Dr. Keith Miser

Photograph of Kieth Miser

Dr. Keith Miser was a dedicated member of COBEC who made enormous and significant contributions to the country of Belize, to Belizean educators, and to Belizean educational institutions. His contributions will be remembered especially, by those young scholars who received scholarships to study with him at Colorado State University or the University of Hawaii at Hilo. After his retirement and his many years of service to COBEC, Dr. Miser was elected to serve as an Emeriti member at the Valdosta summer meeting in 2013.

His projects with Belize were many and varied. For example, while at Colorado State University (CSU), he coordinated the large shipments of textbooks and research volumes that had been donated to the libraries of University College of Belize (UCB) and the University of Belize (UB); and led study abroad programs in collaboration with tertiary institutions and the university. In 1996, he organized training for forty-one Belizean Physical Science teachers. They were trained to use small-scale science methods in laboratory sessions, introducing cost-effective methods of teaching science. In 1997, Colorado State University, in coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the University of Belize conducted an international conference on the Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management. Two hundred natural resource personnel attended.

In 2009/10, he was a member of the consultant team of COBEC members, requested by President Santos Mahung, to develop the strategic plan for the University of Belize. That document is still a part of the University plan today.

In his academic position at Colorado State University, he was acclaimed and rewarded for his advocacy for students. His legacy as an advocate for inclusiveness and equality for all students will live on as examples to us all. At CSU in 2000, an ASCSU Student Leader Scholarship was established in his honor for his belief, “that every student should have the opportunity to participate in student government, regardless of financial circumstances.” At the University of Hawaii at Hilo, in his position as Special Assistant to the Chancellor for International Programs, Dr. Miser led the Center for Global Education and Exchange. On his retirement in 2011, he was lauded “for his legacy of countless students and administrators who have benefitted from his encouragement, support and endless energy. He represents the best in education—the desire to give others the opportunity to benefit from new opportunities.”

Dr. Miser’s devotion to COBEC was exemplary. We will miss him.

Keith Manning Miser - Online Obituary