UA 22-7

COBEC Papers

Intercultural Education Goals

ID # Accession # Box # Folder Title Folder # Correspondents Content Description Names & Subjects Date Range
31 UA 22-7 1 COBEC: 12/93-8/94 30 Tracy Harrington, Mike Yots, J. Richard Gilliland, Keith Miser, John Ogden, Donna Cheshire, Curtis Finch, Patricia Edmisten, Betty Flinchum, Phyllis Cayetano, Sir Colville Young, Julio Pasos, Omar Figueroa, Kent Fuller, Santos Mahung, Amelia Poornananda, Paul Huntsberger, Iris Perkins, Angel Cal, Brian Candler, James Murphy, Joan Lucas, Lourdes Smith, Julio Fernandez, Albert Yates, Rita Sommers-Flanagan, Cynthia Thompson, Doris Allen, Joseph Jones, Folder contains a copy of Belize Teacher's college Assessment Handbook (1994-1995). Copy of the International/ Intercultural Education Goals, COBEC treasurer's report, August 5-6, 1994 meeting itinerary, papers on the Post-CSEC Scheme, proposal for the establishment of registration and computerized system of registration and record keeping for ATLIB institutions, draft of UCB's Project 2001 report, minutes of Feb 5th- 6th meeting. (1994), list of available scholarships at COBEC institutions, a check to COBEC and minutes to COBEC July 30th meeting (1994). It also contains a copy of the UCB's Institutional Self-Review Proposal. Tracy Harrington, Patricia Edmisten and many more. Dec. 1993- Aug. 1994