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1The Southern Patriot Women Prisoners Protest living1975-04-008Woman's prison protest, sit-in, harassment, action for forgotten women, mistreatmentInmates at the Woman's prison in Raleigh N.C. held a peaceful sit-in to protest inhumane treatment and working conditions within the prison.
2Southern PatriotBehind the Headlines: Police A1967-05-011, 4Carmichael, Stokely; Killens, John O.; Jenkins, Adrianpolice violence; protest; picket line; poverty; slums; student protest; SNCC; violence; riotStudents in Nashville marched to protest the dilapidated conditions of the city slums and ghettos. This sparked action from the local police.
3Southern PatriotBlack Protest: Documentary His1968-03-012Grant, Joanne; Gettleman, Marvin protest movement; documentary; commentaryReview of Joanne Grant's "Black Protest" about the black protest movement in America.
4Southern PatriotThe Power of Organized Protest1971-03-013Meade, N. Mitchell; Westbrook, John W., III; Allison, William H., Jr.; Sedler, Robert A.; Mulloy, Joeorganized protest; draft resistance; common-law assault; hand bills; ralliesA Kentucky judge proved the power of organized protest and legal action when he set aside the sentence of war resister and pacifist John Westbrook.
5Southern PatriotSDS Confronts Tulane - Literat1968-01-018Gordon, Eric; Carter, Hodding; Analauage, Robertpaternalism; Students for a Democratic Society; Tulane University; obscenity; confiscation; student protest; draft protest The Students for a Democratic Society had materials they placed in the Tulane University bookstore confiscated because they were considered obscene. The students tried to protest but are meeting resistance from the administration.
6Southern PatriotGIs March in Augusta1970-09-011, 6Maddox, Lester; Johnson, Paulpeace march; memorial; solidarity; race relations; communism; Fort Knox; GI Coffeehouse; police harassment; GI protest; arrest; radical booksReview of military protest and organization across the South.
7Southern PatriotSchool Protest1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.1Civil Rights, desegregation, tokenism, black protest arrestMore than 200 people, mostly high school students, were arrested for protesting facilities in all black high schools in Forrest City, AR.
8Southern PatriotTragedy in Atlanta1972-11-013Phillips, Willie B.; Williams, Hoseasuicide; protest; self burning; SCLC; beating; liberation rallyIn Atlanta, Willie B. Phillips died after lighting himself on fire to protest the mistreatment of blacks.
9Southern PatriotHistoric Protest in Deep South1972-04-011, 2Young, Mark L.; Taylor, Dorothy; Hall, Harlan; Jones, Charles; Claiborne, Larry M.; George, Pearl; Barrett, Wayne T.; Rarick, John; Morris, J. H.; Willingham, Alexdock worker strike; chrome ore; protest; racism; imperialism; Rhodesia; oppression; boycott; resolution; shipment unloading; trespassing; red baiting; United Nations EmbargoA historic protest occurred at a Burnside, Louisiana dock when black dock workers refused to unload a shipment of chrome ore from Rhodesia because of the country's racism and imperialist rule.
10Southern PatriotSchool Protest1965-10-011Civil Rights, Desegregation, Tokenism, Black Protest ArrestMore than 200 students, mostly high school, were arrested for protesting facilities in all black high school in Forrest City, AR.
11Southern PatriotStudents Leaflet at Draft Exam1966-06-014Brosi, GeorgeSSOC, Vietnam War, SDS, student protest, Vietnam test, rally, picket, leafletStudents at several colleges across the South distributed leaflets and Vietnam tests to protest the Vietnam War.
12The Southern Patriot In Person Protest Leader gets 1975-06-007Mathews, H.K. Brooks, B.J.protest, extortion charges, injustice, demonstration, frame-upRev H.K. Mathews and Rev B.J. Brooks were convicted of felony extortion charges, stemming from their participation in a rally in Pensacola.
13Southern PatriotBaton Rouge: Bring Killers to 1972-12-011Southern University; student killed; murder; police killing; official murder; protest; justiceThe _Patriot_ encourages readers to protest in order to bring official murders to justice.
14Southern PatriotMilitant Killed1970-09-018Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Tilley, Dorothy; Collier, Tarleton; Dobbs, James McBridePeople's Party II; murder; police snipers; ambush; protestObituaries of Carl Hampton, killed by police at a protest and other movement supporters.
15Southern PatriotAnother Killing in Carolina1973-01-016James, Connie; Williamson, Charlieviolent protest; police kilingAnother violent protest in North Carolina was spurred by the police killing of a black man.
16Southern PatriotCommunity Support in Jail Stru1972-10-011Spock, Benjamin; Lark, Alphonso; Bass, John; Williams, Bobprotest; jail conditions; demonstration; People's Party; militants; talks; tear gas; police brutality; vigilInmates in St. Louis, Missouri won better conditions after gaining community support for their protest.
17Southern PatriotSNCC Activists Start Serving T1970-01-014Stone, Dan; Tillman, J. P.; Simmons, Micheal; Moore, Bob; Wilson, Johnny; Foxx, Larryprison term; draft protest; Selective Service Act; militancy; picket; Atlanta Induction Center; SNCCFive SNCC veterans will serve their 3 1/2 year prison sentences for a draft protest in 1966 in Atlanta.
18Southern PatriotNashville's Police Face Invest1967-02-014Hall, Ramsey; Jackson, Joseph W.; Kemp, Hubert O.; Shriver, Thomas; Merrit, Gilbertpolice shooting; civil rights; protest; petition; racism; violence; vendetta; student protest; SSOCPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are protesting the police shooting of a young, white, Vanderbilt student.
19Southern PatriotAustin Activists Under Attack1970-01-012University of Texas; riot; property damage; student protest; conspiracy; Chuck Wagon protest; police harassment; arrest; dissentStudent activists at the University of Texas in Austin have been arrested for their protests and as a form of dissent control.
20Southern PatriotNew Orleans and the War1967-11-013Levy, Murray; Minnis, Jack; Smith, Ben; Lacy, Fred; Anisgard, Alanwar demonstration; Women's Strike For Peace; protest; Vietnam War; draft protest; media biasProtests in New Orleans, Louisiana against the Vietnam War and the draft were organized by the Women's Strike for Peace.
21The Southern Patriot Anti-War Organizer Sentanced1973-03-006 Eppinette ChuckVietnam war,anti-war protest,draft card, protest, politicsChuck Eppinette an active member in the anti-war movement was convicted in February for not carrying his draft card and received two one year sentences to be served consecutively. Defense argued he was targeted for his anti-war activity.
22Southern PatriotA Talk with Bob Parris...One F1965-10-013Parris, Bob.Vietnam War, Freedom Movement, Civil Rights, World Peace, Foreign Policy, Teach-ins, Anti-war ProtestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and its similarities to segregation in the South.
23Southern PatriotA Talk With Bob Parris: One Fr1965-10-00Vol. 34, No. 8, p.3Parris, BobVietnam War, freedom movement, Civil Rights, world peace, foreign policy, teach-in, anti-war protestAn interview with Bob Parris where he discusses the Vietnam War and the use of the Civil Rights movement as a platform to protest it. He discusses why it is wrong to go to war and it's similarities to segregation in the South.
24Southern PatriotTenth Anniversary Tribute1966-01-013Parks, Rosa; Morgan, Juliette; GandhiMontgomery Bus Protest, civil rights martyr, freedom movementCommemorates the tenth anniversary of Rosa Parks' bus protest. Also explains that Juliette Morgan is largely unknown but was one of the first white persons to recognize the significance of these events and eventually died in 1957. They call her a martyr.
25Southern PatriotA Conspiracy to Destroy SNCC?1967-03-012Carmichael, StokelySNCC; court directed destruction; ghetto protest; draft protest; indictment; fines; high bailSNCC leaders have been jailed in connection with Atlanta protests about black ghettos and the arrest of Stokely Carmichael in Selma, Alabama could bring an end to SNCC due to high fines and lack of bail bondsmen willing to set the bail.
26The Southern Patriot In Mississippi Mass Protest in1974-10-001,8Young, Butler Jr; Shaw, Ronniepolice brutality, racism, united league of Marshall county, economic boycott, police harassment, injunctionAfter police killed Butler Young Jr. after a hit-and-run accident, the black community began an intense protest and economic boycott in Byhalia Miss. SO far they have managed to have the police involved charged with the killing of Young, elected a black o
27Southern PatriotA Reader's Dialogue: One Peace1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p.2Parris, Bob; Steade Commage, Henry; Raisman, Victor H.; Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, world peace, Vietnam War, anti-war protest, Washington Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor, 'Job Not Done Yet' and 'Issues Are One', showcase two differing reader o
28Southern PatriotTeen-Agers Get Long Prison Ter1972-10-017Smith, Donald; Day, Billy; Murphy, William; Cain, Charles; Taylor, John H.dynamite bomb; prison; demonstration; police killing; protest; self defense; ACLU; beating; guilty verdict; forced confessionIn Ayden, North Carolina eleven teenagers got long prison sentences stemming from a dynamite bomb that went off in a school rest room during a protest for a police killing.
29Southern PatriotA Readers Dialogue: On Peace a1965-10-012Parris, Bob. Commage, Henry Steele. Raisman, Victor H. Cerney, Isobel M.Civil Rights, World Peace, Vietnam War, Anti-War Protest, Washing Summer Action ProjectDetails readers concerns and approval of the Southern Patriot's involvement with the Vietnam anti-war protest and reporting issues other than civil rights. Two letters to the editor "Job Not Done Yet" and "Issues Are One" show two readers' differing opini
30Southern PatriotStudents Cancel Davidson ROTC1970-05-017Davidson College; ROTC; student protest; Cambodian invasion; Kent State KillingsStudents at Davidson College forced the cancellation of a ROTC drill to protest the Kent State killings and the spreading Indochina war.
31The Southern Patriot Atlanta Welfare Mothers Stage 1975-03-003Busbee, George; Randolph, PhyllisWelfare, welfare mother's protest, welfare mothers to fight back, protest, cutbacks, AFDC program150 Welfare mothers marched on Atlanta's capital building. The March was organized by Welfare mothers fight to fight back, which is a part of the organization Atlanta workers committee to fight back. The Welfare mothers are demanding an end to welfare cut
32Southern PatriotPeople's Protest Frees Prisone1972-06-011, 8Stroud, Jay; Chavis, Ben, Joyner, Irv; Shepard, Anne; Kirby, George; Grant, James; Ferguson, James; Harmon, John; Chavis, Elizabethmistrial, conspiracy, grocery store burning, insurrection, black liberation movement, bail reduction, protest, SCLC, high bond, court bias, Rights of White PeopleTen black activists and one white woman were freed after a mistrial after the prosecuting attorneys illness and protests against their high bond.
33Southern PatriotHospital Workers Strike1971-04-011, 4Tiech, Albert; McCulloch, John; Sayre, Floyd; Smith, Hullett; Small, Elliott; Harless, Larry; Castle, JeanBeckley Hospital; protest; partial lock down; firing; union; Local 1199; unfair labor practices; picket line; arrest; harassment; leaflet; segregation; SCLCEmployees at Beckley Hospital in West Virginia went on strike in order to protest a partial lock out and firing of seventeen workers for union involvement.
34The Southern Patriot Virgina Protest Frame-up1973-06-003Carrington James, Carrington Otelia, Wansley Thomas, White Rev. Leon, Hawthorne Nathaniel LeeVirginia Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC), rape, frame-up, N.C.-V.A. Commission on Racial Justice of the United church of Christ, Virginia students civil righs committee, SCEF, Racism, intimidation Keysville Va. large protest on memorial day, protesters demanded the release of James Carrington. Carrington was active in his local black liberation movement, and was framed for raping a white girl. He is currently serving a 75 year sentence.
35The Southern Patriot North Carolina Prisons Charvis1974-06-003Charvis, Ben; Garrison, Sam; Sanders, Fletcher; Shepard, Annprison protest, investigation, North Carolina Committee of U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Public hearing, behavior modification, experiments, inhumane treatment, prison systemAfter widespread protest, strikes, and work stoppages in the North Carolina prison system and investigation and hearing was set up by the U.S. civil rights commission. Rev Ben Charvis described substandard living conditions and violence on the part of pri
36The Southern Patriot On Eve of Charvis Trial: Bomb 1973-06-001,6Charvis Rev. Ben, Hicks Mollie, Hicks Leatrice, Davis Angela, Simmons Judi, Holshouser James, Wright CliftonBomb, White vigilante terror, protest, frame-up, commission for racial justice (CRJ), SCEF, black liberation movement, Charvis trial, rights of white people (ROWP), the wilmington journal Black Liberation activist Rev. Ben Charvis is falsely accused of murder after the fact, of a young boy. Clifton Wright was shot after a protest in 71'. A newspaper supporting Charvis cause, the Wilmington journal was bombed.
37The Southern Patriot Mass Reistance in Atlanta's St1974-06-001,2Williams, Hosea; Carter, Ron; Gibson, Brandon; Jackson, Maynard; Inman, John; Hardin, Allen S.; Maddox, Lester; Munford, Dillard; Slaton, LewisSouthern Christian Leadership Conference, protest, police brutality, Atlanta anti-repression coalition, racism, repressionA protest in Atlanta lead by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was met by police brutality and repression. Protesters demand that Atlanta police chief John Inman and the men responsible for the murder of Brandon Gibson be brought to trial. They
38Southern PatriotWomen in the Struggle1972-02-014Parks, Rosawomen protesters; labor protest; strike; prison revolt; strip miningAn overview of the importance and involvement of women in the human rights struggles in the south.
39Southern PatriotVictories for the People1972-12-016Bell, Fred; McMillian, Ernie; Hirschkop, Phil; Taylor, Dan; Kunstler, Williamparole; draft refusal; contempt of court; protestAn overview of legal victories for civil rights activists.
40Southern PatriotBut Many Will Fight Dual Syste1970-10-016school integration; demotion; firing; militancy; protest; black educatorsEditorial about how people across the South are fighting for desegregation and equal pay and positions for black educators.
41Southern PatriotAnti-War Actions Reach a Peak1973-02-018Collins, Walter; Whitlock, Henry; Lane, Teddyanti-war protest; cease-fire; militancy; coalition; rally; racism; labor issuesDetails of anti-war efforts all across the south.
42Southern PatriotThe Sound of Fascism1972-12-015Paul; Jerryprotest; jail; high school race issuesThe judge in Wilson, North Carolina sent six black youths to prison fro six months after a racially motivated fight at their high school.
43Southern PatriotDemonstrations in New Orleans.1967-02-014Collins, Virginiaprotest; South Africa; exports; black labor; SCEFProtests in New Orleans for trade with South Africa.
44Southern PatriotAll-Night Sit-In1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8, p. 2job discrimination, sit-in, civil disobedienceIn Powaton County, VA. 70 people marched on the monthly County Board of Supervisors to protest job discrimination and other grievances. Some staged an all-night sit-in at the courthouse.
45Southern PatriotAll-Night Sit-In1965-10-012Job Discrimination, Sit-in, civil disobedienceIn Powatan County, VA, 70 people marched on the monthly County Board of Supervisors to protest job discrimination and other grievances. Some staged an all night sit-in at the courthouse.
46Southern PatriotLouisville Finds Scapegoats1968-09-018Cortez, James; Hawkins, Sam; Kuyu, RobertLouisville rebellion; scapegoat; SNCC; demonstration; jail; protestThe authorities in Louisville, Kentucky are using three agitators as scapegoats for the May rebellions in the city ghettos.
47Southern Patriot"As Little, As Late, and As Un1970-10-017Williams, John Bell; Thompson, Allen C.; Derain, Patschool integration; pairing and grouping plan; poverty; discrimination; protest; picket; neighborhood schoolsResidents in Jackson, Mississippi are doing everything in their power to prevent school integration.
48Southern PatriotTSU Five Defense Fund1968-01-017Nichols, FloydSNCC; Houston; Texas Southern University; murder; violenceHouston's SNCC chapter is asking for donations to help defend the 5 TSU students who were charged with murder after a protest became a violent riot.
49Southern PatriotA Reader Asks: "Where Do You S1966-12-017Carmichael, Stokely; Meredith, JamesSNCC; SCEF; militancy; protest; black power; riot; integrationReader questions the _Southern Patriot_ on its position about its coverage of SNCC and its shift toward militancy.
50Southern PatriotMemphis Militants Come Under A1969-05-013Lawson, James; Turks, Royprotest; garbage strike; sit-in; Community on the Move for Equality; militancy; arrest; liberation; SCLC; the InvadersThe most militant black group in Memphis, the Invaders, has come under attack from local officials for the recent protests and demonstrations.
51Southern PatriotSouthern GI Movement Spreads1968-03-018Madison, Albert; Davis, Johnny; Toomer, Alfred; Levitan, Louissoldier movement; servicemen's union; Fort Jackson; Vietnam War; radical; _Short Times_; teach-in; repressionTroops from across the South are beginning to organize and protest war, racism and GI rights.
52Southern PatriotNews Brief1973-01-014Middlebrooks, David L.; Allison, Jeffery; Harley, Hugh; Williams, Hosea; Wiley, Georgejudge prejudice; arson; scapegoat; bargaining agent; SCLC; Poor People's Union; prison protest; anti-union campaignAn overview of the past month's events.
53Southern PatriotAnit-HUAC Petition1967-02-016McCormack, JohnHUAC; ghetto; protestNames from the petition to stop the HUAC investigation of ghetto uprisings that were not listed in the January issue of the _Southern Patriot_
54Southern PatriotSpirits Still High At Taxarkan1972-05-016Collins, Walter; Carlson, Normanprison rebellion; repression; dining hall boycott; work stoppage; human rights; protest; scapegoat; isolationThe federal prisoners at Texarkana are still in good spirits after officials tried to crush their rebellion.
55Southern PatriotSoutherners Move Against the W1972-05-011, 7Turner, Leslie; Long, Al; Antal, Lou; Rapier, Moe; Deaton, Edanti-war movement; protest; bombing; war causes; student involvement; march; leaflet; rally; student mobilization; coalition; African imperialismAnti-war efforts are spreading throughout the south, and gaining support from more than just college students.
56The Southern Patriot Kentuckians Oppose Klan1975-06-001,6Duke, David; Johnson, Benklan rallies, kkk, protest, segregation, racism, economic crisisThe Ku Klux Klan held three rallies in Kentucky. The rallies drew wide spread protests from the black community, church groups and unions.
57Southern PatriotLynchburg Rebels Agaisnt its N1967-05-011Wansley, Thomas; Glass, Carter, III; Kunstler, Williaminterracial rape; communism; criticism; protestA student editor sparked new interest and anger over the verdict of the Thomas Wansley trial when she criticized local newspapers' coverage of the trial.
58Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Kentucky S1967-11-016Nunn, Louie; Ratliff, Thomas; McAlister, Georgestudent organizing; student protest; Vietnam War; draft; strip mining; Appalachian volunteersStudents in Kentucky scared political candidates by questioning them on controversial topics such as the draft.
59Southern PatriotShooting War in Elizabethtown1971-06-016Chavis, Benhigh school rebellion; shooting; desegregation; protest; store boycott; racial tensionShootings occurred in Elizabethtown, North Carolina after a rebellion about school integration plans. At least ten black people were shot, one fatally.
60Southern PatriotTen Negroes in 14 Months: Birm1967-04-018Shuttlesworth, Fred L.Emergency Civil Liberties Committee; police killings; racial violence; protestCivil rights leaders in Birmingham, AL fight to change the political system in city that allowed the police to kill ten black people in fourteen months with no investigations.
61Southern PatriotProtests Halt Strip Mining1966-10-011, 2strip mining, environmental, issues, water pollution, unemployment, petition, disability, Appalachian, protestThe residents of Hemp Hill, KY were able to stop strip mining from entering their community through petitions due to fear of damage to the water supply
62Southern PatriotSpring Mobe1970-03-016Vietnam War; "Spring Offensive;" war protest; New Mobe; war costThe _Southern Patriot_ urges readers to purchase reading material from the New Mobe about the true cost of the Vietnam War.
63The Southern Patriot People's Coalititon Protests I1975-03-007ITT, People's Coalition Against ITT, stockholders meeting, protest, exploitationThe people's coalition against ITT protested the ITT shareholders meeting held on May 7th. The People's Coalition is demanding that ITT end production that contributes to the electronic battlefield, end business with South Africa, and other oppressive reg
64Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Black Cam1967-05-012Brown, Ben; Rose, Frank; Labat, Edgar; Poret, Clifton; Ali, Muhammed; Sumrall, John; Aiken, A. M.; Hirschkop, Philip; Carmichael, Stokelyblack colleges; student protest; draft board; communism; rape; death-row; racial arrest; farm workers strikeNews for the month of may.
65Southern PatriotSpirit of 63 Lingers in Danvil1967-01-011Aiken, A. M.; Donaldson, Ivanhoe; Zellner, Bob; Foss, Danielprotest; incarceration; civil rights; trial; contempt of court; appealA new local judge is avenging the 1963 decision to remove civil rights cases to federal court by now giving out steep sentences and fines.
66Southern PatriotMrs. Collins Demands: "Amnesty1971-12-018Collins, Virginia; McGovern, George; Rachman, Emanuel; Collins, Walteramnesty; draft resistance; indictment; speaking tour; anti-war protestMrs. Virginia Collins is asking the government to give amnesty to all people being punished for war opposition.
67Southern PatriotRepression Builds in Florida1970-05-011, 8Canney, Robert; Hicks, Elizabeth; Waller, Joejail; repression; anti-war rally; police brutality; protest; Junta of Militant Organizations; strike; white racism; student demonstrationRepression through the use of arrest and high bails has been increasing in Florida against militant activists.
68Southern PatriotStrip-Mining Struggle Heats Up1970-06-015Combs, Ollie; Williams, Sid; Wooton, George; Grim, Elmore; Caudill, Harrystrip mining; protest; nuisance; human chain; truck weightIn Knott County fiscal Court, they voted to outlaw strip mining in the county.
69The Southern Patriot An opinion: The road to waterg1973-06-008Grant Jim, Ervin Sam, Anderson Jack, Wilkins Roy, Hersh SeymourGovernment spying, black liberation movement, Jim Grant Case, VVAW caseAnne Braden gives her opinion on the Watergate scandal. An example of government infringement on the rights of the people to protest and organize.
70The Southern Patriot Students and Teachers in Flori1973-04-005Megill Kenneth, O'Connell Stephen, Cornwell Georgeuniversity of Florida, american federation of teachers (AFT), academic freedom, the independent florida alligator, unions The president at the University of Florida is targeting professors he believes to be radicals in an attempt to keep UF from becoming a breeding ground for protest movements.
71Southern PatriotNew Rape Verdicts Stir Public 1967-02-014Elliott, Charles W.; Huddleston, Byhilia; Hanby, Roscoe; Bradley, Haroldrape; justice; racism' bias; death penalty; petition; pardon; protestIn Tennessee and Virginia, protesters are petitioning for the release of black men sentenced to death row for the rape of white women in spite of no evidence of a crime.
72Southern PatriotCommunities Fight Police Bruta1970-12-017Finks, Golden; Bellamy, John; Ennis, Jerrychief of police; dismissal; murder; protest; demonstrations; police shooting; self-defenseIn Elm City, North Carolina and Portsmouth, Virginia black communities are fighting against police brutality and shootings of black youth.
73Southern PatriotOxford Boycott is Still On1971-01-016merchant boycott; threats; murder; bankruptcy; holiday boycott; Klan murderIn Oxford, North Carolina the downtown store boycott continued through the holidays to protest the acquittal of Klan murderers who killed a black Vietnam War veteran.
74Southern PatriotLike A Mystery Story; Victory 1972-09-018Smith, David Charles; Revels, Thomas; Figgers, Alphonso; Keaton, David; Frederick, Johnny; Aloi, JoeQuincy Five; murder charge; organized protest; lack of evidence; fingerprintsTwo members of the Quincy Five were freed from the murder charges after an investigator prompted police to re-examine finger prints.
75Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Progr1967-11-017DeBray, Regis; Lippman, Walter; Carmichael, Stokely; Minnis, Jack_Revolution in the Revolution_; revolutionaries; politics; protest; social programsJack Minnis explains that the social programs developed by freedom organizers need to focus on the acquisition of power from the state in order to be successful.
76Southern PatriotReign of Terror Shakes Homer, 1970-09-011, 7Mozeke, David; Harris, Walker; Kidd, Paulrace relations; arrest; police brutality; discrimination; protest; voter registration; repressionIn Homer, Louisiana local police began an arrest sweep through the black community in order to repress dissent about discrimination
77Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
78The Southern Patriot A Prison Victory (Prison Strug1973-03-001,3Merhige Robert, Cunningham W.K., Wansley ThomasVirginia's state Penitentiary, Protest, Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC), Prison reform,Virginia's state prisoners won key concessions in their struggle against inhumane conditions and the state director of prisons retired.
79Southern PatriotAn Editorial: The Busing Issue1971-10-014Wallace, George; McIntyre, Lionel; Kasper, Johnschool busing; desegregation; peace; Citizen's Against Busing; protest; picket line; racism; education; mobsThe school busing issue in the southern states has been marked by a lack of violence as more people accept school integration.
80Southern PatriotOrganizing in the Army1971-09-015Heinl, Robert D.; Davis, AngelaFort McClellan; U.S. Women's Army Corps; U.S. Army Chemical Corps; basic training; war protest; disaffection; anti-war coffeehouse; People's Peace TreatyEditorial about soldier resistance and political involvement at Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama.
81Southern PatriotBlack Six Acquitted1970-09-016Nicholson, S. Rush; Hawkins, Sam; Bryant, Ruth; Kuyu, Robert; Reid, Manfred; Cosby, Pete; Cortez, James R.; Allen, Martha; Honey, Allen"Black Six"; acquittal; conspiracy; uprising; ghetto; shotgun; protest; Kentucky Un-American Activities CommitteeThe "Black Six" were acquitted of all charges after a two week trial.
82Southern PatriotMovement Deaths1973-01-012Haessler, Carl; Jenkins, Esaulabor journalism; anti-war protest; freedom movementObituaries for Carl Haessler and Esau Jenkins.
83Southern PatriotWhy Virginia Miner Joined the 1969-04-013Tiller, John; Lewis, John L.Vietnam War; Matewan Massacre; mining; VMW; police violence; Poor People's CampaignJohn Tiller, a white miner from Appalachian Virginia, explains why he became included with the Vietnam War protest.
84Southern PatriotSCEF Has Two New Representativ1969-02-012McManus, Jane; Rosenblum, Sandra; Ruman, Marilyn; Hanish, Carol; Baker, Ella J.SCEF; the _Guardian_; House Un-American Activities Committee; protestMarilyn Ruman and Jane McManus will work for the SCEF as representatives.
85Southern Patriot2000 Tennesseans March Against1970-04-011Brown, Rap; Bryant, Baxton; Lawson, James; Kamis, Peter; Bible, Carroll; Rubin, Jerry; Ochs, Philpolitical repression; march; protest; civil rights; "Knoxville 22"More than 2,000 people in Nashville, Kentucky marched on the state capitol to protests political repression by local and state officials.
86Southern PatriotWarrenton: Old Days Are Over1970-12-016Peller, Roger; Barholomew, Fred; Webb, Jeremiah; Balance, Frank; Chavis, Ben; White, Leonracism; Ku Klux Klan; plantation system; student protest; black economic development; black culture; marchIn Warrenton, North Carolina the system of oppression is changing as blacks demand equal treatment in integrated schools.
87Southern PatriotA Poverty Worker's Fight1966-06-012Collins, Virginia; Fields, Cliffordpoverty, police brutality, protest, civil rights, Office of Economic Opportunity, arrestVirginia Collins was fired form her job and then arrested for allowing a meeting against police brutality held at her anti-poverty program center.
88Southern PatriotProjects Strengthen Southern P1967-08-018Gardener, TomVietnam Summer Project; SSOC; protest; draft information center; peace movementThe nationwide Vietnam Summer Projects brought large numbers of new people into the Southern Peace Movement, which will help throughout the rest of the year.
89Southern PatriotRevolt in the Rio Grande: Farm1966-06-011, 3strike, civil rights, protest, farm workers, union, National Farm Workers Association, Roman Catholic Church, wage increase, green card, customs, immigrantsThousands of melon farmer workers in Texas are striking to gain higher wages in order to be able to afford to live in America and improve conditions for their families.
90Southern PatriotNC Officials Attack Movement L1972-01-017Chavis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Wright, Clifton Eugene; Hicks, Molly; Nixon, Don; Marrow, Henry; Chavis, William; Teel, Robertarrest; black liberation movement; indictment; accessory after the fact of murder; threats; protestNorth Carolina authorities are using arrest to control and repress movement leaders after state wide protests.
91Southern PatriotKlan Steps Up Activity1970-10-017Finks, GoldenKu Klux Klan; school desegregation; bombing; militancy; vigilance; SCLCIn Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the Klan has stepped up activity, including bombing a black school, to protest school desegregation.
92The Southern Patriot Tarboro, N.C. Community Suppor1974-02-001,6Brown, Vernon Leroy; Hines, Bobby; Walston, Jesse Lee; Smith, ALice; Whaley, John; Amsterdam, Anthonyrape, racism, repression, death penalty, protest, capital punishment, community supportThe Tarboro black community came to support the three young men who were sentenced to death for raping a white woman.
93Southern PatriotHostile News Story Supports Tu1971-06-014Tucker, ConnieSt. Petersburg Times; political prisoner; Junta of Militant Organizations; marijuana charge; Lowell State Prison; protestAn article published in the St. Petersburg Times only helped to strengthen the defense of Connie Tucker by proving she is being held as a political prisoner.
94Southern PatriotAberdeen Boycott1970-09-014Walker, William; Lockett, James; Adams, Dan; Keady, W. boycott; confederate flag; officer protestA full scale black boycott of white businesses in Aberdeen, Mississippi stems from the firing of two black police officers for refusal to wear uniforms or drive police cars with confederate flags on them.
95Southern PatriotWhites Oppose Danville Trials1967-03-014Aileen, Archibald M.; Carter, John W.; Taylor, Leighviolence; peaceful protest; nonviolence; court decision; Danville TrialsThe 1963 Danville, Virginia court trials, which were the center around the attack of black peaceful protesters, show the white moderates in the area have not learned from recent civil rights events.
96Southern PatriotMississippi Woodcutters Strike1971-10-011, 8Pulliam, Justin; Zellner, Bob; Braden, Carl; Simmons, James; Badue, John; Walter, Fred; Evers, Charlesprice freeze; pay cut; woodcutter; Gulf Coast Pulpwood Association; Masonite Corporation; communism; poverty; red-baiting; protest; food stamps; weight systemExplanation; why pulpwood workers in Mississippi went on strike and how they plan to continue their protests.
97Southern PatriotLevy Court Martial Begins1967-05-013Levy, Howard; Morgan, CharlesVietnam War; protest; court martial; ACLU; military freedomHoward Levy, army doctor who spoke out against the Vietnam War, began his court martial on March 10th at Fort Jackson.
98Southern PatriotNC Students Rebel against Excl1970-10-017Fuller, Howard; White, Leonfurniture making; Ku Klux Klan; school integration; black involvement; extra-curricular activities; student protest; suspensionBlack students in Hickory, North Carolina are rebelling against being excluded from extra-curricular activities in newly integrated school.
99Southern PatriotState, Justice Dept. Cooperate1970-03-011, 8White, J. H.; Fairley, Kenneth; Murphy, Georgemass arrest; Mississippi Valley State College; protest; grass roots; class boycott; Parchman Prison; habeas corpus; militancy; Highway Patrol900 black students were arrested in mass after a strike at Mississippi Valley State College.
100Southern PatriotMany Challenge War, Draft1967-02-018DuVernay, Raymond; Smith, Ben; Schutz, Simuel; Sumrall, John; Levy, Howard; Gardiner, Tom; Flower, Marion Charles; Camus, Albert; Brysky, Clemens G.; Simmons, Mikeprotest; draft; Vietnam War; NAACP; prison; SNCC; civil rights; voter registration; draft resistance; pacifismMany blacks are challenging the draft into the Vietnam War based on the fact that they do not agree with war itself or do not want to fight a "white man's war."
101Southern PatriotOfficials Close GI Coffee Hous1970-02-011, 8Levy, Howard; Gardner, Fredanti-war movement; repression; GI coffee house; Fort Jackson; racism; the UFO; arrest; restraining order; protest; UFO Offense Coalition; demonstration; petitionThe GI Coffee House, the UFO, has been closed and the staff arrested as a form of repression to stop the anti-war movement in Columbia, South Carolina.
102Southern PatriotBattle for Open Housing1967-11-018Geiger, BerleyCharleston, West Virginia; open housing bill; ghetto; housing shortage; integration; eviction; peaceful protestThe city council in Charleston, West Virginia is struggling to decide about allowing open housing, which will alleviate over crowding and prevent roughly 2,000 families from being displaced.
103Southern PatriotCharlotte Black Students Rebel1971-04-016black student rebellion; desegregation; Concerned Parent's Association; racism; racial fighting; arrest; violence; protestBlack students at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school systems rebelled after facing intense racism and discrimination from administration and members of the Concerned Parents' Association.
104The Southern Patriot Jackson State and Kent State: 1974-12-003Nixon, Walter L.; Battisti, Frank J.anti-war protest, kent state, jackson state, college protests, case closed, sovereign immunity Those involved in the shootings at Kent state and Jackson state college were acquitted. Judges also ruled that survivors and family of the victims could no recover damages.
105Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The War Wi1968-01-016Tuck, Tom; Gorman, James C.Louisville Peace Council; Fort Knox; soldier protest; Vietnam WarReverend James Gorman is asking readers to direct any soldiers against the war stationed at Fort Knox to the Louisville Peace Council so that they can assist them.
106Southern PatriotU.G.A. Cancels SSOC Meeting1968-05-012Cowen, Lindsay; Jones, MarshallSouthern Student Organizing Committee; room cancellation; student protest; picket lineThe University of Georgia canceled the room reservation for the fifth annual conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC) which caused backlash when they were unable to meet on campus.
107Southern PatriotDo High School Students Have R1968-03-013Bennett, Kaye; Bennett, Edwindissent; military; Lamar High School; Vietnam War; draft; racism; Students for a Democratic Society; student protestLamar High School in Houston, Texas suspended students for publishing and circulating a small magazine the administration considered controversial.
108Southern PatriotJackson: Repression and Respon1969-05-015Spencer, Howard; Kenyatta, Muhammadblack militancy; white racism; Jackson Human Rights Project; Black and Proud Liberation School; arrest; indictment; rape; black history; Tougaloo Movement; student protest; burglaryStatement on the repression of black militancy in Jackson, Mississippi issued by the Georgetown Defense Committee.
109Southern PatriotTwo Student Leaders Suspended1968-06-014Dallas, Flinn; Davidson, Fred C.; Simpson, DaveUniversity of Georgia; movement for Co-ed equality; sit in; female equality; radical student movementTwo students at the University of Georgia, who were involved in a campus wide protest for equal treatment for women on campus, were suspended for their involvement.
110Southern PatriotTenants Without Rent1968-03-018Oldman, Carvie; Henderson, R. R.poverty; public housing; Durham Housing Authority; rent protest; white superiority; rent strikeTenants in Durham, North Carolina protested their lack of input in the Durham Housing Authority by withholding their rent.
111Southern PatriotStudent Power: A Tale of Two C1967-05-013Jones, J. B.; Jones, Mack; Johnson, Lee Otis; Alexander, FranklinSNCC; Texas Southern University; Southern University; boycott; student protest; DuBois Clubs;student powerStudents at two southern black colleges erupted in protests over student power.
112Southern PatriotFlorida Workers Refuse to Let 1972-05-018Askew, RevbinSeminole Asphalt Co.; racial unity; strike; firing; bargaining agent; picket; discriminationWorkers at the Seminole Asphalt Co. remain united in their strike for collective bargaining rights and firing protest in spite of company efforts to divide them along racial lines.
113The Southern Patrot IFA member fights legal lynchi1976-04-007Allison, Bill; Harris, Johnny; Baxley, Billrally, atmore-holman brothers, inmates for action, human rights, death penalty A speech given by Bill Anderson, lawyer for IFA member Johnny Harris who was sentenced to death for participating in a prison protest where a prison guard was murdered.
114Southern PatriotTour Builds Support for Collin1971-06-011, 6Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Griswold, Erwin; Gardner, Tom; Lewis, John; Mulloy, Joeprotest; imprisonment; draft refusal; speaking tour; racism; amnesty petition; demonstrations; SNCC; oppressionA speaking tour across the South explained the case of Walter Collins and how the draft system as a whole is racist.
115Southern PatriotInterview With Nicholas Raymon1972-03-013Chavez, ManuelTalisman Sugar Corporation; sugar workers; machinists union; strike; picket line; UFWOC; work hours; overtime pay; wage rate; protest; scab employee; boycottInterview with Nicholas Raymond, a truck driver for the Talisman Sugar Corporation, where he explains the difficulties of the job and the reasons behind the strike.
116Southern PatriotNot Violence, but Politcal Act1967-01-013McCrackin, Maurice; Carmichael, StokelySNCC; SCEF; black-white relations; militancy; violence; civil disobedience; pacifism; CORE; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; Lowndes County Freedom Party; civil rightsThe editor explains the direction of SNCC and the civil rights movement not as violent protest by as a way of self-defense.
117Southern Patriot5,000 Students Protest Plan to1971-12-016college; reorganization plan; school consolidation; standardization; historically black college; Youth Organization for Black UnityStudents in North Carolina protested a state plan to consolidate state-supported universities under one board of directors. This would end racially identifiable schools in North Carolina.
118Southern PatriotSCLC Replies to NVDA Critics1966-09-014Vivian, C. T.; Young, Andrew; DuBois, Rachale; Farris, Carl; Kennedy, Edward; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.SCLC, Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA), civil rights, nonviolent protest, poverty, Vietnam WarThe SCLC replied to criticism over the nonviolent direct action movement explaining that it is the most radical approach to fight social problems.
119Southern PatriotRevolt at Kentucky State [Arti1968-05-015King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; McClellan, James; Westmoreland, CarlKentucky State College; arson; student protest; student suspensions; student violenceA revolt at Kentucky State College sparked arrests and suspension after violence and fires broke out.
120Southern PatriotWomen Close Down Strip Mine1972-02-011, 5Smith, Bessie; Combs, Ollie; Kelly, W. M.strip mining; Ken Mack Coal Company; beating; occupation; protest; Appalachian group; leaflet; law enforcementA group of women in Eastern Kentucky shut down the strip mining operation of Ken Mack Coal Company for a day and were only sent away after beatings on the road below them.
121Southern Patriot21 Chareged Under Anti-Riot La1970-03-014Tigner, Pete; Boling, Edward J.; Bozeman, BarryUniversity of Tennessee; anti-riot law; violence; police brutality; arrest; student protest; repression21 people, including 15 students from the University of Tennessee, were arrested under the anti-riot law after demonstrating against the new university president selection. The only violence came from the police.
122Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: The Poor Peopl1968-03-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Braden, CarlPoor People's Campaign; Vietnam War; poverty; protest; evasion; poor white communityMartin Luther King Jr. has linked the Poor People's Campaign to the Vietnam War, claiming it is used as an excuse to avoid domestic issues.
123Southern PatriotReturn to Campus: SNCC Seeking1966-06-011, 4civil rights, Southern Student Conference, black college, student protest, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, student rights, campus regulations, academic freedomA group of 20 predominantly black colleges met under the SNCC to discuss student rights and activity on college campuses across the South.
124Southern PatriotNine Memphis Policemen Indicte1972-02-017Price, Bill; Hayes, Elton; Smith, Maxine; Berry, Fred; Madison, Eddie; Vaulx, Rickey; Stewart, Raymond; Chanderl, Wyeth; Higgs, Otis, Jr.police killings; shootings; protest; crime wave; revenge; murderNine Memphis police officers were indicted for the beating of Elton Hayes, but this caused a new wave of police shootings.
125Southern PatriotKnoxville 4 Free on Bail1968-05-011Tigner, Pete; Keel, Gary; Scott, Joseph; Wallace, Donald; Boruff, A. J.; Lockridge, John; Waggoner, Bernard; Blackburn, Clarencemurder; Knoxville College, Tennessee; conspiracy; explosives; student protest; classroom boycottFour Knoxville College students are free on bail after being charged with the murder of a white cab driver after several student and community protests.
126Southern PatriotTenn: Free Speech Issue1970-04-014Ellington, Buford; Serron, Luis; Boling, EdwardUniversity of Tennessee; October 15 Moratorium; free speech; anti-riot law; war protestLuis Serron, a sociology professor, was fired from the University of Tennessee for allowing his students to attend, and to speak at, the October 15 Moratorium.
127The Southern Patriot Morgantown, W. Va. Truckers un1974-03-003Moore, Archstrike, truckers association, army national guard, harassment, student protest, energy crisis, police repression, strike breakingIndependent truckers in W. Va. went on strike over the high cost of fuel, they demand a price roll back and the right to strike. The Army national guard and the police were sent in to break the strike.
128Southern PatriotAnother Wildcat1972-06-018Association of Bituminous Contractors; wildcat strike; Federal Pay Board; raiseEmployees of the Association of Bituminous Contractors staged their second wildcat strike in three months in Beckley, West Virginia to protest treatment by the Federal Pay Board.
129Southern PatriotKing: On Political and Economi1967-04-017King, Martin Luther, Juniorblack power; civil rights movement; white backlash; protestExcerpt fro, an interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where he discusses oppression of the black community, and how to organize the black community to gain the most economic and political power.
130Southern PatriotSchool Boycott Leader's Home i1971-03-013Stevenson, Levernschool boycott; segregation; racism; house burning; police bias; support rallyThe home of Reverend Levern Stevenson was burned in Ridgeland, South Carolina in retaliation for his organizing a school boycott to protest overt racism and bus segregation.
131Southern PatriotBook Notes: Story of Struggle 1973-01-012McLaurin, Melton Alonzo; Bridges, Harry; Larrowe, Charles P.labor movement; oppressive conditions; repressionReviews of _Paternalism and Protest: Southern Cotton Mill Workers and Organized Labor, 1875-1905_ by Melton Alonzo McLaurin and _Harry Bridges: The Rise and Fall of Radical Labor in the US_ by Charles P. Larrowe.
132Southern Patriot"Freedom of the Press is Guara1970-02-016Allen, Martha; Honey, MikeVietnam War opposition; poverty; socialism; protest; mass media; freedom of press; government control; First Amendment; Alien and Sedition Acts; media ownership; repression; government ownershipEditorial about how the government interferes with and represses mass media and the violation of the First Amendment.
133Southern PatriotStudents Think Appleton Was "B1970-06-012Appleton, ClydeWest Carolina University; firing; protest; student activismClyde Appleton, fired from West Carolina University for his social activism, was voted best professor of 1970 by the students.
134Southern PatriotMiners March on Capitol1971-03-011, 8Perkins, Carl D.; Saylor, John; Schweiker, Richard; Antal, Lou, Boyle, Tony; Yablonski, Jockcoal miner protest; corruption; union officials; Hodgson V. UMW; lobbying; mine safety; Miners for Democracy; embezzlementCoal miners marched on the capitol building after charging that the federal government has stalled for six years on a case about corruption in the selection of union officials.
135Southern PatriotPolice Killing Sparks Ayden Mo1971-11-014Murphy, William Earl; Day, Billy; Bloom, Eli; Frinks, Golden; Scott, Bob; Paul, Jerrypolice killing; movement arrest; indictment refusal; civil action; police brutality; racism; harassment; protest; march; bombing; curfewThe murder of a black man by police in Ayden, North Carolina, sparked rebellion and bombing in the small town. The black community is united like never before.
136Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Campuses 1968-04-012King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Sessum, Cecil Victor; Dahmer, Vernon; Amerson, Lucius; Coleman, Johnny; Huffman, James; Higgins, A. C.; Harris, Curtis E.; Sellers, Cleveassassination; student protest; demonstrations; march; Florida Teachers' Strike; murder; life imprisonment; draft convictionA review of the past month's news. The main focus is on student uprisings and King's assassination.
137Southern PatriotEmbracery is "Fantastic"1970-03-016Allen, Martha; Honey, Mike; Countryman, Vernprotest; embracery; repression; discrimination; freedom of the pressA professor at the Harvard Law School has called the embracery charge against Martha Allen and Mike Honey "fantastic" because it proves discrimination and repression by the local government.
138Southern PatriotU of Arkansas Students Fight S1966-03-012, 3Chidester, Phil; Laudermilk, Jim; Weissman, Steve; Tiberis, Dough; Jones, Jim; Hanson, Bill; Valliant, Annsegregation, academic freedom, free speech, campus regulation, integration, picket line, Mississippi Summer Project, SNCC, SSOCStudents at the University of Arkansas are organizing to protest and improve various issues including free speech, segregation and outdated campus rules and regulations.
139Southern PatriotCollins Wins Release1972-11-018Collins, Walter; Connett, L. M.draft refusal; prison release; parole; "good time;" protestWalter Collins was freed on parole after serving less than two years of his five year sentence for draft refusal when the warden restored his 157 days of "good time."
140Southern PatriotRevolt, Repressions at Grambli1968-01-011, 8Jones, Ralph Waldo Emerson; Daggs, Gale; Zanders, Willie M.; Kidd, Paul; Sobol, Richard; Dawkins, BenGrambling College; black college; repression; sports; academics; ghetto rebellion; student protest; boycott; expelled students; first amendment; free speech; dissentThe article examines the problems of Grambling College, which focuses more on athletics instead of academics, and how it expelled students who tried to question the administration.
141Southern PatriotTulane Free Speech Movement Fl1968-04-018Stibbs, John H.; Longenecker, Herbert E.; Phelps, Ashton; Gordon, Ericfree speech movement; Tulane University; vulgar images; sexual themes; student protest; obscenityStudents at Tulane University started a brief free speech movement after the administration refused to allow them to publish pictures in the school paper that the administration deemed obscene.
142Southern PatriotBehind Rap Brown's Trial: Hist1970-04-013Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rap; Payne, William; Tubman, Harriet; Richardson, Gloria; Adams, Elaine; Stafford, Emerson; Carmichael, Stokely; Wise, Stanley; Yates, William B., IIItrial; racism; arson; militancy; black population; SNCC; protest; semi-martial law; Black Action Federation; speech; shooting; Kerner commissionEditorial about the history of the Civil Rights struggle in Cambridge, Maryland and how Rap Brown came to speak there.
143Southern PatriotEmbracery Case to be Heard1970-11-014Honey, Mike; Allen, Martha"Black Six;" embracery; protest; freedom of the press; U.S. Court of AppealsThe case against Mike Honey and Martha Allen have a federal court hearing for the charges of embracery against them for protesting the "Black Six" trial.
144Southern PatriotBlack Six Trial Bounced Back t1970-02-011, 7Allen, Martha; Honey, Mike; Richardson, Charles; Tachaw, Eric"Black Six"; jail; embracery; protest; freedom of the press; jury tampering; picketing; leaflet; free speechThe arrests of Martha Allen and Mike Honey for embracery in Munfordville, Kentucky helped get the trial of the "Black Six" moved back to Louisville.
145Southern PatriotTenants Hold Regional Meeting1972-06-017Gray, JesseNational Tenants Organization; tenants' movement; coalition; war protest; regional meetingThe National Tenants Organization held their regional meeting in New Orleans to discuss the growing tenants' movement throughout the South.
146Southern PatriotEarle Reacts to Desegregation1970-10-011, 8Greer, Ezra; King, James; Annis, Harold; Browder, James; Greer, Jackieschool desegregation; mass arrest; beatings; student walkout; police brutality; arrest; repression; picketingIn Earle, Arkansas the white leadership reacted violently to black protest of school desegregation that removed all symbols of black heritage and pride and demoted black employees.
147Southern PatriotSouthern Student Movement Seek1966-04-011, 4SSOC, civil rights, freedom movement, organizing white communities, black nationalism, SNCC, Southern Mountain Project, Vietnam War, Black Panther movement, integrationThe annual spring conference of the Southern Student Organizing Committee decided it needed to try to organize more white communities and focus on the growing protest against the Vietnam War.
148Southern PatriotCarolina Activist Jailed Again1972-04-018Chavis, Ben; Patrick, Marvin Eugene; Cumber, Harry; Shepard, Anne; Williamson, H. E.high bond; arrest; black liberation movement; repression; protest; murder; Rights of White People; vigilante; student demonstrationAfter a long period in jail due to extremely high bond, Reverend Ben Chavis is back after his release. They are accusing the police of a conspiracy to crush the black liberation movement in North Carolina.
149Southern PatriotWhy Bluefield State Students R1968-04-014Bratten, Carolyn; Barker, Alan; Saunders, Alonzo; Christie, Sidney; Smith, HulettBluefield State College, West Virginia; student protest; racial discrimination; civil rights; hazing; militancy; suspension; free speechExplains why students at Bluefield State College rebelled due to declining black student population, lack of free speech, ans suspensions without hearings.
150Southern PatriotThe Campaign Grows: Amnest War1972-04-017Kennedy, Edward; Collins, Virginia; Collins, Walter; Tarr, Curtis; Benade, Leo; Ransom, Robert C.; Ransom, Mike; Abzug, Bella; McGovern George; Raft, Robert; Stowers, Berman; Kellerman, Stewartunconditional amnesty; draft; public sentiment; senate subcommittee; protest; selective service systemAn explanation of the efforts to gain unconditional amnesty for war and draft resisters through a senate subcommittee.
151Southern PatriotKnoxville: Climate is Tense fo1970-10-012Boling, Edward; Schiffer, Robert; Baugh, John; Graham, Billy; Lowenstein, Allard K.; Gibson, Jo Ann; McDavid, Foyanti-riot law; trial; student protest; University of Tennessee; repression; arrest; Billy Graham Crusade; selective admission; police harassmentIn Knoxville, Tennessee local police use arrest as a form of repression against student activists. The school administration also is not admitting students with an activist past.
152The Southern Patriot Houston 12 Re-Indicted After L1974-05-008Jefferson, Andrew; Cunningham, Cameron; Carp, Robert; Hampton, Carl; Haile, Bartee; Trujillo, Miguel; Rodriguez, Alex; Vance, Carrol; Hofheinz, Fred; Magee, Ruchellre-indictment, Houston 12, grand jury, prejudice, war protest, youth against war and fascism, police brutality After district court judge Andrew Jackson dismissed all the felony charges against the Houston five, after it was found that the jury selection system was discriminatory. The state of Texas was forced to either re-indite and retry, or release a large numb
153Southern PatriotContented Workers? Women Say "1972-06-015Hayes, Robertwork stoppage, Celanese Fiber Company, wildcat strike, speed-up, unsafe working conditions, strike breaking, violence, no-strike provision, increased workload, picket line, contempt citation, oppressionFemale workers at the celanese Fiber Company in Rock Hills, SC have gone on strike to protest speed-up and unsafe working conditions.
154Southern PatriotFree Speech Fight: UNC Test St1966-06-012, 4Dickson, Paul; Pollit, Dan; Schunior, Chuck; Berson, Bobfree speech, campus speech, communism, student protest, militancy, accreditation, Students for a Democratic Society, HUAC, Committee of Free InquiryA law in North Carolina dictating the people who plead the 5th Amendment in communism or subversive investigation were not allowed to give speeches was challenged at the University of North Carolina by the Students for a Democratic Society.
155Southern PatriotProtests Disrupt Military Coll1970-05-017Hahn, T. Marshall; Westmoreland, Williamstudent protest; Cambodian invasion; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Kent State Killings; Corps of Cadets; arrest; repressionStudents at the traditionally conservative southern military college, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, have disrupted the normal business of the school with massive protests over the Cambodian invasion and the Kent State Killings.
156Southern PatriotPolice Terror Grips Memphis1971-12-011, 4Hayes, Elton; Barnes, George; McKissack; Calvin; Lux, Henry; Gipson, Arthur; Crenshaw, Cornelia; Bayh, Birch; Harris, Fred; Jackson, Ralph; Kramer, Bruce; Hunninen, John; Gantly, Richard; Hancox, Jakepolice murder; road block; police beating; petition; protest; strike; King assassination; police harassment; intimidation; National Committee to Combat Fascism; excessive forceExample of the instances of police brutality in Memphis, and how the city has done little to combat the problem
157Southern PatriotSCEF Couple Charged with Embra1970-01-016Honey, Mike; Allen, Martha; McSurely, Alan; McSurely, Margaret; Schroering, Edwin A., Jr.; Richardson, Charles R.; Reid, Manfred; Braden, Anneprotest; persecution; embracery; "Black Six", Southern Committee Against Repression; ghetto uprising; conspiracyMike Honey and Martha Allen are being charged with embracery, or trying to influence the jury, for protesting the trial of the "Black Six", associated with a 1968 ghetto uprising.
158Southern PatriotSCLC: The New Trends1965-10-00Vol. 23, No. 8 1-4p.Bevel, Jim; Young, Andy; King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther; Baker, Ella; Boyte, HarrySouthern Christian Leadership Conference, Civil rights, Vietnam War, Human rights, Voter registrationDetails the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's 9th annual meeting (1965) in Birmingham, AL. Issues that were discussed include non-violent protest, the Vietnam War, basic human rights for blacks and whites, and black voter registration.
159The Southern Patriot Vietnam Vet's Case: Not Much E1973-04-005Mahoney Peter, Patterson William, Kniffin John, Foss Alton, Camil Scott, Michelsen Stan, Briggs John, Perdue Don, Goodwin Guy, Carruth Jack, Schoenbrod Rhonda, Arnow WinstonGainseville Eight, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), Republican National Convention, Discrimination, protest, Vietnam warCase of the Gainseville Eight the U.S. district attorney admitted that the government had little evidence against the eight members of the VVAW who were accused of plotting to disrupt the republican national convention.
160Southern PatriotCollins Case Sparks Protest Ag1970-12-011, 8Collins, Watler; Collins, Virginia; Garment, Leonard; Sedler, Robert A.; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Gutknecht, David; Mulloy, Joseph; Welsh, Elliotblack liberation movement; arrest; draft system; racism; draft refusal; appeal; Supreme Court refusal; draft resistance; petition; presidential amnesty; conscientious objectorSupport is building across the South against all white racist draft boards after black liberationists Walter Collins was arrested and sentenced to five years for draft refusal.
161Southern PatriotSlums Cause Outbreak1966-10-011, 4Moody, Edward; Allen, Ivan; Prather, Harold; Castleberry, J. C.; Carmichael, Stokely; McGill, Ralph; Patterson, Eugene; Black, Hector; Harding, Vincent; Bond, Julianpoverty, violence, SNCC, ghetto, slum, race relations, city maintenance, unemployment, police shooting, riot, arrest, protest, free speechRiots in the Atlanta slums occurred over the police shooting of Harold Prather for supposed car theft. SNCC got involved and was accused of causing the violence.
162Southern PatriotBirmingham on March Again1966-01-012Shuttleworth, Fred; Dahmer, Vernon; Younge, Samuel Jr.Civil Rights Protest, Demonstration, Voter Registration, SEEF, firing bombing, Tuskegee Institute, segregation, eviction, racial murder, SNCC, tent cityPeople in Birmingham, AL began protesting voter registration and lack of jobs for blacks in civil service positions. Vernon Dahmer was killed in a fire bombing and Samuel Younge Jr. was shot. Evictions still continue across the Black Belt.
163Southern PatriotMemphis NCCF1971-02-012bail; National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF); housing projects; Memphis Housing Authority; eviction; occupationFifteen members of the National Committee to Combat Fascism had bail set at $3,000 for occupying the offices of the Memphis Housing Authority to protest inhabitable housing.
164Southern PatriotMovement on the Campus...Hos S1966-01-011, 4Meredith, James; Herton, Myles; Shero, Jeff; Thasher, Sue; Hamlett, Ed; Stilley, Ronda; Spencer, Howard, Guerrero, Gene; Cotton, TomStudent Protest, Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Segregation, Free University, Highlander Center, Campus Activism, CensorshipStudents on college campuses across the South are organizing and protesting many problems in society such as segregation, and the Vietnam War. This generation is far more active and vocal than those in the past.
165The Southern Patriot N.C. Prisoners Protest Overcro1976-04-007Grant, Jim; Willett, Anne; Marsh, Marjorie; Bost, Sam; Bolding, Tommy; Creasin, Raymond; Fink, Robertprison overcrowding, inhumane conditions, constitutional rights, North Carolina Prisoners labor union, Craggy Prison support Group, prison reform30 prisoners have field suit in federal court stating that their constitutional rights are being violated by the inhumane conditions in North Carolina prison system caused by overcrowding.
166Southern PatriotSellers Convicted of "One Man 1970-11-015Sellers, Cleveland; McNair, Robert; Grimball, John; Bass, Jack; Nelson, Jack; Moore, HowardSNCC; one man riot; Orangeburg Massacre; police shooting; South Carolina State College; protest; sniper; acquittal; trespass; scapegoatCleveland Sellers was convicted in participating in a riot and was sentenced to one year in prison. He is being used b the state of South Carolina as the scapegoat for the Orangeburg Massacre in 1968.
167Southern PatriotHow Poor People Built Politica1971-02-011, 8Hammonds, Harrell; Hulett, John; Lawson, J. C.; Cox, Courtland; Minnis, Jack; Miller, Alma V.; Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Ryals, Frank; Logan, Earleen Hayes; Folsom; James; McGhee, Willie; Shuttlesworth, Frepoverty; race relations; violence; threat; campaign; voter registration; freedom movement; Black Panther Party; SNCC: Lowndes County Freedom Organization; protest; boycott; injusticeOverview of how blacks in Lowndes County, Alabama built up political and economic control over the white ruling class.
168Southern PatriotJustice Dept's Role in Itta Be1970-06-018Estaver, Paul; Pope, Ray; Conyers, John, Jr.; Bingham, Johnathan B.; Mitchell, John; Kastenmeier, Robertstudent arrest; reader protest; Mississippi Valley State College; Justice Department; mass arrest; conspiracy; Law Enforcement Assistance Administration; student movementEditorial about the true amount of involvement of the Justice Department in the mass arrest of 894 peaceful black student demonstrators at Mississippi Valley State College.
169Southern PatriotMountain People Protest "Unful1971-12-018Hamilton, James M.; Whitehead, Donald; Johnson, Billy-Jean; Hall, Evla; Cooper, Leon; Frazure, Nickmountaineers; Appalachian Regional Commission; black lung benefits; Family Assistance Plan; march; grass roots movement; hunger; road conditionsA group of 300 mountain people went to Washington, D.C. in order to confront the government on unfulfilled promises of black lung benefits, Appalachian Regional Commission and the Family Assistance Plan.
170Southern PatriotMemphis Garbage Workers Strike1968-03-011, 5Ciampa, Jack; Loeb, Henry; Jones, T. O.; Hoffman, Robert; Middlebrook, Haroldstrike; garbage workers; Memphis, Tennessee; police violence; discrimination; union; low wages; unsafe working conditions; NAACP; community unityGarbage workers in Memphis, Tennessee went on strike to protest discrimination against blacks, low wages, lack of safety controls, and the lack of union recognition by the city. The police fought the strikers with violence trying to make them return to wo
171Southern Patriot"How to Avoid Another Berkely"1965-10-011,4Weissman, Steve. Humphreys, C.C., Dr. Laudermille, Jim. Louisiana State University, Free Speech, Student Rights, Student Protest, Vietnam War, Southern Student Organizing Committee, California's Free Speech MovementSpeaker Steve Weissman talks at Louisiana State University discussing free speech, the Vietnam War, civil rights, student protests and repression of Southern college students. Also discusses the controversy surrounding Steve Weissman and his tour of the S
172Southern PatriotNewsbrief: Direct Action in Wa1966-02-012Thomas, Eugene; Eaton, William Orville; Liuzza, Vida; Wilkins, Collie Leroy; Coleman, Thomas L.; Daniels, Johnathan; Ashoton, Steve; Jordan, VernonSNCC, bus boycott, home rule, poverty, wage dispute, civil rights, NAACP, civil rights legislation, jury selection, racial murder, racial violence, libel, Southern Regional Council, voter registration, SCLCBus boycott in Washington DC to protest raise in fares. In Choctaw Couty, AL domestic demand wage increase to 67 cents an hour. Race discrimination outlawed in jury selection in Lowndes County, AL.