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UA 2-1-3: Reade Papers: Box 29


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
354 Reade Papers: State Department of Education 29 01 M.E. Thompson (pres.), Janie Hearn (asst. director of certification) and L.M. Lester (director of teacher education and certification) Correspondence regarding teacher certification, policies, senior transcripts, meeting notices, teachers' exams, teacher education program, curriculum discussions, certification regulations, etc. Frank Robertson Reade, M.E. Thompson, Janie Hearn, L.M. Lester, State Department of Education M.E. Thompson Collection; Box 23, Folders 9 & 10; Box 25, Folder 10 1937-50 Special Topics
355 Reade Papers: Student Activities Committee 29 02
Reports of Student Activities Committee funds, SAC recommendations Frank Robertson Reade, Student Activities Committee
1940-46 Special Topics
356 Reade Papers: Student Activities Log Cabin 29 03
Correspondence regarding construction of a "community building" on campus, letters regarding it being a WPA project, progress reports, furnishings, Carnegie music set for cabin. Frank Robertson Reade, Student Activities Log Cabin, WPA project See Related WPA Collections, House in the Woods Collection and Display, photograph collection, Carnegie Music Set (Box 19, Folder 3; Box 23, Folder 2) 1938-39 Special Topics
357 Reade Papers: Student Attendance Committee 29 04
Letters to partens from Student Attendance Committee regarding policies, blank absence forms, individual students' cases regarding absences and their consequences. Frank Robertson Reade, Student Attendance Committee
1940-41 Special Topics
358 Reade Papers: Student Rosters 29 05
Lists of students for each academic session by class. Includes name and where they're from. Also lists of male students (summer school) and special students. Frank Robertson Reade
1938-44 Special Topics
359 Reade Papers: Student Government Association & Organizations 29 06
SGA constitution and by-laws and amendments/revisions. Frank Robertson Reade, Student Government Association See Student Organizations Collection, Student Handbooks 1945-48 Special Topics
360 Reade Papers: Summer School 1938 29 07 Chancellor S.V. Sanford and Board of Regents Discussions on establishing summer school, survey of state colleges offering summer courses, advertising, correspondence on courses & logistics, schedules, getting teachers, etc. Frank Robertson Reade, S.V. Sanford, Board of Regents
1938 Special Topics
361 Reade Papers: Summer School 1938 (Teaching Applications) 29 08
Letters to/from teachers regarding summer session. Some are from GSWC, some are from elsewhere, letters of recommendation, interview arrangements, acceptance/rejection letters. Frank Robertson Reade
1938 Special Topics
362 Reade Papers: Superior Court of SGA 29 09
Student infractions and punishments (dishonesty, disrespectful, lights-out, signing in). Frank Robertson Reade, Student Government Association Student Organizations Collection, Student Handbooks, College Bulletins 1944-45 Special Topics
363 Reade Papers: Surplus Property 29 10
GSWC property needs, getting surplus government furniture from Moody AFB. Government regulations prohibited this. Frank Robertson Reade, Moody AFB Box 27, Folder 13; Box 28, Folder 12 1946 Special Topics
364 Reade Papers: Teachers Agencies 29 11 Cline Teachers Agency, Southern Teachers Agency, Baltimore Teachers Agency, Yates-Fisher Teachers Agency, Albert Teachers Agency, Pratt Teachers Agency, and National Teachers Placement Service All regard hiring of teachers at GSWC. Frank Robertson Reade, Teachers Agencies
1939-48 Special Topics
365 Reade Papers: TIAA (Teachers Insurance & Annuity Association) 29 12
Correspondence regardng retirement plans and other services for teachers Frank Robertson Reade, TIAA
1938-46 Special Topics
366 Reade Papers: Teacher Supply Report 29 13
Eleven-page report on Georgia teachers, shortage, standards, qualifications, etc. during the period 1937-41. Frank Robertson Reade
1937-41 Special Topics
367 Reade Papers: Thomasville Concerts 29 14
Information and invitations regarding music performances in Thomasville, Ga. Sometimes GSWC students would attend Frank Robertson Reade, Thomasville Concerts
1946-47 Special Topics
368 Reade Papers: Dean C. Mildred Thompson, Vassar College 29 15 Dean C. Mildred Thompson "The Long View," copies of speech Thompson made at GSWC for 25th Anniversary. Reade tried to get her to be a dean or work in some capacity at GSWC after retiring from Vassar. Frank Robertson Reade, C. Mildred Thompson, GSWC 25th Anniversary, Vassar College VSU History, 25th Anniversary 1938-48 Special Topics