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1Southern PatriotA Free Press Issue1970-01-016Honey, Mikefree speech; first amendment; newsletter; indictmentMartha Allen explains how her first amendment rights to free speech have been violated.
2Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-12-012Evers, Charles; Waller, William; Stanley, Seth P.; Thomas, John; Smith, Gladden; Knott, Margaret; Nolan, Rossetta; Chavis, Benelection; black defeat; violence; Republic of New Africa; indictment; store boycott; acquittal; arrest; Ku Klux KlanReview of the past month's events.
3Southern PatriotMrs. Collins Demands: "Amnesty1971-12-018Collins, Virginia; McGovern, George; Rachman, Emanuel; Collins, Walteramnesty; draft resistance; indictment; speaking tour; anti-war protestMrs. Virginia Collins is asking the government to give amnesty to all people being punished for war opposition.
4Southern Patriot"I Birng An Indictment Against1971-03-017Davis, Angela; Abernathy, Ralphjob loss; imprisonment; death threats; militancy; black female activists; racism; political prisoner; kidnap; murder; conspiracyExcerpt of a speech given by Dr. Ralph Abernathy about the arrest of Angela Davis and the problems of racism in the American justice system.
5Southern PatriotEvidence Mounts that Quincy Fi1971-11-017Revels, Thomas; Jugger, Raleigh; Fredericks, Johnny; Keaton, David; Townsend, Joe; Pitts, Freddie L.; Lee, WilbertQuincy Five; murder; conviction; committed mental institution; indictment; robbery; contradictory testimony; threats; lie detector testsEvidence is mounting in the Quincy Five trial that the men charged did not commit the crime and confessed under threats.
6Southern PatriotBoycott Is Still Effective Wea1972-09-013McBride, Eddyblack community; mass arrest; business boycott; indictment; racism; discrimination; jury biasA boycott of white businesses in Vicksburg, Mississippi has been 75% effective, and was started when a jury refused to indict a white man accused of molesting a 7-year-old black girl.
7Southern PatriotNC Officials Attack Movement L1972-01-017Chavis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Hicks, Molly; Nixon, Don; Marrow, Henry; Chavis, William; Teel, Robertarrest; black liberation movement; indictment; accessory after the fact of murder; threats; protestNorth Carolina authorities are using arrest to control and repress movement leaders after state wide protests.
8Southern PatriotMississippi Officials Patch Up1972-01-011, 8Peters, Ed; Moore, Russel; Skinner, William; Obadell, Imari, Abubakari, I; Lindberg, Elmer; Tullos, Lowell; Amann, Lester L.; Crumbley, William; Sullivan, Charles; Summer, A. F.; Travis, JackRepublic of New Africa; shooting; bond; indictment; arrest; discrepancies; warrant; raidThe case against the RNA eleven has faced problems with discrepancies in the evidence against and the arrest of the RNA president.
9Southern PatriotMuldraugh Coffee House Fights 1970-03-018Portugal, Dave; Schermerhorn, Susan; Rodes, Dan; Gordon, James F.; Ridenour, DavidGI coffee house; Fort Knox; indictment; jail; appeal; injunction; boycott; leaflet; demonstration; violence; free speechIn Muldraugh, Kentucky a local GI coffee house is under attack again for protesting, and leafleting at a local burger shop.
10Southern PatriotJackson: Repression and Respon1969-05-015Spencer, Howard; Kenyatta, Muhammadblack militancy; white racism; Jackson Human Rights Project; Black and Proud Liberation School; arrest; indictment; rape; black history; Tougaloo Movement; student protest; burglaryStatement on the repression of black militancy in Jackson, Mississippi issued by the Georgetown Defense Committee.
11Southern PatriotJury Refuses to Indict Teels1971-04-018Marrow, Henry Lee; Teel, Robert G.; Oakley, Robert; Teel, Larry; Chavis, Benmurder, grand jury investigation; indictment refusal; acquittal; witness testimony; United Klans of America; house dynamitedA jury in North Carolina refused to indict three white men for the shooting of a black Vietnam War Veteran in spite of testimony indicating their intention to kill him.
12Southern PatriotPolice Killing Sparks Ayden Mo1971-11-014Murphy, William Earl; Day, Billy; Bloom, Eli; Frinks, Golden; Scott, Bob; Paul, Jerrypolice killing; movement arrest; indictment refusal; civil action; police brutality; racism; harassment; protest; march; bombing; curfewThe murder of a black man by police in Ayden, North Carolina, sparked rebellion and bombing in the small town. The black community is united like never before.
13Southern PatriotA Conspiracy to Destroy SNCC?1967-03-012Carmichael, StokelySNCC; court directed destruction; ghetto protest; draft protest; indictment; fines; high bailSNCC leaders have been jailed in connection with Atlanta protests about black ghettos and the arrest of Stokely Carmichael in Selma, Alabama could bring an end to SNCC due to high fines and lack of bail bondsmen willing to set the bail.
14Southern PatriotCouple Cited1969-05-011McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; McClellan, Johncontempt; documents; Senate Subcommittee; indictment; McClellan Committee; investigationThe senate voted to bring contempt of Congress charges against Alan and Margaret McSurely for refusing to hand over documents to the McClellan Committee.
15Southern Patriot"Working Through the System" .1972-01-014, 5McSurely, Margaret; McSurely, Alan; Braden, Anne; Braden, Carl; Mulloy, Joe; McClellan, John; Brick, John; Pearson, Drew; Javits, Jacob; Young, Dennison, Jr.; Wager, Roberimperialism; fair elections; seized documents; arrest; sedition; KUAC; constitutional violation; contempt of congress; McSurely Freedom Committee; indictment; SNCC; appealInterim report of the McSurelys Case and their efforts to fight their contempt of congress conviction.
16The Southern Patriot Houston 12 Re-Indicted After L1974-05-008Jefferson, Andrew; Cunningham, Cameron; Carp, Robert; Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Trujillo, Miguel; Rodriguez, Alex; Vance, Carrol; Hofheinz, Fred; Magee, Ruchellre-indictment, Houston 12, grand jury, prejudice, war protest, youth against war and fascism, police brutality After district court judge Andrew Jackson dismissed all the felony charges against the Houston five, after it was found that the jury selection system was discriminatory. The state of Texas was forced to either re-indite and retry, or release a large numb
17Southern PatriotMcSurelys Convicted of Contemp1970-09-013McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Mulloy, Joe; Mulloy, Karen; McClellan, John; Brick, Joe; Bress, David; Smith, John L.; Stavis, Morton; Sterns, Nancy; Combs, Dan Jack; Zenger, John Petercoal operators; contempt of congress; trial; strip mining; sedition; McClellan Committee; indictment; dynamite; conspiracy; seized documents; appealAlan and Margaret McSurely were convicted of contempt of Congress for failure to turn over requested documents to the McClellan Committee.