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1Southern PatriotA Free Press Issue1970-01-016Honey, Mikefree speech; first amendment; newsletter; indictmentMartha Allen explains how her first amendment rights to free speech have been violated.
2Southern PatriotTulane Free Speech Movement Fl1968-04-018Stibbs, John H.; Longenecker, Herbert E.; Phelps, Ashton; Gordon, Ericfree speech movement; Tulane University; vulgar images; sexual themes; student protest; obscenityStudents at Tulane University started a brief free speech movement after the administration refused to allow them to publish pictures in the school paper that the administration deemed obscene.
3Southern PatriotFree Speech1966-02-013Aptheker, Herbert; Wilkinson, Frank; Moore, Donfree speech, academic freedom, HUAC, US Communist PartyNorth Carolina legislature repealed law barring controversial speakers from college campuses.
4Southern PatriotFree Speech Fight: UNC Test St1966-06-012, 4Dickson, Paul; Pollit, Dan; Schunior, Chuck; Berson, Bobfree speech, campus speech, communism, student protest, militancy, accreditation, Students for a Democratic Society, HUAC, Committee of Free InquiryA law in North Carolina dictating the people who plead the 5th Amendment in communism or subversive investigation were not allowed to give speeches was challenged at the University of North Carolina by the Students for a Democratic Society.
5Southern Patriot"How to Avoid Another Berkely"1965-10-011,4Weissman, Steve. Humphreys, C.C., Dr. Laudermille, Jim. Louisiana State University, Free Speech, Student Rights, Student Protest, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks at Louisiana State University discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests and repression of Southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of the S
6Southern PatriotHow to Avoid Another Berkeley:1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, 1-4p.Weissman, Steve; Humphreys, Dr. C. C.; Loudermilk, JimLouisiana State University, free speech. student rights, student protests, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks of Louisiana State University, discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests, and the repression of southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of
7Southern Patriot"Enlightened Despot" Rules Mor1968-09-014Doran, Adron; Vance, Kenneth; Arends, Robertfree speech; Morehead State University; ROTC; violence; repression; dissentMorehead State University president rules his college with an iron fist and fired four faculty members over a free speech fight.
8Southern PatriotTenn: Free Speech Issue1970-04-014Ellington, Buford; Serron, Luis; Boling, EdwardUniversity of Tennessee; October 15 Moratorium; free speech; anti-riot law; war protestLuis Serron, a sociology professor, was fired from the University of Tennessee for allowing his students to attend, and to speak at, the October 15 Moratorium.
9Southern PatriotU of Arkansas Students Fight S1966-03-012, 3Chidester, Phil; Laudermilk, Jim; Weissman, Steve; Tiberis, Dough; Jones, Jim; Hanson, Bill; Valliant, Annsegregation, academic freedom, free speech, campus regulation, integration, picket line, Mississippi Summer Project, SNCC, SSOCStudents at the University of Arkansas are organizing to protest and improve various issues including free speech, segregation and outdated campus rules and regulations.
10Southern PatriotWhy Bluefield State Students R1968-04-014Bratten, Carolyn; Barker, Alan; Saunders, Alonzo; Christie, Sidney; Smith, HulettBluefield State College, West Virginia; student protest; racial discrimination; civil rights; hazing; militancy; suspension; free speechExplains why students at Bluefield State College rebelled due to declining black student population, lack of free speech, ans suspensions without hearings.
11Southern PatriotRev. Howard Melish Returns to 1969-02-012Melish, WIlliam Howard; Melish, John Howard; Eisenhower, Dwight D.; Lodge, Henry Cabot; Sidener, Herman S.; Thomas, Robert K.Grace Church; SCEF; free speech; National Council of American-Soviet FriendshipReverend William Howard Melish is returning to Grace Epsicopal Church after spending twenty years fighting for free speech.
12Southern PatriotFlorida Peace Tour1967-04-011, 2Gardiner, Tom; Nolan, David; Hodes, Nancy; Finchel, A. Richardarrest; peace workers; SSOC; SCEF; free speech; Vietnam War; U.S. China Policy; Southern Campus Young Democrats; campus revoltThree peace workers were arrested in Miami, Florida after trying to speak at Miami-Dade Junior College about free speech, the Vietnam War, and the U.S. China policy.
13Southern PatriotDissent in the South1966-02-013Hayden, TomVietnam War, Southern Coordinating Committee, segregation, civil rights, free speech, academic freedomStudents across the South on college campuses are debating and protesting the Vietnam War.
14Southern PatriotThe Month in Review1969-04-012Ray, Jame Earl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Nunn, Louie B.; King, Slate; Gitleman, Merton; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Taylor, Daniel T., IIImurder; conspiracy; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee; free speech; Albany Movement; ACLU; appealReview of the events that have happened in April.
15Southern PatriotThe MFDP Statement1968-01-015Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); Laurel, Mississippi; Masonite Corporation; free speech; union; Ku Klux KlanThe MFDP is investigating the strike in Laurel, MS because if the company can break the strike it will set worker rights back by 30 years.
16Southern PatriotHoover and FBI Sued1971-06-016Collins, Virginia; Collins, Walter; Christina, Frank; Birdwell, Don; Morris, Cornelius; Braden, Carlfree speech; FBI Agents; hampering effortsVirginia Collins has filed suit against the FBI for their efforts to try and stop her from freeing her son, Walter, from jail.
17Southern PatriotLibel Conviction Upset1966-06-011Ashton, Steve; London, Ephraim; Combs, Ben Jacklibel, college activism, free speech, civil rightsThe conviction of Steve Ashton of criminal libel for writing a pamphlet on the condition of mine strikers in Hazard, KY was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
18Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: Rap Brown and 1968-01-017Brown, Rap; Carmichael, Stokely; Braden, AnneSNCC; free speech; federal charges; school burning; petitionBraden gives an editorial on the Rap Brown case, and asks readers to sign a petition asking that eh be allowed to leave the island of Manhattan. She says that the federal governments is trying to silence him.
19Southern PatriotProsecution Had Freezing Effec1968-01-013Combs, Bert T.Kentucky Sedition Law; communism; free speech; unconstitutionality; first amendment; Appalachian volunteers; imprisonment; Dombrowski vs. Pfister; federal fundingJudge Bert T. Combs explains how the Kentucky Sedition Law violates the constitution, specifically the first amendment.
20Southern PatriotHow Injunctions Crush Peacful 1967-08-017Walker, Wyatt Tee; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.contempt conviction; free speech; violence; nonviolent direct action; Birmingham Movement; unconstitutional law; injunctionThe Supreme Court upheld the contempt convictions from 1963 demonstrations in Birmingham, thus showing how state and city legal systems are breaking up peaceful protests across the South.
21Southern Patriot"The Issue is White Supremacy"1966-11-013black power; prejudice; white supremacy; Niagara Movement; NAACP; SCEF; integration; interracial action; violence; civil rights; free speechExplains the issue is not black power but white supremacy.
22Southern PatriotKentuckians Confer on War and 1968-03-012Berry, Wendell; Sedler, Robert; Tuck, Dave; Mulloy, JoeVietnam War; draft; University of Kentucky; free speech; student rights; Students for a Democratic Society; Peace Action Group; Louisville Peace CouncilA conference of the Vietnam War and the draft was held at the University of Kentucky where issues were discussed and ideas to end the war were suggested.
23Southern PatriotPeace Movement Battles HUAC1966-09-012Eastland, James O.; Kunstler, William M.; Kinay, Arthur; Vivian, C. T.; Weltner, Charlesfree speech, civil rights movement, world peace, HUAC, Vietnam War, SCEF, ACLUThe ACLU filed suit against the HUAC saying it was unconstitutional for the committee to question people about their involvement in Vietnam War opposition.
24Southern PatriotSoutherners Back Brown's Right1968-03-015Brown, H. Rap; Clark, Ramseyfree speech; SNCC; federal prison; excessive bail; bond violation; militancy; government conspiracy; bill of rights violationGroups across the South have supported Rap Brown and his imprisonment in New Orleans, Louisiana in a federal prison for supposed bail violation.
25Southern PatriotMuldraugh Coffee House Fights 1970-03-018Portugal, Dave; Schermerhorn, Susan; Rodes, Dan; Gordon, James F.; Ridenour, DavidGI coffee house; Fort Knox; indictment; jail; appeal; injunction; boycott; leaflet; demonstration; violence; free speechIn Muldraugh, Kentucky a local GI coffee house is under attack again for protesting, and leafleting at a local burger shop.
26Southern PatriotNew Movement in Fayette1969-11-014Bryant, Baxtonpoverty; black community; assault; voter registration; white political control; marches; picketing; boycott; black representation; arrest; free speechIn Fayette County, Tennessee a new black movement against the white ruling class has started, including a boycott of local white businesses.
27Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: OEO Refun1968-03-012Evers, Charles; Boyd, J. D.; Aptheker, Herbert; Wilkinson, Frank; Murton, Thomas O.; Wansley, Thomas; Dodson, AndrewSouth West Alabama Farmers' Cooperative Association(SWAFCA); Farmers Home Administration; Alcorn College; police shooting; open housing; ghetto; communist speakers; free speech; discriminationThe past month's news and events.
28Southern PatriotNashville Moves Against Repres1968-03-018Kunstler, William; Kinoy, Arthur; Wise, Stan; Briley, Beverly; Ellington, Bufordrepression; ghetto; economic withdrawal; militancy; SCEF; SSOC; riots; police brutality; Public Safety Committee; free speechPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are taking the offensive by resisting the efforts of the local police and the National Guard to repress the local black community.
29Southern PatriotU.S. Puts Brown Away1968-01-011, 8Brown, Rap; Mitchell, Lansing L.; Kunstler, William M.; Belli, Melvin; Bailey, F. Leefederal trial; media coverage; Dillard University; New Orleans Movement for a Democratic Society; free speech; militancy; judge biasRap Brown was changed by the federal government with violating has bail when he traveled to cities for speaking engagements. However,the bias of the judge was shown when he made comments about what Brown was saying.
30Southern PatriotRobert Canney Convicted, Fired1970-10-011Canney, Robert; Zachary, Wayneanti-war rally; police brutality; arrest; repression; dissent; resisting arrest; free speech; harassmentRobert Canney was fired from the University of Florida after being convicted of resisting arrest with violence for speaking out against the war.
31Southern PatriotMarch Brings Upsurge: Court Ru1966-06-014Meredith, James; Kunstler, William M.civil rights, voter registration, federal prosecution, fair trial, Senate Bill 3170, free speechThe Supreme Court dealt a blow to civil rights workers when they refused to remove certain cases from state to federal court in order for the defendant to receive a fair trial.
32Southern PatriotSubpoenas & the Media1970-03-017Mitchell, John; Caldwell, Earlnews media; confidential information; government subpoenas; radical groups; jail; free speech; Black Panthers; resistanceEditorial about the rash of government subpoenas for media information about radical civil rights groups. The _Southern Patriot_ states they will defy any subpoenas for their records.
33Southern PatriotRevolt, Repressions at Grambli1968-01-011, 8Jones, Ralph Waldo Emerson; Daggs, Gale; Zanders, Willie M.; Kidd, Paul; Sobol, Richard; Dawkins, BenGrambling College; black college; repression; sports; academics; ghetto rebellion; student protest; boycott; expelled students; first amendment; free speech; dissentThe article examines the problems of Grambling College, which focuses more on athletics instead of academics, and how it expelled students who tried to question the administration.
34Southern PatriotBlack Six Trial Bounced Back t1970-02-011, 7Allen, Martha; Honey, Mike; Richardson, Charles; Tachaw, Eric"Black Six"; jail; embracery; protest; freedom of the press; jury tampering; picketing; leaflet; free speechThe arrests of Martha Allen and Mike Honey for embracery in Munfordville, Kentucky helped get the trial of the "Black Six" moved back to Louisville.
35Southern PatriotFive Months Added to Collins' 1972-09-018Collins, Walterdraft resistance; sentence extension; speech; work stoppage; U.S. Parole Board; racism; repressionWalter Collins had 157 days of "good time" revoked after making a speech at the prison work stoppage in Texarkana, Texas.
36Southern PatriotTheater of the Ghetto1966-09-013Nicholas, Denise; Jones, Leroi; Moses, GilbertFree Southern Theater, Desire Project, arts, acting, civil rights, povertyThe Desire Project in New Orleans organized by the Free Southern Theater Project gives local African Americans a chance to see free theater discussing modern social issues such as poverty, civil rights, and the Vietnam War.
37Southern PatriotSlums Cause Outbreak1966-10-011, 4Moody, Edward; Allen, Ivan; Prather, Harold; Castleberry, J. C.; Carmichael, Stokely; McGill, Ralph; Patterson, Eugene; Black, Hector; Harding, Vincent; Bond, Julianpoverty, violence, SNCC, ghetto, slum, race relations, city maintenance, unemployment, police shooting, riot, arrest, protest, free speechRiots in the Atlanta slums occurred over the police shooting of Harold Prather for supposed car theft. SNCC got involved and was accused of causing the violence.
38Southern PatriotKentuckians Bring Suit to Abol1968-04-011, 5Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Nunn, Louie B.; Blume, Norbert; Davis, GeorgiaKentucky Un-American Activities Committee (KUAC); SCEF; subversive groups; free speech; civil rights movement; labor rights; minority rightsSeveral in Kentucky have filed suit to end the Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee, which targeted civil rights activists and groups and labeled them as subversive.
39Southern PatriotMulloy Free1968-05-012Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, Donbond; draft refusalJoe Mulloy and Don Pratt are free on bail after being sentenced for refusing induction into the army.
40Southern PatriotKentucky Miners Free1968-10-018Engle, Charles; Hensley, Bige; Turney, Claytonpicket; parole; poverty; clemencyThe miners that were jailed in Hazard, Kentucky are all now free on parole after being convicted for plotting to blow up a bridge and sentenced to six years in jail.
41Southern PatriotHelp End the Draft; Free Colli1971-09-018Collins, Walter; Abzug, Bella; Griswold, Erwinwrite senators; amnesty; draft resistance; pardonExplains to readers how they can help free Walter Collins and other resisters from prison: by writing to their senators.
42Southern PatriotWalter Collins Parole in Doubt1972-10-018Collins, Walterparole; draft resistance; "good time," speech; prison actionsWalter Collins was granted parole, but will only receive it if the warden restores his 157 days of "good time" taken away for his speech about prison conditions.
43Southern PatriotFree Kentucky Miners1968-01-012Hensley, Bige; Turner, Clayton; Stacy, Herb; Engel, Charlespresidential plea; coal miners; conspiracy; demancy petitionPeople from Hazard, Kentucky are asking President Johnson to free the four miners who were sentenced to jail for conspiring to blow up a bridge associated with a roving picket movement.
44Southern PatriotMulloy, Pratt Free on Bail1968-06-012Mulloy, Joe; Gordan, James; Pratt, Don; Mulloy, KarenSCEF mountain organizer; draft refusal; Appalachian Volunteers; picket lineJoe Mulloy and Don Pratt are free on bail after the Sixth Court of Appeals set aside $10,000 of their bond.
45Southern PatriotFlorida Teacher Fights for Her1971-09-013Most, Elizabeth; Spain, William; Babrick, Robertspeech; West Florida University; social work; firing; violence; Board of Regents hearingDr. Elizabeth Most was fired from West Florida University after she gave a controversial speech at the Rotary Club about violence in America. She is fighting the firing and has a hearing at the Board of Regents.
46Southern PatriotWomen Inmates Welcome Virginia1971-06-016Collins, VirginiaFederal Women's Reformatory; speech; education; draft resistanceMrs. Virginia Collins gave a rousing speech at the Federal Women's Reformatory in Alderson, West Virginia where she gained support for draft resistance and encouraged education among the prisoners.
47The Southern Patriot "Free Gary Tyler" 2,000 Rally 1976-06-001,6Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Jaunita; Hampton, Bill; Carter, Rondemonstration, rally, frame-up, racism, legal lynching, repression, black liberation movementOver 2,000 people showed up at the free Gary Tyler rally. Several speakers addressed Gery Tyler's case and how it affects the movement as a whole.
48Southern PatriotKnoxville 4 Free on Bail1968-05-011Tigner, Pete; Keel, Gary; Scott, Joseph; Wallace, Donald; Boruff, A. J.; Lockridge, John; Waggoner, Bernard; Blackburn, Clarencemurder; Knoxville College, Tennessee; conspiracy; explosives; student protest; classroom boycottFour Knoxville College students are free on bail after being charged with the murder of a white cab driver after several student and community protests.
49The Southern Patritot -- SpeciGrant, Reddy Free on Bail!1976-05-004Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Tyler, GaryCharlotte three, bail, paroled, political prisoners, activists, frame-up, clemencyJim Grant and T.J. Reddy are free on bail. Charles Parker was already out on parole.
50The Southern Patriot A "Peoples'" Conference SCEF B1976-06-004,5Tyler, Garysemi-annual board meeting, campaign to free gary tyler, anti-repression work, legalism, peoples' movement, name changeSCEF is planning its semi-annual board meeting. At this meeting they plan to discuss major topics such as the campaign to free Gary Tyler, how to combat legalism within the movement, and a possible name change for the news paper.
51Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Great 1968-10-016McSurely, Alsedition laws; scare tactics; The article contains excerpts from a speech given by Al McSurely concerning the raid and arrest of himself, his wife and other organizers in Pike County, Kentucky.
52Southern PatriotExcerpts from the Socialist St1971-11-013economic system; corporate wealth; starvation; poverty; Appalachia; socialist alternative; cooperative societyExcerpt from a speech about the problems with the American economy and the benefits of a socialist alternative.
53Southern PatriotCollins Letters On Revolt1972-05-016prison revolt; peaceful assembly; injustice; oppression; camaraderie; isolation; racism; speech Letters from Collins on his opinions and viewpoints.
54Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Have Made the Law 1965-12-013Smith, Benlawyers, civil rights, national lawyers guild, constitutional law, new deal, Vietnam warExcerpts from Ben Smiths speech at the annual Lawyers guild convention about northern and southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create changes for the black population.
55Southern Patriot"I Birng An Indictment Against1971-03-017Davis, Angela; Abernathy, Ralphjob loss; imprisonment; death threats; militancy; black female activists; racism; political prisoner; kidnap; murder; conspiracyExcerpt of a speech given by Dr. Ralph Abernathy about the arrest of Angela Davis and the problems of racism in the American justice system.
56Southern PatriotInterracial Coalitions: Proble1969-06-016Collins, WalterLaurel, Mississippi; GROW; interracial movement; interracial organizing; hostility; black-white relations; black power; police brutality; racism; strikeSpeech given at SCEF's New York Annual Meeting about interracial relations and problems from his experiences in Laurel, Mississippi.
57Southern PatriotWallace in New Orleans1968-10-018Higson, Mike; Wallace, George; Wallace, Lurleen; Perez, Leander; Lundberg, FerdinandAmerican Independent Party; demonstration; racism; picket; politicsGeorge Wallace gave a speech in New Orleans; he was trying to convince people he was different. Columnist Mike Higson disagrees and says Wallace is "just another chip off the same block."
58The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaSouthwide Mobilization Draws B1976-05-002Tyler, Garydemonstration, black freedom struggle, discrimination, racism, political powerA massive demonstration to free Gary Tyler will be held on July 24 in New Orleans.
59The Southern Patriot Angola Prison Stuggle 1974-01-008Woodfox, Albert; Wallace, Herman; Montegut, Gilbert; Jackson, Chester; Henderson, Murray C.The Angola four, racism, committee to free the Angola four, prisonThe background and trial of the Angola four.
60Southern PatriotHow Lawyers Made the Law Serve1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p.3Smith, Benlawyers, Civil Rights, National Lawyers Guild, constitutional law, New Deal, Vietnam War, Constitutional LawExcerpt from Ben Smith's speech at the annual Lawyer's Guild Convention about Northern and Southern civil rights lawyers and their ability to create change for the black population.
61The Southern Patrot IFA member fights legal lynchi1976-04-007Allison, Bill; Harris, Johnny; Baxley, Billrally, atmore-holman brothers, inmates for action, human rights, death penalty A speech given by Bill Anderson, lawyer for IFA member Johnny Harris who was sentenced to death for participating in a prison protest where a prison guard was murdered.
62Southern Patriot500 Attend Nashiville Rally1970-12-014Davis, Angela; Davis, Sallye; Monteiro, Tonypublic rally; speech; defense; political caseOver 500 people attended a public rally in Nashiville, Tennessee for the defense of Angela Davis.
63Southern PatriotCollins Campaign1971-09-018Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Abzug, Bella; Rachman, Emanuel; Freeman, Harrop A.draft resistance; war injustice; racism; speech; amnesty; amnesty internationalWalter Collins has become the poster child for the campaign against racism and injustice in the draft system and the war.
64Southern PatriotEqual Justice?1971-04-016Carswell, Scott; Hollings, Ernest; Cook, Rodney; Sinclair, John; Johnson, Lee Otisarrest; marijuana; selective enforcement; White Panther PartyScott Carswell, son of a Supreme Court nominee, was set free after a drug charge while those seen as radical are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
65Southern PatriotFree All Political Prisoners1972-12-015Davis, Angela; Smith, Billy Dean; Mitchell, Charlenepolitical prisoner; repression; national conferenceMeetings were held in North Carolina, Florida; Kentucky; Tennessee; Alabama to fight against repression and to help political prisoners.
66Southern Patriot...And All Political Prisoners1972-04-017Davis, Angela; Jordan, Faniapolitical prisoner; meeting; rally; coordinating committee; repressionA meeting was held in Memphis, Tennessee to work to free all political prisoners and help end repression.
67The Southern Patriot Free the Charlotte 3!1976-01-008Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Erwin, SamCharlotte three, frame-up, bribery, new trial, appealAfter a 10 month wait the N.C. Supreme Court Judge denied the Charlotte three a new trial. They plan to appeal to a higher court.
68Southern PatriotBehind Rap Brown's Trial: Hist1970-04-013Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rap; Payne, William; Tubman, Harriet; Richardson, Gloria; Adams, Elaine; Stafford, Emerson; Carmichael, Stokely; Wise, Stanley; Yates, William B., IIItrial; racism; arson; militancy; black population; SNCC; protest; semi-martial law; Black Action Federation; speech; shooting; Kerner commissionEditorial about the history of the Civil Rights struggle in Cambridge, Maryland and how Rap Brown came to speak there.
69Southern PatriotAngela Davis Calls Carolina Te1973-01-018Davis, Angela; Lee, James; Sadaukai, Owusu; Chavis, Elizabeth; Grant, Jimrepression; freedom rally; black activism; racism; political prisoner; high bondThrough a telephone speech to a freedom rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, Angela Davis emphasized the problems of repression throughout the state of North Carolina.
70Southern PatriotSupreme Court Won't Hear HUAC 1969-02-014Shelton, Robert; Krebs, Allen M.; Teague, Walter Darwin, III; Kinoy, ArthurU.S. Supreme Court; House Un-American Activities Committee; free expressionThe U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear three cases challenging the HUAC.
71Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
72Southern PatriotNews Brief1970-04-012Cooper, Danny; Allison, William; Free, Jerry; Johnson, Paul; Collins, Walter; Hodes, William; McIntyre, Lionelracial prejudice; military racism; draft refusal; conscientious objector; criminal trespass; Black Manifesto; radical pacifism; the Peace Makers; National Tenants OrganizationA review of the events and news from April.
73The Southern Patriot International Support 1976-06-006Tyler, Garysupport, campaign to free gary tyler, racismMessages of support for Gary Tyler have been coming in from all over the world.
74Southern PatriotLee Otis Johnson Still Behind 1969-09-015Johnson, Lee Otis; King, Ester; Lipschulz, Abbie; Read, Clark; Vance, Carol; Marshall, Thurgoodblack militancy; prison appeal; SNCC; marijuana conviction; national campaign; political prisonerThe campaign to free black militant Lee Otis Johnson from jail has increased.
75Southern PatriotThe Wansley Case: An Open Lett1972-12-017Wansley, Thomas; McGee, Willierape myth; life imprisonment; repression; white control; death penalty; women's rights; racial unity; racismBraden calls on the women of the south to help end the rape myth and fight to free Thomas Wansley.
76The Southern Patriot RNA President Imari Free1973-04-001-4Obadele Imari Abubakari, Koen Charles, Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu, Haywood Burns,Owusu SaduakaiRepublic of New Africa (RNA),International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day, peaceful gathering, racismImari was arrested on August 18, 1971 in connection with a shoot out. He was five blocks away at the time. He won a court order to be released around the sametime as solidarity day- which Miss. Officials tried to prevent.
77The Southern Patriot RNA President Imari Free1973-04-001-4Obadele Imari Abubakari, Koen Charles, Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu, Haywood Burns,Owusu SaduakaiRepublic of New Africa (RNA),International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day, peaceful gathering, racismImari was arrested on August 18, 1971 in connection with a shoot out. He was five blocks away at the time. He won a court order to be released around the sametime as solidarity day- which Miss. Officials tried to prevent.
78Southern PatriotSouthern Support for Angela Da1971-12-017Davis, Angela; Collins, Walter; Tucker, Connieteacher petition; controversial issues; racism; discrimination; bookletTeachers in southern California are circulating a petition to free Angela Davis. A booklet is available _Political Prisoners: The Cases of Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee, and the Soledad Brothers_.
79The Southern Patriot Black Women Organize in Suppor1975-04-003Little, Joanne; Topps, Avisblack woman's united front, marches, black women, first degree murder, rape, racismThe Black Woman's united Front are calling for a series of Marches to free Joann Little.
80The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaTyler Harassed, Demonstration 1976-05-001,3Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Terryracism, harassment, frame-up, Gary Tyler Freedom FightersGary Tyler is facing constant harassment from prison officials. The Gary Tyler Freedom Fighters have doubled their efforts to free him.
81The Southern Patriot Demand " Free Cheryl and Dessi1976-01-004Todd, Cheryl; Woods, Dessie Xrape, racism, woman's oppression, repression, murder, armed robberyCheryl Todd and Dessie X. Woods are being charged with murder and armed robbery, for killing a white salesman posing as a police officer who tried to rape them.
82Southern PatriotKiller Freed on Bond1971-12-016Parks, Wesley; Collier, Jo Ethamanslaughter; shooting; intimidation; voter registration; bond; appealWesley Parks, convicted of manslaughter for shooting Jo Etha Collier in a wave of terror against the black community, is free on bond while he awaits his appeal.
83Southern PatriotProtests Free Five N. C. Youth1969-09-011, 8King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Lassiter, Thomas; Scott, Bob; Bickett, William Y.; Penny, Leonhard labor; damage; harshness; pardon; fairness; black youth; Ku Klux Klan; Committee for Equal Justice; interracial poverty programFive black youth, sentenced to twelve years hard labor for less than $100 in damage to a Klan building, were pardoned by the governor after mass protests.
84Southern PatriotU.S. Judge Refuses to Free Col1971-02-014Boyle, Edward; Collins, Walter; Allison, William H., Jr.; Sedler, Robert draft resistance; appeal; shortened sentence; U.S. Court of Appeals; conscientious objector; U.S. Supreme CourtU.S. district judge Edward Boyle refused to reduce Walter Collins' sentence from five years for draft refusal. His lawyers have fought for another appeal.
85The Southern Patriot The People on the Air: A histo1973-12-001,5Carney Delbert, Rev. Kimbrough C.L., Gillespie Charlie, Bergmark Martha, Lawerence Ken, Captain Knight Newt, Mason William, Knight Davis, McGee Willie, Evers CharlesGulfcoast Pulpwood Association (GPA), National attention, television,media, Free state of Jones, union, poverty, racism, black-white unity, people's movementThe television broadcast if the woodcutter strike in the south, helped the woodcutter's strike and the people's movement.
86Southern PatriotMingo Residents Fight Voter Fr1968-04-013, 4Spence, Oakey; Washington, James, Jr.; Varney, T. I.; Chafin, Tom; Green, Edith; Celler, Emmond; Crowell, SuzanneMingo County, West Virginia; voter fraud; Poor People's Conference; the Green Amendment; Free Elections CommitteeResidents of Mingo County, West Virginia are fighting massive voter fraud where the registration list 137% of the census population. They are meeting resistance from the local government though.
87Southern PatriotMovement on the Campus...Hos S1966-01-011, 4Meredith, James; Herton, Myles; Shero, Jeff; Thasher, Sue; Hamlett, Ed; Stilley, Ronda; Spencer, Howard, Guerrero, Gene; Cotton, TomStudent Protest, Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Segregation, Free University, Highlander Center, Campus Activism, CensorshipStudents on college campuses across the South are organizing and protesting many problems in society such as segregation, and the Vietnam War. This generation is far more active and vocal than those in the past.
88Southern PatriotBook Notes: Personal Stories S1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Belfrage, Sally; Sutherland, Elizabeth; McNeill, Robert1964 Mississippi Summer Project, Freedom Summer, Letters From Mississippi, God Wills Us Free, Civil Rights, desegregationDetails three books: Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage, about her experiences during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project, Letters From Mississippi, a collection of excerpts from letters written during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project collected by Elizab
89Southern PatriotBook Notes: Personal Stories 1965-10-012Belfrage, Sally. Sutherland, Elizabeth. McNeil, Robert.1964 MS Summer Project, Freedom Summer, Letters from Mississippi, God Wills vs. Free, Civil Rights, DesegregationDetails three books: Freedom Summer by Sally Belfrage about her experiences during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project; Letters from Mississippi collected by Elizabeth Sutherland which are excerpts from letters written during the Summer Project; and God W
90Southern PatriotJury System Revamped: Albany R1966-09-011Lewis, Nathan; King, Slater; Jackson, Elza; Thomas, Robert; Chatman, Thomas; Wells, Samuel B.; Rabinowitz, Joni; Robinowitz, VictorU.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, civil rights, Albany movement, Albany cases, jury bias, SCEFThe US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that 6 civil rights workers accused of lying to the federal grand jury in 1963 were free. The decision also helped to change the jury system in the south after the Albany cases.
91Southern PatriotWilmington Whites Declare War.1971-09-017Gibson, LeroyRights of White People; paramilitary organization; armed resistance; war; school integration; Black Youth Builders of the Black Community; free foodIn Wilmington, North Carolina, the white paramilitary organization, Rights of White People, declared war on the black community for school integration while the black youth started a food program to help poor blacks.
92The Southern Patriot Plans For North Carolina Demos1974-05-001,5Charvis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Parker, Charles Lee; Waddell, Joe; Brooks, Howard; Othow, Helen; Russell, John; Smith, DonaldNational Alliance Against Racist Political Repression, Capital Punishment, Political prisoners, federal center for correctional research, behavioral modification, racism, injustice, repressionThe National Assembly Against Racist Political Repression has declared North Carolina a national disaster area. They also announced a demonstration that will be held on July 4th. Their goal is to end capital punishment and free all political prisoners.