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1Southern PatriotSuffer the Little Children 1967-05-017Francois, Bernardschool demonstration; police tactics; police dogsthe police in New Orleans demonstrated to school children the training of their German Shepherds and their bite strength while also saying the police were their friends.
2Southern PatriotCommunities Fight Police Bruta1970-12-017Finks, Golden; Bellamy, John; Ennis, Jerrychief of police; dismissal; murder; protest; demonstrations; police shooting; self-defenseIn Elm City, North Carolina and Portsmouth, Virginia black communities are fighting against police brutality and shootings of black youth.
3Southern PatriotAttacks on NCCF Continue1971-02-016Black Panthers; police brutality; robbery; police shoot outPolice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina continue to attack the Black Panthers, and the police started a shoot out with them in their new headquarters.
4Southern PatriotPolice Terror Grips Memphis1971-12-011, 4Hayes, Elton; Barnes, George; McKissack; Calvin; Lux, Henry; Gipson, Arthur; Crenshaw, Cornelia; Bayh, Birch; Harris, Fred; Jackson, Ralph; Kramer, Bruce; Hunninen, John; Gantly, Richard; Hancox, Jakepolice murder; road block; police beating; petition; protest; strike; King assassination; police harassment; intimidation; National Committee to Combat Fascism; excessive forceExample of the instances of police brutality in Memphis, and how the city has done little to combat the problem
5The Southern Patriot Police Brutality in East Texas1974-06-008Page, Christine; Allen Abra; Ayers, Truman; Weaver, Arthur; Davis, David; Wade, WillieRacism, police brutality, Nacogdoches county voters league, police harassment Black citizens of Nacogdoches Texas face almost daily harassment and brutality from the local police department. The article sites several cases of police brutality and harassment from March 9-16th. The Nacogdoches county voters league have tried to help
6Southern PatriotPolice Killing Sparks Ayden Mo1971-11-014Murphy, William Earl; Day, Billy; Bloom, Eli; Frinks, Golden; Scott, Bob; Paul, Jerrypolice killing; movement arrest; indictment refusal; civil action; police brutality; racism; harassment; protest; march; bombing; curfewThe murder of a black man by police in Ayden, North Carolina, sparked rebellion and bombing in the small town. The black community is united like never before.
7The Southern Patriot In Mississippi Mass Protest in1974-10-001,8Young, Butler Jr; Shaw, Ronniepolice brutality, racism, united league of Marshall county, economic boycott, police harassment, injunctionAfter police killed Butler Young Jr. after a hit-and-run accident, the black community began an intense protest and economic boycott in Byhalia Miss. SO far they have managed to have the police involved charged with the killing of Young, elected a black o
8Southern PatriotGreensboro Blacks Fight Police1972-02-017Shoffner, Nathan; Clark, R. A.; Riggins, Michael; Rhodes, Elizabeth; Cox, B. E.police brutality; shootings; harassment; racismThe black community in Greensboro, North Carolina is fighting increased police brutality and racism.
9The Southern Patriot In Hamlet, N.C. Police Shootin1975-04-001Scott, Rhonda; Bryant, James; Covington, Earlpolice brutality, excessive force, demonstration, racism, fire bombings, KKK, black communityRhonda Scott was shot in the back by police sgt. Earl Covington. Members of the black community marched on city hall and demanded that Covington be fired and charges brought against him. He was later dismissed from the police force.
10Southern PatriotSpindale Incident1970-06-017rebellion; Ku Klux Klan; poverty; race relations; police killings; police brutality; beatings; school integration; black education; racial conflictIn Spindale, North Carolina three days of rebellion ensued after the police beat a black war veteran to death, he was in their custody at the time.
11Southern PatriotLouisville, KY: Police Cause O1968-06-011, 4Schmied, Kenneth; Clifford, Michael; Reid, Manfred; Hawkins, Sam; Kuyu, Bob; Cortez, Jamesghetto; black rebellion; interracial living; race relations; open housing; Black Unity League of Kentucky; SNCC; militancy; black power; police violenceThe black community of Louisville, Kentucky rose to stop police violence and improve conditions in city ghettos. Police responded with violence killing protesters, which sparked involvement in white activists.
12Southern PatriotBehind the Headlines: Police A1967-05-011, 4Carmichael, Stokely; Killens, John O.; Jenkins, Adrianpolice violence; protest; picket line; poverty; slums; student protest; SNCC; violence; riotStudents in Nashville marched to protest the dilapidated conditions of the city slums and ghettos. This sparked action from the local police.
13Southern Patriot"Demilitarize the Police"1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, Carl; Sellers, Cleveland; Abernathy, Ralph; Mulloy, Joe; Pratt, DonSCEF; police weapons stockpile; Vietnam War cost; poverty; Poor People's Campaign; SCLC; SNCCReview of SCEF board demands including the demilitarization of the Louisville police force that is stockpiling arms and an end to the Vietnam War.
14Southern PatriotNashville's Police Face Invest1967-02-014Hall, Ramsey; Jackson, Joseph W.; Kemp, Hubert O.; Shriver, Thomas; Merrit, Gilbertpolice shooting; civil rights; protest; petition; racism; violence; vendetta; student protest; SSOCPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are protesting the police shooting of a young, white, Vanderbilt student.
15Southern PatriotPolice Murder Sparks Summerhil1970-11-016Moore, Andre; Massell, Sam; Jenkins, Herbert; McGee, Collinsslum; poverty; militancy; police shooting; rebellion; fires; dismissal; racismThe police shooting of fourteen year-old black Andre Moore sparked a rebellion in Atlanta's slum: Summerhill.
16Southern PatriotCharlotte Police Kill Another 1971-10-013Miller, Roy; Swaim, J. W.; Shore, G. L.; Miller, Leroypolice killings; point blank shooting; car theft; beating; Concerned Citizens; petitionRoy Miller is the second black man to be shot by police in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was shot at point blank range and left bleeding in the street for over an hour.
17Southern PatriotStudents Win Some Victories1970-12-017Chavis, Ben; White, Leon; Scott, Bob; Taylor, A. W.; Crocker, W. F.; Wilson, Georgerebellion; school desegregation; school boycott; arrest; police presence; resegregation; marching permit; police brutality; riotStudents won a slight victory in Henderson, North Carolina when community leaders agreed to close the all black school, but they still fear police brutality and local violence.
18Southern PatriotPolice in Kentucky Town Harass1969-03-012prostitution; gambling; Western State University; student questioning; police threatPolice in Bowling Green, Kentucky have been harassing students at Western State University instead of focusing on eliminating prostitution and gambling.
19Southern PatriotNine Memphis Policemen Indicte1972-02-017Price, Bill; Hayes, Elton; Smith, Maxine; Berry, Fred; Madison, Eddie; Vaulx, Rickey; Stewart, Raymond; Chanderl, Wyeth; Higgs, Otis, Jr.police killings; shootings; protest; crime wave; revenge; murderNine Memphis police officers were indicted for the beating of Elton Hayes, but this caused a new wave of police shootings.
20The Southern Patriot Police kill 28th black1974-11-006Jackson, Otis; Ogle, M.E.police brutality, domestic dispute, racism, excessive use of force, police killingsAfter being called to break up a domestic dispute office M.E. Ogle beat Otis Jackson with a nightstick and then shot Otis Jackson in the Abdomen. Jackson was D.O.A and Grady Hospital.
21Southern PatriotConnie Tucker Convicted: Faces1971-04-015Tucker, Connie; Favors, Otha; Favors, Sharon; Taylor, Alexpossession of marijuana; Junta of Militant Organizations; police harassment; police raid; black nationalismConnie Tucker, a black activist, was convicted of marijuana possession and sentenced to five years in spite of the fact that police could not produce the marijuana.
22The Southern PatriotKiller Police: The People Figh1973-12-006Elton Hays, Thomas Turley, Darrell Cain, Santos Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Ronald JoycePolice brutality, racism, black community, civilian review board, repressionSeveral communities throughout the south have been rocked by police brutality scandals. Members of the communities, especially the black community have decided to fight back by demanding federal investigations and a civilian review board.
23Southern PatriotHigh Point Police Attack Milit1971-04-014police attack; black militants; raid; eviction; Black Community Information Center; arrest; felony chargesPolice in High Point, North Carolina attacked black militants whey they evicted and raided people associated with the Black Community Information Center.
24Southern PatriotJackson's Night of Agony1970-05-011, 8Peoples, John A.; Evers, Charles; Gibbs, Philip L.; Green, James Earl; Antoine, Gregory; Jones, Lloyd; Clark, Robert; Davis, Russell; Brown, BenjaminJackson State College; police shooting; student demonstration; brick throwing; police brutality; Millsaps College; business boycottAt Jackson State College in Jackson, Mississippi local police opened fire on students with no warning, killing two and injuring more, after a city dump truck was burned.
25The Southern Patriot Summer in Baltimore: Garbage W1974-09-004Wildcat strike, sanitation, point system, union, American Federation of State, County, and municipal Employees (AFL-CIO), injunction, garbage workers, police strike, AFSCME union, work actionsBoth the police and the garbage workers of Baltimore went on Strike. They are demanding higher pay, and an end to the point system. The garbage workers who had community support were able to have their demands met. The police who were also on strike, mana
26Southern PatriotUN to Probe Panther Attacks1970-02-012Weis, G.United Nations; Black Panthers; police violenceThe UN has agreed to look into police attacks on the Black Panthers after being asked by the SCEF.
27Southern PatriotWilliam Kunstler1969-09-016ghetto; police brutality; black communityQuote by William Kunstler about white police control of black communities.
28Southern PatriotTen Negroes in 14 Months: Birm1967-04-018Shuttlesworth, Fred L.Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; police killings; racial violence; protestCivil rights leaders in Birmingham, AL fight to change the political system in city that allowed the police to kill ten black people in fourteen months with no investigations.
29Southern PatriotRoots of Southern Struggle1969-11-017Stephenson, Gladys; Fleming, Will; Stephenson, James; McCord, Jim; Gordon, William; Johnson, James; Frantz, Laurentpolice invasion; black community; violence; lynching; mob; arrest; police shooting; civil rights violationGives an overview of the violent happenings in Columbia, Tennessee on Feb. 25-26 1946.
30Southern PatriotNew Orleans Attacks "Panthers"1970-10-013McKeithen, John; Augustine, Israelpolice raid; Black Panthers; Human Relations Committee; Police in New Orleans, Louisiana created a supposed "night of terror" in order to attack the Black Panthers in the Desire Housing Project.
31Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Report Fro1968-10-016Thomas, CarolSt. Petersburg, Florida; police brutality; arrest; high bond; black militant; solitary confinementCarol Thomas comments on the political and police issues in St. Petersburg, Florida.
32Southern PatriotMilitant Killed1970-09-018Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Tilley, Dorothy; Collier, Tarleton; Dobbs, James McBridePeople's Party II; murder; police snipers; ambush; protestObituaries of Carl Hampton, killed by police at a protest and other movement supporters.
33Southern PatriotAnother Killing in Carolina1973-01-016James, Connie; Williamson, Charlieviolent protest; police kilingAnother violent protest in North Carolina was spurred by the police killing of a black man.
34Southern PatriotReign of Terror Shakes Homer, 1970-09-011, 7Mozeke, David; Harris, Walker; Kidd, Paulrace relations; arrest; police brutality; discrimination; protest; voter registration; repressionIn Homer, Louisiana local police began an arrest sweep through the black community in order to repress dissent about discrimination
35Southern PatriotRNA Eleven Trial Slated For Ma1972-02-012Moore, Russell B., III; Ana, Hekima; Steiner, Jerry; Bond, JulianRNA Eleven; shooting; high bond; Republic of New Africa; warrant; police proceduresThe RNA Eleven, charged when police violated procedures for serving warrants that ended in a shoot, have trials set to start on March 27th.
36Southern PatriotMendenhall: Old-Time Violence1970-03-016Huemmer , Doug; Brown, Curry; Perkins, John; Brooks, Owens; Evers, Charlesviolence; police brutality; job discrimination; Tougaloo College; arrest; beating; boycottMarches continue in Mendenhall, Mississippi after the brutal beating of Tougaloo students by local police.
37The Southern Patriot Mass Reistance in Atlanta's St1974-06-001,2Williams, Hosea; Carter, Ron; Gibson, Brandon; Jackson, Maynard; Inman, John; Hardin, Allen S.; Maddox, Lester; Munford, Dillard; Slaton, LewisSouthern Christian Leadership Conference, protest, police brutality, Atlanta anti-repression coalition, racism, repressionA protest in Atlanta lead by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was met by police brutality and repression. Protesters demand that Atlanta police chief John Inman and the men responsible for the murder of Brandon Gibson be brought to trial. They
38Southern PatriotGovernor Orders Police onto Ch1969-04-013arrest; cafeteria workers' strike; University of North Carolina Chapel Hill; Black Student Movement; boycott; police occupationSeven students were arrested at UNC Chapel Hill for supporting a cafeteria workers' strike.
39Southern PatriotA Poverty Worker's Fight1966-06-012Collins, Virginia; Fields, Cliffordpoverty, police brutality, protest, civil rights, Office of Economic Opportunity, arrestVirginia Collins was fired form her job and then arrested for allowing a meeting against police brutality held at her anti-poverty program center.
40Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: Racist Violenc1968-10-017Braden, Carl; King, A. D.violence; police brutality; repression; Kentucky Un-American Activities Committee; rebellion; high bondViolence in Kentucky against organizers for equal rights, and black people in general, has increased in the last three months. Also, the police are using arrests and high bonds as other forms of repression.
41The Southern Patriot Blacks plan to keep what's the1974-10-008McCown, John; Patterson, T.M. (Buck) Jr.police harassment, racism, east central committee for opprotunity, demonstrationA black woman was arrested on a Traffic charge by the all white police force in Sparta Ga. When her boss John McCown president of the ECCO tried to intervene on her behalf, he was also arrested. The whole situation has renewed the tensions between blacks
42Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Atlanta Pr1968-05-016police; black colleges; violence; Vietnam War; race; poverty; President of Atlanta University CenterPresident of Atalanta University Centers asks the local police to stay out of black college campuses to prevent violence and allow students a safe place to express new ideas.
43Southern PatriotAberdeen Boycott1970-09-014Walker, William; Lockett, James; Adams, Dan; Keady, W. boycott; confederate flag; officer protestA full scale black boycott of white businesses in Aberdeen, Mississippi stems from the firing of two black police officers for refusal to wear uniforms or drive police cars with confederate flags on them.
44Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-11-012Hayes, Elton; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Sellers, Cleveland, Jr.; TInsley, Michael; Tinsley, Narvel; Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, Williampolice brutality; police killing; school desegregation; Klan parade; Alabama Black Liberation Front; inciting a riot; SNCC; racism; jury bias; crossover votingA review of news and events in November.
45Southern PatriotAhmed Evans Faces Death1969-09-014Evans, Fred Ahmedblack liberation struggle; death penalty; police shootoutSCEF and the _Southern Patriot_ have been asked to aid Fred Ahmed Evans, who is sentenced to death for a shoot-out between police and militants that killed four and wounded eleven.
46Southern PatriotWhy New Orleans Panthers Were 1971-10-017Augustine, Israel; Garrison, JimNew Orleans; Black Panthers; police department; fascism; police shooting; acquittal; black jury; trumped-up charges; Parish PrisonThe Panthers were acquitted in New Orleans because of a mainly black jury and an extremely flimsy case from the prosecution.
47Southern PatriotIn the Schools1971-12-016Self, William; Jessup, B. J.; Leake, George; Goodman, J. C.; Gibson, Lercyarrest; school racism; march; riot charge; police racism; police shooting; school integration; school boycott; Confederate flag; mob violence; mace; Rights of White People; curfewDetails of school problems in Charlotte, Wilmington, and Southern Pines in North Carolina, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida.
48Southern PatriotNashville Moves Against Repres1968-03-018Kunstler, William; Kinoy, Arthur; Wise, Stan; Briley, Beverly; Ellington, Bufordrepression; ghetto; economic withdrawal; militancy; SCEF; SSOC; riots; police brutality; Public Safety Committee; free speechPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are taking the offensive by resisting the efforts of the local police and the National Guard to repress the local black community.
49Southern PatriotJackson State1971-01-016Green, James Earlmurder; police shooting; Medgar Evers FundExplanation of the murder of James Earl Green, not a Jackson State student, by police and how he supported his family.
50The Southern Patriot Dave Mack Humphrey: Another R1974-04-005Humphrey, Dave Mack; Bright, Gene; Smith, Marian H.; Davis, Angela; Simpson, Fred;Rape, frame-up, racism, police harassment, Alabama A&M University Dave Mack Humphrey was walking home at night when he was arrested for raping a white female police officer. While out on bail he was harassed and charged with several other crimes. He is serving a 70 sentence at atmore prison.
51Southern PatriotVoorhees College Locks Out Stu1970-03-014McNair, Robert; Morris, J. Kenneth; Graham, Harry; Williams, Willie; Cambrill, Jerry; Potts, JohnVoorhees College; police occupation; Black Awareness Coordinating Committee; student boycott; federal fundingStudents at Voorhees College in South Carolina were locked out by local police and the National Guard after boycotting white leadership of the black school.
52Southern PatriotBriefs1970-11-017Branch, William McKinley; Gray, Fred; Reed, Thomas; Amerson, Lucius; Williams, O. H.; Cashin, John; Young, Andrew; Thompson, Fletcher; Faye, Henry; Sellers, Cleveland; Hampton, Carl; Jason, Rodney Chablack candidates; National Democratic Party of Alabama; police shooting; victim blaming; police bias; prison bias; racism; strip miningA review of the news and events for the month of November.
53Southern Patriot21 Chareged Under Anti-Riot La1970-03-014Tigner, Pete; Boling, Edward J.; Bozeman, BarryUniversity of Tennessee; anti-riot law; violence; police brutality; arrest; student protest; repression21 people, including 15 students from the University of Tennessee, were arrested under the anti-riot law after demonstrating against the new university president selection. The only violence came from the police.
54Southern PatriotJustifying Murder in Jackson1970-09-018Williams, John Bell; Moore, Russell, III; Cox, Harold; Travis, Jack; Cates, Edward L.; Davis, Russell; Barnett, Rossjustified murder; Jackson State massacre; student provocation; police shooting; riot suppression; racismThe ruling class of Mississippi is still trying to justify the police shooting of students at Jackson State College in May 1970.
55The Southern Patriot Morgantown, W. Va. Truckers un1974-03-003Moore, Archstrike, truckers association, army national guard, harassment, student protest, energy crisis, police repression, strike breakingIndependent truckers in W. Va. went on strike over the high cost of fuel, they demand a price roll back and the right to strike. The Army national guard and the police were sent in to break the strike.
56Southern PatriotSteel Workers Strike1970-12-012strike; police brutality; union recognition; walk-out; racism; Georgetown Steel Corporation; unsafe working conditions; SCLC; strike supportA strike at the Georgetown Steel Corporation in Georgetown, South Carolina helped bread the media silence on organized labor in the South when police attacked marchers.
57Southern PatriotBlacks Investigate Massacre1972-02-011, 7Britton, Harvey; Clemmons, Bryan; Dumas, Woodrow W.; McKeithen, John; Williams, Robert C.; Breaux, Ray; Oliney, Jamesinquiry; massacre; media; police brutality; Muslims; economic issues; self-defense; unarmed victims; undercover officers; hysteria; curfew; conspiracyAn investigation by the black community on the massacre shows police brutality against the unarmed demonstrators, while the media reports show the opposite.
58Southern PatriotRepression Continues in Housto1968-09-011, 2Johnson, Lee Otis; Johnson, HelenTexas Southern University; trespassing; police brutality; militancy; riot; McClellan CommitteePolice brutality in Houston continues against organizers as the Johnsons were arrested and Helen was severely beaten in jail. The Texas Southern University 5 case is also at a standstill when the prosecution asked it be moved to a small town to guarantee
59Southern PatriotAyden Struggle Continues1972-01-016Abernathy, Ralph; Frinks, Golden; Kirby, Georgepolice killing; arrest; demonstration; state of emergency; march; mass rally ban; high sentence; Pitt County movement; constitutionality; Rights of White People; white supremacyProtests and demonstrations still continue in the Pitt County movement as black activists still want justice for the police killing of a black man five months prior.
60Southern PatriotBlack Colleges in Crisis: The 1973-01-013Edwards, Edwin W.; Wydell, Charles; Netterville, Leon; Bailey, D'Army; Brown, H. Rap; Eams, R. Judge; Williams, Robertpolice killings; Louisiana State University; death penalty; Southern University; black consciousness; status quo; Ford Foundation; sit-in movementThe police slaying of two black students from Louisiana State University sparked more dissent at already active black colleges.
61The Southern Patriot Louisville Racism Linked to Ci1976-04-004,5Pugh, Luebreta; Sloane, Harvey; Cough, Johnracism, busing, desegregation, black community, harassment, police brutality, declaration, independence from bigotryDuring the 1st year of busing for school desegregation, the black community of Louisville has faced almost constant harassment and brutality from police and other city officials.
62Southern PatriotTeen-Agers Get Long Prison Ter1972-10-017Smith, Donald; Day, Billy; Murphy, William; Cain, Charles; Taylor, John H.dynamite bomb; prison; demonstration; police killing; protest; self defense; ACLU; beating; guilty verdict; forced confessionIn Ayden, North Carolina eleven teenagers got long prison sentences stemming from a dynamite bomb that went off in a school rest room during a protest for a police killing.
63Southern PatriotInsurrection in Wilmington1971-03-011, 6King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lawson, O. H.; Templeton, Gene; Hill, Preston; Mitchell, Steveriot; violence; fire damage; race relations; rebellion; school integration; discrimination; suspension; school boycott; rally; KKK; police brutality; shooting; death threats; repressionWilmington, North Carolina erupted in violence, including shootings and fires, as police and the Klan fought against the black community, which was protesting discrimination in newly integrated schools.
64Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-012Wallace, George. Flowers, Richmond. Odour, Ralph. Haley, Richard. AL constitution. Civil Rights murders. SCLC. Police Brutality. CORE. School Boycott. Discrimination. SNCC. AR Voice. Voter Fraud. Discrimination in Agriculture.AL state constitution challenged for number of governor terms. Nashville demonstration against police beating of Kenyan Man. Tallaluh, LA riots due to school boycott. AL and MS tried to elect blacks to improve crop allotments. AR fraud in school board ele
65Southern PatriotKnoxville: Climate is Tense fo1970-10-012Boling, Edward; Schiffer, Robert; Baugh, John; Graham, Billy; Lowenstein, Allard K.; Gibson, Jo Ann; McDavid, Foyanti-riot law; trial; student protest; University of Tennessee; repression; arrest; Billy Graham Crusade; selective admission; police harassmentIn Knoxville, Tennessee local police use arrest as a form of repression against student activists. The school administration also is not admitting students with an activist past.
66Southern PatriotTwo Black Liberation Front Lea1971-03-014, 5Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Bailey, Mel; Orange, David; Turner, Bernice; Cleaver, Eldridge; Robertson, Harold; Prosch, Gus; Wallace, Georgepolice brutality; assault; Alabama Black Liberation Front; victim blaming; eviction; discrimination; phone tapping; civil rights violation; inhumane jail conditions; arms cacheIn Birmingham, Alabama two Alabama Black Liberation Front Leaders were attacked by police and arrested for trying to help a local woman keep her house.
67Southern PatriotNews in Brief1965-11-00Vol. 23, No. 9, p. 2Wallace, George; Flowers, Richmond; Odour, Ralph; Haley, RichardAlabama constitution, constitutional amendment, Civil Rights, murder, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, police brutality, CORE, school boycott, discrimination in agriculture, SNCC, Arkansas Voice, voter fraudAlabama state constitution challenged for number of governor terms, in Nashville -- a demonstration against police beating of Kenyan man, in Talluluh -- L. A. Riots due to school boycott, Alabama and Mississippi tried to elect blacks to improve crop allo
68Southern PatriotSlums Cause Outbreak1966-10-011, 4Moody, Edward; Allen, Ivan; Prather, Harold; Castleberry, J. C.; Carmichael, Stokely; McGill, Ralph; Patterson, Eugene; Black, Hector; Harding, Vincent; Bond, Julianpoverty, violence, SNCC, ghetto, slum, race relations, city maintenance, unemployment, police shooting, riot, arrest, protest, free speechRiots in the Atlanta slums occurred over the police shooting of Harold Prather for supposed car theft. SNCC got involved and was accused of causing the violence.
69The Southern Patriot ZANU Leader Victim of Racism1975-04-006Mawere, Tapson A; Mangazva, Synospolice harassment, Zimbabwe African Nation Union, racism, SCEF, conference to stop the importation of South African coal.Tapson A. Mawere and Synos Mangavza were guest speakers at a SCEF conference on stopping the importation of South African coal. They were beaten and arrested by two plain cloths police officers for trying to eat at a whites only restaurant.
70Southern PatriotBirmingham Movement Grows1972-09-011, 6, 7Farris, Carl; Shelton, Jim; Diamond, Ledger; Henson, Howard; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Watkins, Merulrine; McKinney, Robert; Connor, Eugene; Seibels, George G.; Lynn, Sebourn; Jordan, Davis; Reid, Jesselabor movement; racism; union; job discrimination; police brutality; bargaining agent; SCLC; racial unity; union election; strike; violenceAn overview of the developing labor movement in Birmingham, Alabama and how it is combating racism, job discrimination and police brutality.
71Southern PatriotBackground for Murder1968-04-011, 5Lawson, James L.; Payne, Larry; Loeb, William; Swearengen, James E.; Gray, Joseph; Taylor, Jimmy; Cooke, Sam; Withers, Ernest; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; demonstration; march; violence; police violence; looting; riot; Beale Street, MemphisRobert Analauage writes about a riot that took place in Memphis, Tennessee previous to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. The local police did little during the riot to protect the black community from the violence and looters. He claims that this
72Southern PatriotMemphis Garbage Workers Strike1968-03-011, 5Ciampa, Jack; Loeb, Henry; Jones, T. O.; Hoffman, Robert; Middlebrook, Haroldstrike; garbage workers; Memphis, Tennessee; police violence; discrimination; union; low wages; unsafe working conditions; NAACP; community unityGarbage workers in Memphis, Tennessee went on strike to protest discrimination against blacks, low wages, lack of safety controls, and the lack of union recognition by the city. The police fought the strikers with violence trying to make them return to wo
73Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Jackson Ja1967-05-016King, Annie Maeprison; racial violence; police brutalityPoem about imprisonment in Jackson Mississippi Jail.
74Southern PatriotBook Notes1972-12-012Domhoff, G. William; Rawick, George P.; Genovese, Eugene; Elein, Aaron E.; Chevigny, Paul; Bishop, Jimelection; slave narrative; black scientists; police provocationA review of five newly published books.
75Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Drift 1967-08-016Stone, I. F.civil rights; violence; police brutality; fascism; poverty; ghettoReader believes the violence and indifference toward the American black population shows a shift in the country toward a more fascist state.
76Southern PatriotNotes From MIssissippi1968-05-014Jones, Suzie; Hamer, Fannie Loupoverty; SCLC; black teachers; police violence; sharecroppers; unityNotes the efforts of the poor people in Mississippi to help their neighbors in need of food and assistance.
77Southern PatriotHouston Militant Sentenced to 1968-10-014Johnson, Lee OtisSNCC; Black Panther Party; arrest; repression; police brutalityLee Otis Johnson was sentenced to thirty years in prison for one marijuana cigarette.
78Southern PatriotGIs March in Augusta1970-09-011, 6Maddox, Lester; Johnson, Paulpeace march; memorial; solidarity; race relations; communism; Fort Knox; GI Coffeehouse; police harassment; GI protest; arrest; radical booksReview of military protest and organization across the South.
79The Southern Patriot Houston 121974-11-001,3Vance, Carrol; Barriga, Jose; Christiansen, William; Haile, Bartee; Rodriguez, Alex, Trujillo, MiguelHouston 12, New Trial, demonstrationA new trial date was announced for the Houston 12. They are charged with assault of a police officer an attempted murder.
80Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-12-013McCall, Willis; Jenness, Linda; Pulley, Andrew; Obadele, Imari; Allison, Jefferyterrorism; bus employee strike; election; police raid; Black Panther; Republic of New Africa; SCLC; Navy rebellion; frame up; explosionA review of the past month's news and events.
81Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-10-017Roberson, Don; Ferguson, James; Carty, Rico; Ramirez, Carlos; Massell, SamMalcolm X United Liberation Front; repression; Southeastern People's Revolutionary Conference; anti-busing forced; Black Panthers Trial; arson; police beating; Title II repealAn overview of the events and news from October.
82Southern PatriotWhite Reactions1970-10-017Editorial Survey Group; school integration; unity; racism; poor whites; police harassment; Ku Klux KlanIn Jackson, Mississippi white people in the community are fighting for the rights of both poor black and poor white students in public schools.
83The Southern PatriotQuincy Case Closed1974-01-006Burns, Johnny; Figgers, Alphonso; Smith, David Charles; Keaton, Dave Roby; Frederick, Johnny; Reubin, Askew;Quincy Five, Baker act, police intimidation, racism, voter registrationThe Quincy five were released from prison. They were accused of murdering a Leon county sheriff.
84Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-05-012Tubman, Harriett; Conrad, Earl; Belden, JackUnderground Railroad; anti-slavery; Chinese revolution; police raidReview of Earl Conrad's biography _Harriett Tubman_, and Jack Belden's _China Shakes the World_.
85Southern PatriotPanthers Under Attack1970-04-017Black Panthers; fascist crimes; arrests; police brutalityThe _Southern Patriot_ is encouraging readers to order the special edition of the Black Panthers' newspaper stating it is documentation of "Fascist crimes by the USA.:
86The Southern Patriot Black Man Lynched 1974-11-006Parks, Roscoe; Godfrey, Charie Mae; Savage, Jimlynching, police harassment, Clayton countyRoscoe Parks died in the hospital from wounds he received while be doused with flammable liquid and set on fire. The night janitor from the Anderson Elementary School, Jim Savage was seen near where Parks was burned.
87Southern PatriotCDGM Receives New Grant1967-02-012Cox, W. Hardd; Dahmer, Vernon; Prather, Harold; Carmichael, StokelyChild Development Group; Office of Opportunity; federal funding; civil rights; firebomb; voter rights; SCEF; raids; ghetto; police shooting; riot; SNCC; Puerto RicoOverview of news and events of the previous month.
88Southern PatriotRepression Builds in Florida1970-05-011, 8Canney, Robert; Hicks, Elizabeth; Waller, Joejail; repression; anti-war rally; police brutality; protest; Junta of Militant Organizations; strike; white racism; student demonstrationRepression through the use of arrest and high bails has been increasing in Florida against militant activists.
89Southern PatriotBaton Rouge: Bring Killers to 1972-12-011Southern University; student killed; murder; police killing; official murder; protest; justiceThe _Patriot_ encourages readers to protest in order to bring official murders to justice.
90Southern PatriotLike A Mystery Story; Victory 1972-09-018Smith, David Charles; Revels, Thomas; Figgers, Alphonso; Keaton, David; Frederick, Johnny; Aloi, JoeQuincy Five; murder charge; organized protest; lack of evidence; fingerprintsTwo members of the Quincy Five were freed from the murder charges after an investigator prompted police to re-examine finger prints.
91Southern PatriotThe Victory At San Jose: Its M1972-06-017Davis, Angela; Rosenberg, Julius; Rosenberg, Ethelfreedom; spy; execution; mass fear; police state; black movement; hysteriaEditorial about how the jury freeing Angela Davis impacts the entire freedom movement throughout the South.
92Southern PatriotMore "People Power" Strengthen1966-11-018, 2Reynolds, Issac; Perez, LeanderCORE; Vietnam War; black power; school desegregation; civil rights; co-op; employment; police brutalityCORE is remaining strong in Louisiana and continues to fight for community improvement. However, there has been a shift to almost all black organizers, with only one white person remaining.
93Southern PatriotBlack Panel Bares Truth of Mur1973-01-013Edwards, Edwin W.; Smith, Denver; Brown, Leonard; Bailey, D'ArmyBlack People's Committee of Inquiry; Guste CommissionThe Black People's Committee of Inquiry made public their view of the police killing of two black LSU students.
94Southern PatriotN.C. Students Boycott Classes 1970-11-014Wallace, George; Lee, Wilson W.; Walters, Haroldstudent rebellion; black representation; Ku Klux Klan; cross burning; "pairing" plan; police brutality; walk-out; suspension; arrestTwo North Carolina high schools boycotted classes to gain black representation in extra-curricular activities.
95Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
96Southern PatriotWhy Virginia Miner Joined the 1969-04-013Tiller, John; Lewis, John L.Vietnam War; Matewan Massacre; mining; VMW; police violence; Poor People's CampaignJohn Tiller, a white miner from Appalachian Virginia, explains why he became included with the Vietnam War protest.
97Southern PatriotCommunity Support in Jail Stru1972-10-011Spock, Benjamin; Lark, Alphonso; Bass, John; Williams, Bobprotest; jail conditions; demonstration; People's Party; militants; talks; tear gas; police brutality; vigilInmates in St. Louis, Missouri won better conditions after gaining community support for their protest.
98Southern PatriotJackson: Blaming the Victims1970-06-012Waites, Alex; Williams, John Bell; Anderson, Reuben; Banks, Fred, Jr.racism; Jackson State College; massacre; police shooting; arrest; Highway Patrol; boycottIn Jackson, Mississippi the governor was quick to blame the victims for causing the Jackson State massacre.
99The Southern Patriot Conference Sept 6-7 SCEF Build1975-06-008SCEF, conference, economic crisis, unemployment, welfare cuts, police brutality, minorities, big business, economic crisis.SCEF conference on " The Crisis and the Fight Back" is hoping to shed light on the some major issues facing the peoples movement.
100Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Violence 1968-01-017Nussbaum, Perry E.; Kochtitsky, Robert B.; Johnson, Allen J.; Delmar, Dennis; Carter, Willie Joe; Ware, George; Stephens, Ernest; Rutherford, William A.; Innis, Rayviolence; Ku Klux Klan; police shooting; SNCC; ghetto; riot; SCLC; CORE; Pike County, Kentucky; teacher payA review of the past month's news.
101Southern PatriotMurder in Wilmington1971-04-016Wright, Clifton Eugene; Walker, Johnny; Williamson, H. closing; racial fighting; police patrol; arrest; racial shooting; boycott; night ridersIn Wilmington, North Carolina the black community is facing white night riders, which caused one death, after insurrection in public schools over racism and discrimination.
102Southern PatriotGreer Convicted1971-01-015Greer, Ezra; Dennis, Marcus; Greer, Jackie; Kaplin, Phillipinciting a riot; conviction; civil rights; police brutalityReverend Ezra Greer was convicted of inciting a riot based on the white deputy sheriff's testimony.
103Southern PatriotUSC Studnets Radicalized by Ev1970-05-016McNair, Robert; Jones, Thomas A.University of South Carolina; the UFO Coffeehouse; radicals; student demonstrations; police brutality; beatingThe traditionally apathetic students at the University of South Carolina have become more open and energetic for change, "radicalized", as a result of local events including the closure of the radical coffeehouse UFO, the inability for UFO patrons to use
104Southern PatriotKing's Birthday Sparks Rebelli1971-02-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Lee, Robert rebellion; birthday celebration; violence; riot; police brutality; militancy; school boycottSchool boycotts and violence were sparked in North Carolina and South Carolina as black students tried to celebrate MLK's birthday.
105Southern Patriot"Black Monday" In Memphis1969-11-013Smith, Maxine; Sugarman, Miriam; Abernathy, Ralph; Epps, Jesse"Black Monday," Memphis March; boycott; NAACP; black teachers; decentralization; Black Coalition; police brutalityDetails the actual events that led up to a Memphis march on November 10th that resulted in rock-throwing and the use of tear gas.
106Southern PatriotInterracial Coalitions: Proble1969-06-016Collins, WalterLaurel, Mississippi; GROW; interracial movement; interracial organizing; hostility; black-white relations; black power; police brutality; racism; strikeSpeech given at SCEF's New York Annual Meeting about interracial relations and problems from his experiences in Laurel, Mississippi.
107The Southern Patriot Tenants Fight Police and Landl1975-06-003Sarubin, Mortonuplands apartment complex, rent strike, federal subsidies Tenants from the Baltimore Uplands Apartment Complex have organized a rent strike in order to improve their homes and lower their rent.
108The Southern Patriot Louisiana Muslim Trial: A Blue1973-06-003Clemmons Bryan, Dumas Woodrow W., McKeithen JohnPolitical Prisoners, Police brutality, Muslim trial, street meeting, the peoples' movementIn January, sheriffs deputies attacked local Muslims who were attending a street meeting. Two deputies and three men for the street meeting were dead.
109Southern PatriotA Partial Victory1966-02-014Hunter, Charlie; King, C.B.; Hardin, John; Hunter, Willie; Ingram, Rosa Leeracial murder, black jury, segregation, jury biasCharlie Hunter was convicted of murder and sentenced to six years on prison by a predominantly black jury for shooting a white police officer in Ellaville, GA.
110Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-03-017Alford, Michael E.; Chavis, Ben; Cumber, Harvey; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Waller, Bill; Derian, Patt; Freeman, Harrop; Collins, WalterI.C. Norcum High School; student demonstration; police dog; student suspension; high bond; murder; black liberation movement; Loyalist Democrats; amnesty; GI coffeehouseA review of the past month's news and events (March).
111Southern PatriotStudents Are Scapegoats in Uns1968-04-018Boruff, A. J.; Keel, Gary; Owens, Robert L.; Tigher, Hope, III; Scott, Josephmurder; explosives; arrest; student arrest; shooting; Student Social Action Committee; black power; militancyStudents at Knoxville College in Tennessee are being used as scapegoats for the unsolved murder of a cab driver on the night of police induced anger on the campus.
112Southern PatriotMovement Holds School Hearings1972-01-016Scott, Bobschool integration; racism; hearing; token blacks; governor investigation; double standards; insurrection; Rights of White People; black consciousnessIn Raleigh, North Carolina, the movement held hearing about the continued white racism in integrated schools and how administrators, police, and parents encourage the discriminatory behavior.
113Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: OEO Refun1968-03-012Evers, Charles; Boyd, J. D.; Aptheker, Herbert; Wilkinson, Frank; Murton, Thomas O.; Wansley, Thomas; Dodson, AndrewSouth West Alabama Farmers' Cooperative Association(SWAFCA); Farmers Home Administration; Alcorn College; police shooting; open housing; ghetto; communist speakers; free speech; discriminationThe past month's news and events.
114Southern PatriotAustin Activists Under Attack1970-01-012University of Texas; riot; property damage; student protest; conspiracy; Chuck Wagon protest; police harassment; arrest; dissentStudent activists at the University of Texas in Austin have been arrested for their protests and as a form of dissent control.
115Southern PatriotMcSurelys Sentenced1970-11-014NcSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Smith, John L., Jr.; McClellan, John; Ratliff, Thomas; Stavis, Morton; Stearns, Nancy; Hays, Brookscontempt of congress; prison sentence; bias; seized documents; police raid; conspiracyThe McSurelys were both sentenced, they each recieved different prison terms for their conviction of contempt of congress.
116Southern PatriotFederal Spying on Black Rep. E1971-06-012Graves, Curtis; Hoover, J. Edgarfederal spying; Texas state representative; Constitutional rights; phone tapping; police tacticsThe federal government has stopped spying on black Texas state representative after ten years.
117Southern PatriotJohn Douglas Kobak1971-01-012Kobak, John Douglas; Easterling, Sue Ellacancer; poverty war; Appalachia; police brutalityObituary of John Douglas Kobak, who died of cancer at age 24 and campaigned for poor rights in Appalachia.
118Southern PatriotGarbage Workers Vote to Strike1970-09-014Massell, Sam; Lucey, Billgarbage worker strike; union dues; deduction; firing; check-off issue; police resistanceSanitation workers in Atlanta voted to strike because the Board of Aldermen decided to stop the deduction of union dues from workers' pay checks.
119Southern PatriotLife Imprisonment In Mississip1972-05-015Ana, Hekima; Obadele, Imari; Skinner, William L.; Moore, Russell D., III; Plummer, Susie; Lundberg, Christiana; Royals, Tom; Sana, Tamu; McClure, OliviaRepublic of New Africa; murder; life imprisonment; police raid; circumstantial evidence; jury bias; media biasDetail the RNA member Hekima Ana's trial, where he was found guilty, and how it was impossible for him to receive a fair hearing.
120The Southern PatriotEvidence Weak Against Joann1975-06-008Little, Joanne; Alligood, Clerence; Dees, Morris; King, Beverly; Griffin, WilliamJoanne little trial, circumstantial evidence, police misconduct, self-defense, rape, sexual abuse.The trial of Joanne Little is underway, however due to circumstantial evidence, charges against her have reduced from first degree murder to second degree murder.
121Southern PatriotPortsmouth Arrest Continue1972-02-013Alfrod, Michael J.; Simmons, David; Chavis, Ben; William, Eddiearrests; school boycott; I.C. Norcum High School; technical school; black consciousnessThe police in Portsmouth, Virginia have increased their arrest efforts against the leaders of the school boycott at I.C. Norcum High School.
122Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-014Civil rights, Appalachian south, racial violence, Appalachian economic and political action conference, vandalism, highlander center, KKK, Nazi Party, SCLC, Southern Mountain Project, Vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote civil rights have been plagued by violence and act of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
123The Southern Patriot Killing Sparks Economic Boycot1974-09-003Watson, Doug; Carreker, Willie Gene; Brooks, Tyrone killing, boycott, Talbot County, SCLC, racismWillie Gene Carreker of Talbot Co. Georgia was shot and killed while handcuffed in police custody. The black community carried out a successful economic boycott and had their demands agreed upon.
124Southern PatriotDelta Journa: "Can't Hardly Ge1966-11-014Franklin, Jessie; Turner, Lee; Walker, Jimmy; Walker, Prentiss; Collins, JD; McSwine, BT; Molman, James; Carmichael, Stokely; King, Martin Luther, Jr.unemployment; poverty; head start; Freedom Democratic Party; police violence; civil rights; low wagesExplains life in the Mississippi Delta, with issues of unemployment, low wages, and civil rights.
125The Southern Patriot Black Athlete Says ' I was Fra1974-06-008James, Mike "Spider"; Vaughn, Charles; Jones, Ligon; Driesell, Charles "Lefty"frame-up, murder, racism, police brutalityMike "Spider" James was sentenced to 28 years in prison for murdering a white cab driver. Despite evidence that proved his innocence, he was encouraged to plead guilty in order to strike a deal. While in prison he faced constant harassment by prison offic
126Southern PatriotRobert Canney Convicted, Fired1970-10-011Canney, Robert; Zachary, Wayneanti-war rally; police brutality; arrest; repression; dissent; resisting arrest; free speech; harassmentRobert Canney was fired from the University of Florida after being convicted of resisting arrest with violence for speaking out against the war.
127Southern PatriotArkansas Workers Fight "Cheap"1970-11-011, 8Eaton, Win; Ford, Billlow wages; standard register; strike; militancy; walk-out; union; cost of living; time studies; police bias; student invovlementAt Standard Register in Fayetteville, Arkansas, plant workers went on strike to fight wages $2 an hour less then workers at other plants.
128Southern Patriot...And Tobacco Strike Ends It1971-11-014Frinks, Golden; Humphrey, HubertPitt County Movement; black tobacco workers; tenant farming; rebellion; working conditions; equality; wage rate; parade permit; police harassmentBlack tobacco workers in Farmville, North Carolina have extended the Pitt County Movement, asking to gain equal rights and better wages.
129Southern PatriotNCCF Has Support in Winston-Sa1971-04-014police harassment; National Committee to Combat Fascism; rally; SCLC; jailA rally held by the National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF) drew a large amount of support in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
130Southern PatriotDon't Forget Orangeburg1970-05-017Schwerner, Michael; Goodman, Andy; Chaney, James; Reeb, James; Liuzzo, Viola; Younge, Sammy; Forman, Jim; Conrad, EarlKent State killing; Indochina War; Orangeburg Massacre; student killings; police brutality; murder; shooting; race relationsAn editorial about racial murder and a mention to not forget the massacre in Orangeburg where three black sudents were killed and twenty-five more were injured.
131Southern PatriotSchool Boycott Leader's Home i1971-03-013Stevenson, Levernschool boycott; segregation; racism; house burning; police bias; support rallyThe home of Reverend Levern Stevenson was burned in Ridgeland, South Carolina in retaliation for his organizing a school boycott to protest overt racism and bus segregation.
132Southern PatriotStudents March in Charlotte1970-12-014Davis, Angelastudent march; Freedom Songs; Johnson C. Smith University; police presenceStudents from Johnson C. Smith University marched into Charlotte, North Carolina to show support for Angela Davis.
133The Southern Patriot Demand " Free Cheryl and Dessi1976-01-004Todd, Cheryl; Woods, Dessie Xrape, racism, woman's oppression, repression, murder, armed robberyCheryl Todd and Dessie X. Woods are being charged with murder and armed robbery, for killing a white salesman posing as a police officer who tried to rape them.
134Southern PatriotAtlanta City Workers Strike1970-04-011, 8Massell, Sam; Stokes, Joel; Truelove, Gene; Holman, Raymond Travis; Baker, Thomas; Maddox, Lester; Simmons, James; Wilson, John C.garbage worker strike; employee benefits; wage increase; firing; scab; police violenceGarbage workers in Atlanta went on strike when city officials refused to raise their wages. It resulted in violence and arrests.
135The Southern Patriot The Cost of the New Atlanta 1974-05-004-5Whitfield, George; Williams, Virgil; Jackson, Maynard, Inman, John; Mckinny, Billy; Williamson, Q.V.; Matthews, Ethel Mae; Chafin, Clinton; Carter, Jimmy urban renewal, safe streets and sidewalks act, corporate interest, bedford-pines project area committee, police brutality, racism,Jim Grant describes how downtown Atlanta had been re-built at the expense of the black community; and how far white politicians and business owners are willing to go to ensure economic growth and renewal.
136The Southern Patriot On Strike for Union Contract S1975-04-001,6Garner, Kenneth; Williams, G.O.; McWilliams, James E.; Smith MonroeSanitation workers, strike, racial discrimination, union recognition, Laborer's International Union of North America, police harassment, racism, job securitySanitation Workers from Hattiesburg Miss. have been on strike for nine weeks and are asking for support. Media coverage of the strike has not helped the cause and reports refer to the strikers as "ex-employees" and "non-workers". Strikers are demanding an
137Southern PatriotGarbage Workers on Strike Agai1970-11-011, 8Belk, John; Beeder, Bill; Beacer, Pressly; Gore, Gene; Hartle, Jackgarbage workers' strike; local I; North Carolina Labor Alliance; pay raise; uniforms; safety equipment; lay offs; route length; scabs; police barricadeLocal sanitation workers in Charlotte, North Carolina are on strike for the fifth time in two years due to the city not holding up its end of each previous arbitration.
138Southern PatriotUnited Front Against Fascism1969-09-016, 7Newton, HueyBlack Panther Party for Self-Defense; fascism; Resurrection City; criticism; Progressive Labor Party; united front; police control; SNCCOverview of the National Conference for a United Front Against Fascism in Oakland, California, hosted by the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.
139Southern PatriotEarle Reacts to Desegregation1970-10-011, 8Greer, Ezra; King, James; Annis, Harold; Browder, James; Greer, Jackieschool desegregation; mass arrest; beatings; student walkout; police brutality; arrest; repression; picketingIn Earle, Arkansas the white leadership reacted violently to black protest of school desegregation that removed all symbols of black heritage and pride and demoted black employees.
140Southern PatriotCarolina Activist Jailed Again1972-04-018Chavis, Ben; Patrick, Marvin Eugene; Cumber, Harry; Shepard, Anne; Williamson, H. E.high bond; arrest; black liberation movement; repression; protest; murder; Rights of White People; vigilante; student demonstrationAfter a long period in jail due to extremely high bond, Reverend Ben Chavis is back after his release. They are accusing the police of a conspiracy to crush the black liberation movement in North Carolina.
141Southern PatriotMobil Public Housing Tenants O1971-04-017Alexander, James R.; Romney, George; Cooper, A. J., Jr.Mobile Housing Board; interracial organization; Tenants Organized for Progress; emergency fund; evictions; trespassing arrest; police presence; rent amountBlack and white tenants in the housing projects of Mobile, Alabama have organized in the Tenants Organized for Progress to combat problems from the Mobile Housing Board.
142Southern PatriotTerrorism, Threats Plague Moun1965-12-00Vol. 23, No. 10, p. 4Civil Rights, Appalachian South, racial violence, Appalachian Economic and Political Action Conference, vandalism, Highlander Center, Ku Klux Klan, Nazi Party, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Southern Mountain Project, vagrancy, evictionEfforts in the Appalachian mountains to promote Civil Rights have been plagued by violence and acts of terrorism from several extremist groups. They also did not receive help from the local police.
143The Southern Patriot Houston 12 Re-Indicted After L1974-05-008Jefferson, Andrew; Cunningham, Cameron; Carp, Robert; Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Trujillo, Miguel; Rodriguez, Alex; Vance, Carrol; Hofheinz, Fred; Magee, Ruchellre-indictment, Houston 12, grand jury, prejudice, war protest, youth against war and fascism, police brutality After district court judge Andrew Jackson dismissed all the felony charges against the Houston five, after it was found that the jury selection system was discriminatory. The state of Texas was forced to either re-indite and retry, or release a large numb
144The Southern Patriot Atlanta Workers Arrested Defen1975-06-001Caldwell, SamAtlanta Workers' Committee to Fight-Back, Fight-Back ten, police harassment, unemploymentMembers of the Atlanta Workers' Committee to Fight-Back were beaten and arrested for waiting outside Georgia's state Commissioner of Labor Sam Caldwell's office. All they wanted to know was why so many people weren't getting their unemployment.
145Southern PatriotWorkers Challenge Laurel Power1969-05-011, 8Bush, Hazel; Ishee, Herbert; Landrum, Fredworking class; Mississippi Democratic Party; Masonite Corporation strikers; Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals; GROW; state police; petition; working people's candidate; militancyA group of strikers from the Masonite Corporation in Laurel, Mississippi have decided to fight the local power structure by forming their own political party and running for office in the upcoming municipal election.
146Southern PatriotQuinoy Five Case Falls Apart1972-04-015Hopkins, Arvah; Keaton, David; Fredericks, Johnny; Burns, Johnny; Figgers, Alphonso; Smith, David; Fussel, James; Mitchell, James; Damon, Jesse; Revels, Thomas; Perkins, RobertQuinoy Five; robbery; militant civil rights; harassment; death penalty; witness testimony; Luke's Grocery Store; police raidThe state case against the Quinoy Five is falling apart mainly because only three men were accused of robbery and murder but the state is charging eight with the crime.
147Southern PatriotNews in Brief: Winds of Change1966-03-014Penn, Lemuel; Scott, Andrew J.; Reese, F. D.civil rights, black voting, 1964 Civil Rights Act, school desegregation, segregation, 1965 Voting Rights Act, voter qualification, jury bias, unemployment, SNCC, church burning, embezzlementBlacks across the south increased in voter participation. Issues of jury bias in several appeals cases. Blacks are now being hired for the Birmingham police department. A church was burned in Sidon, MS.
148Southern PatriotGreensboro Shows Mailed Fist1969-06-011, 8Grimes, Willie; Harris, Wyle; Johnson, Nelson; McCullough, Willie; Fuller, Howard; Scott, Bob; Murchison, Joseph; Simkins, GeorgeNorth Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; sit-in; Woolworth's; Dudley High School; black militants; riot; student rebellionIn Greensborough, North Carolina students at the NC A&T college campus rebelled against police for breaking up a demonstration at Dudley High School. This led to a shooting and gassing of students and multiple arrests.
149Southern PatriotSellers Convicted of "One Man 1970-11-015Sellers, Cleveland; McNair, Robert; Grimball, John; Bass, Jack; Nelson, Jack; Moore, HowardSNCC; one man riot; Orangeburg Massacre; police shooting; South Carolina State College; protest; sniper; acquittal; trespass; scapegoatCleveland Sellers was convicted in participating in a riot and was sentenced to one year in prison. He is being used b the state of South Carolina as the scapegoat for the Orangeburg Massacre in 1968.
150Southern PatriotThe Summer in Review1971-09-014Boyle, Tony; Tijerina, Reis; Collier, Jo Etha; Swan, Jimmy; Evers, Charles; Bond, Julian; Mathis, Hazle; Mathis, Van Lee, JR.; Anderson, Leon; Russ, Cornell; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Honey, union welfare and retirement fund; voter fraud; militancy; voter registration; shooting; Southern Black Caucus; SCLC; Republic of New Africa; gun battle; police shooting; Alabama Black Liberation FrontReview of the events that took place over the summer that relate to civil rights and militancy.
151Southern PatriotTexas Students Face Murder Cha1967-08-018Kuba, Louisdeath penalty; Texas Southern University Students; police officer death; riot5 Texas Southern University students are charged with murder, with the district attorney seeking the death penalty, in the death of officer Louis Kuba. However, none of the students fired the bullet that killed him, but because of Texas law, those conside