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UA 2-1-3: Reade Papers: Box 28


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
339 Reade Papers: Nabokov, Vladimir 28 01 Vladimir Nabokov Photographs, clippings, and letters about visit, and about butterflies. Pages from book "Vladimir Nabokov: the American Years." Press releases, drawing of butterfly, interviews with Jean Cunningham Reade, and People Magazine article on Nabokov. Also relates story of Mrs. Roosevelt's visit and Cornelia Otis Skinner's visit. Frank Robertson Reade, Vladimir Nabokov, Jean Cunningham Reade, Eleanor Roosevelt, Cornelia Otis Skinner, Artist Series Box 27, 1-6; Box 19, Folder 7; Box 20, Folder 14; Box 26, Folder 6; See Related Roosevelt Collections Table 1942, 1947 Special Topics
337 Reade Papers: National Resources Planning Board 28 02
Part of the defense effort; federal government began a roster of scientific and specialized personnel. They looked for people with science degrees and backgrounds, and want lists of majors offered. Correspondence about students in specific majors. Frank Robertson Reade, World War II See WWII Table 1941-42 Special Topics
338 Reade Papers: National Youth Administration 28 03
Federal program of financial aid and employment for college students. Described as "national youth association self-help jobs." Includes press release article on the NYA program and correspondene related to its administration at GSWC. Frank Robertson Reade, National Youth Administration WPA, Box 28, Folder 8 1937-42 Special Topics
340 Reade Papers: North Georgia College 28 04 J.C. Rogers, president Correspondence with J.C. Rogers on general college business. Frank Robertson Reade, North Georgia College, J.C. Rogers
1938-42 Special Topics
341 Reade Papers: Physcial Education 28 05
General information on PE courses and basketball clinics. Frank Robertson Reade May Day, Christmas Festival 1940-42 Special Topics
342 Reade Papers: Pool 28 06 W. A. Edwards & W. J. Sayward, University System Engineers. Correspondence regarding building a pool and maintenance. Frank Robertson Reade, Edwards & Sayward May Day 1938 (Box 27, Folder 7); Box 27, Folders 1 & 2; Box 28, Folders 6 & 13 1937-41 Special Topics
343 Reade Papers: Post War, Veterans' Service, Etc. 28 07
Constitution of University Veterans' Association, directory, G.I. Bill information, requests for catalogs. GSWC was not a big draw for veterans, but they could take regular courses. Frank Robertson Reade, World War II Veterans See Related WWII Collection Table 1944-46 Special Topics
344 Reade Papers: Public Works 28 08
Proposed WPA projects at GSWC. Some never happened. Frank Robertson Reade, WPA Projects Box 27, Folders 1-2, See Related WPA Collections 1938-41 Special Topics
345 Reade Papers: Questionnaires, Data Sheets, Etc. 28 09
Directory information, other schools requesting teachers, survey. Frank Robertson Reade
1946 Special Topics
346 Reade Papers: Requests for Employees 28 10
Alabama College and St. Lukes Hospital in Ohio requested personnel; Thaxton responded due to Reade's illness Frank Robertson Reade, J. Ralph Thaxton
1948 Special Topics
347 Reade Papers: Rich's, Inc. 28 11
Correspondence to/from Rich's department store regarding GSWC students, activities, alumni, interior decorating projects (GSWC rotunda), tour groups (fine arts students). Frank Robertson Reade, Rich's Department Store
1941-47 Special Topics
348 Reade Papers: Rumors and Misunderstandings 28 12 Judge J.E. Thomas Rumors that GSWC girls became preganant and were expelled, alluding to "soldier trouble" from Moody AFB. All rumors were unfounded. Frank Robertson Reade, J.E. Thomas, Moody AFB Box 27, Folder 13; Box 29, Folder 10 1942 Special Topics
349 Reade Papers: Sayward & Logan 28 13 Robert Logan, William Sayward, William Edwards Formerly Edwards & Sayward architects. Some letters regarding having a music house built on campus; correspondence on a gym, infirmary, library, chapel, dining hall. Discusses possible renovations to West, Ashley and Converse Halls. Also mentions memorial to Edwards & Sayward. Frank Robertson Reade, Robert Logan, William Sayward, William Edwards, Campus buildings and future construction. Box 28, Folder 6; Box 27, Folders 1 & 2 1938-47 Special Topics
350 Reade Papers: South Georgia College 28 14 J.M. Thrash (president of SGC) Correspondence on college business. Frank Robertson Reade, J.M. Thrash, South Georgia College
1939-44 Special Topics
351 Reade Papers: Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools 28 15
Correspondence regarding faculty publications, information blanks for scholastic year (statistics, numbers, etc.), questionnaires, reports, lists of participating schools, standards, studies, audits, meeting notices, etc. Frank Robertson Reade, Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools
1931-42 Special Topics
352 Reade Papers: Southern Association of Colleges for Women 28 16 J.M. Godard (sec'y/treasurer of SACW. Correspondence regarding dues, etc. Frank Robertson Reade, J.M. Godard, Southern Association of Colleges for Women
1939-42 Special Topics
353 Reade Papers: Speeches & Addresses 28 17
Various speeches and addresses given by Reade while at GSWC. Frank Robertson Reade
1930-46 Special Topics