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UA 2-1-3 :Reade Papers

Moody Air Force Base


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
335 Reade Papers: Moody Field 27 13 Col. Barbzien, Joseph Cunningham Regarding the visit of the Glee Club to Moody Field, other correspondence to Barbzien. Frank Robertson Reade, Col. Barbzien, Joseph Cunningham, Moody Field Box 28, Folder 12; Box 29, Folder 10 1944-45 Special Topics
348 Reade Papers: Rumors and Misunderstandings 28 12 Judge J.E. Thomas Rumors that GSWC girls became preganant and were expelled, alluding to "soldier trouble" from Moody AFB. All rumors were unfounded. Frank Robertson Reade, J.E. Thomas, Moody AFB Box 27, Folder 13; Box 29, Folder 10 1942 Special Topics
363 Reade Papers: Surplus Property 29 10
GSWC property needs, getting surplus government furniture from Moody AFB. Government regulations prohibited this. Frank Robertson Reade, Moody AFB Box 27, Folder 13; Box 28, Folder 12 1946 Special Topics