UA 22-7

COBEC Papers


ID # Accession # Box # Folder Title Folder # Correspondents Content Description Notes
99 UA 22-7 3 BZE: Episcopal Diocese Projects 20 Tracy Harrington, James R. Bullion, Sharon Kinkade, Julia Dorminey, Melanie Williams, Dawn Garcia, Jay Hertzog A letter discussing Belize teachers that are visiting Valdosta and will be observing some classes on campus. Also contains a list of names with " Georgia Tour 10th to 20th Aug" written at the top. Note informing Dr. Harrington that Skip Stouffer called, his phone number is recorded. Another message for Dr. Harrington from Jackie Belcher concerning a Belize student that wants to study medicine in Georgia. A letter from James Bullion to a Louise. (no last name) Also contains some handwritten notes.