UA 22-7

COBEC Papers

Belize Proposed External Moderation System

ID # Accession # Box # Folder Title Folder # Correspondents Content Description Names & Subjects Date Range
24 UA 22-7 1 COBEC: External Moderation Project (1992-1995) 23 Tracy Harrington, Donnie J. McGahee, Mary Willis, Randy McElvey, Angel Cal, James Peterson, Bryon Brown, Folder contains VSU course syllabus for BE 240: Introduction to Educational Computing, BE 200: Beginning Keyboarding, BE 421: Methods and Media for Teaching Accounting and Basic Business Subjects, and BE 425: Methods and Media for Teaching Business Skills Subjects. A copy of The University College of Belize Proposed External Moderation System 1994-1995 and a copy of the Proposed ATLIB External Moderation System in First Year English and Mathematics 1993-1994, along with the Proposed UCB External Moderation System paper. A syllabus review for the University College of Belize CHEM 124, a syllabus for Public Administration & Policy, MGMT 466; English 111-College English; Business Ethics, MGT 485; Labor Relations, MGT 375;International Business, MGMT 320; Principles of Economics-Micro, ECON 22; Principles of Finance, FNAN 432; Dynamics of Organizational Behavior, MGMT 304; and for Calculus II. Tracy Harrington, Angel Cal and others 1992-1995