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1Southern PatriotLegal Lynching1971-04-015Hazelwood, Joseph; Hawkins, Charles; Hawthorne, Nathaniel Lee; Greene, Je Roydlegal lynching; rape; death penalty; Ku Klux Klan; boycott; racismJoseph Hazlewood, accused of raping a white woman, is potentially under the death penalty, which can be seen as legal lynching.
2The Southern Patriot Lynching Aftermanth Whites Go 1974-11-005Polk, Preston; Cook, Albert; Youmans, Wallace; O'Neal, J. BlantonLynching, racism, injustice, murder, civil rights activity, retaliation, conspiracyWallace Youmans was shot in the head and killed after walking by Albert Cook's store. Cook and two other men were found not guilty.
3Southern PatriotAutobiography Provides Rare Gl1972-11-012Hudson, Hoseasharecropping; racism; lynching; poverty; communismReview of Hosea Hudson's autobiography _Black Worker in the Deep South_.
4Southern PatriotBook Notes1969-06-012Bates, Ruby; Price, Victoria; Carter, Dan T.; Bledsoe, Thomaslynching; rape; poverty; prostitutes; "Scottsboro Boy"; Highlander Folk SchoolReview of "Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South" published by Louisiana State University Press.
5Southern PatriotIn a Land Where MURDER is Resp1966-01-011Younge, Samuel, Jr.; Segrest, MarvinSCLC, Alabama racism, Tuskegee Institute, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Civil Rights, Racial Murder, Anti-Violence Law, LynchingMap of the state of AL depicting all the people murdered for their involvement with the civil rights movement.
6Southern PatriotThe South in the Thirties1970-09-017Herdon, Angelo; Williams; Nell; Peterson, Williecoal mining; Jim Crow Laws; lynching; Unemployment Council; socialism; equality; arrest; share croppers; murderBiography of the life of Angelo Herdon, a black organizer in the 1930s, who suffered the effects of Jim Crow.
7The Southern Patriot Black Man Lynched 1974-11-006Parks, Roscoe; Godfrey, Charie Mae; Savage, Jimlynching, police harassment, Clayton countyRoscoe Parks died in the hospital from wounds he received while be doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. The night janitor from the Anderson Elementary School, Jim Savage was seen near where Parks was burned.
8Southern PatriotRoots of Southern Struggle1969-11-017Stephenson, Gladys; Fleming, Will; Stephenson, James; McCord, Jim; Gordon, William; Johnson, James; Frantz, Laurentpolice invasion; black community; violence; lynching; mob; arrest; police shooting; civil rights violationGives an overview of the violent happenings in Columbia, Tennessee on Feb. 25-26 1946.
9Southern PatriotKeeping People Divided: Histor1972-09-014McGee, Willie; Bowers, William J.; Wansley, Thomasrape charge; weapon; white supremacy; discrimination; death penalty; capital crime; white unity; terrorism; Black Codes; lynchingA history of the use of the rape charge against black men in the South and how it is still used to keep white society united and terrorize the black community.
10The Southern Patriot "Free Gary Tyler" 2,000 Rally 1976-06-001,6Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Jaunita; Hampton, Bill; Carter, Rondemonstration, rally, frame-up, racism, legal lynching, repression, black liberation movementOver 2,000 people showed up at the free Gary Tyler rally. Several speakers addressed Gery Tyler's case and how it affects the movement as a whole.
11Southern PatriotRape and the Death Penalty: A 1967-01-011, 8Chatman, Jerry; Simon, Tobias; Cash, W. J.; McGee, Willie; Wansley, Thomas; Giles, John; Giles, James; Johnson, Joseph; Howard, Joseph C.; Maxwell, Williamlynching; death penalty; rape; discrimination; Ku Klux Klan; interracial sex; NAACP; double standard; Legal Defense FundSurveys the proportion of death penalties given out to black men convicted of rape of white women in the state of Florida.
12Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Roundup: Bak1966-09-011, 4Johnson, Warren L.; Campbell, J. R.; Simpkins, Issac; Batiste, Ramona; King, C. B.racial violence, lynching, SNCC, school boycott, head start program, racism, white supremacy, militancy, voter registration, Cordele Movement, unemployment, desegregationThe movement in southwest GA to improve conditions for black residents is thriving, due in part to community activism and that a large portion of blacks own their land, making the less economically effected by white supremacy efforts.
13Southern PatriotMcClellan: The Man Behind the 1969-02-011, 4, 5McClellan, John; McMath, Sid; Pearson, Drew; Ross, Robert Tripp; Moses, Ham; McCarthy, JoeMcClellan Committee; investigation; law and order; anti-lynching legislation; fair employment legislation; ghetto; rebellion; anti-labor; Taft-Hartley Act; fifth amendment; minimum wage; oil industry; rural electric co-operatives; Vietnam War; McCarthyismA brief biological and political history of Senator John McClellan from Arkansas, who is the chairman of the Permanent Investigations Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations.