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Mike "Mique" Nelson (Disney Cartoonist)


ID Number Folder Title Box Number Folder Number Correspondents Content Description: Names and Subjects: Related Collections Date Range Series
32 Reade Papers: Mike "Mique" Nelson (Disney Cartoonist), 1920s-40s 6 5 Mike "Mique" Nelson, a good friend of Reade's. Many letters and drawings from Mike "Mique" Nelson; many are interesting, and detail what it was like to work for Walt Disney and work on animated pictures. Also, a lot of personal and family news. Frank Robertson Reade, Mike "Mique" Nelson, Walt Disney
1920s-40s Personal/Biographical Papers
34 Reade Papers: Jim Thorpe, 1943-55 6 6 Mike "Mique" Nelson--helped Reade locate possible signatures of Jim Thorpe. Photograph of Jim Thorpe with facsimile signature. Also magazine articles and newspaper clippings on Thorpe. Letters from Mike Nelson, who lived in California and helped locate some of Thorpe's signatures. Frank Robertson Reade, Jim Thorpe, Mike "Mique" Nelson.
1943-55 Personal/Biographical Papers