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UA 2-1-3: Reade Papers: Box 7


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
37 Personal Books, No. 1 7 1 The Centennial of the University of Virginia--1921, John Calvin Metcalf, ed. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1922. Frank Robertson Reade, University of Virginia See UVA Related Collections Table 1921-22 Personal/Biographical Papers
38 Personal Books No. 2 7 2 Goodbye to Uncle Tom, by J.C. Fumas, New York: William Sloane Associates, 1956. Frank Robertson Reade
1956 Personal/Biographical Papers
39 Personal Books No. 3 7 3 Two Old Pals and Other Poems, by Willoughby Reade. Inscribed, dated 1947. Frank Robertson Reade, Willoughby Reade See W. Reade Related Collections Table 1947 Personal/Biographical Papers
40 Personal Books No. 4 7 4 Major General J.E.B. Stuart, by Theodore Garnett, New York: Neale Publishers, 1907. Frank Robertson Reade, J.E.B. Stuart
1907 Personal/Biographical Papers
41 Personal Books No. 5 7 5 The Crucifixion: An Eyewitness, copyright 1907 by Indo-American Book Company. Frank Robertson Reade
1907 Personal/Biographical Papers