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1Southern Patriot"As Little, As Late, and As Un1970-10-017Williams, John Bell; Thompson, Allen C.; Derain, Patschool integration; pairing and grouping plan; poverty; discrimination; protest; picket; neighborhood schoolsResidents in Jackson, Mississippi are doing everything in their power to prevent school integration.
2Southern PatriotOnly in AmericusL Integration 1967-02-012Wittkamper, David; Jordan, Len; Henry, Lindaschool integration, koinonia farm Two white boys from Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia decided to attend the black school thus integrating in reverse.
3Southern PatriotThe Case for Seperate Schools1970-10-016Collins, Virginiaschool segregation; grassroots; SCEF; black leader; integration; firing; demotion; cirriculum; 14th amendment; ghetto; equal funding; imperialism; segregationistExplanation why black leader Virginia Collins feels school integration should not be the main focus of activists.
4Southern PatriotGrenada Struggle Continues1967-03-016Johnson, Robert; Hudson, James; Jones, Versie L.; Carrol, Grady; Alexander, Robert; Gillon, U.S.equal employment; economic boycott; SCLC; school integration; voter registrationProblems in Grenada, Mississippi still continue with school integration, equal unemployment, and voter registration.
5Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Mr. McCrac1967-04-016McCrackin, MauriceSCEF; SNCC; integration; non-violenceMr. Maurice McCrackin re-asks what is the SCEF's position on the SNCC's lack of use of non-violence and their position on integration.
6Southern PatriotPart II: CHarlotte School Elec1970-06-015Kerry, Coleman W.; Scott, Jane; McMillian, James B.; Bryant, Joerunoff election; board of education; forced busing; race relations; Concerned Parents Association; school integration; censorship; Ku Klux KlanIn Charlotte, North Carolina Jane Scott won the runoff election for the school board on a platform against forced busing and school integration.
7Southern PatriotWilmington Whites Declare War.1971-09-017Gibson, LeroyRights of White People; paramilitary organization; armed resistance; war; school integration; Black Youth Builders of the Black Community; free foodIn Wilmington, North Carolina, the white paramilitary organization, Rights of White People, declared war on the black community for school integration while the black youth started a food program to help poor blacks.
8Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-011, 2, 3Fortson, Warren. Turner, Lena. Hopkins, Charlie Lee. Lamar, Willie. Bell, Mary Kate. Allen, Ralph. Harris, Don. Perdue, John. Aelony, Zev. Barnum, John. Ingram, Rose Lee. Jordan, Clarence. Barnum, MabAmericus, GA, Race Relations, Voter Registration, Racial Violence, Voting Rights Bill 1965, School Integration, Rose Lee Ingram case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.
9Southern PatriotCommunity Still Divided: Ameri1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p.1-3Fartson, Warren; Moll, Dr. Lloyd; Turner, Lena; Hopkins, Charlie Lee; Lamar, Willie; Bell, Mary Kate; Allen, Ralph; Harris, Dan; Perdue, John; Aelony, Zev; Barnum, John; Ingram, Rose Lee; Jordan, ClarAmericus, Georgia, race relations, voter registration, racial violence, voting rights bill of 1965, school integration, Rose Lee Ingram Case of 1948, Koinonia Farm Freedom Movement, John Birch SocietyExplains the integration and development of black community leaders into the main government of Americus, GA. Details the efforts and resistance to their work.
10Southern PatriotHUAC Smears Integration Moveme1966-04-013Welter, CharlesSLCS, HUAC, KKK, McCorman ActThe SCLC condemned the HUAC for their Klan investigation and called for the abolishment of the committee.
11Southern PatriotBut Many Will Fight Dual Syste1970-10-016school integration; demotion; firing; militancy; protest; black educatorsEditorial about how people across the South are fighting for desegregation and equal pay and positions for black educators.
12Southern PatriotSouthern Co-ops (2)1970-01-017Boucree, Thaddeus; Blance, Maisonchange; community action program; integration; fair treatment; co-operative; EltwearEditorial about Father Thaddeus Boucree and the co-operatives in Elton, Louisiana.
13Southern PatriotOn the Mason Dixon Line: Open 1967-04-017integration; open housing; desegregation; racial violenceIn Louisville, Kentucky an effort to create an open housing law has started a new campaign.
14Southern PatriotBlack Youth Says: "School Dese1971-02-017school control; public schools; poverty; indoctrination; media; racism; class discrimination; oppressionEditorial about the control of students being the true issue in education, not integration.
15Southern PatriotMississippi Report1970-10-018Duckworth, C. J.; Cox, Harolddesegregation; discrimination; segregationA report of the examples of segregation, discrimination; and government intervention to stop school integration.
16Southern Patriot"We Shall Overcome Our Hatred"1967-04-017Carmichael, Stokely; Lewis, John L.; Maddox, LesterSNCC; black power; human rights; racial violenceJohn McCarthy, correspondent, calls white readers to overcome their prejudices in order to facilitate integration.
17Southern PatriotA Reader Asks: "Where Do You S1966-12-017Carmichael, Stokely; Meredith, JamesSNCC; SCEF; militancy; protest; black power; riot; integrationReader questions the _Southern Patriot_ on its position about its coverage of SNCC and its shift toward militancy.
18Southern PatriotPoor People Begin Getting Toge1968-06-011, 6Carmichael, StokelyPoor People's Campaign (PPC); poverty; integration; unity; voter fraudPoor people from across the nation are beginning to unite in spite of race due to the common problems they all face.
19Southern PatriotBearded Driver Integrates Cabs1966-12-012Frasier, Jack; Peebles, Jackcivil rights; integration; SCEF; vandalismA cab driver in New Orleans was hired at the black cab company, Night Hawk Company, because white companies wouldn't hire him due to his facial hair.
20Southern PatriotThe Mississippi Trial1967-11-012Schwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andrew; Chaney, James; Cox, W. Harold; Giles, James; Giles, John; Ray, Jink; Coleman, Johnnyconspiracy; school integration; SNCC; rape; coal mining; death penalty; unconstitutionality; Overview of the past month's news.
21Southern PatriotApartheid in Wallace Country1968-09-014Byrd, Calvin; Zellner, Bobracism; Mobile County, Alabama; poverty; Cajuns; segregation; education; integration; illiteracyThe people of Mobile, Alabama still face issues of discrimination and segregation between their three ethnic groups: Black, White and Cajun.
22Southern PatriotWhite Reactions1970-10-017Editorial Survey Group; school integration; unity; racism; poor whites; police harassment; Ku Klux KlanIn Jackson, Mississippi white people in the community are fighting for the rights of both poor black and poor white students in public schools.
23Southern PatriotShooting War in Elizabethtown1971-06-016Chavis, Benhigh school rebellion; shooting; desegregation; protest; store boycott; racial tensionShootings occurred in Elizabethtown, North Carolina after a rebellion about school integration plans. At least ten black people were shot, one fatally.
24Southern PatriotBook Notes; Biography of an Id1966-06-012Tourgée, Albion; Olsen, Otto H.civil rights, integration,, reconstruction, slavery, Civil War, carpetbaggerReview of _Carpetbagger's Crusade: The Life of Albion Winegar Tourgée_ by Otto H. Olsen.
25Southern PatriotOne White Southerrner Looks at1966-05-014race relations, civil rights, integration, labor, voter registration, Mississippi Summer Project, black consciousness, black independence, poverty, black nationalismEd Hamlett discusses the meeting in Pensacola, FL where people discussed community organizing and the emerging sense of black nationalism among African American organizers.
26Southern PatriotWentworth Strike Won1969-03-014Wentworth Manufacturing Company; strike; black-white unity; contract; SCLC; integrationWorkers at the Wentworth Manufacturing Company in two small South Carolina towns won their negotiations after a four month strike.
27Southern PatriotBlack Student Rebellions Conti1971-01-014school integration; black identity; school rebellion; walk-out; student demonstration; school closing; racism; discrimination; Ku Klux KlanReport of student protests and walk-outs in North and South Carolina.
28Southern PatriotSpindale Incident1970-06-017rebellion; Ku Klux Klan; poverty; race relations; police killings; police brutality; beatings; school integration; black education; racial conflictIn Spindale, North Carolina three days of rebellion ensued after the police beat a black war veteran to death, he was in their custody at the time.
29Southern PatriotAn Editorial: The Busing Issue1971-10-014Wallace, George; McIntyre, Lionel; Kasper, Johnschool busing; desegregation; peace; Citizen's Against Busing; protest; picket line; racism; education; mobsThe school busing issue in the southern states has been marked by a lack of violence as more people accept school integration.
30Southern PatriotS.C. High Schools Hit by Rebel1970-12-016high school student revolt; school integration; resegregation; demotion; firing; extra-curricular exclusion; racismHigh schools across South Carolina are facing rebellion as black students fight against resegregation and discrimination in newly integrated schools.
31Southern PatriotNews in Review1970-01-012McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Terry, Oscar; Lassiter, Herbert; Backstrom, Perry; Kidd, Paul; Allison, BillMcClellan Committee; contempt of Congress; trial postponed; illegal confinement; brig; marines; school boycotts; school integrationA review of January's news and events.
32Southern PatriotMississippi Organizing1970-06-017militancy; white student involvement; Jackson State Massacre; Millsaps College; University of Mississippi; student organization; school integrationWhite college students across Mississippi have become more involved in the struggles of the poor and the black citizens and students.
33Southern PatriotTempers Flare in Tallulah on J1966-11-018Wyche, Zelma; Sobel, Richard; Dawkins, BenTallulah Civic and Voter's League; prison march; CORE; Lawyer's Constitutional Defense Committee; integration; lunch counter; habeas corpus Zelma Wyche was sentenced to ten years for supposedly assaulting a white doctor even though no one knew who shoved the man. The LCDC is appealing the decision.
34Southern PatriotThe Busing Issue: New Smokescr1972-04-016bus system; school consolidation; school desegregation; busing; integration; racial balance; discrimination; education improvement; federal funding; budget cutbacks; repression; mass hysteria; autonomyEditorial about busing and how it is necessary to end discrimination and to provide a better education for all public school students regardless of race.
35Southern PatriotReader Reports: How Cuba Wiped1968-09-016Batista, Fulgencio; Prio, Carolos; Wallace, Sonja De VriesCuba; integration; black-white relations; Guantanamo Naval Base; insurrection; racism; mulattoReader Sonja De Vries Wallace observes the integrated society of Cuba.
36Southern PatriotRight Wing WIns Charlotte Scho1970-05-011, 6McMillian, James; Scott, Jane; Kerry, Coleman W.; Huntley, Ben; Kelly, Betsy; right wing politics; school busing; board of education; desegregation; concerned parents associationIn Charlotte, North Carolina, two seats for the local school board were won by the right wing politicians against federally mandated integration.
37Southern Patriot"The Issue is White Supremacy"1966-11-013black power; prejudice; white supremacy; Niagara Movement; NAACP; SCEF; integration; interracial action; violence; civil rights; free speechExplains the issue is not black power but white supremacy.
38Southern PatriotBen Shahn: 1898 - 19691969-04-014Shahn, BenSCEF; black hospital; integration; hospital discrimination; SCEFObituary of Ben Shahn, activist known for his fight against hospital discrimination.
39Southern Patriot"Soul Institute" Thrives in Ea1971-01-011Greer, Jackie; Greer, Ezrablack education; student walk-out; threat; Soul Institute; school integration; busingBlack students in Earle, Arkansas protested the lack of school equality by walking out and forming the Soul Institute, which is thriving.
40Southern PatriotNC Students Rebel against Excl1970-10-017Fuller, Howard; White, Leonfurniture making; Ku Klux Klan; school integration; black involvement; extra-curricular activities; student protest; suspensionBlack students in Hickory, North Carolina are rebelling against being excluded from extra-curricular activities in newly integrated school.
41Southern PatriotIn the Schools1971-12-016Self, William; Jessup, B. J.; Leake, George; Goodman, J. C.; Gibson, Lercyarrest; school racism; march; riot charge; police racism; police shooting; school integration; school boycott; Confederate flag; mob violence; mace; Rights of White People; curfewDetails of school problems in Charlotte, Wilmington, and Southern Pines in North Carolina, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida.
42Southern PatriotMovement Holds School Hearings1972-01-016Scott, Bobschool integration; racism; hearing; token blacks; governor investigation; double standards; insurrection; Rights of White People; black consciousnessIn Raleigh, North Carolina, the movement held hearing about the continued white racism in integrated schools and how administrators, police, and parents encourage the discriminatory behavior.
43Southern PatriotBattle for Open Housing1967-11-018Geiger, BerleyCharleston, West Virginia; open housing bill; ghetto; housing shortage; integration; eviction; peaceful protestThe city council in Charleston, West Virginia is struggling to decide about allowing open housing, which will alleviate over crowding and prevent roughly 2,000 families from being displaced.
44Southern PatriotEvictions: Economic Pressures 1965-12-011, 2McCradein, Maurice. McFerren, John. Carter, Mae Bertha. Eastland, eviction, black voter registration, civil rights, sharecropping, Operation Freedom, school integration, SCLC, 1965 Voting Rights ActEvictions of blacks across the south for registering to vote and intergrating school systems. Focuses on Wilcox county AL and wants it declared a disaster area.
45Southern PatriotOne Student Who "Overcame"1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 1Wittkamper, Gregschool integration, Koinonia Farm Community, segregation, Americus High SchoolStory of Greg Wittkamper, who attended Americus High School and endured constant hostility for living in the integrated Koinonia Farm Communtiy with his family.
46Southern PatriotLouisiana: Greatest Battles St1967-01-014civil rights movement; school integration; poverty; voter rights; CORE; slum; desegregationThe civil rights movement in Louisiana is facing many issues including poverty, lack of proper schooling and housing and lack of black voter influence.
47Southern PatriotAlabama: The More Things Chang1967-01-015Amerson, Lucius; Clark, Jim; Wallace, George; Thomas, Eugene; Liuzzo, Viola; Coleman, Thomas; Daniels, Jonathan; Younge, Sammypolitics; 1965 Voting Rights Act; black vote; voter registration; school integration; segregation; Ku Klux Klan; racial murder; poverty; militancyAs change occurs in Alabama to help improve the lives of poor blacks, workers face more resistance from segregationists.
48Southern PatriotCharlotte Judge Set Down Again1972-12-015Snepp, Frank; McMillian, Jamesfederal overruling; public school; leaflet; school integration; First Amendment violationFor the second time in five months, the federal court has overturned an order by Charlotte, North Carolina judge Frank Snepp. He barred outsiders from public school property in Mecklenburg County.
49Southern PatriotA Southern Profile: Mississipp1966-11-017Guyot, Lawrence; Moses, Bob; Green, Dewey, Jr.; Zinn, Howard; Humphrey, Hubert; Ryan, William FritzMississippi Freedom Democratic Party; bus boycott; SNCC; KKK; integration; poverty; Hattiesburg Project; voter registration; segregation; Sunflower CountyBiography of Lester Guyot, civil rights leader in Mississippi who is chairman of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
50Southern PatriotSCEF Board Looks at "Black Pow1966-11-013Shuttlesworht, Fred L.; Smith, Lillianblack power, SCEF, integration, unity, SNCC, CORE, militancy, HUACThe SCEF at it's semi-annual meeting discussed the issue of black power and unity with civil rights organizations. It also condemned HUAC and paid tribute to the late author Lillian Smith.
51Southern PatriotBlack-White Union Keeps School1967-02-011, 8Christenberry, Herbert W.; Perez, Leander H.; McKeithen, John J.; Gibson, Eloise; Rhodes, Buddy; Parker, John H.; Oliver, Clem; Hay, Georgesegregation; school integration; picket line; white involvement; 14th Amendment; 1964 Civil Rights Act; private school; federal funding; PTAIn Louisiana, parents fought to integrate schools. It was unique here because of the large number of white parents included.
52Southern PatriotU of Arkansas Students Fight S1966-03-012, 3Chidester, Phil; Laudermilk, Jim; Weissman, Steve; Tiberis, Dough; Jones, Jim; Hanson, Bill; Valliant, Annsegregation, academic freedom, free speech, campus regulation, integration, picket line, Mississippi Summer Project, SNCC, SSOCStudents at the University of Arkansas are organizing to protest and improve various issues including free speech, segregation and outdated campus rules and regulations.
53Southern PatriotOne Student Who 'Overcame'1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p.1Wittkamper, GregSchool integration, Koinonia Farm Community, segregation, Americus High SchoolThe story of Greg Wittkamper who attended Americus High School and endured constant hostility for living in the integrated Koinonia Farm Community with his family.
54Southern PatriotOne Student Who "Overcame"1965-11-011Wittkamper, Gregschool integration, Koinonia Farm Community, Segregation, Americus High SchoolStory of Greg Wittkamper who attended Americus High School and endured constant hostility for living in the integrated Koinonia Farm Community with his family.
55Southern PatriotOne Year Later: The Effects of1967-05-017Braden, Anneblack power; SNCC; freedom movement; integration; black-white relationship; NAACP; SCLCEditor Anne Braden analyzes the black power movement and how it has changed over a year. She focuses on the black-white relationship shift in civil rights groups.
56Southern PatriotAn Editorial Report the SNCC T1966-05-011, 2, 3Lewis, John; Carmichael, Stokely; Forman, Jim; Robinson, Ruby Daris; Sellers, Cleveland; Hamlett, EdSNCC, civil rights, freedom movement, black power, Black Panthers, poverty, militancy, community organizing, disillusionment, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, independent politics, race relations, rumor, integrationThe changes within the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee notes disillusionment, false reports, delays in their efforts and their future plans.
57Southern PatriotSouthern Student Movement Seek1966-04-011, 4SSOC, civil rights, freedom movement, organizing white communities, black nationalism, SNCC, Southern Mountain Project, Vietnam War, Black Panther movement, integrationThe annual spring conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee decided it needed to try to organize more white communities and focus on the growing protest against the Vietnam War.
58Southern PatriotInsurrection in Wilmington1971-03-011, 6King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lawson, O. H.; Templeton, Gene; Hill, Preston; Mitchell, Steveriot; violence; fire damage; race relations; rebellion; school integration; discrimination; suspension; school boycott; rally; KKK; police brutality; shooting; death threats; repressionWilmington, North Carolina erupted in violence, including shootings and fires, as police and the Klan fought against the black community, which was protesting discrimination in newly integrated schools.
59Southern PatriotNew Orleans Women Wage School 1969-04-016Schwertz, Joseph S.; Norman, Rhoda; Zellner, Dottie; Payzant, Tom; Dolce, Carl; Rosenberg, SamuelFortier High School; school boycott; school integration; women's action committee; Roosevelt Hotel Strike; student strikeThe student boycott of Fortier High School caused significant reaction from both local women's groups and the school administration.
60Southern PatriotEvicitions: Economic Pressures1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 1-2McCrackin, Maurice; McFerren, John; Carter, Bertha Mae; Eastland, Jamesblack eviction, black voter registration, civil rights, sharecropping, Operation Freedom, school integration, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1965 Voting Rights Act, Wilcox County, AlabamaEvictions of black across the South for registering to vote and integrating school systems. Focuses on Wilcox County, Alabama and wants it declared a disaster area.
61Southern PatriotWidespread School Busing Begin1971-10-011, 4Blackman, Sallie Mae; Jenkins, Casey; Briley, Beverly; Williams, Avon; Bell, Laura; Bostie, Debradesegregation; busing; integration; tokenism; racial balance; Concerned Parents' Association; racism; school boycott; peace; picket line; discrimination;The busing efforts in Nashville have been successful in spite of some resistance from the Concerned Parents' Association and for the first time a city has gained racial balance.
62Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: All Schoo1967-04-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Powell, Adam Clayton; Bond, Julian; McKissick, Floyd: Jackson, Joseph W.; Hall, Thomas Windleyschool integration; SCEF; US Court of Appeals; 1966 Voting Rights Law; third political party; church burningSix southern states were ordered to integrate schools. Louisiana lost appeal to be exempted from the 1966 Voting Rights Law to help illiterates vote. Movement leaders announced plans to create "Third force" political party. Lowndes County churches burned.
63Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: LUAC Prob1967-03-012Jackson, Wharlest; Evers, Charles; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Giles, John; Giles, James; Jelinek, Doncommunist investigation; poverty programs; rape; bombing; Vietnam War; appeals court; school integrationLouisiana Joint Committee on Un-American Activities investigates communism in state poverty programs. Black man killed in truck bombing in Natchez, Mississippi. The Maryland Court of Appeals was ordered to re-examine the convictions of James and John Gile
64Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Battle Reach1969-04-015Young, Dorothy; Young, Yvonne; Gray, Bowie; Jackson, Robert; Burke, James; Houston, G. L.Worth County, Georgia; boycott; school integration; student boycott; arrest; school policy; conspiracy; fraud; voter registration; delinquencyThe residents of Worth County, Georgia are at a standstill over the fraud and conspiracy in their community. The main issue is the arrest and imprisonment of fourteen-year-old Dorothy Young for delinquency.
65Southern PatriotBook Notes1965-12-012Sterne, Emma Gelders; Sugarman, Tracy; Baker, Ella; Shuttleworth, Fred L.; Baum, Betty; Grossman, Nancy."I Have A Dream", Civil Rights, SCEF, SCLC, Patricia Crosses Town, school integration, desegregationBooks recently published: "I have a dream" by Emma Gelders Sterne, "Patricia Crosses Town" by Betty Baum, "Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation" from the southern regional council and by the US Commission on Civil Rights, "Equal Opportunity in Farm Pr
66Southern PatriotSong Festival Troupe Draws Cro1966-04-012Romaine, Anne; Hillary, Mable; West, Hedy; Ritchie, Edna; Brown, Pearly; Turner, Gil; Reagan, Bernice; Chandler, Len; Joyner, Charles; Fletcher, Frank; Seager, Peteart, music, folk songs, Southern Student Organizing Committee, integration, black spirituals, hill music, Foggy Mountain BoysThe Southern Song Festival, organized by the Southern Student Organizing Committee, drew crowds across the south performing traditional music, from black to white to mountain music.
67Southern PatriotBook Notes1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 2Gelders Stern, Emma; Sugarman, Tracy; Baker, Ella; Shuttleworth, Fred L.; Baum, Betty; Grossman, NancyCivil Rights Movement, SCEF, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Patricia Crosses Town, I Have A Dream, school integration, desegregation, Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation, Equal Opportunity in Farm Programs: An Appraisal of Services RendereBooks recently published. "I Have A Dream" by Emma Gelders, "Patricia Crosses Town" by Betty Baum, "Black Belt Schools: Beyond Desegregation" from the Southern Regional Council, and by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights "Equal Opportunity in Farm Program