UA 22-7

COBEC Papers


ID # Accession # Box # Folder Title Folder # Correspondents Content Description Names & Subjects Notes
55 UA 22-7 2 COBEC Meeting in Belize March 12-16 1997 (Part 2) 17 Tracy Harrington, Ismail bin Yahya, Cynthia Thompson, Donna Cheshire, John Petersen, Keith Miser, William Frech, Sarah Pickert, Aniki Palacio, Calvin Woodward, Sylvia Cattouse, Barb Velazquez, Marcie Gabb, Dylan Vernon, J. Richard Gilliland, Angel Cal, Marjorie Parks, Carlos Castillo, Tom Keene, Paul Huntsberger, Amelia Poornananda, Gene Kuylen, Sir Colville Young, Bill Webster, C. Eugene Scruggs, Mary Jane Keene, Doris Allen, Cecil Reneau, Luther Hughes, James McCoy, Susan Jones, COBEC's August 3-5 (1995) meeting minutes, 1996 Fall newsletter, list of available scholarships, and February 3,1995 meeting minutes. Also has agenda and schedule for August 3-5 (1995) meeting, and information concerning the March 16-15, 1997 meeting. Refer to correspondent list. Folder has a sheet of bright orange stickers in it.