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UA 2-1-3 :Reade Papers

Richard Holmes Powell


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
57 Reade Papers: 25th Anniversary-Correspondence, 1937-38 31 09 Annie Hopper, Natalie Sirmans Williams, Frieda Powell, Jean Reade, Frank Robertson Reade Mainly letters of thanks for work on the 25th anniversary celebration Frank Robertson Reade, Jean Cunningham Reade, Annie Powe Hopper, Natalie Sirmans Williams, Frieda Powell VSU History, Bulletins, Newspaper Clipping Files, Valdosta State Alumni Association (UA 24); Board of Regents, Box 13, Folder 2; Faculty, Box 16, Folders 6 & 7; Special topics, Box 29, Folder 15; Box 31, Folder 7-12 1937-38 Special Topics
120 Reade Papers: Board of Regents, 1947 12 07 Board of Regents, W. Wilson Noyes, L.R. Siebert, H.T. Healy Largely routine correspondence with Noyes, Siebert and Healy. Of interest are: letter naming library for Powell (6/2/47), letter indicating Reade wants to retire (6/28/47), BOR resolution to name Powell Hall (7/3/47), and letter regarding Reade's hospital stayl in Atlanta (8/19/47). Frank Robertson Reade, Board of Regents, W. Wilson Noyes, L.R. Siebert, H.T. Healy, Powell Hall VSU History, Special Topics, Box 27, Folder 6; Box 5, Folder 6 1947 Board of Regents
126 Reade Papers: Chancellor S.V. Sanford (1935-45), 1935-40 13 03 Chancellor S.V. Sanford Routine business correspondence, such as faculty, budget, enrollment, curriculum, etc. Also of interest are letters about the library construction and dedication, social work program, WPA project references, and a comprehensive report on GSWC from 1935-40. Frank Robertson Reade, Board of Regents, S.V. Sanford, Powell Hall, WPA projects VSU History, See Related WPA Collections; Special Topics, Box 27, Folders 1-6 1935-40 Board of Regents
210 Reade Papers: Faculty-Frieda Powell 17 19
Record of work at GSWC. Powell (wife of president R.H. Powell) taught German. Frank Robertson Reade, Faculty, Frieda Powell VSU History, Faculty Minutes, Powell (UA 2-1-1), Bulletins, Pine Cone, Pine Branch, Campus Canopy, Photographs, Special Topics, Box 27, Folder 6 1933 Faculty
328 Reade Papers: Naming of Richard Holmes Powell Library 27 06 Frieda Berrens Powell (Mrs. R.H. Powell) Letter explaining that the library was named for Richard Holmes Powell in June 1947. Reade has been ill, sends Mrs. Powell his sympathy. Frank Robertson Reade, Richard Holmes Powell, Frieda Berrens Powell, Library Box 27, Folders 1-6; Library Collection 1947 Special Topics