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1Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: PAR Replie1969-09-017Kerner, OttoPeople Against Racism; Kerner Report; racism; white supremacyPeople Against Racism (PAR) explains their stand on racism and speaks out against the Kerner report.
2Southern PatriotThe Road Ahead: White Racism i1968-05-017King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr; Braden, Carlwhite racism; black power; unity; poverty; infighting; SCLC; Vietnam War; low wage labor; Southern Mountain Project; Grass Roots Organizing WorkEditorial about white racism as a symptom of the greater problem of the U.S. political system that keeps groups from organizing by forcing them apart.
3Southern PatriotUSCRC Called Pillar of Racism1970-06-014Zellner, BobU.S. Civil Rights Commission; racism; Black Panthers; Jackson State Massacre; Civil Rights Act of 1964At the U.S. Civil Rights Commission meeting in Easton, Maryland they called across the country to end racism.
4Southern PatriotQuinoy Five: Case Study in Rep1971-09-011, 8Smith, David Charles; Figgers, Alphonso; Burns, Johnny; Keaton, David; Fredericks, Johnnyrobbery; murder; injustice; Luke's Grocery Store, bias; racism; extorted confession; lack of evidence; prison racism; solitary confinementIn Tallahassee, Florida, five black men are being prosecuted for robbery and murder of a sheriff's deputy because of racism, and in spite of little to no evidence.
5Southern PatriotSounding Board1972-06-015Hicks, Judy; Ehlich, Paulscientific racism, misinformation, genetic IQ, poverty, population stabilizationReader comments on the inaccuracies in the March 72 article "The Revival of Scientific Racism".
6Southern PatriotSounding Board1972-06-015Shannon, Randy; Grant, Jim; McIntyre, Lionelracism, bussing, smokescreen, black liberation, Gallup poll, black power, school desegregationLawrence writes to the editor commending the article about bussing and racism.
7Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Letter fro1968-10-016Johnson, Lee Otisracism; discrimination; black rightsLee Otis Johnson writes a letter from jail explains his beliefs on racism in America.
8Southern PatriotGreensboro Blacks Fight Police1972-02-017Shoffner, Nathan; Clark, R. A.; Riggins, Michael; Rhodes, Elizabeth; Cox, B. E.police brutality; shootings; harassment; racismThe black community in Greensboro, North Carolina is fighting increased police brutality and racism.
9Southern PatriotSounding Board: The Revival of1972-03-017Mercer, Jane; Mayeske, George W.; Coleman, James S.; Clark, Kenneth B.; Rockefeller, J. D., IIIscientific racism; white supremacy; biological superiority; intellectual qualities; genetic inheritance; IQ test; biological determinism; birth rateExplanation of the logic behind scientific racism, and why it has recently become a popular idea once again.
10Southern Patriot"I Birng An Indictment Against1971-03-017Davis, Angela; Abernathy, Ralphjob loss; imprisonment; death threats; militancy; black female activists; racism; political prisoner; kidnap; murder; conspiracyExcerpt of a speech given by Dr. Ralph Abernathy about the arrest of Angela Davis and the problems of racism in the American justice system.
11Southern PatriotCommission Investigates N.C. D1971-04-016Valder, Bob; Chavis, BenNorth Carolina Civil Rights Commission; school desegregation; testimony; racism; discrimination;A commission in North Carolina investigated the blatant acts of racism and discrimination in newly desegregated schools. However, nothing will likely come from it, but students are happy the events are officially recorded.
12Southern PatriotIn the Schools1971-12-016Self, William; Jessup, B. J.; Leake, George; Goodman, J. C.; Gibson, Lercyarrest; school racism; march; riot charge; police racism; police shooting; school integration; school boycott; Confederate flag; mob violence; mace; Rights of White People; curfewDetails of school problems in Charlotte, Wilmington, and Southern Pines in North Carolina, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida.
13Southern PatriotMovement Holds School Hearings1972-01-016Scott, Bobschool integration; racism; hearing; token blacks; governor investigation; double standards; insurrection; Rights of White People; black consciousnessIn Raleigh, North Carolina, the movement held hearing about the continued white racism in integrated schools and how administrators, police, and parents encourage the discriminatory behavior.
14Southern PatriotWhite Students Begin to Speak 1966-12-018Edmundson, Bill; Bailey, Bob; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Beecher, JohnStudents for a Democratic Society; racism; John Birch Society; politics; election; civil rightsWhite students in Birmingham, Alabama are beginning to speak out against the racism in local and collegiate systems.
15Southern PatriotCharlotte Black Students Rebel1971-04-016black student rebellion; desegregation; Concerned Parent's Association; racism; racial fighting; arrest; violence; protestBlack students at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school systems rebelled after facing intense racism and discrimination from administration and members of the Concerned Parents' Association.
16Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: An Economi1968-09-016Braden, Carl; Durr, Virginiawhite racism; poverty; black powerReader Virginia Durr agrees with Carl Braden's article about white racism and how poverty is the true issue.
17Southern PatriotBlack Strength Growing1966-12-013Amerson, Lucius; Rockefeller, Winthrop; Johnson, James; McNair, Robert E.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Galuponikus (Galifianakis?), Nick; Wallace, Georgeracism, bigotry, black voters, Voter Education Project; election, politics, black leadersMany blacks across the south gained power in November elections as the walls of racism are being broken down and blacks gain more voting strength.
18Southern PatriotCollins Campaign1971-09-018Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Abzug, Bella; Rachman, Emanuel; Freeman, Harrop A.draft resistance; war injustice; racism; speech; amnesty; amnesty internationalWalter Collins has become the poster child for the campaign against racism and injustice in the draft system and the war.
19Southern PatriotSchool Boycott Leader's Home i1971-03-013Stevenson, Levernschool boycott; segregation; racism; house burning; police bias; support rallyThe home of Reverend Levern Stevenson was burned in Ridgeland, South Carolina in retaliation for his organizing a school boycott to protest overt racism and bus segregation.
20Southern PatriotSupport for Angela Davis Devel1970-12-014Davis, Angela; Vause, Stephen; Baker, Ella; Davis, Sallyespeaking tour; defense campaign; communism; Soledad Brothers; prison racism; prison conditions; SCEFA defense campaign is building across the South for Angela Davis, who was arrested for trying to expose racism in the prison systems.
21The Southern Patriot Louisville Racism Linked to Ci1976-04-004,5Pugh, Luebreta; Sloane, Harvey; Cough, Johnracism, busing, desegregation, black community, harassment, police brutality, declaration, independence from bigotryDuring the 1st year of busing for school desegregation, the black community of Louisville has faced almost constant harassment and brutality from police and other city officials.
22Southern Patriot250 Kentucky Women Form Politi1971-11-013Edwards, Mrs. Marty; Westerfield, Rebecca; Braden, AnneKentucky Women's Political Caucus; racism; sexism; poverty; institutional violence; women's rights; socialism; Vietnam War; prison reformWomen met in Kentucky to form their own political party and to discuss the main issues for their platform. They want an end to racism, sexism, poverty and institutional violence.
23Southern PatriotAli Appeals to Supreme Court1968-09-013Ali, Muhammad; Mulloy, JoeSelective Service System; racism; draft refusal; conscientious objector; U.S. Supreme CourtMuhammad Ali is appealing to the Supreme Court to overturn his conviction of draft refusal based on the racism of the Selective Service System.
24The Southern Patriot ZANU Leader Victim of Racism1975-04-006Mawere, Tapson A; Mangazva, Synospolice harassment, Zimbabwe African Nation Union, racism, SCEF, conference to stop the importation of South African coal.Tapson A. Mawere and Synos Mangavza were guest speakers at a SCEF conference on stopping the importation of South African coal. They were beaten and arrested by two plain cloths police officers for trying to eat at a whites only restaurant.
25Southern PatriotBirmingham Movement Grows1972-09-011, 6, 7Farris, Carl; Shelton, Jim; Diamond, Ledger; Henson, Howard; Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Watkins, Merulrine; McKinney, Robert; Connor, Eugene; Seibels, George G.; Lynn, Sebourn; Jordan, Davis; Reid, Jesselabor movement; racism; union; job discrimination; police brutality; bargaining agent; SCLC; racial unity; union election; strike; violenceAn overview of the developing labor movement in Birmingham, Alabama and how it is combating racism, job discrimination and police brutality.
26Southern PatriotHistoric Protest in Deep South1972-04-011, 2Young, Mark L.; Taylor, Dorothy; Hall, Harlan; Jones, Charles; Claiborne, Larry M.; George, Pearl; Barrett, Wayne T.; Rarick, John; Morris, J. H.; Willingham, Alexdock worker strike; chrome ore; protest; racism; imperialism; Rhodesia; oppression; boycott; resolution; shipment unloading; trespassing; red baiting; United Nations EmbargoA historic protest occurred at a Burnside, Louisiana dock when black dock workers refused to unload a shipment of chrome ore from Rhodesia because of the country's racism and imperialist rule.
27Southern PatriotRace-or-Class Debate Rages Amo1969-04-011, 4Joyce, Frank; Bevel, Charles; Gothard, Lou; Braden, Carl; Richardson, Dale; Zellner, Bob; Youngblood, Doug; Fields, Carl; Lloyd, Baldwin; Mulloy, Karen; Adams, Frank; Sulivan, AnibalHighlander Center; Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizing; racism; unity; counter-revolution; economy; radical; male chauvinism; socialism; Southern Mountain Project; Vista A three-day conference at the Highlander Center in Knoxville, Tennessee discussed issues of racism and the power structure of the United States. The main topic was how to place power in the hands of the common man.
28Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: A Set-Up f1968-06-016Braden, Carl; Minnis, Jack; Abernathy, Ralph; Amery, Alwhite racism; government; educationReader Al Amery commends the _Southern Patriot_ for their publication.
29Southern PatriotBlacks Defend Themselves Again1971-01-011raid; school altercation; self-defense; racism; vigilantes; media coverageThe black community in Knightdale, North Carolina used armed self defense to protect itself from vigilante white extremists.
30Southern PatriotNews Brief1972-09-012McCall, Willis; Askew, Reubin; Waller, WilliamStrike; unlawful tactic; black candidates; racism; comprehensive health centerA review of the past month's news and events.
31southern patriot"Whenever We Get Together, The1972-10-014Fisher, Earlracial separation; union breaking; union organizing; red-baiting; national union leadership' repressionExplanation of how companies use Communism and racism to break up unions.
32The Southern PatriotNew Struggle in Harlan Co.1975-03-006black community, urban renewal, slums, discrimination, housing, racismThe black community of Georgetown are being forced out of their neighborhoods, which are being removed so businesses and shopping centers can be built.
33Southern PatriotInstead of Gun Running1968-04-017Brown, Rapgenocide; arms; guns; combat; McClellan Committee; anti-riot laws; oppression; racismThe essay explains how the people living in black neighborhoods can prevent violence through means other than guns and arming themselves.
34Southern PatriotBlack Youth Says: "School Dese1971-02-017school control; public schools; poverty; indoctrination; media; racism; class discrimination; oppressionEditorial about the control of students being the true issue in education, not integration.
35Southern PatriotAnti-War Actions Reach a Peak1973-02-018Collins, Walter; Whitlock, Henry; Lane, Teddyanti-war protest; cease-fire; militancy; coalition; rally; racism; labor issuesDetails of anti-war efforts all across the south.
36The Southern Patriot Amnesty: 'On the Underground R1974-10-003racism, unconditional amnesty, Vietnam war, discriminationIn his open letter to Mississippi Eusi Nduge explains why he dodged the Vietnam draft, and why amnesty legislation should be expanded.
37The Southern Patriot Charlottee Three Demand Bond1976-04-003Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles Charlotte three, petition for bond, bond, racismThe Charlotte three are petitioning for bond pending another hearing.
38Southern PatriotAutobiography Provides Rare Gl1972-11-012Hudson, Hoseasharecropping; racism; lynching; poverty; communismReview of Hosea Hudson's autobiography _Black Worker in the Deep South_.
39Southern PatriotCollins Letters On Revolt1972-05-016prison revolt; peaceful assembly; injustice; oppression; camaraderie; isolation; racism; speech Letters from Collins on his opinions and viewpoints.
40Southern PatriotWhite Organizers Meet1971-10-016organized labor; radical movement; GI movement; socialism; communism; Marxism; racismDetails of meeting held in South Carolina where people met to discuss the organizing efforts among the white Southern working class.
41Southern PatriotCity Workers Describe Struggle1973-02-017trash incineration; working conditions; strike; unity; arrest; racismTestimonials from Charleston, West Virginia employees about working conditions and the strike.
42Southern PatriotBook Notes: Contemporary St. P1968-05-012Jordan, Clarenceracism; Koinonia Farm; peaceReview of Clarence Jordan's translation of St Paul's letters in the "The Cotton Patch Version of Paul's Epistles."
43The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaSouthwide Mobilization Draws B1976-05-002Tyler, Garydemonstration, black freedom struggle, discrimination, racism, political powerA massive demonstration to free Gary Tyler will be held on July 24 in New Orleans.
44The Southern Patriot Angola Prison Stuggle 1974-01-008Woodfox, Albert; Wallace, Herman; Montegut, Gilbert; Jackson, Chester; Henderson, Murray C.The Angola four, racism, committee to free the Angola four, prisonThe background and trial of the Angola four.
45Southern PatriotMississippi Woodcutters Win1971-12-011Simmons, Jameswoodcutter strike; wage increase; Masonite Corporation; racism; red baiting; racial unityWoodcutters on strike in Mississippi won their pay raise after living on starvation wages.
46Southern PatriotSouthern GI Movement Spreads1968-03-018Madison, Albert; Davis, Johnny; Toomer, Alfred; Levitan, Louissoldier movement; servicemen's union; Fort Jackson; Vietnam War; radical; _Short Times_; teach-in; repressionTroops from across the South are beginning to organize and protest war, racism and GI rights.
47The Southern Patriot Houston GE Workers Fight Compa1974-02-008Eisenberg, SteveAFL-CIO(IUE), safety, racism, union, workers action movement, black-white unity, discrimination, trusteeshipDetailed account of what the workers at the GE central air conditioning plant in Texas accomplished before they were forced into trusteeship.
48The Southern Patriot Judicial Victory But No Freedo1976-01-004Mackenzie, John; Spratley,Frank Leediscrimination, all-white juries, jury composition, racismFourth U.S. circuit court of appeals has ruled that a black man can appeal a conviction by an all-white jury on the grounds of discrimination.
49The Southern Patriot A Breakthrough Offshore Strike1973-03-001,7Kinnel FrankShell oil company, Boatel Inc, National Maritime Union (NMU), unions, strikes, poor pay, hazardous working conditions, racism, Offshore workers from Boatel Inc. are striking due to poor pay, health and safety concerns.
50Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: The Maddox1966-12-016Maddox, Lester; Watson, Tomelection; racism; poverty; populist movement; unityThe election of Lester Maddox as governor of Georgia is viewed as keeping the poor white and black populations separate.
51Southern PatriotThe Month in Review: Hunger Co1968-05-012Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Wilson, Marvincivil rights; hunger; malnutrition; anti-picketing law; racism; union recognition; class boycott; student demonstrationA review of the past month's events.
52Southern PatriotGE Strike: Support in Portsmou1970-01-014General Electric; strike; un-unionized; racism; interracial committee; labor rallyGeneral Electric strikers have found support form the people of Portsmouth, Virginia.
53The Southern Patriot Kentuckians Oppose Klan1975-06-001,6Duke, David; Johnson, Benklan rallies, kkk, protest, segregation, racism, economic crisisThe Ku Klux Klan held three rallies in Kentucky. The rallies drew wide spread protests from the black community, church groups and unions.
54Southern PatriotApartheid in Wallace Country1968-09-014Byrd, Calvin; Zellner, Bobracism; Mobile County, Alabama; poverty; Cajuns; segregation; education; integration; illiteracyThe people of Mobile, Alabama still face issues of discrimination and segregation between their three ethnic groups: Black, White and Cajun.
55The Southern Patriot Election Fraud 1974-02-004Davis, Julian; Braswell, P.L.Voter fraud, racism, SCLC, absentee ballotsSandersville Ga. had five black candidates running for local office. All were defeated by about the same amount of absentee ballot votes. SCLC has received permission from the justice department to investigate.
56Southern PatriotWhite Reactions1970-10-017Editorial Survey Group; school integration; unity; racism; poor whites; police harassment; Ku Klux KlanIn Jackson, Mississippi white people in the community are fighting for the rights of both poor black and poor white students in public schools.
57The Soutnern Patriot March to Boston1974-12-006Williams, HoseaBoston, national freedom march, racism, violence, black communityCivil rights leaders and union members from Atlanta have pledged their support for the freedom march in Boston.
58Southern PatriotElection Notes1972-12-018Bond, Julian; Young, Andrew; Jordan, Barbara; Patterson, J. O.; McBride, Eddie; Kennedy, Arlon; Webster, Eddieracism; national referendum; black politiciansA report of the results of November elections and details of black politicians gaining office.
59Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Wilmington1969-02-016King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.; Terry, Charles; Babiarz, JohnPeople Against Racism; rebellion; assassination; jail; national guard; arrestPamphlet explaining how the city of Wilmington, Delaware reacted to the uprising of the black community after King's Death.
60Southern PatriotBook Notes1970-04-012Ginger, Ann Fagan; Garry, Charles R.; Newton, Huey P.Black Panthers; racist jurors; mistrialReview of _Minimizing Racism in Jury Trials_ by Charles R. Garry, based on the proceedings of The People of California v. Huey P. Newton.
61The Southern Patriot Delegation Says to Virginia Go1974-01-001,8Holton, Linwood; Wansley, Thomas; Carrington, James; Bradley, Davidracism, rape, frame-up, justice, Southern Conference Education Fund, Community actionSupporters of Thomas Wansley marched on the capital. His supporters managed to set up a meeting between his mother and the governor.
62The Southern PatriotQuincy Case Closed1974-01-006Burns, Johnny; Figgers, Alphonso; Smith, David Charles; Keaton, Dave Roby; Frederick, Johnny; Reubin, Askew;Quincy Five, Baker act, police intimidation, racism, voter registrationThe Quincy five were released from prison. They were accused of murdering a Leon county sheriff.
63The Southern Patriot SIx Years Too Late1974-01-003Brown, H. Rap; Agnew, Spiro; Featherstone, Ralph; Payne Che;Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Kerner Commission on civil disorders, militancy, knapp commission, racism, black liberation movement The State of Maryland has dropped its arson and riot charges against H. Rap Brown, on the grounds that the evidence was fabricated.
64Southern PatriotIn a Land Where MURDER is Resp1966-01-011Younge, Samuel, Jr.; Segrest, MarvinSCLC, Alabama racism, Tuskegee Institute, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Civil Rights, Racial Murder, Anti-Violence Law, LynchingMap of the state of AL depicting all the people murdered for their involvement with the civil rights movement.
65Southern PatriotVirginia Workers Organize1970-04-017Freeman, Bill; Stevens, George; Bryant, Irvingunion; General Electric strike; solidarity; racism; discrimination; women's rights; Verona Westinghouse PlantEditorial about striking union workers across the state of Virginia fighting discriminatory hiring practices.
66Southern Patriot...Wives of Strikers Tell Thei1971-12-015Pulliam, Annie Bellewoodcutter; benefits; Masonite Corporation; strike; wage rate; picket line; segregationStory of the wife of a striking woodcutter and her efforts with the picket line. She also relates a story of racism at local restaurants.
67The Southern Patriot Hearing On New Trial For Charl1974-06-007Holhouser, James; Reddy, T.J.; Grant, Jim; Parker, Charles; Hood, Theodore Alfred; Washington, Walter DavidThe Charlotte Three, racism, new trial, Lazy B Stables, Pay offs, political prisoners, The Justice DepartmentThe Charlotte Three were granted a new trial, after payments made to the prosecuting witnesses came to light.
68Southern PatriotSCLC Convnetion Report1968-10-014Abernathy, Ralph; Guevara, Che; Young, Andrew; Jackson, JesseSCLC; unemployment; poverty; racism; annual convention; youthReport of the events and speeches at SCLC's annual convention in Memphis, Tennessee.
69The Southern Patriot Revolt at Reidsville 1974-12-005Griffin, Andrew; Hopper, Joeprison strike, Reidsville Ga., investigation, NAACP legal defense fund, ACLU, racismA strong possibility of a revolt is growing in Reidville Prison. Tensions arose after the death of an inmate and the warden refused to allow the ACLU to investigate.
70Southern PatriotRepression Builds in Florida1970-05-011, 8Canney, Robert; Hicks, Elizabeth; Waller, Joejail; repression; anti-war rally; police brutality; protest; Junta of Militant Organizations; strike; white racism; student demonstrationRepression through the use of arrest and high bails has been increasing in Florida against militant activists.
71The Southern Patriot Return of the Death Penalty 1974-01-003Askew, Reubin; Megill, Ken;Capital punishment, the peoples' movement, discriminatory sentencing, racism, governmental repressionThe return of the death penalty is just another way that the government is trying to repress the peoples' movement.
72Southern PatriotThe Black Man's Power1966-12-012Killens, John Oliverracism; black psyche; nonviolence; self-defenseReview of _The Black Man's Burden_ by John Oliver Killens.
73Southern PatriotOne Man Against the Klan1969-11-015Good, JonaKu Klux Klan; threats; racism; rebellion; hatredJona Good has taken a stand against the Ku Klux Klan in his North Carolina town.
74The Southern Patriot Governor 'May' commute Sentenc1974-03-001Holshouser, James; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles Charlotte 3, racism, political prisoners N.C. Governor is considering commuting the sentences of two of the Charlotte three, T.J. Reddy and Charles Parker.
75Southern PatriotNew Rape Verdicts Stir Public 1967-02-014Elliott, Charles W.; Huddleston, Byhilia; Hanby, Roscoe; Bradley, Haroldrape; justice; racism' bias; death penalty; petition; pardon; protestIn Tennessee and Virginia, protesters are petitioning for the release of black men sentenced to death row for the rape of white women in spite of no evidence of a crime.
76The Southern Patriot Black Prisoners Framed1975-04-002Lewis, Tony; Barnes, RonaldPrison, racism, penal systemTony Lewis and two other prisoners are being charged with the murder of prison guard Ronald Burns. The Mothers and family are raising funds for out of state attorneys.
77Southern PatriotBlack Student Rebellions Conti1971-01-014school integration; black identity; school rebellion; walk-out; student demonstration; school closing; racism; discrimination; Ku Klux KlanReport of student protests and walk-outs in North and South Carolina.
78Southern PatriotP. D. East Is Dead, But The Pe1972-04-016East, P.D.; Plummer, Mary Cameron; East, Birdie; Dombrowski_The Petal Paper_; racismObituary for P.D. East, creator of _The Petal Paper_.
79Southern PatriotMississippi Suit Attacks Draft1967-01-018Sumrall, John Ottis; Jolliff, James; Johnson, Paulmilitary draft; militancy; bias; racism; NAACP; Vietnam WarA twenty-year-old black Mississippian is bringing suit saying that the draft board shows bias towards drafting civil rights workers to curb the movement.
80The Southern Patriot 'Evidence' Against Angola Brot1974-02-007Wallace, Herman; Woodfox, Albert; Jackson, Chester; Miller, Brent the Angola four, racism, political prisoners, repression, frame-up, One of the Angola four went to trial for the death of prison guard Brent Miller. Although evidence was inconsistent, Wallance was convicted and received a life sentence.
81The Southern Patriot "Illegals" Are Not The Enemy1974-06-006Chavez, Cesarunions, united farm workers, illegal immigrants, racism, exploitation, scabs, border patrol, corruption, labor movement, Chicano communitiesUFW is trying to deal with illegal immigrants being used as scab workers by growers and the corrupt border patrol.
82Southern PatriotFree After 58 days: 12 Jailed 1966-11-011, 6Moore, Howard; Williams, Dwight; Wilson, Johnney; Little, T. C.; Allen, Ivanblack imprisonment, draft protest, riot, racism, sit-ins, police violence, Vietnam War, civil rights, segregation, SNCC, Atlanta projectA group of 12 black men were imprisoned for 58 days for protesting draft into the Vietnam War.
83The Southern Patriot Doctor Rips Stitches From Blac1976-04-003Armstrong, Melvin; Merkle Bobby; Wilson, Charlesblack belt, racism, injustice, medical malpracticeMelvin Armstrong needed stitches after puncturing his arm. When the family told Dr. Merkle they would be unable to pay up front, he pulled the stitches from Melvin's arm.
84Southern PatriotAn Editorial: The Busing Issue1971-10-014Wallace, George; McIntyre, Lionel; Kasper, Johnschool busing; desegregation; peace; Citizen's Against Busing; protest; picket line; racism; education; mobsThe school busing issue in the southern states has been marked by a lack of violence as more people accept school integration.
85Southern PatriotS.C. High Schools Hit by Rebel1970-12-016high school student revolt; school integration; resegregation; demotion; firing; extra-curricular exclusion; racismHigh schools across South Carolina are facing rebellion as black students fight against resegregation and discrimination in newly integrated schools.
86Southern PatriotSellers Gets Five Years1968-05-013Sellers, Cleve; Edenfield, Newell; Owens, DannySNCC; draft refusal; racism; Vietnam WarCleve Sellers was sentenced to five years in prison after refusing the draft. He stated the only people that could sentence him were black people.
87Southern PatriotNews Brief1970-04-012Cooper, Danny; Allison, William; Free, Jerry; Johnson, Paul; Collins, Walter; Hodes, William; McIntyre, Lionelracial prejudice; military racism; draft refusal; conscientious objector; criminal trespass; Black Manifesto; radical pacifism; the Peace Makers; National Tenants OrganizationA review of the events and news from April.
88The Southern Patriot New Briefs 1976-01-007Rowe, Gary; Dehee, Elijah KKK, freedom riders, klan attack, prisoners rights, cruel and unusual punishment, American penal system, frame-up, involuntary manslaughter, sabotage, racismFBI's role in building up KKK exposed. N.C. Women prisoners file lawsuit. Frame-up conviction of Elijah Dehee upheld in S.C.
89Southern PatriotFive Months Added to Collins' 1972-09-018Collins, Walterdraft resistance; sentence extension; speech; work stoppage; U.S. Parole Board; racism; repressionWalter Collins had 157 days of "good time" revoked after making a speech at the prison work stoppage in Texarkana, Texas.
90The Southern Patriot Governor Denies Wansley's Pard1974-02-005Holton, Linwood; Wansley, Thomas; Stamps, Garnell; Jester, RoystonPardon, rape, frame-up, racism, national alliance against racist and political repression, SCEFThe Gov. of Virginia refused to pardon Thomas Wansley. Wansley was sentenced to life in prison for raping a white woman. So far he has served 10 years.
91Southern PatriotJackson: Blaming the Victims1970-06-012Waites, Alex; Williams, John Bell; Anderson, Reuben; Banks, Fred, Jr.racism; Jackson State College; massacre; police shooting; arrest; Highway Patrol; boycottIn Jackson, Mississippi the governor was quick to blame the victims for causing the Jackson State massacre.
92The Southern Patriot RNA Under New Attack1974-02-006Ghafoor, Abdul Malik Mu-Min; Obadele, Imari; Moore, Russel D.; Ghafoor, Kahina Amatul; Marsh, Jerry; Alexander, FirnistRepublic of New Africa, repression, harassment, racismAbdul Malik Mu-Min Ghafoor administrative assistant to the RNA president, was arrested for supposedly writing a threatening letter to judge Russle D. Moore III.
93Southern PatriotReader Reports: How Cuba Wiped1968-09-016Batista, Fulgencio; Prio, Carolos; Wallace, Sonja De VriesCuba; integration; black-white relations; Guantanamo Naval Base; insurrection; racism; mulattoReader Sonja De Vries Wallace observes the integrated society of Cuba.
94Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Racist Ter1968-09-016Montgomery, Sarahgypsies; racism; racist termReader Sarah Montgomery informs the _Southern Patriot_, and its readers, that the word "gyp" is a racist term for gypsies.
95The Southern Patriot International Support 1976-06-006Tyler, Garysupport, campaign to free gary tyler, racismMessages of support for Gary Tyler have been coming in from all over the world.
96The Southern Patriot Convenient Suspect in Murder a1974-09-006Tibbs, Delbert Lee; Milroy, Robertrape, murder, frame-up, racismDelbert Lee Tibbs is charged with the murder of Robert and raping his female companion. Tibbs was in another city at the time of the crime, the description of the killer does not match Tibbs. Tibbs also does not own a truck or a gun.
97Southern PatriotWarrenton: Old Days Are Over1970-12-016Peller, Roger; Barholomew, Fred; Webb, Jeremiah; Balance, Frank; Chavis, Ben; White, Leonracism; Ku Klux Klan; plantation system; student protest; black economic development; black culture; marchIn Warrenton, North Carolina the system of oppression is changing as blacks demand equal treatment in integrated schools.
98Southern PatriotMurder in Wilmington1971-04-016Wright, Clifton Eugene; Walker, Johnny; Williamson, H. closing; racial fighting; police patrol; arrest; racial shooting; boycott; night ridersIn Wilmington, North Carolina the black community is facing white night riders, which caused one death, after insurrection in public schools over racism and discrimination.
99Southern PatriotBoycott Is Still Effective Wea1972-09-013McBride, Eddyblack community; mass arrest; business boycott; indictment; racism; discrimination; jury biasA boycott of white businesses in Vicksburg, Mississippi has been 75% effective, and was started when a jury refused to indict a white man accused of molesting a 7-year-old black girl.
100Southern PatriotRights of Man1969-06-014GROW; southern working class; _Rights of Man_; Laurel, MS; workers' independent ticket; racismThe GROW staff has begun editing the newspaper _Rights of Man_ targeted towards the southern working class.
101The Southern Patriot Wilmington 10 Takes Case to Fe1974-05-008Charvis, Ben; Patrick, Marvin; Tyndall, Connie; Jacobs, Jerry; Vereen, Willie Earl; Epps, Reginald, McCoy,James; Wright, Joe; Moore,Wayne; SHepard, AnneWilmington ten, Wilmington rebellion, frame-up, racism, judicial misconduct, the black community, united church of ChristThe North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the conviction of the Wilmington 10.
102Southern PatriotThe Wansley Case: An Open Lett1972-12-017Wansley, Thomas; McGee, Willierape myth; life imprisonment; repression; white control; death penalty; women's rights; racial unity; racismBraden calls on the women of the south to help end the rape myth and fight to free Thomas Wansley.
103The Southern Patriot Lynching Aftermanth Whites Go 1974-11-005Polk, Preston; Cook, Albert; Youmans, Wallace; O'Neal, J. BlantonLynching, racism, injustice, murder, civil rights activity, retaliation, conspiracyWallace Youmans was shot in the head and killed after walking by Albert Cook's store. Cook and two other men were found not guilty.
104Southern PatriotLast Hurrah for Wallace1970-06-012Wallace, Georgeprimary election; racismIn the primary election in Alabama, George Wallace had 48.5% of the population vote against him.
105The Southern Patriot The Case of Joann Little 1974-10-001,7Little, Joann; Alligood, Clarence;rape, racism, fair trialJoann Little is being held on charges of murdering prison guard Clarence Alligood and breaking and entering. Little stated that Alligood entered her cell and threatened her with an ice pick and tried to rape her. She killed him with an ice pick.
106The Southern Patriot Murder on Alabama's Prison Far1974-03-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Clancy, Jesse; Gray, Fred; Martin, Harold; Williams, Dorothy P.; Reed, Thomas; Sullivan, L.Bpenal system, inmates for action, inhumane treatment, racismPrisoners rights advocate George "Chagina" Dobbins was killed while incarcerated at atmore prison. He was beaten and shot in the back.
107The Southern Patriot Tarboro, N.C. Community Suppor1974-02-001,6Brown, Vernon Leroy; Hines, Bobby; Walston, Jesse Lee; Smith, ALice; Whaley, John; Amsterdam, Anthonyrape, racism, repression, death penalty, protest, capital punishment, community supportThe Tarboro black community came to support the three young men who were sentenced to death for raping a white woman.
108Southern PatriotLegal Lynching1971-04-015Hazelwood, Joseph; Hawkins, Charles; Hawthorne, Nathaniel Lee; Greene, Je Roydlegal lynching; rape; death penalty; Ku Klux Klan; boycott; racismJoseph Hazlewood, accused of raping a white woman, is potentially under the death penalty, which can be seen as legal lynching.
109The Southern Patriot Blacks plan to keep what's the1974-10-008McCown, John; Patterson, T.M. (Buck) Jr.police harassment, racism, east central committee for opprotunity, demonstrationA black woman was arrested on a Traffic charge by the all white police force in Sparta Ga. When her boss John McCown president of the ECCO tried to intervene on her behalf, he was also arrested. The whole situation has renewed the tensions between blacks
110The Southern Patriot Tyler Denied New Trial1976-04-008,7Tyler, Gary; Marino, R.J.; Blanks, Natalie frame-up, racism, new trial, Gary Tyler was denied a new trial by Judge R.J. Marino, despite evidence that the state's star witness lacked credibility
111Southern PatriotLabor Shorts1973-02-012Gonterman, Harvey; Hampton, EugeneBethlehem Steel plant; racism; murderAt the Bethlehem Steel Plant in Sparrows Point, Maryland workers fought a racist seniority system. Harvey Gonterman was found not guilty of murder for shooting a picketer in Brownville, Kentucky.
112Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: Open Lette1967-04-016Logan, Robert; Fries, David J. Lowndes County Freedom Organization; racism; unemploymentReader David J. Fries explains the story of Robert Logan, a black man fired from his job at Sears Roebuck for running for political office in Lowndes County, Alabama.
113Southern PatriotMemphis Workers Struggle to Un1972-10-014Fisher, Earl; Roop, KatherineDon Russ bubblegum plant; union representation; racial separation; unionization; racism; rumor; sexismWorkers at the Don Russ bubblegum plant in Memphis, Tennessee have united across racial lines to unionize in spite of administrative opposition.
114Southern PatriotInterracial Coalitions: Proble1969-06-016Collins, WalterLaurel, Mississippi; GROW; interracial movement; interracial organizing; hostility; black-white relations; black power; police brutality; racism; strikeSpeech given at SCEF's New York Annual Meeting about interracial relations and problems from his experiences in Laurel, Mississippi.
115The Southern Patriot Wansley Case: A Symbol1974-02-005Wansley, Thomas; Merhige, Robert; Holton, Linwood; Godwin, MilesFalse charges, rape, racism, public pressure, pardon, repression, the peoples' movementThomas Wansley has become a symbol of the peoples' movement. Editorial highlights where the campaign to have Wansley pardoned failed and how they can learn from those failures.
116Southern PatriotThe People's Forum: On Honesty1967-02-016Saunders, William; Jenkins, Jamescivil rights; Vietnam War; racism; equalityTwo black readers, William Saunders and James Jenkins, call for the end of black involvement in the Vietnam War and better conditions in black communities.
117Southern PatriotWallace in New Orleans1968-10-018Higson, Mike; Wallace, George; Wallace, Lurleen; Perez, Leander; Lundberg, FerdinandAmerican Independent Party; demonstration; racism; picket; politicsGeorge Wallace gave a speech in New Orleans; he was trying to convince people he was different. Columnist Mike Higson disagrees and says Wallace is "just another chip off the same block."
118Southern PatriotGainesville, Fla: Black Milita1968-06-011, 3Dawkins, Jack; Thomas, Carol; Adkins, James C.; Waller, Joe; Wilcox, Levymilitancy; black leaders; arrest; repression; black peoples' movement; demonstration; AFL-CIO; ghetto; racism; fire bombing; black powerGainesville, Florida is controlling black militant leaders through arrests, high bonds, and the threat of long prison sentences.
119The Southern Patriot RNA President Imari Free1973-04-001-4Obadele Imari Abubakari, Koen Charles, Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu, Haywood Burns,Owusu SaduakaiRepublic of New Africa (RNA),International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day, peaceful gathering, racismImari was arrested on August 18, 1971 in connection with a shoot out. He was five blocks away at the time. He won a court order to be released around the sametime as solidarity day- which Miss. Officials tried to prevent.
120The Southern Patriot RNA President Imari Free1973-04-001-4Obadele Imari Abubakari, Koen Charles, Joyner Irv, Gregory Dick, Baraka Imamu, Haywood Burns,Owusu SaduakaiRepublic of New Africa (RNA),International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day, peaceful gathering, racismImari was arrested on August 18, 1971 in connection with a shoot out. He was five blocks away at the time. He won a court order to be released around the sametime as solidarity day- which Miss. Officials tried to prevent.
121Southern PatriotNews Brief1971-11-012Hayes, Elton; Bryant, Wayland; Williams, Ronald; Sellers, Cleveland, Jr.; TInsley, Michael; Tinsley, Narvel; Taylor, Daniel T., III; Kunstler, Williampolice brutality; police killing; school desegregation; Klan parade; Alabama Black Liberation Front; inciting a riot; SNCC; racism; jury bias; crossover votingA review of news and events in November.
122Southern PatriotMaryland'd Dual Justice1967-02-014Howard, Joseph C.double standard; justice; racism; rapeA black assistant to the attorney general of Maryland spoke out against the double standard of justice for black men accused of rape of white women.
123The Southern Patriot In Alabama's Prisons Inmates f1974-05-006Dobbins, George "Chagina"; Dotson, Tommy "Yikeena"inmates for action, penal system, prisoner's rights, harassment, racism, plantation prison systemIFA member Mafundi writes about the prison organization Inmates for Action and what they are doing to meet the needs and demands of the prisoners. He also describes how other inmates and prison officials are harassing and murdering members of the IFA.
124Southern PatriotNashville's Police Face Invest1967-02-014Hall, Ramsey; Jackson, Joseph W.; Kemp, Hubert O.; Shriver, Thomas; Merrit, Gilbertpolice shooting; civil rights; protest; petition; racism; violence; vendetta; student protest; SSOCPeople in Nashville, Tennessee are protesting the police shooting of a young, white, Vanderbilt student.
125The Southern Patriot Racist Use of the Rape Charge1974-09-003racism, sexism, 8th amendment, 14th amendment, prisoner rights movement, rapeFour black men from Kentucky who were convicted of rape and sentenced to life in prison have filed suit. The State statute for rape carries a life sentence without parole. They believe that this statute violates the 5th and 14th amendment.
126The Southern Patriot Another Black Man Framed on Ra1973-04-006Carrington James, Mangum Charles, Carrington Otelia, Hawthorne Nathaniel Lee, Wansley ThomasRacism, rape, false charges, frame-up, James Carrington Defense Fund, Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC)James Carrington was falsey accused and convicted of raping a white woman despite no evidence to the crime. His mother is traveling raising awareness and funds for his defense.
127Southern PatriotPolice Murder Sparks Summerhil1970-11-016Moore, Andre; Massell, Sam; Jenkins, Herbert; McGee, Collinsslum; poverty; militancy; police shooting; rebellion; fires; dismissal; racismThe police shooting of fourteen year-old black Andre Moore sparked a rebellion in Atlanta's slum: Summerhill.
128Southern PatriotOfficials Close GI Coffee Hous1970-02-011, 8Levy, Howard; Gardner, Fredanti-war movement; repression; GI coffee house; Fort Jackson; racism; the UFO; arrest; restraining order; protest; UFO Offense Coalition; demonstration; petitionThe GI Coffee House, the UFO, has been closed and the staff arrested as a form of repression to stop the anti-war movement in Columbia, South Carolina.
129The Southern Patriot Birmingham Foundry: Women Work1974-02-001,4Jones, Gordon; Jones, Bolling; Abel, I.WBirmingham stove and range, union, strike, merit increase, racism, sexism, black labor action coalitionWorkers at Birmingham stove and range are on strike after their company and union failed to deliver a satisfactory contract.
130Southern PatriotSouthern Support for Angela Da1971-12-017Davis, Angela; Collins, Walter; Tucker, Connieteacher petition; controversial issues; racism; discrimination; bookletTeachers in southern California are circulating a petition to free Angela Davis. A booklet is available _Political Prisoners: The Cases of Angela Davis, Ruchell Magee, and the Soledad Brothers_.
131Southern PatriotOn King's Death1968-04-011Shuttlesworth, Fred L.; Shuttlesworth, Ruby; Braden, Carl; King, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr.assassination; racism; Vietnam War; SCEFThis is a statement from the SCEF on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4th.
132The Southern Patriot Black Women Organize in Suppor1975-04-003Little, Joanne; Topps, Avisblack woman's united front, marches, black women, first degree murder, rape, racismThe Black Woman's united Front are calling for a series of Marches to free Joann Little.
133Southern PatriotSNCC Alters its Structure1968-09-011Stanford, Max; Newton, Huey; Carmichael, Stokely; Sellers, Cleve; Ferguson, Herman; Brown, RapSNCC; restructuring; repression; militant black leaders; persecution; racismAt their annual staff meeting in June, the SNCC restructured its organization to better fight repression and the persecution of militant black leaders.
134Southern PatriotDo High School Students Have R1968-03-013Bennett, Kaye; Bennett, Edwindissent; military; Lamar High School; Vietnam War; draft; racism; Students for a Democratic Society; student protestLamar High School in Houston, Texas suspended students for publishing and circulating a small magazine the administration considered controversial.
135Southern PatriotJackson: Repression and Respon1969-05-015Spencer, Howard; Kenyatta, Muhammadblack militancy; white racism; Jackson Human Rights Project; Black and Proud Liberation School; arrest; indictment; rape; black history; Tougaloo Movement; student protest; burglaryStatement on the repression of black militancy in Jackson, Mississippi issued by the Georgetown Defense Committee.
136The Southern Patriot A March Against Death Row1974-04-001Ramsey, James E; Royall, Kenneth D.; Morrison, Fred; Finks, Golden; Hines, BobbyCapital punishment, death row, death penalty, edgecombe three, SCLC, Commission for racial justice, racismRaleigh N.C. several hundred people marched on the capital demanding that the general assembly abolish the death penalty, commute the sentences of all men serving on death row, and pardon the edgecombe three.
137The Southern PatriotGovernment Concedes Point in G1973-09-004Grant Jimjury list, supreme court, under-represented, jury selection and service act of 1968, racismThe U.S. government conceded that the jury selection for the trial of Jim Grant were not fairly representative of the black community. Grant is appealing to the supreme court.
138The Southern PatriotGovernment Concedes Point in G1973-09-004Grant Jimjury list, supreme court, under-represented, jury selection and service act of 1968, racismThe U.S. government conceded that the jury selection for the trial of Jim Grant were not fairly representative of the black community. Grant is appealing to the supreme court.
139The Southern Patriot Arrests Hit Florida Activists1976-04-001,6Marshall, John; Marshall, Eddie Ruth; Jones, SamTampa Workers Committee, food stamps, racism, cut-backs, oppression, all-white juryJohn and Eddie Ruth Marshall were arrested and received heavy sentences for protesting outside the Tampa food stamp office by cops posing as reporters.
140Southern PatriotThe Continuing Struggle: Deeds1968-04-017King, Martin Luther, Jr.SCEF; black-white unity; black power; racismJack Minnis explains that the white people moved by the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. must follow their thoughts and words up with actions to truly achieve his goal of black-white unity.
141The Southern Patriot South African Coal Unloaded 1974-09-001,7Mawere, TapsonSouth African coal, the southern company, united mine workers, slave labor, racism, African liberation movement, Zimbabwe African national unionCoal miners and black longshoremen were not able to halt the unloading of South African Coal shipment. The UMW was forced to remove its picket line or face a court injunction.
142Southern PatriotTour Builds Support for Collin1971-06-011, 6Collins, Walter; Collins, Virginia; Braden, Carl; Griswold, Erwin; Gardner, Tom; Lewis, John; Mulloy, Joeprotest; imprisonment; draft refusal; speaking tour; racism; amnesty petition; demonstrations; SNCC; oppressionA speaking tour across the South explained the case of Walter Collins and how the draft system as a whole is racist.
143The Southern Patriot Where are the Black Workers? A1973-11-005Banks Ganzie, Phillips Elzie, Brooks Charles, Daniel Levi, Finley Williamblack-white unity, automation, racism, union, coal mining, This letter to Southern coal miners encouraging black-white unity within the mines and within the union. Unity is the key to keeping union leaders and employers from taking advantage of them.
144The Southern Patriot Killing Sparks Economic Boycot1974-09-003Watson, Doug; Carreker, Willie Gene; Brooks, Tyrone killing, boycott, Talbot County, SCLC, racismWillie Gene Carreker of Talbot Co. Georgia was shot and killed while handcuffed in police custody. The black community carried out a successful economic boycott and had their demands agreed upon.
145The Southern Patriot "Free Gary Tyler" 2,000 Rally 1976-06-001,6Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Jaunita; Hampton, Bill; Carter, Rondemonstration, rally, frame-up, racism, legal lynching, repression, black liberation movementOver 2,000 people showed up at the free Gary Tyler rally. Several speakers addressed Gery Tyler's case and how it affects the movement as a whole.
146The Southern Patriot Civil Rights Activist Framed1974-03-008Cole, J.C.; Stout, Albertframe-up, drug possession, racismJ.C. Cole a civil rights activist from Shelby N.C. was convicted on a frame-up charge for sale and possession of heroin. Cole had angered those in power in Shelby by exposing the sell of poisonous wood alcohol.
147The Southern Patriot Dave Mack Humphrey: Another R1974-04-005Humphrey, Dave Mack; Bright, Gene; Smith, Marian H.; Davis, Angela; Simpson, Fred;Rape, frame-up, racism, police harassment, Alabama A&M University Dave Mack Humphrey was walking home at night when he was arrested for raping a white female police officer. While out on bail he was harassed and charged with several other crimes. He is serving a 70 sentence at atmore prison.
148The Southern Patriot Black Athlete Says ' I was Fra1974-06-008James, Mike "Spider"; Vaughn, Charles; Jones, Ligon; Driesell, Charles "Lefty"frame-up, murder, racism, police brutalityMike "Spider" James was sentenced to 28 years in prison for murdering a white cab driver. Despite evidence that proved his innocence, he was encouraged to plead guilty in order to strike a deal. While in prison he faced constant harassment by prison offic
149The Southern Patriot Louisianna Cane Workers 'New S1976-06-008Jones, Leroy; Foster, Murphy; Coldwell, John Vernonpoverty, sharecropping, sugar cane, big business, oppression, high interest rates, company stores, housing, racism, high illiteracy Louisiana cane workers still live in almost slave like conditions on sugar plantations. Most are sharecropper and farm workers who in poverty and never ending debt to their bosses.
150Southern PatriotSouthern States Cut Welfare1971-12-013Eastland, James; Long, Russellwelfare recipients; benefits cut; disability; dependent children; racism; starvation; subsidy; cycle of poverty; forced work; family assistance plan; poverty level incomeEditorial about southern states cutting welfare funding and the federal government devising plans that hurt welfare recipients and regular employees.
151Southern PatriotA Forgotten Case: Thomas Wansl1971-10-013Wansley, Thomas; Carter, Annie; Holton, Linwoodpolitical prisoner; rape; death penalty; racism; all-white jury; sit-in; intimidation; segregationOverview of the Thomas Wansley case, who was convicted of raping a white woman and initially sentenced to death. It also discusses how he is also a political prisoner.
152Southern PatriotBriefs1970-11-017Branch, William McKinley; Gray, Fred; Reed, Thomas; Amerson, Lucius; Williams, O. H.; Cashin, John; Young, Andrew; Thompson, Fletcher; Faye, Henry; Sellers, Cleveland; Hampton, Carl; Jason, Rodney Chablack candidates; National Democratic Party of Alabama; police shooting; victim blaming; police bias; prison bias; racism; strip miningA review of the news and events for the month of November.
153The Southern Patriot -- SpeciaTyler Harassed, Demonstration 1976-05-001,3Tyler, Gary; Tyler, Terryracism, harassment, frame-up, Gary Tyler Freedom FightersGary Tyler is facing constant harassment from prison officials. The Gary Tyler Freedom Fighters have doubled their efforts to free him.
154Southern PatriotJury Gives Wansley Life1967-04-011, 4Wansley, Thomas ; Carmichael, Stokely; Cundiff, O. Raymond; Hirschkop, Philip; Kunstler, William; Mangum, Charles; Read, Leerape; mistrial; death penalty; SCEF; SCLC; interracial rape; jury bias; racismThomas Wansley, originally sentenced to death for the rape if two white women, was given life in prison after another trial.
155Southern PatriotJustifying Murder in Jackson1970-09-018Williams, John Bell; Moore, Russell, III; Cox, Harold; Travis, Jack; Cates, Edward L.; Davis, Russell; Barnett, Rossjustified murder; Jackson State massacre; student provocation; police shooting; riot suppression; racismThe ruling class of Mississippi is still trying to justify the police shooting of students at Jackson State College in May 1970.
156The Southern Patriot Murderer of Black Man Freed1976-06-004Dupree, Sandra; Dickens, Harry Lee; Frinks, Goldenblack community, racism, Scotland Neck Movement for equal justice, demonstrations, murderSandra Dupree was found not guilty for first degree murder of Harry Lee Dickens, who was found shot in the back of the head. Demonstrations followed.
157Southern PatriotTen Years in North Carolina1972-05-014Grant, Jim; Larkins, John; Hood, Theodore; Washington, Walter; Chavis, Ben; Finlator, W. W.; White, Leon; Allison, William H., Jr.federal conviction; Bail Reform Act; flee; high bond; conspiracy; black liberation movement; repression; hostility; Rights of White People; racismExplanation how two young men were freed of all their charges in order to convict Jim Grant. Details the system of repression in the federal courts.
158The Southern Patriot Atmore Prison 1974-03-006Dobbins, George Atmore prison, farm strike, racism, community review board, prison strikeAtmore Prison is facing a prisoners strike after the death of inmate George Dobbins.
159Southern PatriotMerita Bread Workers Rebel Aga1970-03-013Griffith, Bill; Martin, Elliot; McMillan, JamesMerita Bakeries; union; secession; strike; violence; black white relations; racism; international union; arrestWorkers at the Merita Bakeries in Charlotte, North Carolina voted to secede from their international union, which caused a strike when the company tried to ignore local leadership.
160The Southern Patriot Chicano Activists Fight Frame 1976-06-007Ogaz, Ruben; Espinoza, Alfredo; Arroyos, RamonChicano movement, chicanos unidaos , frame-up, fire bombing, discrimination, racism, los tres unidos de el pasoMembers of the Chicano Activist group Los Tres Unidos de El Paso are accused of fire bombing a downtown department store. A demonstration is planned.
161Southern PatriotOxford Jury Acquits Teels1970-09-018Teel, Robert Gerald; Teel, Larry; Marrow, Henryinjustice; acquittal; murder; racism; all-white jury; boycott; Ku Klux KlanThe black community of Oxford, North Carolina was outraged when the Teels were found not guilty of murdering Henry Marrow by an all-white jury in spite of overwhelming evidence.
162The Southern Patriot In Birmingham Hospital workers1974-12-001,7Abernathy, Ralph; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Pizitz, Richardmedia coverage, union, Hospital workers, non-profit hospitals, national labor relations board, racism, boycottThe Birmingham hospital workers have been on strike for 12 months with little success. The article covers bias media coverage of the strike and the hierarchy of white privilege within the hospital.
163The Southern Patriot Leader of the Rights of White 1974-04-006Little, Lawrence R.; Jervay, T.C.; Charvis, Ben; Burns, Smith, David H.; Brown, Peggie; Gibson, LeroyRights of White People, bombing, wilmington journal, racismLawrence R. Little member of the Rights of White People, was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the bombing of the Wilmington Journal.
164The Southern Patriot Police kill 28th black1974-11-006Jackson, Otis; Ogle, M.E.police brutality, domestic dispute, racism, excessive use of force, police killingsAfter being called to break up a domestic dispute office M.E. Ogle beat Otis Jackson with a nightstick and then shot Otis Jackson in the Abdomen. Jackson was D.O.A and Grady Hospital.
165Southern PatriotPatriot Reporter Gets 25-Year 1972-09-011Grant, James; Reddy, T. J.; Parker, Charles; Snepp, Frank; Ferguson, James; Allison, William H., Jr.; Scott, Bobstable fire; prison sentence; bias testimony; guilty verdict; picket; racism; politics; political oppression; black activism; amnestyThree black activists, including Jim Grant a _Patriot_ reporter, were given long prison sentences related to a horse barn burning.
166Southern PatriotSteel Workers Strike1970-12-012strike; police brutality; union recognition; walk-out; racism; Georgetown Steel Corporation; unsafe working conditions; SCLC; strike supportA strike at the Georgetown Steel Corporation in Georgetown, South Carolina helped bread the media silence on organized labor in the South when police attacked marchers.
167The Southern Patriot Pensacola: Center of Repressio1975-03-001,2Shelton, Robert; Wallace, George; Blackwell, Wendell; Raines, Douglass; Untriener, Royalrepression, racism, KKK, Unexplained deaths, vigilante violence, volunteer riders, black community, the peoples movementPensacola FL. Several demonstrations held by both the black community and the Klan have raised tensions in the community. The Demonstrations have sprouted from what some believe as officially sanctioned vigilante violence and oppression of minorities.
168Southern PatriotPolice Killing Sparks Ayden Mo1971-11-014Murphy, William Earl; Day, Billy; Bloom, Eli; Frinks, Golden; Scott, Bob; Paul, Jerrypolice killing; movement arrest; indictment refusal; civil action; police brutality; racism; harassment; protest; march; bombing; curfewThe murder of a black man by police in Ayden, North Carolina, sparked rebellion and bombing in the small town. The black community is united like never before.
169Southern PatriotGainesville's Most Dangerous P1968-09-015Thomas, Carol; Waller, Joe; Wilcox, Levi; Lee, Joe Frank; Dawkins, Jackjail; black militants; resisting arrest; violence; ghetto; demonstrations; poverty; racism; black-white unity; solitary confinementCarol Thomas was sentenced to six months in jail for resisting arrest without violence. She is being used as a scapegoat by the city to try to end demonstrations and organizers.
170The Southern Patriot Demand " Free Cheryl and Dessi1976-01-004Todd, Cheryl; Woods, Dessie Xrape, racism, woman's oppression, repression, murder, armed robberyCheryl Todd and Dessie X. Woods are being charged with murder and armed robbery, for killing a white salesman posing as a police officer who tried to rape them.
171The Southern Patriot The Cost of the New Atlanta 1974-05-004-5Whitfield, George; Williams, Virgil; Jackson, Maynard, Inman, John; Mckinny, Billy; Williamson, Q.V.; Matthews, Ethel Mae; Chafin, Clinton; Carter, Jimmy urban renewal, safe streets and sidewalks act, corporate interest, bedford-pines project area committee, police brutality, racism,Jim Grant describes how downtown Atlanta had been re-built at the expense of the black community; and how far white politicians and business owners are willing to go to ensure economic growth and renewal.
172Southern PatriotAppalachian Meeting Attracts 61968-06-018Young, Andrew; Atcheley, Clifford; Fleming, Billy Ray; Fulcher, Robert; Johnson, ClistonPoor People's Campaign; black-white unity; Community Action Federation; racism; Appalachians; welfare; non-violence; head startA group of both black and white Appalachian residents met as part of the Poor People's Campaign to discuss issues with welfare and other governmental programs.
173Southern PatriotMississippi Hopes Center in Su1967-03-011, 8Clayton, Claude F.; Kunstler, William; Kinay, Arthur; Stavis, Marton; Eastland, James O.; Hamer, Fannie Lou; Harris, Joel; Brooks, Lela Maefreedom movement; Sunflower city; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP); voter exclusion; poverty; racism; SNCC; donationsThe Sunflower Community in Mississippi is trying to improve the living conditions of black residents through local election, but the will need outside help to counteract economic threats by white creditors.
174The Southern Patriot On Strike for Union Contract S1975-04-001,6Garner, Kenneth; Williams, G.O.; McWilliams, James E.; Smith MonroeSanitation workers, strike, racial discrimination, union recognition, Laborer's International Union of North America, police harassment, racism, job securitySanitation Workers from Hattiesburg Miss. have been on strike for nine weeks and are asking for support. Media coverage of the strike has not helped the cause and reports refer to the strikers as "ex-employees" and "non-workers". Strikers are demanding an
175Southern PatriotThe Fight to Save Head Start1970-03-015Williams, John Bell; Finch, Robert; Henry, Aaron; Montgomery, Bernice; Stevens, Francis; Hamer, Fannie Lou; Page, Matthew Head Start; governor veto; funding; picket; petition; racism; teacher qualificationsResidents all over Mississippi are fighting to save the head start program from being out by Governor John Bell Williams.
176Southern PatriotBehind Rap Brown's Trial: Hist1970-04-013Featherstone, Ralph; Brown, Rap; Payne, William; Tubman, Harriet; Richardson, Gloria; Adams, Elaine; Stafford, Emerson; Carmichael, Stokely; Wise, Stanley; Yates, William B., IIItrial; racism; arson; militancy; black population; SNCC; protest; semi-martial law; Black Action Federation; speech; shooting; Kerner commissionEditorial about the history of the Civil Rights struggle in Cambridge, Maryland and how Rap Brown came to speak there.
177Southern PatriotAngela Davis Calls Carolina Te1973-01-018Davis, Angela; Lee, James; Sadaukai, Owusu; Chavis, Elizabeth; Grant, Jimrepression; freedom rally; black activism; racism; political prisoner; high bondThrough a telephone speech to a freedom rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, Angela Davis emphasized the problems of repression throughout the state of North Carolina.
178Southern PatriotThe Sunflower Election: Negroe1967-05-011, 8Stavis, Morton; Bronstein, Al; Wells, Lou; Harris, Joe; Guyot, Lawrence; Brooks, Lela Mae; Hamer, Fannie LouSunflower County, Mississippi; Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; discrimination; racism; white political power; unemploymentThe black population of Sunflower County, Mississippi is becoming disillusioned with the political system when the white segregationists were returned to power in the local election.
179Southern PatriotSoutherners Play Key Role at G1972-04-012Wise, Stanley; Stone, Donald; Evers, Charles; Sadaukal, Owusu; Brown, H. Rap; Evans, Ahmed; Davis, Angela; Harper, John Ray; Marsh, Henry; Cashin, JohnNational Black Political Convention; capitalism; racism; black nationalism; white vigilantesA large portion of the delegates at the National Black Political Convention held in Gary, Indiana came from the South and they helped discuss important issues.
180The Southern Patroit GI Organizing 1974-06-007Sternberg, Andrea D.; Camp Allen brothers, GI movement, class contradition, new labor movement, class consciousness, tidewater defense committee, racism, Camp Allen TrialsThe GI movement similar to the new labor movement, GI's are now more aware of the classiest system of the military. The increase in class consciousness has lead to an increase in protests and solidarity amongst lower class GI's.
181The Southern Patriot Alabama's Attica1974-09-001,5Baxley, Sandra; Dobbins, George; Clanzy, Jesse; Dotson, Tommy Lee; Michaelson, Julius; Harris, Johnnieinmates for action, death list, racism, harassment, brutality, Alabama prison system, murder11 Alabama prisoners are set to go to trial for crimes ranging from rioting to murder. All 11 men are black and members of inmates for action. The article sites several examples of how inmates are treated in the Alabama prison system.
182The Southern Patriot In Mississippi Mass Protest in1974-10-001,8Young, Butler Jr; Shaw, Ronniepolice brutality, racism, united league of Marshall county, economic boycott, police harassment, injunctionAfter police killed Butler Young Jr. after a hit-and-run accident, the black community began an intense protest and economic boycott in Byhalia Miss. SO far they have managed to have the police involved charged with the killing of Young, elected a black o
183Southern PatriotSouthwest Georgia Roundup: Bak1966-09-011, 4Johnson, Warren L.; Campbell, J. R.; Simpkins, Issac; Batiste, Ramona; King, C. B.racial violence, lynching, SNCC, school boycott, head start program, racism, white supremacy, militancy, voter registration, Cordele Movement, unemployment, desegregationThe movement in southwest GA to improve conditions for black residents is thriving, due in part to community activism and that a large portion of blacks own their land, making the less economically effected by white supremacy efforts.
184The Southern Patriot Black Teacher Fighrs for Black1974-09-003Carey, Katura; Courtney, Inez; Walker, Josephthe black community, Alachua County School Board, harassment, African People's Socialist Party, racism, school board electionsFormer teacher Katura Carey is running for the Alachua Co. school board after a year of being harassed for her beliefs and support of the black liberation movement.
185The Southern Patriot Birmingham Steps Up Drive To C1973-03-003Cannon Charles, Warren Jack Jr., Williams Ronnie, Bryant Wayland,Alabama Black Liberation Front (ABLF), Concerned Citizens for Justice (CCJ), CIO, racismCharles Cannon an active member of the ABLF was accused and convicted of murdering Jack Warren Jr. Despite Witness testimony to the contrary. His conviction is considered an attempt to crush the black liberation front in Alabama.
186Southern PatriotWidespread School Busing Begin1971-10-011, 4Blackman, Sallie Mae; Jenkins, Casey; Briley, Beverly; Williams, Avon; Bell, Laura; Bostie, Debradesegregation; busing; integration; tokenism; racial balance; Concerned Parents' Association; racism; school boycott; peace; picket line; discrimination;The busing efforts in Nashville have been successful in spite of some resistance from the Concerned Parents' Association and for the first time a city has gained racial balance.
187The Southern Patriot In Hamlet, N.C. Police Shootin1975-04-001Scott, Rhonda; Bryant, James; Covington, Earlpolice brutality, excessive force, demonstration, racism, fire bombings, KKK, black communityRhonda Scott was shot in the back by police sgt. Earl Covington. Members of the black community marched on city hall and demanded that Covington be fired and charges brought against him. He was later dismissed from the police force.
188The Southern Patriot How Raza Unida Built Strength1979-03-008Jose Serna, Ray Perez, Rodolfo Espinoza, Elena Diaz, Moises Garcia, Arturo Gonzalez, Virginia Muzquiz, Jose Angel Gutierrez, Cesar ChavezThe Chicano Movement, Raza Unida Party (RUP), Politics, student protests, racism, lettus boycott,spinach boycottThis article covers the rise of the Raza Unida Party (RUP) in Crystal City Texas and the Chicano Movement.
189The Southern Patriot The People on the Air: A histo1973-12-001,5Carney Delbert, Rev. Kimbrough C.L., Gillespie Charlie, Bergmark Martha, Lawerence Ken, Captain Knight Newt, Mason William, Knight Davis, McGee Willie, Evers CharlesGulfcoast Pulpwood Association (GPA), National attention, television,media, Free state of Jones, union, poverty, racism, black-white unity, people's movementThe television broadcast if the woodcutter strike in the south, helped the woodcutter's strike and the people's movement.
190Southern PatriotUNC Cafeteria Workers Win Mont1970-02-015Young, Ted; Hobby, Wilbur; Pierce, Jim; Lee, Howardcafeteria strike; University of North Carolina; minimum wage; racism; saga food services; picket line; American Federations of State, County and Municipal Employees; student support; student demonstrationCafeteria workers at the University of North Carolina won their month long strike over working conditions with the help of student support.
191The Southern Patriot Black Sailors Framed in Norfol1973-03-003McIntosh Mark, Sweatt James, Taylor Bruce, Jones DavidThe US Navy, Camp Allen Brig, Norfolk Naval Base, racism, court-marital, mistreatment of prisonersThe US Navy is accused of court-martialing black men who were framed due to their in involvement in a disturbance at the Camp Allen Brig at Norfolk Naval base
192The Southern Patriot Barbara Flynn (1946-1973)1973-03-002Flynn BarbaraSCEF, racism, memorial, rememberance, suicide, civil rights movementCivil rights advocate and SCEF worker Barbara Flynn took her own life on February 26 1973 in New Haven Conn. She helped to regain ground lost during the civil rights movement and helped foster black-white coalitions.
193The Southern PatriotKiller Police: The People Figh1973-12-006Elton Hays, Thomas Turley, Darrell Cain, Santos Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Ronald JoycePolice brutality, racism, black community, civilian review board, repressionSeveral communities throughout the south have been rocked by police brutality scandals. Members of the communities, especially the black community have decided to fight back by demanding federal investigations and a civilian review board.
194The Southern Patriot Students Boycott 1974-11-006McArthur, Walter; Swantic, Gene; Rowlette, Bobstudent boycott, lamar county, racismBlack students from Lamar County went on a two week boycott of classes. Some of their main demand was the hiring of a black vice-principal and the firing of the white assistant principal Gene Swantic. The school board hired Walter McArthur but refused to
195Southern PatriotPeople's Candidates Confront K1972-04-011, 3Smith, Bessie; Perkins, Carl; Worthington, Bill; Carter, Tim LeeAppalachian political system; election; corruption; coal interest; coal industry; welfare program; poverty war; strip mining; safety enforcement; guaranteed annual income; black involvement; Black Lung Association; law enforcement; racismExplanation why Bessie Smith and Bill Worthington are running for office in Kentucky, and how they want to defeat the coal mining elite.
196The Southern Patriot Wilmington: How the Tide Turne1973-09-001,4Rev. Charvis Ben, Hicks Leatrice, Hicks Mollie, Nantambu KojoWilmington committee to defend victims of racist and political repression, North Carolina political prisoners committee, bombings, racism, rights of white people (ROWP)Charges brought against Rev. Ben Charvis were dismissed. Leatrice Hicks received a hung jury and her daughter was convicted but received a suspended sentence. Charvis still faces other charges and a possibility of 34 years in prison.
197The Southern Patriot Textile Strikers are Holding F1973-06-001,4White Herbert, McCutchen Carmela, Mercer Norma Jean, Simkins Modjeska Textile workers union of America (TWUA), oneita knitting mills, racism, black-white unity, SCEF, union, strike, boycottThe Oneita Textile strike is into its 7th month. Strikers have refused to backed down from their demands of better pay and working conditions. Black and white workers have banned together to fight the strike breaking tactics of the mill owners.
198Southern PatriotCollins Case Sparks Protest Ag1970-12-011, 8Collins, Watler; Collins, Virginia; Garment, Leonard; Sedler, Robert A.; Shuttlesworth, Fred; Gutknecht, David; Mulloy, Joseph; Welsh, Elliotblack liberation movement; arrest; draft system; racism; draft refusal; appeal; Supreme Court refusal; draft resistance; petition; presidential amnesty; conscientious objectorSupport is building across the South against all white racist draft boards after black liberationists Walter Collins was arrested and sentenced to five years for draft refusal.
199The Southern Patriot Victory for Robert Williams 1976-01-004William, Robert; Lowder, Carrollframe-up, charges dropped, civil rights activist, racismFrame-up kidnapping charges against civil rights activist Robert Williams were dismissed. District Attorney Lowder stated that charges were dropped, because the state had no witnesses against Williams.
200Southern PatriotAnatomy of a Black Panther: Wh1966-10-013Logan, Sidney, Jr.; Myles, Frank; Ross, Emory; Flowers, Richmond; Moore, Alice; Strickland, Willie Mae; Logan, Robert; Henson, Johnblack power, 1966 Civil Rights Bill, SNCC, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, poverty, race relations, white supremacy, community improvement, black pantherThe people of Lowndes County, AL are exerting their black power and exacting change through running for political office and showing their ability to fight racism.
201The Southern Patriot In Mississippi and West Virgin1974-12-007Moore, Alice; Wynn, Lauri; Wright, Richard; Gregory, Dick; Bettersworth, John k.; Brooks, Gwendolynbook banning, racism, John Birch Society, School Boards, textbooksThe states of Mississippi and West Virginia are facing racist school boards, who favor banning books that they deem communistic, anti-religious, and favor interracial themes. The school boards are also approving textbooks that show the civil rights moveme
202The Southern Patriot IFA member Denied Appeal1976-01-004Harris, Johnny; Barrow, Luell; Allison, Williaminmates for action, atmore-holman, appeal, death penalty, discrimination, racismAlabama court of criminal appeals denied the appeal of Johnny Harris. Harris is a member of inmates for action and was charged with the death of Luell Barrow.
203The Southern Patriot Carolina Textile Strike: Test 1973-04-008Lambert Joyce, Urstz Frank,Smith William "bill", Pressley Ben Jr., Barrineau T. Basil, Gordon B.J., Cox Mary, McCutchen Carmella, Pope Phillip, Rutledge JoyceSouthern Textile Strike, Union, Racism, Race baiting, J.C. Penny, Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA), Oneita MillsWorkers of the Oneita Mills in Andrew and Lane S.C. are striking because management refused to negotiate a contract with workers after they had voted for representation by TWUA.
204Southern PatriotPortrait of a Mountaineer1968-04-015Fulcher, Robert; King, Martin Luther, Jr.poverty; poverty programs; black-white relationship; unity; common bond; Poor People's Campaign; racismStory of Robert Fulcher, a poor white West Virginia mountain native, that saw his common bond with his black neighbors through poverty and became included to the point of an invitation to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral.
205The Southern Patriot Wansley, Carrington Appeals De1974-05-003Wansley, Thomas; Carrington, James; Holton, Linwoodappeals, rape, racism, frame-up, injustice, pardon, U.S. Supreme CourtBoth Thomas Wansley and James Carrington both had their appeals denied. The U.S. supreme court refused to hear the appeal of Wansley. The U.S. fourth circuit court of appeals rejected the appeal of Carrington. Both men were tried for raping white women, b
206The Southern Patriot Mistrial For Washington1974-06-008Washington, James; Jefferson, Malcolm; Monte, Raul; Wilkinson, JamesMurder, Mistrial, capital punishment, racism, double jeopardy, prison activistThe State of Virginia's third attempt at trying James Washington for the Murder of Raul Monte a Virgina state farm guard. Malcolm Jefferson was also tried for the murder he was convinced and sentenced to death. Washington's was trial ended in a mistrial.
207The Southern Patriot National Focus on Carolina 1973-11-007Rev. Charvis Ben, Grant Jim, Reddy T.J., Parker CharlesNational Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR), Connecticut Defense Coalition Against Racist and Political Repression, Amnesty international, political prisoners, black liberation movement, boycott, racism, repression The national Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression voted to send staff to North Carolina to help fight for the release of Jim Grant and justice for the Charlotte three. They also agreed to expose the repression in Carolina by demonstrating and
208The Southern Patriot Police Brutality in East Texas1974-06-008Page, Christine; Allen Abra; Ayers, Truman; Weaver, Arthur; Davis, David; Wade, WillieRacism, police brutality, Nacogdoches county voters league, police harassment Black citizens of Nacogdoches Texas face almost daily harassment and brutality from the local police department. The article sites several cases of police brutality and harassment from March 9-16th. The Nacogdoches county voters league have tried to help
209The Southern Patriot Virgina Protest Frame-up1973-06-003Carrington James, Carrington Otelia, Wansley Thomas, White Rev. Leon, Hawthorne Nathaniel LeeVirginia Prisoners Solidarity Committee (PSC), rape, frame-up, N.C.-V.A. Commission on Racial Justice of the United church of Christ, Virginia students civil righs committee, SCEF, Racism, intimidation Keysville Va. large protest on memorial day, protesters demanded the release of James Carrington. Carrington was active in his local black liberation movement, and was framed for raping a white girl. He is currently serving a 75 year sentence.
210The Southern Patriot Plans For North Carolina Demos1974-05-001,5Charvis, Ben; Grant, Jim; Reddy, T.J.; Parker, Charles; Parker, Charles Lee; Waddell, Joe; Brooks, Howard; Othow, Helen; Russell, John; Smith, DonaldNational Alliance Against Racist Political Repression, Capital Punishment, Political prisoners, federal center for correctional research, behavioral modification, racism, injustice, repressionThe National Assembly Against Racist Political Repression has declared North Carolina a national disaster area. They also announced a demonstration that will be held on July 4th. Their goal is to end capital punishment and free all political prisoners.
211The Southern Patriot Mass Reistance in Atlanta's St1974-06-001,2Williams, Hosea; Carter, Ron; Gibson, Brandon; Jackson, Maynard; Inman, John; Hardin, Allen S.; Maddox, Lester; Munford, Dillard; Slaton, LewisSouthern Christian Leadership Conference, protest, police brutality, Atlanta anti-repression coalition, racism, repressionA protest in Atlanta lead by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was met by police brutality and repression. Protesters demand that Atlanta police chief John Inman and the men responsible for the murder of Brandon Gibson be brought to trial. They