UA 22-7

COBEC Papers

Alvaro Rosado

ID # Accession # Box # Folder Title Folder # Correspondents Content Description Names & Subjects Date Range Notes
18 UA 22-7 1 COBEC: 9/92-5/93 17 Tracy Harrington, Alvaro Rosado, Cynthia Thompson, Wayne Lanning, Dr. Christine Falvey, Angel Cal, John Ogden, Phil Reader, Betty Flinchum, Peter Koehn, Nevin R. Frantz Jr., Paul Harrington, Curt Finch, Rita Sommers, Sarah Parrish, Marcie Johnson, Patricia Edmisten, Louie A. Brown, John H. Peterson Includes February meeting minutes, letters concerning the upcoming bi-annual meeting scheduled for July 30-31, 1993, COBEC meeting report listing fees collected and expenses and a copies of COBEC's Belize's account, information packet titled An Interdisciplinary Conference hosted by The University of North Florida, a list for the February meeting showing attending members and an agenda. This folder also has several letters about future meetings, updates and confirming times of said meetings. Angel Cal, Tracy Harrington, Alvaro Rosado, Peter Koehn, and Cynthia Thompson September 1992-May 1993
23 UA 22-7 1 COBEC: Small Grants 1993-1994 22 Tracy Harrington, Carlos Castillo, Paul Huntsberger, Angel Cal, Phyllis Cayetano, Cynthia Thompson, Curtis R. Finch, Alvaro Rosado, Copies of COBEC small grant program, proposal for the establishment of a computerized system of registration and record keeping for ATLIB institutions, guidelines for review of proposals submitted to COBEC under it's small project program, National Accreditation Committee proposal, Application for COBEC small grant Toledo Imitative- Proposal Summary, meeting faculty and administrator professional development needs through fax based communication: A pilot project are all contained in this folder. Tracy Harrington, Carlos Castillo, Paul Huntsberger, Angel Cal, Phyllis Cayetano, Cynthia Thompson, Curtis R. Finch, Alvaro Rosado, 1993-1994
25 UA 22-7 1 COBEC Members 1992-1995 24 Betty Flinchum, Tracy Harrington, Father John Murphy, Patricia Edmisten, Alvaro Rosado List of colleges and members with contact information. Also, papers relating to the COBEC meeting at Mufflus College, and copies of checks to Betty Flinchum, and a list of COBEC Faculty and students for July 1993. A list stating the Belize Consortium Educational Program Participants along with contact information. Betty Flinchum, Tracy Harrington, Father John Murphy, Patricia Edmisten, Alvaro Rosado 1992-1995
29 UA 22-7 1 COBEC: 6/93-11/93 28 Tracy Harrington, Doug Erskine, Patricia Edmisten, James Myrphy, John Ogden, Wayne Lanning, Brian Candler, John Murphy, John Zupez, Joseph Jones, Lourdes Smith, Betty Flinchum, William Frech, Paul Huntsberger, Paul Jones, Angel Cal, Adrian Leiva, Estelle Baird, Lawrence Rohner, Bob Bauer, Alvaro Rosado, Cynthia Thompson, and Peter Koehn Contains checks, meeting itinerary, papers on staff development, minutes of July 30th 1993 meeting and agenda, technical report for Academic Specialist/Physical Best Programand a list of member insitutions. Tracy Harrington, Patricia Edmisten, Angel Cal, Lawrence Rohner, and others May 1993- November 1993
37 UA 22-7 1 COBEC: 9/94-5/95 36 Tracy Harrington, Belizario Carballo, Marie Gabb, John Ogden, Tom Keene, Paul Huntsberger, Cynthia Thompson, Jason Valdes, Louie Brown, Alvaro Rosado, Carlos Castillo, Keith Miser, Curtis Finch, Donnie McGahee, Mike Yots, Richard Gilliland, Selina Ahmed, Doris Allen, and Phyillis Cayetano Copy of Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation newsletter for Fall 1995. List of member institutions for July 1995, and September 1, 1994, information on the COBEC meeting of February 2-4, 1995. Student list for February 10, 1995, and flight/transportation needs for February 1995 meeting. A copy of the 19994 COBEC Treasurer's report, a copy of guidelines for the coordination of academic exchanges among COBEC institutions, minutes of the August 4th, 1994 meeting, and information on internships in Belize. Also contains information on Belize study abroad programs and class syllabuses. Tracy Harrington, Belizario Carballo, Paul Huntsberger, Carlos Castillo, and others September 1994-May 1995
54 UA 22-7 2 COBEC Meeting in Belize March 11-16, 1997 16 Betty Flinchum, Mary Jane Keene, Judson Taylor, J. Micheal Orenduff, Hugh Bailey, Tracy Harrington, Carlos Castillo, Caroyln Stone, Tim Palacio, William Knight, Israel Cano, Adrian Leivd, Daphne Durham, Dorothy Zinsmeister, Marcie Johnson, Lloyd Benjamin, Ken Stanley, Pritchy Smith, Majiba Zaiden, Alice Castillo, Belizario Carballo, Cynthia Thompson, Sir Colville Young, Terry Warburton, Amelia Poornananda, Elizabeth Derrick, Alvaro Rosado Contains the minutes for the March 14-15 (1997) meeting, copies of the COBEC student and faculty lists updated February 20, 1996, and a trip report by Tim Palacio about visiting Valdosta. Copy of small grant proposal "Identifying and Accommodating Learning Disabled Children or IALAC Project", COBEC's Fall 1996 newsletter, copy of speech given by Sir Colville Young, and the February 9-10 (1996) meeting minutes. Betty Flinchum, Mary Jane Keene, Judson Taylor, J. Micheal Orenduff, Hugh Bailey, Tracy Harrington, Carlos Castillo, and many more.
Includes a postcard from Matt Miller to Tracy Harrington.
11 UA 22-7 1 COBEC 1991 Correspondence 10 Betty Flinchum, Carlos Perdomo, Dr. Alvaro Rosado, Paul Huntsberger, Wayne Lanning, G.W. Ford, Dr. Otis H. King, Dr. Joseph Jones, Michelle Getter, Mike Purcell The folder consists of memorandums from Betty Flinchum to COBEC members concerning proposals and other issues directly involving said individuals. Also contains papers about faculty vacancies and information on meetings. Betty Flinchum, Paul Huntsberger

14 UA 22-7 1 COBEC:8/91-8/92 13 Dr. Thomas Keene, Tracy Harrington, Alvaro Rosado, Paul Huntsberger, Ms. Winifred Swift, Patricia Bohannan, Cynthia Thompson, Sandra L. Cervera, Celia Wall, Wayne Lanning, Joseph Jones, Otis H. King, Betty M. Flinchum, Jay M. Bergman, Teddy Gonzales, Bob Consolini, James McCoy, Sarah Parrish, Contains record of minutes from August 28-29, February 21-22, meetings, copy of meeting itinerary, Treasurer's report, summary of COBEC's U.S. account, and August 2-3, 1991 meeting agenda and minutes. Tracy Harrington, Paul Huntsberger, Alvaro Rosado, Cynthia Thompson, Betty M. Flinchum, and others August 1991-August 1992
108 UA 22-7 3 BZE: UNF/VSU Master's Proposal 29 Ernest Raymond, Angel Cal, Betty Flinchum, Tracy Harrington, Alvaro Rosado, Proposed U.N.F. M.Ed. Program entrance paper, copy of Master of Education Outreach program proposal and correspondence.


126 UA 22-7 4 University College of Belize Part 2 7 Alvaro J. Rosado A message from the president's office with information about the college attached. Several sheets with information on applying, fees, and different departments of the college. Also contains a copy of the UCB Journal of Belizean Affairs (November 1996, vol.1, no.1) and the University College of Belize catalog for the 1993-1995 years.