson, Marvincivil rights; hunger; malnutrition; anti-picketing law; racism; union recognition; class boycott; student demonstrationA review of the past month's events.
106Southern PatriotBearded Driver Integrates Cabs1966-12-012Frasier, Jack; Peebles, Jackcivil rights; integration; SCEF; vandalismA cab driver in New Orleans was hired at the black cab company, Night Hawk Company, because white companies wouldn't hire him due to his facial hair.
107Southern PatriotOur Editor Replies: "On the Si1966-12-017McCrackin, MauriceSNCC; media; black power; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Vietnam War; militancy; civil rightsThe editor establishes the _Southern Patriot_'s position on SNCC and attributes the change in media coverage of the group.
108Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle1969-04-017Guthrie, Woodie; Perlo, Victor; Sloan, Alfred P., Jr.; Kent, Frank R.fraud; reading habits; civil rights movement; difficult reading material; learningJack Minnis explains that reading information about the people they are fighting against in the movement can be educational.
109Southern PatriotWitch Hunt Fails to Go1966-03-014Simkins, ModjeskaHUAC, civil rights, smear campaignMrs. Modjeska Simkins from Columbia, SC successfully fought a smear campaign accusing her of being subversive.
110Southern PatriotSchool Protest1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.1Civil Rights, desegregation, tokenism, black protest arrestMore than 200 people, mostly high school students, were arrested for protesting facilities in all black high schools in Forrest City, AR.
111Southern PatriotHow It's Done1965-11-012School desegregation, Nottaway county VA, VA Students Civil Rights CommitteeBlacks in Nottaway County in Southside VA successfully enrolled black students in the all white school.
112Southern PatriotHow to Avoid Another Berkeley:1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, 1-4p.Weissman, Steve; Humphreys, Dr. C. C.; Loudermilk, JimLouisiana State University, free speech. student rights, student protests, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks of Louisiana State University, discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests, and the repression of southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of
113Southern Patriot"Hurry Sundown" Reissued in Pa1966-09-012Gilden, K. B."Hurry Sundown", civil rights, WWII Veterans, race relations, farming mechanizationReview of "Hurry Sundown" a novel about a black and white WWII veteran that overcame adversity together.
114The Soutnern Patriot March to Boston1974-12-006Williams, HoseaBoston, national freedom march, racism, violence, black communityCivil rights leaders and union members from Atlanta have pledged their support for the freedom march in Boston.
115Southern PatriotLaw Reporter to Cease Publicat1968-06-012Vanderbilt University School of Law; civil rightsThe Race Relations Law Reporter from the School of Law at Vanderbilt University has ceased publication.
116Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Somet1968-01-017Minnis, Jackcivil rights; racial discrimination; equal employment; economic problems; poverty; living wageMinis discusses the difference between black and white incomes, and how a large percentage of black families live below the basic level of necessary income to simply live.
117The Southern Patriot Nathaniel Hawthorne Fighter fo1975-04-008Hawthorne, Nathaniel LeeSCEF, Civil Rights, death, arbitrary Nathaniel Lee Hawthorn's arbitrary.
118Southern PatriotThe Delta, After Greenville: P1966-02-011, 4Puryear, R. W.; Foster, Issac; Lawrence, Ida MaeGreenville AFB, Poor Peoples Conference, poverty, civil rights, eviction, tent city, squatterA group of 70 poor people were evicted from Greenville AFB in Edward, MS after occupying the vacant buildings during a snowstorm. They went to Mt. Beulah to seek refuge and form a new life.
119Southern PatriotCarolina "Justice" In Brief1972-11-016Bounds, Lee; Chavis, Ben; Parker, Charles Lee; Sparrow, Katherine; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Braden, Carlprison conditions; prison reform; discrimination; jury bias; civil rights violation; repression; bail; murderAn overview of the problems in the justice system of North Carolina.
120Southern PatriotBook Notes: "You Can't Go Home1966-03-012Heffner, Red; Heffner, Malva; Heffner, Carla; Eastland, Jamescivil rights, Mississippi Freedom Summer Council of Federated Organizations, racial violence, KKK"So the Heffners left McComb" is the story of the Heffner family, driven from their Mississippi town for trying to prevent the KKK from taking over their community.
121Southern PatriotSchool Protest1965-10-011Civil Rights, Desegregation, Tokenism, Black Protest ArrestMore than 200 students, mostly high school, were arrested for protesting facilities in all black high school in Forrest City, AR.
122Southern PatriotAbove the Law?1966-05-011Eastland, JamesSCEF, civil rights, conspiracySCEF is fighting the reversal of a lower court decision dismissing a damages suit against Sen. James Eastland for taking part in a conspiracy for false arrests and raids against the SCEF in 1963.
123Southern PatriotMississippi - Black Officials 1968-01-012Clark, Robertblack election; bonding issues; insurance companies; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); NAACP; Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under LawTwenty-three black people took office in Mississippi in spite of a bonding road block.
124Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-02-012Rose, Thomas; DuBois, W.E.B.; Killens, John Oliver; Horowitz, David; Domhoff, G. Williamviolence; repression; civil rights movementReview of _Violence in America_ by Thomas Rose; _An ABC of Color_ by W.E.B. DuBois; and "Corporations and the Cold War" and _Studies in Imperialism and the Cold War_.
125Southern PatriotRoots of Southern Struggle1969-11-017Stephenson, Gladys; Fleming, Will; Stephenson, James; McCord, Jim; Gordon, William; Johnson, James; Frantz, Laurentpolice invasion; black community; violence; lynching; mob; arrest; police shooting; civil rights violationGives an overview of the violent happenings in Columbia, Tennessee on Feb. 25-26 1946.
126Southern PatriotNew Hope For Wansley1966-02-014Wansley, Thomas; Harvey, Ruth; Cundiff, O. Raymond; Hirchkop, Phillip; Kunstler, Williamrape, civil rights, right to counsel, mistrialThe case against Thomas Wansley of the rape of two white women was taken from State of VA by the US Courts. The case was still continuing to collapse.
127Southern PatriotLife in Prison1966-02-014Hopkins, Charles Lee; Lamar, Eddie Jamescivil rights, racial murder, riotThe 22 year old black man Charles Lee Hopkins was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a white man when he blindly fired into a mob.
128Southern PatriotNorth Carolina Struggle Widens1972-01-011Chavis, Benblack liberation; black independence; student rebellion; civil rights; Black People's United PartyNorth Carolina has become the battleground for black liberation.
129Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: She Says t1967-05-016Braden, Anne; Shields, Dorothy power; civil rights movement; NVDAReader Dorothy Shields feels the question of the _Southern Patriot's_ support of the black power movement has not been answered.
130Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Problems i1967-11-016Killough, LorrieHardeman County, Tennessee; poverty; starvation; federal fundingReader Lorrie Killough explains the plights of residences and civil rights workers in Hardeman County, Tennessee.
131Southern PatriotExperiment in Atlanta1966-03-012civil rights, poverty, federal services, human relations councilThe Atlanta Council on Human Relations created a "Citizens Information Service"" to help mainly poor people utilize both public and private services available to them.
132Southern PatriotPPC Asked: Demand End of Repre1968-05-011, 7Brown, RapSteering Committee Against Repression; peace group; civil rights; Poor People's Campaign; black militant leadersThe Steering Committee Against Repression met and drafted a set of demands to the federal government to end repression against people fighting for social change.
133Southern PatriotOne White Southerrner Looks at1966-05-014race relations, civil rights, integration, labor, voter registration, Mississippi Summer Project, black consciousness, black independence, poverty, black nationalismEd Hamlett discusses the meeting in Pensacola, FL where people discussed community organizing and the emerging sense of black nationalism among African American organizers.
134The Southern Patriot Comments on Campain 76 Lots of1976-01-001,6Wallace, George; Carter, Jimmy; Humphrey, Hubert; Johnson, "Scoop"presidential campaign, 76' election, economic crisis, corporate interest, civil rights movement, voter turnout, democracy76' elections are beginning and the presidential candidates all seem to represent the "ruling class". The Author calls for a change in the political system to better serve the people.
135Southern PatriotMore "People Power" Strengthen1966-11-018, 2Reynolds, Issac; Perez, LeanderCORE; Vietnam War; black power; school desegregation; civil rights; co-op; employment; police brutalityCORE is remaining strong in Louisiana and continues to fight for community improvement. However, there has been a shift to almost all black organizers, with only one white person remaining.
136Southern PatriotBook Notes: "Look Out, Whitey"1968-09-012Lester, Juliusblack power; government; civil rights movementReview of Julius Lester's "Look Out, Whitey! Black Power's Gon' Get Your Mama."
137Southern PatriotMississippi Suit Attacks Draft1967-01-018Sumrall, John Ottis; Jolliff, James; Johnson, Paulmilitary draft; militancy; bias; racism; NAACP; Vietnam WarA twenty-year-old black Mississippian is bringing suit saying that the draft board shows bias towards drafting civil rights workers to curb the movement.
138Southern PatriotLibel Conviction Upset1966-06-011Ashton, Steve; London, Ephraim; Combs, Ben Jacklibel, college activism, free speech, civil rightsThe conviction of Steve Ashton of criminal libel for writing a pamphlet on the condition of mine strikers in Hazard, KY was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
139Southern PatriotBardstown Passes Fair Housing 1966-11-013fair housing legislation, SCEF, discrimination, civil rightsThe Small town Bardstown, KY became the first community to pass fair housing legislation in the South.
140Southern PatriotWorking in Eastern Kentucky1968-03-017Thomas, MortonSNCC; CORE; Appalachia; coal miners; United Mine Workers; urban migration; factory; politicsMorton Thomas tells his story of traveling and working throughout Kentucky with various civil rights groups, specifically the SNCC.
141Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
142Southern PatriotMississippi: Casualty of the G1967-01-015Johnson, LyndonMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Child Development Group of Mississippi; civil rights; head start program; federal funding; poverty; unemployment; ghetto; voter registrationMississippi is struggling due to lack of government funding and aid, and the overall poverty most residents suffer on a regular basis.
143Southern PatriotRacists Renw Attempts to Destr1966-11-011, 7Carmichael, Stokely; Horton, Myles; McNeil, Scott; Walker, Cas; Bryant, BaxtonHighlander Folk School, KKK, Highlander Center, civil rights, black power, fire bombing ACLUThe Klan and other segregationist groups are trying to end the Highlander Center through fire bombings and challenging their legal right to exist.
144Southern PatriotReporting on the Movement1967-09-013Analauage, Robertcivil rights movement; voters registration; black power; violence; poor white community; ignoranceRobert Analauage explains how the freedom movement has changed over time, and his experiences with the changes in the black-white relationship.
145Southern PatriotSupreme Court Hearing Puts Eas1967-03-017Eastland, James O.; Kinoy, Arthur; Sarwine, J. G.civil rights records; SCEF; HUAC; raids; First Amendment Violation; record removal; immunitySCEF is suing Eastland for illegal raids on SCEF headquarters and then removing their records from the state. The issue, though, is whether is his immune because he is a US senator.
146Southern PatriotHow It's Done1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p. 2school desegration, Nottoway County, Virginia, Virginia Students Civil Rights CommitteeBlacks in Nottoway County in Southside Virginia successfully enrolled black students in the all white school.
147Southern PatriotPeople's History1967-09-012Lewis, John L.; Cromwell, Suzannecivil rights movement; black history; ignorance; Mountain Education Program; povertySuzanne Cromwell states that organizers need to learn black history, which is kept from them by the state and local powers, in order to successfully help people.
148Southern Patriot2000 Tennesseans March Against1970-04-011Brown, Rap; Bryant, Baxton; Lawson, James; Kamis, Peter; Bible, Carroll; Rubin, Jerry; Ochs, Philpolitical repression; march; protest; civil rights; "Knoxville 22"More than 2,000 people in Nashville, Kentucky marched on the state capitol to protests political repression by local and state officials.
149Southern PatriotCommission Investigates N.C. D1971-04-016Valder, Bob; Chavis, BenNorth Carolina Civil Rights Commission; school desegregation; testimony; racism; discrimination;A commission in North Carolina investigated the blatant acts of racism and discrimination in newly desegregated schools. However, nothing will likely come from it, but students are happy the events are officially recorded.
150Southern PatriotVoting Rights Bill1969-11-015Comer, William voting rights; congressional stalling; voter registration; 1965 Voting Rights Bill; literacy testsMississippi Congressman William M. Colmer has successfully stalled the bill to protect black voting rights.
151Southern PatriotA Poverty Worker's Fight1966-06-012Collins, Virginia; Fields, Cliffordpoverty, police brutality, protest, civil rights, Office of Economic Opportunity, arrestVirginia Collins was fired form her job and then arrested for allowing a meeting against police brutality held at her anti-poverty program center.
152Southern PatriotGreer Convicted1971-01-015Greer, Ezra; Dennis, Marcus; Greer, Jackie; Kaplin, Phillipinciting a riot; conviction; civil rights; police brutalityReverend Ezra Greer was convicted of inciting a riot based on the white deputy sheriff's testimony.
153Southern PatriotVirginia Racist Reveals How H1967-02-011Glass, Carter, III; Kunstler, William; Tuck, William; Wansley, Thomas; Cundiff, O. RaymondHouse Un-American Activities Committee; civil rights; communism; corruptionA Virginia newspaper correspondent was forced to admit that he received files on William Kunstler directly from the HUAC which were used to link the lawyer to communism.
154Southern PatriotRevolt in the Rio Grande: Farm1966-06-011, 3strike, civil rights, protest, farm workers, union, National Farm Workers Association, Roman Catholic Church, wage increase, green card, customs, immigrantsThousands of melon farmer workers in Texas are striking to gain higher wages in order to be able to afford to live in America and improve conditions for their families.
155The Southern Patriot Lynching Aftermanth Whites Go 1974-11-005Polk, Preston; Cook, Albert; Youmans, Wallace; O'Neal, J. BlantonLynching, racism, injustice, murder, civil rights activity, retaliation, conspiracyWallace Youmans was shot in the head and killed after walking by Albert Cook's store. Cook and two other men were found not guilty.
156Southern Patriot"The Issue is White Supremacy"1966-11-013black power; prejudice; white supremacy; Niagara Movement; NAACP; SCEF; integration; interracial action; violence; civil rights; free speechExplains the issue is not black power but white supremacy.
157Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kangaroo C1968-04-016Mulloy, Joseph; King, Martin Luther, Jr.draft refusal; Selective Service Act; conscientious objector; Vietnam War; civil rights movementReader Arthur Corse comments on the court trial of Joseph Mulloy for draft refusal, and how the federal government did not give him a fair trial or sentence.
158Southern PatriotBook Notes; History of Nonviol1966-10-012Lynd, Staughtonpaficism, civil rights, nonviolenceReview of "Nonviolence in America: A Documentary History" by Staughton Lynd, a Yale Historian, about the history of nonviolence in America dating back to the Revolution.
159Southern PatriotIn the Delta: Bolivar Head Sta1966-04-014Head Start Program, federal funding, Office of Economic Opportunity, poverty, Child Development Group of Mississippi, Community Action Program, civil rightsThe Head Start Program in Bolivar County, MS is run without federal aid because the citizens want to be consulted in their programs.
160Southern PatriotMovement Doctors Under Attack1970-03-015McCaskill, Luther W.; Henry, Aaron; Gatch, Donaldabortion; murder; acquittal; NCAAP; militancy; drug law violation; malnutrition; hunger; medical draft defermentTwo southern doctors are under attack from the legal system for standing up for the poor black populations civil rights. One was indicted for murder for performing abortions and the other for speaking out against malnutrition.
161Southern PatriotPeace Movement Battles HUAC1966-09-012Eastland, James O.; Kunstler, William M.; Kinay, Arthur; Vivian, C. T.; Weltner, Charlesfree speech, civil rights movement, world peace, HUAC, Vietnam War, SCEF, ACLUThe ACLU filed suit against the HUAC saying it was unconstitutional for the committee to question people about their involvement in Vietnam War opposition.
162Southern PatriotWhite People Seek Out Movement1967-03-013Taxler, Ike; Davis, Frank; Hines, Hazel; Lawson, Dorice; Lawson, Woodrow; Allison, PrestonLog Loader; poverty; uneducated; white poor; head start program; Freedom Democratic Party; militancy; welfare programsThe white poor of Mississippi are seeking out help from the civil rights movement run by black workers.
163Southern PatriotHigh Court Will Hear Case Agai1966-12-013Eastland, James O.; Sarwine, J. G.; Pfister, Jamesimmunity; SCEF; civil rights; Senate Internal Security Subcommittee; raidsThe US Supreme Court will decide whether Senator Eastland is protected by congressional immunity from the suit filed by SCEF claiming he led raids on their headquarters.
164Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On Honesty1967-02-016Saunders, William; Jenkins, Jamescivil rights; Vietnam War; racism; equalityTwo black readers, William Saunders and James Jenkins, call for the end of black involvement in the Vietnam War and better conditions in black communities.
165Southern PatriotWhites Oppose Danville Trials1967-03-014Aileen, Archibald M.; Carter, John W.; Taylor, Leighviolence; peaceful protest; nonviolence; court decision; Danville TrialsThe 1963 Danville, Virginia court trials, which were the center around the attack of black peaceful protesters, show the white moderates in the area have not learned from recent civil rights events.
166Southern PatriotKlan Steps Up Activity1966-12-011, 6Sensabough, Amos; Alexander, Fred; Alexander, Kelly; Chambers, Julius; Hawkins, R. A.; Jones, J. Robertbombing; NAACP; murder; beating; cross burning; Ku Klux Klan; sit-in; SCEF; civil rights; John Birch Society; Citizens CouncilThe Klan is experiencing a resurgence as they increase the number of violent acts across the South. Also, their membership now mainly consists of poorer whites.
167Southern PatriotNashville's Police Face Invest1967-02-014Hall, Ramsey; Jackson, Joseph W.; Kemp, Hubert O.; Shriver, Thomas; Merrit, Gilbertpolice shooting; civil rights; protest; petition; racism; violence; vendetta; student protest; SSOCPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are protesting the police shooting of a young, white, Vanderbilt student.
168Southern PatriotMany Challenge War, Draft1967-02-018DuVernay, Raymond; Smith, Ben; Schutz, Simuel; Sumrall, John; Levy, Howard; Gardiner, Tom; Flower, Marion Charles; Camus, Albert; Brysky, Clemens G.; Simmons, Mikeprotest; draft; Vietnam War; NAACP; prison; SNCC; civil rights; voter registration; draft resistance; pacifismMany blacks are challenging the draft into the Vietnam War based on the fact that they do not agree with war itself or do not want to fight a "white man's war."
169The Southern Patriot Clifford Durr, Fighter for Civ1975-04-006Durr, CliffordArbitrary, civil rights, deathClifford Durr Arbitrary
170Southern PatriotWhite Students Begin to Speak 1966-12-018Edmundson, Bill; Bailey, Bob; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Beecher, JohnStudents for a Democratic Society; racism; John Birch Society; politics; election; civil rightsWhite students in Birmingham, Alabama are beginning to speak out against the racism in local and collegiate systems.
171Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Nothing to1967-02-016Carmichael, Stokely; Katz, AaronSNCC; unity; black Muslims; civil rights; vilenceA reader, Aaron Katz, complains that the _Southern Patriot_ did not criticize the SNCC or Stokely Carmichael for not encouraging black-white unity.
172Southern PatriotWilliams Case Stirs Monroe1972-02-018Griffin, Virgil Lee; Williams, Robert; Mauney, Al; Scott, Bob; Milliken, William G.Ku Klux Klan; National White People's Party; kidnapping; Monroe Movement; civil rights demonstration; violence; Republic of New Africa; contempt; petitionThe case against Robert Williams has caused protests and anger from both sides in Monroe, North Carolina.
173Southern PatriotSome Movement Veterans Die1971-09-012Stephens, Donald; Austin, Louis E.; Tilley, John L., Sr.draft refusal; Southern Conference for Human Welfare; women's suffrage; civil rights SCLCDeath announcements for three movement leaders: Donald Stephens, Louis E. Austin, and John L. Tilley, Sr.
174Southern PatriotHUAC Flounders: Violence Goes 1964-11-011, 4Penn, Lemuel. Weltner, Charles. Buchanan, John. Luizzo, Vida. Jackson, Jimmie Lee. Daniels, JonathanKKK, House Un-American Activities Committee, Civil Rights Violation, SCLC, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Highlander Center, MS Freedom Democratic Party, Southern Conference Educational FundHUAC investigation of Klan violence and their inability to provide and unbiased opinion on the topic.
175Southern PatriotSCLC Replies to NVDA Critics1966-09-014Vivian, C. T.; Young, Andrew; DuBois, Rachale; Farris, Carl; Kennedy, Edward; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.SCLC, Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), civil rights, nonviolent protest, poverty, Vietnam WarThe SCLC replied to criticism over the nonviolent direct action movement explaining that it is the most radical approach to fight social problems.
176Southern PatriotDeeds not Words in Tennessee1966-01-013Hortenstine, VirgieFayett-Heywood County Work-camps, voter registration, Operation Freedom, civil rights movement, freedom schools, literacy programIn west TN work-camp programs bring blacks and whites together to improve social conditions. Also, Operation Freedom organized literacy schools and programs to educate the poor.
177Southern PatriotSubpoenas & the Media1970-03-017Mitchell, John; Caldwell, Earlnews media; confidential information; government subpoenas; radical groups; jail; free speech; Black Panthers; resistanceEditorial about the rash of government subpoenas for media information about radical civil rights groups. The _Southern Patriot_ states they will defy any subpoenas for their records.
178Southern PatriotAnti-HUAC Project1967-01-018Bloomfield, Barbara; Lewis, John; Vivian, C. T.; Walker, Wyatt T.; Braden, Carl; O'Connor, HarveySCEF, House Un-American Activities Committee; civil rights movementA southern office of the National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee is being sponsored by SCEF and the National office.
179Southern PatriotA Southern Profile: Mississipp1966-11-017Guyot, Lawrence; Moses, Bob; Green, Dewey, Jr.; Zinn, Howard; Humphrey, Hubert; Ryan, William FritzMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; bus boycott; SNCC; KKK; integration; poverty; Hattiesburg Project; voter registration; segregation; Sunflower CountyBiography of Lester Guyot, civil rights leader in Mississippi who is chairman of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
180Southern PatriotKing: On Political and Economi1967-04-017King, Martin Luther, Juniorblack power; civil rights movement; white backlash; protestExcerpt fro, an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he discusses oppression of the black community, and how to organize the black community to gain the most economic and political power.
181Southern PatriotTenth Anniversary Tribute1966-01-013Parks, Rosa; Morgan, Juliette; GandhiMontgomery Bus Protest, civil rights martyr, freedom movementCommemorates the tenth anniversary of Rosa Parks' bus protest. Also explains that Juliette Morgan is largely unknown but was one of the first white persons to recognize the significance of these events and eventually died in 1957. They call her a martyr.
182Southern PatriotSCEF Board Looks at "Black Pow1966-11-013Shuttlesworht, Fred L.; Smith, Lillianblack power, SCEF, integration, unity, SNCC, CORE, militancy, HUACThe SCEF at it's semi-annual meeting discussed the issue of black power and unity with civil rights organizations. It also condemned HUAC and paid tribute to the late author Lillian Smith.
183Southern PatriotThe Bond Case: It's Meaning to1966-02-011, 2, 3Bond, Horace Julian; Heard, Eliza; Shapiro, Herbert; Lewis, John; Bond, Horace MannSouthern Freedom Movement, Bond Case, Civil Rights, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Vietnam War, Foreign PolicyCase over Julian Bond not being seated to a special GA legislature for agreeing to a statement against the Vietnam War put out by SNCC. Discusses the controversy around the issue and those fighting for him.
184Southern PatriotBlack-White Union Keeps School1967-02-011, 8Christenberry, Herbert W.; Perez, Leander H.; McKeithen, John J.; Gibson, Eloise; Rhodes, Buddy; Parker, John H.; Oliver, Clem; Hay, Georgesegregation; school integration; picket line; white involvement; 14th Amendment; 1964 Civil Rights Act; private school; federal funding; PTAIn Louisiana, parents fought to integrate schools. It was unique here because of the large number of white parents included.
185Southern PatriotLee Otis Johnson Wins Appeal1972-02-011, 6Johnson, Lee Otis; Bue, Carl O., Jr.; Short, Herman; Smith, Preston; Williams, Roger; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Brown, John R.; Cocke, Shaw; Cox, Harold; Beecher, Johnny Danielappeal; marijuana conviction; Texas Liberation Movement; warrant; conspiracy; public housing; seized documents; Black Panther PartyAn overview of the legal proceedings in cases concerning civil rights issues.
186Southern PatriotBar Asks Taylor Suspension1970-03-017Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, William M.; Pound, J. Mile; Colson, William G.Kentucky Court of Appeals; suspension; disbarment; civil rights cases; harassment; unethical conductDaniel T. Taylor III received a one year suspension from practicing law after being found guilty of unethical conduct. It is a lesser penalty than disbarment, which was originally asked for by the State Bar Association.
187Southern PatriotLaurel Workes Attack Masonite1970-12-011, 2Sellers, Granville; Paul, R. E.Masonite Plant; civil rights violation; petition; discrimination; unsafe conditions; harassment; organized labor; militancy; injury; false recordsWorkers at the Masonite Plant in Laurel, Mississippi are sending out a petition charging the company with discrimination, unsafe working conditions; and violating their past contract from the 1967 strike.
188Southern PatriotBehind Rap Brown's Trial: Hist1970-04-013Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rap; Payne, William; Tubman, Harriet; Richardson, Gloria; Adams, Elaine; Stafford, Emerson; Carmichael, Stokely; Wise, Stanley; Yates, William B., IIItrial; racism; arson; militancy; black population; SNCC; protest; semi-martial law; Black Action Federation; speech; shooting; Kerner commissionEditorial about the history of the Civil Rights struggle in Cambridge, Maryland and how Rap Brown came to speak there.
189Southern PatriotCarl Farris: "It's the Same St1972-09-017Farris, CarlSCLC; civil rights movement; labor movement; labor interestA brief biography of Carl Farris and his philosophy on the labor movement.
190Southern PatriotOne Year Later: The Effects of1967-05-017Braden, Anneblack power; SNCC; freedom movement; integration; black-white relationship; NAACP; SCLCEditor Anne Braden analyzes the black power movement and how it has changed over a year. She focuses on the black-white relationship shift in civil rights groups.
191Southern PatriotLouisana Students Organis in S1966-03-011, 3Barrett, Kathy; Suarez, Matt; Hill, Lon; Dubinsky, Edslums, campus activism, student organization, civil rights, picket lines, boycott, community organizing, desegregation, Vietnam War, CORE, SCEF, Mississippi Summer Project, block clubs, New Orleans Community Organizing Project, povertyCollege students from New Orleans are finding ways to be active and help improve their local communities through education and improving living conditions.
192Southern PatriotIn Eastland's Backyard: Hope i1966-03-011, 4Eastland, James; Brooks, Lela Mae; Clayton, Claude; Kunstler, William; Knay, Arthur; Katzenback, Nicholas; Alexander, BryceSunflower county, MS, civil rights, racial violence, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, voter registration, poverty, chain gangs, discrimination, segregationBlacks in Sunflower County, MS won the appeal to end the four month waiting period in order for them to vote. This is in opposition to Sen James Eastland, a segregationist who resides in Sunflower.
193Southern PatriotAn Editorial Report the SNCC T1966-05-011, 2, 3Lewis, John; Carmichael, Stokely; Forman, Jim; Robinson, Ruby Daris; Sellers, Cleveland; Hamlett, EdSNCC, civil rights, freedom movement, black power, Black Panthers, poverty, militancy, community organizing, disillusionment, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, independent politics, race relations, rumor, integrationThe changes within the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee notes disillusionment, false reports, delays in their efforts and their future plans.
194Southern PatriotSouthern Women Talk Freedom1969-03-017, 6Webb, Marilyn; Wells, Lynwomen's rights; SSOC; gender roles; New South; women's liberation groups; equality; women's movement; international rightsEditorial over a weekend conference of the Southern Women in Atlanta. They met to discuss their rights and roles in daily life.
195Southern PatriotSouthern Student Movement Seek1966-04-011, 4SSOC, civil rights, freedom movement, organizing white communities, black nationalism, SNCC, Southern Mountain Project, Vietnam War, Black Panther movement, integrationThe annual spring conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee decided it needed to try to organize more white communities and focus on the growing protest against the Vietnam War.
196Southern PatriotWhy Bluefield State Students R1968-04-014Bratten, Carolyn; Barker, Alan; Saunders, Alonzo; Christie, Sidney; Smith, HulettBluefield State College, West Virginia; student protest; racial discrimination; civil rights; hazing; militancy; suspension; free speechExplains why students at Bluefield State College rebelled due to declining black student population, lack of free speech, ans suspensions without hearings.
197Southern PatriotBook Notes: A Lawyer's Story1966-02-012Kunstler, Bill; Kinoy, Arthurcivil rights, lawyer, Southern Freedom Movement, Freedom Riders, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Mississippi Summer Project, NAACPBill Kunstler's book "Deep in My Hear" discusses his experience as a lawyer in the Southern Freedom Movement from 1961-1965.
198Southern PatriotThe 90th Congress1967-01-012Powell, Adam Clayton; Vivian, C. T.; Maddox, Lester; Callaway, Howard (Bo); Clay, Cassiuscivil rights; HUAC; ghetto; SCEF; election; desegregationThe 90th congress refused to seat New York Democrat Adam Clayton Powell or discuss abolishing HUAC. Lester Maddox was elected governor of Georgia. Standards for school desegregation in New Orleans were established.
199Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-012Wallace, George. Flowers, Richmond. Odour, Ralph. Haley, Richard. AL constitution. Civil Rights murders. SCLC. Police Brutality. CORE. School Boycott. Discrimination. SNCC. AR Voice. Voter Fraud. Discrimination in Agriculture.AL state constitution challenged for number of governor terms. Nashville demonstration against police beating of Kenyan Man. Tallaluh, LA riots due to school boycott. AL and MS tried to elect blacks to improve crop allotments. AR fraud in school board ele
200Southern PatriotHUAC Founders: Violence Goes U1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 1-4Penn, Lemuel; Weltner, Charles; Buchanan, John; Luizzo, Vida; Jackson, Jimmie Lee; Daniels, JonathanKu Klux Klan, House Un-American Activities Committee, civil rights violation, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Highlander Center, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Southern Conference Educational FunHUAC investigation of Klan violence and their inability to provide an unbiased opinion on the topic.
201Southern PatriotElection in West Tennessee Ret1966-09-011magistrates, black election, voter registration, West Tennessee Voter's Project, civil rightsNine black magistrates were elected in west TN after years of struggle for voter registration.
202Southern PatriotToday's Greatest Issues: A Cal1965-11-014Attorney General Katzenbach.Vietnam War, foreign policy, Southern Conference Educational fund, Racial Murder, Voter Registration, economic reprisals for blacks. The lack of discussion about foreign policy in the South. White men throughout the south being acquitted of black murders. Restriction of voter registration throughout the south. Lack of economic equality for blacks and economic reprisals for civil rights
203Southern PatriotQuinoy Five Case Falls Apart1972-04-015Hopkins, Arvah; Keaton, David; Fredericks, Johnny; Burns, Johnny; Figgers, Alphonso; Smith, David; Fussel, James; Mitchell, James; Damon, Jesse; Revels, Thomas; Perkins, RobertQuinoy Five; robbery; militant civil rights; harassment; death penalty; witness testimony; Luke's Grocery Store; police raidThe state case against the Quinoy Five is falling apart mainly because only three men were accused of robbery and murder but the state is charging eight with the crime.
204Southern PatriotToday's Great Issues: A Call t1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9 p. 4Katzenbach, Attorney GeneralVietnam War, foreign policy, Southern Conference Educational Fund, racial murder, voter registration, economic reprisals for blacksThe lack of discussion about foreign policy in the South. White men throughout the South being acquitted of black murders. Restriction of voter registration throughout the South. Lack of economic equality for blacks and economic reprisals for civil rights
205Southern PatriotTwo Black Liberation Front Lea1971-03-014, 5Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Bailey, Mel; Orange, David; Turner, Bernice; Cleaver, Eldridge; Robertson, Harold; Prosch, Gus; Wallace, Georgepolice brutality; assault; Alabama Black Liberation Front; victim blaming; eviction; discrimination; phone tapping; civil rights violation; inhumane jail conditions; arms cacheIn Birmingham, Alabama two Alabama Black Liberation Front Leaders were attacked by police and arrested for trying to help a local woman keep her house.
206Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 2Wallace, George; Flowers, Richmond; Odour, Ralph; Haley, RichardAlabama constitution, constitutional amendment, Civil Rights, murder, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, police brutality, CORE, school boycott, discrimination in agriculture, SNCC, Arkansas Voice, voter fraudAlabama state constitution challenged for number of governor terms, in Nashville -- a demonstration against police beating of Kenyan man, in Talluluh -- L. A. Riots due to school boycott, Alabama and Mississippi tried to elect blacks to improve crop allo
207Southern PatriotAnatomy of a Black Panther: Wh1966-10-013Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Myles, Frank; Ross, Emory; Flowers, Richmond; Moore, Alice; Strickland, Willie Mae; Logan, Robert; Henson, Johnblack power, 1966 Civil Rights Bill, SNCC, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, poverty, race relations, white supremacy, community improvement, black pantherThe people of Lowndes County, AL are exerting their black power and exacting change through running for political office and showing their ability to fight racism.
208The Southern Patriot In Mississippi and West Virgin1974-12-007Moore, Alice; Wynn, Lauri; Wright, Richard; Gregory, Dick; Bettersworth, John k.; Brooks, Gwendolynbook banning, racism, John Birch Society, School Boards, textbooksThe states of Mississippi and West Virginia are facing racist school boards, who favor banning books that they deem communistic, anti-religious, and favor interracial themes. The school boards are also approving textbooks that show the civil rights moveme
209Southern PatriotError Confessed1966-01-011, 3Lewin, Nathan; Rabinowitz, Victor; Robinowitz, Joni; King, Slater; Jackson, Elza; Thomas, Robert; Wells, Samuel B.; Bell, Griffin; Labat, Egar; Smith, Benjamin E.; Morgan, Charles Jr.; Davis, Edward; Albany Movement, jury selection, US Court of Appeals, civil rights movement, bias, jury tampering, NAACP AttorneyThe US government confessed error in the conviction of 6 members of the Albany movement in 1963. The juries were biased and contained no black people, meaning they did not receive a fair trial.
210The Southern Patriot Leader of the Rights of White 1974-04-006Little, Lawrence R.; Jervay, T.C.; Charvis, Ben; Burns, Smith, David H.; Brown, Peggie; Gibson, LeroyRights of White People, bombing, wilmington journal, racismLawrence R. Little member of the Rights of White People, was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the bombing of the Wilmington Journal.
211Southern PatriotThe Summer in Review1971-09-014Boyle, Tony; Tijerina, Reis; Collier, Jo Etha; Swan, Jimmy; Evers, Charles; Bond, Julian; Mathis, Hazle; Mathis, Van Lee, JR.; Anderson, Leon; Russ, Cornell; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Honey, union welfare and retirement fund; voter fraud; militancy; voter registration; shooting; Southern Black Caucus; SCLC; Republic of New Africa; gun battle; police shooting; Alabama Black Liberation FrontReview of the events that took place over the summer that relate to civil rights and militancy.
212Southern PatriotBook Notes: Personal Stories S1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Belfrage, Sally; Sutherland, Elizabeth; McNeill, Robert1964 Mississippi Summer Project, Freedom Summer, Letters From Mississippi, God Wills Us Free, Civil Rights, desegregationDetails three books: Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage, about her experiences during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project, Letters From Mississippi, a collection of excerpts from letters written during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project collected by Elizab
213Southern PatriotBook Notes: Personal Stories 1965-10-012Belfrage, Sally. Sutherland, Elizabeth. McNeil, Robert.1964 MS Summer Project, Freedom Summer, Letters from Mississippi, God Wills vs. Free, Civil Rights, DesegregationDetails three books: Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage about her experiences during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project; Letters from Mississippi collected by Elizabeth Sutherland which are excerpts from letters written during the Summer Project; and God W
214Southern PatriotDombrowski Retires as SCEF Exe1966-02-011, 4Dombrowski, James A.; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Braden, Carl; Braden, Ann; Longstrth, Emily; Baker, Ella; Fletcher, Frank; Posey, Buford; Collins, Virgina; Smith, BenCivil rights, Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF), Southern Mountain Project, poverty, Deep South Project, Highlander School, segregationJames Dombrowski is retiring as executive director of the SCEF, promoting its move to Louisville, KY from New Orleans, LA. He leaves a long legacy of social activism and leaves the SCEF in the hands of Carl and Ann Braden.
215The Southern Patriot Welfare Organizers Face Trumpe1975-04-002White Jean; Parks, Amy; Flower, Edwinwelfare rights organization, welfare fraud, minority women, economic crisis Jean White and Amy Parks active members and leaders of the welfare rights organization are being charged with trumped up charges of welfare fraud. They believe they are being targeted for the involvement in the Welfare Rights Organization and planned demo
216Southern PatriotWomen Organize1970-05-013Reed, Evelyn; Collins, Virginia; Dunbar, Roxanne; Atkins, MarthaSouthern Female Liberation Meeting; women's rights; Southern Female Rights Union; women's history; self-defenseMore than 200 women met in Edward, Mississippi for the Southern Female Liberation meeting, where they discussed history, rights and other liberation topics.
217Southern PatriotThe Movement Stirs Folk Reviva1965-12-011,3Reagan, Bernice. Garawan, Guy. Lomax, Alan. James, Willis Dr. Peacock, Willie. Block, Sam. McGee, William. Sherrod, Charles. Young, Andrew Rev. Bishop, Ruby.Black folk music, black culture, freedom movement, highlander center in Knoxville, TN, cultural festivals, civil rights movement, Student nonviolent coordinating committee, Newport Folk Foundation, Spirituals, Edwards Festival, Tuskegee InstituteExplains the revival of black folk music and culture throughout the South. Focuses on the Highlander Center in Knoxville, TN and their efforts to organize festivals and events to revive the style.
218Southern PatriotMemorial to Lil Landau1969-02-012Landau, Lil; Marcantonio, VitoSCEF; human rights; voting rights; unityA living memorial has been established in Lil Landau's name.
219Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: More About1969-03-016McSurely, Margaret; Edmonds, Josephwomen's rights; poverty; legal equalityReader Joseph Edmonds commends the _Southern Patriot_ for discussing the issue of women's rights.
220Southern PatriotThe Trial of Gurley Flynn1968-10-012Lamont, Carliss; Flynn, Elizabeth Gurleycommunism; American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)A review of "The Trial of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn by the American Civil Liberties Union" edited by Carliss Lamont.
221Southern PatriotThe Poor People's Forum: Sugge1968-06-016Allen, DonnaPoor People's Campaign; poverty; human rights; political powerReader Donna Allen explains how she feels the poor should approach congress to gain more rights.
222The Southern Patriot Georgia Conference Hears Priso1973-11-007Giles Emory Conference, American civil liberties union, Georgia Council on Human Relations, rehabilitation, behavior modification, penal system, emory university law school Emory University law school held a conference that was sponsored by the American civil liberties union of Georgia and the Georgia Council on Human relations. Workshops were conducted which focused on rehabilitation, health and behavior modification, parol
223Southern PatriotThousands Petition Senate -- S1968-09-018Eastland, James O.; Humphrey, HubertMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; human rights groups; senate investigationThousands of Americans are protesting the senate investigation of MFDP and other human rights groups because they feel they threaten political power.
224Southern PatriotWRO Meets in Jackson to Decide1969-04-011, 2Ginny Guild; National Welfare Rights Organization; organizing; Appalachia; welfare issues; federal funding; Work Incentive Program; workshop; local baseThe National Welfare Rights Organization met in Jackson, Mississippi to discuss approaching the Nixon administration and build a base in the South.
225The Southern Patriot Carolina Senators Reject Equal1973-03-005Hodge Pansy, Fifield Laura Ann, Schlafly Phillis, Scott Ann, Rhyne Jack, Mullins Mike, Millet Kate, Hales Elsie.The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), 28th amendment, John Birch Society, NOW, Equal pay for Equal work.28th amendment- Equal Rights Amendment went up for vote in the Carolina senate and was struck down.
226Southern PatriotLabor Revolt Brews on Sugar Pl1968-09-011, 3Eastland, James O.; Walter, Jimfarm labor; organized labor; field workers; National Labor Relations Board; bargaining rights; exclusion from coverage; minimum wageLaborers in Louisiana sugar plantations are stirring to revolt against the corporate farmers due to lack of organizing rights and lack of making a minimum wage.
227Southern PatriotRuby Shuttlesworth Scholarship1971-04-012Shuttlesworth, Ruby K.; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.scholarship fund; human rights; Greater New Light Baptist ChurchA scholarship fund for Ruby K. Shuttlesworth has been established and they are asking for donations to help young people who have interests in human rights to go to college.
228Southern PatriotLong Strike Ends at Port St. J1972-05-018St. Joe Paper Company; pay raise; vesting rights; strikeStrikers at the St. Joe Paper Company won their pay raise in their strike, but not the right to arbitration or vesting rights.
229Southern PatriotFrank Graham Dies at 851972-03-012Graham, Frankhuman rights; University of North Carolina; SCEF; academic freedomObituary for Frank Graham, human rights activist and former president of the University of North Carolina.
230The Southern Patriot Interview with Ron Carter Figh1975-06-007Carter, RonAtlanta worker's committee to Fight-Back, workers rights, the peoples movementInterview with Ron Carter Chairman of the Atlanta Workers Committee to Fight Back. Active in the fight for the rights of the employed and unemployed.
231Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: All Schoo1967-04-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Powell, Adam Clayton; Bond, Julian; McKissick, Floyd: Jackson, Joseph W.; Hall, Thomas Windleyschool integration; SCEF; US Court of Appeals; 1966 Voting Rights Law; third political party; church burningSix southern states were ordered to integrate schools. Louisiana lost appeal to be exempted from the 1966 Voting Rights Law to help illiterates vote. Movement leaders announced plans to create "Third force" political party. Lowndes County churches burned.
232The Southern Patriot N.C. Prisoners Protest Overcro1976-04-007Grant, Jim; Willett, Anne; Marsh, Marjorie; Bost, Sam; Bolding, Tommy; Creasin, Raymond; Fink, Robertprison overcrowding, inhumane conditions, constitutional rights, North Carolina Prisoners labor union, Craggy Prison support Group, prison reform30 prisoners have field suit in federal court stating that their constitutional rights are being violated by the inhumane conditions in North Carolina prison system caused by overcrowding.
233Southern PatriotAll-Night Sit-In1965-10-012Job Discrimination, Sit-in, civil disobedienceIn Powatan County, VA, 70 people marched on the monthly County Board of Supervisors to protest job discrimination and other grievances. Some staged an all night sit-in at the courthouse.
234Southern PatriotAll-Night Sit-In1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p. 2job discrimination, sit-in, civil disobedienceIn Powaton County, VA. 70 people marched on the monthly County Board of Supervisors to protest job discrimination and other grievances. Some staged an all-night sit-in at the courthouse.
235Southern PatriotWilmington Whites Declare War.1971-09-017Gibson, LeroyRights of White People; paramilitary organization; armed resistance; war; school integration; Black Youth Builders of the Black Community; free foodIn Wilmington, North Carolina, the white paramilitary organization, Rights of White People, declared war on the black community for school integration while the black youth started a food program to help poor blacks.
236Southern PatriotROWP Invades Black Community1972-02-016Chavis, Ben; Hicks, Mollie; Hicks, Leatrice; Walker, Johnny; Wright, Clifton EugeneRights of White People (ROWP); white power attack; federal transfer; accessory to murderThe Rights of White People, a white supremacist group, moved its headquarters to the middle of the black community and the three charged with accessory to the murder of Clifton Eugene Wright asked that their case be moved to federal court.
237The Southern Patriot SIx Years Too Late1974-01-003Brown, H. Rap; Agnew, Spiro; Featherstone, Ralph; Payne Che;Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Kerner Commission on civil disorders, militancy, knapp commission, racism, black liberation movement The State of Maryland has dropped its arson and riot charges against H. Rap Brown, on the grounds that the evidence was fabricated.
238Southern PatriotThe Evidence1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 4Southern Regional Council, School desegregation, American Civil Liberties Union, Racial double standard,Explains "School Desegregation: Old Problems Under a New Law," which tells 94.8% of students are still segregated. "Southern Justice" explains the judicial double standard for blacks and whites.
239Southern PatriotThe Evidence1965-11-014Southern Regional Council; school desegregation; American Civil Liberties Union; racial double standardExplains "School Desegregation: Old Problems Under a New Law" which tells 94.8% of students are still segregated. "Southern Justice" explains the judicial double standard for blacks and whites.
240Southern PatriotPolice Killing Sparks Ayden Mo1971-11-014Murphy, William Earl; Day, Billy; Bloom, Eli; Frinks, Golden; Scott, Bob; Paul, Jerrypolice killing; movement arrest; indictment refusal; civil action; police brutality; racism; harassment; protest; march; bombing; curfewThe murder of a black man by police in Ayden, North Carolina, sparked rebellion and bombing in the small town. The black community is united like never before.
241Southern PatriotWomen's Place1968-09-013Stinson, Ford; Fulco, Frank; Walker, Lillianwomen's rights; female jurors; freedomA bill in Louisiana was overturned that would have made it easier for women to serve on juries.
242Southern PatriotWomen in the Struggle1972-02-014Parks, Rosawomen protesters; labor protest; strike; prison revolt; strip miningAn overview of the importance and involvement of women in the human rights struggles in the south.
243Southern PatriotBiography of a Neglected Hero1968-10-012Higginson, Thomas Wentworth; Meyer, Howard N.First South Carolina Volunteers; abolition; women's rightsA review of _Colonel of Black Regiment_ written by Howard N. Meyer.
244Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Mervin Har1969-05-016Harris, Mervin; Cimring, AnnetteGROW; human rightsMervin Harris, a political and humanist activist, died in Los Angeles on March 14th.
245Southern Patriot"The Time For Movilizations Ha1969-03-017King, Martin Luther,; confrontation; human rights; demonstration; resistance; SSOCSSOC explains how the movement has reached a turning point in terms of mobilized protests and public resistance.
246Southern PatriotThe People's Forum1968-06-016picket line; Louisville rebellion; breach-of-the-peace arrest; human rights; poverty; prison conditionReader Mary Britting explains the degradation she experienced while in prison after being arrested in the Louisville uprising.
247The Southern Patriot Virgina Protest Frame-up1973-06-003Carrington James, Carrington Otelia, Wansley Thomas, White Rev. Leon, Hawthorne Nathaniel LeeVirginia Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC), rape, frame-up, N.C.-V.A. Commission on Racial Justice of the United church of Christ, Virginia students civil righs committee, SCEF, Racism, intimidation Keysville Va. large protest on memorial day, protesters demanded the release of James Carrington. Carrington was active in his local black liberation movement, and was framed for raping a white girl. He is currently serving a 75 year sentence.
248Southern PatriotNews in Review1969-05-016Hutchings, Phil; Koen, Charles; Kunstler, William; Jones, J. Robert; Melish, John HowardSNCC; acquitted; violence; Ku Klux Klan; House Un-American Activities Committee; National States' Rights PartyReview of May's events.
249Southern Patriot"We Shall Overcome Our Hatred"1967-04-017Carmichael, Stokely; Lewis, John L.; Maddox, LesterSNCC; black power; human rights; racial violenceJohn McCarthy, correspondent, calls white readers to overcome their prejudices in order to facilitate integration.
250Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On the Wom1968-10-016Lester, Julius; Allen, DonnaWomen Strike for Peace; women's rightsReader Donna Allen thanks the _Southern Patriot_ for printing her article in the June edition, and corrects one error.
251Southern PatriotSouthern GI Movement Spreads1968-03-018Madison, Albert; Davis, Johnny; Toomer, Alfred; Levitan, Louissoldier movement; servicemen's union; Fort Jackson; Vietnam War; radical; _Short Times_; teach-in; repressionTroops from across the South are beginning to organize and protest war, racism and GI rights.
252Southern PatriotA Free Press Issue1970-01-016Honey, Mikefree speech; first amendment; newsletter; indictmentMartha Allen explains how her first amendment rights to free speech have been violated.
253Southern PatriotSpirits Still High At Taxarkan1972-05-016Collins, Walter; Carlson, Normanprison rebellion; repression; dining hall boycott; work stoppage; human rights; protest; scapegoat; isolationThe federal prisoners at Texarkana are still in good spirits after officials tried to crush their rebellion.
254Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Letter fro1968-10-016Johnson, Lee Otisracism; discrimination; black rightsLee Otis Johnson writes a letter from jail explains his beliefs on racism in America.
255Southern PatriotWhite Reactions1970-10-017Editorial Survey Group; school integration; unity; racism; poor whites; police harassment; Ku Klux KlanIn Jackson, Mississippi white people in the community are fighting for the rights of both poor black and poor white students in public schools.
256Southern PatriotVirginia Workers Organize1970-04-017Freeman, Bill; Stevens, George; Bryant, Irvingunion; General Electric strike; solidarity; racism; discrimination; women's rights; Verona Westinghouse PlantEditorial about striking union workers across the state of Virginia fighting discriminatory hiring practices.
257Southern PatriotPoor Face Welfare Cut1968-05-018Bonin, Garland; Delair, Audrey; Kiefer, Nat; Gill, Williamshunger; poverty; food stamps; malnutrition; federal funding; Welfare Rights MovementPeople in Louisiana are facing cuts to their welfare funding, specifically to the food stamp program.
258Southern PatriotBlack Officials1969-09-018Evers, Charlesblack political officials; local elections; voting restrictions; Voting Rights ActBlack candidates across the South are being elected to political office.
259Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1966-11-012Eastland; Stennis; Clayton, Claude F. OEO, Federal Funding, Child Development Group of Mississippi, voter rights, Freedom Democratic PartyThe OEO will not continue to fund the head start program in Mississippi. The federal court of Appeals order new municipal elections after voiding the 1965 ones, which blacks were not allowed to vote in.
260Southern PatriotThe MFDP Statement1968-01-015Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); Laurel, Mississippi; Masonite Corporation; free speech; union; Ku Klux KlanThe MFDP is investigating the strike in Laurel, MS because if the company can break the strike it will set worker rights back by 30 years.
261Southern PatriotThe Black Manifesto1969-06-017Forman, JamesBlack Manifesto; Black Economic Conference; welfare rights; co-operative; Vietnam War; wealth redistribution; poverty; malnutrition; oppressionThe Black Manifesto was presented to churches and synagogues across the nation asking for federal funding to help the impoverished of the nation.
262The Southern Patriot An opinion: The road to waterg1973-06-008Grant Jim, Ervin Sam, Anderson Jack, Wilkins Roy, Hersh SeymourGovernment spying, black liberation movement, Jim Grant Case, VVAW caseAnne Braden gives her opinion on the Watergate scandal. An example of government infringement on the rights of the people to protest and organize.
263Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On the Wom1969-02-016Allen, Donna; Rossi, Alice; Hacker, Sallywomen's rights; gender rolesReader Sally Hacker addresses what she believes to be the proper gender roles for both men and women.
264Southern PatriotSouthern Groups' Statement on 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Brown, Rapmilitancy; black liberation; non violence; Vietnam WarSeveral southern human rights groups met and drafted a statement calling for an end to the persecution of Rap Brown and other militant leaders on the eve of King's funeral.
265Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-03-017Shaw, Clay; Garrison, Jim; Kennedy, John F.; Wallace, George; Brener, Milton E.; Kinoy, Arthur; Dombrowski, James; Smith, Benjamin E.conspiracy; constitutional rights violation; lack of evidence; damage suitPresents a review of "The Garrison Case: A Study in the Abuse of Power" by Milton E. Brener.
266Southern PatriotCommunity Center Burns to the 1970-05-015Stumbo, John M. Clark, Charles; Fasure, PalmerTeaberry Outpost; fire; 979 Community Action Council; Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights Organization; The HawkeyeThe Teaberry Outpost, publisher of the independent newspaper _The Hawkeye_ was burned to the ground in Mud Creek, Kentucky.
267Southern Patriot"Bill of Rights for Prisoners"1971-12-017Merhiger, Robert R., Jr.; Hirschkop, Philip; Wansley, Thomas; Mason, Leroyprison reform; inmate discipline; humane treatment; cruel and unusual punishmentVirginia Judge Robert R. Merhiger Jr. ruled that prison officials must change their disciplinary practices in one of the strongest prison reforms to date.
268Southern PatriotCo-op Revives Raza Tradition1969-06-013Tijerina, Reies Lopez; Martinez, JuanTierra Amarilla; violence; land rights; Treaty of Guadalupe Hidaldgo; welfare; poverty; co-operative farmingThe people of Tierra Amarilla are reviving their farming tradition by creating an agricultural co-operative.
269Southern PatriotBOO Workers Battle Chemical Gi1968-10-013Wendell, L. B.Union Carbide Chemical Plant; strike; organized labor; bargaining rights; mass picketing; violenceBOO workers at the Union Carbide Chemical Plant are striking due to low wages, work jurisdiction, and sub-contracting.
270The Southern Patriot New Briefs 1976-01-007Rowe, Gary; Dehee, Elijah KKK, freedom riders, klan attack, prisoners rights, cruel and unusual punishment, American penal system, frame-up, involuntary manslaughter, sabotage, racismFBI's role in building up KKK exposed. N.C. Women prisoners file lawsuit. Frame-up conviction of Elijah Dehee upheld in S.C.
271Southern PatriotRights of Man1969-06-014GROW; southern working class; _Rights of Man_; Laurel, MS; workers' independent ticket; racismThe GROW staff has begun editing the newspaper _Rights of Man_ targeted towards the southern working class.
272Southern PatriotThe Wansley Case: An Open Lett1972-12-017Wansley, Thomas; McGee, Willierape myth; life imprisonment; repression; white control; death penalty; women's rights; racial unity; racismBraden calls on the women of the south to help end the rape myth and fight to free Thomas Wansley.
273Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: Racist Violenc1968-10-017Braden, Carl; King, A. D.violence; police brutality; repression; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee; rebellion; high bondViolence in Kentucky against organizers for equal rights, and black people in general, has increased in the last three months. Also, the police are using arrests and high bonds as other forms of repression.
274The Southern Patriot Murder on Alabama's Prison Far1974-03-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Clancy, Jesse; Gray, Fred; Martin, Harold; Williams, Dorothy P.; Reed, Thomas; Sullivan, L.Bpenal system, inmates for action, inhumane treatment, racismPrisoners rights advocate George "Chagina" Dobbins was killed while incarcerated at atmore prison. He was beaten and shot in the back.
275Southern PatriotA community of Organizers and 1967-09-011, 4Southern Freedom Movement; desegregation; voting rights; Ku Klux Klan; White Citizens Council; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing Work; Southern Peace Education Project; Anti-HUAC ProjectAn overview of the current SCEF Southern Freedom Movement Projects.
276Southern PatriotKentuckians Confer on War and 1968-03-012Berry, Wendell; Sedler, Robert; Tuck, Dave; Mulloy, JoeVietnam War; draft; University of Kentucky; free speech; student rights; Students for a Democratic Society; Peace Action Group; Louisville Peace CouncilA conference of the Vietnam War and the draft was held at the University of Kentucky where issues were discussed and ideas to end the war were suggested.
277Southern PatriotSoutherners Back Brown's Right1968-03-015Brown, H. Rap; Clark, Ramseyfree speech; SNCC; federal prison; excessive bail; bond violation; militancy; government conspiracy; bill of rights violationGroups across the South have supported Rap Brown and his imprisonment in New Orleans, Louisiana in a federal prison for supposed bail violation.
278The Southern Patriot In Alabama's Prisons Inmates f1974-05-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Dotson, Tommy "Yikeena"inmates for action, penal system, prisoner's rights, harassment, racism, plantation prison systemIFA member Mafundi writes about the prison organization Inmates for Action and what they are doing to meet the needs and demands of the prisoners. He also describes how other inmates and prison officials are harassing and murdering members of the IFA.
279The Southern Patriot Racist Use of the Rape Charge1974-09-003racism, sexism, 8th amendment, 14th amendment, prisoner rights movement, rapeFour black men from Kentucky who were convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison have filed suit. The State statute for rape carries a life sentence without parole. They believe that this statute violates the 5th and 14th amendment.
280Southern PatriotMcSureley's Defy McClellan Ord1969-04-016, 8McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, John; Lamont, Carliss; Braden, Carl; Braden, Anne; Eastland, James; Kunstler, William M.records; seized documents; Bill of Rights violation; McCarthy trials; subpoenaThe McSurelys defied McClellan's order and did not bring the papers seized from their house in an illegal raid to their hearing.
281Southern PatriotIn the Schools1971-12-016Self, William; Jessup, B. J.; Leake, George; Goodman, J. C.; Gibson, Lercyarrest; school racism; march; riot charge; police racism; police shooting; school integration; school boycott; Confederate flag; mob violence; mace; Rights of White People; curfewDetails of school problems in Charlotte, Wilmington, and Southern Pines in North Carolina, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida.
282Southern PatriotMovement Holds School Hearings1972-01-016Scott, Bobschool integration; racism; hearing; token blacks; governor investigation; double standards; insurrection; Rights of White People; black consciousnessIn Raleigh, North Carolina, the movement held hearing about the continued white racism in integrated schools and how administrators, police, and parents encourage the discriminatory behavior.
283Southern PatriotRepression, Florida Style1969-09-014Wilcox, Levi; Davis, Moses; Davis, Clinton, Austin, Edward; Kirk, ClaudeFlorida Black Front; Mothers Welfare Rights Organization; conspiracy; extortion; bond-reduction; arrest; oppression; poor people's marchThree militant black leaders were arrested in Florida and had high bail set after asking black churches to end involvement with white politics.
284Southern PatriotJackson: Repression and Respon1969-05-015Spencer, Howard; Kenyatta, Muhammadblack militancy; white racism; Jackson Human Rights Project; Black and Proud Liberation School; arrest; indictment; rape; black history; Tougaloo Movement; student protest; burglaryStatement on the repression of black militancy in Jackson, Mississippi issued by the Georgetown Defense Committee.
285Southern PatriotWrecking Appalachia1970-04-015Butler, Jim; Nunn, Louie; Johnson, Luther M.; Grim, Elmore; Gibson, Dan; Sturgill, BillBethlehem Steel; strip mining; environmental destruction; land destruction; Kentucky State Department of Reclamation; coal mining; mineral rightsNarrative of a radio excerpt about the destruction of Appalachia that is caused by strip mining in Kentucky.
286Southern PatriotFederal Spying on Black Rep. E1971-06-012Graves, Curtis; Hoover, J. Edgarfederal spying; Texas state representative; Constitutional rights; phone tapping; police tacticsThe federal government has stopped spying on black Texas state representative after ten years.
287Southern PatriotFlorida Workers Refuse to Let 1972-05-018Askew, RevbinSeminole Asphalt Co.; racial unity; strike; firing; bargaining agent; picket; discriminationWorkers at the Seminole Asphalt Co. remain united in their strike for collective bargaining rights and firing protest in spite of company efforts to divide them along racial lines.
288The Southern Patrot IFA member fights legal lynchi1976-04-007Allison, Bill; Harris, Johnny; Baxley, Billrally, atmore-holman brothers, inmates for action, human rights, death penalty A speech given by Bill Anderson, lawyer for IFA member Johnny Harris who was sentenced to death for participating in a prison protest where a prison guard was murdered.
289Southern PatriotJohn Douglas Kobak1971-01-012Kobak, John Douglas; Easterling, Sue Ellacancer; poverty war; Appalachia; police brutalityObituary of John Douglas Kobak, who died of cancer at age 24 and campaigned for poor rights in Appalachia.
290Southern PatriotLouisville Tenants Organize1971-02-015Pennignton, Pat; Pennington, PaulLouisville Tenants Union; housing code; eviction; landlord attacks; poor discrimination; assistance; tenants rights; Legal Aid; welfare; racial unityEditorial about the Louisville Tenants Union that organized to help local poor and fight poor housing conditions and slumlords.
291Southern PatriotAlabama: The More Things Chang1967-01-015Amerson, Lucius; Clark, Jim; Wallace, George; Thomas, Eugene; Liuzzo, Viola; Coleman, Thomas; Daniels, Jonathan; Younge, Sammypolitics; 1965 Voting Rights Act; black vote; voter registration; school integration; segregation; Ku Klux Klan; racial murder; poverty; militancyAs change occurs in Alabama to help improve the lives of poor blacks, workers face more resistance from segregationists.
292Southern Patriot...And Tobacco Strike Ends It1971-11-014Frinks, Golden; Humphrey, HubertPitt County Movement; black tobacco workers; tenant farming; rebellion; working conditions; equality; wage rate; parade permit; police harassmentBlack tobacco workers in Farmville, North Carolina have extended the Pitt County Movement, asking to gain equal rights and better wages.
293Southern PatriotTen Years in North Carolina1972-05-014Grant, Jim; Larkins, John; Hood, Theodore; Washington, Walter; Chavis, Ben; Finlator, W. W.; White, Leon; Allison, William H., Jr.federal conviction; Bail Reform Act; flee; high bond; conspiracy; black liberation movement; repression; hostility; Rights of White People; racismExplanation how two young men were freed of all their charges in order to convict Jim Grant. Details the system of repression in the federal courts.
294Southern PatriotStruggle for School Lunches1970-05-015Tharkelson, Howard; Clark, CharlesTeaberry Outpost; federal school lunch program; poverty level; national regulations; National Welfare Rights Organization; Appalachian VolunteersIn Floyd county, Kentucky the issue of federal school lunch programs is a major problem because school administrators decide which child receives lunch, not based on income level.
295Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: People Cov1968-06-016Baker, PatriciaPoor People's Campaign (PPC); Native American RightsA Native American woman, Patricia Baker, expresses her trust in the _Southern Patriot_ after participating in the Poor People's Campaign March in Washington, D.C.
296Southern PatriotGrassroots Politics in Alabama1970-10-011, 4Cashin, John; Wallace, George; Hayes, Isaiah; Boone, Richard; Watkins, MervlineNational Democratic Party of Alabama; black candidates; unequal taxation; Wallace-Carter Act; Welfare Rights MovementThe National Democratic Party of Alabama has many black candidates running under the independent party banner. Several are projected to win.
297Southern PatriotAnaconda Bias Suit: Who Won?1972-02-014Seale, Agnes; Gordon, JamesClass Action Suit; Anaconda Aluminum; discrimination; Title VII; sex-bias; harassment; lay off; Equal Employment Opportunities Commission; women's rights; KCLUThe ten women who filed a class action suit against Anaconda Aluminum won their suit, but did not gain the equality they sought.
298Southern PatriotAyden Struggle Continues1972-01-016Abernathy, Ralph; Frinks, Golden; Kirby, Georgepolice killing; arrest; demonstration; state of emergency; march; mass rally ban; high sentence; Pitt County movement; constitutionality; Rights of White People; white supremacyProtests and demonstrations still continue in the Pitt County movement as black activists still want justice for the police killing of a black man five months prior.
299Southern PatriotCarolina Activist Jailed Again1972-04-018Chavis, Ben; Patrick, Marvin Eugene; Cumber, Harry; Shepard, Anne; Williamson, H. E.high bond; arrest; black liberation movement; repression; protest; murder; Rights of White People; vigilante; student demonstrationAfter a long period in jail due to extremely high bond, Reverend Ben Chavis is back after his release. They are accusing the police of a conspiracy to crush the black liberation movement in North Carolina.
300Southern PatriotGA. Prisons Run for Punishment1971-06-013Carter, Jimmy; MacDougall, Ellis; Muni, Paul; Burns, Robert; Herndon, Angelo; Maddox, Lester; Seale, Bobby; Huggins, ErikaGeorgia Commissioner of Corrections; prison reform; slaver descendant; vagrancy law; convict lease system; chain gang; public relations; Orangeburg Massacre; human rights; censorship; computerizationEditorial about the history and the problems within the Georgia prison system, and about how Ellis MacDougall has been appointed to change the image of the system.
301Southern Patriot250 Kentucky Women Form Politi1971-11-013Edwards, Mrs. Marty; Westerfield, Rebecca; Braden, AnneKentucky Women's Political Caucus; racism; sexism; poverty; institutional violence; women's rights; socialism; Vietnam War; prison reformWomen met in Kentucky to form their own political party and to discuss the main issues for their platform. They want an end to racism, sexism, poverty and institutional violence.
302The Southern Patriot Wilmington: How the Tide Turne1973-09-001,4Rev. Charvis Ben, Hicks Leatrice, Hicks Mollie, Nantambu KojoWilmington committee to defend victims of racist and political repression, North Carolina political prisoners committee, bombings, racism, rights of white people (ROWP)Charges brought against Rev. Ben Charvis were dismissed. Leatrice Hicks received a hung jury and her daughter was convicted but received a suspended sentence. Charvis still faces other charges and a possibility of 34 years in prison.
303Southern PatriotPeople's Protest Frees Prisone1972-06-011, 8Stroud, Jay; Chavis, Ben, Joyner, Irv; Shepard, Anne; Kirby, George; Grant, James; Ferguson, James; Harmon, John; Chavis, Elizabethmistrial, conspiracy, grocery store burning, insurrection, black liberation movement, bail reduction, protest, SCLC, high bond, court bias, Rights of White PeopleTen black activists and one white woman were freed after a mistrial after the prosecuting attorneys illness and protests against their high bond.
304The Southern Patriot Memorial to a Grass-Roots lead1973-04-002Burch William R.United Electrical Workers (UE) Memorial fund, SCEF, Black-White unity, unionistMemorial fund in the memory of William R. Burch leader of the United Electrical workers. Advocate for workers rights and black-white unity. Proceeds of the memorial fund will go to SCEF.
305Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-011, 2, 3Fortson, Warren. Turner, Lena. Hopkins, Charlie Lee. Lamar, Willie. Bell, Mary Kate. Allen, Ralph. Harris, Don. Perdue, John. Aelony, Zev. Barnum, John. Ingram, Rose Lee. Jordan, Clarence. Barnum, MabAmericus, GA, Race Relations, Voter Registration, Racial Violence, Voting Rights Bill 1965, School Integration, Rose Lee Ingram case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.
306The Southern Patriot On Eve of Charvis Trial: Bomb 1973-06-001,6Charvis Rev. Ben, Hicks Mollie, Hicks Leatrice, Davis Angela, Simmons Judi, Holshouser James, Wright CliftonBomb, White vigilante terror, protest, frame-up, commission for racial justice (CRJ), SCEF, black liberation movement, Charvis trial, rights of white people (ROWP), the wilmington journal Black Liberation activist Rev. Ben Charvis is falsely accused of murder after the fact, of a young boy. Clifton Wright was shot after a protest in 71'. A newspaper supporting Charvis cause, the Wilmington journal was bombed.
307Southern PatriotThe Cone Union Drive - One Yea1968-05-013Marley, Blondzie; Younts, J. B.; Torrain, Walter; Torrain, Linda; Crisman, James; Rumley, JimCone textile mills; union drive; workers' rights; Textile Workers' Union of America; strike; black-white unityThe drive to unionize cotton mills in North Carolina has failed due to the lack of support from the Textile Workers' Union of America and a lack of black-white unity.
308Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p.1-3Fartson, Warren; Moll, Dr. Lloyd; Turner, Lena; Hopkins, Charlie Lee; Lamar, Willie; Bell, Mary Kate; Allen, Ralph; Harris, Dan; Perdue, John; Aelony, Zev; Barnum, John; Ingram, Rose Lee; Jordan, ClarAmericus, Georgia, race relations, voter registration, racial violence, voting rights bill of 1965, school integration, Rose Lee Ingram Case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.